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Stéphan Forté : Adagio and Solo Paris 2012 series
2012-05-29 23:28:00
Kris Claerhout took some photos of Stéphan Forté at the recent Paris show. Stéphan Forté: Adagio and Solo Paris 2012 Marjorie Coulin too a whole series of pro phtos:
Stéphan Forté, Franck Hermanny, Marcel Coenen, Atma Anur: Flight back to JB
2012-05-19 20:06:00
Join me on a journey back to Haarlem in the Netherlands and that night of Jason Becker tribute 13/11/2011 Stéphan Forté - Jason Becker´s Festival 13/11/2011.AVI
Stéphan Forté: Beethoven's moonlight sonata
2012-05-18 23:23:00
Stéphan Forté - Practicing Beethoven's moonlight sonata Some of you requested some practicing videos, so here it is ! Rehearsing "De Praestigiis Daemonum" from "The Shadows Compendium" :)) Stéphan Forté - Practicing
Stéphan Forté: Lâg Edition Hell Fest 2012
2012-05-16 22:49:00
As we announced previously, to celebrate his collaboration with the largest festival of French metal, Lâg released on 1 June, 200 copies of a limited series Hellfest. Taking the aggressive lines of Arkane, this model will be oriented "100% metal" with his two EMG active pickups (including the famous EMG 81 in bridge position) and fixed bridge. Find Stéphan Forté now in an exclusive demonstration where saturation is consumed without moderation! For fans of metal, we recall that the Hellfest will be held from 15 to 17 2012 aut! Global characteristics: - Head: Design Arkane reverse (Hard Maple), satin black finish, painted logo - Neck: Maple (Hard Maple), screwed - Fingerboard: Rosewood - Frets: 24, Nickel-Silver, Jumbo - Benchmarks: Pearloid, Hellfest pattern inlaid at 12th fret - Body: Basswood - Pickups: 2 EMG humbuckers (EMG89/EMG81) - Bridge: Fixed - Electronics: 1 volume (push pull) + 1 tone (push-pull), 3 position pickup selector - Hardware: Satin Black - Finish: Black sat...
Stéphan Forté: special gig announced
2012-05-07 23:47:00
Stéphan Forté: Ok Guys, only 19 days left til the show, so I guess we can announce it now: The surprise show announced is...ADAGIO, that will be our first gig with Kelly Sundown Carpenter on Vocals ! We'll play a brand new song from the upcoming album. The whole band will do a meet and greet right after the show, so buy your tickets now by clicking the link below, only 19 days left ;) See u there. STEPHAN FORTE "LIVE THE COMPENDIUM" - EXCLUSIVE SURPRISE SHOW Saturday, May 26, 2012 at 18:30 ConcertDark / Metal Stéphan Forté is undoubtedly a virtuoso of the most innovative of the new generation. with influences ranging from Bartok to Meshuggah, his musical horizon could be described as follows: The meeting between modern virtuosity and a deep sensitivity, operating both in the darkest corners musical. In 2009, parallel to the output of Archangels In Black, the fourth album of his band Adagio, Stéphan finally decided to go further in his personal exploration without wanting to imp...
Stéphan Forté: Loud Guitars interview
2012-05-02 23:19:00
Stéphan Forté in English for our March 2012 issue feature. Stéphan Forté interview English Filmed at rehearsals for Jason Becker Fest. Stéphan Forté
Stéphan Forté: Shadows Compendium promo
2012-04-14 17:54:00
To mark the release of her debut solo album "The Shadows Compendium" Stéphan Forté makes us the friendship of his presence on the challenges of Guitar Live. Program from a playback of the song From a guitar and Praestegiis Demonum Lâg to win. Through The Black Box of musician you can win this challenge at the end of a guitar Lag Arkane 200 AK worth 499 euros. The good news is that anyone can win because it's a random drawing among the participants who will appoint the lucky winner of this exceptional lot. link the challenge http://www.guitare- / guitar, 1795.html The link of the black box: The site Stéphan Forté and Adagio: Stéphan Forté Challenge Contest / GAL
Stéphan Forté: Young Guitar Japan May 2012
2012-04-04 00:35:00
DVD appendix introduces the contents of the May issue of Young Guitar 2012! 666 this time ?? Stephen Forte, YOHIO, dragonfly (PABLO / Pay money to my Pain), intensive course Standard techniques (Kazuya Yamaguchi). The May 2012 issue of YOUNG GUITAR feature Stéphan Forté, YOHIO, dragonfly 666 series (with PABLO / Pay money to my Pain), The Instruction of Basic Guitar Techinques (with Kazuya Yamaguchi). YOUNG GUITAR 2012 May Special DVD Trailer
Stéphan Forté: available for Skype Lessons
2012-03-12 22:58:00
Stéphan Forté Yay !! Webcam is back from the dead :) Skype lessons here we are !!!! You guys can send me an email here:
Stéphan Forté: I think there is something in the Kitchen
2012-03-03 00:40:00
Go to for the March Feature and stream The Shadows Compendium Stéphan Forté I think there is something in the Kitchen Stéphan Forté interview English
Jason Becker, Joe Satriani,Stéphan Forté,Glen Drover: Loudguitars March 201
2012-03-01 23:15:00
"Loudguitars March 2012 issue, exclusive Stéphan Forté Inside ?The Shadows Compendium? and Exclusive Videos!!!! A visit with Jason Becker, Joe Satriani?s ?Satchurated? 3D concert film, Win a Private Lesson with Joe Satriani!!!! and tons more!!!"
Stéphan Forté: Loud Guitars interview (in French)
2012-03-01 22:57:00
Stéphan Forté French Interview from on Vimeo.
Stéphan Forté: "Shadows Compendium" Songbook
2012-02-09 23:17:00
 "Shadows Compendium" Songbook ...This is one BIG motherfuckerof almost 200 pages !!! Thanks to Max Michel ( for his incredible work ! If you guys need some transcriptions, he's the guy !!! You can buy the songbook HERE : Stéphan Forté
Stéphan Forté: solo show announced for Paris 2012
2012-02-05 01:21:00
Stéphan Forté Here we go : March 24th - First headlining show - PARIS ! See you there ;) Stéphan Forté - The Shadow Compendium (Live)
Daniele Gottardo, Stéphan Forté,Jason Becker: Jason gets a better view of t
2012-02-03 01:16:00
Guitarist Daniele Gottardo and Adagio?s Stéphan Forté?s ?post NAMM 2012? visit with Jason Becker... full series of photos posted by TIS San Francisco cool person of the year  award winner...  Ms An Thrope. Daniele Gottardo Stéphan Forté
Stéphan Forté, Daniele Gottardo, Jason Becker: one place in time
2012-01-26 00:47:00
Stéphan Forté, Daniele Gottardo finished at NAMM and jetted on over to see their buddy Jason Becker at his home just outside San Francisco. Exclusive Live CD New live album of the benefit festival for Jason Becker. Pledge for the live disc! Proceeds will go to Jason Becker! On November 13, 2011, a 6-hour guitar festival was held to honor Jason Becker, the incredible guitarist known for his extraordinary work with Cacophony, David Lee Roth and Marty Friedman, among others. Out of deep respect for Jason and love of his work, each guitarist featured at this tribute show waived their usual performance fees, playing that day simply to honor one of their contemporaries and source of great influence: Jason Becker, a modern day guitar great. All notes played that night were dedicated to the great Jason Becker in support of his struggle against the disease ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), which is a progressiv...
Stéphan Forté: LAG guitar give away
2012-01-16 22:55:00
On the occasion of the release of his debut solo album "The Shadows Compendium" Stéphan Forté us the friendship of his presence on the challenges of Guitar Live. The program from a playback of the piece of Praestegiis Demonum and guitar Lâg to win. With the black box of musician you can win this challenge at the end of a guitar Lag Arkane 200 AK worth 499 euros. The good news is that anyone can win because it's a random drawing from among participants who designate the lucky winner of this exceptional lot.The relationship of the challenge: http://www.guitare- / guitar, 1795.html link of the black box: The site Stéphan Forté and Adagio: Défi concours Stéphan Forté / LÂG Plus the new Live CD exclusive. Stéphan Forté: The Shadows Compendium
Stéphan Forté,Marcel Coenen,Franck Hermanny: Rehearse for Jason Becker's NO
2012-01-16 00:38:00
Jason Becker's NOT DEAD YET! - rehearsals Stéphan Forté, Marcel Coenen, Franck Hermanny
Stéphan Forté: time to practice being awesome... job done!
2012-01-09 19:35:00
Stéphan Forté: Some of you requested some practicing videos, so here it is ! Rehearsing "De Praestigiis Daemonum" from "The Shadows Compendium" :)) Stéphan Forté - Practicing
Franck Hermanny: recording bass for Stéphan Forté
2011-12-28 11:16:00
Franck Hermanny Recording on Stéphan Forté 's "The shadows Compendium" part 1 Stéphan Forté: The Shadows Compendium 
News: 10 slabs of monstrous guitar for your collection
2011-12-20 02:29:00
You know what will happen... all the wrong CD's will turn up at Christmas... what you didn't want the X Factor Christmas album? But you did get some cash from that auntie that had more sense... you know the one who knows that you know what music you like more than anyone else... Well if that's the case, you know you love state of the art chops, you can't remember which album you should get with that Christmas stash... well here you go... all these albums have spent a good deal of time on my mp3 player and get the Truth In Shredding seal of Top Notch Shredding approval. Andy James fourth self titled solo release, chock full of two handed synchronizations&nb-sp;and bags of melody.  Stéphan Forté, Adagio's maestro artisan back with some deadly licks and scary chops! Gianluca Ferro, with his 8 string progressive rock fusion tunes New comer Paul Wardingham delivers a full frontal assault of chops and melodic grunt to power any guitar starved fan. Francesco Artusat...
Stéphan Forté: LAG guitar competition
2011-12-17 23:56:00
If so, !now participates in the contest Lag - Stephan Forté allowing the best guitarist to win the guitar Stephan: the S1000SF a value of 1499 ?.No discussion possible, Stephan himself who will elect the winner! 1 - Carefully read the contest rules 2 - Train yourself as much as possible! 3 - Filme yourself in the process of interpreting your best solo electric guitar 4 - Fill out the form below and post your video 5 - Crosses the fingers The competition is open from 10 to 31 December 2011 and the number of entries is unlimited. The videos of the candidates will be visible on the brand new Facebook page Lag Guitars . The winner chosen by Stéphan Forté will be announced January 10, 2012 . Do you really think being a guitarist Stéphan Forté's caliber? Fill out the form and post your video Concours Lâg Stéphan Forté (La Boite Noire) Stéphan Forté: LAG guitar competition
Stéphan Forté: The Shadows Compendium
2011-12-07 02:15:00
Stéphan Forté - The Shadow Compendium (Live)
Jason Becker: Martin's Jason Becker Not Dead Yet Fest - Nov. 13, Patronaat
2011-11-30 21:05:00
Martin: Alrighty the, another redo of my old overview of about 25 years of (attempts at) metal photography. After a failed first attempt to get some shots at a Motorhead show in Leiden with my then new Canon AE-1P, with the standard 1.8 50mm and a flash, I took a more "serious" stab at it when Loudness played the Paradiso in Amsterdam on May 12, 1984, and I decided to bring 1000ASA Kodak film instead of a flash. I got myself a position up against the stage where Akira would play and managed to get some nice pics. I was deaf for days, but hey, it was worth it! Perhaps not coincidentally, the first four shots, of Loudness (Akira and Minoru), Vandenberg (Adje) and Megadeth (MegaDave), all were made at the Paradiso. Most of these analog shots below are actually scans of negatives, and they don't do the quality of the photos too much justice. The prints I still have look quite a bit better, still, after all these years, but I haven't been very successful at scanning those, either. Th...
Stéphan Forté: The Shadows Compendium released
2011-11-29 00:29:00
Today is "The Shadows Compendium" European release day !!!! Go in your favorite shop, buy it and check out the wonderful artwork made by Perrine Perez Fuentes and Ludovic Cordelières, each song has it's own illustration not hesitate to post your thoughts about the album, artwork etc... :))) http://www.facebook.c-om/nicky.rideau  order At last after so many years of work, my first instrumental solo album is done, I'd like to thank Kevin Codfert for his incredible work on the mix, and of course my very talented friends / guests on this album: Jeff, Mattias IA, Glen, Daniele, Derek and Franck. Guys, your solos kicks some serious asses !!!!! Here is the tracklist and guests]: 01 - The Shadows Compendium (guests: Jeff Loomis / ex-Nevermore & Franck Hermanny/ Adagio) 02 - De Praestigiis Daemonum (guest: Mattias IA Eklundh / Freak Kitchen) 03 - Spiritual Bliss 04 - Duat (guest: Glen Drover/ ex-Megadeth) 05...
Stéphan Forté: Jason Becker´s Festival
2011-11-28 18:46:00
Stéphan Forté - Jason Becker´s Festival 13/11/2011.AVI Jason Becker Auction
Stéphan Forté,Jon Bloomer: Guitar Noize radar goes off the dial for new rel
2011-11-22 00:47:00
The first the thing that piqued my interest was the impressive list of guest artists appearing on his debut solo album ?The Shadows Compendium?: Jeff Loomis, Mattias IA Eklundh, Glen Drover, Derek Taylor and Daniele Gottardo. However when I listen to the album I find that I totally forget that there are any guest artists, Stephan?s style is very close to Jeff Loomis and in fact you really have to concentrate to hear when Jeff is playing. I would actually say Stephan is a mixture of Jeff Loomis, Yyngwie Malmsteen and Jason Becker he has the most incredible technique and phrasing and makes extensive use of Diminshed and Harmonic Minor scales to craft his melodies and has ultra heavy accompanying rhythms. It is more obvious when the guest guitarist has a totally different style such as Mattias IA Eklundh who guests on ?De Praestigiis Daemonum?, a track which by the way reminds me a lot of early Jason Becker, Mattias has a very distinctive tone and playing style so he stands out. full r...
Stéphan Forté: 'Jason Becker's not Dead' festival, at the Patronaat venue i
2011-11-21 21:21:00
Stéphan Forté thrilled a delighted audience, when he delivered a powerful set of virtuoso guitar work, during the 'Jason Becker's not Dead' festival, at the Patronaat venue in Haarlem, The Netherlands, on November 13th, 2011. The festival was a mind blowing, near six hour marathon of world class guitar performances. This clip is a single camera view from audience position, but a professional camera crew was also present to record the event in full, so watch out for the official video, to be released in the near future. About Stéphan Forté (extracts from his website): In June 1998, he opened for Yngwie Malmsteen and was contacted by producer Chris Tsangarides (Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Gary Moore...) who wished to work with him. Adagio played US Prog Power V Festival in September 2004, opened for Robert Plant in 2006, toured Japan in 2007 Stephan has since released an instructional DVD called "Underworld Solos", and finished two more Adagio albums: "Dominate" and "Archangels...
Daniele Gottardo,Stéphan Forté: Jason Becker Fest
2011-11-15 01:47:00
Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet Festival @Patronaat - Daniele Gottardo
Stéphan Forté,Marcel Coenen,Atma Anur,Franck Hermanny: Opus Pocus - Jason B
2011-11-15 00:45:00
Stephane Forté / Marcel Coenen / Atma Anur / Franck Hermanny - Opus Pocus (Jason Becker cover)
Stéphan Forté, Andy James, Marco Sfogli: Jason Becker Fest adding some seri
2011-11-12 01:18:00
Stéphan Forté, Andy James, Marco Sfogli I'm all packed, ready to rock and roll... I'm sure to have forgotten something. I'm really hoping that as many of you who can get there make it for this special show. There are tickets available online and at the door. In case you live on another planet and you've missed my previous posts... here's the line up Your browser does not support iframes. Guthrie Govan Stuart Hamm Mattias IA Eklundh Michael Lee Firkins Kiko Loureiro Atma Anur Marco Sfogli Daniele Gottardo Stéphan Forté Andy James Joop Wolters Marcel Coenen Barend Courbois Timo Somers It's Show Time Band Not Dead Yet site Face Book Page Direct Tickets Ticket Master VIP tickets Rehearsal tickets
Andy James, Stéphan Forté, Atma Anur, Daniele Gottardo: getting ready for J
2011-11-11 01:58:00
Kris Claerhout took this photo of tonight's jam session crew Socializimg after some Thai food and ready for this weekend. ? with Franck Hermanny Page II,Andy James, Stéphan Forté, Atma Anur, Jason Becker and Daniele Gottardo at Amsterdam. Your browser does not support iframes. Guthrie Govan Stuart Hamm Mattias IA Eklundh Michael Lee Firkins Kiko Loureiro Atma Anur Marco Sfogli Daniele Gottardo Stéphan Forté Andy James Joop Wolters Marcel Coenen Barend Courbois Timo Somers It's Show Time Band Not Dead Yet site Face Book Page Direct Tickets Ticket Master VIP tickets Rehearsal tickets
Christophe Godin, Stéphan Forté: special gig for November 5th
2011-11-01 23:33:00
Date Saturday, November 5, 2011 at 19:30 Groups GNO , Superfiz , Stéphan Forté City Paris Room The Divan du Monde ( localiser ) Link Info For the store opening METAL GUITAR special concert at the Divan du Monde November 5, 2011. GNO + + Stéphan Forté SUPERFIZ by guest A special discount store offered to all holders of tickets. More information on
Stéphan Forté: Dominate solo
2011-10-24 12:22:00
Stephan forte : Dominate Solo See the incomparable Stéphan Forté live in Amsterdam at the Jason Becker Fest. Your browser does not support iframes. Guthrie Govan Stuart Hamm Mattias IA Eklundh Michael Lee Firkins Kiko Loureiro Atma Anur Marco Sfogli Daniele Gottardo Stéphan Forté Andy James Joop Wolters Marcel Coenen Barend Courbois Timo Somers It's Show Time Band Not Dead Yet site Face Book Page Direct Tickets Ticket Master VIP tickets Rehearsal tickets
Stéphan Forté: Monster new album nearing release
2011-10-24 01:56:00
"The Shadows Compendium", the first instrumental solo album from guitarist Stéphan Forté of French neo-classical metallers ADAGIO, can be seen below. Due in Europe on November 21 and in North America in February via Listenable Records, the CD was mixed by Kevin Codfert at XFade studio in Paris, France. Stéphan and Kevin previously worked together on the production of ADAGIO's fourth album, "Archangels In Black". "The Shadows Compendium" features several other guests, such as Jeff Loomis, Glen Drover, Daniele Gottardo and Derek Taylor. One of the songs from the CD, "De Praestigiis Daemonum", can be streamed at this location. The track, which features a guest appearance by Mattias IA Eklundh from FREAK KITCHEN, was described by Forté as "probably the most shredding song of the album. I guess it is not the easiest one to listen to, but since it's the very first song we're offering to the guitar fans, I wanted to give them an 'in-your-face' kinda track. This is also a song I've ...
Stéphan Forté: The Shadows Compendium - new teaser
2011-10-18 21:22:00
Stéphan Forté "The Shadows Compendium" Solo Album Teaser Trailer
Stéphan Forté: shreds a LAG guitar... is anyone safe?!?!
2011-09-20 22:54:00
Demo LAG et Showcase Stéphan Forté pour La Boite "The Shadows Compendium" features several other guests, such as Jeff Loomis, Glen Drover, Daniele Gottardo and Derek Taylor. ?"The Shadows Compendium" PRE-ORDER at 12 Euros !!!!! "The Shadows Compendium" en PRECOMMANDE à 12 Euros !!!!! English:çais: Listen to the track Don't forget Stéphan Forté will be appearing at the awesome Jason Becker Fest on November 13 2011. More news on the show coming soon... expect the unexpected, with this amount of guitar fire power on show... anything could happen! Please note tickets are limited so get yours online soon. Not Dead Yet site Face Book Page Book Tickets
The Old Stone Fort
2009-05-08 07:00:00
Originally a church built in 1772, the Old Stone Fort in Schoharie, New York became camp for about 800 loyalists during the Revolutionary War. The church was enclosed by a log stockade from 1777 to 1785. When the stockade was removed, the building resumed its use as a church until 1844.
Protesters tee off on big-spending politicians, taxes at Dallas-Fort Worth
2009-04-16 16:02:00
Protesters tee off on big-spending politicians, taxes at Dallas-Fort Worth tea parties For perhaps the only time Wednesday evening, the masses assembled outside Dallas City Hall grew quiet as the man who drew them there, Phillip Dennis, hunched over a wooden lectern, his eyes narrowing. But the libbers say none of this was real. If it ...
The red fort
2009-04-06 03:59:00
Had gone to chandni chowk at Delhi a couple of days back with Jayati . The atmosphere out in that part of the town is amazing. Gorges ourselves on the food out there like 'Dahi wada' and jalebi etc and even has boondi is ladoo at a shop that's been around since the early 1700's.Great fun it was except for the fact thatHad gone there on a very distracting work. I think I'll have to go there again one of these days again. Atleast to take a somewhat decent picture of the red fort.
Fort Lauderdale,FL,33315,US,Price:$66000
2009-02-21 17:53:00
Residential > Foreclosure > Condo
Fort Myers Vacation Rentals
2009-02-21 05:28:00
Want you want to do during this vacation season? Want to get away from the humdrum of busy life and relax, want to recharge, contemplate about life in a peaceful location or simply soak up sunrays on the serene location. Fort Myers lodging offered by is one of the best places to be at for vacation. Fort Myers lodging is the perfect choice for families, friends, or couples who want the ultimate in comfort, privacy and relaxation ? an experience not to be missed.Vacation rentals in Fort Myers are a perfect fit for family reunions, dream vacation or any other outing and caters to every budget. Have a look at neatly laid out and users; friendly site and explore all kinds of affordable Fort Myers, Florida rentals on offer. Better still pick a cheap Fort Myers rental houses, roomy and luxurious villas, and sizable ? but reasonably priced ? town homes. No matter what budget you're working with or who you're traveling with, we're positive that you...
Dedicating the Arrowhead Monument at Old Fort
2008-12-02 13:00:00
Old Fort: the name says it. It is indeed one of the oldest towns in western North Carolina, and it was originally a fort, built by the colonial militia before the Declaration of Independence. Once called “Gateway to the West,” the settlement served as the westernmost outpost of the early Thirteen Colonies.Frequent skirmishes between the Scots-Irish settlers and the Cherokee and Catawba tribes took place along the banks of Mill Creek, which runs through the center of town. There is an old law still on the books that requires any traveler between Marion and Old Fort to notify the Constable of their intended trip and expected arrival time. If a traveler was late, it was assumed that they had run into trouble, and a search party would be dispatched from the fort to rescue them. The Native Americans, for their part, were so alarmed by the incursion of pioneers into their lands that they allied themselves with their old enemies the British in 1776. Reacting to particularly heavy a...
Images hallucinantes : Un chien super fort en skateboard !
2008-11-27 17:38:00
Le monde de l'insolite : Un chien super fort en skateboard !
Fort Worth,TX,76123,US,Price:$289500
2008-11-05 22:58:00
Residential > Single Family Homes > Resale Homes by Owner
2 minor earthquakes hit Dallas-Fort Worth area
2008-10-31 17:35:00
2 minor earthquakes hit Dallas-Fort Worth area DALLAS (AP) - Two minor earthquakes have shaken the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but no significant damage has immediately been reported. The U.S. Geological Survey says an earthquake with a 2.5 magnitude was reported at 11:25 p.m. Thursday, centered in the Grand Prairie area. The agency says a slightly stronger quake, ...
The McCain Ad You’ll Never See: the Fort Dix Dance
2008-10-23 13:27:00
Found this on The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
US Army Goes Solar: 500 MW Solar Thermal Power Plant to be Built at Fort Ir
2008-10-08 17:19:00
From TreeHugger: Most people probably don't think of the US Army as being on the forefront of the green movement, and while some military vehicles do guzzle gas more quickly than a new recruit learns to say 'sir, yes, sir', the Army is taking steps to reduce its energy usage. In fa
Fort in Cholistan
2008-09-29 21:21:00
The historic Derawar Fort, enormous and impressive structure in the heart of Cholistan desert, is rapidly crumbling and if the immediate preventative measures are not taken, the edifice will be destroyed and the historians, researchers and sightseers deprived of the view of the legacy of the bygone era. Like so many other historic sites in the country, Derawar Fort is yet another sign of old times we are poised to loose forever due to the apathy of those who are responsible for its upkeep and preservation.Before it disappears, once again, I was on my way to Cholistan: the place that is crucible of one of the world's oldest civilization, where some of the past secrets are hidden, where history is still active.Derawar is the oldest fort and the only perennial water-hole in the area. But a visit to the Fort is painful for those locals or foreigners who value the heritage and other signs of past eras. They are disappointed with its fate and neglect of its wonders. Neither is it being m...
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