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Visual FoxPro Certification Exams Study Guide
2007-12-29 19:00:00
Book DescriptionCovered here are both the Desktop and Distributed exams in one book. Visual FoxPro certification is the way to present contract customers and employers with an objective assessment of one’s technical skills as Visual FoxPro developer. Microsoft certification also provides contract customers and employers with additional confidence in their decision to contract with, or hire developers as they solve business problems and move forward in our data-driven, digital economy. Microsoft has moved their certification emphasis from knowledge assessment to measuring real-life skills. This study guide will assist developers in efficient, focused, VFP certification exam preparation.
Programmer: FoxPro / FoxWeb. Per-project or per-hour, on-site or off-site.
2007-09-19 02:17:00
Programmer: Create front-end programs from back-end, cross-linked databases. Requirements - Thorough knowledge of FoxPro (and preferably FoxWeb) applications. Per-project or per-hour, on-site or off-site. Send resume to Share This
Visual Foxpro's Destiny
2007-05-31 17:27:00
I'm really sad about the announcement of Microsoft that they will not continue developing Visual Foxpro. I was waiting this past few months if this facts will change and I guess its hopeless. And even petitions and appeals from different visual foxpro users all over the world to Microsoft can't really change their decisions on Visual Foxpro development.I'm just hoping that Visual Foxpro can still survive after being abandoned by Microsoft. I hope Visual Foxpro will have an openFoxpro later that can be used in Linux/Unix-based systems.  
Visual Foxpro 8 + MySQL5 + FreeBSD6 = Client/Server Application
2007-04-12 11:53:00
Visual FoxPro is one of the fastest database program in the market. It is used for small scale database applications. Its limit of 2GB for its database tables makes it for small scale only.  It does not have a feature that secures the data (unlike MS Access you can assign a password for your database).  I will recommend Visual Foxpro + MySQL5 + FreeBSD or LINUX platform to solve this kind of problem and boost the speed and data security of client/server applications for a smaller fee (actually MySQL5 and FreeBSD or LINUX are all downloadable for free from their respective websites. Of course, you can purchase a copy of Visual Foxpro from Microsoft :D ).This combination for me is more practical and cheapest compare to other software combinations. For Filipino computer programmers and students studying DBMS and Visual Foxpro, you can start the study of MySQL and FoxPro combo by installing first the MySQL5, MySQL .NET Connector and other MySQL GUI Too...
Ding Dong! Visual FoxPro is (nearly) dead!
2007-03-17 18:34:00
Kind of not surprised to learn that Microsoft has finally announced an EOL for that “more robust than Access ever will be” database language Visual FoxPro. This does not surprise me as all of the FoxPro programmers I’ve known are a bit older than myself. Technorati Tags: Microsoft VisualFoxPro, database programming, old ...
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