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Fun and Games
2010-09-30 22:08:00
So we went to Disney World for a week, which was awesome, with my parents, who are awesome, who have been married 35 years, which is super-awesome, and stopping both ways on the way to stay with my brother-in-law and his family, who are also…what is the word I am looking for…ah yes. Awesome. Four days of ...
It’s all fun and games until somebody loses their job…
2009-05-08 22:37:00
We joked on the radio show a couple of weeks ago that we might need to implement some kind of “swear jar” to keep us from talking about social media. But let’s face it, this topic is everywhere and it pops up in discussions constantly. Over the last week though, the big concern that a few of our clients have raised is around how social media strategies can be implemented in their organizations without exposing too much — especially when it comes to the personal lives of their employees. The idea that a company’s clients or partners could be friending/following/linking with its employees is a frightening prospect for many business owners. After all, we can’t control our employees online like we can in the office… Even though enough precedent has been set, most folks aren’t concerned about disciplinary action at work when they go online and spout off abut their political views or post weekend party pics or inappropriate cartoons. So what do...
Halloween Fun and Games
2008-10-29 05:13:00
Halloween is a favorite time of year around here at 2 Witches Blog, so while we are busy moving posts and making last minute preparations for the grand opening at our new dot com Nov 1 – we still wanted to be celebrate Halloween with our readers.  For today’s Wander the Web – here’s a ...
Lets Play Earthopoly!
2008-06-09 18:08:00
At one time of our lives, we have certainly heard of the game of Monopoly. The usual buying and selling, investing to get to the millions, Earthopoly is basically designed after it. The only difference is that it is based more on eco-friendly issues governing the world today. Additionally, the whole game set itself is ...
It was all fun and games when the unregulated hot money hedge fund speculat
2008-05-31 06:55:00
When you step back and take a look, all these bubbles were really just low-interest-rate-enabled hot-money speculative hedge-fund driven attacks.First they went after the dot-com stocks. That was pretty fun.Then they moved on to real estate and houses. You know how that turned out.Then they moved onto gold, silver and the metals, and artwork and Euros too. And oh, that was quite the party.After that, it was food - corn, wheat, soybeans, rice, etc. Which of course is leading to starvation and death and soaring food prices.And then finally, they went after the oil. Black gold. Which of course is disrupting commerce worldwide and putting an "oil tax" on billions around the globe.So what's next? Is there ANYTHING that hasn't been attacked yet by these locusts? Is there ANYTHING still in their way?Maybe baseball cards? Cocoa Puffs? Zebras? Electricity?
Vegas Fun
2008-05-25 01:54:00
Posting may be a little slow cause I’m Vegas this weekend although I do have a nice Memorial Day post planned. And yes my pooch is with me in Vegas… And no I’m not responsible for the shirt on his back… ---Related Articles at Infidels Are Cool:No related posts
Moo cows cakes one very mad Mommy!
2008-05-20 13:39:00
I have just about made it through the weekend with my sanity intact, for the eldest’s Birthday she wanted everything ‘Cow’, so that she got! I made fuzzy cow print curtains, big squashy cushions and all sorts, not forgetting a cow Birthday cake: Its not quite as grand as the one her Grandma made for her ...
My time in Prison?..
2008-05-19 15:58:00
  Hubby and I went for a wonder about Bodmin Jail recently, its a great fun place to go, some very amusing true stories on the walls around the cells about the former inmates and what they had done (quite often not much) to deserve being banged up! I wont divulge with too much info it would spoil ...
Happy Birthday Sis!!!
2008-05-14 12:38:00
No Cate Blanchett isnt my long lost Sister, but my Sister does like her and hey, look lily you share a Birthday!  “Cate’s birthday is 14 May 1969 and like a typical Taurean she is careful when it comes to decision making, showing impeccable choice when it comes to deciding which films she will work on. ...
SNL Video on Ahmadinejad: ?And Iran so far away?
2008-05-07 23:26:00
---Related Articles at Infidels Are Cool:Setback for Iranian PresidentVideo Roundup of Ahmadinejad Columbia circus showAhmadinejad: martyrdom will solve economic woesAhmadinejad: Iran’s nuclear foes “racing to hell”
Slam Dunk, it?s a recycled basket ball!
2008-04-28 16:00:00
This has been a very long time coming, it the green basket ball, well actually its black and is eco friendly because it uses forty per cent recycled rubber. Now that may not seem to be much, but surely anything that is recycled is better than nothing. However it has been estimated that when seventy of ...
Life after the skate park
2008-04-28 15:00:00
Sometimes there is a need to replace that trusted old skate board, it may be damaged or just out of fashion which quite simply needs to be replaced. But with all of those skate boards being replaced surely there must be another purpose for them, there must be life after the skate park for these colourful ...
2008-04-19 17:58:00
To Dominic Hope you have a fantastic day, sorry we cant be there to buy you your first pint and to give you 18 Birthday bumps! Hope you don’t mind the not so traditional Birthday card, just be thankful that you guys don’t live so close anymore or i might have gotten my hands on some of your ...
UK Muslims angry over game where ?enemy combatants? wear headdress commonly
2008-04-08 22:10:00
A wargame being played in the UK has riled a group of muslims. Muslim leaders condemned a new war game where teams of soldiers shoot at enemies - dressed as Arabs. So playing a game where the enemy is dressed a certain way is offensive, but muslims in the UK, Europe and the United States calling for ...
CAIR Bears: ?Islam?s not for me?
2008-04-04 22:42:00
Great video with a nice catchy song.  I’m sure many of you will recognize it. hattip: Jawa ---Related Articles at Infidels Are Cool:NY Times investigating CAIRFeeding the Enemy Within: CAIR Gets 50 mil From Saudi PrinceCAIR urges Muslims to claim racisim before it even happens….Thank You.
Fun and Games with Keith Richards
2008-04-01 07:34:00
Back in 1973, Keith Richards told some journalists that he was going to kick drugs by having his "blood changed." Over the years, the story has stuck but, now, Richards wants to set the record straight."I started that myth, I was in Heathrow in 1973 on my way to a Swiss clinic. These were the days before the word rehab had ever been used. I was going to sort myself out."These guys in raincoats wanted to know what I was doing. I just threw the words out, 'I'm gonna get my blood changed.' It stuck. It became real. I never had my blood changed, I just got clean."Richards also recently admitted that he totally confused when Christina Aguilera took the stage with the Stones during the filming of Shine a Light."This girl came out and I was like, 'Who is that?' I had no idea."I'm still not sure who that is. She can sing, though. And she looked good."
Picture Book Activities : Fun and Games for Preschoolers Based on 50 Favori
2008-04-01 05:04:00
Picture Book Activities : Fun and Games for Preschoolers Based on 50 Favorite Children’s Books (Paperback)By Trish Kuffner 13 utilised and new from $14.35 Customer Rating: First tagged “childrens books” by firewarrior ...
A Tale of two houses
2008-03-28 01:10:00
And now it’s time for another Global Warming eye opener… House #1 A 20 room mansion ( not including 8 bathrooms ) heated by natural gas. Add on a pool ( and a pool house) and a separate guest house, all heated by gas. In one month this residence consumes more energy than the average American ...
Terrorists get a taste of their own medicine.
2008-03-21 02:03:00
Looks like someone wasn’t paying close enough attention in suicide bombing 101. GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Palestinian militants accidentally set off a large blast at a Hamas training base in the central Gaza Strip on Thursday, killing two members of the violent Islamic group and wounding another, a Palestinian medical official said.  Read more about this ...
Not All Fun And Games
2008-03-17 18:54:00
But wouldn’t it be fun, to have fun ALL the time? Sugary sweet, pure unadulterated clean fun? And spinkles of happiness all around? Without a worry in the world to tie you down? Or work and studies to stress you up? A world full of things like this -> Unpopable balloons to brighten up the place ...
Happy St. Patrick?s Day
2008-03-17 13:48:00
Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!  I am about 200 feet from the New York City parade and I can already hear the bag pipes warming up and can smell the green beer flowing.  Nothing like St. Patty’s Day in the Big Apple where everyone is Irish for the day!   Post from: Celebrity Gossip from Celebridiot Happy St. ...
Fun and games for fashion victims
2008-03-14 10:35:00
I’m not Giorgio Armani - in fact I’ve never been a dedicated follower of fashion although I have occasionally shopped at Topman and River Island. I guess PC users in general are not known for their fashion sense which is presumably why developers give the theme a wide berth although there are some useful design ...
Fun and games for fashion victims
2008-03-14 10:35:00
I’m not Giorgio Armani - in fact I’ve never been a dedicated follower of fashion although I have occasionally shopped at Topman and River Island. I guess PC users in general are not known for their fashion sense which is presumably why developers give the theme a wide berth although there are some useful design ...
Video: Code Pink vs Marines - Daily Show
2008-03-12 18:05:00
This is great. I’m not normally a fan of John Stewart since he decided to go so far left a few years ago, but this video makes Code Pink look so ridiculous and radical that it’s well worth a watch. hattip Hotair ---Related Articles at Infidels Are Cool:Video: Berkeley city council idiocyBritian Chooses Diplomacy Despite Act ...
Recycled keyboard art
2008-03-11 17:00:00
What on earth do you do with all of those old computer keyboards which end up lying around the office, often with one or two keys missing? Well there are a couple things that can be done, like throwing them away or making something out of them. In this case the designer Choi Jung Hyun ...
Political palate cleanser [PIC]
2008-03-05 02:25:00
*update* McCain has officially won the GOP nomination  While we wait to for the official results from tonight’s many primaries, here’s one that’ll make ya laugh. This reminds me of my two young nephews going at it…   ---Related Articles at Infidels Are Cool:Audio: Hugh Hewitt discusses the youtube debateVideo: Merry F’n’ ChristmasUN: “Islam should not be ...
This is the song about liberals we can?t stand
2008-02-27 04:15:00
Well done and very funny! Must watch! ---Related Articles at Infidels Are Cool:A New Direction for the GOPBill Maher wishes death on Rush LimbaughLiberal but not a Lunatic - “No Excuse for Terror”Video: “On the first day of Christmas, the liberals gave to me”
Fun and Games with Lou Dobbs
2008-02-20 05:18:00
DOBBS FOR PRESIDENT?Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the television, we discover Lou Dobbs is on the move. I think we can just about assume he is waiting for the GOP to fall apart and the gods hand him the nomination of some third party on a silver platter.  William Gheene of ALIPAC, drunk on his own importance and power, is raising money to start a third party run.MY FANTASY:Let’s have a third party smack-down for the nomination of the Constitution ticket.  We can watch Corsi hammer it out with Alan Keyes, then ...
Green RC Cars for Your Kid
2008-02-17 19:50:00
Kids love the technology given for radio controlled cars and such has become a demand in leading toy stores today. They are in demand today and without question kids will always look up to them as far as itemizing which toys to look at first the next time that their parents bring them to the ...
Infidels pic of the day
2008-02-14 05:02:00
via Zip ---Related Articles at Infidels Are Cool:Infidels pic of the dayMichiganistan: US accepts 7000 Iraqi refugeesThe text of the Koran is undeniable. How can you be Muslim and still support our Constitution?IDF snuffs out top Islamic Jihad leader
Heart shaped crayons
2008-02-06 20:00:00
What could be better than buying something like this for your loved one? Size (appx. 1.25″ x 1.5″ - or 3.175cm x 3.81cm) These are made from old part used crayons that have been melted together and moulded into the shape of a heart, make a really great gift and is eco friendly too. Priced at $5 ...
The pool ball ring
2008-01-28 19:00:00
This is a great little product which will stun your friends. Made from an actual pool ball this ring has the colour and style still even after the ball has been cut up. You can choose from all of the pool balls, whichever takes your fancy, maybe the colour or the number, whatever suits you, for ...
Winter Fun And Games In Korea
2008-01-19 12:34:00
As the snow fell in Seoul at the end of last week, a number of K-League teams were getting ready to jet to warmer climes for pre-season training. Incheon United, to name just one, start a month in Guam on Monday.Thoughts of Pacific islands may make fans left behind green with envy but the Korean soccer media has been white with shock and indignation over the past seven days. The reason for the furore was the fact that a fairly obscure European soccer statistics site ranked the K-League as the 54th strongest league in the world behind such powerhouses as Lebanon, Singapore and Uzbekistan. Pointless as it is to compare international leagues, it didn?t stop the media devoting countless articles and time to such nonsense and the fact that it is the off-season only provides part of an excuse. While comparisons are futile, it is tough to resist the temptation of falling into the same trap. The K-League has plenty of problems but as global leagues go, it is fairly good - in Asian terms, "f...
Marine has a conversation with an Iraqi cab driver about insurgents
2008-01-17 00:23:00
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Pic of the day
2008-01-16 03:22:00
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Hallmark Greeting Card Competition
2008-01-15 15:18:00
If you've ever wondered how to get your greeting card design to the folks at Hallmark, now's your chance! Hallmark is having their second Greeting Card Design Competition, and, this time it features your pets! Go check it out at GenBetween. (Note: I don't get anything for this, I love greeting cards and pets and it looked like something people might enjoy. Or not. I dunno. My back still hurts).
Fun and Games with Comcast Cable Bill
2008-01-11 00:53:00
Has anyone else had this experience with Comcast Cable? Pajamadeen’s cable bill has always been due on the 10th of the month, since time immemorial. Well, okay, not quite since time immemorial but long enough that she’s known for years that the bill’s due on the 10th of each month. This month was different.
Some Fun Links
2008-01-08 19:50:00
Everyone needs a break now and again so check out some fun links! ---Related Articles at Celebrity Gossip from Celebridiot:AdvertisingMy Wedding DayHot Gossip Links of the DayHot Gossip Links of the Day July 16Hot Gossip Links of the Day
The Impossible Quiz
2008-01-08 15:32:00
If you don't hate me already, you will after trying The Impossible Quiz (has sound). It can be done, but, you have to really dig for some of the answers.
petition, fun and games
2007-12-22 10:42:00
Petition here: We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to commission an urgent independent review of the compulsory Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) policy framework, and to reduce the status of its learning and development requirements to ?professional guidelines?. We recognise the government?s good intentions in its early-years policy-making, but are concerned about the EYFS legislation, which ...
Video: Christmas Greetings from Achmed the Dead Terrorist - Jingle Bombs
2007-12-21 21:13:00
---Related Articles at Infidels Are Cool:Achmed The Dead TerroristVideo: Merry F’n’ ChristmasVideo: “On the first day of Christmas, the liberals gave to me”The Prince Of Peace
Islamic rage boy sings ?Infidels? (Jingle Bells)
2007-12-18 06:40:00
---Related Articles at Infidels Are Cool:“Islamic Rage Boy” hate mail of the dayCAIR Finally gets their dueSecurity heightened in Dallas after reports of suspicious incidentsVideo: ‘Death To America’
What if baseball took a lesson from soccer?
2007-12-07 17:48:00
Shhhh… don’t tell anyone this, but occasionally, I cheat on baseball by watching Fox Soccer Channel.  I picked up the soccer habit a few years ago, and now my wife always knows when I’ve been watching TV, because the channel will be set to 35 when she turns it back on.  A few years ago, baseball decided to do something very much borrowed from soccer when it put on the World Baseball Classic.  It was meant as something of a World Cup for baseball, to be held every four years.  Even though the players were in Spring Training mode, some of the matchups had that “An All-Star game that counts!” feel to them.  It was beautiful.  Soccer does this every four years and has since 1930, and it looks like baseball is about to follow suit, even if the ratings weren’t so good for the first time around.  (You win a cookie if you can tell me… without using Google or Wikipedia… who won the championship game and who the winning pitcher was.) For the ben...
Play Tennis With Presidential Candidates
2007-11-13 17:41:00
My goal is avoid all politics today besides this, because it’s a game and games are fun, and I don’t give you enough games to play. I’m simply trying to avoid contributing to the deterioration of society and overall death in the world. No Ron Paul guys, sorry, the creator explains that he ...
The Green iPod Alternative
2007-10-29 12:54:00
One thing about having this latest gadget craze in the from of iPods and MP3 players, their energy source and useful life is always a concern for most owners. Relying heavily on batteries that come along with the whole pack, recharging them at times would usually become a hindrance in enjoying continuous listening pleasures today. ...
Video: 24 Season 7 Trailer
2007-10-26 18:04:00
Can’t wait! CTU is gone and a familiar face comes back into the fold. watch it… ---Related Articles at Infidels Are Cool:Video: Official “John Rambo” TrailerObsession - Islam’s War against the WestIslam vs. Islamists TrailerThe Shocking Video Hillary Does NOT Want You To See!
Fun and games with online sports book facilty
2007-10-07 01:58:00
Online fun can be different things to different people, some surf, some play games, some do research while others like more adult games like gambling. Bet365 provides a range of online betting services with their interactive games section, online gambling, extensive online casino, Sports book betting facility, and their famous dedicated online poker playing area. There is a one wallet system to enjoy the benefits of Bet365's full range of services through one manageable account. Get the latest head up potential scores on All Sports, American Football, Australian Rules, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing/ufc, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Gaelic Sports, Golf, Greyhounds, Horse Racing, Ice Hockey, Lotto, Motor Sports, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Snooker, Soccer, Specials, Speedway, Tennis, Volleyball, and Winter Sports.They cover everything relate to online sports book.Cheers
Hydrogen Powered Toys
2007-10-01 10:49:00
Most people are focusing on what stuff they can resort to as alternatives towards supposed environmentally, toy have not been given much attention with regards to what eco-friendly products may be considered in lieu of the other toys manufactured simply to serve its purpose of providing joy and leisure to kids today. Hydrogen power is ...
The blogosphere in a nutshell
2007-09-28 07:53:00
This is so funny. ---Related Articles at Infidels Are Cool:Mohammed tops list of boys’ names in UKFree Speech or Treason?Talk radio + Conservative blogosphere = Powerful voice of the American peopleRobert Spencer on Keith Ellison
It?s All Fun and Games Until Houses Burn Down
2007-09-28 07:03:00
…and someone, namely me, gets burnt out. The petty thefts (if you can call them that) stopped when we installed a gate. The bakal boys went out of business when we padlocked and cemented the damn water meter. The rowdy crowd lessened when we got a fierce guard dog. We couldn’t stop power theft, however, but ... [ This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more! ]
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