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Toomas Vanem: Estonia's classy fusion rock band announces new CD
2012-05-24 00:16:00 This is "The Limited Edition" TRAILER, made for promotional purpose only! This is not LIVE recording! "The Limited Edition"& Toomas Vanem 2012 CD preview See another great track from Lonely proton (2011) The Limited Edition composed of Thomas Elder - guitar, Henno Kelp - bass, Rünno Tamra - keyboards, Andrus Lillepea - percussion. Paragraph concert "Estonian guitarists Big Five". Recorded 01/12/2011 Nokia Concert Hall. explanation for the name of the concert: the concert came together with many other musicians led to guitarist whose first or last name starts with the letter V: Viktor Vasilyev, Ain Varts, Raul Vaigla, Kalle Vilpuu and Thomas Elder. Onions named Riho erikülaliskitarristiks. Other great musicians named musicians Toomas Vanem, The Limited Edition - Lonely proton (2011)
Eddie Bogoev: Funk Fusion Guitar jamming
2012-05-23 02:00:00
Funk Fusion Guitar Solo Modern Funk Fusion - Backing Track Play Along (DP's Backing Tracks Series) Funk Fusion Guitar Solo - Eddie Bogoev
Maycown Reichembach,Juan Cortes: a little Beavis and Butthead fusion terro
2012-05-22 00:06:00
FUSION DE TERROR by Juan Cortes & Maycown Reichembach Beavis and Butthead By Juan Cortes & Maycown Reichembach
Alexandre Bicudo: Idéias - classy legato fusion original
2012-05-21 00:01:00
Alexandre Bicudo - Idéias (Live at Toraliens Studio) In case you missed this one 1998... top notch playing Alexandre Bicudo - 1989 (Live at Toraliens Studios)
Ronny Heimdal: Great progressive fusion
2012-05-17 21:10:00
Ronny Heimdal: Ronny Heimdal, Bergen, Norway: top notch progressive fusion, legato guitars. About Facebook MySpace ReverbNation Ronny Heimdal (Guitar, Keyboards); Zsolt Meszaros (Drums); Fritz A. Aga (Bass) 2005 Release by Norwegian guitarist Ronny Heimdal. A super power fusion extravaganza, nice melody lines and super charged licks. This has been a great find. Featuring Zsolt Meszaros(Drums);Fritz A. Aga(Bass) . This record should please anyone that likes Allan Holdsworth and Scott Henderson among others. Track 1 Zone 98b (LISTEN TO AUDIO)Track 2 Timequake (LISTEN TO AUDIO)Track 3 The seventh element (LISTEN TO AUDIO)Track 4 Neo nostalgie (LISTEN TO AUDIO)Track 5 Turbo Tobben Overdrive (LISTEN TO AUDIO)Track 6 Five Corners (LISTEN TO AUDIO)Track 7 Ultra-Lystig (LISTEN TO AUDIO)Track 8 Absolute Sanjiv (LISTEN TO AUDIO)Track 9 Music Box (LISTEN TO AUDIO)Track 10 Garbaresq (LISTEN TO AUDIO) ...
Sergio Paganini: Endless Horizons - hot Rock Fusion
2012-05-17 01:42:00
Rock Fusion - Endless Horizons - Sergio Paganini
João Castilho: Workshop - smooth fazz fusion
2012-05-13 17:53:00
Highlights of the Workshop held at the School of Modern Music in Niterói / RJ, with guitarist John Castillo. Workshop com João Castilho
Sergio Paganini: Rock Fusion - Out of Reach
2012-05-13 01:24:00
Out of Reach composto por Sergio Paganini inspirado no album Project de Greg Howe e Richie Kotzen Musica original : Rock Fusion - Out of Reach - Sergio Paganini
panopticonification: great Legato Fusion - Schecter Blackjack C-7
2012-05-12 15:07:00
improvisation over a Bmin vamp backing track, with some applied concepts. rock fusion improvisation Schecter Blackjack C-7 + Roland Cube 80x
Mateus Starling: Pacote Fusion - a new package of lessons from the improvis
2012-05-10 22:30:00 new material deals with the language and phrasing to play chords on fusion, but using playbacks of fusion and other styles to show how the language of fusion can work well in styles such as rock, funk , Blues and so on. All playbacks are original and exclusive made ??especially for this class.The whole process of playing chords on playalongs was also filmed for reference to the student. The package comes with: 2 hours video lecture on the fusion phrasing and chords for accompaniment, 12 playalongs unprecedented in grooves of funk, fusion, jazz, rock and so on. 2 handouts fusion with 40 sheets (pdf) This material is being sold on my site for 140 reais, but friends who've previously bought any of my video classes pay only 120 dollars. You can buy the card partial credit and up to 12x or via deposit or DOC. I'm sure you will be surprised with this material, playalongs challenging and quality. God bless you all. 2 hours of video lessons, 12 playalo...
Marcin Du?ski: Kameleon - impression - the finest quality fusion
2012-05-08 18:43:00
Impression of a song demo-Kameleon.Materia? is recorded quite a few years ago with the great names of Polish ?osowskim instrumentalistyki-Tom-drums and Wojtek Pilichowskim-bass. Marcin du?ski-Kameleon-impression Translated: "Chameleon" is the album that opened my eyes and ears. Eyes because I realized how many young guitarists (except those of WG) wasted no chance to really do something what we call a career. And ears because these four songs seem to be a mirror of fantasy and excitement of music Martin. It makes no sense to comment on participation in the recording Pilich because he is an old hand to do his, but I noticed recently that the recordings involving Wojtek Pilichowski appear Various sounds like opening doors which makes me ask ... do not know maybe I'm wrong, but I notice certain type of domination Pilich in such projects. In these recordings is something that really highlights the outstanding work of this renowned bassist, namely drums. Even in a song called "Impre...
Matteo Ruggiero: Shut Up - instrumental rock fusion band
2012-05-04 01:26:00
A short excerpt from my instrumental rock fusion band gig Shut up. Hope you enjoy If you want, join us on Facebook Shut up band Live@ Fuoco di Vino
Ethan Meixsell, Travis Larson, Carl Roa: Long Island Fusion Fest 2012
2012-05-02 01:51:00
Ethan Meixsell Live debut at Long Island Fusion Fest 2012 Saturday, 2 June 201220:00 in EDT Come down to hear the live debut of Ethan Meixsell at Long Island Fusion Fest 2012. This is far and away the most challenging set of music I've ever attempted and I've got some incredible musicians adding their voice to the project. I'll be playing material from my debut record "Pathos and Logos", some new material, and some surprise covers. Also performing are the Travis Larson Band and Carl Roa Band. Come out for a night of mind-altering guitar playing. The band features:Ethan Meixsell: Guitar & VoxDouglas Baldwin: GuitarHarold Skeete: BassRicky Martinez: DrumsThe Hub Billiard Club4060 Austin Blvd., Island Park, NY 11558View map · Get directions
Nico Schliemann: Whole Lotta Fusion - Suhr Rasmus
2012-04-28 13:00:00
Nico Schliemann: Me jamming along martin millers JTC jamtrack "whole lotta fusion" ( is where you can get it) The guitar used is a Suhr Rasmus straight into the AXE FX standard (HAD ODS 1 amp model used). www.nicoschliemann.-de Nico Schliemann - Whole Lotta Fusion (Martin Miller Jamtrackcentral Jamtrack)
Tohpati Bertiga: Riot - Indonesian releases a shredding fusion CD
2012-04-26 23:24:00
TOHPATI (guitars, guitar synth); INDRO HARDJODIKORO (bass); BOWO (drums)World-class Indonesian guitarist Tohpati reveals further sides of his diverse musical palette with the debut from his power trio, Tohpati Bertiga. Riot frequently puts the rockier side of Tohpati's style on display (and in full force!) on this scorching fusion shredfest.SpacerVenturing far into uncharted territory, Bertiga covers ground where few trios would dare tread -- much less in a live performance. All new compositions from Tohpati test the mettle of this trio, and they are most certainly up to the task. Augmented by imaginative melodies, twisting changes, superb soloing and driving, relentless rhythms, this album is a tour-de-force of modern fusion shredding at its most creative.SpacerWith his gifted playing taking center stage, Tohpati places yet more dimensions of his accomplished guitar stylings on display. Showing that he is just as "at home" with rock and even funk settings as he is with jazz and fu...
2006 Fusion V-6 Hitting On 3
2012-04-24 01:44:00
Hello All, from Hamilton Ont. Just wondering if a low oil level could cause the loss of power from the front 3 cylinders. We have compression and spark. Thanks for any info. "B"
Chris Poland, Robert Pagliari: OHM Fusion gig announced for the baked Potat
2012-04-22 21:59:00
Jack Gardiner: Great fusion Improvisation at Musikmesse 2012
2012-04-21 15:11:00
Jack Gardiner had a great time at the Musikmesse and as you would expect his ability is just growing at an amazing rate. Jack Gardiner - some improvs at Musikmesse 2012
Brett Garsed: Guitar On Sky interview's the fusion master!
2012-04-19 01:27:00
Some people said that you?re a foster son of Allan Holdsworth in music. How?d you response this? That's pretty funny! I'll say this right now?Allan is a legitimate musical genius with one of the most unique visions of how music is created that the world will probably ever see. I'm a guy mucking around on a guitar trying to have some fun who is heavily influenced by Allan so there's no comparison. It was very natural for me to be a legato player as that's how I initially approached the instrument. When I was about 17 I heard about Allan from an interview with Eddie Van Halen so I bought the UK album. It was at this time that I was being judged by a lot of people because I didn't pick all the notes and they questioned my ability as a musician. When I heard Allan I recognised the legato sound immediately and also his incredibly original sound and approach so in an instant his playing made me realise it's important to firstly, follow your own vision as to what kind of...
Richard Hallebeek, Lalle Larsson: top fusion live shows 2012
2012-04-18 01:36:00
RHP playing Frans Vollink´s tune "East Side Bridge" live at 13/3 2012 Richard Hallebeek - Guitar Lalle Larsson - Keyboards Frans Vollink - Bass Sebastiaan Cornelissen - Drums Visit for more music RHP - East side Bridge- Lalle Larsson keyboard solo- 13/3, 2012 RHP playing Larsson´s "One Love" at De Stier, Eibergen, March 11, 2012 Richard Hallebeek - Guitar Lalle Larsson - Keyboards Frans Vollink - Bass Sebastiaan Cornelissen - Drums Visit for more music Richard Hallebeek Project - One Love - De Stier, March 11, 2012
Alex Milella: Solo sull'isola - classy Italian fusion
2012-04-14 18:37:00
Solo sull'isola - Alex Milella
Peter Tiehuis: Trio fusion in Utrecht 2012
2012-04-10 00:09:00
Another super charged, freeform jazz improvisation from renowned Dutch guitarist Peter Tiehuis and band, when they wrapped up one of their regular gigs, at the acclaimed 't-Oude Pothuis venue in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on Wednesday, January 18th, 2012. Extract from Peter's website: One of Holland's leading guitar players, Peter Tiehuis's versatility has enabled him to play almost any kind of music and has led to many recording dates, also in Belgium, Germany and England, for records and broadcasting. In 2008, he formed his own Peter Tiehuis Trio with contrabass player Frans van der Hoeven and drummer Arno van Nieuwenhuize. In this setup he's experimenting with totally improvised concerts based on electronics, effects and soundscapes. Over the years he has played with Toots Thielemans, Benny Goodman, Freddie Hubbard, Stan Getz, Tania Maria, Al Jarreau, Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, Charlie Mariano, Vince Mendoza, Mike Stern, Bob Mintzer, the Yellow Jackets, Jasper van 't Hof, Gin...
Rick Graham: 20 Killer Fusion Lines lessons
2012-04-09 23:09:00 Guys! I'm very excited to announce the first of a series of Xpansion packs for my Static Chord Soloing series. This exciting package contains 10 all new funky fusion backing tracks with 20 killer lines to go with them. Each lick is played and then broken down for you to digest easily and consists of scales and arpeggios covered in both Static Chord Soloing 1 & 2. The lines all feature a heathly balance of contemporary guitar techniques such as legato, speed picking, intervallic lines, right hand tapping, slides and much more. Backing tracks come in a variety of keys including Bb and Eb. NEW WEBSITE LESSON available now - 20 Killer Fusion Lines
Mauro Di Capua: classy rock fusion
2012-04-07 19:02:00
My name is Mauro Di Capua I'm from Italy(near Rome)I'm a GIT graduated... studied with Henderson,Hinds,Verheyen.. ect.. I'm workin on my first cd....will be kind of fusion...Garsed meet Henderson meet Howe meet Hinds.... Maybe for the end of this year should be out....I will have some Usa session on bass and drums and maybe some guitarplayer guest solos... Havin fun jamming' over this backing track. Gear used:James Tyler Studio elite hd,Dr.z EZG 50,BB preamp,Line6 DL4 Sorry for the bad video quality More videos are coming soon.... Buzzguitar Orange Jam (Guthrie Govan)
Gin?s Kitchen & Cafe on Granville Avenue in Richmond
2012-04-07 16:00:00
I came across another restaurant promotion in the Richmond Review recently. Since I have not eaten in the fairly new restaurant in Richmond, the coupon just gives me the excuse to visit it.
Mantor Hays: Funk Fusion Jam - inspired by Scott Henderson at the Baked Pot
2012-04-07 11:43:00
A fun day of jamming with Nigel Carnahan - Drums and August Arrowsmith - Bass. Was trying some outside stuff after seeing the amazing Scott Henderson last week at the Baked Potato. Funk Fusion Jam Sultry Groove
2012-04-05 17:57:00
Before the 2012 New York International Auto Show kicks off this weekend República received an exclusive invite to preview the 2013 Ford Fusion--a fresh improvement on the motor company's best-selling midsize car. Some of the highlights include it being the first non-hybrid mid sedan available with Auto Start-Stop (engine efficiency), intuitive road-reading technology for better driving, a newly redesigned face and grill and a V6 engine with fuel efficiency of 22 MPG in the city and 33MPG on the highway. Fans and drivers can check out more of the Fusion story here and stay tuned for footage of our exclusive coverage of the event on the way!
Huawei Fusion U8652 ? Android OS v2.3 ? For AT&T ? Prepaid GoPhone ? Price
2012-04-03 14:38:00
AT&T Huawei Fusion U8652 is a Prepaid GoPhone is now available for $124.99 (Package Price) which will be an Android running device coming with 3.5 inch touchscreen display, 3.2 MP Camera, FM Radio, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and more. Just click source to buy this device. [Source]
Karpenko Stas: rock-fusion improvisation
2012-04-03 00:57:00
rock-fusion improvisation
Hip Fusion Designs Review & Giveaway
2012-04-01 07:51:00
I really liked this jewelry artist the first time I saw her website.  Who doesn’t want to be hip?  Her site is easy to navigate and you can find so many things there.  There are earrings and necklaces in several categories. You can shop ready made or if you want a personalized piece – she can customize a mother’s necklace, or other item just for you.  You can also shop by theme. I chose the All My Children disk tag necklace. I already have a mother’s necklace. But I love that this one is not silver and something about the style really spoke to me. When it arrived, I was not disappointed.  Sometimes pictures online and the really thing don’t look exactly like what you are expecting. But this one was spot on.  I love that it is versatile and dainty with a splash of oomph with the crystals.   There are also very simple necklaces and funky items on the site too. And I want them all!  I am putting Hip Fusion in my Mother’s Day Gift guide.  She eve...
Tom Quayle: Fusion Essentials Vol.1 at Jam Track Central
2012-03-31 13:37:00
TABS AND BACKING TRACKS AVAILABLE AT: For lessons with Tom go to We are delighted to announce that Tom Quayle's debut JTC package 'Fusion Essentials Vol.1' has officially launched. Tom is one of the UK's rising guitar stars and if you haven't yet seen him play then you are in for a real treat. His trademark legato and hybrid picking style is incredible to watch and he has an amazing quality of always picking the right note. Tom has built a strong on-line following and teaches guitarists all over the world with his on-line skype lessons. The anticipation for this package has been huge, so we are glad it is finally available for you. Fusion Essentials Vol.1 proves that it isn't just Tom's playing that is exceptional. All 5 tracks in this package are extremely well produced and incredibly 'jammable'. The package comes with 5 tracks, backing tracks, extended jam...
Tim Miller: killer hybrid fusion chops... they could be yours!
2012-03-31 11:36:00
Coming Soon! with guitarist TIM MILLER. An all new Guitar Instruction website featuring Streaming Guitar Lessons in Full HD video and studio quality audio. Visit to leave your email address, and we will contact you when the website launches! TIM MILLER
Pascal Vigné: Rock Fusion Jam for BendNote
2012-03-30 23:53:00 Find us on facebook page : from the newsletter from the website: BendNote - Pascal Vigné JamLesson
Jean Fontanille: Fusion Ballad for BendNote
2012-03-30 23:51:00 Find us on facebook page : from the newsletter from the website: http://www.bendno-te.comhttp://www.bendnote.comTh-e full video (complementary plans and interview), playback, and partition the chat room to ask your question directly to John will be available at BendNote. Find us on facebook page : from the newsletter from the website: BendNote - Fusion Ballad JamLesson
Christophe Godin: BendNote rock fusion blues lesson
2012-03-30 23:43:00
http://www.bendnote.comThe full video (complementary plans and interview), playback, and partition the chat room to ask your question directly to Christopher will be available at BendNote. Find us on facebook page : from the newsletter from the website: http://www.bendnote.comBendNote- - Chris's Rock Fusion JamLesson BendNote - Chris's Fusion JamLesson BendNote - Chris's Blues JamLesson (Complete with interview) BendNote - Chris's Blues JamLesson
Jonas Tamas: Melodic rock fusion solo on Alex Argento's song Groovus in Fab
2012-03-30 01:14:00
Guitars can sing too! Jonas Tamas: Melodic rock fusion solo on Alex Argento's song Groovus in Fabula
Roy Marchbank: Lucky Ferris unmixed - classic celtic fusion
2012-03-29 22:08:00
Roy Marchbank remains an undiscovered great. Incredible technique, jaw dropping speed, but tempered by real music, blending celtic and Spanish themes. Lucky Ferris unmixed
Marcin Du?ski: Seven - excellent fusion - MUST HEAR
2012-03-29 00:34:00
My latest work-SEVEN-promoting resulting album was True Love-story of the music was attended by Przemek Tasty-drums -keyboards Michael Rorate Kosma Inkwell-bass -vocals Matthew Krautwurst, text Marcin Danish, guitar, music Marcin Du?ski feat. Mateusz Krautwurst-SEVEN
Ruggero Robin: BKK trio kicking major fusion butt!
2012-03-28 22:16:00
BKK TRIO & Ruggero Robin - Rimavská Sobota
Sergio Paganini: Cool Rock Fusion
2012-03-26 21:39:00
Rock Fusion - Sergio Paganini
Tom Quayle: 'Fusion Essentials' coming to Jam Track Central!
2012-03-17 23:56:00
Tom QuayleMy new Jamtrack Central package - 'Fusion Essentials' will be out next week! Exciting! #fusion #guitar
Allan Holdsworth, Jimmy Haslip, Virgil Donati: Jazz Fusion Defined Iridium
2012-03-17 17:32:00
Eric Barnett: Points North prog fusion from Magna Carta label
2012-03-12 20:40:00
? Eric Barnett ? guitar ? Uriah Duffy - bass ? Kevin Aiello ? drumsBUY THE NEW CDWhat musical masterpiece would have resulted had Eric Johnson continued in the vein of Ah Via Musicom? What fresh prog/fusionoid hell could have been unleashed had Rush focused on nothing but "YYZ"-like instrumental anthems?With the release of their Magna Carta Records debut record, Road Less Traveled, the Bay Area-based instrumental trio, Points North, taps into our dreams and answers these burning questions by turning our sonic fantasies into realities.Spearheaded by guitarist Eric Barnett (a finalist in Guitar Player magazine's Guitar Superstar competition), drummer Kevin Aiello and newest member, bassist Uriah Duffy (Whitesnake, Christina Aguilera), Points North stands on the shoulders of iconic artists The Police, Rush and Dixie Dregs, but, as the title of their debut album suggests, clearly cuts its own artistic path. Simply put, Points North is a leading light of modern instrumental guitar music...
Arnaldo Garcia: Suhr rock fusion jam
2012-03-11 22:18:00
Jam Arnold
Mark Papagno: Bobby's Jazz Club 2012 - great legato fusion series
2012-03-11 22:14:00
Mark Papagno: Bobby's Jazz Club 2012
2013 Ford Fusion review
2012-03-07 14:37:00
The new 2013 Ford Fusion sedanFord?s all-new Fusion brings alive the next generation of more expressive vehicles from Ford and is the first sedan to offer gasoline, hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions ? each expected to deliver top fuel economy and an engaging driving experience.2013 Ford Fusion photoFeaturing a sleek silhouette and fresh face, the all-new Fusion is the latest in a series of vehicles from Ford ? following the 2011 Fiesta subcompact and 2012 Focus small cars ? developed to satisfy customers everywhere who want leading fuel efficiency, helpful technologies and game-changing looks.2013 Ford Fusion photo?Our vision for Fusion was clear ? deliver the very best of what One Ford stands for,? said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president of Global Product Development. ?We brought our global teams together around a blank slate with the charge to develop a midsize car with groundbreaking design and jaw-dropping fuel economy ? one that featured technologies to help make ou...
Andrea Fedeli: Mechanical funk fusion soloing with tapping
2012-03-03 00:13:00
Andrea Fedeli "Mechanical funk" solo
panopticonification: classy legato fusion - Schecter Blackjack C-7
2012-02-28 23:23:00
panopticonification: practicing over a funk fusion backing track (Am7 || Am7 || Bbm7 || Bbm7 || Am7 || Am7 || Cm7 || Cm7). Thanks to RandyMartinGuitar channel for that. I recently got an used Schecter Blackjack C-7 (old model) and suprisingly it's not only a metal/djent driven guitar, as its Seymour Duncan JB (SH-4) and '59 (SH-1n) pickups pups sounds great even with rock, jazz (!!!) and fusion tones. Great mechanics, neck, woods and finishes. Hope you enjoy it. fusion legato tapping jam Schecter Blackjack C-7 + Roland Cube 80X
Unit Fusion by Y Design Office
2012-02-28 14:51:00
"Under rapid housing developments in the past years, Hong Kong has benefited much in terms of economy. However, important values such as value in sense of community and individual identity were lost. This thesis hereby critically reviews current and past housing projects in Hong Kong and stating the notion of verticality as the only solution. The ambition is a new alternative high-rise residential typology, in which its inhabitants are given unique units and allocations in accordance to specific zoning strategy within a tower structure, thus creating a phenomenal living experience through bonding and acquiring needs by each and every single individual. It is a re-interpretation of the balance between genericity and specificity aiming at formulating an extraordinary democratic living concept." to find out more... Passage and Image via
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