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Reminder ~ Ephesians Bible Study
2012-01-17 16:53:00
The Bible study on the book of Ephesians, lead by author and speaker Kathy Howard will start tomorrow, January 18th. To find out more about the Bible study, please visit Kathy’s website here. I am very excited about the study. After all, my blog “Grace Alone…” is based on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians . ...
How To Grow Your Organization By Writing A Business Newsletter
2011-01-19 17:21:00
Here is a simple piece of advice?Writing a business newsletter can be a great way to promote your organization, club, society, church or business.Actually, my guess is that you already knew this piece of advice before I gave it to you. And you probably already believe it to be true. But second guess is that ...
How To Grow Taller Children
2010-12-19 02:45:00
How To Grow Taller Children A guide on how to accelerate growth in children through the right combination of nutrition, exercise and sleep. The first guide for growing taller children …the people actually still growing How To Grow Taller Children
Learn How To Grow Beautiful Orchids Ebook
2010-12-13 02:27:00
Learn How To Grow Beautiful Orchids Ebook 50% Affiliate Commission. Orchid Growing Made Easy. Orchids That Are Healthy, Vibrant, Disease Free And Blooming For Years To Come. Learn How To Grow Beautiful Orchids Ebook
UPDATED: Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Republican South Carolin
2009-09-10 18:37:00
This South of the Mason/Dixon Line Country Western tune is sung to the song "Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys" made famous by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.(By the way, I love Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson)You can insert your own words, but mine would go something like this:Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be Republican South Carolina CongressmenBecause they took that Confederate Rebel Flag down off the Capitol just yesterdayThey'll shout out "You Lie" at the New PresidentAnd their hatred is never going away.Republican South Carolina Congressmen Like to exercise their freedom of speechWhen they say this race thing ain't really what it's all aboutThey rile up the haters, they rile up the degraders, They scream and they shout This ain't about color Now shut your mouthSouth Carolina Congressmen and people like him,Aren't trying to frighten or scare you,in any old way But they get right up there and have the nerve to sayWhen they bring their gun...
Indian Entertainment and Media Industry to grow 10.5 per cent during 2009-1
2009-08-05 13:10:00
Indian Entertainment and Media Industry in no doubt has witnessed magnificent growth in recent years. If a recent report by PWC is to be believed then India is certainly on the verge to witness major growth in E&M industry after only to China. Indian E&M industry grew at 10.3 per cent to reach the size of Rs. 536.9 billion, although it will witness only 8 % in 2009 compared to 16.6% compounded annual growth over the 2004-08 period. The growth in Indian E&M industry would hover around 10.5 per cent during the forecasted period 2009-13. Outlook for Segmented growth of the Indian E&M Industry industry (2009-13) Television: The industry is estimated to grow at a rate of 11.4% cumulatively over the next five years, from an estimated Rs. 244.7 billion in 2008. The overall television industry would reach Rs. 420.0 billion by 2013. In the Television pie, television distribution is projected to garner a share of 60% in 2013. On the other hand, television advertis...
By: WATblog
Bicol Region - a natural beauty to settle down and grow old
2009-08-02 11:33:00
The southeastern end of Luzon is a region of plenty. Rich oceans with an abundance of marine life to excite every hobby scientist, volcanic activities in the form of mountains, hot lakes/springs and picturesque bays to shoot your very own postcard photos, wrecked galleons to dive to, caves to explore - Bicol certainly has it all. Most ...
wen he wrote a new blog post: Worries grow about Obama's outsourcing polici
2009-07-19 04:23:00
wen he wrote a new blog post: Worries grow about Obama's outsourcing policies After a decade of outsourcing helped transform India into much of the world’s back office, Indians are worried that President Obama’s new Administration - and the slowdown in the global economy - will cast a shadow over one of the fastest-growing sectors of their economy. Obama’s $787 billion stimulus plan will make it increasingly difficult for ...
Massive Action Plan - Creating a Massive Action Plan to Grow Your Business
2009-06-29 08:54:00
How many of us try to get things done on a daily basis only to feel like you are spinning your wheels and are not really getting anywhere? Our tasks are trying to bring us to completion of our goal.Realize that most of society lives like this. It is only a very small percentage of people that get the outcome they desire. Those small percentage know a very important rule. That is, you must have a massive action plan set in place for yourself if you are to succeed in getting yourself where you want to be.Think of a massive action plan as your M.A.P. Without it, you will stay lost and continue to spin your wheels.First thing to do in creating this for yourself, is to focus on your outcome.Finding a way to make it happen, changing your mindset to be "results" oriented rather than "task" oriented can be the difference between achieving the results you desire or not, hence spinning your wheels.Make sure to write your goals, purpose and massive action plan. Make 3 columns and write the fol...
For The Three of You Who Grow Weary of the ?Fail? Meme
2009-06-24 09:31:00
I present to you Sad Perez:
How to Grow Orchids
2009-05-27 20:32:00
Does anyone know of information sources for low impact (low cost presumably) production of orchids. I have a location which has what I am told is ideal for the natural growth of orchids (subtropical climate, moist upcurrents of air, with nutrients ) but I need a source as to simply how to start.
Indian Entertainment and Media Industry To Grow 17%: Assocham
2009-05-14 06:04:00
Indian Media and Entertainment Industry ( M&E) seems soaring higher and higher every year. Last year it soared more than 17% and is predicted to grow around 19% by 2010. It is one of the fastest growing sectors in Indian economy triggered by economic growth and increasing income levels. As per a report by Assocham (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) the turnover of this sector will double  in next three years from it’s current turnover of 500 billion. It  seems that every part of M&E industry is trying to contribute to the growth of M&E Industry. For past few years Direct To Home (DTH) service revolutionized how people watch and perceive television entertainment. DTH Industry has shown an impressive growth of 20% per year for past couple of years and it seems there is still lot of scope. According to the Bharti Airtel’s head of brand and media, Chandrashekhar Balakrishnan “At present, there are 80 million TV households in India, of whic...
By: WATblog
How To Grow Sprouts (Time to Get Sprouting!)
2009-05-13 22:43:00
Growing Sprouts for Health & Energy When I first started learning about alkalising, sprouting was definitely one of those things that I put into the ?too hard? basket. It just sounded like something that would be a lot of effort, require expensive equipment, gardening skills and would generally be more effort than it was worth. ...
Veggie Wednesday: Grow Your Own 2009
2009-05-13 18:14:00
My very favorite part about spring here in the Lehigh Valley is the fact that I can once again garden. Each year I also make a point of blogging about it - sharing our bounty through pictures and recipes, and getting the word out that one of the best things anyone can do for our earth is to grow their own food.Without knowing for sure where we would be living, I bought seeds anyway and planned to grow, even if it had to be in containers. To me, it doesn't really matter whether I've grown something in the ground or in a pot, but I do prefer having the space to grow more than a container would allow.I won't have as big a garden as the past few years, but it won't deter me at all. Here is a small sampling of what I'll be growing this year.Dill well on its way.Mint transplanted from my old garden. I was really happy that it transfered so well.Parsley from the old garden. This is having a harder time than the mint, but I'm confident it will take hold and get growing really well soo...
How to Grow New Organs
2009-05-04 16:56:00
From Scientific American: When two of us (Langer and Vacanti) last wrote in this magazine 10 years ago about prospects for tissue engineering, the very idea that living flesh could be "constructed" by following engineering principles and combining nonliving materials with cells sou
Why we forgot how to grow food
2009-04-22 03:58:00
This is a nice article on what we’re facing, what we’ve lost and how we might go about getting some of it back again. Not to be understated is the level of work involved. Why We Forgot How To Grow Our Own Food This is a #1 priority on my own crashstead. I ...
Online shopping set to grow by 24% per year
2009-04-07 01:54:00
“More than 13 million Australians have access to the internet, and online consumer sales are expected to grow by some 24 per cent annually with predictions of over $30 billion in 2011.” This article quotes some research indicating that online shopping is set to grow exponentially over the next few years -  the indications for Australia ...
Sexy Vegan Cloris Leachman Lets it Grow On Her
2009-04-02 18:36:00
Actress Cloris Leachman wears a special red cabbage and leafy greens gown for the latest PETA ad with the slogan ?Let Vegetarianism Grow On You.? The 82 year-old actress, who became a vegetarian more than 50 years ago, wants to prove going vegetarian will let you age gracefully and healthily. Basically Cloris wants us to turn ...
Innovative Children?s Fashion: Inchworm Shoes Adjust to Grow with Your Chil
2009-03-31 12:00:00
Children's fashion can be awfully cute, and often, incredibly expensive, which is a shame when the children's clothing or shoes must be discarded only months after purchase. Inchworm shoes have created a new, innovative technology that prolongs the life of the shoes by allowing them to grow with the child.
Timelapse Garden Video Camera Watches Your Garden Grow So You Don't Ha
2009-03-30 18:24:00
From Gizmodo: Sure, Planet Earth was great. But what if you want to get stoned and gawk at time-lapsed videos of your own garden? The Timelapse Garden Video Camera can make that happen. The Timelapse Garden Video Camera (henceforth TGVC) is a weatherproof digital camera that'll
Hot News: Smart ForTwo Ready to Grow
2009-03-11 14:45:00
The Smart ForTwo is growing – and here’s the picture to prove it! Auto Express has learned that Mercedes is planning to add a pair of rear doors and extra seats to its famous city car.Doubling the Smart’s carrying capacity to four people, the new variant will give the range some added practicality, letting it compete with an upcoming raft of desirable small cars such as Audi’s A1 and BMW’s Isetta. No name has yet been give to the newcomer, but it’s likely to carry the ForTwo +2 tag, indicating that it’s very much an addition to the ForTwo line-up.As you can see from this illustration, the new model is near identical to the two-seater, apart from a pair of neatly integrated small rear doors. These reverse-hinged units give access to two individual chairs in the back. Underneath the skin, the car features the same rear-wheel-drive layout as the regular ForTwo with the engine under the boot floor, but with a stretched wheelbase giving extra legroom.It’s hoped that the n...
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Darkcloud wrote a new blog post: Never Grow Old
2009-03-03 15:31:00
Darkcloud wrote a new blog post: Never Grow Old I have heard of a land on the far away strand, ’Tis a beautiful home of the soul; Built by Jesus on high, where we never shall die, ’Tis a land where we never grow old. Refrain Never grow old, never grow old, In a land where we’ll never grow old; Never grow old, never grow old, In a land where we’ll never ...
Don't Let Things Grow On Your Roof!
2009-02-18 23:22:00
Winter is a great time for dirt, leaves, and other debris to pile up in your rain gutters. Leave it long enough and there will be buildup. Leave it a really long time and those bits of dust, plantlife and other things will mush together and decompose, eventually becoming plant-worthy soil. Add a few seeds and some rain, and before you know it, green sprouts are popping up on your roof. Today I passed a home in Los Gatos in which this seems to have happened. Grass and weeds were sprouting out of the rain gutters and had crept onto the roof quite a few inches. Why is this a problem? Because the more you grow things on the roof, the more moisture you have getting trapped up there and the faster the roof decomposes. You don't want things like fungus and dry rot to munch away at your home, but having plants grow on your roof is going to lead to exactly that. Keep your gutters clean so problems like this do not have a chance to start. It is i...
Eating to Grow
2009-02-16 06:00:00
Your body is only capable of absorbing so many nutrients in one meal. In order to continually supply your body with essential muscle-building nutrients, your goal should be to eat six to eight small meals that are evenly-spaced throughout the day. The basic rule of thumb is to take in proteins throu
Twitter User Base Continues To Grow
2009-02-13 02:38:00
Source: MediaPostDespite the potential for information overload, short-message sharing services like Twitter appear to be taking hold with an ever-larger share of U.S. consumers.By last December, 11% of Web-equipped U.S. adults said they used such a service to put out updates about themselves or follow the updates of others, according to a report released Thursday by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.Pew's findings are based on data from telephone interviews with 2,253 U.S. adults conducted late last year by Princeton Survey Research Associates International.Perhaps demonstrating the rapid rise in short-message sharing services, just a few weeks earlier, in November of last year, 9% of Web users reported using a Twitter-like service, while in May of last year, 6% reported using the service.What's more, Twitter -- which Pew deems "the most well-known" such service -- has only been around since August 2006.To continue reading click here
Grow Your Key Talent
2009-02-10 18:55:00
Blog of the Day Awards for Tues, Feb 10, 2009A Blog of the Day Award goes to Grow Your Key TalentTechnorati TagsBlog Award Blog Awards winner Bloggers Blogs Awards Blogging Bloggies Weblogs Weblog Award of the day Award web online nominations Internet Blog of the Day Awards Blog of the Day Award Blog of the Day BOTDA winners Weblog Award Weblog Awards blogspotBe sure to submit your nominations early.Thank you,Bill Austin
Not All Nuts Grow on Trees
2009-02-02 14:56:00
Jonathon Porritt, British nincompoop, prefers trees to people, Sarah-Kate Templeton, Times(UK): The Optimum Population Trust, a campaign group of which Porritt is a patron, says each baby born in Britain will, during his or her lifetime, burn carbon roughly equivalent to 2½ acres of old-growth oak woodland - an area the size of Trafalgar Square. Hat tip:  Ann Althouse, whom I prefer to any tree.  What say you? BitsBlog Tags: optimum population, Ann Althouse, trees, campaign group, sarah kate Related posts Thou Shall Have No God But Liberalism (0) Snark of the Day: Ann Althouse (1) Nightly Ramble: Gingrich Vs Palin;Post Office And Countrywide;Mileposts; More (1) Yo Bro, We Niggers Now (1) You Know Caroline (0)
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Love Cucumbers? Show It and Grow It with Heart Shaped Molds
2009-01-27 01:00:00
Cucumbers shaped to your heart's desire without resorting to a paring knife? That's the idea behind these clear plastic molds that allow your veggies to literally grow into a shape perfect for lovable slicing.
How To Grow A Wine Rack
2009-01-16 12:00:00
Sometimes nature just comes up with the most fantastic ideas, which appear to be beyond reason, and sometimes nature needs a helping hand. However, this great innovation is a bit of both with the finished article producing a wine rack! As unbelievable as it sounds, the staff at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, London have ...
Grow Your Business And Get Famous Through Blogging
2009-01-08 03:14:00
Blogging is one of the most popular things to do in the internet. It can serve as an emotional outlet for some people by writing about their feelings, it can serve as a website that can let people tell their original short fiction or non fiction stories, and it can also serve as a website for advertising. Indeed, blogging brings ...
What?s the Difference Between a Potato and a Sweet Potato?
2008-12-09 23:22:00
A sweet potato is a modified root and a potato is a modified stem and, therefore, a [true] tuber. One of the big differences is that the sweet potato is a perennial and they continue to grow indefinitely while a potato has a predetermined length of season after which the plant will senesce and ...
Enemies of Society Grow Weeds - Doh!
2008-11-28 23:21:00
Image via Wikipedia "quite a number of our forest reserves have today been effectively penetrated, with the active connivance of some unscrupulous persons who for the sake of peanuts, have decided to look the other way while enemies of the society grow weeds that pose a threat to our collective existence."Nigeria: 'S' West Now Hub Of Cannabis Trade:Sounds a lot like Mr Dunne!Blair Andersonhttp://mildgreens.blogs-pot.comGet Blairs Brain on Newsfeed...
How much will Online Retail Sector grow this holiday season
2008-11-24 18:26:00
How much will the online retail grow this holiday season.This is the biggest question doing rounds at this time.My optimistic guess: 8%More realistically, 2-3%We at NetElixir will be doing a comprehensive analysis of the holiday months. Watch out for our Report to be published in January 09.- Udayan
Grow Your Business in 2009 ? Five Tips for Success
2008-11-24 14:00:00
Well folks, another year is quickly approaching us. Have you thought about your plans to grow your business? Here are five tips to help you expand significantly. 1. Save Money: In this economy, cash is king, and with credit being hard to come by these days, make sure your business has ample cash. This should be ...
Shape Up? How About Grow Up?!
2008-11-09 03:02:00
Charlie Sheen is just like that guy we all knew going through high school - he’s good looking, he’s charming, he’s arrogant as hell, and he thinks that the world is his champagne glass here for him to drink from it. Everyone knows that he has gone through his own life leaving some of it ...
Boxee Wants to Enlist TV Pirates to Grow Hulu’s Audience
2008-10-31 11:00:00
Forget filters, DRM and locked-down set-top boxes. The makers of the open-source media center Boxee have a novel approach aimed at getting people to watch TV from legitimate sources. The idea behind it is not to punish pirates, but to instead use them as taste makers that could drive others to Hulu, Joost and similar streaming media web sites. I sat down with Boxee’s head of products, Dave Mathews, at the DCIA’s P2P and Video conference a few days ago. Boxee has been enjoying a busy month, issuing a major announcement almost every week. First it was unveiled that Boxee is now running on the Apple TV platform. Then Hulu came to Boxee, and most recently, the Boxee team won the CES i-stage competition, earning not only $50,000 but a booth at the next CES in Las Vegas. Boxee won the award, in part, because of its social features, which could help turn potential pirates into Hulu users. Boxee, which is in the process of trying to raise a Series A round of funding of an undisclosed ...
Black Holes May Not Grow Beyond Certain Limit
2008-10-28 15:04:00
From Slashdot: According to an analysis by astronomers at Yale and the European Southern Observatory, the maximum size a black hole may reach is only few tens of billion of solar masses. The limit was calculated using an analysis of what may happen to the gas surrounding a black ho
Bullies Do Not Grow Up: They Grow Worse
2008-10-27 19:13:00
A Bully Grows Worse Well, another week and another entry. I was reading in my Google Alerts about an article entitled Workplace Bullies are Costly and was I glad to see this. I was glad because it is time that more is said and done about bullying in the workplace. We focus so much on the ...
Abuse Changes how you Grow
2008-10-22 21:40:00
I found this video on Godtube called "Abuse Changes how you Grow", and I realize she is speaking to those that have experience child abuse. To me it helped as I look back on my life, and look at other experiences I had in life. It also helps me view abusers in a different wasy as well. I think at times when you start to understand things you learn to deal with them differently. To me it helps shows me the brokeness of the person who feels they are strong...when they aren't.You can move on and learn to view things in life in a healthier fashion. Abuse can warp how we view things, and so YES abuse does change how you grow!
Abuse Changes how you Grow
2008-10-22 21:40:00
I found this video on Godtube called "Abuse Changes how you Grow", and I realize she is speaking to those that have experience child abuse. To me it helped as I look back on my life, and look at other experiences I had in life. It also helps me view abusers in a different wasy as well. I think at times when you start to understand things you learn to deal with them differently. To me it helps shows me the brokeness of the person who feels they are strong...when they aren't.You can move on and learn to view things in life in a healthier fashion. Abuse can warp how we view things, and so YES abuse does change how you grow!
Concerns Grow About ACORN… Not sure why because Brad and WFA thinks
2008-10-16 17:52:00
Missouri Governor Matt Blunt told HUMAN EVENTS yesterday he is ‘very concerned’ about Obama’s ties to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now — ACORN — which is being investigated for fraudulent voter registrations in several states. ACORN has so far helped register 1.3 million people to vote in 2008.“This is not a Lion’s ...
China Natural Gas continues to grow
2008-10-16 16:19:00
Press Release 10/14/08 China Natural Gas, Inc. one of the leading providers of compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicular fuel and pipeline natural gas for industrial, commercial and residential use in Xi’an, China, today announced that it has signed a contract with…
Fears grow for British divers missing off Bali
2008-10-08 17:11:00
Fears were growing last night for three British divers missing in treacherous waters off the coast of Bali since Thursday. Kathleen Mitchinson, Charlotte Allin and James Manning have not been seen since they went to explore the waters off Komodo national park. Two other divers, one French, one Swedish, are also missing. According to diving experts, the ...
Note To Presidential Candidates: Grow Up
2008-10-08 05:33:00
I have a few words for Senators Obama and McCain this evening. Dear Sirs, I watched the Presidential candidate debate tonight, as did far too many of my fellow Americans. Each one of us wasted an hour and a half of our lives (an hour and a half, may I note, that we could have been cutting ...
SEOptimise Continues to Grow with Two New Staff Members
2008-09-17 12:04:00
Hi I?m Kelly Barrass and have just joined SEOptimise as a Marketing Assistant. I am an undergraduate at Oxford Brookes University, studying Marketing Management and English Literature. I have previous Marketing Experience for an award winning business in Surrey, and am keen to extend my knowledge and awareness of Search Engine Optimisation. What Being a ...
By: SEO Blog
Twin Elderly Women Grow Rat Population in L.A.
2008-08-22 16:46:00
Gives new meaning to the phrase “don’t feed the animals.“ Must see to believe. Send post as PDF to
Earl Nightingale Reviews Think & Grow Rich -- Online Streaming
2008-08-13 09:11:00
If there is a founder of SelfHelp then it must be Earl Nightingale. Then, what does Earl Nightingale say about Think & Grow Rich? You can also get a lot of golden audio-books like this ( in the internet if you know where to get them. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Green will only grow if it makes green
2008-07-30 05:57:00
Joel Bittle over at GreenBuildingElements makes several good points about how builders should consider the reality of building green. That it can be less costly — at least the same as — traditional building. While the energy part of being or building green can be easily seen — if you can save a few bucks to be green, do it — his points on health (the long-term health affects) and sustainability wouldn’t inspire me to focus on green. (Maybe health, but it depends on the issue. For many health issues, it depends on what it is and if/how close it hits home. Bittle made a good comment about it.) The more conversation and debates there are around green, I think the more it’ll become more mainstream. But, only if it makes personal or business economic sense. Bottomline, I’m not going to be green just to be green unless it affects my bottomline. And, the bottomline for business is one that can steer business into awash of green washing. Companies &...
Do dollars grow on Dollar Tree (DLTR)?
2008-07-25 07:00:00
"Dollar Tree ( (NASDAQ: DLTR ( is well-positioned to benefit from current weakness in the U.S.economy," says leading quantittive analyst Vahan Janjigian ( in The Forbes Growth Investor ("Wi-th approximately 3,500 locations throughout the continental U.S., Dollar Tree is one of the largest discount variety-store retailers in the U.S. Its company’s business plan is to provide value by offering goods at discount prices. "Over the past several years, DLTR has increased the average size of its stores in order to expand its offerings. About a third of its stores now have freezers and refrigerator cases, allowing them to offer more food items. "DLTR is reporting comparable-store sales growth while other retailers struggle. High gasoline and food prices are forcing consum...
2008-07-22 16:42:00
I came across the brilliant 'Grow your own' Greenhouse at the 2008 RCA Design Products graduation show...The Greenhouse is a complete, hassle free and self-sufficient growing system for small city gardens and roof terraces.As the designer Jochem Faudet explains:'Food is one of our most basic needs, but in western society the knowledge of growing fruit and vegetables in your own garden is no longer a part of everyday live. There are many reasons why people do not grow their own vegetables, often due to a shortage of time, lack of space and the effort needed to learn the skills to grow your own food not being seen as worthwhile. On the other hand there are so many advantages to growing your own vegetables, a delicious and intense taste compared to supermarket vegetables, the enjoyment of watching your own plants growing, the money it saves, and the reassuring knowledge of self-sufficiency.'The fantastic thing about this 'This Grow Your Own' is that although it is comparable wi...
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