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Selena Gomez Facebook Hacker, Gareth Crosskey, Gets 1 Year In Jail
2012-05-22 00:34:00
An overly proud and loud hacker named Gareth Crosskey, who hacked into Selena Gomez?s Facebook and Twitter account last year, was caught, arrested and sentenced to one year behind bars. Gareth allegedly posed as the singer?s step-father Brian Teefey, who has admin rights to her Facebook account, to post messages like ?Justin Bieber sucks? and ...
Anti-Anonymous Hacker DDoS's The Pirate Bay and Wikileaks
2012-05-17 09:00:00
Self-proclaimed former Anonymous member going by the Twitter handle @AnonNyre claimed responsibilities for the recent DDoS attacks agains The Pirate Bay, who if you've been living under a rock, was at one time the biggest Bit Torrent site on the internet, and is the target of tons of anti-piracy campaigns from groups like the RIAA. He also alleges that he is responsible for the parallel DDoS attacks on Wikileaks which is the place that all dirty government stuff is exposed by insiders.The attacks on The Pirate bay and Wikileaks happened yesterday on the 16th of May. According to ZDNet's post yesterday:The Pirate Bay is not loading for many today. In fact, it hasn’t been for hours, even up to a full 24 for some. The reason is simple: The Pirate Bay has revealed it is currently being hit by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack by an unknown party.When I heard it was down this morning, I first tried accessing it myself. I even tried getting to the blog for some news in...
Same Hacker, Same Story: Humans are causing Climate Change.
2012-04-05 08:14:00
No big deal here, except that another crime has been committed: The anonymous hacker who shook the world of climate science two years ago by posting a trove of stolen e-mails delivered a new batch on Tuesday, stirring up climate-change contrarians a little more than a week before global negotiations on greenhouse gases are to begin in Durban, South Africa. But from the source (University of East Anglia), we have this: If genuine, (the sheer volume of material makes it impossible to confirm at present that they are all genuine) these emails have the appearance of having been held back after the theft of data and emails in 2009 to be released at a time designed to cause maximum disruption to the imminent international climate talks. This appears to be a carefully-timed attempt to reignite controversy over the science behind climate change when that science has been vindicated by three separate independent inquiries and number of studies -- including, most recently, the Berkeley Ea...
LutzSec Head A Black Hacker? Call Michael Arrington!
2012-03-06 18:47:00
Tech observers will recall how TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington got on CNN and said that he didn’t know any black entrepreneurs and then essentially said that Silicon Valley was mostly White and Asian because it just turned out that way, and it’s a meritocracy? The TV blast that caused my video? Well, with the revelation (Read More...)
iPhone 4S & iPad 2 Untethered Jailbreak Coming Via Team of Super iOS Hacker
2012-01-07 03:32:00
The iPhone 4S and iPad 2 (untethered) jailbreak effort continues despite the problems encountered along the way. While earlier this week we heard that an A5 jailbreak is near, yesterday Pod2g gave jailbreakers some not-so-good news, admitting that the jailbreak is not as close as initially expected. The hacker recently ...
Saudi Hacker Posts 14K Credit Cards
2012-01-05 17:55:00
An alleged Saudi hacker posted credit card information for approxiamanetly 400,000 Israeli users this week. The catch was that only 14,000 were valid. From Reuters: Computer hackers published details of thousands of active Israeli credit cards after breaking into Israeli websites, the chief executive of Israel’s largest card company said Tuesday. Dov Kotler, CEO of ...
New Hacker Target: Your Car
2011-12-06 15:03:00
Add the family car to the list of computer-controlled devices that could become fair game for hackers, says Businessweek. In lab and road tests, researchers found ways to remotely activate a car's brakes, stop its engine, and control lights and locks. To protect against such threats, the Society of
More Things To Convince People You?re A Hacker
2011-06-01 05:37:00
It’s all about image, ain’t it? You’ll run into this quote a lot on the web: “10 ways to keep your users from confusing you with a normal person: 4. When booting a user’s workstation, shout out all console output 1/2 second before it appears. Do this with your eyes closed and fists clenched.” That’s ...
Lil Wayne Twitter Hacker Insults 50 Cent & Soulja Boy
2011-01-18 01:30:00
Rapper Lil Wayne recently found himself with an unwanted guest on his Twitter account. A hacker recently broke into the rapper?s account and began sending offensive messages to many of his fellow singers and some fans as well. According to the representatives for Lil Wayne, his account was accessed illegally on Sunday, January 16, and ...Post from : MWZA.comLil Wayne Twitter Hacker Insults 50 Cent & Soulja Boy
2010-12-20 20:23:00
Dear Special Kind of Stupid fanatics: Your favorite blog has been a HACKER! Please don't injure yourselves. I will fix it. Soon.
The Ethical Hacker
2010-11-29 14:01:00
Ethics has always fascinated me ampquotGoodampquot vs ampquotEvilampquot The hacker learns early on that the only thing that keeps the hacker from doing damage or hurting others is only limited by ethicsRead More...
My Life as a Hacker
2010-11-12 10:46:00
Rating Excellent
Profile of a REAL (Bad) HACKER HERE
2009-12-20 16:32:00
Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert The wild wild web never ceases to amaze me. My daily routine consists of a tremendous amount of research that keeps me on top of what is new and ahead of what is next in information and personal security. I spend about 3 hours daily simply “consuming” information via news ...
Metasploit Unleashed ? Mastering the Framework
2009-09-22 10:37:00
As of earlier tonight a project a few months in the making has finally been unleashed (pun intended). Thanks to the great guys over at Offensive Security and whoever’s awesome idea it was to team them up with the Metasploit guys, a new resource called Metasploit Unleashed – Mastering the Framework is now online. ...
Socialismo y ética hacker
2009-08-24 18:20:00
Es sabido que cada avance científico o mutación tecnológica ha introducido nuevas preguntas a las ciencias sociales, y en lo que hace al socialismo desde antes de Marx hasta la fecha eso es... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Criminal Hacker; Another Huge Credit Card Data Breach
2009-02-24 02:39:00
Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert Hackers have breached another huge payment processor. Who? As of this writing they aren?t saying. A statement issued by the Community Bankers Association of Illinois state ?Visa announced that an unnamed processor recently reported that it discovered a data breach. The processors name has been withheld pending completion of the forensic ...
Quarter Million Dollar Bounty for Criminal Hacker
2009-02-17 03:49:00
Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert In a Microsoft press release a global bounty has been offered for the arrest and prosecution of whoever has created and released the “conficker” virus. Conficker was released in the last quarter of 2008 and has infected a wide estimate of 2 million to 10 million PCs. After issuing patches, Microsoft ...
Worlds Top Hacker Says Obamas Phone Could Be Hacked Into
2009-02-13 22:43:00
I have thought all along that it was stupid for them to allow Obama to keep his blackberry for this very reason. This from Fox News:There's a new "holy grail" for hackers -- President Obama's super-secure BlackBerry.Despite warnings from his advisers, the president insisted on keeping his beloved PDA, which now has specially designed superencrypting security software.But that just makes cracking into it more challenging -- and, yes, it can be done, says the world's most famous hacker."It's a long shot, but it's possible," Kevin Mitnick told "You'd probably need to be pretty sophisticated, but there's people out there who are."Mitnick served nearly five years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of wire and computer fraud for hacking into computer systems at some of the country's largest cell-phone and computer companies during the 1990s.With his hacking days behind him, he now heads Mitnick Security Consulting."If I was the attacker, I would look to Obama...
CBt Nuggets Certified Ethical Hacker Series 5 Certification Dump
2008-12-08 19:05:00
Exam update: This series maps to the CEHv5 version of the Certified Ethical Hacker exam objectives. This exam will continue to be available through June 3rd, 2009, and if you are studying for this exam, this training will continue to be an invaluable resource.EC-Council has released new, CEHv6 objectives for Certified Ethical Hacker certification. A new exam based on these objectives will launch November 5th, 2008. Watch the CBT Nuggets videos in development page for updates on upcoming CBT Nuggets training for this exam.Having a basic understanding of information security and networking such as what's taught in the Security+ and Network+ series is recommended before viewing this training. More advanced security policy training such as SSCP or CISSP is strongly recommended before using this knowledge on the job.The Certified Ethical Hacker Series contains:- Series Intro (free video)- Hacker Terms- Hacker Procedures- Using VMWare- Using Linux- Passive Intelligence Gathering Part 1- ...
Cr4 is cheating us? or Hacker invade? or something wrong?
2008-11-19 11:19:00
Is there something wrong with the cr4? Occassionally I glance at the counter at right hand of the box, I found sometimes it counts more than 600 visitors. its exciting, but when I check the function of who is online, I supprised to find there is only less than 160 visitors. a moment later, it become
Russian Hacker?s Clever Eee PC-Based Carputer!
2008-10-30 17:09:00
Does your vehicle have a carputer? Well, don?t despair, as no one?s car did until recently when a really clever Russian hacker ripped apart his car?s dashboard (which wasn?t doing anything anyway) and his Eee PC (701G) and recombined them! Read all about the magic that created the carputer!
Miley Cyrus? MySpace Hacker Caught
2008-10-22 09:11:00
The computer geek who hacked into Miley Cyrus’ MySpace account and posted her personal pics on the internet has been caught. FBI investigators raided the Tennessee home of Josh Holly, 19, after he had bragged to friends that he had hacked into her account and posted the photos online. His friends claim Holly posed as a ...
Miley Cyrus? Naughty Hacker Raided By The FBI
2008-10-22 01:21:00
Proud of his dirty work, 18-year old Josh Holly, aka TrainReq from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, admitted a couple of months ago to be responsible for leaking the controversial and racy Miley Cyrus? photos (wet t-shirt shower photo here & more here»). TrainReq says he doesn’t dislike Cyrus, writing: “Despite these pictures, I am one of the few ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Miley Cyrus? Naughty Hacker Raided By The FBI", url: "" });
Allananada residencia del hacker de Sarah Palin, el hijo del legislador dem
2008-09-23 21:44:00
En esta entrada reporté que la cuenta personal de email en Yahoo, de Sarah Palin, la candidata por el partido republicano a la vicepresidencia de Estados Unidos, había sido hackeada. Ahora me enteró por Elentir que el hacker ha sido descubierto. Se trata de David Kernell, de 20 años, hijo de un legislador demócrata en ...
David Kernell Pegged as Hacker Into Sarah Palin?s Email
2008-09-19 07:38:00
20-year old college student David Kernell is in one big heap of poop.  He has bragged on several message boards as being the person who hacked into V.P. candidate Sarah Palin’s Yahoo! email account.  Now he has the FBI, Secret Service and likely the Attorney General knocking on his door. David is the son of Mike ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "David Kernell Pegged as Hacker Into Sarah Palin's Email", url: "" });
Probable ID on Sarah hacker: David Kernell
2008-09-19 01:00:00
D. Kernell appears to be a moron.   Well it appears that this one moron is about to find out what it is to have his life made miserable by an army of morons.   Ace thinks he has found his man and and has called in the hounds err morons.   Ace quoting the Tenessean: The son of state Rep. Mike Kernell has been contacted by authorities in connection with a probe into the hacking of personal e-mail of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Kernell told The Tennessean Hat tip photo and more:  Gateway Pundit. I don’t think Ace likes Kernell: Your name is Mudd. And every derogatory tip I get about your background, I will publish. Ex-girlfriends (or boyfriends, who knows) of David Kernell? Please contact me. In the words of Emilio Estevez, “I’ll make ya famous.” If BO wants Chicago style politics, Ace appears to be more that willing to play this the Chicago Obama way, to wit down and dirty. While Ace wants to talk to Kernell’s ex’s, BitsBlog is ...
By: BitsBlog
Iphone 3g too costly for ?Deadliest Hacker? To afford, hence, Cant crack !!
2008-08-24 05:16:00
Yeah, I twisted the headline which was the funny claim by Airtel which goes like “Even the Deadliest hacker Still cant crack its Iphone 3g” . I agree !! Its too costly for him to afford…… This story belong to a country called India, which never saw any official Apple product launch till 22nd August 2008. ...
Apple Looking To Hire iPhone Hacker
2008-07-27 10:39:00
Apple is in the market for someone capable of hacking into the iPhone.According to this job listing, the company is looking for an iPhone Security Engineer capable of, among other things, developing ?proof of concept? attacks on the device?s current security mechanisms.The successful candidate will be tasked primarily with validating the security architecture for the iPhone.Source:? ZDNet Zero Day Blog
Amazon Sites Under DoS?
2008-06-10 16:27:00
Amazon’s website have been going down at an alarming rate over the few days. Apparently those pesky bloggers are pointing to DoS as a possible culprit. From vnunet: The company is remaining tight-lipped on what is causing the problems, so speculation is rife in the blogosphere. One explanation, according to security experts, is that Amazon is suffering ...
Stealing Password Hashes with Java and IE
2008-06-09 13:34:00
OK, I read a lot, I mean a lot on a regular basis. There is a lot of tripe floating about the tubes of the internet and I’m always pleased to read a new posting from several folks who buck that trend. Among which I count John Heasman. He has a great new post on ...
Favorite picks from IKEA hacker
2008-06-08 00:00:00
In case you didn’t know, we are big fan of IKEA Hacker. Actually, I should say that we are big fan of IKEA hackers. There are a group of people out there that can make IKEA products to their very own products. And there is a website out there called: IKEA hacker collected them all. Well, most of them. I thought it would be fun to post some of their recent collections to share with you all. Just when you thought IKEA coffee tables are just another coffee table… Someone has built an entire train inside of her Ordinary IKEA coffee table and made it extraordinary. Pretty amazing, isn’t? For more pictures, please click on the img. Ya all recognize this? It is the $3.99 kitchen gear organizer. It has been transformed into some kind of lamp shape, ceiling lights many times. This time, it became an out door wall lamp. Neat, hum? Click here for more fab summer IKEA hack ideas. That’s it for today folks. You gonna have to come back for more later!
China Denies Hacking US Gov Laptop
2008-06-06 14:15:00
“Wasn’t me. Didn’t see me do it” - Bart Simpson From the Associated Press: China on Friday denied allegations that its operatives secretly copied the contents of a U.S. government laptop computer and used the data to try to hack into Commerce Department computers. U.S. authorities say they are investigating whether surreptitious copying took place when a laptop ...
Hacking Case Shuts Out Valedictorian, Other Seniors
2008-06-05 05:28:00
And what did we learn today class? That’s right. Hacking the school computers has consequences associated with it. Now slap yourself and head back into the detention hall. Dumbass. From the Houston Chronicle: George Bush High School’s valedictorian is among a group of Fort Bend Independent School District seniors who will not be allowed to take part ...
Maximum Security: A Hacker?s Guide to Protecting Your Computer Systems and
2008-06-04 06:06:00
Maximum Security: A Hacker’s Guide to Protecting Your Computer Systems and Network, 4th Edition (Book and CD-ROM) (Paperback)By Various Buy new: $49.99$49.9919 utilised and new from $1.21 Customer Rating: First tagged “linux” by Prussian7 “prussian7″ ...
Programming Linux Hacker Tools Uncovered: Exploits, Backdoors, Scanners, Sn
2008-06-04 04:06:00
Programming UNIX Hacker Tools Uncovered: Exploits, Backdoors, Scanners, Sniffers, Brute-Forcers, Rootkits (Uncovered series) (Paperback)By Ivan Sklyarov Buy new: $39.95$30.364 utilised and new from $25.00 Customer Rating: First tagged “linux” by Prussian7 “prussian7″ ...
Bluetooth hacker 1.6 [español]
2008-06-02 16:30:00
Bluetooth hacker es un programa que funciona el la mayoria de celulares con soporte java y con dispositivos bluetooth, que permite acceder a una conexion con otro celular por via bluetooth y acceder a funciones.  Descarga exclusiva en el foro.
Hacker Shuts Down Phoenix Lander Website
2008-05-31 21:42:00
Overnight, a hacker got into the Mars Phoenix Lander at the University of Arizona and changed the mission page to his signature with a link pointing to some overseas website.This kind of behavior is totally unacceptable. This website is very popular now, and is providing us with the most up to date information about the Phoenix lander findings. If you remember correctly, the last update was that there may be a possibility of water-ice just barely under the surface of the retrorocket blast zone. I don't know about anyone else, but I have been feverishly checking the mission page to see if that was in fact water-ice or just rock. However, some foreign moron hacked the page, robbing the whole world of real-time mission data we've come to expect.Hackers like this are just total scum. The thing that makes me mad is that if you are smart enough to hack a website like this, you should at least be smart enough to understand what it's trying to do. And why did you do it? For emails? Spam?...
Satellite Hacker Tells All
2008-05-31 19:45:00
From Wired… SAN DIEGO — Christopher Tarnovsky feels vindicated. The software engineer and former satellite-TV pirate has been on the hot seat for five years, accused of helping his former employer, a Rupert Murdoch company, sabotage a rival to gain the top spot in the global pay-TV wars. But two weeks ago a jury in the civil ...
NASA hacker'? yakaland?
2008-05-22 21:03:00
Aralar?nda NASA'n?n da bulundu?u binlerce siteye sald?rm?? olan hacker grubu tutukland?. ?spanyol polisi, geçti?imiz gün-lerde düzenledi?i ?ok operasyonlar?n sonunda be? gencin tutuklad???n? aç?klad?. Bu gençlerin D.O.M Team ismi alt?nda 21.000'den fazla web sitesine sald?rd?klar? iddia ediliyor. El Mundo gazetesinin bildirdi?ine göre telekom firmalar?, partiler ve NASA da bu hackerlerin kurban? olmu?. Gençler ise amaçlar?n?n sadece site yöneticilerinin dikkatini zay?f noktalar? çekmek oldu?unu söylüyorlar. Tabi bu savunma, büyük bir ceza almamalar? için yeterli olmayacak.
Uplink: Para jugar al ?señor hacker?
2008-05-19 02:16:00
Hace una semana ocurrió lo que todos sabemos, y quizá pensando en todos los señores hackers que andan dando vuelta por ahí, Ambrosia Software lanzó Uplink. La idea es que por un rato te conviertas en un «Señor Hacker y Cracker«, pero en ... Link: FayerWayer Tags: Hace, semana, ocurrió, todos, sabemos,, quizá, pensando, todos, señores, hackers, ...
Hacker Releases IE Attack Code (Treasure Hunt)
2008-05-16 02:01:00
One week after hiding Internet Explorer attack code on his Web site, security researcher Aviv Raff has posted details on how to launch the attack.The bug lies in the "Print Table of Links" feature, which lets IE users print out a Web page along with a list of all the links on the page tacked onto the end.In this article, I included some sample code of this bug. The code executes Windows Calculator (harmless). But first lets talk some more about this bug.SummaryInternet Explorer is prone to a Cross-Zone Scripting vulnerability in its “Print Table of Links” feature. This feature allows users to add to a printed web page an appendix which contains a table of all the links in that web page.An attacker can easily add a specially crafted link to a web page (e.g. at his own website, comments in blogs, social networks, Wikipedia, etc.), so whenever a user will print this web page with this feature enabled, the attacker will be able to run arbitrary code on the user’s machine (i.e. in ...
Hacker confab 'Last HOPE' to track attendees with RFID
2008-05-16 01:35:00
Hacker confab 'Last HOPE' to track attendees with RFIDAttendees at hacker conference to have RFID-embedded badges that track their movements in game and public test of the system.   http:/-/
Three Indicted For Dave & Buster?s Hack
2008-05-15 15:39:00
Marcia Savage has a nice write up on the Dave & Busters data breach. From Search Security: Three men were indicted on charges of hacking into computer systems at 11 Dave & Buster’s restaurants and stealing credit and debit card numbers. The 27-count federal indictment unsealed Monday in New York charges Maksym Yastremskiy of Kharkov, Ukraine, and Aleksandr ...
A Golf Handicap For Even A Hacker Like Me
2008-05-14 02:31:00
As a golf hacker I still like to keep track of my scores and my golf handicap. It's a great way to see if your becoming a better or a worse hacker. Then you also get to compare yourself to other hackers. A good site to keep track of your handicap is where you enter your scores online and see the progress of your handicap. So with this information you get an official USGA golf handicap, so if you want to go in a USGA sanctioned golf tournament or event your good to go with the help of NetHandicap. Check out their online demo to see all the features there product offers as well as a you can download a free trial. Try it and test it out you just might like their system.
Students Hack For Grades
2008-05-13 13:40:00
Apparently reporters at NBC San Diego have discovered that kid can get hacker tools from the internet. This is another case of kids hacking in to change grades. Sure, this is bad behaviour but, you do have to admire their creativity. I wish I thought of that when I was a kid. Mind you, my ...
Hacker Publishes Personal Data Of 6 Million
2008-05-13 13:28:00
Ah Chile. Beautiful landscapes. Great wines. And apparently, some jackass that thought it would be fun to publish the personal information for 6 million folks on the web. From AFP via Yahoo News: “Its a serious matter and we’re investigating,” Police Cibercrime Brigade chief Jaime Jara told the newspaper. The data was displayed for several hours ...
A tube of coffee or a spoon? | Gizmo Hacker
2008-05-10 07:11:00
True connoisseurs of coffee think that there is nothing better than a cup of fresh hot coffee. However it's not ...3 Vote(s)
Hacker Kept On NDS Payroll After Accused Of Piracy
2008-05-07 18:24:00
Hacker Kept On NDS Payroll After Accused Of PiracyA high-ranking News Corp. official testified Tuesday that he kept two hackers on the payroll for years after one of them was accused of infiltrating the security system of rival satellite telev...
Microsoft News-Quicktime Flaw In Windows Could Be Dangerous
2008-05-06 22:04:00
Windows Media Player is the only video player that windows users can use in order to watch videos. It seems unlikely that anyone would use Quicktime to watch videos in Windows, since it?s mostly use for Apple computers. This should give you a reason why you shouldn?t use it. According to GNUCitizen’s blog, the exploit ...
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