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Celebrity Hairstyles - Some Tips
2009-06-18 21:56:00
There are so many teen stars who play teens at least, that the number of hairstyles is in great abundance. There are many tools one can use to get the perfect hairstyle. A vent hair brush is a brush that has multiple open slots or vents where the bristles are held, which allows air from ...
What To Wear On Exam Days
2008-12-03 04:44:00
It’s almost the end of the fall semester, and while Xmas break is coming up, that also means final exams are approaching! As every college girl knows, fashion is pretty much last on the list of priorities during exam time - who has time to pick out the perfect outfit when you might fail your biology ...
Read This: 19 Quick Hairstyles For Your Haircut...
2008-10-21 02:49:00
Looking for a new way to style your hair for that party?? Check out these great quick and easy styles from Total Beauty... 19 Quick Hairstyles for Your Haircut Got 10 minutes to spare? That's all you need to copy...
A Quick Guide to the Best Hairstyles for Spring
2008-06-05 04:59:00
For those who have a really hectic schedule at work and at home, you may not have had the time to update your hairstyle while juggling all of the things that you need to do. For spring of 2008, there is a variety of ways that you can change your hairstyle and bring your look ... Related Entries: Hair-Care Products Quick GuideGone are the days when the only hair-care products available were shampoo, conditioner and hairspray. These days there are a ...Sedu Hairstyles for Women: How to style your hair with sedu (IV)Totally glam, this sleek hairstyle is very popular with the young and trendy woman with a keen sense of fashion. ...Sedu Hairstyles for Women: How to style your hair with sedu (IV)Totally glam, this sleek hairstyle is very popular with the young and trendy woman with a keen sense of fashion. ...Fab’s Spring Handbag Guide! Oversize TotesI hope you all found my Spring Shoe Guide last week helpful! It appears crispet was inspired because she put ... Tags: T...
Raise The Curtain For ? 47 Sweet Bridal Hairstyles
2008-06-01 14:49:00
photo from hareshair When your wedding day approaches, aside from the lovely gown and elegant shoes, one of the most important aspects to keep in mind is your hairstyle. The style you choose with help you look like a princess and each one is dependant on your unique style, likes, length of hair and texture. You ...
Beyonce Knowles Hairstyles
2008-05-28 07:29:00
Do you want to look like Beyonce Knowles in some ways? Well, this can be possible if you get to achieve the look of the hairstyles that Beyonce Knowles use to wear. Beyonce Knowles Hairstyles always look great and amazing whether it is a curly or straight afro. Beyonce Knowles always have her hair long ...
Short Spiky Hairstyles
2008-05-27 15:54:00
Don?t think that just because you have got short hair, you have limited styling options. There is a lot you can do with short hair ? you can make it soft, sexy and tousled; slick it back neatly for understated glossy elegant short hairstyle; decorate it with pretty hair slides and grips; or spike it ...
Modern wedding hairstyles
2008-05-26 16:20:00
In addition to wedding gown, veils, bridal jewelry and other accessories, what makes a bride beautiful and attractive is her wedding hairstyle. Hence, the wedding hairstyle should be very carefully selected so that it offers elegant, stunning look to the bride. There are several modern wedding hairstyles which can give unique exceptional look to the ...
Beautiful wedding hairstyles
2008-05-22 16:39:00
While planning for your very special wedding day, you need to select a pretty well designed wedding hairstyle. Today, numerous beautiful wedding hairstyles are available that can offer extremely beautiful look to the bride. When you make the selection for your wedding gown, veils, tiaras and other accessories, you need to decide your hairstyle for ...
Bridal hairstyles and earrings
2008-05-21 13:46:00
The type of hairstyle you make on your very special day also affects the type of earrings you should wear. Let us see the different hairstyles that can be used with the different types of earrings. If you have short hairs and prefer to make a hairdo or keep your hairs open shortly, then long ...
How To Dress Like Blair Waldorf
2008-05-20 04:44:00
For the second part of College Fashion’s Gossip Girl Fashion series (and in honor of the season finale), here’s a guide to dressing like Blair Waldorf, everyone’s favorite GG bad girl.  In case you missed the first article in the series, check out How To Dress Like Serena van der Woodsen. Blair Waldorf, played by actress ...
Prom Hairstyles for 2008, Starting from Short Hairstyles, Medium Hairstyles
2008-05-07 04:40:00
Are you looking for the recent prom 2008 hairstyles that will impress your partner? The 2008 prom season has come up with a plenty of new and trendy hairstyles directly from award shows and other major events. As most of the proms are held after March, young ladies get plenty of time to find the ...
Types of wedding hairstyles
2008-05-01 06:54:00
Today, several types of wedding hairstyles are available that can offer extremely beautiful and gorgeous look. The type of veil or headpiece determines the hairstyle. You can select the suitable headpiece from several options such as caps, hats, wreaths, combs and crowns. Once the headpiece is selected, wedding hairstyle is chosen according to that. The brides do not generally wear caps and hats. However, if they are used, hairstyle should be down and can be straight or curled. Any hairstyle goes well with simple combs with veils. However, if the bride selects the down hairstyle with straight or curly hair, the teeth of the comb will not be much secure. The bride may have to pull the sides or the front of her hair back, which can make the comb, secure with interlocking in the hair. Crowns and wreaths, which are used for styling purposes, can be seen as a half circle or a whole circle on the head. Wearing the hair down, curled or straight may go well with a simple, casual dress of ...
2008 Hairstyles Features The Layered Look
2008-04-20 07:00:00
You have probably heard the term layered applied to many of the latest 2008 hairstyles, but what does it really mean? Believe it or not, the term is fairly ambiguous, and both hairdressers and hair trend aficionados often disagree about its true meaning. The simplest definition is the creation of variable lengths of hair ...
Face the facts - hairstyles to suit your face shape
2008-04-11 17:15:00
It’s hard enough trying to decide what hairstyle to go for these days with so many trends around. Is it time you had a bob? Join Kate Moss with a funky fringe? Or be really daring and go pixie short? Instead of looking to your favourite celebrity for new trends, try focusing on celebrities that have the ...
Lauren Conrad?s Hairstyles & How To Do Them
2008-04-07 23:39:00
Lauren Conrad rocking a front hair poof hairstyle. I got the following email recently and thought it would make a great article: "I am starting college next January and I want to do a Lauren Conrad hairstyle.  What are some of her hairstyles so I can get ...
The Top 10 Worst Hairstyles In Music
2008-04-04 08:24:00
Like Nickelback, we all yearn to be rockstars. But being a rockstar is tough for many reasons - not the least of which is landing a good stylist and securing a 'look' that'll be memorable, but in a good way. Here's a list of ten musical hairstyles that we wish we could forget.
By: Attuworld
Retro hairstyles
2008-03-24 14:47:00
Here are some resources for the cute 40s and 50s hairstyles, recommended by the Retro Housewife column. This should be one of the first steps to take if you want to turn yourself into a true bombshell Fifties Hairstyles by The Fifties Web. Some examples and a few bits of advice with basic ...
Angelina Jolie's hair is one of top five celebrity hairstyles
2008-03-21 10:07:00
Angelina JolieInStyle Magazine has the list of top five celebrity hairstyles. And one of the winners is Angelina Jolie. Popular: 1 days 9 hours 16 minutes ago source: (
Carrie Underwood on the cover of Dear Doctor and Celebrity Hairstyles
2008-03-06 05:24:00
Carrie appears on the cover of Dear Doctor, a dental magazine in which they gave her the award for "Best smile"! Carrie also appears on the cover of the May 2008 edition of Hairstyles Magazine. It's a special edition for their 1st annual Hair Awards and Carrie took the cover winning "Sexiest Hair."source
Hairstyles for Short Hair Lengths (How To Cut Black Hair)
2008-02-22 07:41:00
(How To Cut Black Hair)Short hair styles are flattering on lots of people. Short haircuts range from buzz cuts to bob haircuts. To select the short cut that is right for you, you will need to look at several options before selecting a style that you like.The first step to selecting a short hair style is to look through magazines and hair cut books. You will want to look for a model or actress that has a face shape that is similar to yours. This will help you to decide if their short hair cut will look good on you.(How To Cut Black Hair)The next step is to talk to your hairstylist to get their opinion on what short cuts will work best with your bone structure. They may be able to steer you clear of haircut disasters. They may also have software that can modify your picture to show you what you would actually look like with a specific haircut.After selecting a style of hair cut that you want you will also need to decide how short you want to go. Very short haircuts are great if you do...
Virtual Plastic Surgery & Hairstyles Software Review
2008-02-21 15:45:00
Have you ever wondered what you would look like after cosmetic surgery? Ever wonder what a tummy tuck, nose job, facelift or a breast enlargement or reduction would do to your appearance? Would you like to see what the results could be without going under the knife? to do it? If you answered ? ...
Japanese women hairstyles track economy ups and downs
2008-02-18 11:23:00
Economic forecasters beware: Japanese women are cutting their hair again. Women tend to wear their hair long when Japan's economy is doing well and short when there is a slump. (Reuters)
Get Ready Fast ? 7 Quick and Easy Hairstyles
2008-02-16 00:16:00
Every college girl has been there ? after a late-night library sesh and only a few hours sleep, you wake up late with only a few minutes to throw something on and book it to class. With barely enough time to get dressed, not enough time for a shower, and bed head on top ...
Escalator hairstyles
2008-02-13 14:41:00
A genius marketing campaign from Rediffusion in Mumbai, India. GENIUS! To advertise the wide variety of hairstyling options available at a hair salon called Juice Salon, a picture of a man up to his forehead was pasted on the base of the escalator and then a different hairstyle was stuck on to each of its steps. ...
New Updo Hairstyles for You
2008-01-31 05:59:00
First, shampooing long hair is best done standing up, preferably in the shower. This helps reduce matting and tangling. You should choose a shampoo that fits your hair’s needs. For instance, chemically treated or damaged hair should be treated with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Only apply shampoo to the scalp and then rub in ...
The Hottest Hair Trends And Sexiest Hairstyles For 2007 And Beyond
2008-01-29 00:00:00
Hair has become unequivocally important as it can literally make one look like a movie star or a has been from Hee Haw, which died out many years ago. It is big enough that it is a multi billion dollar industry and the average bill in a salon is approaching $100. In the ...
New Hairstyles and Colors for Christmas
2007-12-28 00:00:00
As the Christmas season nears, a multitude of holiday get-togethers, parties and office gatherings are held. Whether you are ironing out the wrinkles of an old party standby or need something to complement a new purchase, changing your hairstyle and/or hair color makes one of the best accessories for any Christmas event. For this special ...
My Posts on Wedding Hairstyles & Wedding Gowns
2007-12-22 17:34:00
Throughout the entire year, I realised that the more popular blog posts are either on wedding hairstyles or on wedding gowns. There must be reasons for their popularity. Look at every bride! They are always looking for the ideal wedding gowns (which they look least fat for some) and the perfect hairstyle that complement ...
Hairstyles for all Face Shapes
2007-12-21 22:35:00
Getting the perfect haircut can be hard to do, especially if you don’t know what will suit your face shape. Well here’s a little guideline as to what you can expect with each haircut! Long or Oval Faces If your face is long or val, try an angular bob that’s closely cropped to the nape of the neck and traces the jaw line in the front.Women with oval faces should avoid pixies that add layers to
Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers
2007-12-13 17:52:00
Sometimes it can be hard choosing from the many different wedding hairstyles that are available to you. Personally, I know I looked through dozens of photo galleries of different wedding hairstyles, and had a really hard time picturing what those styles would look like on me. See my article on Wedding Hairstyles. One thing that ...
By: 123456
Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair
2007-12-10 18:33:00
One popular choice for women today is to wear short hair, sometimes cut closely to the head, in a bob, or some other short wedding hairstyle. Personally, I have long hair, and I love having long hair. But everyone’s style is different when it comes to their hair, and some ladies prefer to have ...
By: 123456
Rumer Willis: Battle of the Ugly Hairstyles
2007-11-28 20:07:00
This may be considered a trick question, but take a look at the Rumer Willis photos below. Then, let us know: Which hairstyle do you prefer? Blond and ugly? Or brunette and hideous? It?s a tough question, we know. So here?s an easier one to ponder: Which is better, Gisele Bundchen clothed or Gisele Bundchen nude?
Punk Hairstyles - From Rebel Culture To Fashion Statement
2007-11-19 00:00:00
Punk hairstyles - those bizarre, colorful things that you see in high streets, villages and black-painted teenage bedrooms! I’m not a punk and have never been one, but I have always been fascinated by the whole punk look and ideology - probably because I was a teenager at the very time that punk exploded, ...
Latest Hairstyles - 2005 And Beyond
2007-11-19 00:00:00
A lot of things go in to decide the latest hairstyles and in 2005, many hairstyle trends prospered, including an increased focus on celebrity hairstyles, driven by the popularity of celebrities such as Jessica Simpson. But wearing the latest celebrity hairstyle is not always advisable. In fact, following the latest hairstyle trend is fine ...
Wedding Hairstyles
2007-11-03 00:45:00
There are so many different ways for brides to wear their hair today, that the choices really are limitless. Worried your hair is too short? Not need to worry, different colored hair extensions can easily be purchased and attached so that you can have any wedding hairstyles that fit your fancy. And there really are ...
By: 123456
Wedding Hairstyles - Elegance And Beauty
2007-11-02 07:36:00
“A bride will take time to consider many wedding hairstyles to make sure she has the right style for her and one that will wow her guests at the wedding. Not so long ago a bride with short hair would not be able to consider Spanish updos or cascade of curls wedding hairstyles as ...
Retro on the Rise: Jordans, Furniture and Hairstyles
2007-11-01 11:59:00
When old items that we used to love become very popular again we would call that retro, well it seems as if retro is on the rise once more like it was a few years ago. Many would ask how would I know that, and I can simple say just do some digging around the ...
Hairstyles from Paris to Milan – Fall Winter 2007-2008
2007-10-29 19:54:00
The hairstylist at Jean Louis David and their art director Franck Pérez came to Milan to prepare five hairstyles representing this year’s hottest cuts. The models are five normal women. Beautiful ladies who study, work, and live normal lives. They are not professional models. Franck Perez talked with each woman to find out who she is and where she... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Hairstyles from Paris to Milan – Fall Winter 2007-2008
2007-10-29 19:54:00
The hairstylist at Jean Louis David and their art director Franck Pérez came to Milan to prepare five hairstyles representing this year’s hottest cuts. The models are five normal women. Beautiful ladies who study, work, and live normal lives. They are not professional models. Franck Perez talked with each woman to find out who she is and where she... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Jessica Simpson Hairstyles at 25th Operation Smile Gala
2007-10-29 06:25:00
jessica simpson hairstyle, jessica simpson hair style, celebrity hairstyle, long blond hair style
Country Hairstyles - Brittny Gastineau and Kim Kardashian - New York Fashio
2007-10-29 05:59:00
Country Hairstyle tips and Brittny Gastineau and Kim Kardashian discuss New York Fashion.Gina Angelina's Fashion, Fitness and Skin Care Tips for Models
Makeover Site New Hairstyles
2007-10-10 23:42:00
This is so cheezy but we try it anyway right? You have seen those sites that take you picture and change the hairstyle to try out different colors and looks to see what hairdo you should have done with your hair at the salon right? I have and I think they are silly but fun ...
Should Students Be Able To Wear “Extreme” Makeup and Hairstyles
2007-09-29 16:00:00
A school district in Florida has banned "extreme makeup," unusual hair styles and hair colors, and piercings outside of those on earlobes. One teenager who's fighting the dress code has been suspended twice for wearing a lip ring. (Funnily enough, my high school suspended—and after pressure, reinstated—two of my buddies for piercing their eyebrows back in the day. Plus ça change...) Supporters of the policy say that wacky hair and makeup distracts students, but opponents say the policy unfairly punishes kids for expressing themselves in nontraditional ways. What do you think? Source Should Students Be Able To Wear "Extreme" Makeup and Hairstyles? Absolutely. No way. Undecided
By: Rehab818
New Hairstyles
2007-09-24 19:56:00 purchased this review from I love hair styles, I used to find mine on various websites and then try to combine a few to make that perfect style. I definitely had that one which if you knew me it was bright orange with blonde highlights. Sounds crazy but worked out great! So I am always looking to find new hair styles and really wanted something to expand the beauty section of this site so I think this is a great site to include in our beauty resources. This is is new so its still building all its resources. The website itself has a lot of potential. They just need more hair styles! They have a great starting collection and starting tips collection. So this is definitely a site to keep on the look out with! Of course the first section I checked out was the wedding hairstyles! They definitely had couple amazing wedding hair styles. Some I would be afraid to move in! They are gorgeous but how do you dance in them is what I would love to know? The detail p...
Great Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair (Part 1)
2007-09-24 03:14:00
from By Susan Bishop Every bride must decide how she will wear her hair. Which can be easier said than done I know. Besides you?ve been waiting for this day for a long time. So you deserve to look glamorous, don?t you? Luckily long hair can be styled many ways - from formal to more casual. So when ...
Rock ‘N’ Roll Hairstyles
2007-09-21 17:19:00 has an article about different "Rock Star's" haircuts and how to get them. Chester made it on there with his "Clipper Cut?" lol. I found it amusing so here it is...Some of the boldest statements are the simplest ones, and donning a clipper cut can be just such a declaration. Short all over with a bit of length left on top, the clipper cut comes across as slightly grungy, yet slightly sophisticated. This haircut effectively transcends the boundaries that exist between office life and night life. Need proof? Turn to Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington. While his stylishly clipped hair hints at a more focused, serious demeanor, it also lends an air of punk to his rock ‘n’ roll persona. Provide backup to your dangerous alter-ego by sporting a closely cropped clipper cut — just leave a bit of length on top for styling purposes.Riff this style: Though almost any guy can rock it, a clipper cut works especially well for guys grinding it out in more buttoned-up office environme...
3 Wedding Long Hairstyles and 3 Long Wedding Gowns
2007-09-13 15:02:00
In Singapore with such a hot weather, I wonder why some women (and men) keep their hair long. However, I know that as the wedding approaches, some ladies with short hairs see themselves as prettier with long hair. For me, I feel that it doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair. What matter most is ...
Kids Hairstyles
2007-09-07 14:02:00
Basically there are two categories of parents when it comes to hair design and styling. First category includes those parents who are very concerned about their child?s hairstyle who study each and every styling detail very minutely. Another category of parents includes those parents who just want there child’s ...
Celebrity Hairstyles and Wedding Hairstyle Trends
2007-09-04 16:50:00
from Every year, celebrities set the trends of fashions and hairstyles. Everywhere you looked, you could see celebrities with many different and fashionable hairstyles from short and sweet to long and elegant, from curly or wavy to up-styles. No matter what the style these celebrities were wearing, they made a fashion statement that everyone else ...
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