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Mitt Romney speech Manchester, New Hampshire after winning the New York, Pe
2012-04-26 00:28:00
Mitt Romney speech Manchester, New Hampshire after winning the New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware primaries 04/24/12 FULL VIDEO TEXT TRANSCRIPT Mitt Romney tonight delivered remarks in Manchester, New Hampshire. The following remarks were prepared for delivery: Thank you Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York! And tonight I can say thank you, America. After 43 primaries and caucuses, many long days and more than a few long nights, I can say with confidence ? and gratitude ? that you have given me a great honor and solemn responsibility. And, together, we will win on November 6th! We launched this campaign not far from here on a beautiful June day. It has been an extraordinarily journey. Americans have always been eternal optimists. But over the last three and a half years, we have seen hopes and dreams diminished by false promises and weak leadership. Everywhere I go, Americans are tired of being tired, and many of those...
On Ecosystems, New Hampshire, Startups & Geography
2012-03-20 15:46:00
Geography is a topic that the startup community loves to overtalk.  The virtues of warmer climates, access to capital or talent is debated.  The Boston community went ballistic when it was mused that Facebook would have stayed in Boston if it was started today. It is too parochial. Courtesy: So I live and work in Manchester, New Hampshire. No, we don’t go cow tipping on the weekends. It’s a 50 mile trip (almost all highway driving) to Boston. When people ask what it’s like in Manchester versus the next town over, I think it’s a soup question – irrelevant. We’re so myopic on the geography question.  I love where we operate and so do many other entrepreneurs who run companies in their respective areas. Does that mean that one is right and the other is wrong?  No. No geography has a monopoly on startups. Why I’m excited about Manchester, southern New Hampshire and even metro Boston is that we have lots of smart people here. T...
Karger bests Bachmann in New Hampshire
2012-01-12 22:52:00
Here’s a fun little tidbit that the Fred Karger campaign shared these tweet from Politico’s Kenneth Vogel: After neck-&-neck NH primary night, openly gay candidate @FredKarger beats pray-away-the-gay candidate Michele Bachmann 485 to 347*. The Minnesota Congressman may have dropped out of the race, but her name was still on the ballot. Calling this “a ...
Mitt Romney's New Hampshire Primary Victory Speech FULL VIDEO TEXT TRANSCRI
2012-01-11 15:21:00
Uploaded by PBSNewsHour on Jan 10, 2012. Former Massachusetts Governor and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney addressed a crowd of supporters in Manchester, New Hampshire after winning the state primary; the first in the nation. He told the crowd "I will offer the American ideals of economic freedom a clear and unapologetic defense."Category: News & Politics. Tags: PBS NewsHour, mitt romney, republicans, gop, new hampshire, primary, 2012, president obama, election, campaign.Mitt Romney's New Hampshire Primary Victory Speech FULL TEXT TRANSCRIPTThank you, New Hampshire! Tonight, we made history!This state has always been a special place for our family. Ann and I made a home here and we?ve filled it with great memories of our children and grandchildren. And this Granite State moment is one we will always remember.Tonight, we celebrate. Tomorrow, we go back to work.We remember when Barack Obama came to New Hampshire four years ago.He promised to bring people together.He pro...
Republican National Committee (RNC) Ad Failed Promises: "New Hampshire" VID
2012-01-10 20:52:00
Republican National Committee (RNC) Ad Failed Promises: "New Hampshire" VIDEOUploaded by rnc on Jan 9, 2012: Four years later, a look back at Obama's rhetoric about "false hope" on the night of the 2008 New Hampshire primary ... and the failed promises that followed.Category:News & Politics. Tags: president, barack, barak obama, new hampshire, primary, caucus, fail, failed promises, promise, rnc, republican national committee, ad, advertisement, commercial, web ad, web video, obama supporter, unemployment, unemployed, line, voter, supporter, frustrated, change, next week, change we can believe in.License: Standard YouTube License VIDEO CREDIT: rnc
New Hampshire predictions
2012-01-10 18:48:00
Over at HotAir, Ed Morrissey offers his forecast of tonight’s results: I?ll predict that Romney will hit 40%, with Jon Huntsman coming in second at 17%, Paul at 15%, and Santorum at 13%. If Paul falls to third in New Hampshire, there?s not much in the near future of the primaries ? save the binding ...
New Hampshire Primary Predictions.
2012-01-10 16:53:00
Your Ad Here Today in New Hampshire is the primary and Democrats don’t have much of a choice of who to vote for, since NH is a closed primary and Democrats can only vote for Democrats and Republicans must vote Republican, and the Republican race is going to be far more interesting than the Democratic (Read More...)
Media mob chases Ron Paul from campaign stop in New Hampshire
2012-01-09 22:09:00
Media mob chases Ron Paul from campaign stop in New Hampshire MANCHESTER, N.H. ? A campaign stop at a New Hampshire eatery mutated into a circus on Monday when the media scrum chasing Ron Paul apparently became too much for … Continue reading →
Good Morning from New Hampshire ? GOP Primary 2012
2012-01-09 12:52:00
It is FRIKKIN cold here this morning. I’m sure it’s not monumentally cold…but for a guy who has lived south of Mason-Dixon Line since 2000, it is damn cold! Here are a couple of photos from my under-24 hour experience in the GOP NH Primary. Right now, I’m in the Radisson Hotel — the media ...
Off To New Hampshire
2012-01-08 19:00:00
My paying job and the GOP Presidential calendar are aligning to put me in Manchester, NH tonight through Tuesday AM. I’m in Philly airport now with an hour layover. I’ll be sure to let y’all know if I encounter anything politics related during my visit. As always, follow me on Twitter! -Bruce (GayPatriot)
Republican (GOP) Debate New Hampshire FULL VIDEO ABC FACEBOOK 01/07/12
2012-01-08 17:39:00
Republican (GOP) Debate New Hampshire FULL VIDEO ABC FACEBOOK 01/07/12Six candidates participated: Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.Moderators: ABC anchors Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos with WMUR-TV anchor Josh McElveen.Official Twitter Hashtag: #NHDebateMORE DEBATES: Iowa Republican (GOP) Debate FULL VIDEO FOX NEWS 12/15/11Iowa Republican GOP debate FULL DEBATE VIDEO 12/10/11Republican National Security Debate 11/22/11 FULL VIDEORepublican CBS News-National Journal Presidential Debate 11/12/11 Spartanburg, South Carolina FULL VIDEO TEXT TRANSCRIPTCNBC Republican Debate 11/09/11 FULL VIDEORepublican GOP Debate Hanover, New Hampshire 10/11/11 FULL VIDEO Republican Presidential Debate Orlando Florida Fox News, Google 9/22/11 (Full Length Streaming VIDEO) CNN / Tea Party Republican Debate Tampa, Florida 09/12/11 FULL DEBATE STREAMING VIDEOVIDEO CREDIT: ljcareylj
NEW HAMPSHIRE GOP DEBATE ? Join the discussion!
2012-01-08 03:00:00
I’ll be Twittering my thoughts in “real time”, but I’ll also use this space for other comments about tonight’s GOP Debate on ABC TV. UPDATE at 9:09PM — I think I’m bored already. UPDATE at 9:15PM – Rick Santorum knee-capping Ron Paul is TEH AWESOME. The young man owning the old dithering senile maniac. -Bruce ...
Republican ABC debate LIVE VIDEO STREAM from New Hampshire 01/07/12
2012-01-08 02:41:00
New Hampshire Republican Debate LIVE VIDEO STREAM. coverage begins at 8:30 p.m. ET. (5:30 p.m. PT) with the debate scheduled from 9 to 11:00 p.m. EDT. Republican debate LIVE STREAMING VIDEO from Manchester New Hampshire at Saint Anselm College 01/07/12. ABC News, Yahoo! News and WMUR-TV will hostThis feed should go LIVE shortly before 8:30 pm ET. ABC NEWS, New Hampshire Republican Debate from Saint Anselm College on Saturday, January 7 at 9 pm ET. FULL STREAMING VIDEO. New Hampshire Republican (GOP) Debate LIVE STREAMING VIDEO ABC NEWS 01/07/12.Six candidates will participate: Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.Moderators: ABC anchors Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos with WMUR-TV anchor Josh McElveen.Official Twitter Hashtag: #NHDebateMORE DEBATES: Iowa Republican (GOP) Debate FULL VIDEO FOX NEWS 12/15/11Iowa Republican GOP debate FULL DEBATE VIDEO 12/10/11Republican National Security Debate 11/22/11 FULL VIDEORepublican CBS News-...
'Merry Christmas from your friends in Newt Hampshire!'
2011-12-28 11:58:00
Don we now our gay apparel. Politico's Ben Smith digs up what he calls "possibly the weirdest video" of the presidential election cycle thus far, and wonders if some of the participants were forced to perform.Perhaps this is evidence of political campaign Stockholm Syndrome.  Update: The Gingrich grinches took it down but you can see some of it in this ABC News Jonathan Karl report.  (H/t NewsBusters)
Rick Perry New Hampshire Cornerstone Action Speech 10/28/11 FULL VIDEO
2011-11-01 23:32:00
Rick Perry New Hampshire Cornerstone Action Speech 10/28/11 FULL VIDEORick Perry speech at Cornerstone Action's Annual Fundraising Dinner and Awards Gala in Manchester, New Hampshire, on October 28, 2011.VIDEO CREDIT: LoopyRick420
Lowe’s Closing 20 Stores – 3 Here in New Hampshire
2011-10-18 14:03:00
Lowe’s Closing Underperforming StoresYesterday the front page of our local paper announced that our local Lowe’s Store was closing on November 13. The news comes as Lowe’s announces that they are closing 20 underperforming stores ... Home Construction & Improvement published by: ... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Live Video Stream:Republican GOP Debate in Hanover, New Hampshire, October
2011-10-12 14:37:00
UPDATE: 10/12/11Republican GOP Debate Hanover, New Hampshire 10/11/11 FULL VIDEOLive Video Stream:Republican GOP Debate in Hanover, New Hampshire, October 11, 2011.
Republican GOP Debate Hanover, New Hampshire 10/11/11 FULL VIDEO
2011-10-12 14:29:00
Dartmouth College / /Washington Post/ Bloomberg Republican Presidential GOP Debate Oct. 11th, 2011The candidates: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.Charlie Rose moderator, Washington Post political correspondent Karen Tumulty and Bloomberg TV White House correspondent Julianna Goldman questioned the candidates. TEXT CREDIT: Vote4Paul2012
Most scenic golf holes on vacation in Mt. Washington Valley, New Hampshire
2010-10-04 21:10:00
There is still time to play golf and vacation in the Mt. Washington Valley region of New Hampshire! The scenery is magnificent, the food is fresh and delicious and, if you have never seen a moose in its natural habitat nor driven on the Auto Road to the top of Mt. Washington, you still have a chance before the first snowfall...then, it's ski season! The region?s eight golf courses should stay open until November 1st or the first snow.  Here?s a look at the most scenic holes for leaf peeping and putting in Mt Washington Valley, New Hampshire. MT WASHINGTON VALLEY, NEW HAMPSHIRE MOST SCENIC GOLF COURSE HOLES: Androscoggin Valley Country Club: Number Eighteen.  During foliage, the color and the mountains contrasted with the blue sky make the scenery here breathtaking. Mountain View Grand Hotel, Spa & Golf:  First Hole.  From the tee box, there are mountain views on three sides with the hotel behind the golfer. Hales Location Golf Course: Number Five...
Nine natural reasons to vacation in New Hampshire
2010-08-04 18:48:00
Moose with babies in New Hampshire From the scenic White Mountains Forest Preserve to the numerous waterfalls and covered bridges, New Hampshire is truly a nature lover's paradise! The USA is filled with natural preserves but sometimes it is up to us to go out and discover them, and so we did on a recent trip to the Mt. Washington Valley, North Conway area. Here are a few reasons to seek out nature in New Hampshire: 1. Moose will forage by the side of the road offering the perfect "photo-opp". In our case, this mom (called a "cow") brought her little ones along; unfortunately this chance encounter caused a traffic jam right at the base of Mt. Washington! 2.Mt. Washington Auto Road: drive yourself 6,388 feet to the summit or take the guided van tour (both for a fee). Before your adventure, ask the front desk for a tour of carriage house where you will see how travelers ventured up the mountain before modern conveniences! Be aware: They make you "climb" the rocks to the stake a...
New Hampshire Lodging and Dining from 1785
2010-07-27 15:42:00
After about a five and a half hour drive from New York, it was refreshing to finally enter the North Conway area in Mt. Washington Valley, New Hampshire. Main Street is an eclectic mix of restored beauty brimming with both antique and contemporary shops. It's a "must-see" village for anyone wishing to experience what it was like to live during the times of our nation's independence! The Eastern Slope Inn was "home" for the first leg of our trip and is a graceful yet imposing structure on the National List of Historic Places. Dating back over one hundred years, Eastern Slope Inn blends history with modern amenities. We stayed in the newly built Whitaker House "Suites". This part of the resort is only accessible to the Inn via a long tunnel. The drive around the building to our door and the entry into the room from the parking lot felt more like a motel than the cozy ambience we anticipated when we first checked in. Also our window shades remained drawn and the air conditioner was...
Mt. Washington Valley, New Hampshire - Main Street USA
2010-07-21 05:32:00
Five and a half hours from New York quietly sits Mt. Washington Valley, New Hampshire.  As you can see from the photograph below, it has an old town feel with antique shops, eateries and the beautiful view of the mountains hanging over the horizon. Hungry after a long trip and right near the Eastern Slope Inn is a typical-looking bar/restaurant called Delaney's Hole in the Wall. Their website claims that they have the "best wings in New Hampshire" and so we put them to the test.  The bartender told us to try the "double-baked honey hot wings" even though they weren't on the menu (in other words, they'll make them for you if you ask nicely.) Simply put, we agree! The wings are large and very flavorful, so much so that we are picking up an order for the ride home!   Posted via email from stacysolomon's posterous
A New Guide for New Hampshire Area Information, Businesses and Interests
2009-07-04 00:29:00
A New Guide for New Hampshire Area Information, Businesses and Interests Portsmouth, NH – Soul Oyster Web Studios has created a new website area guide for New Hampshire and all its regions including the Seacoast region, White Mountains, Great North Woods, Lakes Region, Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee, Merrimack Valley and Monadnock. Area Guide New Hampshire ( is a new local directory for businesses, events, travel, restaurants, shopping, hotels, news, sites to see and things to do across the state of New Hampshire. The site features a categorized directory of website listings related to and businesses located in New Hampshire and the immediate area. The extensive category list is designed for residents of or travelers to New Hampshire, whether it’s on vacation, visiting just for the day or for NH residents to find a local neighborhood businesses and information. Browse the directory not only to find local shopping, business links and points of int...
New Hampshire Recognizes Gay Marriage the Right Way
2009-06-04 08:40:00
I had delayed in posting on New Hsmpshire’s recognition of same-sex marriages, thinking that I might have something profound and original to say, but (in past posts on legislative recognition of gay marriage), I’ve pretty much said everything I have to say about this. I could go on about the hyperbolic language of the releases that ...
New Hampshire House Approves Gay Marriage Bill
2009-03-26 22:31:00
“The state House on Thursday voted narrowly to make New Hampshire” the third state to recgonize same-sex marriages. Instead of hyperventilating like HRC, I’ll just echo what I said two days ago when the Senate in Granite State’s New England neighbor passed a similar measure: “This is how states should address the issue, through the elected ...
New website design New Hampshire NH
2009-02-04 16:29:00
New site live, SoROCK Southern Rockingham Partnership for Healthy Youth,
Barack Obama - Concord, New Hampshire - Here's What Change Really Means
2008-09-14 16:54:00
If you've been looking for something to get you fired up, here it is: Barack Obama earlier today in Concord, New Hampshire, laying out the foundations of what change really means -- from energy to education to foreign policy to the economy. read more | digg story
Experienced Locum Vet Surgeon Hampshire
2008-09-04 01:29:00
Experienced locum Vet required for a small animal practice in Hampshire. The dates required are 26 September to 1 October working 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday with weekend on-call. You will be working between two branch surgeries Sole Charge. Accommodation is available. Interested? Contact Dominic or Juliana on 04123 739 002 or email
New Hampshire and New Jersey follow Clinton's call
2008-08-28 00:38:00
The New Hampshire chair stood up and said that they were following Clinton's call and casting all of their 30 votes for Obama.New Jersey stood up next and unanimously cast all of their votes for Obama to huge, raucous cheers in the hall. Z's gonna vlog on this ... watch for it.
Huckabee To Visit New Hampshire In June
2008-05-29 02:49:00
By DANIEL BARRICK Monitor staff May 28, 2008 - 8:25 am The Concord Monitor Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is coming back to New Hampshire - and... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Silver and Snow Bengal Kittens in New Hampshire
2008-05-27 05:33:00
MomDukes Bengals, located in Manchester, New Hampshire have a snow male bengal kitten and a silver spotted female bengal kitten available which will be ready to go to new homes on Aug 1st. See breeder ad for further details, photos and contact info. addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = 'Silver+and+Snow+Bengal+Kittens-+in+New+Hampshire'; ...
New Hampshire: Governor John Lynch Signs Pro-Hunting Legislation into Law!
2008-05-23 21:33:00
Recently, Governor John Lynch (D) signed House Bill 1266 into law.
By: Gun News
Free State Project to Host New Hampshire Freedom Festival 2008 at Gunstock
2008-05-21 15:00:00
Free State Project to Host New Hampshire Freedom Festival 2008 at Gunstock The Free State Project, one of the largest pro-liberty organizations in the country, will be hosting their annual Porcupine Freedom Festival (PorcFest) in New Hampshire June 9-15. The purpose of the Free State Project is to recruit 20,000 pro-liberty activists to move to the Granite State. After relocating, they will work toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of government is the protection of life, liberty, and property. So far, over 8,300 have signed up and over 1,000 will have moved by the end of 2008. Those who have already moved have been elected to state and local office; formed influential political activism organizations; created newspapers, radio, and television shows; started successful businesses; and overall have formed a vibrant community intent of preserving and promoting the Live Free or Die lifestyle of New Hampshire. read more
Hampshire Hotels to Develop 2 New Projects in Kochi
2008-05-07 08:03:00
Hampshire Hotels and Resorts (HHR), owned by the NRI Sant Singh Chatwal, is developing two properties in Kochi, one of which is in a privately owned island in the heart of the city. Sources told FE that the island property would be developed jointly with its owners, a Kochi based architect firm, which had forayed ...
N.H. Hampshire Governor?s Answer to Budget Shortfall: Raise Taxes
2008-05-04 01:51:00
New Hampshire Governor John Lynch, a Democrat working on his 2nd term, is facing a $225 million revenue shortfall in the two-year state budget and his solution is to raise taxes: CONCORD, N.H. - Governor John Lynch proposed yesterday to raise the cigarette tax 25 cents a pack and cut a discount retailers get for wine ...
Cecil and Carrasco Match Up in New Hampshire
2008-05-01 01:06:00
One of the best pitching match-ups of the night comes from Manchester, New Hampshire where the Fisher Cats are hosting the Reading Phillies. The game marks the Double-A debut of 20-year-old lefthander Brett Cecil, a first-round supplemental pick in last year?s draft who is rated as the number 3 prospect in the Blue Jays organization. ...
Transparent, Open Gov?t in Hew Hampshire
2008-04-25 00:00:00
The Folks at the GraniteGrok blog in New Hampshire are trying to get transparent and open government in their county and have found a great model from Sunshine Review to base their goals upon. Thought everyone might be interested to see the effort. Go on over and check out the GraniteGrok ...
Has New Hampshire Changed Forever?
2008-04-24 03:25:00
Cross posted on Grizzly Groundswell Here is a link to an article that sums up the current state of New Hampshire perfectly. The author agrees with a point that I have been trying to make here for quite some time, and that is that New Hampshire is slipping away. Slowly but surely. It is a gradual ...
Rep Betty Hall?s Speech in New Hampshire
2008-04-21 16:41:00
For me, impeachment has always been a scary idea. Over 30 years ago, in this legislature, we voted on a resolution to impeach Richard Nixon. (You see, we’ve done this before!) Representative Eugene Daniel, mayor of Franklin, gave an impassioned speech to impeach. It was powerful. There was a standing vote. Out of 400 people, ...
New Hampshire branch of KKK has disbanded
2008-04-15 18:06:00
There's never been any indication, however, that the branch, listed in Winchester, ever engaged in activities commonly associated with the white supremacist group.
New Hampshire Impeachment Rally on April 14th
2008-04-14 04:50:00
Tomorrow as I write this, today as most will read it,in Concord there will be an impeachment rally in Concord. This “event” will be hosted by Betty Hall. Who is Betty Hall you may ask. She is the 300 year old rrepresentative who has introduced impeachment articles to the New Hampshire house. She was urged ...
Impeachment Vote This Week - Go New Hampshire - Make Us Proud!
2008-04-13 21:20:00
The deepest core of every American soul holds a painful shame, an embarrassed humiliation that most today feel impotent to address. Our forefathers recognized that there would be times when the government’s executive and legislative branches could become so corrupted and unreliable to protect the Constitution that it would be up to the people. So they gave us a special tool, mentioned no less than six times in our Constitution, to use for a remedy.a Unfortunately, “the word” spoken today conjures a vast array of emotional responses with little real understanding of a constitutional process, historically grounded, which we seem to fear. House Resolution 24 is expected to be voted on April 16 by the New Hampshire House Representatives. This will be an historic vote – the first time a state legislature will attempt to petition the U.S. Congress to begin investigations to determine if there is sufficient cause/evidence to hold our current leaders accountable as stipulated in ...
New Hampshire Governor Denies Examining a Sales or Income Tax
2008-04-13 15:55:00
New Hampshire faces a huge budget deficit this year and and even larger one next year under Governor Lynch’s fiscally irresponsible budget passed last year. When asked recently if he would look at tax increases or new taxes to fix the budget deficit he created he responded, “Well, I’m going to be looking at everything.” ...
Indiana Feels Like New Hampshire & Iowa
2008-04-10 20:14:00
Obama ate breakfast at the Sunrise Cafe in South Bend this morning. People were lined up in bad weather this morning awaiting Barack Obama’s arrival at Gary, Indiana’s Roosevelt High School. Hillary Clinton plans a trip to Valparaiso. Will she grab a bite to eat with Valpo well-wishers at a local restaurant when she stops in Northwest Indiana? Bill Clinton is wandering around southern Indiana. Indiana is starting to feel like New Hampshire and Iowa with all of the retail politics going on in the Hoosier state as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama battle for every Democratic vote they each can get in Indiana’s primary. The battle and all of the campaign activity is enough to make Republicans want to switch over and vote for one of the two candidates this spring — despite threats by Democratic officials to try to block these voters from casting a ballot. Look for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to start knocking on doors if the Democratic primary polls continue...
Refinance your Massachusetts MA or New Hampshire NH Mortgage
2008-04-02 21:45:00
A Smarter Way To Refinance provides mortgage refinancing services for Massachusetts MA and New Hampshire NH. Our mortgage refinancing company provides you with the best low mortgage rates and terms you deserve without having to waste your time negotiating. We sort through mortgage products, brokers, banks and finance companies for you so you don?t have to. There ...
New Hampshire State Representative Betty Hall Speaks Out On HR24 and Impeac
2008-04-01 03:31:00
This is one tough cookie, State Representative Hall. Show your support for her resolution HR24 by visiting her website and sending in your comments. They will be voting within the next couple of weeks and hopefully be successful in sending this strong message to the US Congress to act. Impeachment must be sought to send ...
New Hampshire ACLU Hearts Child Predators
2008-03-28 12:36:00
Ready to be sickened? DOVER ? The New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union filed suit against the city yesterday over an ordinance that restricts where sex offenders can live, in a test case that could have consequences for communities across the state. Enacted in October 2005, Dover city code 131-20 blocks sex offenders who must register for life, ...
Explosive Found At New Hampshire Historic Site
2008-03-12 21:11:00
NEW CASTLE, N.H. Two unknown incendiary devices were found this morning at a bunker at Fort Stark and detonated this afternoon by members of the N.H. State Police Explosives Disposal Unit."It was not a hoax," said New Castle Police Chief James Murphy. "We have every reason to believe it was an incendiary device of some sort." Police were called to Fort Stark after two men walking in the area saw what police said was a suspicious object in one of the bunkers there.Local and state police arrived shortly thereafter and are still on the scene. Early this afternoon, the devices were detonated and will be taken back to the state police lab in Concord.Members of the Explosives Disposal Unit remain on the scene. After a search of the grounds and other bunkers at Fort Stark they believed the area to be safe."It brought quite a bit of alarm to the area," Murphy said.
New Hampshire Impeachment Update - Cheney and Bush
2008-03-08 19:04:00
Concord, NH —- March 8, 2008 New Hampshire citizens made their first big push to get impeachment back on the table when close to a hundred overflowed a statehouse hearing room to testify in favor of Representative Hall’s House Resolution, -HR24- calling for the impeachment of the President and Vice President to commence in the US Congress. This resolution cites paragraph 603 in the parliamentary rules of Jefferson’s Manual, which Congress still adheres to today. Jefferson recognized that there would be times when the executive and legislative branches could become corrupt and unreliable to protect the Constitution. So he made special provision for the branch of State government that is most directly related to the people - the State House of Representatives - to be able to draft impeachment resolutions and send them to the U.S. Congress as a privileged motion, going directly to the floor of the Congress for debate and action. The New Hampshire House of Repres...
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