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Happy Days are Here Again
2009-02-02 16:59:00
David Duke is pissed, By David Duke, former Republican member of the House of Representatives in Louisiana, and former Chairman of the Largest Republican District in the state The Republican Party leadership in its latest act of self-immolation appointed, Michael Steele, a radical Black racist as the leader of the Party  Oh happy day.   Life is good. BitsBlog Tags: republican party leadership, self immolation, oh happy day, Racist, Louisiana Related posts Taranto Gets It on Iraq (0) Nightly Ramble:Honorable Mention,Wright’s Wrongs, Shreik Engrish, And More (1) Obama Squirms (0) Nightly Ramble:Results And Their Speed, Snow, Gun Free Zones, More. (0) The Racism Card, Part Two (Why Obama Won’t Win the General Election) (2)
By: BitsBlog
Download "Happy days" movie - DVD rip 700MB
2008-06-03 16:55:00
Friends....Download Block buster Telugu movie "HAPPY DAYS"... DVD rip 700MB3 Vote(s)
2008-05-31 09:05:00
By: JeQQ it
2008-05-31 08:45:00
By: JeQQ it
Cristiano Ronaldo : Today is one of the most happy days of my life
2008-05-22 02:44:00
?The team did their jobs. They believed they were going to score, and they scored. Penalties is a lottery, you never know who is going to win, but I think we deserve to win because we played better in the game.?It means everything to me because we won both trophies, the Champions League and the League, so I feel very happy. It is one of the most happy days of my life. I feel very, very proud.?
Happy Days Songs
2008-05-20 20:47:00
Cast : Tammana, ,Raahul, Kamalinee ,OthersMusic : Mickey J MayerDirector : Shekar Kammula.:: SONGS LIST ::. Arey Rey Arey : Download Vedukole : Download Jill Jill Jiga : Download Happy Days (rock) : Download Padam Yetupothunna : Download Ya Kundendu : Download Ye ...
Happy Days For All?
2008-05-14 15:23:00
Hey! Remember Disaboom? Do y'all check out my blog over there on a regular basis?Check out my posts from both yesterday and today.Afterwards, please answer this question for me, if you don't mind:Do you ever get possessive of your own time and how your child(ren)'s social scene effects that?Actually, I'm sure many (if not most) parents do feel this way. It must be because it's all new to me that I'm just now thinking about this in my own life.What do you do to make sure both you and your child(ren) get the free/fun time you all deserve?
Oh happy days, seriously happy days!
2008-05-13 23:02:00
As an operations manager, I pride myself in being able to manage time fairly well, in fact, I reckon I could say that I’m pretty damn good at it. Anyway, I am moving out at the end of the month, that compiled with a number of other personal things have found me lacking time in ...
Happy Days Card
2008-05-04 16:32:00
Life does do your favours ... only if you are sexy!!
Happy Days [DVD- Rip] - (Movie - Telugu)
2008-04-17 23:39:00
Download & Watch “Happy Days” Movie - DVD-Rip*ing - : Sandesh, Nikhil, Vamsi Krishna, Raahul, Tamanna, Gayatri Rao, Sonia, Monali Chowdary and Kamalinee Mukherjee (in a guest role) Screenshots - Here , Here , Here , Here , Here , Here , Here , HereRapidshare Links CD1 CD2
Happy Days
2008-04-07 21:44:00
Happy Days-1Happy Days-2Happy Days-3Happy Days-4
Happy Days
2008-04-07 21:44:00
Happy Days-1Happy Days-2Happy Days-3Happy Days-4
China: Arbitrage, Capitalism, And Cabbage. Happy Days Are Here Again.
2008-03-27 23:11:00
How to Solve Inflation 101 (h/t to Shanghaiist).
Happy Days in Amsterdam!
2008-03-21 23:15:00
 I just had to take a break from baking to tell you all about Amsterdam's newest (and only) French bakery, Le Fournil de Sébastien!!!! OMIGOD, you can't imagine how happy I am to be typing these words! Before I offend any Dutch (professional) bakers, let it be said that the quality of the bread in the Netherlands has improved by leaps and bounds since I came here ten years ago. I think that Compagnons Fine Food Productions who have a stand at the weekly biologische boerenmarkt (oragnic farmer's market) on the Noordermarkt makes some of the finest croissants that I've had in the NL; and Geertje's Ambachtelijk Brood, also on the Noordermarkt, make the only bread that I really think is worth toasting (up until now). This may seem like a strange statement, as bread should be able to stand on its own, without toasting, but for me its all about toast. Crappy, fluffy, processed, press it between two fingers and roll it into a ball bread doesn't make good toast. Dense, ch...
Happy Days
2008-03-10 16:33:00
Un altro weekend d'amore insieme alla mia Ilaria è, purtroppo, oramai concluso. È sempre sbagliato dare troppo peso al momento attuale senza "capitalizzare" tutto il bello che è accaduto durante gli ultimi giorni, ma il meccanismo di capitalizzazione si inceppa, spesso, quando il tempo atmosferico è così brutto e odioso, una vera schifezza che rende ogni sforzo e tentativo di impegnarsi nello studio praticamente inutile. Preferisco, quindi, viaggiare con la mente a ritroso nel tempo e soffermarmi sull'ultimo weekend trascorso a casa della mia Coccolina. Nonostante il tempo fosse pessimo (nuvolo e pioggerella), siamo riusciti a stare piacevolmente bene assieme, facendo tanto i coccolini come piace a noi: in questo, siamo entrambi dei veri maestri... Ieri, invece, abbiamo assistito assieme ad una delle partite più brutte della storia ultracentenaria del Milan; l'Empoli ci ha fatto penare fino alla fine, quasi, ma grazie alla sosti...
Happy Days - Telugu
2008-03-07 17:15:00
A very recent Telugu Hit Movie Happy Days, I think Every one Likes this movie, so natural very good movie.This is one of the audio song from that movie.
Happy Days In Lisbon, Portugal
2008-02-17 12:34:00
Welcome to sunny Lisbon where winter doesnt involve long dark days, its fantastic! I have been working here for a week down here in Lisbon, Portugal which is pretty much as far as you can go across Europe. I have REALLY enjoyed my week here in a big way, ive got a great impression of this country.The food! Hot dang, seafood! Grilled calamari, fresh garlic prawns! You know it! Fry some home make potato chips, grill a nice serlion and stick an eggs on top of it and you have Portugese steak. You all know, when Im full im happy so they did good just on this one.Nice people too! Every portugese person ive spoken has been friendly and open to me. The hostel im staying at is owned by a retired Portugese guy who had time and money on his hands so opened a super nice new place here in the old town, hes always giving you the local advice and asking about how it went, it really feels like hes doing it for the fun, god bless him.And the weather! It has been sunny all week which has been good fo...
Happy days returns!...big plan this week
2008-02-02 08:27:00
Peek outside my house....bright windy hot sunny day!..Alright! its a brand new day for me! starting today i'm going to have a week of holidays from office work. A big plan to start the week full of usefull activity! Good, the weather is soo fine, sunny and hot! Reminds me being young at 12 jumping around with friend out into country side like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin....their kiddy life almost similar to mine...that was in the past i hope i can relive that glories adventure moments. Time top grab out my bike and dash into the urban wilderness! was to relief stress and refresh my mind so when i come back home i could design my models at ease tonight. Oh yeah this week i'm planing to finish off the truckm models as soon as possible so i could release is it quick and move along with 2 SDK models to be deployed at the website. Some third party user already waiting behind lines to port my models into various games add-on. Also next i will proceed with the release...
Aaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!! The Fonz in Bronze
2008-01-26 16:50:00
The city of Milwaukee is planning to erect a statue of iconic TV character Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli from Happy Days. The statue is expected to be unveiled by Labor Day of this year. The Fonz is just the latest in a series of classic television characters to be immortalized in the locations of where the fictional shows took place: Ralph Kramden in New York City, Mary Tyler Moore in Chicago, etc. Happy Days...what a great show. Henry Winkler's character was a good TV role model. It's been said that when The Fonz got his library card on an episode of the show, there was a record spike in people applying for their own library cards. I would think that once the statue goes up, hundreds of visitors to Milwaukee won't be able to resist having their picture taken next to the fake Fonz with their thumbs up. Start practicing those "aaaaaaaays" now!
By: Go Retro
Happy Days [PDVD] - (Movie - Telugu)
2008-01-17 22:39:00
Download & Watch “Happy Days” PDVD Movie Rip*ing - : Sandesh, Nikhil, Vamsi Krishna, Raahul, Tamanna, Gayatri Rao, Sonia, Monali Chowdary and Kamalinee Mukherjee (in a guest role) Sample Video Proof Link: Sendspace Links: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Megaupload Links: Rapidshare Links: DOWNLOAD SONGS (P-DVD) Quality Ya.Kundendu Jil.Jil.Jingahttp://rapidshare.-com/files/84019562/Jil.Jil.JIng-a.rmvb Arey.Rehttp://rapidshare.c...
Pratt & Mcclain - Happy Days (1976)
2008-01-12 08:25:00
Pratt & McClain's biggest hit single was the theme from the long-running ABC-TV series Happy Days. San Antonio,TX, native Truett Pratt started out singing in the church choir, then joined a rock band in high school. Pasadena, CA, indigene Jerry McClain also sang in the choir. Around the mid-'60s, McClain met Michael Omartian. They formed American Scene and recorded for Dot Records. In 1970,... [Please Visit the blog for the full post...]
happy days
2008-01-06 22:00:00
i’m ready for this time to make a change, a difference i love my life i want the best for myself today it wasn’t too cold i forgot deodorant but i learned to laugh about it my mom made me smile and let me cry bella got a new bone and looked so pretty in pink he has left me and my heart ...
Happy days for trio
2007-12-03 05:56:00
Lanus, Defensor Sporting and Kashima Antlers celebrated league title wins in Argentina, Uruguay and Japan respectively.
By: sports
Happy Days Are Here Again
2007-11-28 17:13:00
California's "2Truthy" sends Chickaboomer this amusing offering on Barbra Streisand's Lincoln bedroom obsession. Too Truthy
ENTERTAINMENT: Happy Days movie and Mp3 download
2007-11-25 06:23:00
happy days telugu movie download whole movie1 Vote(s)
By: JeQQ it
Happy Days!
2007-11-11 10:49:00
Well I thought it time to put out a feel-good happy post. A few good things have happened to me recently. The first, I have managed to get next semester off University, which means that I do not have any University studies for the next 9 months (give or take). Well, after I have had my ...
Happy Days Wallpapers
2007-11-07 10:26:00
For large size of these wallpapers open them in a new page then save them to your computer.
Happy Days remake in Tamil under Prakash Raj Banner [Digg]
2007-11-06 16:31:00
Happy Days remake in Tamil under Prakash Raj Banner
Happy Days remake in Tamil under Prakash Raj Banner
2007-11-06 16:27:00
In collaboration with Moser Baer, Prakashraj's Duet Films is producing 3 films. If he gets good scripts and good directors, he would produce even 30 films!Telugu film 'Happy Days' directed by Shekar Kamala has become a super hit in all venues that it is being screened.Since the story is good, Prakashraj has bought the Tamil re-make rights and work will soon start on it.Tamanna was the heroine of the Telugu original, but it's not sure if she will act in this Tamil version too. However, the director has been fixed.Cameraman KV Guhan will direct the Tamil version of 'Happy Days' and join the list of cameramen turning directors. The hunt is on for the music composer, hero and technicians.
2007-11-04 04:21:00
HAPPY DAYS gripped every average movie goer's imagination like no other film has in recent times. Happy Days and its CREATOR SEKHAR KAMMULA started creating new records and sensations even before its release.The records and sensations that HAPPY DAYS is creating...1. Sekhar Kammula chose his cast very carefully by advertising in the media for auditions. In Tollywood, these are rare things to happen. Normally, it is only the SONS, COUSINS, NEPHEWS or just any RELATIVE or CHAMCHAS of some prominent film personalities that make it to the TOLLYWOOD FILMDOM.2. Sekhar Kammula chose a new strategy of releasing Telugu movies. Happy Days got released a full 4 days in advance in USA. It released on 2nd, October in A.P. This shows the MARKETING ACUMEN of Sekhar Kammula. He correctly identified his target demographics. Though these are common practices in Hollywood, they are refreshing for Tollywood.3. Happy Days was released with just 25 Prints. The Media Attention and curiosity among the g...
Arey Rey Arey Rey song - Tamanna?s pics from Happy Days
2007-11-02 11:22:00 My heart missed a beat at that moment and I am still recovering from the after-effects, even now :-)) That moment in the movie was (also my favorite scene) where-in she enters the CBIT engineering college (Hyderabad) campus wearing a traditional Telugu dress - a red coloured “langa voni”. Yes !! she’s breathtakingly beautiful in the movie ...
Oh My Friend Song: Anand movie with HAPPY DAYS music
2007-11-02 11:05:00 Deeply impressed by Mickey J Meyer’s music, this video is just an attempt to mix this beautiful song with some sensuous scenes from Anand. Watch the original song from Happy Days. Sekhar Kammula’s taking is brilliant. Picturisation, especially from those elevated angles is just beautiful. For once, you’ll get a real feel for the symphony ...
Tollywood producer Dil Raju?s film with Varun Sandesh of Happy Days fame
2007-11-02 10:32:00
Tollywood producer Dil Raju, with a Midas touch, announced a film, which will have Varun Sandesh of Happy Days fame in the lead. The film will be directed by Srikanth, a new comer to the helmers tribe. He is said to have told this storyline to the producer during the filming of Arya. This director, ...
Happy Days to be remade in Tamil:
2007-11-01 19:12:00
Happy Days which is a very big hit in Telugu is now to come in Tamil also. Happy Days Tamil remake rights were bought by Prakash Raj by paying Rs 25 Lakhs. This movie is produced by Prakashraj under the banner of Duet Guhan will be Directing this movie, he happens to be cameraman ...
Happy Days celebrating the Platinum Disc function:
2007-11-01 19:09:00
The unit of Happy Days were planning to celebrate the Audio Platinum Disc function in the first week of November(5th of november), at Shilpa Kala Vedika. This Happy days movie is running successfully in all theaters with a house full collections. This movie stood at the top position facing the big movies in the year ...
#Monday, Tuesday, Happy Days!?#
2007-10-30 20:07:00
What a great idea! An iPod dock that looks like a jukebox…the Crosley iJukebox. Product link (via)
HAPPY DAYS Celebrated 30 Days Run At FREEMONT...
2007-10-29 21:56:00
HAPPY DAYS celebrated 30 days run in PARK theater in FREEMONT of USA. Debutant VARUN SANDESH was present with his family in the celebrations. Every one that was present in the theater and especially enjoyed the celebration. I wish the HAPPY DAYS team many more achievements along their journey to glory...
Happy Days(2007) Good Quality dvdrip
2007-10-27 20:36:00
Happy Days(2007) Good Quality dvdrip2 Vote(s)
By: JeQQ it
Boston Bloggers React to Happy Days [J. Mark English]
2007-10-27 00:31:00
Last night, the city of Boston was filled with nothing but good news from their local sport teams. New England continues to prepare for yet another sacrificial lamb en route to what could be a perfect season. The Boston Red Sox went up two games to nothing against the Colorado Rockies in the World Series. Boston College remained undefeated last night by beating Virginia Tech in the final minutes in a thriller, as they seek to retain their #2 ranking in the polls.Here are some reactions of bloggers following the Boston hysteria.First up is Kevin Donahue with his Boston College fan blog:Everyone that I had spoken to prior to the Boston College - Virginia Tech game expected the Hokies to put an end to the Eagles BCS dreams. The only problem was no one bothered to tell BC. Down 10-0... late in the fourth quarter... on the road... in one of the toughest road houses in college football... Boston College came alive. The Eagles scored 14 unanswered points in the final 2:11 of the game ...
Happy Days, Happydays movie , Happy Days wallpapers, Happy Days Trailer,Hap
2007-10-18 07:23:00
cast: Sandesh, Vamshi krishna, Nikhil,Raahul , Tamanna,Gayatri Rao,Sonia,Monali Choudary, Kamalini Mukherjee(guest)Banner : Amigoes creationsProducer: Shekhar KammulaDirector: Shekhar KhammulaMusic : Mickey J MeyerCamera: Vijay C kumarAll actors in Happy Days film are freshers except Tamanna. Teir performance in Happy Days movie is very natural. Especially Tyson( Raahul) , Chandu(Sandesh) acted well. The main story of this film is how those 8 members spend their four years of their education in the campus and express love for their respective dear ones. Also the lady character Appu(Gayatri rao ) is goood. She performed very well in this movie. Finally Rajesh's( Nikhil) Telangana dialogues are very funny.Music:The music of this film is very very cool and excellent. Particularly second and last song are very melodious.The main plus point of this movie is its music and natural action by new comers. All this credit goes to Shekhar Khammula .This Moview has 6 songs: Cl...
KALCHAs HAPPY DAYS Box-Office Update...
2007-10-10 21:46:00
HAPPY DAYS has given the whole of Andhra Pradesh a lot of happy Days much before the festival season... Earlier, I predicted in my article KALCHAs HAPPY DAYS BOX-OFFICE PREDICTION that Sekhar Kammula's wonder movie would collect around Rs. 6-9 Cr. in the Overseas market and a minimum of Rs. 12 Cr. in the domestic market.And now I am ecstatic about the fact that HAPPY DAYS is well on its target in the Overseas market... But FORTUNATELY, it has surpassed my expectations by a huge margin in the domestic market... All over A.P., the movie is still commanding 100% Occupancy after 10 days of its release. And there is nothing much left to predict now... But the movie will surely collect around Rs. 18-22 Cr. in the domestic market alone. That would take the gross collections to around Rs. 26-28 Cr. including Overseas market.Remember the fact that HAPPY DAYS was made on a very modest budget of around Rs. 3 Cr. And so the whole gross budget of the movie would still be under Rs. 5 Cr. So do y...
Happy Days Satellite Rights Sold For A Whopping Amount !!!
2007-10-09 17:27:00
Telugu movie Happy Days, the latest film by National Award winning director Sekhar Kammula, has become a big hit in all the A centers. The news that is making waves in Tollywood is that MAA TV obtained the satellite rights of Happy Days for a whopping Rs.1.15 crores! This is certainly a record for a film ...
Tech stock happy days are here?yet again?
2007-10-09 03:20:00
Tech stock happy days are here--yet again?With Google's share price well over $600 and Henry Blodget a born-again pundit, is history about to repeat itself?   http:/-/
Happy days are here?yet again?
2007-10-09 03:00:00
Happy days are here--yet again?With Google's share price well over $600 and Henry Blodget a born-again pundit, is history about to repeat itself?   http:/-/ &-#160; 
HAPPY DAYS Satellite Rights Sold For 1.15 Crores To MAA TV...
2007-10-07 09:57:00
HAPPY DAYS has done it... As the movie is tasting an unprecedented success for a low budget movie, according to reliable sources, MAA TV bought the Satellite Rights of Happy Days for an astounding Rs. 1.15 Crores. It is for sure that even MAA TV would make a lot of profit out of it...The Tamil rights have been sold to Prakash Raj. Earlier Dil Raju bought A.P. Rights of Happy Days for about Rs. 6 Crores. So, all in all it seems Sekhar Kammula has made a table profit of at least Rs. 6 crores in INDIA alone. For a movie which released with just 50 prints in A.P., these figures are simply superb. At last a good movie has done deservingly well at the box-office...
Happy Days Success Meet (Event Details & Gallery)
2007-10-05 17:46:00
Success meet of Happy Days was held in simple and stylish manner at Durgam Cheruvu, Hyderabad on Thursday. Producers M S Raju, M L Kumar Chowdhary, Chatrapati Prasad, Dil Raju, Tammareddy Bharadwaja, directors Sukumar, Sri Vaasu and Vamsi Paidipalli, music director Devi Sri Prasad attended as the main guests. The film’s entire cast and crew ...
Sekhar Kammula?s Happy Days Overseas Report Is Extremely Positive !!!
2007-10-04 12:46:00
Tollywood director Sekhar Kammula released his Happy Days in USA on September 28, the same day Chirutha, the debut film of Chiranjeevi’s son, Ram Charan, was released. The reports indicate that Happy Days, a totally new genre film, attracted a major chunk of the audience as compared to Chirutha. Obviously, Sekhar Kammula enjoys a good reputation ...
KALCHAs HAPPY DAYS Review - "Being A Student And Skipping Happy Days Is Lik
2007-10-03 02:42:00
KALCHAs HAPPY DAYS Box-Office Prediction...
2007-10-03 01:30:00
I AM so happy writing this article... 'Coz there is not much to predict... It is already the BIGGEST TELUGU HIT EVER IN USA. So, can it be a flop in Andhra Pradesh? Well, it might be in BIHAR... but in apna A.P... No way... Actually, I have watched it in Vishwanath theater in Kukatpally late in the night... I got my ticket earlier through booking but the tickets were being sold for around Rs. 500/- in Black. Thank god, I booked it earlier. So, how many times you have seen a SO CALLED LOW BUDGET GENRE movie selling like hot cakes...? The answer might be NEVER... Am I right? Well about my prediction of the movie's fate in India... Read on...IN A NUTSHELL: With the tag of Sekhar kammula and USA collection status... HAPPY DAYS will be on steroids... College students will watch this movie at least thrice in turns and in groups... Even the family and regular audience will get attracted with the Super Hit status and also because it is CLEAN (No cheap humour as in Bachelors, 6Teens and th...
HAPPY DAYS Movie Review (Telugu Movie Reviews)
2007-10-02 19:50:00
MOVIE NAME: HAPPY DAYS PUNCHLINE: A journey through college daysGENRE: YouthBANNER: Amigoes Creations CAST: Sandesh, Nikhil, Vamsi Krishna, Raahul, Tamanna, Gayatri Rao, Sonia, Monali Chowdary and Kamalinee Mukherjee (in a guest role) CAMERA: Vijay C KumarMUSIC: Mickey J MeyerART: Kishore ChowksiEDITING: Marthand K VankateshSTORY - SCREENPLAY - DIALOGUES - DIRECTION: Sekhar KammulaPRODUCER: Sekhar Kammula RELEASE DATE: 29 September 2007 IDLE ...
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