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8 Must-Have Features to Make Your Blog Fully Functional
2012-05-19 00:30:00
8 Must-Have Features to Make Your Blog Fully Functional Free Online Articles Directory Why Submit Articles? Top Authors Top Articles FAQ AB Answers Publish Article 0 && $.browser.msie ) { var ie_version = parseInt($.browser.version); if(ie_version Hello Guest Login Login via Register Hello My Home Sign Out Email Password Remember me?Lost Password? Home Page > Internet ...
Found Money and the Prisoner?s Dilemma
2008-04-16 13:25:00
Michael James talked about found money yesterday and the joy of paying off bills with found money, and how we should not squander this found wealth, and really use it to create happiness in the future by paying off debt now. I think this is a sensible approach to found money, but it made ...
Sea Dragons -dads have the babies-photos
2008-03-29 13:22:00
Sea Dragons are some of the most ornately camouflaged creatures on the planet. Adorned with gossamer, leaf-shaped appendages over their entire bodies, they are perfectly outfitted to blend in with the seaweed and kelp formations they live amongst.Endemic to the waters off south and east Australia, leafy and weedy sea dragons are closely related to seahorses and pipefish. Leafies are generally brown to yellow in body color with spectacular olive-tinted appendages. Weedies have less flamboyant projections and are usually reddish in color with yellow spots.Sea dragons have very long, thin snouts; slender trunks covered in bony rings; and thin tails which, unlike their seahorse cousins, cannot be used for gripping. They have small, transparent dorsal and pectoral fins that propel and steer them awkwardly through the water, but they seem quite content to tumble and drift in the current like seaweed. Leafies grow to a length of about 14 inches (35 centimeters), while the slightly larger w...
Sea Dragons -dads have the babies-photos
2007-10-09 15:47:00
Sea dragons are some of the most ornately camouflaged creatures on the planet. Adorned with gossamer, leaf-shaped appendages over their entire bodies, they are perfectly outfitted to blend in with the seaweed and kelp formations they live amongst.Endemic to the waters off south and east Australia, leafy and weedy sea dragons are closely related to seahorses and pipefish. Leafies are generally brown to yellow in body color with spectacular olive-tinted appendages. Weedies have less flamboyant projections and are usually reddish in color with yellow spots.Sea dragons have very long, thin snouts; slender trunks covered in bony rings; and thin tails which, unlike their seahorse cousins, cannot be used for gripping. They have small, transparent dorsal and pectoral fins that propel and steer them awkwardly through the water, but they seem quite content to tumble and drift in the current like seaweed. Leafies grow to a length of about 14 inches (35 centimeters), while the slightly larger w...
Haveil Havalim #117 Hosted At Jack's Shack
2007-05-21 01:52:00
?' ????? ???"?Haveil Havalim #117 has been hosted and published this week over at Jack's Shack.I actually made my first submission to the Haveil Havalim carnival today. I also learned something new today - one can submit blog entries from blogs not their own. Duh! (I appreciate the link to my entry, Pakistan May Ignite Major War, but I didn't submit the post from my blog that's been linked in HH #17. Consequently, I'm curious as to why someone submitted that particular post. Oh, well.)There is a cool Drive-In sign gracing this week's roundup. I am old enough to remember going to Drive-In movies. Yes, they were fun. I loved going to Drive-In movies. Every time I would go to one as a little girl, my parents would buy my brother and I a chocolate malt cup. The Drive-In where I grew up even had a swing set and small playground up near the large screen where all the kids could play before the movie started or if they became bored with the movie. Ah, those were the days!
Sabres Left Wondering What Should Have Been
2007-05-21 01:52:00
When Daniel Alfreddson beat Ryan Miller in the overtime of Game 5 Saturday it was an anti-climatic finish to a wild Sabres' ride. There is little solace in the two overtime losses, nor a feel good spirit about the fight the Sabres showed at the end. All that was left, in everyone's mouths, was the bitter taste of failed expectations.Make no mistake about it the better team won. The Senators were simply stronger on the puck, more focused, hungrier and better prepared than the Sabres for this challenge. The loss highlighted some simple truths for the Sabres. Though a supremely talented team, they lacked the grit to compete against an equally talented opponent. Coaching also failed this team in the areas of special teams.The loss of Scott Arniel to the Manitoba Moose was a much bigger loss than anyone could have foreseen. While the Sabres have historically been an average power play team they have consistently been a tremendous penalty killing team.That simply was missing this year. ...
Ala., Germany Have Mercedes, Rocket Ties (AP)
2007-05-21 00:00:00
A partnership with roots in luxury automobiles and moon rockets is thriving between Alabama and Germany, with ThyssenKrupp AG only the latest German company to locate in the state.
Why does working out have to be so much work?
2007-05-20 20:05:00
I know I’m going to get some groans when I reveal what I’m about to reveal, but I’m going to do it anyway. I have never had to worry about my weight. I have never been on a diet. When I was a child I was too skinny and was told to eat more. But, ...
2007-05-20 15:55:00
If Dennis-the-brain-damaged-hippy--Kucinich wins… AN Essex girl may be the first lady with a tongue stud to have set her sights on the White House. The wife of Dennis Kucinich, a left-wing Democratic congressman and 2008 presidential candidate, is a 29-year-old hippie chick from Upminster at the end of London Underground?s District line. Elizabeth Kucinich, ne Harper, ...
The best toy a cat could have !! - Watch Funny Cats
2007-05-20 14:48:00
spots cat that was beating the box at the begining, and that yellow one that came in running few secs later. 2nd bred (not sure if it is the right word) are all the small kittens. And there is a big fusy gray cat that is from another mom that lives in the roof of my house, she dont like people, no matter how tasty food I give to her and her childs ~_~watchfunnycats, cat, kitten, play, box, crazy, Funny
It is imperative to immediately have an energy Revolution
2007-05-20 10:49:00
It is imperative to immediately have an energy Revolution Description: Reflections by the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro I hold nothing against Brazil, even thought to more than a few Brazilians continuously bombarded with the most diverse arguments, which can be confusing even for people who have traditionally been friendly to Cuba, we might sound callous and careless about hurting that country?s net income of hard currency. However, for me to keep silent would be to opt between the idea of a world tragedy and a presumed benefit for the people of that great nation.
Your Civil War Uniform Does Not Have to Look 100+ Years Old!
2007-05-20 09:03:00
Civil War soldiers did not want to look ‘tattered.? The custom was to look as neat and clean as possible. Remember, when they first got their uniforms, the uniforms looked new. The soldiers of the Civil War liked being tidy. If they had rips and tears in their uniforms, ...
The Worst Game of Football I have ever seen
2007-05-20 06:13:00
Football. Or "Soccer" as Americans often call it. The national game of England, and the most popular game in the world. But why? Today was set to be the showpiece of the English season. Almost 90,000 people went to the rebuilt Wembley Stadium for the FA Cup Final between the two best teams in
Insolvency: What It Is, And What To Do If You Have It! Posted By : Adrian A
2007-05-20 04:32:00
Insolvency is a term often confused with bankruptcy. Insolvency is defined as not having access to enough cash to pay current bills and other financial obligations in the usual course of business. A key component of personal finance is financial planning, a dynamic process that requires regular monitoring and reevaluation.
Admitting You Have Debt Problems Is The First Step Posted By : Allen Jesson
2007-05-20 04:32:00
It is quite easy to spiral into debt without realising the gravity of the problem and more often than not when you do realise that the situation needs to be sorted out it is either too late to do anything about it or worse still you try to remedy the situation by borrowing more money in a futile attempt to pay of your existing debts. Setting financial goals helps direct financial planning. Examples of financial goals are: "To retire at age 50 with a personal net worth of $800,000 American," or "To buy a house in 3 years paying a monthly mortgage servicing cost that is no more than 25% of my gross income". It is not uncommon to have several goals, some short term, and some long term. Read more about finance.
The Demons Have Been Exorcised
2007-05-20 02:36:00
With the utmost of irony, Daniel Alfredsson came into the Sabres zone against 3 defenders down the left side, where he was beat by Jason Pomminville last season to take the brunt of the blame for the series winning goal, and buried a wrister past Ryan Miller to clinch this series in 5 games. Alfredsson had 1 goal and 1 assist and Dany Heatley had 1 goal and 2 assists as the Senators played better and better as the game went along.Heatley finally had found the net in this series and played superb.Can you belive Chris Drury? He was wearing the "A" instead of the "C" tonight, but played like a true captain would. That one shift where he blocked 2 Sens shots to preserve a 1-0 lead was beyond words. Unfortunately he took a shot in the head from his own teammate in the 3rd and never returned.I also feel bad for Ryan Miller. That save on Jason Spezza was a beautiful desperation save. Miller was solid. Can you remember Ray Emery having to be all that great today? The Sens just keep on rolli...
Shout Out.. We now have a Shout Box
2007-05-20 00:00:00
We've just installed a Shout Box in the sidebar, to allow you guys to get in contact with us even easier than ever. We hope it will be useful in helping you guys tell us and each other whats new, what songs your after and any other general chit chat. ...
By: Blog2Life
Jennifer Aniston and Vincent Vaughn Will Have A Chicago Reunion?
2007-05-19 23:00:00
Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, the stars of the movie ?The Break-up?, are reportedly planning a romantic reunion back in Chicago. According to a report, Jennifer will be in Chicago to tape a show with her pal Oprah, and Vince will be in town to visit family. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have remained ...
How Many People Have Your Name?
2007-05-19 21:00:00
A few years ago, a friend of mine attended a conference and met someone (who wasn’t me!) named “Nancy Callahan.” Then the film Sin City came out. One of the characters was an exotic dancer played by Jessica Alba, and her name was — you guessed it — “Nancy Callahan.” These two incidents convinced me to start ...
Have to laugh
2007-05-19 20:41:00
I just wanted to share this one - woman comes to an open house to see the available rental. First she tells me she has bad credit cause she "had to let the credit cards go" during her divorce. Then she tells me she wants to build a dog run outside the unit door so she won't have to leave the house to walk her dog (I allow small pets). Then she calls this idea "a valuable improvement" that she wants to make on the house. Then she tells me she has to be allowed to smoke indoors. Then she tells me she is on Social Security and works part-time off the books. For the topper she mentions that her dog "talks" all the time (read barks nonstop) and that her ex is living down the block with his new flame.I ask you ... where do they come from? Where?
Courtesy call ? Sites that have referenced me
2007-05-19 17:54:00
Wordpress has the ability to report incoming links and I always take the time to visit sites that link to me. This is important to me because it reveals places from which potential traffic might be redirected and it gives me a chance to respond to an opinion about me or to clarify a quote ...
You have Come a Long Way, Baby!
2007-05-19 09:33:00
VDC Corporation has send out a press release that gives a summary of last weeks Smart Fabrics 2007 Conference in Washington DC. According to VDC’s analyst Tim Shea, the Smart Fabrics Conference has come a long way since the first wearable technology conference in NYC back in 2001. What started in 2001 with an audience of ...
Post-houisng-bubble regulation: Will the REIC and MSM have to expose confli
2007-05-19 06:11:00
One good thing that came out of the dot-com collapse is that analysts and media have to expose when they have any potential conflict of interest - stock holdings, investment banking relationships, etc.Well, as we all know, that doesn't happen today with real estate.You have people like The Corrupt David Lereah out there cheerleading housing, while speculating in investment condos, having his salary paid by six percenters, and making money off of "housing never goes down" books.You have Nicholas Retsinas at Harvard's Joint Center for Housing putting out "there is no bubble" statements, when his salary is paid for by the who's-who of the REIC.You have MSM reporters cheerleading housing because their salaries are paid for by REIC ads, and on a personal level their house is their biggest financial asset (or risk). In other words, their entire career and financial well-being rests on house prices going up.And you have real estate clerks giving their expert unbiased views to the MSM on...
How the Lord of the Rings should have ended
2007-05-19 06:07:00
I shouldn't be so surprised that someone actually animated this: Though it's no surprise that I enjoyed this...I think it took me 2 years to trudge through the book, a bit at a time...
I actually do have house stuff to blog about
2007-05-19 05:53:00
After all, it's been almost two weeks since my last blog post. However, I like to accompany my renovation articles with photos and the bedroom is currently an eyesore while I reorganize closets and get rid of clothes I've had since my disco show band days. No way am I posting photos of it now. A fair question would be why I'm reorganizing closets when I haven't finished the bedroom reno yet. I have a long closet that connects the two bedrooms. That's where I stuffed everything when I began this project. Now I have to lay a new floor in there. Being the well-prepared guy that I am, I didn't cover the clothes when I started the reno so they're buried under plaster and saw dust. I've been washing clothes for the last three days and hanging them in the new cedar closet. I can almost see the floor now. Even if disco comes roaring back, I don't think my 28" waistline will. Maybe St Theresa's church can find something useful to do with my purple and green palm tree motif...
No Need For Church Building If You Have An Automobile
2007-05-18 22:44:00
Thanks to an article posted on another blog, I saw this interesting thought.You?ve heard of drive-in movies, well what about a drive-in church?In Florida they have a new kind of ?appeal to a different kind of person who doesn't want that traditional feeling.?Think you may want to visit? Here you go. just wonder who the lucky person is to take up the offering when it is pouring down rain.
okay tamiki, they should have your arrested? or at least sent to Orange Cou
2007-05-18 20:41:00
One day, after a big terror threat in the news, I passed a busy crowded street while walking to school. I was carrying a large text book - accounting, I think. I got a twisted idea, and I dropped the textbook from over my head, making sure it slammed flat on the ground. BOOOOOOM!!!!!!!! It made a ...
Have You Considered The Possibility That Although It May Sound Too Good To
2007-05-18 18:14:00
We have all heard the saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”, but is this really accurate? I don’t believe it always is, and having beliefs like this can really prevent us from taking advantage of excellent opportunities that may come our way. Negative thoughts such as “I could never ...
American Idol-Sanjaya can’t have his Mercedes Benz
2007-05-18 16:59:00
‘ Idol’s’ product placement problem One of Sanjaya Malakar’s top song choices was nixed by the show’s advertisers. The “American Idol” reject told Seattle’s KISS 106.1 that during American Idol’s country week he wanted to sing the Janis Joplin song “Mercedes Benz,” but wasn’t allowed to because “we’re sponsored by Ford.” When asked what it was that he missed most about his Federal Way, Wash., home, Malakar replied, “Being able to walk around the streets singing really, really loudly and not worrying about anyone one recognizing me or caring — or getting ripped on by Simon.” source
Have You Noticed How..................
2007-05-18 16:47:00
     N-AMESIf Cindy, Richa, Shalini and Mamta go out for lunch, they will call each other Cindy, Richa, Shalini  and Mamta.If Raju,Uday,Anand and Dinesh go out, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Godzilla, Dopey and DumboEATING OUTWhen the bill arrives, Raju,Uday,Anand and Dinesh will each throw in 100 bucks, even though it's only for 200. None of them will have anything smaller and none will actually admit they want change back.When the women get their bill, out come the pocket calculators.MONEYA man will pay 20 bucks for a 10 bucks item he needs.A woman will pay 10 bucks for a 20 bucks item that she doesn't need but it's on sale          BATHROOMSA man has five items in his bathroom: a toothbrush, shaving cream, razor,a bar of soap, and a towel from the Taj.The average number of items in the typical woman's bathroom is 341. A ma...
I have issues.
2007-05-18 16:15:00
I have issues. There's no denying it. I can't shake them off, i can't pretend to ignore them and hope they blow away magically. I can't let them just sit quiescently at the back of my mind, because they grow like a fucking cancer. And i can't seem to find a solution either.I just want to cruise along in life, and let peoples' comments slip off my back like water off a glass. But i have amazingly lost that ability, that shield that used to encased me.And now, i am fucking exposed to the elements, bewildered and struggling.Why do i have these cyclic bouts of emotional episodes?Part of me understand why i need to let myself suffer through these agonizing tumultuous cycles. It's because i haven't yet found the answer i am been seeking for, and until i find it, there will be no rest for me.But it is incredibly frustrating when these age old questions keep getting thrown up again and again. And then i go through the same thought processes, from different angles, but yet hitting th...
Merle Haggard And Billy Joe Shaver Have New Albums In The Pipes
2007-05-18 15:57:00
A Fredericksburg promoter’s attempt to revive a lawsuit against Merle Haggard has been shot down by the 4th Court of Appeals because she missed the deadline to appeal the suit’s dismissal. Kathy Schroeder is suing Haggard over a concert he failed to appear at in 2001 due to an illness, which she is challenging as ...
Multi-overtime games have been plentiful
2007-05-18 14:05:00
There have been eight playoff games so far that have been decided past thefirst overtime period, including Ottawa’s4-3 win over Buffalo in Game 2. If multiple ov… More: continued here
I have no idea how the realtortrolls, permabulls and NAR can spin their way
2007-05-18 12:45:00
Demand is tanking (people know homes will be cheaper tomorrow)Supply is exploding (as homedebtor panic sets in).The available pool of homedebtors is shrinking (thank you subprime wipeout)It's significantly cheaper to rent than buy today (it's always about the P/E)Jobs are going away (thank you housing crash vicious circle)Consumer confidence is plunging (housing crash, oil prices, jobs, iraq)There should be so surprises to HP'ers. Everything is going exactly as it should. Exactly as it always does post-mania, post-bubble, post-Ponzi Scheme. It was all in the book. Now what will we do with all these damn houses?Housing glut: From bad to worse - Some markets have seen a tripling of property listings since the housing market has -- The number of homes for sale in major markets ballooned in April, according to a new industry report, adding further evidence that the U.S. housing slump is still trying to find a bottom.In April, there were 743,367 existing house and ...
Have A Bad Credit & Need Money: Go For Bad Credit Personal Loan
2007-05-18 11:20:00
Tip! If you own a home in the UK and have equity in your property, a UK bad credit personal loan can help you bring the normalcy back into your life. Using your home as collateral, a bad credit loan can give you back your freedom to make home improvements or get the new vehicle you have been wanting or needing. A bad credit personal loan is a type of personal loan planned especially for people with bad credit history. Getting a bad credit personal loan is now a say not a problem at all. However, the loan amount, interest rate, payment duration etc depend on various factors. What for a bad credit personal loan is required: As the word Bad Credit itself explains, any personal with bad credit means he must have made delayed payments, less payments, pending payments etc. It means the person with bad credit does not have sound financial capacity. He must have felt extreme requirements of of having sufficient money in hand but due to lack of financial soundness he mus not have money at t...
His Arts have Beauty and Reason
2007-05-18 09:12:00
You rock. amazing acrobatics, Art, Bruce Lee, draw, drawing, paint, Painting, Talents
The Mike Vick Dog Fighting Videos have been found and for sale on Ebay!
2007-05-18 07:22:00
The Mike Vick Dog Fighting video has been found and it is now listed on to be bidded on. Well, not really. This is what the listing shows: I have in my possession a FAKE video of Mike Vick at a dog fight behind his Virginia house. The DA is offering a $2,500 reward if ...
Should You Have A Blog?
2007-05-18 06:08:00
In my opinion - YES! Knowing that you can make money with your blog should be reason enough for having one! Don't think that you would have anything to say? Well the fact that you can make money with your blog should give you enough incentive to think of something to say.What's it like having a blog? It's just like having your own diary (one day soon I'm going to review the movie "Bridget Jones's Diary") where you post entries like your thoughts and so on.... The only difference is that since it will be online that will mean than anyone could view your blog. But I think that that is the appeal of having a blog.Once you have your blog set up - is a good place to set up your blog and what's even better about Blogger is that they encourage you to add Adsense affiliate ads to your blog. If you're still having doubts or want to see what others blogs look like you can still go to the Blogger website and take a look at other people's blogs.I have been seeing a lo...
Have To Post This
2007-05-18 05:51:00
Oprah says we should reach out to our neighbors. And because Oprah is always one to practice what she preaches, she sets the example by throwing lavish dinner parties for her neighbors complete with celebrity chef and Michael Buble and hires a celebrity gardener to landscape their balconies.I want to like Oprah. But something about her 400 carat diamond earrings makes me leery.And she doesn't know my neighbors.On one side I have the senile widow who likes to call the cops on us for pretend grievances. On the other side of her is the manic depressive housewife who flashes widow lady from her front yard whenever she feels threatened. Across the street from her is the middle-aged, hot tempered wannabe rock star who sings bad karaoke from his garage till the wee hours of the morning.I have a theory that Oprah had her neighbors balconies beautified so she wouldn't have to see the less-than-glamorous exteriors on her way into work every morning. She only did this for the neighbors facin...
Politics: More than 800 Hong Kong residents have called on authorities to r
2007-05-18 03:39:00
A spokesperson for Hong Kong’s Television and Entertainment Licensing authority (TELA) said it had received 838 complaints about the Bible by noon on Wednesday. The complaints follow the launch of an anonymous Web site — — which said the holy book “made one tremble” given its sexual and violent content, including rape and incest. The Web ...
Man car jacks old lady, He bests to Have an Extra Large Jar of Vaseline
2007-05-18 02:34:00
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Big Shot Rob may have made the biggest shot in the playoffs this year.
2007-05-18 00:58:00
The series that should have been the Conference Finals in the West (no disrespect to you Utah, but who wants to see you), it has come down to whether the supsensions in Game 4 that ended with Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw out for Game 5 and Robert Horry out for Game 5 & 6, ...
Wherein we (a) congratulate politician and (b) prove we have Showtime
2007-05-18 00:00:00
Since he won the Democratic primary last night to represent District 3 on the city council faces no Republican opposition in the general election, Bruce Kraus will become the first openly gay man elected to office in the city of...
Unprepared, Uncompensated, and Clueless: Prophets Have Become Historians
2007-05-17 22:57:00
by Carolyn Baker5/17/07Speaking Truth to PowerOn Monday, residents of the Borderplex, as we call the region that encompasses far West Texas, Southern New Mexico, and Northern Mexico, awoke to a beautiful spring morning. No ecovillages, intentional communities, or new urbanism exist in our region, and living as I do in a rural area, I still own an internal combustion vehicle, and periodically, as all such monstrosities do, it needs a tune-up. Driving along a winding country road on the way to visit my mechanic on that lovely morning, drinking in the green fields of our newly-flourishing alfalfa crops and feeling extraordinarily grateful to be surrounded by farmland, I noticed that traffic was slowing and coming to a halt. A car accident? I wondered. No, off to the side of the road were parents and teachers carrying signs which read, ?Celebrate with the class of 2007!!? County sheriff patrol cars, lights flashing, flanked what appeared to be a parade. Soon a barrage of cars on the opp...
Curious as to much power a simple blog could have?
2007-05-17 21:55:00
Apple found out yesterday when their market value dropped by a $4 billion because of one article from Engadget. Engadget’s post said that the iPhone and Leopard operating system launches would be seriously delayed, based of off an internal Apple email that was forwarded to them. Within just minutes after the post, Apple stock dropped ...
Top 20 Excuses Why your Wife or Girlfriend Should Let You Have Five More Mi
2007-05-17 20:50:00
20. I’m still waiting for my file to download. 19. I’ll be done as soon as this badger-badger-mushroom song is over. 18. I only need 600 more XP to level up! 17. My blog’s getting Digg traffic and I have to watch to make sure it doesn’t overload. 16. There’s an African prince who needs to store his ...
Chrisette Michele - If I have my way
2007-05-17 19:28:00
She’s been signed to Def Jam, and also featured in Jay-Z new album and also Nas. Can’t wait for her debut album “I am” out June! Chrisette Michelle - If I have my way
Gerrard?s Liverpool have no fear
2007-05-17 19:27:00
Steven Gerrard warned AC Milan that they face further final heartbreak if the Liverpool FC team “that’s been in Europe all season turns up in Athens” next week.
Havens | San Clemente, Calif.: A Renaissance of Charm in a Hub of the Surfi
2007-05-17 19:05:00
In the last few years, an influx of second-home buyers and retirees have been moving to the older neighborhoods of San Clemente, Calif. More: continued here With What You Have In Fridge
2007-05-17 18:20:00
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