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GoPro 1080p HD Helmet Hero
2009-08-01 03:00:00
The world's first wearable full 1080p HD video camera will provide the best-looking action sports footage that you've seen. Use it to capture all your best skate, snow, water and mountain moments.
Scorpion EXO-900 3-in-1 Transformer Helmet
2009-07-30 20:00:00
The Transformer Helmet provides three separate configurations, in addition to some other customizable features that make it the ultimate safety accessory for your next motorcycle ride.
News: headbanging is bad... now get a helmet...
2009-07-27 01:25:00
Head and neck injury risks in heavy metal: head bangers stuck between rock and a hard bass Declan Patton, research assistant, Andrew McIntosh, associate professor 1 School of Risk and Safety Sciences, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia 2052 Correspondence to: A McIntosh Abstract Objective To investigate the risks of mild traumatic brain injury and neck... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Kawasaki Developing Night VIsion Technology for In Helmet Heads Up Display
2009-07-16 19:12:00
The Kawasaki 1400-GTR Sportbike has already secured its place as one of the most technologically advanced bikes to ever hit the street. It features a Variable Valve Timing Engine, a keyless ignition system and tire pressure sensors from the factory, which seems like more than enough to keep anyone happy. However, Kawasaki decided the 1400-GTR needed more and are now set to make night-vision and a few other high-tech goodies part of the superbike's package deal.
Kawasaki Developing Night VIsion Technology for In Helmet Heads Up Display
2009-07-16 19:12:00
The Kawasaki 1400-GTR Sportbike has already secured its place as one of the most technologically advanced bikes to ever hit the street. It features a Variable Valve Timing Engine, a keyless ignition system and tire pressure sensors from the factory, which seems like more than enough to keep anyone happy. However, Kawasaki decided the 1400-GTR needed more and are now set to make night-vision and a few other high-tech goodies part of the superbike's package deal.
Movie time: The Green Helmet from 1961
2009-05-28 03:27:00
After trying to find this film for many years, courtesy of TCM, we finally got to see it. It stars Bill Travers and Ed Begley, as well as Jack Brabham appearing as himself! Based on a book of the same name. This is a terrific racing film. The central theme is the development of new tires for a Jaguar racing car, then their application on race tracks. The film opens at LeMans, and with the famous running start. The secondary theme is the death of several racers and the lives of the people surrounding them. Actual historic footage is used. It's fascinating - and it's scary. You'll like this film for it's historical historical footage of LeMans, Silverstone, Sebring, and especially the Mille Miglia. The original Mille Miglia was one of the all-time greatest racing events on the planet, in our humble opinion. Although this film does show why it had to be canceled in it's original form. This is a very obscure film and is not listed in many film databases. It's very rarel...
St Maarten Helmet Dive
2009-03-18 22:48:00
One of our highlight excursions was a SeaTrek Helmet dive in St Maarten. It was a great experience. Basically you put this 75LB helmet on you head (it does not feel very heavy underwater) climb down the ladder and explore. We were 20 feet below, and we did not need any scuba certification. You have a constant supply of air, the helmet does not seal against you body in anyway, it rest comfortable on your shoulders. The concept is pretty simple once the lady explains it to you, it is the same as turning a cup upside down in water, the helmet creates an air pocket that your head is in. We were able to spend about 20-25 minutes underwater and we really enjoyed ourselves as you can see from the pictures below. The pictures where taken with a Canon S70 and a Canon WP-DC40 Underwater Housing Kit:
Brain Helmet Could Help Save Lives Of Stroke Victims
2009-02-11 19:46:00
Duke University bioengineers have created the first "brain helmet" capable of detecting a stroke in a matter of minutes, compared to the four hours it takes to detect from a traditional MRI or CT study. Particularly for the most common types of strokes, the brain helmet's rapid diagnosis could make the difference between recovery and disability, or even life and death.
Helmet Lamp
2009-01-05 13:32:00
Unfortunately I destroyed my Smila Blomma from IKEA, due to mistreatment: I let the bulb come to close to the plastic. After removing the Blomma the construction of the lamp is as such suitable that I could turn it easily into a (echo machine on) Construction Helmet Lamp (echo machine off). It needed just 1 screw, and I can still use the helmet as an helmet. One can even go really nerdish and turn it into an autarkic lamp by adding a solar panel or a small windmill onto the helmet. During working day at the construction site the solar panel or windmill will charge a battery, at night the helmet can be put on the Smila Blomma construction next to for instance the wardrobe section of your house. Here it than functions as a 'Honey, I'm home' lamp. John Bosma Construction Helmet Lamp (2009) Superused: 1 (broken) Smila Blomma, 1 screw and 1 construction helmet. Rotterdam, The Netherlands Smila Blomma:
By: superuse
Pillow Crash Helmet: Great Idea?
2008-12-11 18:09:00
U.S. Patent #3,538,508, also known as the Pillow Crash Helmet dates back to 1970 and is just as silly today as it was then. More than likely inspired by the courtesy pillows handed out on airplanes, this pillow goes a step further and upon command, becomes a crash helmet. Read on for some smashing details.
Getting a Motorcycle Helmet That is DOT Approved and Choosing a Model
2008-10-28 02:29:00
I doubt the first motorcycle helmet that came out which was invented by Gottlieb Daimler in 1885 was dot approved. Well back in his day a bike was not capable of the speeds that today’s bikes are. So there was likely not a need for helmets that were approved for a high impact crash. the department of transportation which is what DOT stands for did not start approving helmets until 1974 by introducing a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard for motorcycle helmets. When you buy motorcycle helmets for yourself or for a biker you know make sure that the helmet has been DOT approved. What this means is basically that the manufacturer of the helmet has submitted their product for testing and approval with the Department of transportations. Once the motorcycle helmet bears the mark DOT Approved you can rest assured that it meets the standards for safety as set forth by the department of transportation. Snell is another entity that can approve a motorcycle helmet for safety, however t...
Kids Smile at Safety with Innovative Helmet Covers
2008-08-12 20:12:00
Looking for a creative way to keep kids safe? Give this innovative Canadian company a try. Children Innovation Lifestyle Outdoors Parenting Products Toys
Defense tests helmet radios
2008-06-18 07:07:00
One of the more interesting developments coming out of the Green Bay Packers' minicamp practices on Tuesday was that the defense was using helmets with wireless radios in them for the first time.Lori Nickel of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, "This year, the helmets of two defensive players per team will feature the same dots, now that the NFL is allowing one defensive player on the field at a time to have the same wireless communication with coaches."Both middle linebacker Nick Barnett and safety Nick Collins tried out the device on Tuesday, although it would seem that Barnett would be the front-runner to receive most of the communication.Barnett not only received defensive signals from coaches in the past, but he also rarely leaves the field even when the Packers go into their nickel and dime packages.Barnett even gave a little jab to the New England Patriots when he was quoted in the Journal Sentinel as saying, "It will take some time to see how this will benefit us. The ...
Valentio Rossi’s new helmet a scream
2008-06-09 02:52:00
MotoGP is the pinnacle of motorcycle racing and could be considered the Formula 1 of the two-wheeled world. Current series point leader and seven-time Grand Prix World Championship title winner Valentino Rossi has a habit of debuting a new helmet design at the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello, and this year’s design did not fail to disappoint. Featuring a roughly life-size portrait of The Doctor himself in the middle of a scream, it was pretty hard to miss Rossi, even in the field of brightly colored riders and bikes.
By: Attuworld
Lion Armor Helmet (ps'nin Böylesi!..)
2008-06-09 00:04:00
Adam iyi yapm??ta, Max ve Current Durabilitiy'i iyi sallam?? Defense Ability'de ayn? ?ekil
Oregon Scientific Intro ATC3K Waterproof ?Action Cam? Video Camera [Helmet
2008-06-08 18:37:00
Aimed specifically at outdoor types looking to capture the their pursuits for posterity, Oregon Scientifics new ATC3K Waterproof ?Action Cam? Video Camera not only boasts weatherproofing (including waterproofing) but is also designed to endure the sort of environments that would see other digital cameras failing at the first hurdle and, ...
Tony Hawk Helmet Camera for only $39.99
2008-06-03 04:49:00
Get set to record your latest stunts and craziest tricks with the Tony Hawk-inspired Helmet Cam. Simply attach the camera to any helmet, and record the action on the Digital Blue 32MB memory card (included)
2008 Monaco F1 GP - Helmet Specials
2008-05-27 11:41:00
Monaco GP has some history of special helmets and liveries. Here is recap of four special helmets I noticed this year - the diamond helmets of McLaren drivers, Monaco flag and track map helmet of Nelson Piquet and 200 race anniversary helmet of Giancarlo Fisichella. Have I missed any ? Here is one helmet I missed and ...
By: F1 Wolf
Classic Open Face Helmet - Against The Wind
2008-05-24 13:07:00
The bikers always say that you should never leave your home without a helmet. Helmet is the most popular headgear protective to motorcyclists as it is very reliable immaterial of the type of helmet. There are so mainly four types of helmets namely full face helmet, half helmet, classic open face helmet and open face retro DOT helmet. The main purpose of the helmet is to provide motorcycle safety to the rider by protecting the biker's head in case of an accident. Moreover, the helmet gives protection to the biker's nose, eyes and ears. In addition, it provides proper ventilation and protects from the elements.
2008 Monaco F1 GP - Race number 200 for Giancarlo Fisichella
2008-05-24 06:08:00
Rubens Barrichello celebrated his 257th F1 race in Turkey. Giancarlo Fisichella will celebrate his 200th Grand Prix start in Monaco. He is only the ninth driver in history to reach that milestone. His total does not include the 2005 US GP, when along with the other Michelin runners he withdrew on the formation lap. ...
By: F1 Wolf
Tony Hawk Helmet Camera for only $39.99
2008-05-24 04:12:00
Get set to record your latest stunts and craziest tricks with the Tony Hawk-inspired Helmet Cam. Simply attach the camera to any helmet, and record the action on the Digital Blue 32MB memory card (included). It includes the Helmet Cam, helmet strap, 32MB memory card, USB cable, video editing software and quickstart guide.
Review - Giro Remedy Full Face Bike Helmet
2008-05-21 22:04:00
By Bobby Hanswell The Giro Remedy Full Face Bike Helmet is hands down the best bang for your buck, when it comes to full-faced bike helmets. Whether you’re into Downhill Mountain Biking, Dual Slalom, Dirt Jumping, or BMX riding you’ll love all that this helmet has to offer. It’s a tough, comfortable, good looking, inexpensive helmet ...
Bow WOW! Part 2: Zoomer's Helmet For Biker Dogs
2008-05-21 04:58:00
First, I'll tell you who Zoomer is. He's the faun-colored biker dog dachshund showing off the helmut he helped design so he could bike with his owners. Nice Zoomer Gear Helmut. Wait 'til you see the bike! Technorati Tags: Cars and Motors Fun Gadgets Innovation Lifestyle Outdoors Pets Products Weird or Wacky Array
Jack Black And The Thought Screen Helmet
2008-05-20 19:48:00
Evidently actor Jack Black is being controlled by an evil race of aliens. Grassy Knoll Institute scientists believe that Mr. Black, even though he wears his thought screen helmet, has constructed a flawed helmet allowing aliens to access Mr. Black’s mind forcing him to make bad career choices. This goes a long way in explaining the ...
Why Helmet Color Matters
2008-05-15 22:39:00
I was riding back home from work. I was merging from one freeway to another. Going down the on-ramp, cautiously splitting narrowing lanes. I noted a rider on the freeway I was merging on. Something looked familiar, his helmet looked familiar, his jacket, his bike. Wait, it is Motodisiac. By the time I ended up ...
Motorcycle Helmet Laws - Ralph Nader or Sonny Barger
2008-05-15 15:00:00
J ust as Rock Hudson’s death brought the AIDS epidemic to the forefront of American consciousness, Ben Roethlisberger’s motorcycle accident without a helmet has brought brain buckets back into the pop topic tent.  Big Ben’s record contract with The Steelers this past year has made it hardly arguable that for him at least, getting into a motorcycle accident while not wearing a helmet was an excellent career move. The subject is of particular relevance where I live in New Hampshire, as we are one of four states that have no helmet law. When speaking of motorcycle helmets, New Hampshire’s Nathan Hale paraphrase motto of “Live Free or Die” says it all, though to substitute one conjunction for another, “Live Free and Die” might be more appropriate. Bike Week, as it is called, the New Hampshire Lakes Region’s annual celebration of motorcycle culture, recorded its bloodiest season in 2006. Three died the previous year ...
Josh Hill Wins Supercross Wearing GoPro Helmet-HERO
2008-05-13 08:05:00
GoPro is a sponsor of Yamaha Factory Racing and rookie rider Josh Hill won his first ever Supercross race wearing GoPro’s Motorports HERO camera on his helmet. Proof that GoPro cameras perform at the highest levels of motorsports. This is Josh’s heat race. Congratulations Josh and Yamaha!!!Buy GoPro Digital Cameras from (more…)
ATV 60ft dune jump with helmet cam
2008-05-13 07:05:00
Video doesn’t do a jump like this justice, but it gives you an idea. This is helmet cam video of a 60ft ATV jump at Little Sahara State Park in Oklahoma. (more…)
Schumacher Schuberth Motorcycle Helmet
2008-05-12 12:06:00
Taken from Schumacher Schuberth Motorcycle Helmet on ZerCustoms Michael Schumacher gets involved even more in Motorcycle racing. The multiple Formula 1 world champion, in collaboration with Schuberth, has developed a new motorcycle helmet. The 7-time F1 champion Schumacher used Schuberth helmets until he retired from the sport, but ... Complete text here: Schumacher Schuberth Motorcycle Helmet Photo gallery here: Schumacher Schuberth Motorcycle Helmet Photos More Miscellaneous news on ZerCustoms
Sexson ejected after charging mound, flinging helmet (AP)
2008-05-09 07:17:00
Richie Sexson charged the mound and flung his helmet at Rangers pitcher Kason Gabbard after the left-hander threw a pitch eye-high to the Seattle Mariners first baseman in the fourth inning of Thursday night’s game. Both benches cleared, but no punches were thrown. Sexson was ejected. The pitch was up, but not far inside to ...
Iron Man Helmet
2008-05-09 00:00:00
Have you watched the Iron Man movie? If you children are obsessed with it then I think you should get them the Iron Man Helmet. This Iron Man mask is officially licensed by Marvel Comics. Its sturdy construction makes it a great collector's piece, or it can be the topper ...
By: 2dayblog
Custom Paint On Your Motorcycle Helmet
2008-05-07 07:00:00
Your helmet should not just before protecting your head, it should be for making a statement about who you are as well. But why get custom paint on your helmet? Is it really necessary? Why should you custom paint your helmet? When you first start riding your motorcycle, you may think that a helmet from ...
Louisiana Committee Approves Repeal Of Helmet Law
2008-05-06 19:28:00
L ouisiana should get rid of a law requiring adult motorcycle riders to wear helmets, a House committee voted on Tuesday. The House Transportation Committee's approval moves the bill by Rep. Mert Smiley, R-Port Vincent, to the House floor. Smiley's bill would require bikers under age 18 to wear helmets, but not adults. Smiley and others argue that helmets can contribute to crashes, by limiting bikers' vision. Louisiana is one of 20 states that require all motorcyclists to wear a helmet, a statute that safety activists say saves lives in accidents. The measure moved forward despite opposition from James Champagne, former head of the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, who mocked Smiley's position as "tantamount to believing in the tooth fairy." "If you get into a crash, that helmet may be the one thing that saves your life or saves you from a serious injury," Champagne said. Champagne was removed earlier this y...
Purchasing The Perfect Motorcycle Helmet
2008-05-06 16:08:00
You cannot choose a helmet based on its size or the material it’s made from alone. There are many things that need to be considered when purchasing motorcycle helmets. Sure, it’s probably possible to locate a helmet that is the right color or that is made from the type of material that will satisfy your safety concerns, but when it comes to “proper fit” it opens up a whole new can of worms. It is so important to consider the “safety factor.” Some motorcycle helmets are just not as safe as others and you should be aware of this. Some of the more popular motorcycle helmet manufacturers are Icon, Arai, Shoei, Suomy, Erex, Bell, HJC and Nolan. The majority of their helmets are approved by DOT or Snell. There are many other makers, but these are some of the better known companies. When it comes to safety there are two major concerns. One, how is your visibility? How is your peripheral vision? Can you see enough of the surrounding area to b...
Grivel Salamander Climbing Helmet $49.93
2008-05-01 17:45:00
Save 39% - REI has the Grivel Salamander Climbing Helmet on sale for a low $49.93. The helmet features an ABS plastic outer shell and a shock absorbing polystyrene foam inner layer. Available in 3 different colors. Great for alpine, rock, and ice climbing pursuits.
Gopro Helmet Hero Review
2008-04-23 11:12:00
The good: Handy waterproof enclosure; low distortion; good white balance; mounts easily onto the helmet and handlebar; and takes stills plus videos. The bad: Sluggish; takes very soft images; quality only for internet/ computer viewing. The Action Cameras bottom line: For a small, reasonably priced, user-friendly camera for biking? this is it. Read More SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Gopro Helmet Hero Review", url: "http://www.actioncamerasblog.c-om/2008/04/23/gopro-helmet-hero--review/" });
Motorcycle Helmet Bag - Don?t Leave Home Without Your Headgear
2008-04-19 11:28:00
Riding advocates always tell people to wear a helmet when riding their motorcycle in order to protect the head from serious or fatal injuries is they are ever involved in an accident. There will always be people who would prefer not to be encumbered by this heavy and hot piece of riding equipment, but when faced with the alternative of brain injury or death, most people will invest in a helmet that is comfortable and easy to wear in order to protect themselves. This investment deserves to be protected as well and consumers who are conscientious about their equipment will also purchase a motorcycle helmet bag to keep their equipment in tip top shape. These bags will help keep the helmet from getting dinged up and dull when they are not being used, making them last longer and retain their beauty.
I?m Free From Thought Screen Helmet Aliens
2008-04-15 19:01:00
A Small Price To Pay Although this particular model of thought screen helmet has several drawbacks, (The inability to see oncoming traffic, difficulty entering doorways, and a target for ridicule) it is highly effective at keeping the evil race of aliens attempting to control mankind through telepathy at bay. Although, perhaps this is the plan of ...
Helmet Basics from Impact Racing
2008-04-12 00:00:00
By Katherine Helmetag AKA atomicalex One of my friends over at the NASCAR safety group of a large American automaker constantly pesters me to upgrade my safety equipment for motorsports. If I did everything he told me to do, I...
The Helmet
2008-04-10 00:00:00
I've been lusting over this Jeremy Scott helmet for ever, or at least since I saw it float down the runway on top of multiple model's heads during his Spring 2007 runway show. I either loved it due to it's whimsical quality, or because it reminded me of my sister ...
Stuff and helmet cams
2008-04-08 12:29:00
Great piece here on Stuff TV about helmet cams. They mention the amazing POV1 we talked about here and also some other great Action Camera products It’s well worth a catch SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Stuff and helmet cams", url: "http://www.actioncamerasblog.c-om/2008/04/08/stuff-and-helmet--cams/" });
Evisu Denim Products - Zippo, Teddy and Helmet
2008-04-07 00:00:00
Alright, the Evisu a Japanese denim company has released three products wrapped with its denim design. Those three are the Zippo, a Teddy Bear and a Helmet for motorcyclist. The helmet is collaboration with Acejet and the lighter with Zippo. You can get three of them at Ripe. More pictures ...
By: 2dayblog
NFL tables hair issue; defensive helmet radios OK
2008-04-01 17:02:00
The Kansas City Chiefs’ proposal to tuck or cut long hair so it doesn’t hang below the nameplate on a uniform was tabled until the NFL owners meeting in May. Read More: John Clayton
Hair issue tabled; defensive helmet radios OK?d
2008-04-01 13:39:00
The Kansas City Chiefs’ proposal to tuck or cut long hair so it doesn’t hang below the nameplate on a uniform was tabled until the NFL owners meeting in May. Read More: John Clayton
DOT secretary becomes a spokesperson for Helmet Safety after her motorcycle
2008-03-26 19:13:00
It's not just because of her job that Mary Peters, Secretary of Transportation, cares about motorcycle safety. Peters is an avid motorcyclist herself and one who knows firsthand how important wearing a helmet can be. “My helmet prevented me from being a brain injury patient when I crashed my Harley two years ago,” says Peters who suffered a broken collar bone when she hit the pavement. That’s why she’s now pressing Congress to enact legislation to encourage more states to pass motorcycle helmet laws. “I want states to be able to join in urging riders to take personal responsibility for their safety by wearing a helmet every time they ride,” said Peters who is prompting Congress to allow states to use federal motorcycle safety funding to promote the use of motorcycle helmets. Currently, states are limited to using that money for safety training and awareness programs only. Peters notes that motorcycle fatalities have more tha...
Horse Riders improve their skills with helmet cameras
2008-03-20 13:52:00
Another interesting story we found when looking through the action camera sales … As the summer competition season draws nearer more and more riders are turning to helmet mounted cameras to record training at home and away. have noticed a 190% increase in sales to riders from this time last year. They believe it?s in ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Horse Riders improve their skills with helmet cameras", url: "http://www.actioncamerasblog.c-om/2008/03/20/horse-riders-impr-ove-their-skills-with-helmet-ca-meras/" });
Troxel Introducing a Cowboy Hat Riding Helmet
2008-03-19 22:43:00
Troxel, the best riding helmet manufacturer out there, is introducing a new helmet in April for the western crowd. (...)
Bad Case Of Helmet Head?.
2008-03-14 08:02:00
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Salomon Essential AF Helmet $56.99
2008-03-12 18:00:00
Massey’s Professional Outfitters has the Salomon Essential AF Helmet on sale for $56.99. This lightweight helmet features self-molding autofit liner, airvent system for proper airflow, and a polycarbonate shell.
Top Selling Helmet Cam This Month
2008-03-10 14:14:00
wow, what a month! Our cyling story set the country on fire and, as a result, we’ve had huge amount of helmet cam enquiries and orders. This month top seller is the Helmet Hero, seen here. It’s clear that a good deal of people are looking at helmet cams for their immediate ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Top Selling Helmet Cam This Month", url: "http://www.actioncamerasblog.c-om/2008/03/10/top-selling-helme-t-cam-this-month/" });
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