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Hijab Day
2010-09-04 19:34:00
Wear hijab and live independent... Like other parts of the globe, World Hijab Day was observed across the country on Saturday to raise awareness about the rights of Muslim women, including wearing...
Hernando student in hijab *would* stand for the flag. And apparently *did.*
2009-09-02 15:21:00
A few days ago, I wrote about a young Muslim student at Springstead High who wouldn’t stand for the Pledge of Allegience and got a severe tongue lashing from fellow student Heather Lawrence as a result. To repeat my stance: Students should not be made to stand for the pledge. Other students are allowed to disagree and voice their opinions. However, now school officials are reporting that the student wearing a hijab did stand for the flag. Could it be that Heather Lawrence had a racist moment? Principal Susan Duval believes Heather fabricated the story about her fellow student to justify a less-than-tolerant berating Heather felt compelled to give in high school’s hallway. So Duval shortened her suspension and now wants to put the entire incident behind them and move on. I disagree. If Heather Lawrence, and other students at the Hernando County high school, believed that the hijab and certainly any expression of a fundamental religious belief, be it Christian, Jewish, or...
Hernando student in hijab wouldn’t stand for the flag
2009-08-29 19:07:00
As a teacher, I never forced a student to stand for the pledge. I prefer to know which students are expressing love of country or respect for the flag because they feel it and which ones don’t give a flying fuck. But that’s just me: I heart transparency. Besides, the idea of compulsory pledging goes against what this country stands for in the first place. An excerpt from my earlier post on the subject: “I never make my students stand up,” I said. “I encourage them to do so, but if they don’t, well, that’s okay, too.” My friend and fellow teacher just stared at me. “You’re kidding, right?” she asked. “Nope,” I said, smiling meekly. “Katie!” she said, half-laughing. “They should stand up. It’s a sign of respect!” “I agree,” I said. “But forcing students to stand seems to go against what our flag stands for in the first place. I don’t think we should make...
Leicestershire police incorporate hijab into uniforms
2009-02-10 12:39:00
All part of the increasing Islamization of the police, what else. From This is Leicestershire (via Dhimmi Watch): Police have opened the door to female Muslim recruits by incorporating the hijab into the uniform. The force has become the latest to approve a design for a headscarf suitable for officers on patrol. Senior officers believe the lack of the option has deterred applications from the
Judge orders Muslim woman jailed for wearing hijab
2008-12-17 17:14:00
USA Today reports and so it goes… The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says a Muslim woman was cited for contempt of court yesterday because she refused to remove her hijab, a head covering that she wears for religious reasons. The paper says Lisa Valentine, 40, was arrested on charges of violating a policy that bars headcoverings inside ...
Wearing Hijab in America
2008-05-21 00:00:00
In America people don?t use to see women wearing Hijab, but what happen when your own family see you wearing Hijab? .. In my own experience, as a Mexican, American citizen, wearing Hijab for the first time, I still remember .. My mother say, nothing more than you look so ...
Traveling Wearing Hijab!
2008-05-02 14:00:00
Hayat wrote about what happened with her when she was traveling to America last time when she had this discussion with Lebanese girl she meet at the airport.
Iran trying to force women into a hijab at small businesses
2008-05-01 18:37:00
Iran launches new crackdown on dress code offenders I truly feel for the commoner in Iran. TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian police will launch a crackdown next month on small companies which fail to enforce strict religious dress codes, Mehr News Agency reported on Wednesday. The move indicates an expansion of a clampdown on “immoral” conduct launched last ...
Rayyan's Nineteenth Outfit - Hijab
2008-05-01 05:47:00
Here is Rayyan in another shayla, this one is mauve with a color change to deep purple or navy with sequins and tasselss on the navy ends. I can't find scarves with the same color change, so I'm going to do something really different.I've got two turban over al-amira options, I know its very different hijab style from what Rayyan wears but it might be fun to try it in Rayyan colors:Hijab Girl's Soft Cotton Al-Amira in Mauve for USD $6.95With this turban:Star Scarves Navy Blue with Clear and Navy blue Beads Turban for USD $14.95Or this amira:Al Muhajaba El Aniqa Navy Blue Al Amira Hijab with USD $8.99With this turban:Starscarves Purple with White and Purple Beads Turban for USD $14.95Or go normal Rayyani style with this sequined shayla:StarScarves' Navy Blue with Sequins and Beads for USD $19.99
Indonesia: Sharia Law Forcing Non-Muslims to Wear Hijab
2008-04-25 20:54:00
Sharia at it’s finest. Dhimmitude has no bounds under Islamic Law Jakarta (AsiaNews) - The controversial local laws inspired by sharia are now being applied to non-Muslim citizens. Female students who do not wear the headscarf are suspended, and few have the courage to rebel, because of fear of reprisals from fundamentalists. In Padang, capital of ...
freedom for hijab
2008-04-16 17:59:00
freedom for hijab nachid de Sami yusuf
By: TmESek
Hijab Ahmed Bukater
2008-04-16 17:56:00
Hijab nachid de Ahmed Bukater
By: TmESek
Hollywood Video disqualifies a Girl Wearing Hijab during a Job Interview
2008-04-06 22:14:00
My wife told me about her friend who just got booted from a job interview at Hollywood Video store in Los Gatos, CA because of her Hijab (head-scarf) which Muslim women usually wear. At first I couldn’t really understand anything and was really surprised because California as a whole is very diverse and you see ...
Rayyan's Eighteenth Outfit - Hijab
2008-04-02 23:18:00
I love this hijab, its a multi colored and patterned large shayla of brown, yellow and pink with pi designs, swirls and stripes.Here's my options:Al Muhajaba el Aniqa Diana Camel Square Hijab for US$9.59Scarf World's Sheer Lattice Panel Silk Scarf (Brown) for £8.99Star Scarves Red, Orange, and Brown Paint Strokes Scarf (Hijab) for US$ 15.99Scarf World's Sheer Shawl (Sunset Stripe) £6.99
Rayyan's Seventeenth Outfit - Hijab
2008-04-01 21:03:00
Rayyan certainly likes cut velvet floral scarves, this one is blackish navy with blue flowers and green leaves.A little bird told me, aka alixianna that my hijab posts are great so I've gone nuts!This is a skinny scarf so you need a navy al-amira underneath Scarf World's Skinny Velvet Scarf (Blue Roses) for £15.99 It's the closest scarf to Rayyan's as its cut velvet in the same colors.Still pretty skinny so stick with that al-amira Scarf World's Sheer Neck Scarf (Blue & Black Floral) for £2.95 This is similar in the patterns and colors but isn't velvet.Scarf World's Long Sheer Shawl (Black & Blue Poppies) for £9.99 This scarf doesn't have any green but the turquoise actually matches her shirt betterScarf World's Sheer Silk Shawl (Blue Flowers) for £9.99 Can you say pop! I really love this scarf, its quite different because it doesn't have any black but if you are going for the blue look try this great scarf.Here's the al-amira you need, its nice and long so you do...
FUNNY but TRUE: Nature of Men and Wisdom of Veil or Hijab
2008-03-23 06:09:00
Comment by the Author: when you don't know the wisdom behind the Misconception of Hijab or Veil. This is what you'll get. Funny and True JUST WATCH!!!!
Rayyan's Fifteenth Outfit - Hijab
2008-03-15 12:13:00
I really like this scarf, a sheer shayla in maroony red, brown and yellow over a brown underscarf with a white teardrop stick pin.I love paisley so I've chosen heaps: Scarf World's Beaded Pashmina Shawl (Crimson Peony Paisley) for £34.99Scarf World's Jamawar Shawl (Brown Flower Paisley) for £19.99Scarf World's Jamawar Shawl (Gold Flower Paisley) for £19.99Scarf World's Chiffon Scarf (Caramel Leopard and Paisley) for £5.99and for the pin:Hijab Store Online's Hijab Pin - Pearl Drop for £2.75
Rayyan's Fourteenth Outfit - Hijab
2008-03-14 12:11:00
Here are some options:This scarf is the best match Scarf World's Skinny Velvet Scarf with Red Roses for £15.99 but is only 5.1"/13cm so is not suitable on its own as hijab. I suggest you wear it over a black al-amiraHere's some other options which also need you to put on your black al-amira firstScarf World's Sheer Neck Scarf (Black Floral) for £2.95Something quite different here Scarf World's Crochet Rose Scarf (Black) for £5.99
Rayyan's Thirteenth Outfit - Hijab
2008-03-04 10:04:00
I adore this hijab, it is incredibly stylish and soft. The shayla is pink and is covered in floral patterns and hearts, and is worn over an olive green underscarf. I can't find any similar so I've found some really nice paisley pashmina options:Scarf World's Jacquard Pashmina (Petal Pink Paisley) for £11.99Scarf World's Beaded Pashmina Shawl (Rose Floral Paisley) for £34.99Yes it's expensive but it is true pashmina and is very pretty.Scarf World, has a wonderful section that is rare in general accessory sites in that it has a specific range of Hijab Scarves! They have a huge selection and I applaud them for responding to the needs of the Muslim community and encourage you all to have a look at their great website and huge range of scarves.I have included this scarf, also as although it is quite different from Rayyan's scarf, it will match Rayyan's Thirteenth outfit well and has the soft floaty quality of the scarf she is wearing above:Al Hannah Kuwaiti Style Wrap Hijab hi127...
Rayyan's Twelth Outfit - Hijab
2008-02-24 11:04:00
In this episode Rayyan explains the Hijab at the disastrous open day at the mosque and wears this lovely dark pink hijab to show how stylish it can be. Here's the back of the scarf to show the detail of the material:This scarf is a large sheer shayla in dark pink which has been wrapped a number of times over a black one-piece amira to ensure opacity. The scarf contains large pices of silver glitter and has no tassels. I have a scarf like this is a paler pink and its a really great fashion hijab which you can wear to parties or whenever you like if your a color fan like me!Here's a really cute, although slightly different hijab substitute:Star Scarves' Dark Pink with Sequins and Beads Scarf for USD $14.99Here's the back so you can get a better idea of the gorgeous sequins and beads:Rayyan wears a very simple silver and sparkly hijab pin like this:Star Scarves' Clear 7 Gem Bow Stick Deluxe Hijab Pin for USD $4.50
We Are All Muslim Women
2007-12-30 05:16:00
I woke up from my sleepy slumber to write about something that has been on my mind. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t this particular subject that kept me awake, tossing and turning until I gave up, got up and turned on the computer. More likely it was the contents in the recently topped-up refrigerator ...
Yahoo! Avatars Finally Includes Muslim Women
2007-12-20 20:51:00
Just in time for Eid, Christmas and the New Year, you can now dress up your Yahoo! Avatar with the long awaited hijab item. Those who have been following my journey will remember my previous posts discussing my disappointment with Yahoo! Avatars not including a hijab for Muslim women donning one, though many women have requested for ...
Top Muslim Cleric: Kill Women who won?t wear Hijab
2007-12-19 20:53:00
The voice of Islam rears its ugly head.  Oh and he wants the woman’s father and husband killed as well for not forcing their daughters or wives to wear the Hijab. I expect the MSM to completely ignore this, and the Muslim world to shrug and look the other way. The religion of tolerance, understanding, dialogue and ...
Aqsa Parvez : 16 Year Old Killed in Family Dispute Over Hijab
2007-12-16 04:05:00
The recent tragic killing of sixteen year old Toronto student, Aqsa Parvez, was in large part a consequence of a clash of cultures. Aqsa was strangled, allegedly by her father, after ongoing family tensions relating to her wish to live her own life, including dropping the wearing of the hijab.Efforts by some in the Toronto media to try and pass this off as just another domestic tragedy is fairly typical of the understatement that accompanies tragedies of this sort. Apparently fear of giving offense takes precedence over stating difficult truths. Information that was truly pertinent with respect to what led to the tragedy came from Aqsa's friends and associates.I strongly recommend this excellent article by Natasha Fatah. Ms Fatah addresses a number of the key issues surrounding this case in a clear and forthright fashion.Typical of the cop-out posture are feminists and women's advocacy groups who refuse to take a position that addresses patriarchal Muslim attitudes and the oppres...
Why One Wears A Hijab And Why One Does Not
2007-12-15 15:43:00
Two Canadian Muslim girls told a reporter for the Toronto Star why one will wear the hijab and why the other prefers not to. Asmaa Abou Zeidan, age sixteen, is very careful about her dress and will not wear clothes that her mother believes are inappropriate for a Muslim. “She thinks everything I own is ...
Don?t Shun the Hijab or Else
2007-12-15 09:48:00
A very strong title but even a stronger story developed in Canada last week. This story is the one where after you are done reading, you say “WHAT?” and then shake your head. Aqsa Pervez, 16 year old girl, never would have thought that when she was told that if she doesn’t wear Hijab, things can ...
Imam: "Man Killing His Daughter Over Hijab Has Nothing To Do With Islam"
2007-12-14 02:58:00
Rubbish..Muslim community leaders say they are saddened by the slaying of a 16-year-old Mississauga, Ont. teenager, but say Islam had nothing to do with it.The religious figures said Islam in no way condones acts of violence, and the death shouldn't reflect badly on their faith."The bottom line is, it's a domestic violence issue,'' Sheik Alaa El-Sayyed, imam at Mississauga's Islamic Society of North America, said at a press conference. "We, as Muslims, are Canadians and we should be dealt with just like everyone else. We have rights, duties ... pros and cons just like all other human beings.''Aqsa Parvez died Monday night from "neck compression," her autopsy showed.Her father, Muhammad Parvez, has been charged with murder. The victim's 26-year-old brother, Waqas, has been charged with obstructing police in the investigation. He is scheduled to appear in court Friday for a bail hearing.Friends of the girl said she often clashed with her family over her refusal to wear a hijab...
Topless Danish traffic controllers
2007-12-12 19:58:00
Innovative Danes use topless women to control traffic! In light of mainstream Muslims’ hilariously stupid argument that hijabs somehow ensure women will not be harassed, I find this video an effective counter-argument: Danes are using topless models to slow down traffic speeding, and it’s extremely effective! (Without being harassed, as would have been the case if ...
Hijab dispute behind teen?s death, friends say
2007-12-12 04:06:00
A Mississauga, Ont. teenager was killed in a family dispute over her choice not to wear traditional Muslim clothing, her friends say. Aqsa Parvez, 16, was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries on Monday after police said a man claiming to be the girl's father called them and said he had killed his daughter.
Muslim Man Kills Daughter For Not Wearing Hijab
2007-12-11 22:33:00
Drash: I imagine that the liberal “intellectuals” of our day will need to do some serious work in their “apologetic for humanism” after reading this news….  After all, someone might seriously question the dogma that it is morally permissible to murder one’s own children, and that, of course, cannot be maintained without sounding absolutist or even worse - by ...
Canada: 16 Year Old Muslim Girl Strangled For Not Wearing Hijab
2007-12-11 21:51:00
GatewayPundit has the details.Toronto - A dispute over Western culture may be behind an attack that killed a 16-year-old Mississauga girl.School officials announced Aqsa Parvez's death to students at Applewood Heights Secondary School this morning.Parvez was clinging to life at the Hospital for Sick Children after an alleged attack by a man who told police he was her father.Classmates at the school said the Grade 11 student lived in fear of her father, who was charged with attempted murder yesterday.They said she often argued with him about the hijab and her desire to follow Western fashion trends.Other peers told the Toronto Star the girl used to leave home in traditional dress and then change as soon as she arrived at school.SOURCE
Honor Killing: Teen strangled by father for refusing hijab *update* teen di
2007-12-11 07:05:00
*update* She didn’t make it. It seems honor has been restored to the family.  Thanks be to Allah for his glorious justice. The savagery of Islam once again put on display, and nothing from CAIR, nothing from the American Muslim Council, nothing from the ACLU, nothing from the MSM, nothing from the so-called moderates of Islam ...
Hijab and Dressing of woman in Islam
2007-12-02 12:40:00
HIJAB The term hijab, includes not only the covering of body, but methods of behavior before members of the same or opposite sex, promoting privacy for females and prohibiting intermingling sexes, to ensure modesty, decency, chastity and above all, respect and worship of Allah. Minor differences exist among the scholars regarding the actual number of the requirements because of varying methods used in codifying them. The ones mentioned here represent the ones agreed upon by the overwhelming majority of scholars and are all solidly backed by firm evidence taken from the Qur?an, the Sunnah and the practice of the Sahabah (the Companions). THE EXTENT OF COVERING The dress worn in public must cover the entire body except what has been specifically excluded, based upon the following proofs: Allah says: ? And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and guard their private parts from sin and not show of their adornment except only that which is apparent, and draw their headcovers ...
Indonesia: Sharia Police "Wear Hijab Or Else"
2007-11-30 06:34:00
Oh the joys of living under Islamic Law!A teenage girl wearing a jilbab (head scarf) stared sharply at Banda Aceh's sharia enforcement officer Raja Dakdan, who was lecturing girls rounded-up for wearing "inappropriate" clothes in front of the city's Baiturrahman Grand Mosque.Some of them bent in shame and others, including one without jilbab, expressed their indifference to an angered Raja, who pointed at the youths and criticized their tight jeans and shirts.Although they wore scarves and covered their aurat or certain body parts, they were still considered in breach of Qanun (bylaw) No. 11/2002 on Muslim women's dress code, and as reported in the front page photo of The Jakarta Post, Nov. 16, the girls could be caned.What happened if my children were among them? That was the first reaction as I scrutinized the picture, because my two daughters do not wear head scarves. Second, can the measures taken to enforce the bylaw give a better understanding of Islam and nurture legal obe...
Hijab and secular society
2007-11-29 21:05:00
Italiano e English Sono piuttosto liberale sull’uso dell’Hijab e sinceramente non credo che sia “obbligatorio”, quando si leggono i testi al massimo possiamo metterlo tra le cose “suggerite” ma certamente non obbligatorie. Allo stesso tempo penso i paesi occidentali che lo vietano peccano di semplice pregiudizio contro l’Islam. Una parola a parte meritano a mio ...
Spain: Company Makes Hijab Part Of Uniform
2007-11-28 07:04:00
Dhimmitude...A Murcia company has introduced the Islamic veil as part of their work uniform. It means that from January the 850 workers at Agromediterránea S.C.L. can wear a plain white veil if they so want.The preserves company employs as many as 150 Muslim workers, and it?s thought to be the first case of its type where a Murcia company has changed uniform regulations to accommodate the religious customs of their workers.20 minutos reports that the initiative comes at the women?s request.SOURCE
Canada: Muslim Upset Over Hijab Having To Be Removed During Soccer
2007-11-28 06:08:00
The decision to yank a teen soccer player from a match because she was wearing a religious head scarf has outraged a local Muslim leader.Syed Soharwardy, president of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, said Safaa Menhem should be permitted on the field wearing a hijab."I don't buy it because a person could also pull a shirt and choke a person. This is not a safety issue. It is just a racist and discriminatory decision against Muslims," Soharwardy said."Her rights should be respected -- this is her free choice."On Saturday, a senior referee pulled Safaa, 14, a forward on the Chinook Phantoms U16 squad, from a soccer match because he believed the chin strap on her hijab posed a choking risk, said Gary Roy, referee development officer for the Alberta Soccer Association.Roy said the ref was simply following the rules."I can 100% guarantee this is not a religious issue, it's a safety issue," he said."The options are: Conform the head gear so it becomes safe; remove it and play; or ...
Liberalism, Islam style!
2007-11-24 18:09:00
h/t Aw man, this sort of stuff should appear on our blog first!
Being a Muslim Woman Today
2007-11-24 02:54:00
I previously wrote a post about my feelings on Yahoo! Avatars not including a basic scarf for Muslim women to cover their animated self, thus marginalising and forcing them to look like a (cute) munchkin from the film, The Wizard of Oz, (if they were desperate like me) by going to an alternative Avatar website, ...
The Hijab
2007-11-22 19:30:00
firoze shakir photographerno1 posted a photo: photo google images Hijab Muslim women?s volition Freedom of religious expression Not a symbol of oppression Islamic garb of recognition A garment in the news edition Everyone want its abolition Used by the Mullah and the politician For votes notes as ammunition To achieve a notoriety of ambition Also used by the Islamic rhetorician Some terrorists and jihadis in addition Use it for sedition Malika Sherawat Himesh Reshamiya The Imam of the Lal Masjid Wore the Hijab To sensationalize their weakened position from the glares of the media and their bad skin condition Some say the Hijab is a garment of submission But some want its demolition Some want to burn it down With fast and quick ignition Taslima Nasrin part of this opposition She is an atheist by her own admission Muslim hating dead against all Islamic tradition Hijab a garment of modesty by definition To cover up all womanly inhibition Love poetry ...
Oppressed in Her Own Home
2007-11-10 02:23:00
Hannah came to me one evening, her eyes blood-red, her cheeks wet. What was the matter? I asked her; it was past six and she had a long way to commute home from the library. “It’s my dad,” she slumped on the chair beside me, putting her hands on her lovely, olive-tanned face. I looked ...
Nothing Wrong with Banning wearing of Hijab
2007-11-07 23:29:00
Hijab-a-scooterOriginally uploaded by aymanshamma.I am using the free WiFi at the JetBlue terminal in JFK. Laptops outnumber passengers without them. I should be in Las Vegas shortly after midnight EST. So I decided to dash off this post before my plane departs; I can't wait for Internet in the Sky. If this country asked Muslims to eat pork - I would stand up for their rights because it is compulsory in Islam to avoid the eating of pork. If this country asked Muslims to drink alcohol - I would stand up for their rights because it is compulsory in Islam to avoid the drinking of alcohol. If we asked Muslims to pray to Jesus - I would stand up for their rights because it is compulsory in Islam to pray only to Allah because God does not beget nor is he begotten. But all Muslims tell you that wearing of the hijab is voluntary, that Muslim women LOVE wearing the veil and there is no compulsion to its use. So if it is truly a matter of choice, and the lifting of the veil is no i...
2007-11-05 21:21:00
firoze shakir photographerno1 posted a photo: photo courtesy google images america is turning islamic they say iraq afghanistan soon pakistan will show them the way to bow and pray 5 times a day begum liberty in hijab her feet made of clay church spires to domes and minarets will give way a muslim skull cap or an arab raghead instead of a stetson or a toupee no more suits only dishdashas kanduras in islamic america by the way work is silently going underway no jeovahs witness no catholics no evangelists no seventh day adventist no presbytareans no new born christians no more celebrating thanksgiving day all islamists on st patricks day no exchanging of hearts on valentines day no more whoring no more drinking no more drugs no homosexuality no lesbianism no wanton ways fasting during ramzan in a well mannered way saving big brother from early decay the Mullahs the American Emirs cultural attache a harem full of beautiful women guarded by eunuch...
You Have Been Randomly Selected!
2007-11-03 20:42:00
I was walking through airport security, making my way towards the land of the Nile, excited and a tad anxious. Nearing the security x-ray machines, ready to put my bag in, I noticed a grinning woman wearing airport uniform approach me. “Good-morning Madam!” she began, giving me no time to reply. “You have been randomly ...
Despite Being Kicked Down By Some ?Muslim Men?, I Did Not Give Up
2007-11-02 20:35:00
I am a Muslim woman. I am proud to be one. I know my rights as a Muslim woman very well. And I know that Islam is a misunderstood religion. I have studied comparative religion extensively and I chose Islam to be my religion with full conviction. I was not forced to wear the hijab ...
pins of hijab
2007-11-01 07:48:00
Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image:
The Other Blair Criticizes Hijab and Niqab
2007-10-31 21:19:00
Former British PM’s wife urges to challenge religion saying, “I think however, that if you get to the stage where a woman is not able to express her personality because we cannot see her face, then we do have to ask whether this is something that is actually acknowledging the woman’s right to be a person.” ...
By: Wa Salaam
Celebration of the Hijab
2007-10-26 18:26:00
Hey, this is pretty cute. Muslim students distributed headscarves at the University of Toronto yesterday to celebrate National Hijab day ? to foster an understanding of the women who wear them.
The New Hijab, WeeMee Style
2007-10-23 18:20:00
I wrote about the “New Hjab” a few months ago, which has turned out to be the most popular post people read when they visit this blog and it has been on the number one list since I wrote it back in March. In Egypt, the States, I’ve seen that the new hijab is quickly becoming a ...
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