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The Hives
2008-04-08 20:53:00
A Hives concert is no place to be for the weak. You'll get pushed, poked, squashed, squeezed, smashed, possibly hit in the head by someone's shoe, but hey, it's sooooooooooo worth it. You'll get to see the campest guy there's ever been, and I'm a sucker for anything that's camp. Howlin' is The High Priest of Camp. And he's Swedish. Not to mention that Howlin' (look how close I was to him!) looks even better in real life. Blond hair, blue eyes, smoking body and all crayzay! Honestly, he is the lovechild of Jagger and Elvis. You see him shaking that booty, you get hypnotized.Needless to say, I'm in love. Profoundly and irrevocably. I want to marry him and have his children. Lots of them! We'll give names like Ulf and Inge.
Hives, or urticaria, is a very common manifestation of hypersensitivity
2008-03-16 13:30:00
The disease itself is manifested by the sudden appearance of reddened areas, which rapidly become welts, being distributed generally over the body or localized to the face, neck?s or extremities. Intense itching is usually present. The lesions often migrate and change their appearance rapidly. The rash, however, usually does not blister or weep unless scratching has abraded the skin and allowed the entrance of germs.Food allergies can sometimes cause hives. Very frequently an allergy to strawberries, shellfish, or some less common food can trigger a sudden onset of this rash. Reaction to substances such as wheat, milk, or eggs is more rare. It is necessary to avoid the food if one wishes to eliminate the symptom.Several drugs can also cause hives. This condition is usually termed a drug allergy. The most common producers of this drug reaction are Penicillin and related antibiotics. Sulfa drugs and pharmaceuticals from nearly every major class of medicinal agent can produce an urtica...
The Hives - T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S - Single Review
2008-03-09 08:50:00
Everyone’s favourite Swedish Rock band are back with their first single of 2008. Will it be a good start to the year for them? This song is a bit weird - it’s not as frantic as their usual offerings and kick-ass guitar licks aside, it’s all a little bit insipid. Howlin’ Pelle’s lyrics aren’t as ferocious ...
Mickey Sighting @ The Hives Show in LA 2/19
2008-02-22 14:13:00
- Mickey, typically quiet and reserved on stage, rocked out and seemed to enjoy The Hives as much as the rest of the wild crowd. Source: nannersp
On TV: Foo Fighters, The Hives, Serj Tankian
2008-02-18 00:00:00
Rock acts on television this week include: Foo Fighters, who visit 'The Sauce' on Tuesday and perform on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' on Wednesday. Ray Davies of The Kinks, who performs on 'The Late Show' on Tuesday. The Hiv
Home Remedy for Hives
2008-02-10 06:34:00
Hives also known as urticaria. Allergic reaction to a drug or food is a cause of hives. They range in size from a few millimeters to several inches in diameter. Hives can be round, or they can form rings or large patches. Hives can occur on any skin surface, but usually spare the palms and soles of the feet. Hives are classified as acute or chronic depending on the length of the episode. Hives are raised, often itchy, red welts on the surface of the skin. Hives may be associated with dramatic swelling reactions; swelling of the lips, eyes, and ears can suddenly and grotesquely alter the appearance of an allergy victim. Swelling of the lips and tongue may occur immediately after eating a food and may be life-threatening because of airway obstruction. Some patients get hives occasionally only when they ingest a specific food or food additives. Other get hives as a chronic problem which can go-on for years. Most studies of chronic hives suggest a low % of food allergy causes usually be...
Concierto de The Hives
2008-02-03 22:00:00
Ya se han puesto a la venta las entradas para los conciertos de The Hives en España!Los conciertos de The Hives son:07 de Abril de 2008 Concierto de The Hives en Barcelona.08 de Abril de 2008 Concierto de The Hives en Madrid 11 de Abril de 2008 Concierto de The Hives en Bilbao.El precio de las entradas anticipadas es de 25 ? más los gastos de distribución. Se pueden comprar en la red de distribución de Tick Tack ticket.
The Hives
2008-02-03 20:20:00
The Hives - Barely LegalEsta banda de Suecia, lanza su primer disco en 1997, nombran su disco "Barely Legal" porque la mayoria de la banda acababa de cumplir los 18 años. De este disco sale la rola "A.K.A. I-D-I-O-T", una de las mas populares de los Hives. The Hives - Veni Vedi ViciousSegundo disco de The Hives, lanzado en 2000. Las rolas "Main Offender" y "I Hate To Say I Told You So" se desprenden de este disco.The Hives - Your New Favourite Band Este es un disco de exitos de la banda, donde vienen las rolas mas exitosas de sus dos primeros discos y de sus EP's. El proposito de lanzar este disco fue para darse a conocer en Estados Unidos. Fue lanzado en 2001.The Hives - Tyrannosaurus HivesTercer disco de The Hives, lanzado en 2004. "Walk Idiot Walk" y "Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones" fueron los singles de este disco. Esta version del disco incluyen unos Bonus Tracks. The Hives - The Black and White AlbumEl cuarto disco de los Hives, salio en Octubre del 2007, uno de los discos...
By: Musiteka
Hives Treatment Can Be In The Form of Over The Counter Applications or Home
2008-01-28 18:01:00
Hives treatment is one of the most commonly sought medical interventions. Each year, thousands of people develop a case of hives, or urticaria. The raised, red or skin colored welts which characterize hives can cause extreme discomfort when they become very itchy, but generally hives are not serious. For rare cases which ...
The Hives Presale Code FREE
2008-01-10 18:43:00
The HivesLocation: Fillmore ,San Francisco?CAPresale Date: 01/10/08 10:00 AM PSTEvent Date: 02/20/08Presale Password: TICKBuy Presale Tickets at Ticketmaster.comPick Your Seats & Tickets at StubHub!
The Hives / April UK Tour
2008-01-09 20:34:00
Those crazy Swedes The Hives have announced three UK dates for mid April, however don’t be suprised if more are added in the not so distant future. Tickets are on sale on Friday (11th January) at 9am. Catch the lads at: Monday 14th April - Norwich UEA Wednesday 16th April - Nottingham Rock City Friday 18th April - London ...
Superfoods for Hives Relief
2008-01-08 15:30:00
Hives are also known as urticaria, and they cause raised white or yellow, itchy wheals surrounded by an area of red inflammation. It is an allergic reaction by the skin, causing the body to release histamine into the effected tissues. The size of the wheal itself varies, with the larger ones sometimes joining together in ...
Rock Band Tue: Iron Maiden, STP and Hives DLC - SendMeRSS
2008-01-07 21:28:00
Rock Band Tue: Iron Maiden, STP and Hives DLCFiled under: News, Xbox Live MarketplaceMr. Rock Band DLC himself, hmxsean announced this week's Rock Band content and we're loving it. We're loving it not only because we're getting a cover of Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast" and master tracks of The Hives' "Die, All Right!" and Stone Temple Pilots' "Interstate Love Song" all priced at 160 points each. But we're also loving it because Harmonix is actually following through with their weekly content promise. Every week we've been getting new Rock Band downloadable content (which usually gets announced on Monday) and every week we have something to look forward to. Even if one week's DLC offerings are dull, we know there's always next Tuesday. And that, friends, rocks! Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments Link - Comments - Dustin Burg - Mon, 07 Jan 2008 18:15:00 GMT - Feed (2 subs) harmonix mtv-games rock-band xblm Sent using ...
Natural Treatments for Hives
2008-01-02 13:33:00
If you're itchy and trying hard to not to scratch your hives as you read this, you're not alone. Hives (urticaria) are raised areas of itchy, red skin that appear in multiple shapes and sizes. If you're like some individuals, you may not care to rely on antihistamines to relieve your case of the hives. You should also consult with a professio5 Zoom(s)
The Hives
2007-12-30 06:50:00
The Hives - The Black and White AlbumEl cuarto disco de los Hives, salio en Octubre de este año, uno de los discos que mas esperaba, con el mismo sonido que esta banda tiene nos traen este disco , el primer single es "Tick Tick Boom" que ha sido bastante sonada. La rola "T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S." es el nuevo sencillo. Preparense que esta banda visitara Mexico en Febrero... disfruten! :)
By: Musiteka
The Hives - ?We Rule The World!? coming soon!
2007-12-28 09:48:00
?We Rule The World (T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S)? is the new single of Swedish rock group The Hives that will be release around the first quarter next year. It was produced by Pharrell Williams and will be the third single from the Black and White Album (Interscope) in stores now, y’all. Ehh, although I’m a sucka for Neptunes ...
The Hives Perform In Stockholm
2007-12-11 00:00:00
Swedish rock band The Hives performs during a homecoming concert at Annexet in Stockholm, Sweden on Tuesday (December 4). Check out pictures from
Heaven, Hives & Home
2007-12-08 22:30:00
This past Wednesday, Tater Tot woke up looking like this: The day before he had what looked like just another flair up of his eczema. However, the above clearly was not eczema so we were off to the doctor. She said they were hives. Apparently he was allergic to something that he came in contact with during the last few days. Who knows what in the world that could of been. She prescribed him a three day dose of steroids and now he looks fine. While he was home from school, and had a lot of extra time on his hands, he shared a few of his thoughts with me:After hearing Manheim Steamroller play a Christmas song on the radio he said, "You know, I don't think Jesus liked that one!""Mom, I've figured out who Santa really is!" I dreaded to ask but did anyway, "who?" "Jesus!" he replied.He informed me that a girl in his class said she wasn't his girlfriend anymore and I asked him why. His reply was, "I have no idea. I didn't even know she was my girlfriend!"In other news, I started packi...
The Hives On Cartoon Network
2007-11-28 01:37:00
The Hives have just released a video for ?Fall is Just Something Grown Ups Invented? featuring a personal performance for Cartoon Network. The new high-energy single is now playing as the network?s fall theme song. The Hives? new album, The Black & White Album, is available in stores, and the band is currently on tour in Europe until 2008.
WIN a Copy of The Hives 7? Black and White
2007-11-24 18:25:00
  Want something no one else has?  A copy of The Hives 7″ Black and White CD. Send us an email info @ therockstarstories (dot) com and we’ll enter you to win!  Winner announced December 10th.
The Hives: Black and White Album
2007-11-13 20:31:00
The Hives: Black and White AlbumThe fourth full length album by the Swedish garage punk band The Hives, The Black and White Album is their first album in three years.Fourteen years into the Hives career the Black and White Album sounds like a career redefining album. The album sees the Hives expand their signature. Songs like "Won't Be Long" uses strings and keyboards and "Return the Favour" uses the keyboards to enhance the frantic sound that the Hives usually display. Other songs like "T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S." was produced by the Neptunes and incorporates other influences like funk and r&b to the Hives normally thrashy punk sound.But even if you remove the influence of Pharrell, the Hives self produced songs even show other influences. "Giddy Up" was produced by the band themselves and it utilizes a drum machine and keyboards as the main instruments.The album may seem like an unexpected move for the Hives, but when you consider they recently did a song with Timbaland for his alb...
The Hives New Album Out Today
2007-11-13 19:41:00
  The Hives? highly anticipated new album, The Black & White Album, is available in stores today! The band teamed up with Dennis Herring and Pharrell Williams to create their new album, full of foot-tapping beats and addictive lyrics. The Hives have been infiltrating the world from every angle and their determination to saturate the world ...
The Hives Hip Hop Collaborators Like Their Bravado
2007-11-12 14:00:00
The Hives have collaborated with Timbaland and Pharrell Williams, and singer Howlin' Pelle Almqvist tells the Los Angeles Times their hip hop collaborators' ideas about rhythm and stage presence have rubbed off on them. "They like our bravado, that w
Thea Thursdays - From the Archives
2007-11-08 00:00:00
"Ambidextrous means being clumsy with both hands." Howdy, folks! In case you haven't heard (and if you haven't, why aren't you reading my blog?), I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my wrist yesterday. Because of that, I am trying to...
From The ?Chives
2007-11-06 05:07:00
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video Oh, Chanelle.
The Underground Investor? Database Archives
2007-11-04 10:00:00
Learn how to make a fortune in the stock market here. Our goal is to be the only website that consistently provides you, the reader, with the REAL stories behind the stories in the investment world today. In fact, our opinions about the riskiness of U.S. bonds, the unusual price behavior in unleaded gas and ...
The Hives - New Blog Entry
2007-11-04 05:36:00
So you wanna read some stuff again?I haven't written anything in a while so I guess it's time for it now.The tour has been great and bla bla bla - what did you expect? - we're The Hives damn it!Had a really great time in Seattle, two days off and It was Halloween. Went to see a Misfits cover band and they were good. I had a little bit too much to drink and was back in bed at about two o' clock, the last guy from our gang didn't get back 'til 6.30 in the morning so the evening gets a 9 out 10.Read the full blog entry here
THE HIVES - Black and White Album [2007]
2007-11-02 17:30:00
Cuarto disco de los suecos The Hives. Suena muy bien, con el estilo y esencia característicos del grupo, y con tímidos toques de funk ('T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S.' y 'Giddy Up').[ | web | bio ]BLACK AND WHITE ALBUM [Interscope Records - 2007]Tracks |1. Tick Tick Boom2. Try It Again3. You Got It All... Wrong4. Well Allright!5. Hey Little World6. A Stroll Through Hive Manor Corridors7. It Won't Be Long8. T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S.9. Return The Favour10. Giddy Up11. Square One Here I Come12. You Dress Up For Armageddon13. Puppet On A String14. Bigger Hole To Fill[ DOWNLOAD | THE HIVES - Black and White Album ] > 320kbps:. buy from .:
THE HIVES - Black and White Album [2007]
2007-11-02 17:30:00
Cuarto disco de los suecos The Hives. Suena muy bien, con el estilo y esencia característicos del grupo, y con tímidos toques de funk ('T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S.' y 'Giddy Up').[ | web | bio ]BLACK AND WHITE ALBUM [Interscope Records - 2007]Tracks |1. Tick Tick Boom2. Try It Again3. You Got It All... Wrong4. Well Allright!5. Hey Little World6. A Stroll Through Hive Manor Corridors7. It Won't Be Long8. T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S.9. Return The Favour10. Giddy Up11. Square One Here I Come12. You Dress Up For Armageddon13. Puppet On A String14. Bigger Hole To Fill[ DOWNLOAD | THE HIVES - Black and White Album ] > 320kbps:. buy from .:
Searching Google News’ Archives Requires a Little Extra Effort
2007-10-31 11:41:00
Google’s News Archives can be a great way to see what your clients, sites or competitors have been up to in the past, but the standard search doesn’t provide all the results you’d expect or hope for. Note how a search for SEOmoz returns 44 results Clicking on timeline, we can see the stories sorted by year Choosing a specific year (like 2006) will give us results by month (remember that the most recent 6 months or so aren’t in the archives, they’re in the standard news search results) From there, we can drill down to a specific month (here’s April 2006) to get the most exact, complete data It’s a bit frustrating that the full numbers of results aren’t visible simply by going to the “next page” as with most of Google’s search results, but at least now you know how to reach all the data.
October 2007 Archives :: October 18, 2007
2007-10-29 22:10:00
FXCM ( fresh introduced its newborn systems trading papers ? Forex System Selector (FSS) Clients today hit the knowledge to make and control an automatic trading system. Forex System Selector provides traders admittance to … More: continuing here
The Hives Pen Cartoon Network Theme Song
2007-10-29 21:15:00
The Hives Pen Cartoon Network Theme Song Singles Collection Out NowThe Black & White Album Available Everywhere November 13thIf you don?t like cartoons, you have no heart. If you don?t dig the Hives, you have no soul.Courtesy of Sweden?s hardest working quintet in freshly pressed suit pants, ?Fall Is Just Something Grownups Invented? is now firing from space satellites directly into your living room all fall via Cartoon Network. On its heels, the network will premiere the song?s video in November in conjunction with the worldwide drop of The Black & White Album on November 13th.And if you think television is cool, the Hives have tucked in their ties and are spiraling down your computer wires, transmitting five brand new songs via iTunes, previewing tracks from their new album and offering up ?Fall Is Just Something Grownups Invented? as a bonus.You?re asking yourself, ?How can five whole songs be called a preview?? That?s because there?s 14 new tracks in all, making The Blac...
Win One Of Five 'Lincoln: The Presidential Archives' Books From Digger's Re
2007-10-29 21:08:00
Win one of five copies of the new book Lincoln: The Presidential Archives by author Chuck Wills! I just reviewed this book and you can read my whole review of Lincoln: The Presidential Archives here. I have contacted the publisher...
Lincoln: The Presidential Archives [Book Review]
2007-10-29 19:25:00
Have you ever wanted to hold the hand of a president and walk through his life with him? Well that is just how I felt as I was reading Lincoln: The Presidential Archives by Chuck Wills from DK Publishing. In...
digging in the archives
2007-10-29 12:00:00
I was reading through the archives since I was home yesterday still too sick to be around too many people, especially babies, at church. It always amazes me the things I remember about Caleb and Asperger Syndrome when I look through this blog. We first received the diagnosis of Aspergers back in December of 2004. It's hard to believe we've known about it for that long. The article below is from February 2005 and talks about what I considered stages a parent goes through after diagnosis. I hope you'll click over and take a look.. A Year in the life of Aspergers, Asperger Syndrome, Autism Spectrum
The Underground Investor? Database Archives
2007-10-25 16:47:00
*UPDATE* Please note that we have updated the number of articles in each category as of October, 2007. As we’ve been busy adding articles, you may note that some categories now have as many as 10 new articles. We have re- organized all articles on this page by subject material below to make it easier ...
Archives Fixed At the Expense of My Genius
2007-10-23 01:48:00
Folks, all the Archives are 100% fixed with pictures working on all of them. I am saddened to inform you that some of my best work had to be trashed due to some files not being recovered. Those of you that have been with me from the start may see some familiar faces ...
Announcement: Archives
2007-10-22 22:36:00
Folks, It has been brought to my attention that some of the past posts are not showing all the pictures. I am erectifying the situation and all should be complete in the next day or two.
The Daily Show Archives Go Online
2007-10-20 21:59:00
Last week Comedy Central announced the launch of a new website for “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” which features clips from every episode which has aired since 1999. (Is also when Jon Stewart signed on as host) Comedy Central also claims that they will soon add full high quality episodes of every show ever ...
Archives Building Undergoing Restoration
2007-10-18 02:37:00
More than two years ago, while discussing Baha’i buildings inside Talisman9 (the oldest online Baha’i discussion group), one person wrote: Marble construction has the effect of minimising running costs at the price of a higher capital investment. Perhaps there are achitects among us who can give us an amortisation estimate:considering that the World Centre is intended to ...
The Underground Investor? Database Archives
2007-10-17 07:08:00
*UPDATE* Please note that we have updated the number of articles in each category as of October, 2007. As we’ve been busy adding articles, you may note that some categories now have as many as 10 new articles. We have re- organized all articles on this page by subject material below to make it easier ...
Moschino opens historical archives for a good cause
2007-10-16 21:41:00
This month, legendary Italian fashion brand opens the doors to its historical archives to fashion e-tailor YOOX. Almost 300 unique pieces of menswear, womenswear and accessories are currently available on the site. Most of the items are size 4-6 as well as Small and Medium. The one-of-a-kind pieces will be auctioned off, starting today, with ... Related Entries: Milan Fashion Week ‘07. Short and Sweet at Moschino. Second City Style Fashion Blog.Moschino Ribbon Shoulder BagMoschino Giraffe BagMoschino Patent Shoulder Bag Tags: - Fashion Fashion Scoops 4 a good cause
The Hives
2007-10-15 10:41:00
The Hives - The Black & White Album (2007)Nuevo disco de esta gran banda sueca. La neta son de mis bandas favoritas solo que con este disco me desepciono, no es lo que yo pensaba. No me vendio el boleto de ser una banda rockera pero divertida. Disfrutenlo ustedes.
By: Musiteka
The Underground Investorâ„¢ Database Archives
2007-10-15 10:33:00
We have re- organized all articles on this page by subject material below to make it easier for you to find and read only the articles that interest you the most. Many articles that we added to our database six months or even a year ago are still extremely relevant today yet overlooked by most ...
The Hives - Black And White Album (2007)
2007-10-14 17:46:00
The Hives - Black And White Album (2007)Tick Tick BoomTry It AgainYou Got It All... WrongWell Allright!Hey Little WorldA Stroll Through Hive Manor CorridorsIt Won't Be LongT.H.E.H.I.V.E.S.Return The FavourGiddy UpSquare One Here I ComeYou Dress Up For ArmageddonPuppet On A String Bigger Hole To FillDESCARGA
The Hives.
2007-10-14 06:43:00
The Hives - The Black & White Album (2007)
The Hives - New Blog
2007-10-14 06:17:00
We're somewhere around a week and a half into our "Black & White Tour" and things could almost not be any better.The shows have all been fantastic and I think we've gained approx. 100 000 new fans just by being who we are and by being so damn good at It.We're in Philly today and this is by far the worst dressing room up to date on the tour.The sun is shining and everything but there's something that's not really making us go woo-hoo today.It'll all be fine when It's time to step into our bat cave and we get our stage suits on but 'til then I'm pretty sure It's gonna be boring as hell.A few days ago we were in N.Y. and that was fun as always.Last day there we were doing radio and after a couple of interviews our good friends in QOTSA showed up, they did an acoustic set at the station and they did a good job too.We were in the control room watching and listening. Later we all met up for dinner and we had a great last night in N.Y.You hopefully know by now that you can visit ...
The Hives - The Black And White Album
2007-10-13 19:27:00
Fouth album of this Swedish Band. The band said they've recorded 20 to 30 songs (including seven recorded with producer Pharrell Williams) for this album and are currently choosing the best. Other tracks have been produced by Jacknife Lee and Dennis Herring.Website
The Hives - The Black and White Album [2007]
2007-10-13 13:31:00
A friend of mine sent this to me, I dont think its fake but, I am not a Hives fan and I am not sure. You be the judge.Tracks;01. Tick Tick Boom 03:2502. Try It Again 03:3003. You Got It All... Wrong 02:4204. Well Allright! 03:2905. Hey Little World 03:2306. A Stroll Through Hive Manor Corridors 02:3907. It Won't Be Long 03:4708. T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S. 03:3909. Return The Favour 03:1010. Giddy Up 02:5111. Square One Here I Come 03:1012. You Dress Up For Armageddon 03:1013. Puppet On A String 02:5514. Bigger Hole To Fill 03:38
The Hives - The Black and White Album
2007-10-13 06:37:00
The Hives - The Black and White Album [2007]
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