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Foto Jenazah Diduga Korban Sukhoi Ternyata Hoax
2012-05-12 06:56:00
Foto di atas adalah foto Jenazah korban kecelakaan Air India Express Penerbangan 812 Quote:Foto jenazah yang diduga korban pesawat Sukhoi Super Jet 100, ternyata palsu alias hoax.Foto tersebut beredar luas di dunia maya. Adalah pemilik akun Twitter Yogie Samtani, yang pertama kali mengunggah gambar tersebut.Dalam foto itu, terlihat dua warga negara asing tergeletak di tengah hutan. Kondisi jenazah pun mengenaskan, satu mayat terlihat isi perutnya terburai keluar.Sementara, yang lainnya terlihat menghitam tubuhnya, diduga karena hangus terbakar saat kecelakaan terjadi. Di sekitar jenazah juga terlihat kepingan bodi pesawat yang diduga milik Sukhoi Super Jet 100.Pemilik akun Twitter, Yogie Samtani mengklaim foto tersebut adalah pilot Sukhoi Superjet 100 Alexander Yablontsev.Namun, dilihat dari ciri jenazah, sangat berbeda jauh dengan ciri sang kapten pilot tersebut yang memiliki rambut putih yang khas.Jenazah yang diabadikan gambarnya memiliki rambut yang botak dan mengenakan kemeja p...
I've Been Duped
2012-05-10 02:19:00
by G.A. Stewart III Well, folks, it appears that I fallen for one of those hoaxes that travels around via email. If you look back to my "Death Culture of the Greens" posting, I talked about mercury poisoning from compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and added a picture of a foot that had been supposedly severely injured from such a bulb.  I have since been informed that this is not true, and the amount of mercury in a CFL is not enough to cause such harm.  Seeing that the source was a safety circular from a Fire Department, I thought it to be true.  Apparently, it is either a doctored newsletter or they fell for the hoax as well. So, I am now telling you that the CFL threat to your health is not severe (thank goodness). Here are some resources about the hoax and CFL safety. The hoax: CFL Safety: Howev...
Vengeful teeth-pulling dentist story deemed a hoax
2012-05-09 17:27:00
Remember the tale of the jilted Polish dentist who pulled all the pearly whites from the mouth of her ex-boyfriend? Turns out the story has no teeth. The report that dentist Anna Mackowiak removed all her ex-boyfriend's teeth after he came into her dental office complaining of a toothache turned out to be false. The ...
Report of Mexican woman expecting nine babies a hoax
2012-04-28 02:04:00
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Reports that a woman in northern Mexico is pregnant with nine babies are a hoax, health authorities said on Friday. Mexico's main broadcaster Televisa and top daily newspapers ran stories about a woman expecting nonuplets late on Thursday after she provided welfare officials with supposed evidence of the multiple pregnancy, including an ultrasound video, said a spokesman for the health ministry of Coahuila state. ...
Polisi Pastikan Isu Geng Motor Sweeping Anggota TNI, Hoax!
2012-04-14 16:30:00
Kabid Humas Polda Metro Jaya Kombes (Pol) Rikwanto memastikan informasi geng motor melakukan sweeping terhadap anggota TNI, hanya kabar bohong.
UFO or hoax? Aerial video over South Korean stirs speculation
2012-04-09 19:40:00
A new video has surfaced that some claim shows a saucer-shaped UFO zooming past the window of a passenger airplane flying over Seoul, South Korea. In the video, the unidentified passenger is filming the otherwise uneventful view from the plane's window. Suddenly he makes a startled sound as the white saucer-like image comes into view. ...
Well, the hoax did fit CNN?s Narrative of the 1%
2012-03-01 01:27:00
Some stories just seem to fit too perfectly into a media narrative. Many of our Facebook friends recently posted a picture of a restaurant receipt where a banker supposedly left a 1% tip to waitress (on a $133 tab), telling her “To Get a Real Job.” That 1% tip seemed was mighty convenient, given ...
Isu Ada Badai di Nusa Dua Bali dan Sebabkan 100 Warga Tewas, Hoax!
2012-01-28 09:59:00
Beredar informasi telah terjadi badai di Nusa Dua, Bali, yang menyebabkan 100 orang meninggal dunia dan terluka. Badan Penanggulangan Bencana Nasional dengan tegas membantah kabar itu
Politisi PD: Isu Anas Dilengserkan hanya Hoax Politik
2012-01-24 14:44:00
Gencarnya serangan terhadap PD belakangan ini membuat para elit melakukan konsolidasi internal. Isu bahwa Ketua Umum PD Anas Urbaningrum mau dilengserkan dinyatakan tidak benar.
2012-01-14 00:52:00
Yep, we've been suckered! Earlier we reported a post about DC Comics and their supposed litigation against fan tattoos. Turns out the story was a complete hoax from 2011. The original April Fool's story appeared on ComicMix. We're sure we weren't the only guys that got had. We can imagine all the take-downs during that week. We apologize anyway and we won't be returning any calls to Hawkman, Superman or responding to any Justice League threats...
The Brazilian Blowout Hoax Epilogue: What It Means To You
2011-11-25 19:44:00
Please read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 Contrary to recent media reports, the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment is safe for use. Here is a review of all the studies done on Brazilian Blowout. Oregon OSHA: Pass Federal OSHA: Pass Health Sciences Associates: Pass Dr. James Haw - USC: Pass FDA: Conducted no studies ChemRisk: ...
The Brazilian Blowout Hoax Part 4: Politicians and The FDA Attack a Safe Pr
2011-11-24 10:31:00
Contrary to recent media reports, the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment is safe for use. Oregon OSHA and Federal OSHA had already attacked Brazilian Blowout’s product, steering the media to focus on faulty aspects of their respective studies, and burying the truth — that the product does not release formaldehyde in amounts that ...
The Brazilian Blowout Hoax, Part 3: OSHA Botches Study, Media Blames Compa
2011-11-22 23:42:00
Contrary to recent media reports, the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment is safe for use. You’d never know it, though, because the mainstream media has been perpetuating one myth after another about Brazilian Blowout while ignoring the facts. Last time, I wrote about a hatchet job made to appear as a legitimate study ...
The Brazilian Blowout Hoax, Part 2: MSM Ignores Rigged OSHA Study
2011-11-22 09:59:00
Contrary to ongoing media reports, the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment is safe for use. The company is caught in a perfect storm of faulty private and government studies, absurd regulatory definitions, environmentalist hoopla, Liberal politics, and verifiable governmental incompetence. Add in the tsunami of a mainstream media eager to fearmonger and water-carry for ...
The Brazilian Blowout Hoax, Part 1: Media Parrots Faulty Conclusions from F
2011-11-11 10:35:00
Contrary to recent media reports, the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment is safe for use. A just-released study by the San Francisco-based private chemical consulting firm ChemRisk contains a fundamental flaw, such that this study should never have been made public. This is not the first time a ChemRisk study has had questions raised ...
Cold Fusion Experiment: Major Success or Big Hoax?
2011-11-03 19:00:00
From Discovery News - Top Stories: Theoretically, this type of power would provide radiation-free, cheap and virtually unlimited energy. Read the whole article
Nelson Mandela Death Hoax
2011-01-18 02:14:00
The latest death hoax to hit the internet caused some widespread panic across the world, as false reports began to spread that the former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, recently passed away. The rumor began spreading around the Internet, and it featured a report claiming that Mandela had died on Saturday, January 15 of ...Post from : MWZA.comNelson Mandela Death Hoax
Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki Dead Hoax On Facebook
2011-01-17 23:48:00
?Jersey Shore? star Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki was basically bombarded with very disturbing ?rest in peace? messages on Facebook after a rumor she had died of a massive drug overdose quickly spread over the internet. Snooki Nude/Naked Photos Released (NSFW Pictures!) Fortunately, our Snooki is not dead. In fact, Snooki is very much alive and probably getting ...
Facebook Ditutup BOHONG HOAX !!
2011-01-11 14:35:00
Facebook Ditutup BOHONG HOAX !!: Maraknya isu seputar Facebook Ditutup di berbagai media sosial memaksa situs jejaring sosial itu melontarkan bantahan. Rumor itu bermula dari sebuah post di situs The Weekly World News. ?Facebook kini tidak bisa dikendalikan lagi. Saya harus menghentikan semua kegilaan ini,? demikian ?pernyataan? Zuckerberg yang ditulis situs tersebut.Facebook membantah rumor tersebut. Rumor Facebook pertama kali ditutup muncul di situs komedi satir yang memuat berita-berita asal, nama situs itu, situs tersebut juga membuat berita-berita asal seperti "Alien akan Menyerang Bumi pada 2011" dan "George Clooney akan Maju sebagai Presiden."  Soal berita Facebook ditutup di situs itu juga ditulis pernyataan pendiri Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. Berita itu mendadak menyebar cepat seperti virus, di Twitter, di Facebook, semua bertanya-tanya. sang kreator, Mark Zuckerberg, ?menginginkan kehidupan lamanya kembali? karena menangani ...
Kap & Mellow Cat: Coming up next, OS Burung Gelatik! *hoax*
2010-07-28 06:14:00
Soal OS, yagitudeh yagituloh ya astapiruloh. Soal burung gelatik, seriusan gw ga ngerti. P.S. Baru nyadar ngegambar pake tablet enak juga, jadi ga ribet transfer file XD *digeplak* Mungkin untuk kedepannya bakal lebih sering pake tablet, dan full color :D
Is This a Hoax?
2009-09-17 16:31:00
Recently I have come across more & more discussion surrounding Magnet Generators. Do these devices perform as claimed? Is there a place for them in our ""Energy Hungry World"? Please take a moment to view this short video and I welcome your comments!
Ampang Gleneagles Hospital Email Hoax
2009-07-31 04:16:00
I've been receiving the following email about a deadly perfume sample every now and then ever since last year:Subject: FW: News from Ampang Gleneagles Hospital Important news to pass it on Please spend 1 minute and read on... News from Gleneagles Hospital (Ampang) URGENT !!!!! from Gleneagles Hospital Limited Seven women have died after inhaling a free perfume sample that was mailed to them. The product was poisonous. If you receive free samples in the mail such as lotions, perfumes, diapers etc. throw them away. The government is afraid that this might be another terrorist act. They will not announce it on the news because they do not want to create panic or give the terrorists new ideas. Send this to all your friends and family members.Warmest Regards, Mei ling ...
replica handbags wrote a new blog post: Apollo 11 Hoax—Our Age of Hoax Is
2009-07-21 06:23:00
replica handbags wrote a new blog post: Apollo 11 Hoax—Our Age of Hoax Is Coming What is the biggest breaking news in the world now? To doubt history. According to some people, the Apollo Moon is faked. They believed “NASA did not have the technical capability of going to the Moon, but pressure due to the Cold War with the Soviet Union forced them to fake it”. Do you ...
2009-07-14 20:42:00
MICHAEL J FOX ADMITS TO PARKINSON'S HOAX.Michael J Fox admits to Parkinson's hoax.“I don’t have Parkinson's disease,” said the star of Doc Hollywood and, The Hard Way. “I just do to much cocaine, and I really wanted to get off that shitty show Spin City.Fox who has been riding the coat tails of the debilitating disease for nearly a decade, decided to come clean now that he feels people have gotten over the shock. “It’s just not helping my career as much as it used to, and now that stem cell research is getting to be a non political issue, it really sucks to pretend to have Parkinson's.” Said the star as he rocked back in forth in now what is known to be a cocaine come down.Perhaps the greatest victims in Fox’s decade of lies are his immediate family. “I pretty much gave him open access to vagina land” Said his wife, “Now I somehow feel used.” His children also feel the sting of his deception, as they were constantly gilt tricked into watching old episodes...
2003 Steroid List Another Hoax? Rotoinfo Publishes "Unconfirmed" List
2009-07-01 00:05:00
Rotoinfo, a fantasy sports information site has published a list of players who supposedly tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball’s 2003 anonymous survey testing (see below). The site describes the list as "rumored" and "unconfirmed" but maintains the source of the list as “trusted.”Deadspin (among others) was quick to discredit the list. It notes that Jason
?Little Earthquake Hero? A Hoax?
2009-05-31 05:53:00
Epoch Times Staff May 29, 2009 Yao Ming and Lin Hao at the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games on August 8, 2008. (Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images) Lin Hao, a second grade student from an elementary school in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, rose to the status of ?young hero? thanks to his reportedly ...
Electric Car Hoax?
2009-04-26 15:44:00
Proton and Detroit Electric claim that their electric cars will be on sale next year, will cost around $25,000, will have a top speed of 120mph, and will have a range up to 200 miles. If so, this would be a monumental breakthrough and could put electric car production into high gear. Are these relat
Beyonce Recording a Hoax?
2009-04-23 18:09:00
The audio tape that Howard Stern & co. played on their Sirius radio show yesterday of Beyonce Knowles sounding like an American Idol reject has turned out to be bogus. [Listen to the clip...
Senators Kerry And Boxer Fall for Algore’s Hoax
2009-03-21 11:43:00
Senator John Kerry and Barbara Boxer are both rich and stupid: Washington ( - Democratic Sens. John Kerry and Barbara Boxer told that the nation must adopt the Obama administration’s cap-and-trade proposal to reduce carbon emissions, even if it results in massive increases in gasoline and electricity prices. Anthropogenic  global warming is a fraud and a hoax.    We, the hard working taxpayers of the United States, unlike the idle rich of the United States Senate, need a carbon tax like a fish needs a bicycle.   Kerry has millions.  He married into it.   He can afford the carbon tax.  I don’t have milllion, and can not afford the tax.   Can you? BitsBlog Tags: hoax, massive increases, senator john kerry, Obama, gasoline Related posts And Then, There were Four (0) Further Thoughts on Presidential Appointements And Taxes (2) Fred Gets It. (0) Breakfast Scramble (0) Breakfast Scramble (0)
By: BitsBlog
The Great Thanksgiving Hoax
2008-11-27 13:04:00
The Great Thanksgiving Hoax from www.mises.orgDaily Article by Richard J. Maybury | Posted on 11/20/1999 Each year at this time school children all over America are taught the official Thanksgiving story, and newspapers, radio, TV, and magazines devote vast amounts of time and space to it. It is all very colorful and fascinating. It is also very deceiving. This official story is nothing like what really happened. It is a fairy tale, a whitewashed and sanitized collection of half-truths which divert attention away from Thanksgiving's real meaning. The official story has the pilgrims boarding the Mayflower, coming to America and establishing the Plymouth colony in the winter of 1620-21. This first winter is hard, and half the colonists die. But the survivors are hard working and tenacious, and they learn new farming techniques from the Indians. The harvest of 1621 is bountiful. The Pilgrims hold a celebration, and give thanks to God. They are grateful for the wonderful new abundant...
Jury deliberating whether MySpace hoax was crime
2008-11-25 20:42:00
Jury deliberating whether MySpace hoax was crime LOS ANGELES (AP) ? Jurors have begun deliberating whether a Missouri mother conspired with her daughter and an assistant to harass a 13-year-old girl with Internet messages that allegedly prompted the girl’s suicide. Deliberations began Tuesday, a day after U.S. Attorney Thomas O’Brien told the jury that Lori Drew ...
The Hoax and the Hate
2008-10-25 01:18:00
Shortly after learning of the woman in Pennsylvania claiming an Obama-supporter had carved a B into her face because of her support for John McCain, I wondered if the story were blog-worthy. Before I could make up my mind, Bruce had posted on it. I had little reason to doubt the story, given that a local ...
McCain Campaign Volunteer Admits Alleged Attack Was a Hoax
2008-10-24 21:42:00
McCain Campaign Volunteer Admits Alleged Attack Was a Hoax PITTSBURGH — A 20-year-old John McCain campaign volunteer has admitted to lying about being mugged and attacked by a man who carved a “B” into her cheek after seeing a McCain bumper sticker on her car, Pittsburgh police announced Friday Ashley Todd, 20, will face charges for filing ...
The Hoax
2008-10-24 21:06:00
Via the Corner, I learn that the woman who claimed she was assaulted by an Obama supporter in Pittsburgh made it all up. She is facing charges for filing a false report with the police. Michell Malkin was skeptical of this as were a number of conservatives, including readers of this blog as well as yours ...
Videos: Turkish UFO Footage, a Well Shot Hoax?
2008-10-24 16:17:00
From The UberReview: I am a massive skeptic, but I do so love a good hoax. The footage was allegedly shot by 42-year-old night guard, Yalcin Yalman. I mean if this were real, Tommy Lee Jones would have erased their memories months ago. One more video after the jump. Wat
Global Warming Hoax Facts
2008-10-13 09:39:00
This video explains why Global Warming is so serious. We still can change the effect of Global Warming, at least postpone it. Technorati Tags: Global Warming
Jesus, Dinosaurs, and More Drivels Part 2
2008-10-08 21:59:00
[BPSDB] The section “Dinosaurs and the Bible?” is where we’ll begin. The webmaster claims there are over 20 links on dinosaurs and the bible, but I only counted 17. The first link is of course deals with Behemoth being a sauropod dinosaur while engrossing in ignorance of the dinosaur’s lack of a naval and its ...
Doug "Greaseman" Tracht death reports a likely hoax
2008-09-24 09:58:00
Claims made that radio disc jockey The Greaseman (a.k.a. Doug Tracht) is dead appear to now be false, the result of a deliberate hoax perpetuated by his current employer, DC101 (WWDC/101.1) radio. Speculation about The Greaseman's demise started with the posting of a YouTube remembrance tribute video with the text "Doug 'The Greaseman' Tracht, 1950-2008." An on-air announcement about Greaseman's "death" was made Tuesday evening over DC101 during the 5 p.m. hour followed by the playing of songs that Greaseman would have supposedly wanted.Since that point though, absolutely no media outlets have confirmed Doug Tracht's alleged demise. An e-mailer posted to the DCRTV metamedia site found no evidence of unusual activity around Tracht's house. More notably, a source has since posted to Southern Maryland Online that Tracht himself was successfully contacted by phone two hours after reports surfaced about him supposedly being deceased. While it isn't immediately clear yet if Doug Tr...
By: DCABloob
No Big Surprise: The Bigfoot Was Another Hoax
2008-09-05 01:58:00
Ah, howsad. I was so hoping that the Georgia Bigfoot was the real McCoy. Instead it’s just another hoax.
The Pseudo-Dragons of Genesis Park Part 13
2008-08-31 22:29:00
In the creationists’ delusional eyes, if it’s big and it looks like a bat and/or a bird, it’s a pterosaur, never mind the details showing they are not what they think they are. Every “report” made of alleged sightings are without proof of evidence and likely made by natives either plagued by superstition or have ...
The Bizarre Rationale Behind the Kidman Studio Arena Hoax
2008-08-29 21:01:00
Someone has come forward claiming to be the person behind the whole Nicole-Kidman / Studio-Arena hoax. There was speculation that Studio Arena itself was responsible. That isn't the case. According to Editor & Publisher... The prank is allegedly the work of one Adam Templeton. A man identifying ...
The Pseudo-Dragons of Genesis Park Part 12
2008-08-18 07:50:00
The last part of our tour takes us to Cryptozoology where Woetzel uses alleged reports made by those who claimed to have seen dinosaur-like creatures in remote areas of the world as evidence for dinosaurs living with humans recently, never mind the monsters having features true dinosaurs don’t have and never mind the complete lack ...
Al Gore’s anthropogenic global warming hoax
2008-07-18 09:37:00
I have said it before and I say it again. Anthropogenic global warming is a hoax. The proof is that no person who seriously believed that the use of carbon based energy was causing catastrophic climate change would be a total energy slut. Yet the chief and self anointed spokesman for global climate change, Al ...
By: BitsBlog
Genesis Park
2008-07-09 05:15:00
Now that my sister blog is all set up, I can now work on doing rebuttal essays and post them on the site such as what a rebuttal I’m doing here to Genesis Park, a wacky site operated by a staunch creationist named Dave Woetzel, one of Kent Hovind’s cronies who shows off scores of ...
Cellphones Pop Popcorn Hoax! Brilliant!
2008-06-16 19:43:00
Frequently, youtube videos will become extremely popular, create serious iBuzz, and become an internet phenomenon. In the last two weeks, 3 internet videos by CardoWirelss achieved this feat. The videos feature some people surrounding some popcorn kernels with 3 or 4 cellphones, then while calling all the phones– the popcorn kernels pop. Its nuts. You can ...
Cellphones Pop Popcorn Hoax! Brilliant!
2008-06-16 19:43:00
Frequently, youtube videos will become extremely popular, create serious iBuzz, and become an internet phenomenon. In the last two weeks, 3 internet videos by CardoWirelss achieved this feat. The videos feature some people surrounding some popcorn kernels with 3 or 4 cellphones, then while calling all the phones– the popcorn kernels pop. Its nuts. You can ...
World Health Organization stops pushing AIDS hoax
2008-06-08 23:56:00
Better late than never. aFter a quarter of century, the World Health Organization has quit promoting the hoax of hetersexual AIDS, Jeremy Laurance, Independent (UK): A quarter of a century after the outbreak of Aids, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has accepted that the threat of a global heterosexual pandemic has disappeared.  In the first official admission that the universal prevention strategy promoted by the major Aids organisations may have been misdirected, Kevin de Cock, the head of the WHO’s department of HIV/Aids said there will be no generalised epidemic of Aids in the heterosexual population outside Africa. Wbile AIDS is impossible to cure and difficult to treat, it remains easy to prevent.         � BitsBlog Tags: BitsBlog, healthcare issues Related posts No related posts.
By: BitsBlog
Bukan hoax kok
2008-06-06 22:27:00
Sepulang Jumintenan, di tengah malam yang dingin di musim pancaroba, saya mbonceng Funkshit sampe ke kost karena gak bawa motor. Seperti biasa, rute yang kami lewati adalah rute yang sama ketika saya, Pengki dan Funkshit melihat sesosok wanita berjilbab di pertigaan GSP-JMN beberapa waktu yang lalu. Ketika melewati pertigaan tersebut, Funkshit langsung berkata “Tuh.. tuh ada, ...
The Intensity of Propagation and Gramscian "Hegemony" of the Al-Durah Hoax
2008-06-04 23:35:00
A rather good Wall Street Journal editorial of 5-27-2008, shows that even those with good intentions get taken in by the al-Durah myth. The Journal writes that:The iconic image of the terrified child crouching behind his father helped sway world opinion against the Jewish state and fueled the last Intifada. If we actually look at the film we see that the boy is crouching in front of his father. The father is next to the wall. The boy is more exposed than the father is to shooting coming from anywhere on a 180 degree arc [that is, within a semi-circle] based on the outermost point of the barrel and on a vertical plane parallel to the wall. This mistake by even a fair-minded observer shows how the myth created by Gaza Arab cameraman Talal Abu Rahma, by France2 correspondent Charles Enderlin, and by countless Islamic jihadist and pro-Arab Western propagandists ["journalists"] has the power to cause the highly visible empirical fact that the boy crouches in front of his father to be ove...
Musharraf Resignation an hoax by GEO TV
2008-05-29 19:48:00
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By: BuzzVines
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