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Easydentic l'identification biométrique
2009-07-02 17:16:00
Les résultats de l?exercice 2008 ont été affectés par trois événements intervenus au 4ème trimestre : ? Forte baisse de l?activité Biométrie France, liée principalement à un retard dans l?industrialisation du « Biovein extérieur » ayant engendré une forte désorganisation du réseau commercial ; ? Dégradation des conditions de financement du leaser avec la mise en ?uvre de fonds de garantie de 6% passés immédiatement en charges, imputant directement la rentabilité d?Easydentic ; ? Le provisionnement des fonds de garantie activés à hauteur de 92% pour 3,8M?.
Identification of Rubber Sheets
2009-04-20 15:30:00
Hello, We have a problem in our store and we are nor able of identifying the different types of rubber sheets (NBR, EPDM, Chlroprene, ...) we have. Can anyone indicate me a simple method for the identification of the rubber without doing complicate chemical tests? Thanks in adva
Identification assistance requested.
2009-02-16 02:52:00
Below, find four pictures of a red dot sight that was mounted on my Ruger MkII Gov. Target Model when I bought it at my local pawn broker. I absolutely hate it (you have to look past it with one eye and look at the reticule with the other) so I have dismounted it and replaced it with standard iron s
Rehab Equipment Identification
2008-12-15 22:57:00
Hi, I have been asked to sell an item for an estate, but I have no idea what to call it. Can anyone tell me what it would be called? It was made by Bioflex. It offers range of motion scales & adjustable resistance. Looks like you strap the forearm in and then curl & rotate the wrist/han
Tool numbering and Identification
2008-11-26 04:38:00
hi everyone! glad to be back... can anyone provide guidance on a tool numbering and/or identification protocol for a pharmaceutical validation project???????????
Academic paper: Political sources of ethnic identification in Africa
2008-06-05 19:16:00
Source: ELDIS Political sources of ethnic identification in Africa Authors: Eifert,B.; Miguel,E.; Posner,D.N. Produced by: Afrobarometer (2007) This paper investigates the political source of ethnic identification in Africa. Drawing on data from 22 surveys covering 33,000 respondents across 10 African countries, the paper shows that the strength of ethnic identities in Africa is shaped by political competition. The ...
Today?s Best: Megan Fox Loves Sex, Transvestite Identification, and Sexy S
2008-06-04 22:00:00
As if she doesn’t torture you enough, Megan Fox says ?I really enjoy having sex, and that?s offensive to some people. Women are the quickest to call other women sluts, which I think is sad.” -via Holytaco The Best This article might save your life: How to Identify a Transvestite - [Asylum] The sexiest spawns of Rockstars ...
Next-Gen Chemical Substance Identification on streets
2008-05-31 23:09:00
GE Security today announced its Homeland Protection business has introduced StreetLab Mobile, its next generation, point-and-shoot handheld unknown substance identification system. The Raman Spectroscopy-based device?s chemical substance identification capability is expected to be complemented soon by the addition of biological substance identification capability. The biological identification upgrade is expected to make StreetLab Mobile the first ...
Download Intel Processor Identification Utility 3.8
2008-05-24 20:54:00
I was thinking about how detect whether my board it has intel chipset. I do goggling with the keyword “intel software”, some how it’s refer me to the wrong place. But in the end I found Intel Chipset Identification Utility software. The Intel Chipset Identification Utility gives you an easy way to identify the specific Intel chipset that is located on your motherboard. This information can be used to determine if your system supports the Intel Application Accelerator.Simply download the file and run it. The utility is a standalone program with no installer package so it will not create any shortcuts under the 'Start/Programs' folder of your operating system.The utility can be left on your system if desired or deleted after it has been run. The Intel Chipset Identification Utility it should also fit on a floppy diskette if desired.If certain Intel chipset components are not detected by the Intel Chipset Identification Utility, you may have the ability to update the versio...
Alleged Taxi Robber Left Identification At Scene
2008-05-22 14:37:00
The first time Anthony Rowe robbed a cab driver in New London, police identified him as a suspect, but the victim failed to identify Rowe in a photo array containing Rowe’s picture, according to a court document. (...)
By: Taxi Blog
Indiana Identification Law Flashback
2008-04-30 03:25:00
‘Memba this? On the eve of a hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court, the Indiana Voter ID law has become a story with a twist: One of the individuals used by opponents to the law as an example of how the law hurts older Hoosiers is registered to vote in two states. Faye Buis-Ewing, 72, who has ...
PMI (Positive Metal Identification) Requirements
2008-04-15 15:25:00
FREE Medical Identification Card
2008-04-09 07:15:00
Individualising Your Luggage With Identification
2008-03-31 07:00:00
You might recall the old Ford advertisement back in the days when he was starting out. He said to customers, allegedly, that they could have their car produced in any colour they liked, as long as it was black. For many years, it seemed that suitcases were much the same. This has changed dramatically these ...
Michigan Allows Temporary Immigrants to Get ID Cards
2008-03-11 02:47:00
The criticisms about requiring legal status to be proved in order to get a driver’s license in Michigan (in order to keep illegal immigrants from getting them) should stop now.  See for some of those criticisms. On February 15th, Governer Granholm signed into law a measure that allowed legal residents of Michigan that are only here ...
Eucalyptus species identification (II): bark revisited
2008-03-05 12:53:00
By their fruits ye shall know them (II) More small tips on Eucalyptus Identification Gustavo Iglesias Trabado GIT Forestry Consulting - Consultoría y Servicios de Ingeniería Agroforestal -... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Savvy criminals obliterating fingerprints to avoid identification
2008-03-05 06:44:00
When Edgardo Tirado took off his gloves in the Lawrence police booking room to be fingerprinted after his Feb. 7 drug arrest, police saw rows of thick stitches on the tips of his fingers and thumbs. "I thought right away, this guy is hiding from something in his past and is not who he says he is," said Detective Daron Fraser. "His story was not believable." Tirado told officers he got the wounds defending himself in a fight with another man who had a knife, and the man cut the tips of his fingers and thumbs. He wouldn't tell police where the fight took place.
By: Attuworld
Scientists Automate Alzheimer's Identification
2008-03-03 15:33:00
From Medgadget: Researchers from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at University College London used computers to locate gray matter in MR images of potential Alzheimer's patients, and based on the data, the machines were then able to correctly make a diagnosis with a high
Protect Your Identification
2008-02-11 10:25:00
Identity theft I think it is something we all need to be aware of in the present day. I think it is great that lifelock wants to help with this important and scary issue. I think this is a very vital thing we all have be aware of this today to protect our identification. I think it is very upsetting people do this type crime. Such a bad and awful crime to do to innocent people. This crime can really wreak a persons life forever it can cause so many problems. The sad thing is I think this crime is going increase even more as time goes on. This is something many of us don?t think about but need to more. Is going to be a need for everyone to help get protected from identity theft. Lifelock the most advanced identity theft protection and identity theft protection agency to protect your identification.
Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds (Hardcover)
2008-02-09 05:02:00
Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds (Hardcover)By Robert M. Silverstein Buy new: $125.95$115.0057 utilised and new from $68.48 Customer Rating: First tagged “database” by Li Jing “zimoutianduo” Customer tags: spectroscopy, database, organic ...
FBI Requesting Help with Identification of Victim
2008-02-05 00:26:00
  From FBI Release  The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) today placed ?Beloved Doe? on its ?Wanted ? Seeking Information? list, along with a promise of a reward offered for information leading to the identification of ?Beloved Doe?, his parents, or caretaker. ?Beloved Doe? was the nickname given to an unidentified male child, whose remains were discovered ...
When Do I Get My Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
2008-02-04 10:34:00
Once your account balance reaches $50, your Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be generated and sent via first class mail within 3-5 days. You can view the date it is generated by clicking the Please enter your PIN link on your Payment History page. After your PIN is mailed, you should expect it to arrive within 2-4 weeks, but it may take longer to reach you depending on the postal service in your location.If you do not receive your PIN, you can request a replacement PIN 3 weeks after the previous PIN is generated.REMEMBER: UPDATE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS IF YOUR MAILING ADDRESS IS CHANGED BEFORE REQUESTING FOR A NEW PIN.
tools identification in electrical and mechanical indutrial applications
2008-01-30 16:32:00
hi house pls i needs to have an idea of the content of a course on tools identification,utilisation,main-temance and usage.Can some one pls tell me what i will be expecting
1031 Exchange Identification Rules 101
2008-01-26 03:18:00
3 property rule - identify 3 properties and then close escrow on one, two or three of them. This is the most commonly used rule.200% rule - identify up to an aggregate of 200% of the value of the relinquished property. You then must close escrow on one or more of them. No limit to the number of properties identified as long as they total in value no more than 200% of the relinquished value. Common when going in to a lower priced area or coming from a high priced single property.95% rule - unlimited number to be identified and you must close escrow on 95% of the properties that are identified. Common when buying a block of condos with separate parcel numbers which are run as an apartment building.If you want any guidance on how to use these rules or how to navigate the dates of the 1031 exchange process, give me a call or drop me a line. I think I've seen it all!
Electronic identification of sheep might offer big benefits
2008-01-25 10:00:00
Electronic identification (EID) of sheep is set to be implemented in the UK and the rest of the EU on 1 January 2010, less than two years away and could yield massive benefits for the industry.
Electronic identification of sheep might offer big benefits
2008-01-22 16:29:00
Electronic identification (EID) of sheep is set to be implemented in the UK and the rest of the EU on 1 January 2010, less than two years away and could yield massive benefits for the industry.
Legal Status Must Now Be Proved to Get a License in Michigan
2008-01-22 09:08:00
Today Michigan will take an important step in protecting us from terrorism and illegal immigrants.  Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land had a press conference on Monday at the North American International Auto Show at the Cobo Center in Detroit, where she said that the state would now be following Attorney General Mike Cox’s ban which ...
Instant EyeDropper : Get Instant Color Identification On The Web
2008-01-20 10:04:00
Instant EyeDropper : Get Instant Color Identification On The WebInstant Eyedropper is a free software tool for webmasters that will identify and automatically paste to the clipboard the HTML color code of any pixel on the screen with just a single mouse click.Webmasters may repeat this operation many times a day. Just imagine how much time can be saved by using Instant Eyedropper to do the same thing With a Single Click!How To Use Instant EyeDropper?1) Move the mouse pointer to the Instant Eyedropper icon in the system tray.2) Press and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse pointer to the pixel whose color you want to identify.3) Release the mouse button.The code will be automatically copy to clipboard.That's it. The clipboard now contains the color code - in HTML format (or any other format that you have previously specified). Just open program or application like Notepad or HTML editor and press Ctrl + V to see the color code..>> Download Instant EyeDropper Here Digg It ...
Phase leg identification- damaged generator
2008-01-13 05:12:00
Hello Electrical Engineering Forum- I am a new member, thank you for having me on your forum. I have a question regarding a 3 phase 17.5 Kw genset which was vandalized and the phase legs and neutral were cut near the generator case and removed. My question is, how may I go about establishing L
Marine Fish Identification
2008-01-11 21:38:00
The marine aquarist sometimes has a problem in identifying a marine fish. (...)
Marine Fish Identification
2008-01-11 21:38:00
The marine aquarist sometimes has a problem in identifying a marine fish. (...)
TwinMOS fingerprint identification Mobile Disk F2
2008-01-08 16:16:00
TwinMOS announces the new-generation fingerprint identification Mobile Disk F2 which extends the highest capacity to 32GB. TwinMOS equips the second -generation fingerprint identification Mobile Disk F2 with a biometric fingerprint technology to encrypt data in order to protect important data for consumers. After plugging the F2 Mobile Disk in a USB port on a desktop ...
Icon Identification - What Those iPod Symbols Mean
2008-01-06 00:00:00
If you are a new user of the ever-popular ipod, you may have noticed that it takes some time to learn what those little icons mean and want to know when you should be alarmed or bothered. Every one of them has a purpose and we all know how much of a drag it is ...
[SEO by the SEA] Search Engine Identification and Filtering of Malicious We
2007-12-30 10:42:00
SEO by the SEA has posted a new item, 'Search Engine Identification andFiltering of Malicious Web Sites'Unfortunately, there are web pages that can be harmful to visit. Googleresearchers discussed the identification of malicious code on web pages earlierin The Ghost In The Browser: Analysis of Web-based Malware (pdf). The paper's authors tell us that the focus of delivery of harmful code tocomputer users has shifted from ...You may view the latest post at received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates areposted.Best regards,William
Tree Identification Using Just the Leaves
2007-12-09 16:55:00
It is often difficult to find out what a particular type a tree is. I’ve found a very good website that just requires you to check a single leaf from a tree to find out exactly what it is and identify the tree! Tree Identification Using Just a Leaf
Topology 10: Surfaces By Identification
2007-12-05 08:16:00
In this instalment of our topological mini-series, we look at how the idea of a quotient map can create a number of familiar and unfamiliar surfaces from nothing more than a simple patch of the plane. Besides offering a little light relief, these surfaces and their relatives will be important to us later.
By: Big Ideas
The identification of the body of Zoey Zane, 18, was confirmed
2007-12-03 15:48:00
WICHITA, Kan. ? Police on Saturday identified a body found earlier in the week as that of a missing Butler Community College student. The identification of the body of Emily Sander, 18, was confirmed by a forensic orthodontist, El Dorado Police Chief T...
Condyloma acuminata and the diseases often take identification
2007-12-01 10:06:00
The differential diagnosis is very important condyloma acuminata,Once a misdiagnosis of patients with a lot of mental harm. Condyloma acuminata with genital cancer frequently, flat condyloma, pseudocondyloma, genital Bowenoid papulosis disease and pearl-like papules disease identification. (1) site genital cancer border unclear, obviously invasive cancer, often forming ulcers, there should be a histopathological examination. (2) flat condyloma for syphilis two rash. Wide basement flat condyloma without Beattie, a flat appearance, warts surface moist, smooth. Dark-field microscopy can be found Treponema pallidum, the syphilis sero-positive. Some see syphilis. (3) pseudocondyloma also known as female villous labia minora, labia minora in women emerged fish, with the rules by biological. (4) Genital Bowenoid papulosis see less of the disease, mainly with the human papillomavirus type 16 infection. Multiple sites for the performance of genital bro...
Cuba: 10 years after the discovery and identification of the remains of Com
2007-11-28 03:50:00
A feat of Cuban science ? 10 years after the discovery and identification of the remains of Che and his comrades BY FREDDY PEREZ CABRERA AND ORLANDO ORAMAS LEON?Granma daily staff writers? SANTA CLARA.? The search for, discovery and identification of the remains of Che and his fellow guerrilla fighters was a scientific feat, the result of research and multidisciplinary efforts by Cuban experts and institutions. That was the conclusion of a commemorative workshop on the 10th anniversary of those findings of indisputable patriotic, humane and above all scientific value, at the Santa Clara Social Workers School, a few steps away from the memorial where the remains of Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara and his comrades-in-struggle lie. Organized by the Academy of Science, the event featured the participation of Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdés Menéndez and Major General Rogelio Acevedo González, comrades of Che during the revolutionary struggle; Rolando Alfonso Borges, head...
UK - Israel to launch new anti-hijack identification system for inbound air
2007-11-21 08:08:00
All incoming aircrafts will be required to be equiped with Security Code ...
Key #6 ? 45 day Identification and 180 day Completion Time Frames
2007-11-20 19:41:00
The sixth key to success in a 1031 exchange is adherence to the very specific time-frames involved in a 1031 tax-deferred exchange. You may remember me talking about time frames when I wrote about the Identification Period not too long ago(here and here). The identification period plays a part in Time Frames of a 1031 ...
EU delays introduction of electronic sheep identification
2007-11-20 12:43:00
The news that the implementation of Electronic Identification (EID) for sheep and goats is to be delayed has been welcomed by industry bodies.
Free Sample Pack - Avery Identification Labels + Free Design Software
2007-11-13 16:47:00
Another giveaway found on my daily trawl on the net!Choose your sample pack from:Pack 1:Label Solutions for:Organising & FilingReturn AddressingAttracting Attention & WarningPack 2: Label Solutions for:Product Labelling & SellingProperty & Inventory LabellingNEW - Pack 3: Label Solutions for:Organising & FilingYou can get 1 Pack per household while stocks last, PLUS you can also download FREE software that will help you design and personalise your label samples.Get Your: Free Labels Sample Pack
Radio Frequency Identification
2007-11-06 23:24:00
Radio frequency identification (RFID) is an identification system that uses radio waves to send data, and RFID tags or transponders. The first patented RFID device was a passive radio transponder with an integrated memory by Mario Cardullo. At present, the technology has many applications, particularly in the retail industry because of its small ...
IPICO Launches Next Generation Electronic Vehicle Identification Solution
2007-10-24 21:54:00
BURLINGTON, ONTARIO IPICO Inc. today announced the launch of its next generation Electronic Vehicle Identification (EVI) solution consisting of an extended suite of passive RFID products including tags, readers, middleware and software custom developed for various vehicle and people identification applications.
Birds identification
2007-10-18 15:42:00
Joe, a college student, was taking a course in ornithology, the study of birds. The night before the biggest test of the semester, Joe spent all night studying. He had the textbook nearly memorized. He knew his class notes backward and forward. Joe was ready.The morning of the test, Joe entered the auditorium and took a seat in the front row. On the table in the front was a row of ten stuffed birds. Each bird had a sack covering its body, and only the legs were showing. When class started, the professor announced that the students were to identify each bird by looking at its legs and give its common name, species, habitat, mating habits, etc.Joe looked at each of the birds' legs. They all looked the same to him. He started to get angry. He had stayed up all night studying for this test and now he had to identify birds by their LEGS? The more he thought about the situation, the angrier he got.Finally he reached his boiling point. He stood up, marched up to the professor's desk, cru...
YouTube Video Identification Beta
2007-10-16 04:07:00
Today, Google announces to launch, in beta form, YouTube Video Identification.Video Identification is the next step in a long list of content policies and tools that we have provided copyright owners so that they can more easily identify their content and manage how it is made available on YouTube.David King, YouTube Product Manager, said on their blog about Video Identification joins the following policies and tools: Our strict repeat-infringer policy, which has been in place since our launch, terminates accounts of repeat infringers based on DMCA notices. We take a unique "hash" of every video removed for copyright infringement and block re-upload of that exact video file prospectively. We require a 10-minute limit on the length of content uploaded to the site. We provide content owners with an electronic notification and takedown tool, to help them more easily identify their material and notify us to take it down with the click of a mouse. We also publish copyright tips for user...
YouTube Launches Video Identification Program
2007-10-16 02:45:00
Googlified – It?s been like forever since YouTube started talking about their video identification tool that will help copyright owners to fight piracy on YouTube. Well, the Official Google Blog just announced that they have launched YouTube Video Identification program. YouTube Video Identification will help copyright holders identify their works on YouTube. ... As its Beta status indicates, ... read more
IRS Update: New Online Employer Identification Number (EIN) Application Pro
2007-09-26 00:00:00
WASHINGTON - Taxpayers can now request an Employer Identification Number (EIN) through a Web-based system that instantly processes requests and generates identification numbers in real time, the Internal Revenue Service announced today.Read More
Identification: White Stars BBC
2007-09-17 18:27:00
Here's a nice identification project to jump start the baseball iconography blog.The photograph in Carte de Visite format, shows the White Stars Baseball Club from Decorah in 1870.Period ink used to ID the image with the A.D. ( Anno Domini) caption before the year.The only Decorah I know of is in Iowa, but little to none about early baseball activity in the area have been found.I've been unable to find any other information on the web about this club.Feel free to drop us a line if you have anything that can help the project.
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