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2012-05-27 02:09:00
Presenting the indigenous sounds of Batz?i rock band Sak Tzevul. Comprised of Mexican band members, the group plays to a global beat comprised symphonic medlies, violins, indigenous chants, and earthy sounds. Their latest video for The Day (shot by Frank Beltrán) is a compelling look into the natural landscape of Chiapas, Mexico. Prepare to be awed!
2011-01-17 19:24:00
While popularized and recognized mostly as an indigenous Dominican rum, the history of Mamajuana is far from just that of a libation. Just ask the makers of Palo, a new vitality tea, and they'll tell you all about the 16+ herbs that brew into their non-alcoholic version of the medicinal tonic. Move over Snapple, hello Palo!
Indigenous Constructions Materials
2010-04-11 11:28:00
We need to look into use of indigenous constructions materials like mud and straw. These materials are cheaper, eco friendly, easier to use and are available all over. Read the article Mud...
Indigenous Film Festival concluded in Chitawan
2009-11-15 05:56:00
Fourth Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival 2010 is being held in various parts of Nepal. In the event held in Chitawan last Saturday, a Magar language film, Barahi Putra, was ranked the top. The event in Chitawan was organized by Tamang Film Association with the support of Indigenous Film Archive (IFA). Among the ten ...
Cynthia McKinney connects Green Party values to Indigenous principles
2008-10-21 05:34:00
(Via: On the Wilder Side) from Indian Country Today The Greens advocate for social justice, peace, democracy and respect for the Earth. In an e-mail exchange with Indian Country Today, McKinney detailed how the party would apply these values to Indian country. She sees tribal sovereignty, treaty obligations, and religious and cultural preservation as intertwined. The U.S. government ...
Cynthia McKinney connects Green Party values to Indigenous principles
2008-10-21 05:34:00
(Via: On the Wilder Side) from Indian Country Today The Greens advocate for social justice, peace, democracy and respect for the Earth. In an e-mail exchange with Indian Country Today, McKinney detailed how the party would apply these values to Indian country. She sees tribal sovereignty, treaty obligations, and religious and cultural preservation as intertwined. The U.S. government ...
NCCA Celebrates Indigenous Peoples Month this October
2008-10-04 06:11:00
NCCA Celebrates Indigenous Peoples Month this OctoberIn celebration of Indigenous Peoples Month this October, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), led by its Chairman Dr. Vilma Labrador and Executive Director Cecile Guidote Alvarez, supports the holding of Timpuyog: Indigenous People Month Celebration in Luzon . It will happen from Oct. 7 to 12, 2008 , in Santiago City , Isabela. There will be performances, arts and crafts workshops, cultural awareness lectures, fora and tours, among others. Focus is on the ethnic groups of Luzon , and the festival will bring together about 18 ethnic groups including Kalinga, Ilocano, Ifugao, Tingguian, Pampangan, Bontoc, Ayta, Isnag, Bicol, Dumagat, Mangyan, Ibaloi/Kankanaey, Ivatan, Ibanag, Itawes, Gaddang/Isinay, Bugkalot and Tagbanua.An indigenous people?s village will be set up in the barangay of Balintocatoc in Santiago City . It will be a thematic park showcasing the different houses of indigenous groups in Luzon .Envision...
Indigenous peepholes
2008-07-11 18:48:00
It's happening. It's been over 3 years, but it's happening. The mechanical strain of starting over, like going for a run after 3 years of sitting on my ass. Stubborn bouts of shit, avoidance and frustration has turned into flow. Just in time.
Bolivia Alpaca Indigenous Bolivian Women's Cooperatives - Handmade Children
2008-06-05 11:52:00
Alpaca, one of the least produced fibers in the world, for centuries has been a mainstay of the Indigenous peoples of South American Andean region.Today 50,000 Bolivians work in the Alpaca industry - 80% of them are female. Within the last 20 years these women have developed garment production "Cooperatives" with the sole industry being the production of 100% Bolivian Alpaca garments. Many of these cooperatives have joined with Michael Warmack, Inc. Sucursal Bolivia to bring their exquisite handmade products to the attention of the global garment industry. Their products are the finest quality available and all are made with the care and attention that has been passed down for thousands of years.
DASHAVATAR - First indigenous animation film! - News
2008-06-05 09:00:00
Phoebus Media Pvt. Ltd’s animation-mythological feature film DASHAVATAR which is scheduled for 13 June release is the first indigenously made animation film…. Read Original story
Join First Nations in demanding respect for indigenous rights
2008-05-26 05:57:00
I hope to see some like-minded friends at Queen’s Park Monday. I’ll be as close as I can get to the northwest corner of the gathering. The week’s tentative schedule is available here.
Academic paper: Forms of education of indigenous children as crimes against
2008-05-20 20:51:00
Via Lg-policy list Please see the expert statement commissioned by the UN’s Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.   It’s a very strong statement, basically arguing that subtractive education for Indigenous peoples is tantamount to a crime against humanity and should be sanctioned as such under international law.  Although the focus is Indigenous peoples, there are clear extensions to other minoritized groups. Tove ... Indigenous
2008-04-18 16:34:00
good morning. Today’s a black and white day
How Internal Corruption Prevents the Economic Development of Indigenous Peo
2008-04-15 07:00:00
Visualize being in the indigenous Third World. Imagine an indigenous populist political candidate from a populist political party running for mayor. This candidate campaigns throughout the countryside blaming the current local political administration of being corrupt, leaving the municipality in debt and not doing anything for “the people”. As a ...
Incentive Program in Africa is turning indigenous Fruit into Wine.
2008-03-24 02:04:00
By FRED ORIDOCONSERVING INDIGENOUS and wild trees is now a viable economic venture in Tanzania. In Tabora, Uyui and Sikonge districts, women are cashing in on species such as ntonga (Strychnos cocculoides) ntalali (Vitex mombassae) mbula (Parinari curatellifolia) and furu (Vitex doniana), which they have planted on their farms alongside traditional crops. Other trees popular with the farmers are: mbuguswa (Fracourtia indica), ng’ong’o (Sclerocarya birrea), zambarau (Syzium guineense), mmbuyu or baobab (Adansonia digitata) and ukwaju or tamarind (Tamarindus indica). The fruit from these trees is processed into jams, juices and wines.So passionate are the farmers about conservation projects in the area that they have taken to policing the vast woodlands against loggers.Mwadawa Luziga spends much of her day in the woodlands and she doesn’t regret it. She says it is now rare to see anyone destroying wild and indigenous trees because women conservation groups have taught the commun...
Wellness forum for indigenous women set March 25
2008-03-23 03:10:00
Indigenous women from this male-centered authority province will converge on March 25 to participate in a Women’s Wellness Forum to be held at the Kalinga-Apayao State College (KASC) Library. This all-woman gathering is in celebration of Women’s Month this March. According to organizer Natividad Sugguiyao, Provincial Officer of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), Kalinga ...
Conference: ?Indigenous Environments: African and North American Environmen
2008-03-18 23:47:00
Conference: “Indigenous Environments: African and North American Environmental Knowledge and Practices Compared” The Africana Studies and Environmental Studies Programs at Bowdoin College are pleased to be hosting a conference to discuss indigenous environmental knowledge April 3-5, 2008. The conference, “Indigenous Environments: African and North American Environmental Knowledge and Practices Compared” will bring twenty scholars of African and Native American history and culture from ...
White Pride vs. Black Pride, Latino Pride, Asian Pride, or Indigenous Pride
2008-02-23 05:46:00
We've come a long way.I don't know about the rest of the world, but racism is still flourishing in the U.S. One common sentiment I hear/read is, "If Black/Latino/Asian/etc people can have pride, why can't White people?"Pride for racial minorities in America means enduring prejudice, living through racially-motivated violence, and overcoming social roadblocks. On the other hand, those touting White Pride generally espouse White supremacy, which is completely different from having pride in your ethnic heritage whether it be Irish, Norwegian, Russian, or British.Get the difference? Pride = Good. Supremacy = Bad.That's not to say only Caucasians are capable of racism; hate and ignorance are colorblind. Unfortunately, tolerance is active, and hate is passive - it's so much easier to hate than to cultivate understanding.Therefore, as a small step toward human harmony, I will do my darndest to not utter racial jokes. They may seem harmless but so did thalidomide.(Don't mistake ...
Indigenous ingenuity
2008-02-10 19:54:00
Anchorage Daily News - SCIENCE INVOLVED: Mechanical engineering • PROBLEM: Poke a pointy stick in a marine animal, and it may pull free and swim away. • SOLUTION: Make the point so it separates from... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Qollauyo/Bolivia in the heart and struggle of the Indigenous peoples of Aby
2008-01-22 13:12:00
Translated by Bolovia Rising CAOI-Coordinadora Andina de Organizaciones Indígenas (Andean Coalition of Indigenous Organisations). La Paz, January 17, 2008 The originario authorities, indigenous organisations, mallkus and leaders of the Aymara, Quechua, Poqra, Mapuche, Kichwa, Pemón, Miskitu, Guaraní, Ayoreo, Chiquitano and other First Nations, part of the more than 400 societies and cultures that have existed since before the states of Abya Yala, and present at the international workshop convoked by the Andean Coordinator of Indigenous Organisations (CAOI) "Indigenous Peoples, Constitution and Plurinational States", which met during the days 15, 16 and 17 of January 2008 in the city of La Paz, Bolivia: AFFIRM that we participated in this workshop, which occurred within a South American context that is seeing political structural changes occur as a result of the moves by Indigenous Peoples to go from resistance to the construction of power; demanding and exercising pol...
US Apartheid of Indigenous Peoples documented in UN report
2008-01-18 01:16:00
by Brenda Norrell The systematic racism, forced assimilation and apartheid of Indigenous Peoples in the United States has been documented in the “Consolidated Indigenous Shadow Report,” to be presented by the International Indian Treaty Council to the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Dedicated to Floyd Red Crow Westerman, who passed to the Spirit World on December 13, 2007, the report is compiled from the testimony of individuals and groups of Indigenous Peoples and includes data from a wide range of sources. The data reveals “a system of Apartheid and forced assimilation,” where Indigenous Peoples are “warehoused in poverty and neglect” in the United States. The racism permeates Indian life, including life at its foundation, at American Indian sacred places. Indian treaty rights, the abrogation of treaties and discrimination toward non-federally recognized Indian Nations are detailed. Statistics are included for unemployment, ...
Indigenous Communities Call on HS to Stop Border Land Grab, Respect Propert
2008-01-08 08:39:00
Atlantic Free Press - On Monday, January 7, 2008 at 10:00 am PST a coalition of individual property owners, their legal representatives along with Native American and border community leaders will hold a national telephonic media conference and briefing (see call-in number information below) to announce their intent to fight the Department of Homeland Security's threatened seizure of their property along the United States-Mexico border. DHS is attempting to use its powers of eminent domain in order to illegally seize private lands and build the controversial border security wall. "Our lands are not for sale. The U.S. government must stop its illegal attempts to intimidate us. The Department of Homeland Security cannot take away our homes and neighborhoods for border militarization," declared Eloisa Tamez. The Indigenous peoples and border communities telephonic media conference is taking place on the same day that DHS 30-day notices expire, leaving Texas landowners alon...
Indigenous land owners in Texas plea for immediate intervention, US prepare
2008-01-05 20:12:00
by Margo Tamez via Brenda Norrell Homeland Security has issued a 30-day notice to south Texas land owners, expiring Monday, January 7, 2007, to seize private lands in Texas for the border wall. Lipan Apache issue a call for help. This is a request for immediate intervention on behalf of indigenous land title holders of the rancheria of El Calaboz, La Paloma, and El Ranchito in South Texas. I am writing to you this evening as the indigenous peoples of El Calaboz, La Paloma and El Ranchito rancherias in South Texas express grave fear for their safety, their livelihoods, and being ripped violently apart from our sacred lands held in our communities prior to contact with Spanish settlers and empresarios, and thereafter, in continuity. Elders, such as Eloisa Garcia Tamez, and others in our communities threatened with Eminent Domain, by the Department of Homeland Security and carried out by Secretary Chertoff, have authorized me to request immediate emergency intervention f...
IIT – Bombay to Launch its Indigenous Satellite
2007-12-22 00:00:00
One of the very well-known technical institutes on global scale - the IIT, Bombay students have come up with another very revolutionary idea and concept that may change the world we live in. ISRO would launch the 10 kg satellite into low Earth orbit.
Indigenous barred from UN Climate Negotiations in Bali
2007-12-12 23:37:00
via Brenda Norrell Indigenous Peoples Protest UNFCCC Indigenous Peoples shut out of Climate Change Negotiations NUSA DUA, Bali, Indonesia- Indigenous peoples representing regions from around the world protested outside the climate negotiations today wearing symbolic gags that read UNFCCC, the acronym of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, symbolizing their systematic exclusion from the UN meeting. Yesterday a delegation of indigenous peoples was forcibly barred from entering the meeting between UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer and civil society representatives, despite the fact that the indigenous delegation was invited to attend. This act is representative of the systematic exclusion of indigenous peoples in the UNFCCC process. "There is no seat or name plate for indigenous peoples in the plenary, nor for the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, the highest level body in the United Nations that addresses indigenous ...
Sabah radio featuring indigenous languages (Sabah VFM) is now available onl
2007-12-09 05:57:00
Yes, that means Kadazan, Dusun, Bajau and Murut language radio broadcast on Sabah VFM (the local RTM radio channel, possibly the only six-language radio channel in the world) can now be heard anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet connection. In November 2007, audio streaming via the Internet was activated for Sabah VFM. Timetable (daily, all local time of course): * Kadazan (Tangara dialect): 5:00am - 7:00am & 2:00 pm - 4:30pm. Detailed timetable. * Dusun (Bundu-Liwan dialect): 7:00am - 8:30am & 9:00 pm -11:00pm. Detailed timetable. * Bajau: 2:00am - 4:00am & 4:30pm - 7:00pm. Detailed timetable. * Murut: 4:00am - 5:00am & 7:00pm - 9:00pm. Detailed timetable. The other 2 languages are English and Chinese. Malay has its own dedicated channel. First impressions: very smooth, no stuttering, even from within the very slow SabahNet. But we’ll have to see how it goes as more people use this service. Source Kadus Entertainment
Indigenous Rights
2007-12-04 00:01:00
David Khorram left me a comment on my last post asking me what I meant by indigenous rights. I think that is a question worth asking, but I'm going to have to think about that one for a while before I put my thoughts to print.In the meantime, a local poet sent me a collection of their poems a few months ago for some feedback. They are a series of poems depicting life on Saipan from the point of view of the different people that call this place home.This one struck me as especially powerful:You can remember your father telling you how important this is:[His voice, murmuring mutter, like slip-slop standing in the surf.]Waves tugging the net strings from your fingers, reach up, throw, staggering with weight of wet and twisted rope.This is what you need, he says, and this is who we are, fishermen, and this is who we will be.How little he knows and how little you know,because he does not stand at the shore--he sits at the pala-pala, crushed cans and coconut winemaking a sloppy buzzy cir...
End of the game: Indigenous Peoples' bringing down Apartheid wall
2007-11-14 09:41:00
by Brenda Norrell Mohawks were among 19 Indian Nations at the Indigenous Peoples' Border Summit of the Americas 2007. The four-day summit concluded Saturday with a challenge from Mike Wilson, Tohono O'odham who puts out water for migrants. Lenny Foster, Dine', spoke on Native inmates' ceremonial rights and freedom for Leonard Peltier. Petuuche Gilbert, Acoma Pueblo, shared insights into law and the border, with the summit culminating in a Blackfire resistance concert. Mike Wilson, Tohono O'odham, said it is important to dispel the myth of sovereignty. "We have no sovereignty. We only have the sovereignty that the US Congress allows us that day." Wilson said if the Tohono O'odham Nation was truly sovereign, it would not have an occupying army and unchecked police power on its land, including the Border Patrol, National Guard and Immigration and Customs agents. Wilson said children as young as six-years-old have been imprisoned in the unit known as "the cage&qu...
Google puts in its indigenous PC to market for $200
2007-11-03 08:27:00
What next Google did for Internet worms is to push much of the processing from processor to Internet itself. For which Google brought gOS, a modified version of Ubuntu of Linux specially made to run Google applications like GMail, Google Document on to your desktop. Gadgets, General, Google, Images, Indigenous PC, PC, Technology News
2007-10-10 05:35:00
97.3 KBCO presents IndigenousWalnut RoomNovember 10th @ 8pmTicket Price: $17Tickets on sale now at KBCO.comPick Your Seats & Tickets Here!
UN adopts declaration on rights of indigenous peoples
2007-09-24 20:00:00
The United Nations General Assembly has just adopted a non-binding declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples after 22 years of debate. The treaty sets down protections for the human rights of native peoples, and for their land and resources. It passed despite opposition from Australia, Canada, New ...
Negroamaro - An Italian Indigenous Varietal
2007-09-17 00:00:00
This month Wine Blogging Wednesday is hosted by Tyler at Dr. Vino and the theme is Go Native, which means go with indigenous varieties.  I knew I wanted to do something Italian for this and I thought about it for a while.  Of course I make it more difficult with my ...
Indigenous Spiritualities
2007-09-14 07:20:00
Indigenous people are descendants of the earliest inhabitants who locate themselves as a community in a specific ecological niche, which they call their traditional or customary land. This land is the basis of their social organisation, economic system and cultural identification. Indigenous people see their traditional lands as being imbued with a spirituality ...
Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
2007-09-14 04:11:00
Canada (along with three other good old-fashioned white colonial settler nations: USA, Australia & New Zealand) voted no. 143 other countries voted yes, so it passed anyways.Wait... we voted no? To a non-binding declaration? Yup, that's right: "No rights for you!"Um. What gives the Canadian state the right to dictate who get rights anyways? JJ is right, it is embarrassing, but unsurprising.Red Jenny
By: Red Jenny
UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights Approved
2007-09-14 00:13:00
Indigenous People around the world are celebrating today, as after 22 years of intensive debate and negotiations, the United Nations assembly has fianlly approved the Declaration on Indigenous Rights. The final results of the vote was 143 in favor and four opposed with eleven abstentions. In a press release by Survival International, Botswana Bushmen Jumanda Gakelebone had ...
Indigenous People
2007-09-13 07:20:00
In Malaysia, there are more than 80 different groups of indigenous people, each with their own culture and language, and each living within their own specific traditional territory. And because indigenous spiritualities are based on the specific geographical and cultural contexts of these people, there are as many different indigenous spiritualities as there are ...
Kaiser Wilhelm II and the Indigenous Peoples of the Marshall Islands
2007-08-22 07:19:00
Originally Published on March 21, 2002 - Since originally writing this I learned a lot more about the Marshallese people. Not everything I wrote was accurate so what’s new? I would invite my Marshallese readers to correct errors I have made. I would like to restate once again my love and respect for the Marshallese ...
International Day of the World's Indigenous People
2007-08-09 03:41:00
By resolution 49/214 of 23 December 1994, the General Assembly of United Nations decided to celebrate the International Day of the World's Indigenous People on 9 August every year during the International Decade of the World's Indigenous People.The International Day of the World?s Indigenous People is commemorated each year on 9 August in recognition of the first meeting of the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations in Geneva in 1982.Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in his message to mark the Day, said «Recently, the international community has grown increasingly aware of the need to support indigenous people - by establishing and promoting international standards; vigilantly upholding respect for their human rights; integrating the international development agenda, including the Millennium Development Goals, in policies, programmes and country-level projects; and reinforcing indigenous peoples? special stewardship on issues related to the environment and climate cha...
Kuwait: Despite the Summer, it?s Never Quiet in Here!
2007-07-15 13:26:00
It’s still summer here. The mercury is rising but Kuwaitis still go for traditional activities during the summer. Pepsi Guy blogs about his first boat trip and gives a warning. After a long wait, I finally got to take my boat on it’s 1st test drive. The weather was amazing, boat ride was cool (though we had ...
The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
2007-07-12 08:46:00
Thirteen Indigenous GrandmothersThirteen women from around the globe meet and resolve to promote change. If there were ever active seniors, you'll meet them here.  
Indigenous Peoples Fighting Ongoing Colonization and Genocide: Australia
2007-06-27 19:17:00
Indigenous peoples all over the world are fighting valiant battles to protect what's left of their land, peoples, and cultures in the face of ongoing colonialism. While there are some small victories, the vast juggernaut of globalized corporate Capitalism simply steamrolls on. Helping this along is the paternalism of well-meaning liberals. It is from the "white man's burden" that some of the most lasting harm has come. Apartheid in South Africa grew out of the same reserve system we have in Canada. Self-government for the natives in semi-autonomous communities - sounds almost progressive doesn't it? Well, we all know how that ended up.Similarly, misguided but mostly benevolant people, who wanted to improve the lot of young native children through education, created Residential Schools - known as The Stolen Generation) in Australia. This was genocide dressed up as education, with devastating consequences. What happens when nearly an entire people is subject to state-sponsored phys...
By: Red Jenny
Zimbabwe Seeks Indigenous Control of Companies
2007-06-27 02:56:00
JOHANNESBURG, June 26 - Zimbabwe's government has put forward legislation that would require virtually all publicly traded companies to cede controlling interests to "indigenous" citizens, raising the possibility of a sizable redistribution of the
By: Get rich
Indigenous Mothers Running Scared: Elder
2007-06-26 14:15:00
Australia ...An elder of the Mutitjulu community in central Australia says many Aboriginal mothers are taking their children into the sandhills because of fears the government will take them away. Federal police and members of the defence force are expected to be deployed to the community as early as next week as part of the Federal Government's response to Indigenous child sex abuse.The elder, Vince Forrester, says the changes are unnecessary and are causing widespread fear in central Australia. "When you're bringing armed forces into the communities obviously people's minds are going to start playing tricks on them," he said."You don't bring an army into the community, this is just intimidation of the Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory."
Malaysia: Trying the Fruit
2007-06-20 19:41:00
“I picked up a piece and put it to my mouth, mildy surprised that the smell didn’t put me off in the least. It was buttery, like the ripest, oiliest avocado mashed to the smoothest paste. I tasted a hint of butterscotch, a smidge of avocado, lots of sweetness, and something stronger, unidentifiable but not ...
Northern Territory Indigenous Children Involved In Informal Sex Trade Epide
2007-06-20 04:05:00
By Honey Gillard   A recent Northern Territory report has found that Aboriginal children as young as three are falling victim to extensive sex abuse highly fuelled by “rivers of grog”, pornography and a lack of education   The report visited remote Northern Territory communities and found that child abuse was apparent in all 45.   Co-chair Pat Anderson, who released ...
Kuwait: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
2007-06-16 21:02:00
This week’s posts swing from good to bad .. sometimes just plain ugly. We will start with the good. philq8 shares with us news of the Filipino expats celebration of the Philippines National Day in Kuwait. Filipinos in Kuwait shared a day of fun and games with their families, friends and acquaintances in a day ...
Yemen: Hadramut?s Social Structure
2007-06-16 06:05:00
Yemeni blogger Omar Barsawad discusses Hadramut’s social classes in this post. Popularity: unranked [?] Read more at Amira Al Hussaini
Libya: Wedding Bells
2007-06-13 02:40:00
Libyan blogger Khadija Teri attended a wedding and gives us a sneak preview of what was on offer here. “I survived the wedding.. it was actually kind of nice because my friend asked that the music not be so loud and for the most part you could actually have a conversation. One of my most ...
Philippines: Eliminating Bad Filipino Traits
2007-06-10 12:54:00
Captain’s Log blogs about couple of bad habits of his fellow countrymen that he would like to change. Popularity: unranked [?] Read more at Preetam Rai
Ukraine: Rusyns
2007-06-08 01:30:00
Dykun returns to blogging with a post on the plight of Ukraine’s Rusyns, who were recently recognized as an indigenous nationality of the Transcarpathian region. Popularity: unranked [?] Read more at Veronica Khokhlova
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