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GestureTek Launches Another First: A Turnkey, Plug-n-Play Portable Interact
2009-05-25 11:11:00
Turnkey, Easy-To-Use ‘Cube’ Brings Gesture-Controlled Digital Signage To Any Venue, For High-Impact Interactive Advertising, Entertainment and Brand Promotion GestureTek Inc., the pioneer, patent-holder and world leader in gesture-controlled interactive display solutions, announced the launch of the new ‘Cube’, a completely portable, ‘plug-n-play’ interactive projection display unit that brings the power of motion-based interactivity to any ...
Interact with Bollywood hunk - Adhyayan Suman - News
2009-03-19 19:30:00
Bollywood’s hottest new entrant Adhyayan Suman, who starred in the year’s super hit movie, RAAZ – THE MYSTERY CONTINUES recently launched his website with the intention of staying in touch with the audiences, friends and fans of his movies and more. read more
How Do You Interact With Your Blog And Website Services Provider?
2008-04-23 08:20:00
Are you proactive, interactive, reactive or just totally inactive when it comes to working with your blog and website services provider? It takes all kinds to make the world go around, or so they say, but as a service provider it can be rather frustrating when it comes to dealing with clients. The inactive client I ...
In fact Emraan did interact with a few bookies while preparing for his role
2008-04-20 21:42:00
Emraan Hashmi may be playing a high profile international bookie in JANNAT but in real life he is far away from being a gambler.'Really, I don't want to get pulled into the world of gambling, whether big or small, at all. I anyways don't know the art of gambling at all. When I tried it once during the shooting of JANNAT, I lost quite some money. This is when I knew that I had to stop imitating what I do on screen in real life', laughs Emraan who would be seeing a film of his release after a year ever since his career best performance was highly acclaimed in AWARAPAN.'Come on, I enjoy the goodies in my life quite a lot and the last thing I want is to loose my house in the bargain, lest I start indulging into gambling. Of course in an event like Diwali, I do try my luck but this is where the buck stops, pun intended', winks Emraan who would be seen with new-find Sonal Chauhan in JANNAT.Does disliking gambling means that he dislikes gamblers as well?'No nothing like that', reac...
LocaModa lets cellphones interact with jukeboxes
2008-04-13 00:00:00
Filed under: Cellphones Trust us, this isn't the first time LocaModa's dabbled in the cellphone-controlled gadgetry game, but it's never been more friendly than it's being with the Social Jukebox. The aforesaid company has teamed up with TouchTunes in order to give patrons the ability to interact with flat-panels on ...
Web-Stat Analysis In Real-Time: Track And Interact Live With Your Site Visi
2008-04-09 02:00:00
A new java application has created quite a buzz for itself, managing to combine a virtually live analytics service with an easy of chat real time, all in one. Woopra is a hosted analytics service for bloggers that lets them to monitor any websites and give a beter idea of how their blog or website ...
New launch of Blinkx Broadband Television, interact with TV: Download Now
2008-04-03 10:25:00
A great new service has just been launch by the name of Blinkx Broadband Television (BBTV) which you can download right now. A new web service where you can interact with TV. Blinkx is California-based and is the world?s largest video search engine which will allow you to search more than 18 million videos across the ...
LG KF600 - Innovative dual InteractPad display
2008-03-07 06:18:00
LG KF600     LG KF600 comes to impress the tactile senses with its innovative user interface composed of two main displays: a standard one and the touchscreen controls display. Sliding open the LG KF600 an alphanumeric keyboard is revealed and also the call managing keys.
By: GSM Mag
LG KF600 - Innovative dual InteractPad display
2008-03-07 06:18:00
LG KF600     LG KF600 comes to impress the tactile senses with its innovative user interface composed of two main displays: a standard one and the touchscreen controls display. Sliding open the LG KF600 an alphanumeric keyboard is revealed and also the call managing keys.
By: GSM Mag
Browse And Interact With Your Friends On-line
2008-02-27 12:17:00
WebSpeakup is an application that integrates into Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Users that install it get instant information and discussions about the web sites they visit. They can also see where their friends are and hear what they say. Imagine you just know where your friends & like-minded people are. You can see what they see & discuss the same things. You visit a web page and instantly hear what a group of your friends, experts and other web users say about this site, page or topic. As you browse you discover new sites, ask questions, get help & recommendations, read & rate reviews and ideas. You might even help others and speak-up your own mind. Imagine browsing like you do today and having the people YOU want available to you, whenever you need them. Imagine having the power to express yourself & connect with the people you need, whenever you need them. Imagine empowering yourself. This is really interesting as users can learn about their friend...
LG lanza el ?KF600?, el teléfono interactivo que lee tu mente
2008-02-25 12:16:00
LG Electronics anunció el lanzamiento europeo de su teléfono ganador del premio de diseño iF 2008, el 'LG-KF600'. Según la compañía, el nuevo teléfono móvil es tan rico en funciones y fácil de utilizar, así como elegante, gracias a su singular 'InteractPad ? '.El InteractPad sustituye a las teclas de navegación físicas por un contexto específico de teclas virtuales que cambian para adaptarse a la tarea en cuestión. Esta nueva interfaz es una respuesta a la necesidad de una manera sencilla de navegar a través de las múltiples características de los actuales teléfonos móviles.El InteractPad hace teclas del teléfono mucho más flexible que el hardware estándar de las teclas y elimina la necesidad de memorizar exactamente las funciones de cada una de ellas. Estas teclas virtuales son también más grandes y espaciadas que en el teclado físico, mejorando la precisión.El nuevo método de entrada, es un buen interfaz para el control de las funciones multimedia como el reproductor de audio ...
New inputs to interact with 3D virtual environments
2008-02-15 23:49:00
Its about time I read this on a big traffic blog - I have said in past posts direct input is to 3D environments what the mouse is to flat ones. Which is basically the point of Mitch Kapor in this article - — We are using surface devices with Edusim now of ...
Intermolecular Interactions (Molecular Associations)
2008-02-11 07:56:00
Interactions that are inTERmolecular are among more than one molecule of a substance. These are the forces that attract the molecules of a liquid or solid to each other. Intermolecular interactions occur among nonpolar molecules as well as among polar ones, but polar interactions are much stronger than nonpolar ones are. Polar Molecules: Polar molecules contain one ...
Health management Interaction in Small Animals
2008-02-10 07:15:00
Proper management to prevent and control disease has historically been a higher priority in large animal medicine than in small animal medicine. However, appropriate management is just as important for small animals, whether their environment is that of a single or multiple-pet home or a more intensive housing situation such as a kennel or cattery.Responsible pet ownership must be emphasized to all those owning and considering owning pets. Areas of client education that should be emphasized include the following:routine care and grooming, preventive health care, parasite control, nutrition, household hazards, housing requirements and environmental factors.Routine care and grooming not only help maintain pet health but also allow identification of health problems early in the course of disease. Close observation of pets allows for evaluation of changes in appetite, thirst, urination, defecation, ambulation, and general behavior. Any changes may suggest the need for a more thorough ex...
MySpace Debuts Original, Interactive Reality Series
2008-02-10 04:41:00
MySpaceTV will debut its new interactive Web series, Roommates, today. The show will air three-minute mini-episodes Monday through Friday until Dec. 22. The show takes advantage of the online exchanges between MySpace users and … Original post by webmaster
What"s New: Hand Hygiene Interactive Training Course:
2008-02-10 00:00:00
Review key concepts of hand hygiene and other standard precautions to prevent healthcare-associated infections.
Interactive Technology Specialist David Hiebeler Pushes Syndication
2008-02-09 18:21:00
Interactive Technology Specialist David Hiebeler Pushes Syndication BrokerIPTV : We are talking with David Hiebeler today, real estate specialist interactive specialist with the Denver Newspaper Agency,DNA, Dave thanks for being with us. David Hiebler: You back, thank you. BrokerIPTV :...
11th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards winners announced
2008-02-08 19:54:00
Today at the D.I.C.E. (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) Summit 2008, the A.I.A.S. (Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences) announced the winners of their (2007) 11th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards, the industry’s premier award show. The award ceremony was hosted by comedian and avid video game player Jay Mohr at the Red Rock Resort in Las ... Finds a Wii-nner in Launchfire Interactive
2008-02-08 16:21:00
Every customer that signed up for an account with between December 1st and December 21st was entered into the contest, and on December 21st, Launchfire Interactive was chosen as the contest winner.
CareerTours, A New Interactive Recruiting Web Site, Launches 1,000 New Job
2008-02-08 10:18:00
CareerTours (, a Web 2.0 recruiting tool that allows career seekers to ?experience? their next career, announces the launch of over 1,000 new job boards. The company, which launched in 2007, features interactive video postings and a unique viral marketing system that connects the right careers with the right candidates. The new job boards will ...
11th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards
2008-02-08 09:30:00
The 11th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards was hosted by comedian and avid video game player Jay Mohr at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas. ?The Interactive Achievement Awards is the forum for the industry?s best game makers to evaluate the merits of more than 160 titles submitted for consideration and honor the best in technical ...
Interactive Travel Tips
2008-02-08 00:00:00
Travel tips don't have to be the same old impersonal, boring reviews you see on many other websites. I always try to offer you a more personal look at the...
Apple desarrolla widgets interactivos para la Apple TV
2008-02-07 22:41:00
MacNN reports reporta una serie de nuevas patentes de Apple, de los cuales implica un uso de ?artilugios? junto con el video streaming que permitan mayor interactividad. La patentes tiene fecha de agosto del 2006 y introduce la posibilidad de un Widgets, para por ejemplo, cuando un usuario ve un video musical, pueda comprar una entrada ...
Dissecting Molecular Interactions Between FAK and Paxillin
2008-02-06 12:27:00
In keeping with this week’s trend of just science blogging on FAK, let’s take a look at another critical protein-protein interaction - this time with the scaffolding protein Paxillin. Specifically, how do FAK and Paxillin interact and why? Conveniently, there’s a recent paper by Danielle Scheswohl et al., from the Schaller lab: Multiple ...
Interact V3 Racing Wheel (Electronics)
2008-02-06 02:02:00
Interact V3 Racing Wheel (Electronics)By InterAct 1 used and new from $19.00 Customer Rating: First tagged “ps2″ by Lewis M Wollen Customer tags: ps2 Technorati Tags: ps2
Analyzing your Web Analytics to Extract User Website Interaction
2008-02-04 22:28:00
Are you Analyzing your Web Analytics to Extract User Website Interaction? If not, then you may be overlooking your most relevant source of insight to traffic that your visitors haev left behind. Everything leaves a trail, such as who are your top referrers , how long does the average user stay on the  page, what is the 6 Zoom(s)
Get Interactive with Heroes!
2008-02-04 20:00:00
Still feeling withdrawal as you wait for Heroes Season 3? You can cure the fix by delving into some of the NBC Heroes Sitess interactive online content such as graphic novels and videos online to get your fix...Nissan Rogue and NBC's site present a special online Heroes Graphic Novel which is interactive. It features everyone's favorite Cheerleader, Claire Bennet and a new adventure for the invincible heroine.The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei is a four minute video in graphic novel comic book style with haunting Heroes music behind it. In the video, during year 1692 at age 42, Kensei took wife one, then in 1747 Milan Italy saw Kensei's next wife give birth to two sons. And there's 8 more wives after that. An interesting tale worth checking out which moves through history and Kensei's immortal life. It's also told by Kensei from within the casket/grave site that Hiro put him. And the video will give a clue about whether or not we may see Kensei aka Adam Monroe return...Th...
Nothing AD , una nueva consultoría de marketing interactivo
2008-02-04 18:48:00
El otro día hablaba con mi buen amigo Ferran Burriel, Dtor. de la recién creada consultoría de marketing interactivo NOTHING AD sobre lo poco que todavía se ha avanzado en el campo de la publicidad interactiva a nivel de especialistas puros, el dialogo fué muy interesante y derivó en el compromiso de escribir algo acerca de ...
By: Gurusblog
Ogrant Interactive Online Grant Service.
2008-02-04 18:33:00
Ogrant is an interactive online grant service. We offer students new types of ways to fund their education using methods such as videos and pictures to display creativity, talent, and intellectual ability. If you apply and you follow the rules and criteria, your submission will be posted on where the Ogrant student community will help decide if your application is worthy of an Ogrant.For more informations please visit : www.ogrant.comBest Wishes
Intramolecular Interactions (Bonds)
2008-02-04 07:52:00
Students commonly confuse intramolecular interactions (bonds) with intermolecular interactions (molecular attractions). This post will explain the types of bonds that hold an individual molecule or crystal together, as well as the molecular attractions that bind molecules to their neighbors. Intramolecular Interactions (Bonds) Interactions that are inTRAmolecular are within a single molecule or ion pair. We normally ...
Security 2.0: Protecting Your Online Interactions
2008-02-03 07:43:00
Introduction We’ve entered an era marked by extraordinary online opportunities and interactions. Whether the context is social or political, commercial or cultural, more and more of us are using the Internet to exchange information, ideas, and assets. In short, we’re sharing more of our lives with more people over the Web.However, along with increased interaction and opportunity come new security challenges. And Symantec is working at the leading edge to create strategies, technologies, and services to protect you as you interact on the Web. In our vision for a secure Internet, you’ll have the confidence to take full advantage of every new opportunity. We call that vision Security 2.0. The new Web—interactions, opportunities, and threats The Internet is an immense collection of interactions among individuals, businesses, and the world at large. It connects us to an unlimited number of people and it promises untold opportunities.Take, for example, the way we interact persona...
Interactive Art Director ?08
2008-02-03 00:42:00
Hyper Island presents the Interactive Art Director ‘08 program. Creativity. Intelligence. Craftmanship. Click here for more info!
Transacciones de armas a nivel mundial? visualizado en este mapa interactiv
2008-02-02 08:52:00 es un mapa interactivo en el que podemos visualizar las transacción de armas a nivel mundial entre los años 1950 y 2006? la web fue creada por Jeffrey Warren de Vestal Design, basado en los datos de Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Compártelo
2008-02-01 17:19:00
By: Open Blog
2008-02-01 08:36:00
BURBANK, Calif. – (January 30, 2008) &ndas...
Interactive 8-bit gamer?s Valentine?s shirts
2008-02-01 07:20:00
Are you the kind of couple that dress up as Zelda and Link and hit the convention circuit? Maybe you’re the type of person who can’t get enough Twilight Princess game time in, and when you do, you pick up as many hearts as possible, even if your heart containers are full, all the while ...
Interaction Design Assistant
2008-01-31 07:00:00
Effective interaction design begins with understanding how people work on a daily basis, which is why their interaction designers are trained in Contextual Design. Design Assistants will be trained in all phases of the Contextual Design process, including field interviews with end users, data interpretation, work modeling and consolidation, visioning, storyboarding, system design, paper prototyping and final visual design. They will use these skills to provide extra hands to the team and support creating deliverables. Requirements Bachelor's or Master's degree in graphic design, fine art, or interaction design One year of demonstrated interaction design experience. Experience designing web or client-based applications (not merely web page design) is desirable. Visual design experience is preferred, but not necessary. Demonstrated experience with the following (or similar) design software: FreeHand, Dreamweaver, PowerPoint, Photoshop, HTML, and CSS. Must work quickly unde...
Blue Eye Interactive Table - manipulate 3D objects in real-time!!!
2008-01-30 12:23:00
This may not be the latest news but the concept technology involved in this piece of gadget is just absolutely top-notch! Imagine you had a table which was actually a practical scanner screen, it could scan anything you place on top of it with just a simple tap of the screen, wouldn’t that be great ...
Report: Disney Guests Love Interactive Nintendo DS Guide - SendMeRSS
2008-01-30 00:02:00
Report: Disney Guests Love Interactive Nintendo DS GuideThe results are in, and Walt Disney World parkgoers love "Disney Magic Connection," a modified Nintendo DS Lite console that feeds you up-to-the-second information about where to find rides and how long the lines are. Last week, Disney field-tested the devices, which receive data from hundreds of wireless sensors scattered throughout the park, by giving them out to guests as they came in the turnstiles. Although the $300 deposit required to test a unit caused many would-be participants to turn away, the ones who did came back with rave reviews, reports Jim Hill Media:But even with a much smaller sampling than they had originally hoped for, the Imagineers were very pleased with the way the "Disney Magic Connection" field test went. They enjoyed hearing guests rave about how they were able to get real-time info on every ride, show and attraction in the park that had a wait time. Which made it so much easier to decide what to...
2008-01-29 13:58:00
Latest wrinkle in online job sitesA new Web site is taking online job-hunting one step enables job applicants to appear on interactive video, answering specific questions for prospective employers. Job-seekers can post their resumes and also answer the questions submitted when recruiters and employers post their job openings. The Q&A session will appear on interactive video.This is not your rambling video resume of the 1980's, says Ask Me Hire Me principal Jack Krause. He says the site presents the applicant in quick, easy-to-click responses to the questions employers most want answered. The viewer can pick and choose the questions and responses from a menu beside each video.Link to complete story: G.
Really Cool Interactive Map on
2008-01-28 23:07:00
The Austin Statesman has an interactive map up on their website that shows median price changes and sales volume activity for Austin Travis County in 2007 compared to 2006. Jeez, I wish I knew how to create such a nice map for the blog, but I guess they have a bigger budget than me. I’ll ...
What if Google Maps were truly interactive?!
2008-01-28 18:06:00
Via Miss Cellania at Neatorama
An Interactive Buffalo Rumblings Off Season
2008-01-28 14:16:00
RB Marshawn Lynch ( Already miss watching your Buffalo Bills play on Sundays? Still have the itch to talk about your favorite team incessantly, even though nothing is going to happen news-wise with the team for another month? You've come to the right place. Welcome to what we'll call "An Interactive Buffalo Rumblings Off-Season"! First and foremost, this posting is a welcome to any Bills fans out there who frequent this site but haven't commented or created an account here before (I fondly refer to y'all as "lurkers"). We would love to hear from y'all on a much more frequent basis! You'll find that we're not a cutthroat community; we may disagree, but we're all friends united by a common bond: the Buffalo Bills. So if you haven't yet, create a free account, drop us a line in the comments, and become a part of this off-season's events. The more the merrier! With the Super Bowl less than a week away - and the start of free agency following le...
Point-of-Care: the Physician?s Interactive Notebook
2008-01-28 13:00:00
[DEMO 08] This new application built on Adobe Air is an interesting health record solution. Acesis claims that their software is better tailored to the way physicians work and think, unlike existing health IT solutions. Point of care provides a secure and flexible data capture system with structured medical vocabularies for reporting and analysis. Physicians can easily create and modify templates and forms dynamically expand based on prior responses, helping physicians focus on appropriate lines of clinical inquiry. I would like to test it to see how intuitive the user interface is, even if I am not a doctor. The article will be updated with a link to the demonstration video in the next few days. Permalink | Comment | Uberbargain | Uberphones
NK Interactivo
2008-01-28 10:26:00
By: ProWebART
Update/Reminder - Interactive Web Traffic Course
2008-01-27 14:41:00
Hey guys, I really want to thank all of the people who subscribed yesterday. I am certain you will enjoy this course and I look forward to sharing and discussing with you over the next week. If your one of the few sitting on the fence about this, keep in mind that this ...
More Interaction
2008-01-26 13:27:00
Besides the usual goodies I offer on this site, I am thinking of doing polls, too. I think that this is one of the best ways to interact with my visitors. I mean, if the poll question is something really interesting, a visitor will surely go back to check the results after the voting is ...
Make websites interactive with voting polls
2008-01-25 21:31:00
For any webmaster, it is very important to make his website look attractive because in this way, he can easily attract the attention of more people towards his website. One of the best option available with the webmasters to make their website more attractive is to add voting polls. Voting polls provide a great opportunity to webmasters to know more about their visitors. Webmaster can easily get the help of websites like, which provide a free option of making voting polls. At this website, webmasters can easily find many best and refined voting polls options. For using this service, webmaster do not require any software or hard IT skills, just after the two minute sign up they can easily start using this website and adding interactive polls on their website.ArvindKatoch
Web Camera with Interactive Games
2008-01-25 18:54:00
This is a new playful web camera that comes with three interactive PC video games these are Kungfu, Super Knight, and Funny Stair. The ANEO GX-10 puts you into the theme and in real-time puts your moves on the screen while you are in front of the PC. It is an interesting and easy game for ...
Interact with your readers - poll them?
2008-01-25 17:17:00
A great way of obtaining reader feedback is through adding simple response mechanisms to your site. One really easy way is through an online poll. This isn’t always an easy thing to do but I just heard about a free service from which makes it very simple to add voting polls to your ...
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