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Gestire le fotografie su Mac: iPhoto vs Picasa
2009-07-25 15:29:00
Per archiviare e consultare le fotografie su Mac ho sempre usato iPhoto in quanto semplice, comodo e carino. Nelle ultime settimane, però, lo spazio su disco si è ridotto notevolmente a causa di varie attività. Ho iniziato quindi a scandagliare i volumi alla ricerca di file, cartelle, programmi che occupano troppo spazio per l'uso che ne faccio. Così ho scoperto che iPhoto mi "ruba" quasi 4 Gb di spazio, suppongo per la creazione delle thumbnail: davvero troppo. Sotto Windows usavo invece Picasa e ho provato ad installare la versione (beta, purtroppo) per Mac. Il risultato è stato davvero sorprendente: pochissimi Mb per la creazione delle diapositive, una velocità di scansione incredibile e un sacco di comode funzionalità nuove o che avevo dimenticato. Per capirci questo è il dettaglio dello spazio occupato da entrambi i programmi. File: 20.000 fotografie divise in 200 cartelle per un totale di 34 Gb iPhoto: rich...
Manage Video Clips in iPhoto 6
2009-07-06 15:00:00
I was searching the internets this past weekend in search of a simple solution for managing and organizing my video clips on my Mac. I have a somewhat dated iMac with OS X version 10.4 and I don’t have the latest iLife versions. My current version of iPhoto is version 6. I’ve imported short video ...
iPhoto Finds Cookie With Human Personality
2009-04-08 16:17:00
From Discover Magazine | RSS: It turns out that iPhoto's face recognition is so good it may even surpass the ability every child has to find shapes in cloud formations—except it does so in cookie dough. Read the whole article
‹bermind Announces New iPhoto Plugins
2008-06-03 18:00:00
‹bermind has released three new plug-ins: ‹berUpload for iPhoto, iPhoto to Picasa Web Albums, and iPhoto to Archive.?Our goal has always been to simplify the way photographers work by developing tools that are both powerful and intuitive to use,? said Shehryar Khan, ‹bermind?s CEO. ?Now, with the release of iPhoto equivalents of our most popular plug-ins, we?ve made sharing photos a snap and managing digital image files hassle-free, all from within an application you already know and love.?The 25 for 25 PromotionFor a limited time, ‹bermind is offering a 25% discount good towards the purchase of any of its new iPhoto plug-ins. This discount, which applies to purchases made during the first 25 days the plug-ins are commercially available, will expire June 28th.‹berUpload for iPhotoAdd the power of FTP and SFTP exports to your workflow without ever leaving iPhoto. Packed with features like custom image sizing, on-the-fly file conversion, and a plethora of naming conventions, ‹berUploa...
onOne Software Announces Essentials 2 for iPhoto
2008-05-12 18:18:00
onOne Software, Inc., announces today the availability of Essentials 2 software for iPhoto users. Essentials 2 for iPhoto is a collection of four easy-to-use software tools to help correct color, creatively blur a photo for dramatic visual impact, add ...
iLife | How to Publish a Web Gallery Using iPhoto
2008-05-02 17:04:00
These are instructions on how to publish your iPhoto pictures to a Web Gallery. In order to use this feature you must have a .Mac membership.Step OneLaunch iPhoto by selecting its icon in the dockStep TwoSelect an album or event from the iPhoto library. Step ThreeSelect Web Gallery from the Share Menu.Step FourIf you have not signed in to .Mac on this computer you will be prompted to do so. Click the Sign In button Enter your dotMac Member Name and Password then click the Sign In button.Step FiveSelect Web Gallery from the Share Menu again if required.Step SixSelect who can view the album from the Album Viewable by: dropdown. You can select Everyone, Only me, or you can create a user list by clicking Edit Names and Passwords.... You can add users by clicking the + button. Click the OK button when you are done adding users. You can allow Downloading of photos or entire album, Uploading of photos via web browser, and Adding of photos via email by checking their respective boxes. You c...
From iPhoto to Aperture or Lightroom
2008-04-28 12:53:00
A month ago we talked about how to work with Adobe Bridge and iPhoto. As promised, today we will see how to transfer all your pictures from iPhoto to Aperture or Adobe Lightroom. This is not as easy as it could seem and the process can take a while, especially if you have been storing ...
Ceiva iPhoto plugin
2008-04-06 14:37:00
I just received an email from Ceiva asking me to try their new iPhoto plugin. This plugin is still in beta testing, but is available for anyone to download and test out. Using the plugin you can export your iPhoto pictures to any Ceiva frame or album. The plugin installs easily and adds a ...
Can you work with both iPhoto and Adobe Bridge?
2008-04-03 13:55:00
Even though up till now all my pictures have been stored in iPhoto, I’ve gotten to a point where I can’t stand working with the application anymore. I find it too slow and too limited in terms of editing. I’m also not satisfied with the way you can organize and store your photos. The easiest ...
Use AppleScript To Stop iPhoto From Auto-Launching
2008-03-02 07:36:00
One of the nice things about using a Mac is that things tend to be more conventient, like when you plug in a digital camera and iPhoto starts up automatically. However, in the case of the iPhone, having iTunes and iPhoto start automatically every time you connect your iPhone can be more annoying than helpful. 37Signals has step-by-step instructions on how to set up an AppleScript that will stop that from happening.It turns out that Image Capture has the option in it's preferences to chose which applications to automatically start up. However, simply setting it not to open iPhoto anymore will mean that it won't open iPhoto every time you plug in a digital camera, either. The solution: set it to open up an app (or in this case, AppleScript) that will decide if it's a camera or an iPhone and chose whether or not to open iPhoto based on that information.You can check out the full list of instructions by iJosh at the 37Signals. This blog will tell you how to Unlock Jailbreak Activate ...
Aperture | How to Import iPhoto Library into Aperture
2008-02-16 04:50:00
TO IMPORT ENTIRE IPHOTO LIBRARYStep OneOpen Aperture by selecting its icon in the dock or double clicking its icon in the Applications folder.Step TwoSelect File : Import : iPhoto Library... from Aperture's menu.Step ThreeThe import window will appear and should have the iPhoto library already selected. If not, then navigate to the location of the iPhoto.If you would like to leave the photos in the iPhoto library without copying them over to Aperture then select In their current location from the Store Files dropdown. Otherwise leave it as In the Aperture Library.Click Choose to start the import.A popup window will appear showing the status of the import.Step FourOnce the import is complete you will be able to access your iPhoto Events etc from the Projects Pane to the left side of the Aperture window.TO IMPORT SPECIFIC IPHOTO IMAGESStep OneOpen Aperture by selecting its icon in the dock or double clicking its icon in the Applications folder.Step TwoSelect File : Import : Images.. ...
Mac Tip: Sending pictures to Ceiva from iPhoto
2008-02-13 13:53:00
Now that all my files are on our iMac I’m trying to figure out how to everything. OS 10 is still foreign to me, but fortunately Google is there to help me. Here’s a simple tip I found: Sending pictures to Ceiva from iPhoto is incredibly easy. Simply login in to your Ceiva ...
Apple Issues iPhoto Security Fix
2008-02-06 10:00:00
Apple Issues iPhoto Security FixThe bug could have allowed an attacker to entice a victim into subscribing to a maliciously crafted photocast -- a sort of RSS feed for photos.
iPhoto says camera contains no photos, camera says memory card full
2008-02-06 06:43:00
I can scroll through the images and see them on the view finder so I know they are on the memory card, however neither iPhoto nor Image Browser recognizes that they are there so won't upload them to the computer. I deleted one image and shot...
IPHOTO - Free Seminar by Camera Club of Negros (Bacolod City)
2008-01-21 11:20:00
Camera Club of Negros invites you to IPHOTO a free seminar in commemoration of Photo Week 2008 The venue is at the La Salle Alumni Hall in Bacolod City on 5PM January 23, 2008 For those interested to join, please email to register. Share This
Buibuiphoto 1.32
2007-12-13 09:23:00
BuibuiPhoto is a nice freeware for managing your digital photos. BuibuiPhoto allows you to resize, crop, correct red-eyes of all your pictures very easily in “batch-mode”. It allows you to create automatically some beautiful photo galleries and upload them on your website without having any knowledge in website creation. Features An easy to use interface Batch photo processing Right-click menu into the Windows explorer for fast access Portable application in a single exe file without installer Download Buibuiphoto v1.32
2007-12-13 00:00:00
Iphoto is an internet picture downloader to download pictures, photos, images, JPG, GIF from web or internet. It can access your favorite web sites with a maximum of 8 threads simultaneously. It analyzes the structure of the web site, finds the pictures and photos (JPG,GIF) and downloads them to your hard disk. It makes the picture download a fun task to do. Enjoy your download picture journey with Iphoto!
By: Shareware
IPhotobuddy Helps Organise your Images in iPhoto
2007-10-16 10:00:00
When I first started using Mac OSX I really liked iPhoto, it was a great way to organise my images so I could easily access both my personal photos and images for my designs. As my gallery of images got bigger though, not surprisingly iPhoto became pretty sluggish, especially on opening and I began to ...
iPhoto Library manager
2007-10-03 11:24:00
iPhoto comes as part of Apple?s iLife package for the Mac. It?s pretty good and I?ve been using it to manage those photos that I want to keep out of my Professional workflow: pictures of friends and family gatherings, parties, etc.The only problem is that the iPhoto library can soon get pretty bloated and it seemed impossible to manage multiple libraries very easily. I wanted to keep the main library on an external disk but a smaller library of the most recent photos on my laptop, so that they?d be available when I?m out and about.Enter iPhoto Library Manager. Doing pretty much what it says on the tin, this software manages multiple iPhoto libraries, enables sharing of albums, copying, switching, iPod synchronisation and even a bit of iPhoto First Aid should your library throw a wobbly.There?s a free version although that restricts copying to no more than 20 photos so pretty pointless really but the full version is only just over £10 and well worth the investment.No, I?m not on comm...
iPhoto 7.0.2
2007-09-05 18:21:00
Fire up Software Update, Mac OS X users, for iPhoto 7.0.2 has just been released. This update addresses ?issues associated with publishing to .Mac Web Gallery, rebuilding thumbnails, and editing...
iPhoto ?08: A Master of Organization
2007-08-31 13:00:00
Apple bills iPhoto '08 as a "lifestyle application," but it functions more like a flotation device. If you are drowning in digital pictures, iPhoto will save you. Older versions of iPhoto let users collect pictures in folders or albums, but they lacked any default organization. The new program automatically groups photos that were shot on the same day.
iPhoto 7.0.2? Apple refinando su software
2007-08-29 15:13:00
Apple continua refinando el iPhoto con una nueva versiůn, 7.0.2. Los pocos detalles que iPhoto proporciona sůlo destaca parches para publicar a la galerŪa .Mac, reconstruir los thumbnails, y editar los libros. Al mismo tiempo dice que arregla una serie de problemas de menor grado. La nueva versiůn se puede bajar aquŪ. CompŠrtelo
iPhoto '08 Web Gallery
2007-08-14 00:01:00
My new Web Gallery created with the new iPhoto'08. They're mostly left over images that I felt weren't good enough for What's super cool about the gallery is I can update it right from my iPhone so I'll be updating this while I'm on vacation in the Caribbean (only 4 days left!!).TheBobBlog
iPhone: Please stop launching iPhoto!
2007-07-17 02:54:00
It's easy to stop iPhoto from launching each time you dock your iPhone if you know where to look.
By: context
iPhoto och Pixelmator
2007-06-01 19:50:00
Att Apple gör bra program är mer ett känt faktum än ett undantag. iPhoto, som ingår i deras programsvit iLife 06, är ett exempel. Det är suveränt för att importera bilder och där finns även goda möjligheter att redigera bilder som är tagna i råformat. Idag upptäckte jag ytterligare en användbar funktion. Det finns möjlighet att retuschera bilder.Det som är intressant här är att Apple tillhandahåller de mest grundläggande funktionerna, som det krävts andra program till tidigare. Suveränt.Just som jag lovordar iPhoto läste jag om Pixelmator som verkar vara något i hästväg. Se mer på: på bloggen MaxiMac där hittade jag informationen:
Free Aperture web seminar for iPhoto users
2007-05-12 02:02:00
If you use iPhoto and have considered using Aperture, this online seminar will answer many of your questions about migrating from iPhoto or using both applications together for your photography work. Topics covered: * Benefits of using Aperture for iPhoto users * Migrating iPhoto libraries or images to Aperture * Using Aperture and iPhoto together Register today for this free seminar, and see how Aperture opens up a new world of possibilities.
DigiPhoto 2007
2007-04-27 00:00:00
Asociatia Studen?ilor Informaticieni Ie ?eni organizeaz? DigiPhoto 2007, un concurs na? ional de fotografie digital? desf??urat online la adresa . Premiile insumeaza o valoare de peste 3000 de euro. Temele propuse pentru concurs sunt: Conceptul de rural in Romania | Verdele incepe sa dispara | Manipulare Digitala | Acustic In data de 19 mai in Iasi ...
Facebook releases iPhoto plugin
2007-03-16 22:04:00
Enables direct uploading with the tagging of friends.
By: ---------
Secret advanced editing mode in iPhoto
2007-03-06 14:22:02
digg_url = '';digg_bg-color = '#F7F6F7';The built-in red eye and retouch editing tools in iPhoto are amazingly easy to use, but pretty basic in what they can do. Luckily, in iPhoto 6 there is a secret advanced editing mode that allows you to make these tools even more useful. When this mode is activated you can control the size and strength of both the retouch and red eye tools.First off, you need to check your settings are right. Load up iPhoto and go to the Preferences located in the iPhoto menu. You can only access the advanced editing mode if you have iPhoto set for image editing. Also, if you have iPhoto set to edit in a separate window, the advanced editing mode will be reset every time you enter edit mode. Choosing "Edit in Main Window" will make the advanced editing mode stay active until you quit iPhoto.google_ad_client = "pub-0039062403589372";google_a-d_width = 336;google_ad_height = 280;...
Speed up iPhoto
2006-12-02 19:10:01
There is a simple way to speed up iPhoto considerably, especially if you are running it on an old machine.google_ad_client = "pub-0039062403589372";google_a-d_width = 336;google_ad_height = 280;google_ad_format = "336x280_as";google_ad_type = "text_image";google_ad_channel- = "0667952178";google_color_borde-r = "F7F6F7";google_color_bg = "F7F6F7";google_color_link = "1870D8";google_color_text = "333333";google_color_url = "1870D8";Open up iPhoto and go to the Preferences. Choose Appearance. If you uncheck Outline and Drop shadow, then slide the background all the way to white, you should notice that iPhoto starts up a lot quicker. This mainly helps with iPhoto 5's performance, as iPhoto 6 is already much snappier.If you still find iPhoto to be slow, try holding down the command and option keys while its starting up. A diolog box should load up, asking if you want to rebuild your photo library. This has the greatest effect if you have a very large photo libary.One final tip is to press...
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