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Separated at Birth: Jasmine Guy and Paula Abdul
2009-09-17 03:05:00
Courtesy of today’s news that has A DIFFERENT WORLD alum Jasmine Guy dropping by THE VAMPIRE DIARIES in an upcoming episode to reveal to granddaughter Bonnie (Katerina Graham) that she actually descends from a long line of witches comes our latest separated at birth: Jasmine Guy and Paula Abdul. Discuss.
Meera Jasmine Tamil, Malayalam Movie Actress Sexy Photos
2009-08-30 22:12:00
Meera Jasmine Tamil, Malayalam Movie Actress Sexy Photos
Jasmine Fiore Playboy Photos: Car Holds Murder Mystery
2009-08-25 14:29:00
Former Playboy model Jasmine Fiore was allegedly brutally killed and later mutilated to prevent identification (Jasmine Fiore?s murder horrific details) by her reality star husband, Ryan Alexander Jenkins, a fugitive who ended up taking his own life (Ryan Jenkins? suicide details ? photos and video). The criminal investigation continues. A key element in the investigation is ...
Jasmine Fiore?s Murder Horrific Details (Graphic Photos)
2009-08-22 21:49:00
Former Playmate Jasmine Fiore, who was allegedly brutally killed by her husband Ryan Jenkins, was strangled on Friday night (August 14) after midnight. Ryan was caught on a surveillance video leaving the hotel L’Auberge Del Mar near San Diego with a suitcase similar to the one in which Jasmine?s body was found stuffed in. Jasmine was ...
Jasmine Fiore & Ryan Jenkins Personal & Wedding Photos
2009-08-21 22:31:00
This ?love? story ended in tragedy for model Jasmine Fiore, who tied the knot with Ryan Alexander Jenkins, a contestant and possible winner of VH1?s ?Megan Wants a Millionaire?, at the Little White Wedding Chapel on March 18, 2009. Ryan reported Jasmine missing and her body was found stuffed into a suitcase in a trash bin ...
Ryan Jenkins Wanted for Jasmine Fiore?s Murder
2009-08-21 08:11:00
Ryan Alexander Jenkins is officially a wanted man over the killing of his girlfriend/wife Jasmine Fiore, who was a bikini model. The U.S. Marshal’s Office along with the Buena Park Police Department have made Jenkins the prime suspect in the crime. They believe he has fled and is hiding out in either Washington or his ...
Playboy Model Jasmine Fiore Found Murdered
2009-08-19 20:23:00
Former Playboy model Jasmine Fiore has been found murdered in Buena Park, California. She was found strangled and stuffed in a suitcase. Fiore was 28-years old. Her husband Ryan Alexander Jenkins is being held by police as the primary suspect in the death of Fiore. Police have named Jenkins, 32, as a “person of interest” and ...
Are local agencies responsible for Jasmine Bedwell’s baby’s dea
2009-07-02 02:34:00
A young girl, Jasmine Bedwell, is abused. Her mother is incompetent, so the girl is turned over to the state and made a foster child. At 17, she drops out of school and gives birth to a baby boy, Emanuel Murray. Within three months, she gets herself a new boyfriend named Richard McTear, who turns violent. McTear beats her and Emanuel, so Jasmine files a restraining order against him. Jasmine promises case workers that she’ll follow through on a court order, but doesn’t. McTear breaks into Jasmine’s apartment, throws Emanuel on the concrete floor, and then kidnaps the child only to throw him out of a moving vehicle on I-275. Emanuel dies. Jasmine Bedwell is now suing the Department of Children & Families, Hillsborough Kids Inc. and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. She says they are responsible for her baby’s death. She even blames the apartment complex where she lives. It’s everyone’s fault, but her own. Today, Jasmine is arrest...
Meera Jasmine South Movie Actress New Photos, Stills
2009-06-28 05:07:00
MEERA JASMINEMOVIE ACTRESS HOT GALLERY CLICK HEREMeera Jasmine photos, Meera Jasmine stills, v hot sexy spicy malayalam , telugu, tamil, south m ovie actress unseen masala clevage pics, Meera Jasmine gallery, Meera Jasmine shots, Meera Jasmine movies, Meera Jasmine ga;llery, Meera Jasmine stills, Meera Jasmine movies shots
Beauty dulls the intellect-Jasmine MacDonnell
2009-06-09 01:49:00
The picture of Jasmine MacDonnell, a beautiful lady who obviously is dumb. She is THE picture of that concept that beauty can hide And shes not even blond but in this day of gender and sexual equality.Ms. Raitt made comments to her former aide, Jasmine MacDonnell, in a conversation that appears to have been inadvertently (no consent by Ms Raitt) recorded by Ms. MacDonnell on Jan. 30, while the two were being driven to an event in Victoria, B.C. This recording was left in the hands of a journalist negligently or lazily (the recorder was left behind in a bathroom) and now the gossipy contents are in the news. What garbage! So much about a reporter asking is that on the record....lolMaybe if Jasmine had to work the streets for a while, she wake up her brain and care about someone besides herself. Ms. Raitt on the other hand will likely have to pay a public price for Jasmine's negligence again and again. Harper got rid of the right lady.
Chinchilla Babies - By Jasmine and Casper
2009-05-12 17:01:00
Jasmines and Caspers Babies "So small… but a whole lotta Cute!" 2009-04-22 Here’s what Diana Capo says about Jasmines and Caspers Babies: "These 2 baby chinchillas were born April 3, 2009 while I was in the hospital. My son called me and I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t even know that Jasmine had even bred to ...
Meeea Jasmine ,Sada in Aaa Eee Movie Photos
2009-04-29 11:19:00
EXCLUSIVE AAA EEE MOVIE HOT SEXY GALLERY CLICK HEREMeeea Jasmine ,Sada in Aaa Eee Movie photos, Meeea Jasmine ,Sada in Aaa Eee Movie wallpapers, Meeea Jasmine ,Sada in Aaa Eee Movie hot Sexy pics with sreekath
Review: Neal's Yard Jasmine Enriching Cream
2009-04-27 10:22:00
I have been testing out a few different products because my last skincare routine just wasnt working for me. One of the items i really wanted to try out was the Neals Yard Jasmine Enriching Cream. Unfortunately when i went to their website shipping to Malta was something crazy like 20 or 30 pounds and then another 16 for the product.What do i do when i cant buy something at the actual store? I buy it on ebay of course!I got myself a new jar (exactly the same size as the one in the shop) for only 10pounds incl shipping to Malta!I have been trying it out everyday for a week now and i think i can safely give you a review.What it is:"A luxurious moisturising cream for delicate or neglected skin for use during day or night"What i like about it:It feels silky on your skinIt absorbs into the skin really wellIt makes my skin soft and dewy without making it look oilyIt is supposed to be for dry skins but it works great with my combination skinIt mixes easily with foundation for a tinted foun...
Meera Jasmine South Actress Spicy Photos
2009-04-19 18:07:00
MEERA JASMINEMOVIE ACTRESS HOT GALLERY CLICK HEREMeera Jasmine South Actress photos, Meera Jasmine South Actress wallpapers, Meera Jasmine South Actress stills, Meera Jasmine South Actress gallery, Meera Jasmine South Actress pics, hot stills, movies, actress, Meera Jasmine South Actress new movie stills
Ryan Seacrest?s New Girlfriend Is Bartender Jasmine Waltz (Photos)
2009-04-17 19:10:00
American Idol host Ryan Seacrest is reportedly dating beautiful Los Angeles bartender Jasmine Waltz, who he met at Guy’s, a West Hollywood lounge. The two have been seeing each other for a few months and were recently spotted enjoying a romantic weekend in Paris, France. [images: hollywoodgossip]
American Idol: Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez Go Whilst Cowell Gets Even Mo
2009-03-12 14:51:00
Simon Cowell will be given extra power alongside his fellow American Idol judges after a dramatic rule change is introduced on tonight?s results show. The change will allow the judges to NULLIFY the public vote and SAVE a contestant that had been chosen to be eliminated by the public, putting pressure on the contestants for the ...
Book Review: ?Jasmine?s Fate? by Randy Rawls
2008-11-02 19:05:00
For years readers have read about the various exploits of private investigators in Boston or Los Angeles. Dallas, has a couple of private investigators that not only get the job done they feature very different styles. Both are very rewarding from a reading pleasure standpoint. The fictional Lee Henry Oswald written by Harry Hunsicker provides ...
Jasmine Tea Ice Cream In Roasted Plum Cups With Sables Cookies
2008-09-09 07:21:00
Eat me quick....I am melting....Thank you all for your concern with the storm. We did get a good bit of rain, enough to make the water come up the hill from the river during the night at high tide but it was all gone by 9am with blue skies, bright sun and scorching heat once more. I woke up at 3am to check the river and the backyard and took Bailey out so he'd let us sleep a little in the morning. Bad mistake...he loves adores water and started doing a little "Dancing In The Rain" number... lovely. Good thing he loves rolling in a towel too, makes our job easier!! Anyway, Hanna turned out to be windy and rainy but nothing compared to the threat that Ike seems to be. Anybody in Ike's path, be safe.Didn't I say a couple of weeks ago with the redcurrant sorbet dessert that it was the last time I was trying to shoot ice cream during summer? Yes, well...either I am a sucker for punishment or I am a sucker for ice cream. Hmm...yes, apparently my love for anything ice cream-ish made me ...
[Fotos] Jasmine Richards bebiendo y posando
2008-06-04 22:45:00
Camp Rock est a pocas semanas de estrenarse y algunas actrices estn aprovechando su participacin en esta pelcula para hacerse famosas.Una de ellas es Jasmine Richards, quien tienen el papel de Peggy Richards en Camp Rock. Ella tiene tan slo 17 aos y segn cuenta OceanUp, estas fotos donde la vemos bebiendo y posando, habra sido tomadas el ao pasado.Bueno, ms all de que haya sido un juego o no, pareciese que algunas actrices wannabe quieren mostrar siempre este tipo de fotos para que sean conocidas, lol xD!
2008-06-02 08:39:00
Jasmine Tea is a famous tea made from Green or Pouchong (Chinese Green) tea leaves that are scented with jasmine flowers. The jasmine flowers are harvested during the day and stored in a cool place... Learn about Tea
Jasmine & Aladdin Dancing Pedestal Snowglobe
2008-05-23 16:27:00
Price: $79.50Found At: This snowglobe is a tribute to the Disney movie Aladdin and features Princess Jasmine dancing with prince Aladdin atop a beautifully decorated tower. Below them the Genie watches on, Jafar plots his evil plans, the Sultan looks for his daughter and Abu hangs on to his jewels. Jamine and Aladdin rotate within ...
Jasmine on Palm trees
2008-05-13 15:49:00
Have you ever seen something like this? The palm tree is covered with Jasmine flowers!Can you imagine how sweet this smells?Hmmmm..... so fragrant in the spring breeze.
Jasmine Rouge That Girl From The Gym
2008-05-10 02:42:00
Jasmine Rouge is like a fallen angel who spreads her legs to let us see what the heaven is looks like… Jasmine such a pretty lovely babe with extra ordinary size of jugs! Catch up with her with new set of photos only inside! Click here for exclusive video only inside Share This
Jasmine Alejandrino - As Good Looking as They Come
2008-05-09 13:40:00
I think it’s time to step back from the normal trash and crap that I spew out on this site (don’t worry it’ll be back tomorrow). I spend so much time ranting and raving about desire, sex, and giving anything to bang some of these women. For once I’m going to sit back and take ...
Scent of Jasmine
2008-05-07 16:37:00
Jasmine or Jessamine (Jasminum) (from Persian yasmin, i.e. "gift from God"[1][2], via Arabic[3]) is a genus of shrubs and vines in the olive family (Oleaceae),with about 200 species, native to tropical and warm temperate regions of the Old World. The majority of species grow as climbers on other plants or on structures. The leaves can be either evergreen or deciduous, and are opposite in most species; leaf shape is simple, trifoliate or pinnate with up to nine leaflets. Jasmine tea is also very efficient against coughs, sore throats or other problems to do with the bronchites.
Jasmine De Lovely If You Go Down To The Woods Today
2008-05-07 02:11:00
Jasmine De Lovely is a lovely blonde babe out of theHungary. The Twistys members love Jasmine rating her 9.43 out of 10. Jasmine like a high class model enjoys seducing man like in camera . Check out her new enchanting pictures only inside Click here for exclusive video only inside Share This
Jasmine Villegas, excited of her RP visit
2008-05-03 12:29:00
I am so lucky to get a message directly from Jasmine Villegas after I made a post about her Philippine tour this month. Jasmine is scheduled to arrive in the Philippines by May 5 and according to... Read more...
NAUGHTY MONKEY Women?s Jasmine Wedding Shoes
2008-05-01 19:44:00
NAUGHTY MONKEY Women’s JasmineIt’s a whole new fashion world in these versatile and stylish dress pumps from Naughty Monkey. Smooth leather upper in a slip on dress pump style, with a rounded toe, instep braided leather strap accent with brasstone round metal buckle detail. Smooth lining, cushioned insole. Flexible dress style outsole, ...
Jasmine Parfum de Toilette (Health and Beauty)
2008-05-01 07:05:00
Jasmine Parfum de Toilette (Health and Beauty)By Woods of Windsor Buy new: $25.00 Customer Rating: First tagged “perfume” by L. Womack Customer tags: woods of windsor, perfume, fragrance Technorati Tags: woods ...
Meera Jasmine banned from Malayalam movies
2008-04-25 10:14:00
Meera Jasmine’s career has gone downhill in her home state, Kerala. Malayalam Film Association, AMMA, has shown the doors to Meera Jasmine, and has banned her to act in the Malluwood Films. she has been banned from acting in any Malayalam movies until AMMA lifts the ban.The reason for the ban seems to be that in the movie, Twenty:20, all the Malayalam celebrities are going to play a role, free of cost. When Meera was approched for a role, she rejected to be a part of the film, for she had a clash with the dates of the Telugu movies. The proceeds from Twenty20 movie will go for the Association welfare funds.It remains to be seen how Meera’s career will fare as she doesn’t usually sign many Malayalam movies and her only movie in Kollywood is the recently released Nepali.
Princess Jasmine (ED-8187-PJ) : S$21.80
2008-04-24 06:20:00
ED-8187-PJ : S$21.80Made of unique Silver Ballet Dancer with blue dress together with different type of flowers and wire-works.I've added in bright blue Swarovski Crystals, blue tear drop and silver leaf to enhance the sweetness of the piece.Necklace Length : approx 60 cmPendant Length : approx 6 cmPendant Width : approx 5 cmWire used for this piece is non-tarnish and high quality rodium wire from USA.Chains used for this piece are of high quality rodium chain from Korea (non-rust).To buy this item, please send email to
Bharath and Meera Jasmine in Kollywood Film Nepali - Review
2008-04-22 21:02:00
Starring: Bharath, Meera Jasmine, PremDirection: VZ DuraiMusic: Srikanth DevaProduction: Rama Saravanan‘Nepali, the name itself suggests that something different is on offer. But everything that is different need not always be interesting. In a way, Nepali has nothing new in terms of its basic plot. It’s the same boy meets girl, love at first sight, marriage, tragedy and revenge plot, but the script takes a slightly offbeat route.Nepali is the story of a young man, Bharath, who does odd jobs in many places during the day but assumes a dangerously sadistic persona at times. It is as if he knows things that few others know, doing things for reasons that only he knows. His hands hold steady as he sends people to their death, often in the most grueling ways. The law is behind him. But one thing puzzles us: why is he dressed in such a peculiar manner- those pointed brows and small eyes. Is he from Nepal?Nepali is also the story of another young man, played by Bharath again, who has t...
Meera Jasmine with Madhavan a romantic couple in ayudha eluthu
2008-04-22 17:53:00
SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Meera Jasmine with Madhavan a romantic couple in ayudha eluthu", url: "" });
Meera Jasmine has been stung by the Malayalam Film Association - “AMMA”
2008-04-20 20:52:00
Meera Jasmine has been stung again. Meera Jasmine was hospitalized, earlier this month, after being stung by bees, when shooting for the Telugu film Gorintaku. Now Meera Jasmine has been stung by the Malayalam Film Association - “AMMA” , as they banned her from acting in any Malayalam films, until AMMA lifts the ban.Meera Jasmine had earlier pulled out of the film “Twenty Twenty”, produced by AMMA for the welfare of the members of AMMA. Meera Jasmine had pulled out due to the clashes in dates, with a Telugu film. However most Malluwood celebrities have accepted to play a role in “Twenty Twenty”, free of cost. AMMA had taken this decision due to the pullout by Meera Jasmine from “Twenty Twenty”.
Meera Jasmine banned
2008-04-18 12:30:00
Meera Jasmine had a meteoric rise in the South Indian film industry. She is now doing quite well in the Telugu film industry too, her latest being Gorintaku about a brother-sister bond, where she plays the sister?s role. For this supporting role, she has demanded and got the amount she is commanding as a heroine. Meanwhile back home in Kerala, Meera?s charm doesn?t seem to be working. AMMA has put a ban on her working in Malayalam movies. According to insiders, Meera was approached to play a part in the mega production Twenty:20, featuring all of Malluwood?s major stars, who are acting for free. The Malayalam film association, AMMA is producing Twenty:20, whose proceeds will go for the Association welfare funds.By refusing to act in Twenty:20 (as her dates clashed with her Telugu movie?s dates), Meera Jasmine ruffled quite a feathers. The result is that she has been banned from acting in any Malayalam movies until AMMA lifts the ban.It remains to be seen how Meera?s fortunes will fa...
Jasmine City Executive Suites (Bangkok Thailand Hotels )
2008-04-12 05:25:00
     - Jasmine City Executive Suites      - 2 Soi Prasanmith (Sukhumvit 23) Klong-toey Nua      - Wattana, BKK 10110 Rate : 117 $ Booking online Click Here Jasmine City offers an all-inclusive meeting and accommodation experience package. Take the opportunity to combine both business and leisure. Take advantage of Jasmine's services and features to make your meeting and accommodation experience unique and successful. Guest services include; Pantry Shopping, Breakfast packs, Restaurant Chargeback, Valet dry cleaning and Secretarial. Property facilities include swimming pool, massage service and gym. More space and comfort - Each Jasmine City apartment features a fully equipped kitchen and a living-room. Our signature furnishings add a touch of style to the properties. Location specific - You will normally be able to book a downtown apartment close to ...
Latest Sexy Photos Of Meera Jasmine
2008-04-12 03:52:00
Tags : Hot Actress, Sexy Photos, Sexy actress, Hot Photos, Sexy Pics, Actress Pics, Indian Actress Meera Jasmine, Supe Hot Unseen Photos Of Actress Meera Jasmine, Very Hot Pics Of Meera Jasmine, Huge Boob Show By Meera Jasmine, Latest Photo Gallery Of Meera Jasmine
Septimanie Perfumes Pavillon des Fleurs & Lush Jasmine & Henna Fluff Ease ~
2008-04-09 20:17:00
Pavillon des Fleurs is the debut fragrance from Septimanie Perfumes. The ad copy calls it a "luminous and refined fragrance" and a "sonata of white flowers", but Angela described more bluntly in an email as "a good wallop of jasmine". Who doesn't love a good wallop of jasmine? (If you're thinking: uh, me, then move on to the next post, there's nothing else to see here today.) Pavillon des Fleurs starts out, actually, with a little slap of jasmine, lightened by orange blossom and a touch of citrus, and only slowly builds up to the goodly wallop stage, although do bear in mind that I'm trying it from a vial. Sprayed from the bottle, it might get to the wallop stage somewhat faster. The jasmine is strong, but it stays bright and spring-like all the way though, and it's just a wee tad indolic, about the way I like my jasmine. The base is pale and velvety, and the "English leather" (the notes: jasmine, ylang ylang, orange blossom, English leather, iris and lily of the valley) is tha...
After 10 years Of Marriage, Jasmine Guy Files For Divorce!
2008-04-09 13:17:00
Back when A Different World was a hott show on TV, Jasine Guy was the talk of the town. The actress 46 filed for divorce after nearly 10 years with her husband Terrence Duckett. Its not something new, whenever actors or actresses marry they always never make it. They should have just stayed Boyfriend and Girlfriends so that when things like this happen they just breakup instead of all the legal proceedings that will follow.The couple has a 9-year-old daughter, Imani. They married in August 1998.Guy, 46, is reportedly seeking physical and legal custory of Imani and spousal support, although she is denying support for Duckett.
2008-04-08 03:40:00
Actress Jasmine Guy has filed for divorce, Los Angeles court documents show.The former A Different World star cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split from her husband Terrence Duckett. The couple, who are both 46, were married for nearly 10 years.Guy is seeking physical and legal custody of their 9-year-old daughter, Imani, with visitation for Duckett.She is also requesting that the court deny any spousal support to Duckett, but is asking it from him.Guy is most noted for her role as Whitley Gilbert on A Different World.source
MALIQ & D?ESSENTIALS - DIA (OST Claudia/Jasmine)
2008-04-06 06:20:00
MALIQ & D’ESSENTIALS DIA D A Temukan apa arti dibalik cerita D C#m Hati ini ...
Jasmine loves Boots
2008-03-30 06:28:00
Jasmine followed her nose into a nice pair of winter boots the other day. She loves all kinds of footwear, especially our winter boots. She strode into the kitchen gave me a quick glance and dove into the boots. It was funny watching how much she enjoyed playing around with them. At one point she almost ...
Meera Jasmine is again paired with Srikanth
2008-03-28 19:57:00
Meera Jasmine continues to make waves in Tollywood. When she announced her intention to get married to her current boy friend (Mandolin Rajesh), it was observed that she would not be getting any more offers.Telugu Cinema producers never approach any heroine who announces her marriage plans. Strangely though, Meera is being offered more roles now.She has now been chosen as the main lead opposite Srikanth in producer Lagadapati Sridhar's next film. The movie will be directed by Srinivas Reddy who has good working relationship with Meera Jasmine.She was earlier paired with Srikanth in Srinivas Reddy's earlier blockbuster - Yamagola Malli Modalindi. Now, the trio team up again to repeat the magic again. More Actress Gallery More General Info More Video Songs & Clippings
Loose Tea Leaves (Jasmine, Apple, and Green Tea)
2008-03-26 05:06:00
Nothing beats steeping loose tea leaves in a teapot. And these Loose Tea Leaves are extra special. The leaves are a comination of jasmine, apple, and green tea. The combination of the sweet apple and jasmine bouquet combined with the freshness of Chinese & Indian green tea makes for a crisp and clean tea drinking ...
Jasmine?s Double-Whammy Power Yawn
2008-03-21 17:04:00
Here?s Jasmines? entry into the world of impressive cat yawns. Let me tell ya, this is a good one. Our current record holder is Dax?s Big Yawn. But I think Jasmine might give Dax a run for his money with this performance. Jasmine was having a good time rolling around and napping in the sun beams ...
Battle of the cape crusaders - Kate Moss vs Jasmine Guinness
2008-03-19 12:40:00
As part of her latest collection for Topshop, Kate Moss is peddling a bead and sequin cape for £80. Like much of the range, it’s based on something she wore in the past - in this case it’s the sequin cape she wore to her 30th Birthday party. Thing is, another fashionable celeb designer got ... Related Entries: Kate Moss gets firedKate Moss is being dropped by lingerie brand Agent Provocateur and her $1 million contract won't be renewed when it ...Kate Spade Cape Cod MayaKate Spade is going back to her ultra-prep roots with this Cape Cod Maya handbag. And while it’s as preppy ...Kate Spade Cape Cod Griffen PVCWhoa. At first sight you might be blinded by the funky pattern of this kitschy Kate Spade Cape Cod Griffen ...Jasmine Guinness goes retro for Oli Fusion SS ‘08You knew once I got back (what do you mean, you didn't notice I was gone?)there'd be girlie dresses aplenty ... Tags: Celebrity Fashion, Kate Moss for Topshop, - Fashion, buzz
$2,900,000 :: 317 Jasmine Ave, Corona Del Mar CA
2008-03-17 07:37:00
6 beds, 7.00 bathsProperty Size: 3,674 sq ft Lot Size: 4,130 sq ftAdded: 03/15/08, Last Updated: 03/17/08Listed With Edward Montoya, Seven Gables Real EstateBrought to you by The OC Coastal Group, 33522 Niguel Road. Call me today at 888-622-8439, or visit my website at!
Pred enim letom sem objavil fotografije Jasmine iz Big Brotherja
2008-03-17 07:03:00
Verjetno se ?e kdo spomni zapisa: Jasmina iz Big Brotherja je striptizeta. Natan?no leto kasneje lahko potegnem ?rto pod tem zapisom. Glede na to, da sem imel takrat ?e vzporedni blog na siolu, moram upo?tevati podatke obeh. ...
Jasmine Jones
2008-03-16 18:09:00
     &-nbsp; Performer AKA Vera (als), Jayme (ftv Girls), Alana Langford, Allison Ames, Jayme Langford Birthday  December 13, 1987 Astrology  Sagittarius  Birthplace Providence, RI  Years Active 2006-2008 (Started around 19 years old) Ethnicity Caucasian Hair Colors  Blonde/Red/Dark Blonde Measurements 34B-24-34 Height   5 feet, 3 inches (160 cm) Weight   99 lbs (45 kg) Tattoos     No data Non-     Ear Piercings navel    &n-bsp;    &nb-sp;    &nbs-p;     -;     -     &-nbsp;    &n-bsp;    &nb-sp;    &nbs-p;  
Close encounter with an Alien Cat
2008-03-14 22:07:00
A few days ago an alien cat landed in our kitchen and started observing our morning routing trying to figure out just what all the commotion was about. (We know it?s Jasmine in our kid?s saucer, but just play along with us on this one, okay?) She remained very still and went unnoticed at first. It wasn?t ...
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