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Chris Brown Lauren London ?Caramel? Movie
2008-06-01 05:34:00
Post from: Black | Celebrity Gossip | Celebrity News | Celebrity Photo | Black Entertainment News | Chris Brown Lauren London “Caramel” Movie Chris Brown and Lauren London are set to star in the upcoming movie entitled “Caramel” that will be released in 2009.Here is the synopsis of the film: Cali Carmichael took a shot at love ...
Get to Know New New aka Boogie?
2008-05-29 18:45:00
Just a lil something for the fellas as I know some of you be stanning for Lauren London real hard. Aside from her obvious beauty, after reading about her 8 most prized possesions in Complex, I’ve decided she’s probably one of the most down to earth celebs out there. (She still wears no name ...
Angel Lola Luv Bikini Shoot, Plus Rihanna & Mariah
2008-04-29 15:30:00
Angel Lola Luv in a recent bikini shoot. We can debate about the authenticy of that booty all day but it’s no denying she can take a mean pic. Check out Rihanna and Mariah in bikini shoots under the hood This is a post from: Necole Angel Lola Luv Bikini Shoot, Plus Rihanna & Mariah
My Love Lauren London Reveals Her Prized Possessions
2008-04-24 20:12:00
My lady Lauren London recently did an interview with Travis Barker in which she revealed the items in her life that mean the most to her.Only thing I have a problem with is she did this interview in Travis Barker's crib...I WILL PUT OUT THAT RESTRAINING ORDER ON YOU TRAVIS! YOU TOO RANDY IF YOU KEEP SWEATING MY LADY! lolHere's a preview:BIBLE“I carry a small Bible with me everywhere I go. When I go to the club I have to find a purse that it fits in. If I’m filming, I read the Bible before I get on set so I can get centered. I feel incomplete if I don’t have a Bible with me.”TAPE OF PROPHECY“Last year, everyone was talking about this guy Louis who prophesizes through the spirit and prays over you. I think some people are blessed with the gift of sight, and you’ll know the real from the fake. I met him and he prophesized over my year. If I get down, I play the tape. That day definitely changed my life.”UGG BOOTS“An artist by the name of Jonah was inspired and asked m...
Teyanna, Meagan, and Lauren too star in new movie?
2008-04-23 00:22:00
Meagan Good, Lauren London, and Teyana Taylor have been handpicked to shoot Caramel and it starts production this summer. Chingy has also been tapped to play a highschool basketball star. About the movie, the director Melvin James says:It?s about two high school friends that grew up together in Jamaica Estates, Queens. They are best friends, and the coolest in school. It?s sort of a love story, a throwback to a film called ?American Graffitti?. It?s about teenagers and their cars, and their cliques. It?s an all around coming of age story.Check out for more on the cast.
Lauren London Photos Without Makeup
2008-04-17 07:41:00
Post from: Black | Celebrity Gossip | Celebrity News | Celebrity Photo | Black Entertainment News | Lauren London Photos Without Makeup Lauren London Pictures With No Makeup Lauren London was recently pictured on the set of her new movie I Love You, Beth Cooper in Vancouver,Canada.Looking cute as ever even without makeup. ©2008 Black | Celebrity ...
Feature: 3 Reasons Why Men Don?t Call Back
2008-04-03 18:54:00
Today’s featured post is from The Fly Guy of I was put on to his site a few months back while watching a youtube interview he did with Lauren London. Somehow in the very candid interview, he had her talking about relationships and why she refused to go on dates. Aside from his entertaining ...
Lauren London Jewel Magazine Pictures
2008-03-23 04:24:00
Copyright © 2006-2008 : Lauren London Jewel Magazine Pictures Lauren London Jewel Magazine Photos Lauren London covers and is featured in the latest issue of Jewel magazine.London will be starring in the upcoming movie called Next Day Air which is a dark comedy about a mis-delivered package of drugs. Share This ©2008 Black | Celebrity Gossip | ...
Covergirl: Lauren London
2008-03-19 16:00:00
Lauren London brings her glamorous game to the cover of Jewel Magazine.Looking fantabulous as usual, the up and coming actress and all around "it girl" just finished filming Next Day Air, a dark comedy about a mis-delivered package of drugs, directed by popular video director Benny Boom. The film also stars Donald Faison, Mos Def, and Mike Epps and is scheduled for release this year.She's also signed on to star in the film adaptation of I Love You, Beth Cooper with Hayden Panetierre said to begin filming this spring.
Lauren London Graces the Cover of Jewel Magazine
2008-03-18 23:50:00
Sean John Women?s Spokesmodel and Actress Lauren London covered the most recent issue of Jewel Magazine. In the interview, Lauren addressed rumors that seem to always surround her: ?I?ve learned not to make the rumors my reality. It seems like the media builds you up to bring you down. I?m not surprised. It?s the way of ...
Lauren London Talks About Heartbreak
2008-03-18 18:19:00
The beautiful Lauren London covers this month’s Jewel Magazine and talks about getting her heart broken and what she looks for in a man. She is rumored to have been linked to both actor Jackie Long and Lil Wayne: ‘I’ve had my heart broken twice. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a relationship. ...
Cassie,P.Diddy,Lauren London And Cheri Dennis At Giant Magazine Party
2008-02-21 04:18:00
Copyright © 2006-2008 : Cassie,P.Diddy,Lauren London And Cheri Dennis At Giant Magazine Party Cassie,P.Diddy,Lauren London and Cheri Dennis were all pictured at the Giant Magazine event at Plumm in NYC last night. The ladies looked lovely as usual. Share This ©2008 Black | Celebrity Gossip | Celebrity News | Celebrity Photo | Black Entertainment News | ...
Eye Spy: NYC Events and Diddy...
2008-02-21 03:29:00
NYC had a number of events going on last night...and some how Diddy was apart of all of them.The small screen adaptation of the Broadway legend ?A Raisin in the Sun? premiered in NYC with Diddy, Audra McDonald and LL Cool J on the scene?Cheri Dennis worked it at the Apple Store in SoHo promoting her album In and Out of Love which will be released next week, though the album hit iTunes last year?Plus, Bombay Sapphire and Giant Magazine held the Crimson Lounge Party Hosted by Lauren London at The Plumm in NYC where Cheri and Diddy ended the night.See all the pictures after the jump...
Diddy?s Angels
2008-02-20 17:00:00
A few of Diddy’s Angels, Lauren London and Cassie were spotted out at Plumm Nightclub last night in New York partying it up. Cherri Dennis, Julissa, Nik and Aleesha Renee were also spotted on the scene. More pics after the jump This is a post from: Necole Diddy’s Angels
Wed Flix:When She Was A Good Girl
2008-01-09 16:30:00
It seems like my male Readers can not get enough of Rihanna, so I try my best to give them their Fix every other day. Here’s Rihanna in a photoshoot before she became a bad girl. She still was bad…we just didn’t know it. See more portrait style flix of Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Ciara, Meagan ...
Lil Wayne Interview; Speaks On Lauren London
2008-01-09 10:45:00
Says he’s not engaged to Lauren London, how he wants 50 million dollars, how he’s working on his own brand of champagne and other moves he’s making, and he raps at the end. Share This
By: Get A Bar
Xilla V.03 - Computer Love or Lust - The Truth Bout Internet Dating
2008-01-02 15:08:00
Happy New Years folks, this is my first post on NecoleBitchie for the 2008, so let’s make today’s discussion a good one. The days of wondering where to find the fastest girl are long gone. We often wonder if it’s the club, Roscoe’s Chicken and waffles around the first of the month or church. ...
Time to stop laying down these Lauren london myspace.
2008-01-02 10:36:00
NBC News correspondents and producers across the U. MIT leads elite colleges offering free resources. Has been doing this all his whole life. Taking Concord hair salon owner David Holden up on his offer to get a. … Original post by janezinkakav
Who’s Hotter… Lauren London or Zoe Saldana?
2007-12-05 17:10:00
When it comes to “beauty” and “career achievements,” is it…. Lauren London or Zoe Saldana???  YOU TELL US!!! Today happens to be Lauren’s birthday….. Happy... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
2007-12-03 13:33:00
Many sources are reporting that lil Wayne has gotten engaged to ATL and This Christmas Actress Lauren London. Allegedly ?they have been on and off for years and have had an open relationship. Lauren is very hood and likes thugs?. I have to wait on official pictures of these two together before I can confirm this relationship. Whatever you do don't have kids together.,.!! (To Be Continued) *******************************-*******************************-*********************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: WHY?? WHY??...ODD COUPLE NOT TO MENTION LIL WAYNE IS JUST HALF A MAN..SURELY SHE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS ..!!
O RLY? Weezy and Lauren London?
2007-12-03 00:41:00
So word on the curb is that, after spending some QT in the N.O., Lil Wayne and Lauren London [aka ATL's New New] are the newest celeb couple, some say they are even engaged.Hmmm... She was all smiles at the Bayou Classic as well and rumored to have spent Thanksgiving with Lil Wayne and his family. I know dudes out there are cringing at the thought of Lauren being taken...But an engagement for Weezy? Well he did talk marriage with Complex Magazine:C: Do you think you will ever settle down with one woman?LIL WAYNE: I think they don't commit to a nigga, they committed to a myth. I'll be on the road two weeks straight, the whole time I'm telling them, "oh I'm coming home, oh I love you blah, blah, blah" soon as I get there, I done pulled in about seven that evening, at 10 I'm going straight to the studio. Ain't no woman want to get into that. I got marriage in the future, though. I just don't talk too much about it, because I ain't sure yet, that's the example of saying I'm e...
Baby Got Back Winner 2007: Lauren London (Members Only)
2007-12-01 14:58:00
Logga In / Registrera Dig För Att Se Mervid problem maila:
Lil Wayne And Lauren London Engaged?
2007-11-30 19:23:00
Bossip has reported that Lil Wayne recently slapped a huge rock on Lauren London’s finger. The snitch that told Bossip also said ?they have been on and off for years and have had an open relationship. Lauren is very hood and likes thugs?. I had no idea that they were dating, all I ...
By: Get A Bar
Exclusive: Lauren London and Lil Wayne Engaged
2007-11-30 18:13:00
Posted by Bossip Staff A highly placed source close to actress Lauren London exclusively tells Bossip Lil Wayne recently slapped a “huge rock” on her finger and the two are engaged. The source tells Bossip “they have been on and off for years and have had an open relationship. Lauren is very hood and likes thugs”....
Lil Wayne and Lauren London Engaged?
2007-11-30 14:36:00
It’s been reported exclusively by Bossip that Lil Wayne and Lauren London are currently engaged. The snitch told the popular gossip site: “they have been on and off for years and have had an open relationship. Lauren is very hood and likes thugs.” In the past, she’s been linked to T.I., Baron Davis, and Pharrell ...
Something Ain't Right...
2007-10-24 01:57:00
Speaking of Diddy's Angel's [Cassie, Lauren London, and Asia] from Sean John's Womens line...why do they look like something in the air ain't right in this ad?!On the cool, where's Asia been?? She's been MIA recently while Cassie and Lauren have been out promoting the line...
Cassie and Lauren London For Sean John
2007-10-24 01:15:00
Singer Cassie and actress Lauren London hit up MTV’s Sucker Free to promote P. Diddy’s new “Sean John Womens Line” at MTV Studios in New York City. I like these two together. They should put out an album. Lauren can sing lead vocals and Cassie can look pretty. Cassie, Lauren London, mtv, P. Diddy
Eye Spy: Mimi @ 106 | Shar J @ TRL | Diddy's Angels
2007-10-23 22:17:00
Mariah Carey made a surprise visit to BET's 106 & Park yesterday...She is promoting her new fragrance "M" and you can watch a clip of her visit here. Shar "Shar J" Jackson, who recently won MTV's Celebrity Rap Superstar, came to show her skills off again on TRL. I suffered through the entire competition and she did a bang up job, MC Lyte was her mentor, so she definitely had the upper hand. Diddy's Angels, Cassie and Lauren London took over MTV's Sucker Free TV, the pair are of course the faces of Sean John's womens line...but wait, where's Asia? Hmmm...
Eye Spy: Sean Jean Womens Line Launch
2007-10-21 19:21:00
Diddy held a party for the re-launch on Sean Jean Womens at the Flag Ship store in New York City with his mom Janice and sister Keisha. Models for the line Cassie and Lauren London as well as Irv Gotti, Quinten Richardson and ANTM's Jaslene came through... See more from the party after the jump...
Cassie & Lauren London at Sean John Women's Line Launch
2007-10-20 16:51:00
Cassie & Lauren London at Sean John Women's Line Launch. Visit site for more fresh celebrity photos, candids, photoshoots, gossip, rumors, paparazzi pictures, entertainment news
2007-08-29 17:25:00
Here are some new ads for Sean John women collection featuring Cassie, Lauren London, PCD's Asia, and of course Diddy....cute photos.This photo on the other hand...looks rather ackward. What's with their screwed up faces, like they got a wift of foul smell. Not sexy! Here's Cassie doing her thing in these ads...guaranteed Cassie will be making some serious dough- she knows how to work a camera!
On Set: Common's Drivin' Me Wild
2007-08-23 23:00:00
Make sure to catch the MTV World Video Premiere of Common's newest single "Drivin' Me Wild" Ft. Lilly Allen on August 27th...Peep shots from the recent video shoot, featuring the F-A-B Lauren London, which looks to be a interesting video!Download Common ft. Lilly Allen - Drivin' Me WildContinue reading to see more shots with Lilly Allen...
Cassie, Lauren London, & Asia
2007-08-07 23:14:00
[click for HQ]Sean John, the clothing line founded by Sean ?Diddy? Combs, will debut its new women?s collection for Holiday 2007 with a production partner, G-III Apparel Group. The new Sean John Women?s line is a juniors, urban collection with a contemporary edge. While focusing on denim pieces such as jeans, dresses and outerwear, the collection also includes colorful velour track suits, graphic tees, and flirty tops among other items. The price range for the products will be $59-89 for denim, knit tops from $44-59, tee shirts from $34-44, outerwear from $99-299, and active wear from $49-89. The initial collection for holiday will be sold in the Sean John Flagship store on Fifth Avenue, Macy?s, Dillard?s, Dr. Jay?s, Man Alive and other retailers nationwide. The collection will launch with the support of a dynamic advertising campaign photographed by Warwick Saint and featuring Bad Boy recording artist, Cassie, the newest addition to the Pussy Cat Dolls, Asia, and burgeoning actress...
Diddy's Angels...Sean John Women's New Models
2007-08-07 22:13:00
Diddy has chosen 3 new ladies as the new faces of the relaunched Sean John Women's Line. The holiday introduction will be his second official attempt at launching a women's collection.To launch the line, Combs has created an ad campaign featuring three rising stars - Asia (the newest Pussycat Doll), Cassie (a Bad Boy recording artist) and Lauren London (an actress who was on the HBO series "Entourage"). Combs, of course, is also featured in the campaign, which was shot by Warwick Saint, the photographer who shot the advertising and promotional materials for "Charlie's Angels." The ads will appear in magazines such as Vibe, Giant, Complex and Seventeen."I wanted the campaign to be like Diddy's angels," he said. "And I think that Asia, Lauren and Cassie represent the Sean John girl in a perfect way."
2007-08-07 16:53:00
It's the ladies turn! Bad Boy recording artist Cassie and the fabolous Nu-Nu also known as Lauren London are the new faces for Diddy?s new Sean John women?s line. The line will debut this holiday season. The ad campaign will also feature he newest addition to the Pussy Cat Dolls, Asia. The new Sean John Women?s line is a juniors, urban collection with a contemporary edge. While focusing on denim pieces such as jeans, dresses and outerwear, the collection also includes colorful velour track suits, graphic tees, and flirty tops among other items. The prices are deemed to be reasonable and will be sold in the Sean John Flagship store on Fifth Avenue, Macy?s, Dillard?s, Dr. Jay?s, Man Alive and other retailers nationwide. So be on the look out for the ads and the hot clothes. Ladies get ready to get ya shop on!
Lauren London...She's Not New New
2007-05-16 22:24:00
Lauren London [ATL] is not so new any more and snagged a huge guest spot on HBO's top series Entourage...her first episode aired this past Sunday! She's featured in the June issue of King Magazine...After Entourage is over, where are we going to be able to catch you? A movie called This Christmas. It?s a family Christmas movie, it should be out in November. But it was with an amazing, amazing cast. It?s part of the reason I took on the part. It?s with Regina King, Chris Brown, Columbus Short, Idris Elba, Mekhi Phifer. It?s a really good, black cast. It?s six siblings, I play the youngest of the two girls. It?s a very respectful role. Very different from New New. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW
Lauren London Birthday Party
2006-12-04 21:04:01
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