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Where does Creativity go?
2008-04-28 00:04:00
When I sit down to make a birthday card I make sure that all the papers, stickers, inks, and whatever supplies I need all match. I then take time to make sure that all the edges are straight, everything is centered, and all the ink is even. I am very careful to make that card look the absolute best that I can.When Little Bear sits down to make a birthday card, she makes sure that she has a large variety of crayons, mis-matched paper, coloring books, and stickers. She throws caution to the wind and starts coloring, pasting, and sticking whatever she feels like onto her paper. She doesn't care that she has Christmas trees and Halloween stickers on her birthday card. She doesn't care that her crayon stroke went off the page or that Hello Kitty is slightly covering the cut out of a turtle Littlest Pet Shop. She cares not to stay within lines. I give you one guess as to which card is kept and treasured for much longer.Where does this child like creativity go? Why do we loose it as adul...
Letting go of the reins ~ a tale in potty training
2008-02-25 18:07:00
Control has always been an issue for me. Or I should say that loosing my control has always been as issue for me. Even as a child my need to have control over something drove my mother crazy and does to this day. In true "you get what you gave" tradition of the mother/child relationship, my girls have a need for control. I am trying to step back and let them have control over certain things. It makes my day easier in the end (usually) and gives them something to feel pride in. With Little Bear I am trying to step back and follow her lead. Today we are potty training.We have been trying on and off and each time she has decided that she is not ready. In fear of pushing her too hard and causing a rebellion towards the potty (which I can see happening with her all too easy) we just let it go and let her tell us.Whenever we get her undressed for the shower or a bath we point to her little pink potty and ask if she needs to go. Sometimes she will sit on it for a minute and think it is fun...
More stories of Poo. This time at Burger King.
2008-01-17 07:35:00
Poop seems to be a hot topic on my blog, so why not add some more. Today my friend and I took our kiddos to Burger King to have some fries and play in the play area. We had just given them the "we're leaving in 5 minutes" call when I thought I smelled poop. Little Bear was the only kid in diapers there so I figured it was here. I started to tell my friend what I thought I smelled and needed to go get the diaper bag when I look over and Little Bear has her hand shoved down the back of her pants. I start to tell her not to do that in case she has poop when she pulled her hand out and showed me a finger full of yuck.I soaked her hands in a ton of antibacterial gel and got the diaper bag. We went into the the bathroom where there was no changing table. How do they have a kid play area and no changing table? So of course Little Bear is freaking out about changing her bum while standing up so I put the diaper changing mat down and lay her on the floor of a stall, gagging at the thought o...
Santa Clause Came to Town!
2007-12-16 06:32:00
Today we took the girls to the Children's Museum for "Snacks with Santa". Outside they had a live reindeer that the kids could pet. Then we went inside and played with all the stuff that we usually do. After about an hour or so we decided that we would brave the visit with the jolly old man in the red suit. We expected full out tantrums from Little Bear. This Santa was the best Santa I have ever seen in my short 27 years of life. Granted, the first few I had no idea who Santa was and the next few years I thought they were all the same guy, but none the less, best Santa ever. He had a real beard and a genuine friendly smile. He was so calm that Little Bear sat right on his knee for about 5 pictures! And my camera is slow. She also sat their while miss Turtle rattled off her list of high priced items she wanted to find under the tree and asked Santa for some trains. I was so happy! The pictures came out how Little Bear always takes pictures. That stare. Silly baby. But no crying shot...
Christmas Spirit
2007-12-14 19:01:00
What is Christmas spirit? Some say that it is in your faith and religious beliefs. Some say that it is the spirit of joyful giving and being nice to everyone. Some say that it is the joy of being surrounded by family and friends. Some even say that it is a bunch of selfish people mowing each other down to get a cheap big screen TV.I suppose that it can be some or all of these things, but the Christmas spirit means something different to me. I always march to the beat of my own drum so why not at Christmas time as well?Christmas Spirit to me is wrapping my gifts with wrinkly wrapping paper because Little Bear is helping. It is letting Miss Turtle wrap gifts herself in her own "unique" way. Christmas Spirit is teaching the words of Rudolph the red nose reindeer to my toddler while my 9 year old is singing Randolph the one legged cowboy.Christmas Spirit is seeing the joy on my kids faces when we light up the tree. Reminiscing over every ornament and letting Miss Turtle make the tough d...
Every Time a Bell Rings...
2007-12-13 21:16:00
We have all seen the bell ringers for the Salvation Army standing outside various stores collecting donations. They usually have one a Santa hat and are ringing a bell. Everyone knows the sound of this bell and what means. To adults, it is a plea for us to drop in our extra change to help out a great cause. For children, it is the sound of a really cool toy that they will be allowed to ring if their parents drop in their extra change to help support a great cause.This is they way it has always been, and I thought this is the way it always would be. Yesterday I was shown otherwise. I waited to post this on my blog so that I could calm down and maybe see that I was just being hormonal. I am starting to think that I wasn't. Every time we hear that bell ring I dig through my purse and wallet to pull out some spare change so that Little Bear can put in her money and ring the bell. She has done this at every Wal-Mart visit, every King Soopers visit, and every other time we heard a bell r...
Hi Ho Silver Away!
2007-12-12 18:54:00
Can you tell that Daddy dressed her?
Little Bear Girl Tattoo Design
2007-11-27 18:36:00
Little Bear Girl Tattoo DesignGet other tattoo design here
2007-11-18 04:28:00
I realized that I am posting all this exciting stuff about Christmas without addressing the holidays I haven't posted about at all. I figure that I can skip a lot of upcoming Thanksgiving stuff since society as a whole treats Thanksgiving as a practice run for the family overflow that occurs during Christmas time. But how can I ignore Halloween? My second favorite holiday other than Christmas has been overlooked. So here are some picture recaps:Little Bear refused to wear her Tigger costume and I had to trick her into wearing this one. (Shhhh, don't tell her it is a costume. She thinks it's a dress)Miss Turtle was pulled in so many directions about what she should dress up as. I put my foot down and told everyone that she would be whatever she wanted to be (within certain dress code standards of course. I think she did a great job!Trick-Or-Treat! The costumes transformed from Soda Shop Girl and Little Devil to two freezing children in winter coats.
Maurice Sendak?s Little Bear: Lost in Little Bear?s Room (Festival Reader)
2007-11-14 04:11:00
Maurice Sendak’s Little Bear: Lost in Little Bear’s Room (Festival Reader) (Paperback)By Else Holmelund Minarik Buy new: $3.99$3.9953 utilised and new from $1.15 First tagged “childrens books” by Sabrina L reverend Nero ...
The last two weeks.
2007-10-17 23:39:00
I have been on the Nausea and Vomit Express with non stop trips to the porcelain God. The sickness is insane and this is the first time in the last few weeks that I can look at the computer screen for more than a few minutes a day. My e-mail built up to 126 e-mails this morning. Ooops. Good thing a lot of them were just stupid stuff I could just erase without guilt. Hubby has been great this whole time. The house is a complete mess and I am usually still in my jammies when he gets home. He has helped with the laundry and grocery shopping and even with the cooking. I cannot stand to be around raw meat right now (just typing that causes a heave in my tummy) and a lot of our dinners are meatless unless delivered to our door or passed through a drive thru window. It's been hard on the kids too. Miss Turtle has been acting up to get attention and Little Bear has decided that Mommy wants to play on the couch all day. We get to read a lot of books, play horsies and watch videos. I am afra...
A Child's Imagination
2007-09-21 17:51:00
This is a picture of our Capital building:My mom works right across the street from this gold domed government building. I took my girls to visit my mom at work and Little Bear was just mesmerized by this building. She stared at it with big wide eyes and said "oooh". I asked her what she saw and she pointed right up to the large, shiny, gold dome and told me:"It's wearing a hat."I laughed so hard. It was just too cute! If you look at it, you can see the hat. The big shiny hat. Once it is pointed out, it becomes obvious that someone would see a hat, but as an adult, it is just a building. My 2 year old had to show me what her expansive imagination saw. It really reminded me to look at things through a child's eye. Just look at all the fun that they see. :D
Little Bear Winter Tails Presale Code FREE
2007-09-11 17:20:00
Little Bear Winter TailsLocation: Pantages Playhouse Theatre, Winnipeg, MBPresale Date: 09/11/07 10:00 AM CSTEvent Date: 12/08/07Presale Password: TMDEALPick Your Seats & Tickets Here!or Link to the presale.
How I spent most of my day
2007-08-28 04:45:00
A Video Documentary by Mommy the Maid.Taped by Mommy the MaidBased on a true Story from Mommy the Maid
Important Announcement from the Temper Tantrum Weather Service
2007-08-21 01:30:00
We interrupt this blogging drought to bring you this important announcement from the Temper Tantrum Weather Service.**Tornado Little Bear has been spotted and is moving in erratic directions at approximately 92 mph. We advise that everyone in the near vicinity take shelter at once. Do not attempt to clean up the debris that this violent storm leaves in her path. Once the storm has crashed into her bedroom and is at full rest is it advised to remove yourself from shelter and attempt to gather your belongings among the toys, crayons, laundry, bananas, and other various debris that this storm seems to be attracted to**This is not a test of the Emergency Temper Tantrum Weather Service. Please heed our advise and take shelter immediately.We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.
We heart Laurie Berkner
2007-07-29 07:57:00
I was introduced to the incredible Laurie Berkner when Little Bear was still very tiny. We, or I should say I, instantly fell in love. She is so fun and her songs are great for kids. One of our favorites is Bumble Bee:As is Pig On Her Head:When Little Bear realized that it was fun to wiggle around and make putting a diaper on her impossible, this was the only song besides Old Mac Donald that would get her to stay still.On our vacation in Iowa, Telephone became another favorite:Our all time favorite Laurie Berkner song is "The Cat Came Back" but I cannot find a video of it and I have no idea how to attach a song to my post. (If you can tell me how, my posts may be more interesting)
Mommy's Little Messes
2007-07-24 23:36:00
I took a video today of the mess is in my children's rooms. Little Bear is in total destruction mode today and Miss Turtle left her room an absolute pit. It's a disaster in there!Check it out: So guess what I get to do this week while Miss Turtle is in Georgia. Ugh.
Thursday Thirteen ~ Iowa Edition
2007-07-12 16:44:00
Thirteen Things about Our Trip to Iowa1. We have learned that DVD players in the car really can be a blessing.2. Little Bear learned how to roar like a dinosaur3. Miss Turtle had a milkshake poured into a glass that was balanced on her head.4. Diet Cherry 7 Up tastes like butt.5. Little Bear also learned that sticking a banana in her ear will produce lots of laughter.6. I learned the important lesson of filling up the gas tank every time we stop even if it is only needing a quarter tank. (post about that coming soon)7. Hotel wireless connections usually really suck.8. Hotel shampoo really sucks.9. I learned what a June Bug looks like...ewwww10. I saw my first lightning bug although he wasn't lit up.11. Miss Turtle learned that not all kids will deal with her overly bossy attitude.12. I really do think that I am a small town girl at heart, even if there are 2 flower pots, a banner, and a speaker hanging from every light post in town.13. We survived the trip. Long hours in a packed ...
Little Bear and Momma Activities
2007-06-26 06:23:00
I wanted to show my readers one of the fun things that Little Bear and I like to do. It comes in the mail once a month and provides a lot more than one month of fun. This isn't sponsered or anything, I just wanted to share. I tried to get video of the both of us playing with it, but it just didn't work and I don't have video editing software.The Bingo words of the day for Tuesday are in the video. Thanks for playing
More Dancing from Little Bear
2007-06-08 23:27:00
This time she is dancing to one of Hubby's favorite songs. That's right, White and Nerdy by Weird Al Yankovich is one of Hubby's favorite songs. We both know all the words, and yes...we are dorks. :DLittle Bear came into the office after her nap and asked me for music. I turned it on for her because she gets so excited over this song. She had a pair of My Little Pony panties in her hand and was flailing about so I had to do what any good mom would do and grab the camera to forever document her sillyness...and the panties.
No More Board Games
2007-06-08 22:59:00
Little Bear has discovered the joy of board games. I love to watch her and Miss Turtle play their own versions of Ant Farm, Cootie Bug, and Don't Break the Ice. I love to let Little Bear sit on my lap while the family plays Monopoly Jr or Shrek Operation. For the most part, board games are loved in this family.We just don't love where we store them. I like to keep them so that Miss Turtle is able to get them when she wants to play. Unfortunately, that is no longer out of reach for the red headed and curious. That mess took a mere 30 seconds to make, but an entire 30 minutes to clean up. We need to figure out a way to put a lock on the closet so that Little Bear can't do that anymore.
I am so not a morning person.
2007-05-31 16:14:00
I love my family. I really do. But there are some mornings when I want to tug at my hair and run screaming into the streets in my bathrobe throwing kittens and stray cats at random people. Today was one of those mornings.We are starting potty training today. We are just testing the waters to see if Little Bear is even ready to start. This is not the stressful part of my morning. Well, with the exception of Miss Turtle and Hubby continually coming in to get their random belongings (most of which don't belong there in the first place) and Little Bear shouting "No! I GO POTTY! No!" and throwing a fit that almost lands her inside the toilet. No, that is part of the morning that I can deal with. It's the clogged sink, the baked on oatmeal bowl, and the "I can't find my hat!" from Miss Turtle.The sink has decided that it no longer wants to drain water. Instead, I turn on the garbage disposal and it spits water into the other side of the sink. Nice. Both sides of my sink are now filled ...
My Mother's Day
2007-05-15 16:38:00
I had the best Mother's Day ever. I woke up to the giggling sounds of Little Bear brining me a crumled piece of paper and Hubby whispering "Go give it to Mommy." She handed me a picture she had colored with the Crayola Color Wonder markers and paper. (If you haven't tried those, you really should. We love them here.) Then my Hubby brought a beautiful bouqet of daisies and roses and a card. Inside the card he told me how much he appreaciates everything that I do everyday and how I really make our house a home. I had a few tears. It was so sweet. Hubby asked what I wanted for breakfast, and I told him it didn't really matter. Then Miss Turtle came into the room with a windchime she had made me and 3 or 4 different cards she had colored, including the one I busted her making, and a Winnie the Pooh maraca she had made for me. Little Bear very promptly took off with the maraca. I layed in bed for a while relaxing and fell back asleep. I re-awoke to the sound of the smoke a...
I busted a Mother's Day Surprise
2007-05-13 06:02:00
The other night I heard the sound of a child not sleeping coming from Miss Turtle's room after I had long since told her it was time for bed and tucked her in for the night. I opened the door and saw the light from the Gameboy being closed. The green power light still glowing to show me that it was powered on. I was not happy. I took the Gameboy and turned it off."Mommy, I wasn't playing I swear. There isn't even a game in it."I look and sure enough the cartridge slot was empty."Well then what where you doing?""I dunno"Seeing as how I hate that answer and we just have the conversation twice that day about the "I dunno" answer I answered in the scary Mommy Voice."No, you do know. What were you doing?"Her answer killed me."I let Little Bear color a bunch on it and I didn't have time to finish your Mother's Day present so I was trying to use the light to see so I could finish it."I wanted to cry. I gently told her that there was a better time for that and I would see her in the mo...
Little Bear Thieves Again
2007-05-08 22:33:00
I was out in the living room picking up toys and I thought Little Bear was in her room playing in the giant mess she created earlier. She came out into the living room giggling and I turned to look at her and she had a plastic wrapper sitting on her head. I recognized the wrapper as the plastic that covers Hubby's box of cookies that he hides in the office. As funny as it was, I couldn't help but to think about where the cookies went. I began my search.I found four cookies lined up on my bed. Three cookies lined up on my dresser. Three cookies on the office floor, and one cookie in the kitchen with a bite taken out of it. I didn't think that there were anymore renegade cookies as Hubby had eaten a lot of them last night.I was wrong.I walked into her room after lunch to find her snaking on two more. She must have hid them somewhere.In hindsight, I realize that I should have grabbed the camera for the cookie hunt and the chocolate face just for the purpose of this blog post ...
Today I miss an important event in my daughter's life
2007-05-04 21:30:00
Today is Field Day at Miss Turtle's school. I am not there. I am here, in my house, which reeks of puke, hoping that nap time will hurry. Little Bear is sick today. She has been barfing all morning. I can't take a barfing baby to field day.I am so upset by this. I remember how much I absolutely LOVED Field Day at school. It was so much fun and all the parents would come and watch. Even my mom was able to come a few years. Those years that she didn't killed me though. Some of the dads were able to take a bit of time of work to come and see Field Day. The one year that my mom forced my dad to go was so great! I loved having them there even if he did have that huge embarrassing video camera with him. I vowed to not be like my parents in a lot of ways, and I today I have failed that promise to myself and my kids. I know there isn't much I can do about it, but I still feel terrible that she is going to be there with her friends and all their parents and not have her mom there. That h...
Go to Sleep!
2007-05-01 21:23:00
Little Bear is not going to take a nap today. Just like she hasn't the last week or so. Occasionally I will get a nap out of her around 4 or 5 in the early evening/late afternoon hours. Then she wants to stay up until about 11, sometimes late, and then wakes up again at 7. No wonder I drink a billion cups of caffeine a day.Last Thursday we went to Miss Turtle's softball practice. Little Bear stayed awake the whole way there and I figured we would play at the park during practice. Little booger fell asleep as we were turning the car around to park. And she would not wake up. This will not happen this week or I may go crazy. I really need to meet the coach (now that we are with the correct one)and last week Miss Turtle forgot her glove at practice. I know that I should have been there to remind her, and to do the mom supportive thing, but Sleeping Beauty had other plans.Little Bear is in her room throwing a HUGE tantrum because she is not really in the mood to do that sleeping thing...
The horses have been united.
2007-04-14 23:16:00
Little Bear has two types of horses. She has a whole bunch of realistic looking horses and a bunch of My Little Pony looking horses. For a long time, these two different species of plastic horse were not allowed to mingle. She refused to play with them together and would even throw out the one that didn't look like the others. Last week we noticed that one peach My Little pony horse was allowed to play with the others. I took a purple My Little Pony and tried to play with it inside the group of realistic horses and one peach pony. She took it from me and launched it across the room. So much for that. The peach horse must have found a way in.Today as I type this, Little Bear is playing with all of her realistic horses as well as most of the My Little Pony horses. I think the turning point is when she realized they could all go into the bathtub together. Now they all play happily ever after.http://www.text-link-ads.-com/xml_blogger.php?inventory_k-ey=7FK6WL5FBEDW4QBQPZ4C&feed=1-
Navigating the Toilet
2007-04-09 19:46:00
I know it's been a while since I posted and I apologize. It's been crazy around here with all the moving, family stuff, and Easter. I promise to post Easter pics and stuff soon, but right now I really want to share a funny with you.We've been introducing Little Bear to the potty as she is very interested in it and very interested in anyone on it. We've let her sit on it a few times before getting into the bath and she tells us "Go Potty" even though she has to yet to actually produce anything in it. I was sitting at the sewing machine today trying to fix a boo-boo I made on my guest launch outfit and I decide that Little Bear has been rather quiet for a few minutes. I walk into her room to find her clothes on the floor and sounds form the bathroom. Uh oh. I go into the bathroom to see her standing in the toilet. YUCK. I start to ask her what she is doing and she tells me "Go Potty?" and I had to laugh. She was trying to sit on the potty, but Miss Turtle has forgotten to put the ...
Easter Baskets
2007-04-06 00:42:00
I bought the girls new Easter Baskets this year. I got really tired of the cheapie ones being broken and taking up so much room in the toybox that I trashed them a while back. This year we went shopping and Miss Turtle wanted some silly $12 camoflauge basket that would end up being trash in a few weeks. She also wanted the camo plastic eggs. I compromised and told her that if she and her sister got the cheap $1 baskets that collaspe and store well in the Easter box, I would get her the camo eggs. She aggreed.We got home and Little Bear decided that she no longer wanted an Easter Basket. She wanted a hat:
The proof
2007-04-03 19:46:00
I posted last Thrusday in my Thursday Thriteen how much I love my hubby. I have more photographic prrof of this now:Aren't they just too stinkin' cute?!?
When Little Bear was just a wee one, I used to wear her ever
2007-01-13 20:52:01
When Little Bear was just a wee one, I used to wear her everywhere. She was sick a lot as a baby and wanted to be carried everywhere. I learned about baby wearing and thought that this could be my answer. With Miss Turtle I had a Snugli which was okay, but only when she was very small. We bought one with Little Bear but it was uncomfortable for me and for her. I then borrowed a Baby Bjorn and I have nothing but bad things to say about that thing. I hated it and then some. I then found the Maya Wrap and decided to sit at my sewing machine with 6 yards of gauze (it was purple paisly and so pretty) and make my own. I didn't have the money to splurge on one then, but my wrap worked very well. I used it for outings, housework, getting the mail, and even to walk around the zoo. When Little Bear got bigger, I wanted to try back carries which were easier without 6 yards of fabric and I found the ABC (Asian baby Carrier). I borrowed one from a friend called a Sutomi (I think)and ...
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