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Solar/Lunar Eclipses affecting Russia's natal chart
2009-08-17 22:01:00
Natal chart of modern Russia, Dec 8, 1991; 7:45 pm EET; Moskva (Moscow); historical record; Hour of Venus 2Sco50 in 4th house; Chart-ruler Sun 16Sag08 conjunct Mercury 15:51 Rx, in 5th house.Uranus 12Cap20, Moon 14Cap25, Neptune 15:22, from 5th house into 6th house; Saturn 3AQ27 in 6th house (note: Russia's natal Saturn conjuncts Jan 20, 2009's US Inaugural Jupiter 3AQ32 in Inaugural 10th house.)As I read today of the troubles in Russia, I am moved to take a look at Russia's natal horoscope and see that the recent/current Lunar and Solar Eclipses are affecting the Big Bear's national chart.July 7, 2009's Lunar Eclipse 15Cap24 'eclipsed' natal Uranus, Moon (the people), and Neptune (the masses) in Capricorn, 5th to 6th house. Our current Eclipse season of July 21/22, 2009's Solar Eclipse 29Can27, conjuncts natal Nemesis 29Can49 Rx in 12th house, but is actually another lunation manifestation from Russia's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, the 11 South. Highlighted in red in 12th hou...
Aug 5, 2009 Lunar Eclipse: 14 Aquarius
2009-07-31 17:19:00
The Lunar Eclipse @ 14AQ on August 5 in the US, August 6 for much of the world, is an interesting one for individual and group concerns (Leo/AQ) and all 6th/12th house matters such as Health, Work, Service, Military/Police, etc; plus, 12th house Karmic and Undermining Issues and places such as Large Institutions (exs: hospitals, sanitariums, zoos), as well as Self-Undoing tendencies and
Orbiting Gas Station Could Refuel Lunar Missions
2009-07-31 15:47:00
From New Scientist - Online News: Forget huge, expensive rockets. A plan being examined by a US government panel would allow smaller, cheaper rockets to fly to the moon and beyond by stopping off at an "orbiting gas station". With conventional rockets, many tonnes of fuel are ne
NASA to Take Photos of Lunar Landing Sites, End Conspiracy Theories
2009-07-08 22:38:00
From Gizmodo: Suck it up, conspiracy theorists, because soon your cuckoo stories about the US simulating the Moon landings will be over forever. NASA has confirmed to Gizmodo that the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will take photos of all the Apollo landing sites: Jesus Diaz: Woul
Lunar Probe Sends First High-Res Images
2009-07-06 16:05:00
From Wired Top Stories: NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter sent its first images back to Earth after activating its cameras June 30. The LRO has both a low-resolution wide-angle camera and a high-resolution camera. These shots were taken at the boundary between night and day, c
Moon Probe Enters Lunar Orbit
2009-06-24 15:17:00
From Yahoo! News: Science News: A space probe that scientists hope will provide new information about the moon ahead of future manned US moon missions entered lunar orbit on Tuesday, four and a half days after it was launched aboard a rocket, NASA said. Read the whole art
Lunar Dust Dilemma Solved (Via Space Umbrellas?)
2009-04-28 06:31:00
Despite having the potential to feed our energy gluttonous world, lunar dust can be fetal to both humans and our robot friends, not to mention very electric (thanks in part to the solar wind). While scientists have suggested melting down nearby Moon soil in order to counter the rough dust particles, it may be better to construct large space ...
Volunteers Recover Lunar Orbiter 1 Photographs
2009-04-13 15:34:00
From Slashdot: The LA Times is reporting on the efforts of a group of volunteers with funding from NASA to recover high resolution photographs of the Moon taken by Lunar Orbiter 1 in the 1960s. The collection of 2000 images is stored entirely on magnetic tape which can only be read
China's Lunar Probe Crashes Into The Moon
2009-03-03 05:51:00
The BBC reported yesterday that China, the third nation to put a man into space, has crashed a probe into the moon. But don't worry. That's totally what they meant to do.
Lunar Landing
2009-02-13 00:49:00
A question, A oprbiter is orbiting the moon. A rocket is fired, and the orbit begins to decay. Unlike the earth, there is no atmosphere, and the orbiter will continue to orbit until it finally hits the surface. The question is, how slow can this be done. ? Aty one point th
Lunar New Year Gatherings
2009-01-31 07:23:00
???? everyone!It's our once a year family portrait time. :P Better still, a in-law family portrait. My younger brother-in-law came back from his overseas job and my elder brother-in-law and his family returned back to Singapore from his overseas posting. Finally, everyone is present for Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner after so many years.This made me think when we will be able to take a complete family portrait with my parents with my brother no longer on talking terms with the family. Haiz. We have not seen my brother for years and my parents only get to see their grandchildren once a year. *shake head*On a happier note, everyone was happy to see my younger brother-in-law whom have not return home for 1 year? There were lots of food (not by me - Thank God!) and the happiest of all were the kids. No, not the ang pows. They were so happy playing together, turning my younger brother-in-law's room into a camp site, fun fair, playground, etc.?? refused to let her ?? (cousin) go home ...
Happy Lunar New Year!
2009-01-26 05:11:00
I?ve been too busy with work and wasn?t able to go home this past weekend for the Chinese New Year celebration. :( It's too bad to be missing out on the fun times, the delicious New Years treats, and the great foods. But, work is work. On the bright side, I'll be visiting home in a few days. Maybe there will be some leftovers.Anyway...Happy Chinese New Year!2009 is the Year of the Ox!Have Fun Times and Happy Eating!
Happy Lunar New Year
2009-01-25 15:21:00
We wish you all a very happy and prosperous Lunar New Year! The first day of the new year of the Earth Ox falls on Monday, January 26, the same day when some of the Indonesian people can observe annular solar eclipse, i.e. the moon will be right in front of the sun but it won't cover the sun... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Is There Ice on the Moon?
2008-12-18 21:55:00
Could there be ice on the moon? A team of British researchers thinks so, and theorizes that the water could be put to use by residents of a future permanent lunar base. Poring over data from NASA’s 1998 Lunar Prospector probe, the Durham University scientists found that hydrogen on the moon tends to be concentrated in dark ...
Michelin Designs New Wheels for NASA's Lunar Rover
2008-11-29 14:30:00
Michelin has been working with NASA for over 20 years to provide the highest quality wheels and tires for the various missions that have been carried out. Recently, Michelin has developed a new kind of wheel that may give them another 20 years of working side by side.
India Launches First Lunar Mission
2008-10-22 17:41:00
From headline news: India has launched its first mission to the Moon in a bid to create the highest resolution 3D maps of the lunar surface and provide a complete chemical mapping of the Moon's soil. The unmanned Chandryaan-1 spacecraft successfully launched from
Europe All Set for Lunar Mission Chandrayaan-1
2008-09-25 17:33:00
From ESA Top News: Europe is participating in a big way in the Indian Space Agencys Chandrayaan-1 mission to the Moon, by contributing three instruments. All these instruments have now been delivered, tested and integrated with the spacecraft. The Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft is now a
2008-09-01 18:06:00
“A moonquake is the lunar equivalent of an earthquake. They were first discovered by the Apollo astronauts. Moonquakes are much weaker than earthquakes. According to NASA, there are at least four different kinds of moonquakes: Deep moonquakes (~700 km below the surface, probably caused by tidal in origin) Meteorites impact vibrations Thermal quakes (the frigid lunar crust ...
First team sets a date for Google Lunar X-Prize attempt
2008-06-24 09:16:00
From Engadget: Just under a year after Google ponied up the money for the Lunar X Prize, there's a team set to attempt a launch and claim the $20M reward. The Aeronautics and Cosmonautics Romanian Association (ARCA) has scheduled up a launch of a 92-pound rover called the European
"Lunar", un duo Kylie & Coldplay !
2008-06-06 00:00:00
Le titre "Lunar" issue d'une collaboration entre Kylie & Coldplay, jugé "trop sexy" pour figurer sur leur nouvel album "Viva Lavida"...
Lunar X-Prize Entrant, Team Cringely, pulls out and goes alone, telling X-P
2008-06-01 23:15:00
I haven't been following the Lunar X-Prize much except as part of the remarkable private space program genesis we are seeing right now.  But it appears from this discussion that the X-Prize Foundation (XPF) is doing a poor job in managing the contest. But I hadn't counted on the X Prize Foundation, which has done an extremely effective job of administering the contest to make it harder and harder to win. The XPF has apparently driven out one of the most innovative teams.  And one that had a good chance of winning.  Team Cringely is so confident of its mission plan and technology design that it is continuing full-speed ahead without the carrot of a $20MM prize for winning. Bureaucracy is as bureaucracy does.  pity.
By: techRivet
The Case for Lunar Property Rights
2008-05-22 16:16:00
From Slashdot: Who owns the moon? In a thought provoking piece, Instapundit blogger/law professor Glenn Reynolds gives us a brief history of earthlings' discourse on lunar property rights, a topic which has stagnated since the 1979 Moon Treaty. Is it possible to claim good title on
Lunarpages web hosting provider announced spring special.
2008-05-20 15:23:00
Lunarpages web hosting announced a new offer ?Spring Special?, with this offer the price of basic hosting is reduced from $6.95 per month to $4.95 per month for the clients who pay two years in advance.  This offer has free set up fee and free domain name for life. The plan has 1,500 GB of ... cu trafic lunar de peste 3Gb
2008-05-19 20:17:00
Pân? în ziua de azi limita de spa?iu/stocare pentru acest blog era de 100.00 Mb cu o limit? de trafic de 2,93Mb. Am folosit pân? acum 17.28 Mb spa?iu ?i azi traficul lunar a dep??it limita maxim? ajungând la valoarea de 2.97 Gb. Oricum voi reduce un pic m?rimea fi?ierelor din cauz? c? observ anumite chestii inutile pe blog. Dup? o ac?iune promo?ional? a firmei SRL din Miercurea Ciuc care se ocup? de g?zduirea acestui blog, limitele pachetului de g?zduire au crescut gratuit la spa?iul de stocare de 150 Mb iar la capitolul trafic am trecut la 4 Gb deocamdat?. Ceea ce vreau s? subliniez este faptul c? înc? nu am avut nici un fel de probleme cu aceast? firm? privind g?zduirea ?i comunicarea, speciali?tii de la fiind foarte promp?i, în?eleg?tori ?i profesioni?ti. Acesta nu este un articol pl?tit , am scris doar din cauz? c? în ultimul timp am auzit din ce în ce mai multe probleme din partea mai multor webmasteri care au site-uri g?zduite de c?tre diferite fir...
Lunar Pages - Reliable Webhosting
2008-05-18 05:22:00
Write your own sponsor message Lunarpages solutions are at the forefront of industry standards, and are powered by Dell PowerEdge servers, the most innovative and secure servers in the industry. Our most popular Basic Web Hosting package is an incredible value at only $6.95/mo, and includes: 1500 GB Storage Space! 15000GB Bandwidth FREE website templates Free Domain Name for Life Special Offer on Webhosting Transfers Hosting for UNLIMITED Websites on 1 Massive Plan Frontpage extensions MySQL, PHP, PERL, ASP, Python, JSP, and Ruby on RailsWeb Hosting OptionsBasic Web hosting: Ideal for new webmasters, bloggers & small businesses. Apache 2 and SSH (Secure Shell) available! Business Hosting: E-commerce ready with 15,000 Gigabytes of transfer! Apache 2 and SSH (Secure Shell) available! LPQuicksite - Your complete website designed in minutes and online TODAY!Windows Hosting - & FrontPage, SmarterMail Enterprise included! First 3 Months FREE!VPS Hosting - (Virtual Private ...
By: eShopping
Nike Lunar Sole Technology
2008-05-07 11:03:00
  ????NIKE??????????????Lunar????-???????????????????lunarlite SAMPLE?????????????????????????-???????????????????????PHYLON??-???Free????????????????????????-???????????????????????????????-??????????????
Hehe Lunar Kop
2008-05-02 18:12:00
Lunar savas? girisi
E-Paper Blu Jacket by Lunar Design
2008-04-28 05:04:00
E-paper technology has been tantalizing our minds and imaginations with each new, fascinating development that crops up. Lunar Design wants to turn you into a walking billboard. The Blu Jacket is a design concept that uses flexible organic e-paper to show passersby your mood, subway maps as you see here, or can even play video advertisements ...
Lunar Design Blu Jacket made of e-paper
2008-04-26 18:57:00
Now this is truly clothing of the future. Lunar Design wants the world to look like what the 21st century should have looked like years ago. More specifically, they want to turn you into a walking billboard. The Blu Jacket is a concept that uses flexible organic e-paper. It will show passersby your mood, subway ...
Vilaflor - Rundweg Richtung Paisaje Lunar
2008-04-15 19:17:00
Vorweg: Unsere Wanderungen sind alles keine Gewaltmärsche, vielleicht die eine oder andere Ausnahme. Jedoch: Wir wollen uns bewegen und dabei die Natur bestaunen. Darum: Die heutige Wanderung führt uns das malerische, höchstlegene Dorf Spaniens vor Augen und wir bekommen einen Eindruck von der intensiv betriebenen Landwirtschaft und eines zur Zeit unvergleichlichen Blütenreichtums des kräftig organge-blühenden kalifornischen Schlafmohns, ...
Satellite to be junked because lunar flyby is patented
2008-04-11 15:39:00
From Boing Boing: A satellite is being abandoned in orbit because its position can't be corrected without violating a Boeing patent on lunar flyby: The AMC-14 commercial geostationary satellite was launched in March by a Proton launch vehicle into space just short of its minimum
Lunar-Resonant Streetlights by Civil Twilight
2008-04-07 23:14:00
The group of young architects “Civil Twilight” based in San Francisco, California has invented the “Lunar-Resonant” Streetlights, investing their talents into the environmental projects all over the world. Lunar-resonant streetlights sense and respond to ambient moonlight, dimming and brightening each month as the Moon cycles through its phases.Utilizing available moonlight, rather than overwhelming it, saves energy and mitigates light pollution, while facilitating the urban experience of one most fundamental and beautiful cycles of nature.The company is the winner of Design Competition “Next Generation 2007” held by Metropolis magazine.
Giant, six-legged robots could carry future lunar base
2008-04-05 08:54:00
If we ever get back to the Moon in the first place, that is. NASA engineers are currently testing the ATHLETE (All-Terrain Hex-Legged Extra-Terrestrial Explorer), a robotic vehicle that could "pick up and move a future Moon base thousands of kilometres across the lunar surface." Maybe the Imperial AT-AT Walkers are just around the corner... Here's a smaller scale model:
NASA's Chariot lunar vehicle gets demoed on video
2008-03-27 15:32:00
From Engadget: We've already gotten a pretty good idea of what NASA's new Chariot lunar vehicle was capable of, but now thanks to NewScientist (and NASA itself) we've got a glimpse of the behemoth in action -- on Earth, of course. As you can see for yourself after the break, the ri
Can Lunar Eclipses trigger market meltdowns?
2008-03-26 21:18:00
If so, then the Lunar Eclipse of Aug 16, 2008 may be the trigger we've been dreading.
[BlogSchafftWissen - WissenSchaftsBlog] Google Lunar X PRIZE: Das Rennen zu
2008-03-20 00:00:00
Google und die X Prize Foundation schreiben mit Google Lunar X PRIZE 30 Millionen USD Preisgeld aus, um innerhalb 31. Dezember 2012 einen Roboter auf der Mondoberfläche sicher zu landen, damit eine Strecke von 500 m zurückzulegen sowie...
By: BlogNews
Total Lunar Eclipse in Jersey City, Photos Taken By Local Residents
2008-03-14 19:05:00
So how was the weather in your area last night? Was it cloudy? It was perfect here in Jersey City. As opposed to prior weather forecast, we didn't have a cloud in the sky making it easier to take advantage of the rare event. In this post, you'll see few pictures of the eclipse taken by the local residents. Click on the TIT15 Zoom(s)
Lunar pages: Dont trust - Its a scam
2008-03-12 15:36:00
Only help desk seems me good and they would definitely won some awards for this but the worst services i have faced, like Indian hosting companies.So dont trust Lunar pages, its a panic for those who have more than 100 clicks perday on their site.
Earth's Secrets to be Kept in a Lunar Ark
2008-03-10 16:00:00
Dr Bernard Foing, the European Space Agency's chief scientist, has reported there should be a "Noah's Ark" on the Moon, in case life on Earth is wiped out by an asteroid or nuclear holocaust. He is concerned that if the Earth were destroyed, there would be little or nothing left of the rich diversity of life on the planet. His solution is to build a DNA library on Earth's satellite. "If there were a catastrophic collision on Earth or a nuclear war, you could place some samples of Earth's biosphere, including humans, [on the Moon]." Dr Bernard Foing said the ark should be a repository for the DNA of every single species of plant and animal. "You could repopulate the Earth afterwards, like a Noah's Ark," he said.A basic version of the ark would contain hard discs holding information such as DNA sequences and instructions for metal smelting or planting crops. It would be buried in a vault just under the lunar surface and transmitters would send the data to heavily protected recei...
Saturn moon may have its own ring, in a lunar first
2008-03-07 14:35:00
From Yahoo! News: Science News: Saturn's second largest moon Rhea could have at least one ring, the first to be discovered around a planet's satellite, researchers reported in Friday's edition of the journal Science. A broad debris disk and at least one ring appear to have been
Total Lunar Eclipse in Westport Connecticut
2008-03-07 04:26:00
Tonight's total lunar eclipse can be viewed in Westport Connecticut at the Rolnick Observatory. Parents and kids will want to take advantage of this wonderful learning experience. The Rolnick Observatory located in Westport Connecticut has a high powered telescope so residents can see the action up close. There will also be sm16 Zoom(s)
Could Our Lunar Eclipse Shed Light on Climate Change?
2008-03-05 20:41:00
Over our history eclipses have been the portent of the gods wrath, new things to come, or simply a pretty light show. But would you have expected our last lunar eclipse to have been of any help to...
Video: Why Romania May Win The Google Lunar X-Prize
2008-03-03 17:50:00
With almost a dozen teams competing for Google's Lunar X-Prize, one would probably expect a team located within a major space power to dominate this international space race.While a few teams are presenting innovative ways of landing on the Moon, most have yet to figure out how to leave their home planet without going broke.Ironically their seems to be only one team that has created an inexpensive way of sending their "little rover" beyond our sky--and the fact that this team is located in Romania may humble competing teams in both the US and Canada.(Arca Space) HAAS is an innovative air-launched, 3 stages orbital rocket, preliminary designed in 2006 using the technology developed at ARCA during The Ansari X Prize Competition and The European Private Manned Space Program. The rocket was named after Conrad Haas* (1509-1579) Austrian-Romanian medieval rocket pioneer, the first creator of multiple stages rockets. ...The HAAS rocket will be lifted at 18.000m altitude with the help of...
Lunar Eclipse May Shed Light on Climate Change [Digg]
2008-03-03 07:52:00
Researchers are using the eclipse data to track changes in the opacity of Earth's atmosphere.
Eclipse lunar (20 febrero 2008)
2008-03-02 19:06:00
Vía NovaCienciaHazme Feed
Lunar Eclipse Photos
2008-03-02 18:02:00
One great thing about living on a small island with little ambient light is that when something like an eclipse occurs you can really see it! I took these photos with my new Blackberry Curve 8320 and emailed them to my computer.First, the moon was full and bright enough to form shadows and require no flashlight for my walk home from the spa. This was taken at 9:02pm.By 9:30pm we could already see the eclipse beginning.At 10pm only a bit of the moon is still lit (but isn't it cool how it is so clear that you can still see the outline of the entire orb?).By 10:02pm, just before I went to bed, only the tiniest sliver of the light remains. Too cool!Tags: Photographs, Turks and Caicos, Parrot Cay, Caribbean, lunar eclipse 2008, lynda lippin
Video del eclipse lunar (alta velocidad)
2008-03-02 06:58:00
Lastimosamente en Costa Rica, el pasado 20 de Febrero estuvo muy nublado en muchos lugares como para observar el eclipse lunar, sin embargo un tipo en Estados Unidos logró captar el eclipse por completo y grabarlo en video . Para todos aquellos que no lo pudimos ver bien aquí está. Por cierto, mis respetos a este señor... pues yo personalmente he intentado muchísimas veces de fotografiar la luna y nunca quedo bien, pues los niveles de luz y de contraste son muy difíciles de hayar bien para que la fotografía salga nítida y bien lograda, simplemente bello. Por cierto, en algunas partes de Costa Rica sí se pudo ver el eclipse, aquí les dejo un video reportaje para Enlaces | Video acelerado del eclipse lunar | nació luna, eclipse, lunar, video, bello, hermoso, cámara, lenta, rápida, fases, roja, febrero
Off-Roading with a Lunar Twist
2008-03-01 02:30:00
New Lunar RoverThe engineers at Johnson Space Center in Houston have designed a new kind of Vehicle. It has no windows, doors or even seats. Then again, it is made to be driven on the moon.Although this isn't something I would expect to see at a car dealship anytime soon, it is still an amazing step in specialized design. read more »Tech-norati Tags: Cars and Motors Innovation News Science Technology Array
Twelve Lunar Eclipses on Astronomy Picture of the Day! [Digg]
2008-02-29 06:10:00
Welcome to the extra day in the Gregorian Calendar's leap year 2008! To celebrate, consider this grid of lunar eclipse pictures - starting in leap year 1996 and ending with February's eclipse - with the date in numerical year/month/day format beneath each image. Mostly based on visibility from a site in Turkey.
Using Lunar Rock For Future Moon Bases
2008-02-26 05:21:00
(Image Credit: NASA)With NASA preparing to send humans once more to the Moon, many people have been envisioning humans creating lunar space bases out of metals either mined from our Earthen cradle or from the asteroids far away.While building with such materials may add to the beauty of a lunar home, it would also add to the cost, raising the price tag of us settling lunar side. In order to help keep costs down (and the vision from being potentially killed) it may be better for humanity to choose lunar rocks and dirt instead.(Universe Today) As it turns out, lunar regolith has many useful properties for construction on the Moon. To complement lunar concrete (as introduced earlier in Part 2), basic building structures may be formed from cast regolith. Cast regolith would be very similar to terrestrial cast basalt. Created by melting regolith in a mold and allowing it to cool slowly would allow a crystalline structure to form, resulting in highly compressive and moderately tensile bui...
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