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Mad Men: Megan Has Don Draper By The?
2012-03-26 07:25:00
Mad Men Season 5 starts with a new, improved Don Draper. I think. Maybe. Yes, hindsight – in this case the hindsight of massive cultural change – provides a different perspective for what Don Draper (John Hamm) might be headed for in his very open relationship with his secretary now wife Megan (Jessica Pare). For (Read More...)
Detroit 1-8-7 gets more episodes; Mr. Media gets its resident redhead, Erin
2010-10-26 17:18:00
Erin Cummings in ABC's 'Detroit 1-8-7' By BOB ANDELMAN (email) ABC had me at ?redhead? when the opportunity to interview ?Detroit 1-8-7? co-star Erin Cummings appeared. Learning she had a recurring role on AMC?s ?Mad Men? earlier this season didn?t hurt either. --------------Listen to my ERIN CUMMINGS interview!-------------- This is also Erin Cummings. And neither did her experience as a co-star of the film Bitch Slap, in which she played ?The Sex Bomb? alongside America Olivo, a recent guest on Mr. Media. (Julia Voth, you know you?re next!) Seeing that she looks like the Playboy magazine idea of a librarian was certainly a plus. And how about the timing? Cummings? freshman police procedural series, ?Detroit 1-8-1,? which stars Michael Imperioli of ?The Sopranos? somewhat reprising his role from the short-lived ?Life On Mars,? as well as James McDaniel of ?NYPD Blue,? just got a vote of confidence from the alphabet network: an order for five more new episodes this season...
By: Mr. Media
In Praise of Betty Draper
2009-11-09 21:20:00
About half way through Mad Men’s third season, I decided the show had joined my slim TV pantheon. Mad Men joins: Homicide: Life In the Streets; The Sopranos; The West Wing; NYPD-Blue; ER, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Firefly; True Love; MI-5. All but the last two, are sadly missed. Shows have their runs, sometimes ...
2008-06-04 03:43:00
SEMI PRO I didn’t watch the end.  Not because the power went out.  Not because I got the Red Ring of Death on my XBOX, Not because Dave Coulier was doing an impromptu stand up gig on my deck.  Nope.  It was because this movie was dreadfully awful. Wait, that’s not fair. Will Arnett was very funny. But as ...
TV Hot Spot: Pictures
2008-06-03 20:25:00
Mad Men: TVGuide Scans!Post by: SalSource: TVGuide & SpoilerTV(CLICK IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW)Take Care,Sal
The Last Two Weeks In Bullet Form!
2008-06-03 01:49:00
It was awesome that LOST came back with a great season finale.  As a whole the show has rebounded nicely, and is actually giving us viewers the info we desire, while giving more questions.  Ben is by far my favorite character.  He’s got the whole creepy Kevin Spacey vibe going on.  I still hate Matthew ...
Mad Men? Don V Pete
2008-05-24 02:19:00
It was the penultimate episode of series one of Mad Men  this week on the Beeb and it was a good one! It was election night 1960 and it was the old Kennedy versus Nixon showdown for the White House 9… and I guess we all know how that went; even though according to a ...
Mad Men: Don?s Women Part 1 - Betty
2008-05-18 16:49:00
That Don Draper sure is a lucky man. So many beautiful women in his life, and yet he takes them all for granted. The women and their treatment though are the story behind the story in the wonderful world of Mad Men, so I thought I would take a closer look at the beautiful women who ...
Mad Men? A guide to Don Draper
2008-04-24 11:53:00
Lets face it Mad Men would not be worth watching without the mysterious Don Draper, but what do we really know about him? Well after eight episodes here in the UK still not very much, but every week I discover a little more… A Mad Man’s Guide to Don Draper (Discoveries from the first eight episodes) Don is an ...
TV Hot Spot: Spoilers
2008-04-23 10:19:00
Ausiello: Mad Men!Post by: SalSource: TVGuide(Warning! Might contain SPOILERS!)(Warning! Might contain SPOILERS!)Latest from Ausiello:Question: When is Mad Men coming back? They left us with one hell of a cliff-hanger way back in October. ? ArturoAusiello: Well, Arturo, you'll be happy to know that the cool cats of Sterling Cooper are already hard at work on Season 2, which will premiere on AMC in July. (Look for the Season 1 DVD around that time as well.) I hear that Preggy, er, Peggy may have to move back in with her devout Catholic mother, sister and brother-in-law, which indicates that she kept the baby with which she didn't know she was pregnant. Poor lass! Take Care,Sal
TV Hot Spot: Spoilers
2008-04-22 22:23:00
Kristin: Mad Men!Post by: SalSource: E! Online(Warning! Might contain SPOILERS!)(Warning! Might contain SPOILERS!)Latest from Kristin:Paul in Franklin, Ky.: Mad Men is the best show on television, and I can't wait any longer to find out what's coming up. Please, can you help?Sexy Joan has an honest-to-goodness boyfriend this season. As for the launch date of season two, we only know it's sometime in July 2008. However, I can tell you that, just as the story of season one ended on a holiday (Thanksgiving), season two begins on another nonreligious holiday. Guesses?Take Care,Sal
Mad Men? Don is a Dick?
2008-04-06 01:17:00
Mad Men is really hitting it’s stride now. For a couple of weeks it has been hinting at greatness, but now it is really getting me interested. This week Don won an award and got his picture in an advertising periodical. A few days later his half-brother, who is a bit of a loser appears. ...
In Honor of Mad Men: I Talk to Mark Molaro About Mad Men, Rich Sommer, and
2008-01-18 01:54:00
In honor of AMC's Mad Men's winning the Golden Globe for Best TV drama (in addition to Jon Hamm getting a Golden Globe for best male dramatic performance as Don Draper in Mad Men), I'm putting up this one-minute clip from Mark Molaro's recent interview with me on The Alcove, in which I talk about the time that Mad Men's Harry Crane (aka Rich Sommer) posted a comment right here on about a review of Mad Men I had just posted...Here's a link to my review of Mad Men (episode 12) with Rich Sommer's comment.And here's my 20-minute podcast interview with Rich Sommer from the end of October:And here's my complete 25-minute interview with Mark Molaro, in which we talk about many new media things...The Plot to Save Socrates"challenging fun" - Entertainment Weekly"a Da Vinci-esque thriller" - New York Daily News"Sierra Waters is sexy as hell" - curled up with a good bookmore about The Plot to Save Socrates...Read the first chapter of The Plot to Save Socrates .... F...
Four Gems from Showtime Get Nominated for Golden Globes//Dexter Contest Rig
2007-12-14 02:57:00
I was delighted to find out the following today, in the Golden Globe Nominations announced for television ...Best Television Series - DramaThe TudorsBest Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - DramaMichael C Hall, DexterJohnathan Rhys Meyers, The TudorsBest Television Series - Comedy or MusicalCalifornicationBest Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Comedy or MusicalDavid Duchovny, CalifornicationBest Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Comedy or MusicalMary-Louise Parker, WeedsNow, there are worthy and wonderful shows and acting talent from venues other than Showtime in the nominations - including some Infinite Regress favorites like Mad Men and Big Love - but I am especially pleased that Infinite Regress reviewed almost every episode of the four Showtime series, and gave them pretty much rave reviews at the time. You can see the Infinite Regress reviews by clicking on the titles, which will bring you to my review of the first episode of each o...
Paul Levinson Interviewed about Old and New Media by Mark Molaro on The Alc
2007-11-22 05:13:00
Mark Molaro - the Charlie Rose of the Internet - interviewed me a few weeks ago about the state and future of old and new media, and what I call "new new media" - not just the web, but YouTube, blogging, podcasting and their impact on our lives and uses in education. Twenty-five minutes of civilized conversation, in which I talk about everything from Bill O'Reilly telling me to "shut up" on his radio show earlier this month (not civilized, but one of my proudest moments) to Rich Sommer coming over to this blog last month and correcting a small error I made when posting about Mad Men (an example of the self-correcting powers of the Web - Rich plays Harry Crane on Mad Men).Mark Molaro's interviews on "The Alcove" are the best I've seen on the Web - the interview immediately preceding mine was of Peter, Paul, and Mary's Peter Yarrow - and I'm happy to be among them...Books discussed in the interview...Mark Molaro has a group on Facebook well worth joining.Thanks to Emon Hassan fo...
Mad Men 13: Double-Endings, Lascaux, and Holes
2007-10-19 05:14:00
Well, I really liked the double ending of the concluding episode - #13 - of Mad Men on AMC tonight: first, what Don would have wanted, coming home and telling Betty and the kids that he'll be going with them to spend Thanksgiving with her family ... cut to ... Don walks through that same door to find Betty and the kids already gone (he had previously told her he wouldn't be joining them). Sure, Don might have called Betty and told her he was coming home ... But the double scene worked so well I can accept Don's lack of phone call as a necessary set-up.I also loved Harry (Isaac Asimov ringer, played by Rich Sommer) invoking the prehistorical cave paintings in Lascaux. They may indeed be one of the earliest known forms of writing. Siegfried Giedion has suggested that, if seen in flickering candle light, the images may move, and may be a primitive motion picture. (My colleague Ed Wachtel at Fordham University dubbed this the "first picture show," and I worked it into my science f...
Mad Men 12: Admirable Don
2007-10-12 08:27:00
What a dynamite, satisfying episode (12) of Mad Men on AMC tonight! The best so far. (I've been saying this about a lot of Mad Men episodes, and that's an indication of the power and charm of the show.)My favorite scene - tough to choose, because the episode was non-stop mesmerizing - but, it would be Don standing up to despicable Pete, right there in that office with Cooper. Don's steely power was never more clear. He refused to be blackmailed. He goes in to face the music, and prevails.I loved Cooper in this, too. He doesn't care about Don's past - he cares about Don's ability to land clients and make them happy. Cooper tells Don he can fire Pete if Don wants - Cooper will no longer oppose that - and then Cooper says Don might find that Pete could become incredibly loyal if Don does not fire him. Savvy guy, that Cooper.Don's scene in Korea and back home after the war - the story at last of how he assumed his identity - was excellent. I knew that Don was not a kill...
Mad Men 11: Heat!
2007-10-05 22:54:00
With the early October temps in 80s here in New York City, there couldn't be a better day to review last night's Episode 11 on AMC's Mad Men which, in one way or another, was all about heat...Peggy's asked to test out and analyze for her second ad campaign a device that is supposed to help women lose weight. The guys are trying to figure out why some women seem to really like it - it's an electric belt that is supposed to massage away fat - even though there is no evidence that it really melts away any weight.Peggy discovers its secret: its vibrations give women orgasms. The problem is how to explain this to Don and the guys - which she does a pretty good job of doing.Meanwhile, Betty has her own hot experience. With the temperature high and uncomfortable in this Indian summer, Betty gets a call from a traveling air conditioner salesman. (The traveling salesman is another great artifact, long gone from our culture.) Betty lets him in, she's attracted to him, but buys noth...
On Tonight, Thursday 9/20: BURN NOTICE, MAD MEN, and more?
2007-09-20 19:12:00
BURN NOTICE “Lose Ends” - 10pm USA Tonight is the first season finale of Burn Notice. No more Michael and Fiona, how will I survive? At least we know that they will be back since Burn Notice has been renewed for a second season. I am betting they are going to leave us on a cliffhanger ...
Holy MAD MEN, renewed?
2007-09-19 03:24:00
Just in from Watch with Kristin, MAD MEN is renewed for a second season. Yeah!!!! Mad Men is a show I honestly didn’t think I would really get into, but I gave it a chance anyway. Boy was I wrong. I loved it. I am still a few episodes behind, but that’s mostly because I haven’t ...
Mad Men 9: Betty Grace Kelly
2007-09-15 05:39:00
A superb Don and Betty Mad Men last night - one of the best of the series - with an important story that not only taught us more about their relationship but also showed us things about each, individually, that we didn't quite know before.The catalyst is Don being offered a job by a McCann-Erickson exec, Jim Hobart. Don's tempted by access to a world bigger and more exciting than what he can get at Sterling Cooper. But Hobart, seeking any additional leverage he can get, offers Betty an assignment as a model.Betty (January Jones) does look like Grace Kelly, and was a model before she married Don, so Hobart's offer certainly makes sense on the face of it. But, clearly, Hobart is hoping that Betty's good fortune at McCann-Erickson will be the icing on the cake for Don.It proves to be just the opposite. Don, more complex, as always, that anyone around him realizes, abruptly ends the McCann courtship when Hobart sends him the first photos of Betty. She looks radiant. So why doe...
2007-09-13 19:52:00
BURN NOTICE “False Flag” - 10pm USA From the preview, it looks like Lucy Lawless makes an appearance in tonight’s episode. I am so sad Burn Notice is coming to an end though. I really liked watching Michael and Fiona’s adventures the last few weeks. But at least we know, the show will be back for ...
Mad Men 8: Weed, Twist, Hobo, Excellent
2007-09-07 07:30:00
AMC's Mad Men was firing on all cylinders tonight, in a powerful Episode 8 which furthered and deepened the story of at least three sets of characters:Peggy and Pete start off with a morning quickie in the office. Pete of course feels a little guilty about this - he has a quintessential late 1950s mix of starched morality and male entitlement - and later disapproves of Peggy dancing the Twist. Peggy is not happy about that, but just about everything else is going her way, including even getting a little patronizing admiration from Don and the guys about her excellent ad idea for the lipstick campaign - which Don brilliantly maneuvers the client into loving.Don gets a $2500 bonus - a lot of money, obviously, in those days, in which a brand new book sells for a couple of bucks. He wants to use it to take Midge to Paris, gets stoned on weed with Midge and the beatniks instead, and in the process we see one of the best sequences in the entire series so far: Don as a boy in the 193...
On Tonight, 9/6: MAD MEN
2007-09-06 19:49:00
MAD MEN “The Hobo Code” - 10pm AMC I started watching Mad Men later than most, but I agree with most critics, it’s brilliant. I absolutely love the show, it has great acting, compelling stories, and is different from other shows on TV. I have to give props to AMC, Mad Men is a must-see TV ...
Mad Men 7: Revenge of the Mollusk
2007-08-31 05:49:00
Tonight's Mad Men - Episode 7 on AMC - was not only smoky but seething under the surface, and mostly about Don and Roger.Roger makes a pass at Betty after an unexpected dinner with Don and Betty at their home. (I don't know - is that the right expression? Today we would say, "came on to her".... Anyway, he puts his arms around her.) Everyone's had a lot to drink (always the case, everywhere in Mad Men). Betty demures, Roger goes home but ... Don is not stupid, and realizes something happened, even though Betty pretty much denies it.This sets the episode for a powerful display of something we haven't quite seen on Mad Men before. Don is jealous - and, moreover, will do something about it.He gets his revenge over lunch right before the very important visit of the Nixon campaign people. Roger and Don consume plates of oysters - Roger remarks that Don is a "fan of the mollusk" (I am, too - seafood is my favorite food) - they drink a lot (of course), and then prepare to go back ...
Dexter Due in September
2007-08-26 20:08:00
Big Love is ending tonight on HBO (great season!). Mad Men is superb on AMC, as is Californication on Showtime. I'm also enjoying the new season of Weeds over there - but I'm really looking forward to Dexter's return to Showtime in September.This was the best show on television last Fall, in its first season. Michael C. Hall played the serial killer who clinically preys only on other serial killers, and he played the part to stiletto perfection ... humorously shivering perfection. I've never quite seen anything like this on television (something which I've also been saying about Big Love, Mad Men, Californication, and Weeds - part of the reason I keep saying we're in a new golden age of television).But a serial killer with a social conscience... who has trouble relating to people - because he is so detached - but is nice to his girlfriend. That's fascinating. And the shows raises the important ethical issue of whether a serial killer of serial killers is ultimately a good o...
On Tonight, Thursday 8/23: BURN NOTICE, MAD MEN, and more?
2007-08-23 19:15:00
BURN NOTICE “Hard Bargain” - 10pm USA Michael meets someone that says he can help him clear him burn notice, but I have a feeling it’s not going to be that easy. MAD MEN “Babylon” - 10pm AMC I finally watched the pilot and man, where have I been? I absolutely loved it. I liked it better than ...
On Tonight, Thursday 8/16: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, BURN NOTICE, and mor
2007-08-16 19:29:00
RAMSAY’S KITCHEN NIGHTMARES REVISITED “Momma Cherri’s” - 8pm BBC America Good old Chef Ramsay helps another restaurant get back on its feet. They are actually going to do an American version of the show this fall called Kitchen Nightmares, but from what I can tell there will be more shouting in that one. SO YOU THINK ...
On Tonight, Thursday 8/9: BURN NOTICE, MAD MEN, and more?
2007-08-09 21:18:00
RAMSAY’S KITCHEN NIGHTMARES REVISITED “La Riveria” - 8pm BBC America Ramsay goes back to La Riveria to see if the business has turned around. I love those episodes where you go back and see that difference in the restaurant. BURN NOTICE “Broken Rules” - 10pm USA After the announcement of a second season for Burn Notice, it’s even ...
On Tonight, Thursday 8/2: BURN NOTICE, MAD MEN, and more?
2007-08-02 18:36:00
RAMSAY’S KITCHEN NIGHTMARES “Morgan’s” - 8pm BBC America Chef Ramsey helps another restaurant doomed to close. It always amazes me sometimes how the owners don’t always listen to him when he tries to help them. I always think, “obviously what you are doing is not working, so why not listen to him?!!!” SO YOU THINK YOU CAN ...
Mad Men 2: Smoke and Television
2007-07-27 02:52:00
Not much plot motion in the second episode of AMC's Mad Men tonight, but that's ok, because the show's unique ambiance continues to shine...Where you else can you hear people talking about People Are Funny, and a guy in the office (Paul played by Michael Gladis) doing a "submitted for your approval" riff on The Twilight Zone, and lamenting that CBS might be cancelling it?The show is such a trip to the '50s (pardon the '60s expression) that even some of the real ads - when the show stops for commercials - are integrated into the Mad Men mix. In addition to providing historical tidbits about various aspects of advertising history, Mad Men also provides a tidbit about Orkin, the exterminator company, before showing an actual Orkin ad (the tidbit: Orkin's first TV ad dates to 1954).And the smoke and sexism reign supreme. As I mentioned last week, I was a kid in 1950s, and I remember the television all right, but not people smoking this much. On the other hand, I wasn't in the adv...
Mad Men Debuts on AMC
2007-07-20 08:43:00
Mad Men debuted on AMC television a few hours ago. My wife had seen a write-up of the show in The New York Times. A smart friend, Zach, mentioned it a comment on my "Barely Political Revolution" (Obama Girl) post in this blog. Matthew Wiener - a Sopranos Emmy winner for his producer work - is the Executive Producer. So we gave it a try - and we weren't disappointed. Not at all.The show was quite good.The setting is the New York City advertising world in 1960 - the "Mad Men" are Madison Avenue advertising men, which according to a squib on the show, was a name they gave to themselves.Jon Hamm plays Don Draper, an advertising guy pretty close to the top of his game in his company. He looks like a young Robert DeNiro, and dresses a lot like James Bond in his second and third movies. Not too shabby. His main problem is that one of the company's main clients is Lucky Strike Cigarettes - and this is a time when the Surgeon General and the media are first waking up to the real dangers of...
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