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Butler Savings and Trust Building ~
2012-02-29 22:22:00
In the heart of town: Jefferson and Main.
Miller's Shoes ~ James Chiprean
2012-02-20 16:07:00
Miller's Shoes, celebrating their 119th anniversay in the same location.
A Candy Show on Main Street ~
2011-12-11 17:30:00
Cummings Candy Shop  ca. 1920
Master Builder Harry Wimer ~
2011-06-30 23:03:00
Harry Wimer [+1950] constructed t-his building and many other impressive Butler buildings including the Butler Savings and Trust (now the new PNC Bank), Elm Court, TW Phillips Gas Building, Butler "Eagle" Publishing Company Building and the Butler Senior High School (now Junior High). 
35th Annual Butler Road Race ~ 2010
2010-06-28 11:21:00
Keeping up, getting ahead . . .
View from the Top ~
2010-04-25 15:16:00
. . . from the top of South Main Street.
Our War Dead ~
2010-04-02 14:55:00
For us to remember . . .
The Day They Moved a House ~
2009-12-12 11:16:00
A house on Main Street. Photo: Robert Emigh
Veteran's Day Parade ~
2009-11-12 14:15:00
Photo: Robert Emigh
Downtown Woodstock Welcomes Pure Taqueria to Main Street
2009-09-22 17:40:00
Weekend revelers descended on Pure Taqueria's Grand Opening, enjoying frothy tequila cocktails on the roof-top-bar and handing their keys off to the only restaurant valets in downtown Woodstock. Related posts:Woodstock Coffeehouse–An Indie Coffee Joint with an Extra Shot of Personality A Great Place to Gather with Friends–or Gather Your...Right Wing Tavern’s Woodstock Beer Festival to be Held on Saturday, June 20 Four Southern Breweries, Twelve Delicious Beers The beer garden...Foxtale Book Shoppe Celebrates Two Years of Selling Outside the Lines The three ladies of Foxtale Book Shoppe have just celebrated...
New Clock on Main Street ~
2009-09-07 18:05:00
At Main and Jefferson
Zennie on CNN's "Money and Main Street" as iReporter
2009-05-27 13:41:00
Embedded video from CNN Video Thanks to the iReport team for this. They and Anderson Cooper are the best!
Butler Car Show ~ 2008
2009-04-01 11:02:00
Looking up Main Street, standing in front of WISR.Photo: Robert EmighSome people at the car show. [click here]
Red Head ~
2009-02-28 14:34:00
Spic and span . . . and low prices.
Twelve Below Zero in Butler ~
2009-02-18 16:36:00
January 17, 1977
Cars on Main Street
2008-12-05 19:59:00
From the Buffalo Ruse: The delay-plagued effort to return vehicular traffic to Main Street in downtown Buffalo is facing a new and serious setback after representatives from the City?s Strategic Traffic Planning Office realized in a field inspection yesterday that the NFTA?s Metro Rail subway tracks, which have bisected the ...
Shelby The Shill Worsens The Main Street Meltdown
2008-11-19 20:55:00
The AP (via Time Magazine) tells us the following here (and I also posted briefly over here on a separate topic)?(WASHINGTON) ? The senior Republican on the Banking Committee said Wednesday he doesn't believe there will be a turnaround in the troubled U.S. auto industry until its top management is ousted and its manufacturing operations are revamped."I don't think they have immediate plans to change their model, which is a model of failure," Sen. Richard Shelby said, a day after the top executives of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler came to Congress to plead for a $25 billion "bridge loan" to avert layoffs and plant closings. "I think a lot of it will be life support," Shelby, R-Ala., said. "I believe their best option would be some type of Chapter 11 bankruptcy ... These leaders have been failures and they need to go."Wow, that?s some harsh talk (and not entirely undeserved, I must say).Well then, since the financial meltdown precipitated the credit crunch that imperiled the aut...
Palin Connects with Main Street, Biden with Washington
2008-10-03 06:18:00
I watched the debate with a blog-reader who has become a friend, almost like an older sister to me. She’s a mother, with three grown sons. We were both nervous about how our lady would do tonight. As a political geek who loves debating policy and ideas, I thought Joe Biden won this on points. At ...
205 East Main Street, Marshallville, GA, 31057
2008-06-09 19:30:00
205 East Main Street, Marshallville, GA, 31057 SINGLE FAMILY: For Sale By Real Estate Agent Price: $179.00Nearest Installation(s):Robins AFB < 30 Miles Beautiful Historic Home updated for today’s growing family! Over 3300 sqft, updated features, new paint, carpet and A/C. 3 car garage/workshop. Home has been pre-inspected and seller is providing a 1 year home warranty. Only 15 minutes from I-75 and Perry. Call Trudie Marzig at 478-335-3968 or toll free at 866-988-2505 for more information. Listed By:Name: Fickling & CompanyCompany: Fickling & CompanyOffice Phone: 800-642-8406Home Phone: 478-953-2244Mobile: 478-918-3833Email: wrhomes [at] Listing source:[+] permalink
Bernard Lunn on ?The Emerging Main Street Web?
2008-05-29 02:28:00
Late last month, Bernard Lunn over at Read/WriteWeb wrote an insightful three piece blog on the transition of Web 2.0 to whatever is next. The term he settles on for the post-2.0 world is the Main Street Web. Read his post about the Emerging Main Street Web here. The landscape he paints for ...
On the Diamond ~
2008-05-27 12:26:00
Served us faithfully for so many years.
U.S. Senator Mocks The System
2008-05-16 14:30:00
I don?t know about you, but I?m starting to get this feeling that our Senate is evolving into that ?legislative? body from the Roman Empire (not Republic, mind you) and from whom they derive their name. Well, at least they?re not assassinating each other in the hallways of the Dirksen Building (at least, not ...
Walking Down Main Street
2008-04-17 15:23:00
This post has languished for about three weeks now -- I meant to do it right after I went on the walk it details, but something or other kept getting in the way. And now, here it is, much later and not quite as fresh.A few things coming at about the same time spurred me to walk down Decatur Street -- fruitless hunting for the site of the old city jail (well, not totally fruitless, it was on one of the corners of Decatur and Piedmont, but not sure which one and in any case I don't think there's any traces); coming across the webpage for the book "The First Eight," which describes Decatur Street as a hub of old Atlanta African-American life; and the Atlanta Time Machine posting this 1950 map, which I actually printed out and used as a reference. Then, doing some hunting through the (metaphorical) stacks, I found a 1991 article by AJC writer Colin Campbell, taking a break from the NHL, describing a similar walk down Decatur.Decatur Street passes all through Atlanta and beyond; you ge...
Copenhagen&apos;s Main Street to Become a Bicycle Boulevard
2008-04-15 08:44:00
<p> From the Copenhagenize blog we hear that the N&oslash;rrebrogade, one of Copenhagen's main streets, is to be changed to a bicycle boulevard. To quote: Each.... </p> Posted on 04/13/08 at 01:05 PM
Bernanke and His Merry Men Rob Wall Street to Pay off Main Street
2008-04-08 20:47:00
Money Morning Those who were blindsided by the recent financial meltdown are now loudly blaming the “free market” for its failure to police its own excesses, and are calling for greater regulation to prevent future disasters. But for those who clearly observed the problems developing [no doubt in high definition slow motion], the blame ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Bernanke and His Merry Men Rob Wall Street to Pay off Main Street", url: "" });
Bernanke and His Merry Men Rob Wall Street to Pay off Main Street
2008-04-08 20:47:00
Money Morning Those who were blindsided by the recent financial meltdown are now loudly blaming the “free market” for its failure to police its own excesses, and are calling for greater regulation to prevent future disasters. But for those who clearly observed the problems developing [no doubt in high definition slow motion], the blame ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Bernanke and His Merry Men Rob Wall Street to Pay off Main Street", url: "" });
Main street parade to honor Muhammad
2008-04-06 17:28:00
Now we get to celebrate the birth of a pedophile, liar, heretic, and rapist all wrapped into one! Binghamton, N.Y., grants permit for Milad-un-Nabi event Muslim leaders at an encampment in the Catskill Mountains called “Islamberg” have been granted a permit by the city of Binghamton, N.Y., to hold a parade Saturday in honor of Muhammad’s birthday. The ...
Butler Architecture ~
2008-04-04 18:11:00
Elegance, next door to the Court House.
Parallel Universe: Housing Still Hurting on Main Street while Wall Street
2008-03-25 06:15:00
What is occurring right now is reminiscent of what occurred after the subprime worries of February of 2007 dissipated for a few months. During this time, a few high profile companies such as New Century Financial started showing problems in their subprime portfolios and caused the DOW to drop 415 points. In this ...Related Posts:?The Short Sale Report: Volume 1 – The True Barometer of the Housing Market?The Psychology of a Crashing Housing Market: Sending in Your Home Keys Just Got Easier.?Short Sale Report Volume 3: Another Week and Another Record. SoCal Short Sales up over 12,000.?Dr. Housing Bubble Celebrates Monumental 100th Post! Top 10 Housing Articles.?Riding in the Short Bus of Housing: Southern California Short Sale Numbers. 1 in 10 Homes is a Distress Sale.
Wall Street or Main Street?
2008-03-21 13:30:00
Watch this to be the BIG campaign theme in 2008 in local and national races around the country. * GOP - fighting for Wall Street. * Dems - fighting for Main Street. Watch the Dems up the ante on foreclosure bailout plans. Watch McCain have no idea what to do. And watch Bush's popularity rating fall into the single digits as he goes Herbert Hoover.I'm against ANY type of bailout plan using taxpayer funds, for bankers or housing gamblers, so I'm against BOTH the GOP and Dems on this one. They both want to spend our money, it's just a question of who gets it.I will fight Obama when he stupidly promotes a bailout. And Clinton just offered another $30 billion today - watch her keep upping that number. Poor McCain just avoids the whole issue, since economics just ain't his thing.But in terms of general theme, watch this 'Wall Street vs. Main Street' theme really take off now, and watch the housing crash be the #1 issue in November by far.
Butler ~ Bird's-Eye View
2008-03-15 21:22:00
Viewing Butler from South Main Street hill.
The Rose and Crown, Main Street, Sutton On The Forest, York, North Yorkshir
2008-03-09 11:33:00
Instead of our usual Saturday lunchtime trip out to a nice restaurant we decided to go out this evening instead. The Rose and Crown on the Main Street in Sutton on the Forest, had a table free from six o’clock through till 8 o’clock. Not liking to dine too late and given we were ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "The Rose and Crown, Main Street, Sutton On The Forest, York, North Yorkshire, YO61 1DP", url: "" });
The Rose and Crown, Main Street, Sutton On The Forest, York, North Yorkshir
2008-03-09 11:33:00
Instead of our usual Saturday lunchtime trip out to a nice restaurant we decided to go out this evening instead. The Rose and Crown on the Main Street in Sutton on the Forest, had a table free from six o’clock through till 8 o’clock. Not liking to dine too late and given we were ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "The Rose and Crown, Main Street, Sutton On The Forest, York, North Yorkshire, YO61 1DP", url: "" });
Speaking of Main Street - Why is this Box Building OK in Eastmoor?
2008-02-28 02:29:00
Since the city has finished up the South of Main Sewer project in Eastmoor, I’ve been driving by this soon-to-be auto parts store (and one-time site of Columbus’ last Skyline Chili) almost every day and wondering why in the world it’s OK to build the equivalent of a giant pole barn on East Main Street in Eastmoor. I’ve recently had a good number of buyers interested in the Eastmoor area.  Eastmoor is a fantastic community with great homes, decent $/sf and a sense of pride.  They have a strongish civic association but the lack of checks and balances at City Hall allows ugly projects like this to built this close to the city center.  I can’t imagine this eyesore is what the city of Columbus had in mind when they, almost a year ago, approved the Eastmoor Main and Broad Corridor Revitalization Plan in an attempt to guide the redevelopment of those critical commercial corridors.   When I drove by the other d...
Can Save A Lot Save Main Street?
2008-02-27 19:23:00
      A while back, Columbus Compact had announced that Save A Lot, the country’s 5th largest supermarket, was coming to Main Street.  Then, about a year ago, they announced they were not coming to Main Street.  In part, that decision was made because Wal Mart opened up in Whitehall on Main Street.  Well, it appears Save a Lot is back, in the same location at 1179 E. Main — the old Kroger/Salvation Army site. Expected to open some time this summer, it’ll be about a 16,000 s.f. store offering standard supermarket fare of fruits, veggies, fish, butcher cut meats, dairy, canned foods, dry goods, frozen foods, etc.  They have high buying power and low prices. Jon Beard of Columbus Compact has said they expect the store to generate between 2,500 and 3,000 shopping trips a week.  I agree with him that those numbers are the type of customer traffic that helps other retailers to thrive, and could be instrumental i...
The Day I Cruised Down Main Street Blasting Handel with the Windows Rolled
2008-02-21 15:55:00
I was driving out to work yesterday and came to a stop at a - you know - stop light. Someone pulled up to my right and I noticed his presence immediately. This is because he had his windows rolled down and was playing Ludacris' "Ludacrismas" * with the volume up all the way and the bass booster even higher.* You have to listen past the first 30 seconds to really get the idea."How thoughtful of this kind gentleman!" I said to myself. "Here he's not only providing himself with music; he's providing it free of charge to everyone within three city blocks! Some of them probably don't have radios and wish they could listen to Ludacris more often."The light turned green and the driver to my left moved out ahead of me. I noticed as he went by that he was wearing a doo-rag over a baseball cap over a beanie and had a massive gold chain dangling around his neck. His license plate read: IRGANGSTA.Touched by this anonymous fellow's simple gesture, I drove on and worked my shift. On the way ...
A Nation Of Idiots?
2008-02-19 19:18:00
Consider the one in five American adults who, according to the National Science Foundation, thinks the sun revolves around the Earth? -Susan Jacoby, ?The Dumbing of America? On the heels of last Friday?s post, I happened to read an article last night from the Washington Post entitled ?The Dumbing of America.? On Sunday, Susan Jacoby, author ...
Route 66: The Main Street of America
2008-02-19 01:06:00
Route 66 first entered the general public conscience in 1939 when California writer John Steinbeck published his novel ?The Grapes of Wrath?, detailing the westward migration of Oklahoma's Dust Bowl farmers to California's San Joaquin Valley. During the story, he refers to Route 66 as the ?Mother Road?, a nickname it still has today. When Steinbeck won the Pulitzer Prize for his novel, the road became even more famous. The highway also gave its name to a popular television show, ?Route 66?, broadcast during the early sixties in the United States. The show featured two young men looking for adventure along America?s highways and was clearly inspired by passages from ?On the Road? by Jack Kerouac, his book describing several cross country adventures undertaken in the 1940s. The book has since become a literary staple for any would-be road trippers and has inspired countless journeys down Route 66. Starting in the 1950s and continuing gradually over the next 25 years, old Route 66 wa...
By: Autos Car
Woodstock: Main Street Sessions at Dean’s Store
2008-02-13 22:15:00
The Main Street Sessions is a monthly series in 2008 that will feature prominent local authors. Every month on the third Saturday at 1pm people will have the chance to hear presentations from the individuals that have helped shape the culture of the area in the unique setting of Historic Dean’s Store. This is the ... [This is a content summary only. Click story title to visit website for full links, other content, and more!]
Wall Street May Know ?Within A Week? If Recession
2008-02-11 22:24:00
According to the Times Online (UK) today, Wall Street may know within a week if the United States has entered into an economic recession. Suzy Jagger wrote this morning that: Wall Street, however, may decide by the end of this week whether the US is in a technical recession, with key data on payrolls, industrial ...
The Baby Boomer Effects - Woodstock To Main Street
2008-02-09 08:02:00
Baby Boomers want to stay young and be vital. But many self-medicate or chronic pain, and rates of late onset addition are rising. Some Baby Boomers are going back to their drugs of choice, or never quit. Take a look at risk, prevention and recovery. More: continued here If you like this post, ...
Exiled Americans on Main Street Germany Already Decide Outcome of November
2008-02-07 15:10:00
OK, they call Main Street Hauptstrasse here, but the main thing is that ?exiled Americans? are involved. Political pundits and expert-types all over the world were stunned yesterday when the voting results of the some 10,000 American exiles living in Berlin were made known. Not only did every exiled American Democrat taking part on the ...
Windows on Main Street (Paperback)
2008-02-06 04:02:00
Windows on Main Street (Paperback)By Chuck Snyder Buy new: $6.95 First tagged “disney” by Daniel B. Pikar Customer tags: pixar, disney, walt disney world, disneyland, disney thought parks, disney books, animation ...
WISR ~ Radio Butler
2008-02-03 16:55:00
WISRIn 1941 David Rosenblum founded and named it after his father,[W] Isaac Samuel Rosenblum.
Ann Arbor Trio on Main Street Lofts
2007-12-26 02:27:00
Historic Lofts another option for Ann Arbor urban livingTrio on Main is located on the busiest corner in downtown Ann Arbor at Liberty and Main Street.  The three historic buildings date back to the 1800's and originally housed a Saloon, drug store, butcher and harness maker.  Today they offer first floor retail space which offers dining and international shopping options and 12 residential loft spaces.  In 2006, the Ann Arbor Historic Commission awarded the Trio buildings with a rehabilitation award for the re-interpretation of Ann Arbor's historic architecture.  Building and unit features include:Secure private entrancelofted ceilingsexposed brick hallwaysprivate elevatoron-site storageInterior finishes include: rich hardwood flooring, gorgeous kitchens with stainless appliances and granite countertops, 12' ceilings, new eyebrow windows, tiled bathrooms.  View Trio on Main Street Floorplans Developed by the popular local Amvest Properties.Contact Kathy ...
Main Street Papercrafts
2007-12-20 21:12:00
Welcome to a fun new website for kids of all ages who want to build models of actual historic buildings found in Illinois Main Street towns. There are currently ten architectural models available for download. There are also three un-colored buildings for you to color manually.IHPA Paper Models
Isaly's ~ Ice Cream
2007-12-19 18:52:00
Our stop-off on Main Street.
Viaduct Replacement ~
2007-12-02 15:57:00
People like it.
Emails and Donations | Thanks Main Street Feeds
2007-11-13 19:03:00
I tryed to reply to some of the many emails we have gotten, but now Brenda is ready to move and that means Bill is riding. He got a late start as there was a thick fog here in Monett, Missouri, which could prove to be a dangerous situation in heavy traffic. We want to thank Main Street Feeds here in Monett. They helped us get a place to stay for the evening, provied some hay and other stuff and also allowed me to use there internet. I'm actually in their office now. They are working on getting a website, but if you need to contact them you can find their number. I also want to write a post with a list of the people that donated and will do so in this format - Bill I. I'll try to get access to internet as soon as possible. read more
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