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Qatar probes mall fire as young victims mourned
2012-05-29 15:51:00
Investigators in Qatar carried out their first extensive probes through a fire-ravaged daycare center and other charred areas inside the country's biggest mall Tuesday after a blaze that killed 19 people, including 13 children.
Manny Pacquiao banned from L.A. mall for gay comments
2012-05-16 19:04:00
Manny Pacquiao won't be shopping with the stars ever again, as the homophobic boxing superstar has been banned from Hollywood's ultimate entertainment destination.
J Centre Mall: A new shopping experience
2012-05-07 10:42:00
J Centre Mall: A new shopping experience You leave Cebu in a year or two, and you will be surprised with its so many changes especially its countless new skyscrapers, buildings, and establishments ? including malls. One of the recent additions to the malls or shopping centres in Cebu is the J Centre Mall situated ...
Harper a hit in Washington, on Mall and at stadium (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-05-01 23:29:00
WASHINGTON (AP) One day before making his much anticipated home debut, rookie Bryce Harper took his first swings in Washington on the National Mall.
Something New and Exciting Is Brewing at The
2012-05-01 06:50:00
The Mall is back with a site revamp and it is better than ever!!! I have always seen The Mall as one of the most credible pioneers when it comes to online shopping/browsing.  Since it is led by the same creative team behind Style Bible, you are more or less guranteed a fool-proof fashionable experience each and everytime you click on their site. Recently, The Mall has undergone a major revamp in order to keep up and be of better service to our country's ever evolving fahionable set. Aside from converting it into a stand alone site, The Mall is now literally a virtual shopping mall, with more brands handled under its wing. The pieces are still carefully curated but now you have more choices! Here are a few examples of what is now available at The Mall: The Mall has everything, from clothes, accessories, make-up, menswear and even novelty items. A must-have directory for all the shopingeras/shopingeros out there. The new site is very easy to naviga...
2012-04-25 15:34:00
We know we're a little ways off from Halloween, but considering all the hype that zombies get all year long thanks to great productions like The Walking Dead, it's never too early to hear about the living impaired. Which is why Wish, an "experience-day" merchant, is selling its Zombie Shopping Mall tickets like hot cakes! Yep, for £139 BP you and your buddies can take part in a choreographed zombie apocalypse. Complete with special effects and 3+ hours of video game-style missions? We're dying to go. Literally!
China's Taobao Internet Mall Offers Beautiful Girl Delivery Service
2012-04-25 06:00:00
Special delivery indeed: China's Taobao internet mall is boosting their business with the aid of ?beautiful girls? who personally deliver customers' orders for a small extra fee.
Herr Kittel schaft es mall wieder!!! RT: @AschwinKruders: @MarcelKittel Wel
2012-03-28 16:42:00 Herr Kittel schaft es mall wieder!!! RT: @AschwinKruders: @MarcelKittel Well done Marcel! Great sprint :) 2 hours ago from Twitter - Comment - Like
Saint Germain Bakery in Aberdeen Mall, Richmond
2012-03-17 15:00:00
March is the start of birthday celebration in my family. Four consecutive months, someone in the family will celebrate his/her birthday. For the March birthday, we decided to get a cake from Saint Germain Bakery in Aberdeen Mall since we had lunch earlier at Ninkazu Japanese Restaurant in the small strip mall across Aberdeen Mall. Parking at the small strip mall is always impossible as it is where Lido, Excellent Tofu and Snacks and Cafe de Waruku is located. We actually had to park in Aberdeen Mall and walked over to have lunch before we return to the mall to get the cake.
Summarecon Mall Serpong Diancam Bom, Gegana Sisir Lokasi
2012-02-29 06:59:00
Summarecon Mall Serpong (SMS) yang berlokasi di Jalan Gading Serpong Bulevard, Kabupaten Tangerang, mendapat teror bom, Rabu (29/2). Tim Gegana dari Polda Metro Jaya diterjunkan untuk melakukan penyisiran di mal tersebut.
Beijing Day 5: Breakfast at Yoshinoya in Oriental Mall
2012-02-03 16:00:00
Day 5. I was truly rested. It seems like I have seen the last of the jet lag and adjusted myself to the day-night cycle. Which is good because I was so worried about wanting to sleep during the day time and being awake like an owl during the night. We started with breakfast in Oriental Mall. We had breakfast there because we planned to use the subway to get to the Summer Palace. Ben told me that there are two subway stations around the Oriental Mall. So you can imagine how long that one building is. I like the Oriental Mall because there are so many things to eat. Moreover it is so clean and modern.
Sample Letter of Intent to Rent a Space in a Mall
2012-01-17 13:42:00
This week I was inquired by my sister-in-law what business I have in mind that we might start this year. The truth is, I have my own plan of starting an online business (again!) but wasn’t sure if it will succeed because the items I like to sell are only focused on hobbyist and those ...To Read More of This Topic, Click This Link >> Sample Letter of Intent to Rent a Space in a Mall
Beijing Day 3: Breakfast at Tai Hing in Oriental Mall
2012-01-13 16:00:00
As usual we woke up early to have an early head start of the day. It's hard to sleep in. Especially when I am so excited. The strange thing is, I was expecting to feel the jetlag hit me by now. Instead, it did not. Ben brought me to a Hong Kong style cafe in Oriental Plaza for breakfast. There is another Tai Hing also about 5 minutes walk away from the apartment, we went instead to the Oriental Plaza as there are more choices because the Oriental Plaza has a couple of subway stations. Tai Hing is a popular chain restaurant from Hong Kong. It used to be a small siu mei (roast meat) shop in Hong Kong and over the years, it had turned into a chain restaurant with a presence in China. Tai Hing had just opened for breakfast and we were one of the early birds here. Tai Hing is a slightly upscale Hong Kong style cafe. It has a nice and pleasant decor.
Players Movie Stars Bipasha, Sonam, Abhishek at Inorbit Mall
2012-01-06 04:32:00
Players Movie Stars Bipasha, Sonam, Abhishek at Inorbit Mall
Rhino?s Kitchen at Lansdowne Mall, Richmond
2011-12-26 16:00:00
Nanzaro told me that there is a new Hong Kong style restaurant in Lansdowne Mall. He saw that in a flyer while I'm not around town. But he cannot remember the name of the restaurant. I could not search any information about the restaurant since I do not know the name. However, Nanzaro said it's part of the Top Gun group. So, I checked the Top Gun group website and still there is no information of any Hong Kong style restaurant. My guess is that the new restaurant must be at the old California Cafe location.
Squinkies 2: Adventure Mall Surprize! for Nintendo DS
2011-12-11 12:16:00
Ever since the first Squinkies DS game my girls have been anxiously waiting for a new version to be released. So when we had the opportunity to review Squinkies 2 I knew we had to have it. In Squinkies 2: Adventure Mall Surprize! your main goal is to find as many Squinkies as you can ...
Giant Godzilla Christmas Tree Spruces Up Tokyo Mall
2011-12-10 17:56:00
Pining for those classic Japanese monster movies that had you sitting on pins and needles? Well fir not, er, fear not! The giant Godzilla Christmas Tree from the Aqua City Odaiba shopping mall in Tokyo is the original nightmare before Christmas!
Kristin Cavallari Meet & Greet At Dillard's Fashion Show Mall Dec 3
2011-11-22 08:44:00
Kristin Cavallari meet & greet at Dillard?s at Fashion Show Mall Las Vegas from 2-4 p.m. on December 3, 2011. Cavallari is known for her roles in MTV series ‘The Hills‘ and ‘Laguna Beach.’ Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler’s Engagement Is Back On 11/21/11 - Youtube Kristin Cavallari at Dillar’s Be among the first 200 to arrive ...
How to Occupy Mall Street with Retailing ETFs
2011-10-27 20:35:00
As protesters “occupy” Wall Street, Americans are considering how — or if — they’ll be able to occupy the space under this year’s Christmas tree. Christmas? It’s not even Halloween yet! I know, but retailers are entering the make-or-break part of the year. So are ETFs focused on consumer-oriented sectors. Today we’ll look at how to enhance your holidays with the right ETF picks. Retail Sales Reports: Mixed Bag Obviously we have serious economic problems right now. If you spend a lot of time looking at headlines or reading blogs, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the negativity. But I think it’s important to remember two things … First, what people do is more important than . . . → Read More: How to Occupy Mall Street with Retailing ETFs
Download Mall Tycoon 2 Full Version
2011-10-27 18:26:00
Mall Tycoon 2 is every mall goer's ideal simulation. Design, build, and manage your very own shopping mall. Conduct marketing campaigns to attract new shoppers, organize fashion shows, and research the latest products to drive your shoppers crazy! The Mall is yours to control. But be careful to balance out your stores, and make sure to pay attention to your customers, because in this world, they
Our Creeping Police State: How Going to the Mall of America Can Land You in
2011-09-27 20:39:00
Via – Green Party How writing in a notebook, filming, or looking around too much can throw you into the spooky world of homeland security.Show original Tags: homeland security, police state, spooky world, green party, mall of america <BR/>
Mydala Mall Set In Motion By
2011-08-08 14:47:00
According to Alexa ranking, was ranked among the top 100 websites in India. The Delhi-based startup have now announced the launch of new online merchant shop called “Mydala Mall“. This online Mydala mall is similar to any other shopping mall packing in  movies and audio CDs, gems and jewelry, home furnishings, premium cosmetics, flowers, perfumes, sunglasses and hotel & travel packages and after crossing mark of 3 million subscribers recently, is offering not one, but different kinds of deals simultaneously to hook every customer. According to the Alexa report, number of users visiting mydala website has increased by 373% substantially in the last three months. The unique visitors on the mydala site seemed to be boosted upto 952,000 in June 2011 which is an increase from 105,000 in May 2011. Recently, also raised funding of 9 crores from InfoEdge. One of the source of says that “as one of the daily deal site presen...
By: WATblog
Dollar Prank at the Rivertown Mall
2011-04-09 19:14:00
We pulled the dollar prank at Meijer and then the Rivertown Mall. It worked perfect many times. At the very end there is also a great prank call we made to Walmart. Video Rating: 4 /Read more ...
Social Media's Dark Side Casts Long Shadow Beyond Tucson Shopping Mall
2011-01-10 16:24:00
Much has been written in an attempt to make some sense out of the shootings involving U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, Arizona and the subsequent deaths of her aid, a judge and four others. Suspected shooter Jared Lee Loughner's social media footprints are being examined for clues as to his motives. But perhaps we are following the wrong trail of evidence. Political extremists who are effective in radicalizing certain segments of society are also using social networks to rally support for their causes.
Subaye Launches China's First 3D Online Mall
2011-01-10 07:16:00
What's eBay in Chinese? It just might be Subaye, the company behind the country's first 3D online mall. No glasses are required but you might want to have your wallet handy.
Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall
2010-12-12 16:58:00
Countless times, we have heard that this Singapore-based restaurant features a wide variety of tasty and creative Japanese cuisine.#1However, we never got around to check it out until recently when we went to Tropicana City Mall for an early dinner (before 6pm). That was also because we had already bought the tickets to see "Unstoppable".#2#3 Their signature open-kitchen concept allows their chefs to showcase their culinary skills upfront, sharing the preparation of Japanese cuisine with their patrons.#4 Wasabi and Gari (pickled ginger) in the soy sauce to accompany our sushi selections.#5 Spider Maki.#6 Chuka Kurage (seasoned jelly fish) Sushi.#7 Unagi (freshwater eel) Sushi.#8 Ishimochi (croaker) - RM12.80.#9 Salmon Sashimi - RM10.80. It was fresh and soothing, perfect. I LOVE raw salmon; it's one of my must-orders whenever I eat sushi!#10 Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard) - RM5.20. Hmmm, this is also one of my must-orders. #11 Katsuo (skipjack tuna) - RM12.80.The entire bill inc...
Christmas decorations @ Tropicana City Mall
2010-12-11 22:25:00
At this time of season all shopping malls are completely lit up and full of Christmas stuff to shop on. Christmas decorations and songs certainly put me into the holiday spirit and we Christians certainly recognize the spiritual meaning of the season!We went to Tropicana City Mall (TCM) for dinner the other day, and we took the opportunity to check out the Christmas decorations.#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8I was browsing through the stalls set up at Main Atrium for Christmas gift ideas. There were many Christmas decorations to choose from as well!#9#10#11#12I think the Christmas decorations at TCM are not THAT eye-catching - probably because of it is just a neighborhood mall?I can't wait for the weekend to begin as I'm going to check out the festive decorations put up by other regional malls!"Christmas gift suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect."...
New Discount e-Shopping Mall ? Features Quality and Affordabi
2010-11-20 09:34:00
Asia Markets: Earnings breathe new life into Tokyo stocks The outlook for Japanese equities has improved as generally positive interim financial results from major companies show resilience despite profit pressure form the yen?s ascent against the U.S. dollar, analysts say. Read more on Market Watch Japan Grew 3.9% in Third Quarter, More Than Forecast Japan?s ...
Beyond the Myth Movie at Colony Theater at Lincoln Road Mall
2010-10-28 01:30:00
Come on out Saturday, June 12th for the Beyond the Myth Movie showing at the Colony Theater at Lincoln Road in south Beach, Miami, FL.  Tickets are available at Come on out to learn the truth about pit bulls and for a film that dispells the myths! addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = 'Beyond+the+Myth+Movie+at+Colon-y+Theater+at+Lincoln+Road+Mall'-; addthis_pub ...
2009-12-13 09:00:00
by Steve Hellyard Swartz(with a nod to Allen Ginsberg's "A Supermarket in California")What fears I fear this fine afternoon, Allen,    &-nbsp;old friend, as I walk through the parking lot      o-f Crossgates Mall on Thanksgiving SundayIn Border's, the Border Songs pipe along like merry train wrecksWhole families in the cafe stuff themselves      w-ith scones and muffins and giant cookiesWhole families flightless and full of mirthLook, Allen, at the shelves where the nudges and winks      o-f the crazy and avaracious of the earthSit side-by-side with Elie Wiesel's NightSteve Hellyard Swartz, a regular contributor to New Verse News, has piles and piles of poems ready to be published. He has won Honorable Mention in the Allen Ginsberg, Mary C. Mohr, and Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Awards. In 2009, poems of his were published in The Paterson Review and The Southern Indiana Review...
Mall magnate, Pacers co-owner Mel Simon dies at 82 (AP)
2009-09-16 23:26:00
AP - Building suburban indoor malls that drew generations of American shoppers was Melvin Simon's specialty. He was among the first to jump on the trend in the 1960s, starting a company that eventually made him a billionaire and became the largest in the business.
Asbestos at Mall being Investigated by EPA
2009-09-10 15:02:00
Asbestos at a shopping mall in south west Atlanta is being investigated by the Environmental Protection Agency, according to a recent report. The EPA was tipped off about the debris in a dumpster that was behind the Cascade Heights Shopping Centre, and further investigation indicated that there was asbestos present. Construction is being carried out at ...
Main Place Mall - It?s Failtastic!
2009-06-02 03:09:00
Becky from Clarence Grad 72 took a trip to the Main Place Mall, and posted some pics and some reminiscences. The only thing I think of whilst strolling through the Main Place Mall is that it needs the Aud Treatment®. Just rip it down. In any event, this ...
Tata To Launch E-Mall - Purchase All Tata Products Online
2009-05-26 07:20:00
Tata has announced it plans to open an e-mall in next two months. Tata e-mall will be an e-commerce solution offering all Tata groups companies products online thus saving the time and effort of the customers, providing them good variety, offers and convenience of shopping at home. Success Tasted With Mjunction The decision of opening an e-mall seems motivated from the success of  Mjunction Services, a joint venture between Tata and Sail, which is the largest e-commerce solution in the country with more than Rs 14,300 crore transactions last year and targeting $10 billion mark by 2013. Mjunction mainly targets selling products and services related to steel Industry. Selling only products and services related to steel industry made Mjunction the largest e-commerce solution in India, One can easily imagine what an e-commerce solution offering all Tata group products online would be. Tata group companies is a set of 96 companies in various business segments like engineering , materia...
By: WATblog
Smithsonian Chooses Design For African American Museum On the National Mall
2009-04-15 20:20:00
The final museum on the land designated as the National Mall in Washington, DC will be the architectural creation of Freelon Adjaye Bond and SmithGroup teams. The Smithsonian announced its juried decision yesterday, after reviewing the designs of the six finalists in the international call for submissions. The National Museum of African American History and Culture is expected to be finished in 2012.
GM's P.U.M.A.: Fleet Captain Pike meets Paul Blart, Mall Cop
2009-04-08 17:14:00
In general, it's a bad thing when every blogger has the same first reaction to your new "personal mobility pod." ^IMAGE CREDIT: Segway G.M. and Segway have teamed up to breathe new life into the Segway personal transporter, rescuing it from the mall cop ghetto it now inhabits in the p
Old Batavia & the Mall
2009-04-07 19:30:00
Anyone who's been to downtown Batavia knows that the south side of Main Street has retained the charm and character it had long ago. It's as if the 50s stuck around, and while some of the storefronts are empty, it's a bustling place during business hours as people conduct ...
6 Breathtaking Designs For The New African-American Museum On The Mall
2009-03-29 01:36:00
Plans for the final museum on the National Mall in Washington D.C. are beginning to fall into place! Yesterday the Smithsonian Institution opened an exhibit of the six architectural designs being considered for the new National Museum of African American History and Culture... and they are all breathtaking!
Balmain's $2k Jeans & A Mall at the Plaza?
2009-03-05 14:30:00
• Balmain’s $2000 jeans are now available for purchase. Or, at least they were. Seems like they are selling out quick. Recession, shmecession.• Did you know there's a mall in NYC's Plaza Hotel? Neither did I. Evidently it's having financial trouble.
Opening Soon - Sephora at Fairview Mall Toronto Canada
2009-02-17 18:43:00
Printable CouponSephora is giving away a free Sephora Umbrella with this coupon which is valid opening day February 20, 2009 to all beauty Insider MembersNot a member, sign up free today Beauty ,... Beauty , Make-up and Health Blog. Learn tricks of the trade and bargain hunting! Come check out the site!
Opening Soon - Sephora at Fairview Mall Toronto Canada
2009-02-17 18:43:00
Printable CouponSephora is giving away a free Sephora Umbrella with this coupon which is valid opening day February 20, 2009 to all beauty Insider MembersNot a member, sign up free today Beauty... Beauty , Make-up and Health Blog. Learn tricks of the trade and bargain hunting! Come check out the site!
Opening Soon - Sephora at Fairview Mall Toronto Canada
2009-02-17 18:43:00
Printable CouponSephora is giving away a free Sephora Umbrella with this coupon which is valid opening day February 20, 2009 to all beauty Insider MembersNot a member, sign up free today Beauty , Make-up and Health Blog. Learn tricks of the trade and bargain hunting! Come check out the site!
Opening Soon - Sephora at Fairview Mall Toronto Canada
2009-02-17 14:33:00
Printable CouponSephora is giving away a free Sephora Umbrella with this coupon which is valid opening day February 20, 2009 to all beauty Insider MembersNot a member, sign up free today
?Mall Cop? Repeats Weekend Box Office Success
2009-01-27 07:46:00
Weekend Box Office January 23 - 25, 2009 Paul Blart: Mall Cop - $21.6 million ($64.9 million) Underworld: Rise of the Lycans - $20.8 million ($20.8 million) Gran Torino - $16.2 million ($97.8 million) Hotel for Dogs - $12.9million ($37.5 million) Slumdog Millionaire - $10.7 million ($56.1 million) Full Box Office Totals
?Mall Cop? Rakes in $33 Million Opening Weekend
2009-01-19 18:26:00
Weekend Box Office January 16 - 18, 2009 Paul Blart: Mall Cop - $33.8 million ($33.8 million) Gran Torino - $22.2 million ($73.2 million) My Bloody Valentine 3D - $21.9 million ($21.9 million) Notorious (2009) - $21.5 million ($21.5 million) Hotel for Dogs - $17.7 million ($17.7 million) Full Box Office Totals
Paul Blart: Mall Cop - Movie Review
2009-01-16 18:04:00
Today?s family comedies are a rare breed. Decent ones anyway. Those that are safe enough to take your kids to yet allow you to laugh at things that are written for the adults in the audience, with little or no guilt. It is a fine balance and sort of a lost art form. Sure, you ...
The Shopping-Mall-Free Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1
2008-12-12 20:38:00
The Shopping-Mall-Free Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1Posted using ShareThis
The Shopping-Mall-Free Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1
2008-12-12 20:38:00
The Shopping-Mall-Free Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1Posted using ShareThis
Fw: PHOTO SUNDAYS @ Sierra Vista Mall
2008-12-05 23:53:00
Sent via BlackBerry from T-MobileFrom: dina jackson Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008 14:48:58 -0800 (PST)To: Geanie Silva<>; Ken Mccoy<>; lee cates<>; lea adams<>; james ranells<shutterbug043@yahoo.-com>; Art Council<facwebmaster@gmail.c-om>; Friends Art<;Subject: PHOTO SUNDAYS @ Sierra Vista MallHELLO ALL, PLEASE POST / EVERYONE WELCOME!!!dina
fire line of shopping mall
2008-11-28 07:50:00
hi folks maximun how many sprinklers we can provide in fire lines of 150mm dia MS pipe, testing pressure is 14 Kg/
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