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h.r. pufnstuf (1970) dvd billie hayes, mama cass, jack wild
2012-05-11 00:28:00
now only : 7.95 From Land of the Lost producers, Sid & Marty Krofft, comes a family comedy filled with mirth, magic and music. After a bad day at school, Jimmy runs to the shore to play his flute, but he can?t believe his eyes when his ordinary flute comes to life! When a magical ...
Yellow Mama claims her first victim in AL
2012-04-17 07:00:00
“Some time between 1 o’clock and daybreak, Horace Devaughn will be led into the death chamber to pay the penalty for the murder of A.B. Moore and Mrs. Ruby Thornton in Birmingham last January,” reported The St. Petersburg Times on April 5, 1927. Three days later Devaughn, a black man, was executed at Kilby Prison, ... You Might Also Like: I love little Willie, I do.
El Gran Jaypee ? Mama Con Esto Que Traje (Prod. by J-Newtronz)
2012-04-05 06:56:00
Download / Descargar yomo mi hermana el corilord, yomo mi hermana el corilord descargar
The World?s Oldest "Yo Mama" Joke is 3,500 Years Old
2012-03-02 17:47:00
I hope some here find this as funny as I do. A Pop article link. Article link.
Francesco Congia: Plays Funk Slap With Mama Pickups
2012-01-23 01:41:00
Francesco Congia Plays Funk Slap With Mama Pickups
Ups! Dhani Nawawi Panggil Dharnawati dengan Sebutan 'Mama'
2011-12-21 15:42:00
KPK menyadap percakapan telepon terdakwa kasus suap PPID di transmigrasi, kuasa direksi PT Alam Jaya Papu, Dharnawati. Dalam salah satu sadapannya, ada sebutan 'mama-papa' di percakapan Dharnawati dengan saksi, Dhani Nawawi.
Jessica Alba Is a Hot Mama InStyle (January 2012)
2011-12-14 18:28:00
Actress Jessica Alba is one sexy hot mama, trying too hard to promote her new environment-friendly baby and household products on the cover of the upcoming issue of InStyle Magazine (January 2012)- see more pictures below. Jessica Alba Nude & Baby Bump Pictures Leaked (Cell Phone PHOTOS) The 30 year-old mother of 2 beautiful girls ...
Justin Bieber Took DNA Paternity Test To Sue Baby Mama
2011-11-22 15:19:00
Yep, Justin Bieber is not playing around. The 17 year-old is taking Mariah Yeater?s accusations seriously and he wants to prove for once and for all he is not the father of her 3 month-old baby Tristyn. As soon as the results come out, JBieber is planning to sue the alleged baby mama. Mariah Yeater ...
Selena Gomez On Justin Bieber?s Baby Mama Scandal (Ellen VIDEO)
2011-11-17 21:54:00
Teen superstar Justin Bieber?s girlfriend, Selena Gomez, broke her silence for the first time to reveal it hasn?t been easy to deal with her boyfriend?s first baby mama scandal in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres for The Ellen Show on Thursday (November 17)- watch video below. Jimmy Fallon As Justin Bieber: ?(It?s Not My) Baby? ...
Laura Bellizzi Is NOT Mel Gibson New Baby Mama (PHOTO)
2011-11-17 17:02:00
VH1?s ?Secrets Of Aspen? star, Laura Bellizzi, released an official statement to deny the rumors that point actor Mel Gibson, whom she was romantically linked over the summer, as the father of her unborn child. Mel Gibson Caught Kissing Mystery New Girlfriend (PHOTOS) A source told Star, Laura and Mel had started dating after meeting ...
Mariah Yeater MUGSHOT photo: Justin Bieber?s Alleged Baby Mama Hit Ex-Boyfr
2011-11-06 03:23:00
Of course, Justin Bieber?s alleged baby mama has a mug shot! Mariah Yeater was arrested for battery after she allegedly slapped her ex-boyfriend, a guy named John Terranova who she originally accused of being her baby?s daddy, last year (December 2010). Mariah Yeater Baby Daddy Scam: John Terranova Calls Her a Liar The 20 year-old ...
Mariah Yeater PHOTOS: Justin Bieber?s Alleged Baby Mama
2011-11-03 00:07:00
SCANDAL: Mariah Yeater: ?Justin Bieber Is The Father Of My Baby!? Meet Mariah Yeater, the mother of Justin Bieber?s alleged 3 month-old son (Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater). The 20 year-old Belieber claims she became pregnant in one fortuity, a sexual encounter backstage at a concert in L.A., and gave birth to JBieber?s first child on ...
Francesco Congia: The Other Half - mama pickups
2011-10-28 13:17:00
The Other Half original song By Francesco Congia with mama pickups
Nahuel Schiumarini: Mama pickup endorsement
2011-10-01 18:12:00
Nahuel Schiumarini: Just got an endorsement with this great Pickups company check out their website. "The pickups are fantastic! They have more volume and are able to enhance the sound quality that I was never able to feel with the old pickups. Now my guitar sounds 130%!"
Francesco Congia: Waves with mama pickups
2011-07-24 15:44:00
Francesco Congia plays waves by guthrie govan with southern bridge mama pickup
Marcello Zappatore: demos Mama Zappless fretless guitar
2011-07-01 21:57:00
MAMA ZAPPLESS fretless guitar - test by MARCELLO ZAPPATORE The violin-making workshop MAMALAB Matthias Hammer - Galatone (LE), via Bachelet 9 - presents the fretless guitar (fretless) MAMA ZAPPLESS guitar 'signature' made ??especially for the guitarist Marcello Sapper. It is a fretless guitar sounds, and therefore by offering unique and expressive possibilities unimaginable for a normal guitar. The pitch of the notes is not preset by the placement of buttons made ??of metal (in this case absent), but is achieved by correctly placement of the finger, as in classical instruments like the violin without keys, cello, double bass. This implies the obtaining of all sounds, not just those imposed by the Western tempered system. The typical problem of instruments without keys compared to the corresponding instruments with keys of type 'normal', is the lack of sustain, which is here tried to compensate in every way using wood and very high quality components, like the body in Kaya, t...
Kill Rumor: Mama Knowles: Beyoncé’s Not Pregnant
2010-10-21 14:59:00
OK so Us Weeky is becoming the new Media-fakeout, because as suspected the False rumor that Beyonce being pregnant has been spreading like wild fire.  But there will be no "Lil J-eyonce" because Bey's mom was on The Elle Show yesterday to promote her new clothing line for Walmart and shot down becoming a new Grand Mother.  Tina stated she would like to be a "Grand " soon but not yet. We have it straight from her mother's mouth: Beyonce is not pregnant peep video below:
Cncer de Mama, concientizacin
2010-10-19 18:05:00
El 19 de Octubre es el da internacional de la lucha contra el Cncer de Mama. El ao pasado escrib sobre qu es el cncer de mama, qu sntomas tiene y cmo detectarlo precozmente. Hoy, simplemente realic una imagen...
And Your Mama Drove a Pinto
2010-04-30 02:44:00
My husband and I were helping our friends wash the dishes one night last weekend.We always eat at their house when we get together, even if I cook.Our house has a way of taking kid noises and magnifying them.(((((The triumph of the short and loud people!)))))Somehow, our friend's place doesn't echo the way ours does.Anyway, as we washed and dried, we told stories.David made some reference to his childhood and the 1970's.The Mayor, who has a bad habit of eaves dropping, decided to suddenly join the conversation.With a wild, eye-popping look of complete incredulity, The Mayor said,"You were ALIVE in the NINETEEN HUNDREDS???!!!!"[#weareold]
The Democratic Party is a bad, ?Yo Mama? joke
2009-11-25 17:24:00
[From On the Wilder Side. Posted on November 25, 2009 by kwilder] Thanks to Green Party Watch for the tip. Dan Kairis is running for Congress, 14th District, in Illinois. Kairis filed signatures to run on the Green Party line. Those challenges are being brought by someone who is receiving help from lawyers connected to the Democratic ...
Frag doch Mama?
2009-09-19 22:48:00
Eltern sind hufig dumm, besserwisserisch oder haben immer komische Tipps perat, doch es gibt auch Ausnahmen. Eine solche Ausnahme scheint auf der Webseite Frag Mama den Leuten nicht nur mit Kochtipps zu helfen. Ob perfekter Pudding, Tipps zu Finanzen oder Backtipps MAMA wei immer Rat.
2009-09-16 22:18:00
MTV Shows"I started to feel him and I just felt the energy,"
2009-09-14 20:14:00
Well there was another funny moment last night. While Jay-Z and Alicia Keys was singing "Empire State of Mind" , all of a sudden you see Lil Mama on the stage reppin for her city. Jay-Z gestured her to move back and calm down. Even joked and said she was "T-Painning" LMAO!!!!! She sent out a statement via her manager:"I did not mean any disrespect towards Jay-Z or Alicia Keys," the statementreads. "I admire them and look up to them as role models. 'Empire State of Mind'had my emotions running high. In that moment I came up onstage to celebrate mytwo icons singing about NY." Jay-Z's face saids it all. That is too funnnyyyyy!!!1
Samantha Burke Is Jude Law?s Secret Baby Mama! (Photos)
2009-07-31 03:33:00
Actor Jude Law recently announced he is expecting a fourth child with an ex-lover, who has been identified as model/actress Samantha Burke. The 24 year-old mom-to-be is expecting a baby girl that will be named Sophia and her due date is October 6th. Samantha?s attorney released the following statement: “Ms. Burke can confirm that she did ...
Giant Ducky Pool Float: This Aint Your Mama?s Rubber Ducky!
2009-07-23 05:22:00
If you've been in the market for a different kind of play toy for the kids this summer, you're in luck. Watching the expression on the kiddiesfaces when they see Giant Ducky for the very first time - priceless!
Don’t Rattle a Mama Bear’s Cage
2009-06-11 21:03:00
Rather than go through the whole spiel, I’m going to copy an email with identifiers edited. Suffice it to say that we have been dealing with this issue for MONTHS. In those months, poor Joseph has been going downhill. And it might not have been necessary. from: Michele {email} to Dr. Therapist {email} cc Poe {email}, Dr. District date Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 11:49 AM subject Regarding Joseph {last name} Hi Dr. Therapist, Please feel free to forward this email to any administrative personnel who handle such things. I’ve also CC’d my husband and Dr. District with our school district. I write, in all honesty, with some frustration. Skipping details, the point is that everyone involved in Joseph’s case felt that consulting with a psychiatrist, and investigating if medication for anxiety (or anything else) might be appropriate at this stage for Joseph. When the subject was broached, in was basically shut down by {Big Therapy Center}, because it wasn’t par...
BTWF roles: Nikki Cox on Mama’s Family
2009-04-23 02:14:00
Before she was part of an Unhappily Ever After family, she was friends with an unhappy family on Mama’s Family. How different does the 8 year old actress look in 1987 before she got bigger breasts and lips? addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = 'BTWF+roles%3A+Nikki+Cox+on+Mam-a%27s+Family'; addthis_pub ...
Vin Diesel?s Girlfriend & Baby?s Sexy Mama Paloma Jimenez Photos
2009-03-31 13:33:00
Actor Vin Diesel, who is promoting his new movie ?Fast and Furious?, has confessed his life completely changed when he and his girlfriend Paloma Jimenez welcomed their daughter Hania Riley last April. Vin said: ?It?s changed my life and everything that falls under that umbrella. You can?t pull me away from my house as easily as ...
Concurs: Castiga 3 carti ?Weekend cu Mama?
2009-03-26 07:00:00
Mediapro Distribution, si Editura Rao te invita la concurs! Mergi la cinema sa vezi filmul Weekend cu mama si participa la concurs. Poti castiga o carte Weekend cu mama, publicata la editura RAO. Raspunde la intrebare si esti inscris automat! Intrebarea este: Care este numele personajului interpretat de Adela Popescu in Weekend cu mama? - ...
Confession Mama
2009-03-02 13:28:00
Blog of the Day Awards for Mon, March 2, 2009A Blog of the Day Award goes to Confession MamaTechnorati TagsBlog Award Blog Awards winner Bloggers Blogs Awards Blogging Bloggies Weblogs Weblog Award of the day Award web online nominations Internet Blog of the Day Awards Blog of the Day Award Blog of the Day BOTDA winners Weblog Award Weblog Awards blogspotBe sure to submit your nominations early.Thank you,Bill Austin
The Coming Loss of A Wonderful Mama
2009-02-28 05:05:00
Yes, I know I haven't written in many months and you have no clue how many times I have started a post only to delete it because my heart just wasn't in it. Blogging just honestly hasn't ranked very high on the priority list lately I guess and for that I apologize to those of you who read here.Tonight though I read something that broke my heart and I knew that I couldn't just ignore it and not post.Those of you who have followed my blog have read my posts having to do with Lisa from Clusterfook. The woman is amazing as she has been through cancer three times now. Her strength and outlook through it all taught me alot about how to handle living with cancer with grace and an immense amount of class.Unfortunately I have just read that she is now in the final days of her battle and it breaks my heart. She was realistic from the beginning about her chances of making it through this time but I'll be honest and say I really hoped she would beat the odds and come out okay. She deserved...
Mama!milk - Fragrance of Notes [2008]
2009-02-26 03:37:00
Artist: Mama!milkAlbum: Fragrance of NotesGenre: Instrumental, ExperimentalYear: 2008Old Post: Gala de CarasAn old gem! Months looking for this! :)1. kujaku2. antique gold3. hourglass4. the moon5. intermezzo,op.326. avant fermentation7. anise8. rosa mundi9. smoky dawn10. rosa moschata11. two ripples12. mano seca13. sometime sweet14. waltz, waltzDOWNLOAD IT HERE!
By: Kapritska
Rubik?s TouchCube: This Aint Your Mama?s Cube!
2009-02-19 18:18:00
Those of us of a particular age, may remember the Rubik's Cube craze from back in the day. While some may have fond memories of the plastic puzzle, others may have tried to completely erase it from memory. But whether you loved it or hated the old Rubik's Cube, there is a brand new cube coming to town that you will want to see.
Jessica Alba Is A Sexy Mama
2009-02-19 17:33:00
Jessica Alba left a friend's house in Beverly Hills with daughter Honor Marie Warren.The ?Sin City? starlet and her baby girl were out for an acting lesson, stopping by a private residence for a short while before leaving to find paparazzi situated outside..Jessica Alba Leaving a friend's house In Beverly Hills
Country-Fried Mama
2009-02-15 22:42:00
Blog of the Day Awards for Sunday, Feb 15, 2009A Blog of the Day Award goes to Country-Fried MamaTechnorati TagsBlog Award Blog Awards winner Bloggers Blogs Awards Blogging Bloggies Weblogs Weblog Award of the day Award web online nominations Internet Blog of the Day Awards Blog of the Day Award Blog of the Day BOTDA winners Weblog Award Weblog Awards blogspotBe sure to submit your nominations early.Thank you,Bill Austin
Mama Monday #41.1
2009-02-09 21:54:00
Theme: Love
Mama Monday #40.1
2009-02-02 14:50:00
Theme: SinAKA: Sinfully Smart SweetieSo Sweetie stayed over at Nana and Papa's this weekend.Sweetie has a slight cold.Shortly before her bedtime, Sweetie asked Nana for a piece of paper, saying she had to draw a picture.Soon after getting the paper, Sweetie asked my mom:What's a sin?A what?A sin.Like S-I-N? Sin?Yeah.It's when you do something really bad. Like lie or steal. That's a sin.Oh. Okay.Then Sweetie quietly went back to her drawing.Soon, she was done. Handing my mom the paper, Sweetie explained that this was a riddle that Nana needed to figure out.This is the picture.MED + Pinocchio after he told a lie = Sweetie was reminding Nana to give her some cold MEDI-SIN/medicine before bed.Brilliant!Today, Sweetie realized how she could have made the message more clear. She could have made a complete sentence by adding a picture of an eye and then a person kneading some bread dough before the rest of her drawing.I need medicine.Yup. That would have been good too. Smarty.
Aries joined the group Mama Mia (The Movie)
2009-01-27 21:15:00
Aries joined the group Mama Mia (The Movie)
Mama Monday #49.1
2009-01-26 21:24:00
Theme: Choice- Hubby and I talked to a realtor. To sell our house is an option, but not one with huge (or possible any) profit. But we have to make a choice. Staying or going both have their pluses and minuses. But as far as we can tell, selling seems to have less minuses. So we've made our choice. We're selling. Putting it on the market in a month or so. It's the choice that makes the most sense to us.- I am registered to study for and eventually take my abcte exam in Secondary English in order to gain my teaching certificate. I have some preliminary items to study even now. I have had a few chances to sit at the computer, more or less uninterrupted, to read over the material. Yet I don't yet feel like I'm getting too "into" it. It's still not real to me. And now, with this decision to move made, I feel quite overladen with all things packing/cleaning/readying - a huge undertaking, if you ask me - and not so much in the mindset to study or attempt to even go for certification...
Timothy McCorkell wrote a new blog post: Mama Mia (The Movie)
2009-01-24 07:59:00
Timothy McCorkell wrote a new blog post: Mama Mia (The Movie) I started a new Journal Space group board for "Mama Mia (The Movie)." And this is the link.
Mama Monday #48.1
2009-01-19 16:27:00
Theme: ContestHey! Did you know that the word "contest" is part of a pair of homographs? There's "contest" - (n.) an event you compete in, or "contest" - (v.) to dispute or oppose. (There are other definitions of the word as well, but these two definitions seem to be the most popularly known.)I just learned about homographs as part of my studying for my teaching certificate. More specifically, I learned the differences between homophones, homonyms and homographs. But I don't need to go into all that right here.Anyway, today I'm using "contest" in its noun form. As in, I'm hosting a contest here for some lucky reader to win Joy Bauer's new book Joy's LIFE Diet: Four Steps to Thin FOREVER.Joy launched the Joy Fit Club segments on the Today Show last year. She's helped people world wide lose at least 100 pounds each, and she's inspired thousands more to ask how she can help them lose weight and stay healthy for life.In this book, Joy talks about what life means to her - Look In...
Mama Monday #47.1
2009-01-12 20:52:00
Theme: OrderI've aware - as I'm sure you are - that my regularly scheduled posts seem to be coming later and later into each given day. Seems like life is taking over and this blog is being pushed down the list of Things To Do.With this new year, I'm desperately trying to maintain some semblance of order. That, or create order where once some was lacking (or was completely nonexistent.) What with my registering for the abcte study course and exams (I did it! I registered and am on my way to teacher certification!) and the several hours of reading and studying I'll need to do each week for the next several months in order to pass said exams, not to mention my regular tutoring schedule (which seems to be filling up nicely) and just plain being a mom and wife (a mom and wife who tries to at least keep the dishes clean, the laundry done and the floors vacuumed, in addition to doing her part to maintain a generally happy family) - well... my (full time) unemployed self sure has a lot...
Jessica Alba Is A Wonderful Mama
2009-01-06 12:02:00
The Fantastic Four beauty, Jessica Alba took baby Honor Marie to the park in Beverly Hills yesterday and beamed as she pushed her daughter on the swings.Dressed in her comfy tracksuit bottoms, hoodie top and sporting white-rimmed sunglasses, Jessica looked every inch the doting mum. Jessica Alba and Honor Marie Enjoy Their Time Together at Coldwater Park
Mama Monday #46.1
2009-01-05 19:47:00
Theme: WindI'm going back to school. Going for my teaching certification in Reading. My aim is to, one day, be a Reading Specialist in a local school.Didn't see that coming, did you? Hmmmm... well I'm not entirely sure that I did either. Although, in hind sight, I suppose I really should have.I've been tutoring reading (and writing, comprehension and study skills/test prep) for 15 years now (off and on). I've been tutoring Reading on-line for a couple months now at And now, under the No Child Left Behind act, I'll be tutoring Reading for area elementary school students. It's work I'm familiar with and work that I really love. I enjoy it so much, in fact, that I hardly even consider it work. It's simply something I'm capable of doing, that I love doing, and something that gives me a real sense of accomplishment and pride when a student I'm working with turns a corner, sees a lesson(s) in a new light, and can confidently go on with their studies, working off ...
Mama Monday #45.1
2008-12-29 21:06:00
Theme: LastPhew! I made it! Sorry this is "late". I'm working feverishly around my house, trying to get many random things all wrapped up and completed. I tell ya - it not only is the last few days of 2008, it also feels like it's the last few days of life as I've come to know (and love) it.Due to a huge ice storm that our state endured mid month, and now the regular "holiday break" Sweetie's enjoying from school, Sweetie has not had school since Wednesday, Dec. 10th. The 10! It's like summer vacation but with snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.I'm glad Sweetie is only in Kindergarten and doesn't realize how these many days off - and still more snow days yet to come this season, I'm sure - will negatively impact the start date of her summer vacation. Similarly, I'm glad Sweetie likes school so much and will be nothing but thrilled to return next September after a (presumably) very short vacation. But I do feel badly for all those Juniors and Seniors who totally got the s...
Brooke Burke is One Hot Mama
2008-12-27 22:49:00
I guess when you have four small kids like Dancing with the Stars champ Brooke Burke, wearing one in a sling is the easiest thing to do. She fully utilizes baby carriers, but looks hot every time. Even dressed casual with her hair up and big sunglasses on, Brooke always looks totally put together and ...
Mama Monday #44.1
2008-12-22 17:42:00
Theme: HappySweetie with a few of her favorite birthday presents.Family, friends. Giving, receiving. Bithdays, Christmas. Snow, snow angels and snowmen. Food, drink and togetherness. This is truly the happiest time of the year.
Mama Monday #43.1
2008-12-15 21:50:00
Theme: Expect (continued ice storm edition)(Sweetie Saturday - er, I mean Sunday - side note: After church yesterday, we came home the back way, taking roads we've very rarely travelled before. Most of the homes along this route showed the devastation that occurred due to the recent ice storm in graphic detail. Whole trees uprooted from the ground. Power lines down. Limbs of all sizes strewn upon the lawns and roadways. Ice still frozen on every single square inch of every single tree branch and limb. Hubby and I were truly in awe. We had previously thought our little road looked pretty bad. But no, not nearly as bad as these neighborhoods. It truly looked like a war zone.We commented to Sweetie that we were very, very lucky. - Why are we lucky, Mama? - Because! We have our power back. Our house and our cars are safe. We aren't hurt. Look all around you. Do you see all the trees and branches that are down? These houses still don't have power and may not get it back for days. That...
Mama Cirila je zmagovalka resni?nostnega ?ova Kmetija
2008-12-13 10:35:00
Resni?nosti ?ov Kmetija se je kon?al in dobili so/smo zmagovalko - mamo Cirilo, 59 letno gospo iz Medvod. Ker sam ne sodim v populacijo, ki je spremljala ta resni?nostni ?ov, ki naj bi bil po rejtingih zelo gledana oddaja, sem bil presene?en nad zmagovalko. Namre? Kmetijo sem si ogledal parkrat po par minut in to je ...
Mama Monday #42.1
2008-12-08 15:36:00
Theme: KeepLast week's Mama Monday post - remember that? Yeah. Well. I'm glad I kept my quiet. I'm happy I didn't go all blabbermouth on the exciting new path my life seemed to be on. 'Cuz as last week went on, and mixed signals continued to strew in - well. I finally had to stop and ask direct questions to find out real answers.Backtracking - long story short (ish):I was hand picked to come in and temp for a job I also applied for. I've been temping in this job for 2 weeks. Others were interviewed as well (?????). Time dragged on without a hiring decision made (??????). I finally asked. I'm not getting this job. It's possible, since my strong suits are writing/editing/proofreading based, that I could be placed in a position within this company that better utilizes these skills. But, to me, that's a really big "maybe" with an even more unsure future timeframe.In the mean time - now I just gotta keep on keepin' on. Same ol' story I've heard myself tell myself more than a ...
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