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The Story Behind the Story | Mark Bowden []
2009-09-16 13:00:00
"I would describe their approach as post-journalistic. It sees democracy, by definition, as perpetual political battle. The blogger?s role is to help his side. Distortions and inaccuracies, lapses of judgment, the absence of context, all of these things matter only a little, because they are committed by both sides, and tend to come out a wash. Nobody is actually right about anything, no matter how certain they pretend to be. The truth is something that emerges from the cauldron of debate. No, not the truth: victory, because winning is way more important than being right. Power is the highest achievement. There is nothing new about this. But we never used to mistake it for journalism. Today it is rapidly replacing journalism, leading us toward a world where all information is spun, and where all ?news? is unapologetically propaganda. In this post-journalistic world, the model for all national debate becomes the trial, where adversaries face off, representing opposing points of...
Food Matters with Mark Bittman-2
2009-09-16 13:00:00
September 16, 2009: This week the USDA announced the start of Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food initiative, a series of coordinated programs designed to help develop local and regional food systems to benefit small farmers, strengthen local communities, and spur economic development. One key component of this initiative is to increase the supply and ...
mark v control system
2009-09-14 07:23:00
in mark v control system how to get the all refernce for an alarm and if you are going to add new pressure swtch how to add and configrate in CDn borad and if you add new processer c ,r,sor t how to download the configration for the procesor
Photo by Mark Vincent Muller
2009-09-13 16:35:00
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Stories of the Prophets DAY 3. Cain & Abel Murder Mark Reptilian Bloodl
2009-09-07 23:53:00
Cain & Abel The Stories of the Prophets is a videos series. Listen to the explanation of how each family member in the Family of Light was sent with a purpose to enlighten YOU! DAY 3 Story of Truth pt 8 Human Race Loses The...
Mark Gibson: two full albums to sample!
2009-09-05 13:06:00
Mark Gibson posted two full albums of material on youtube. Mark Gibson: 'Persistence of Vision' Mark Gibson: Edge of Knowhere This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Mark Gibson: guitar improvisations
2009-09-05 12:48:00
Just messing about on my guitar, nothing really that melodic here. Please check out my other videos to hear music from my CD's. Thanks for listening:) Guitar Improvisation No. I Part II - Just messing about on my guitar, nothing really that melodic here. Please check out my other videos to hear music from my CD's. Thanks for listening:) Guitar Improvisation No. II This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Mark VI Training
2009-09-02 16:46:00
Where can I get a training course for Mark VI system?
Recensie: Mark Knopfler - Get Lucky
2009-08-20 16:30:00
Met mijn vorige recensie van Mark Knopfler maakte ik niet echt vrienden. Toch ben ik nog steeds van mening dat Kill to get crimson een gezapige oude mannen cd is. Dat gevoel wordt alleen maar versterkt door Get Lucky, het...
Mark McGuigan: learn to scarify pg stylee
2009-08-20 02:08:00
MasterThatRiff! 53 - Paul Gilbert "Scarified" Check out the TAB @ Recorded with Suhr Pro Series S3 through Carvin Legacy into with Guitar Rig 3 acting as speaker emulator. Subscribe to Mark's personal youtube channel at... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Mark McGuigan: better by the minute!
2009-08-14 00:57:00
Mark McGuigan just getting better and better! Mark McGuigan - 'Doobie Vibe' Jam This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more! Podcast #018 ? Interviewing Mark Sisson
2009-08-03 15:00:00 Practical Personal Development Podcast #18 Mark Sisson is the guy that puts the facts behind lifestyle, exercise, and nutrition claims. His current mission is to create the happiest, healthiest, leanest, most fit, and productive life that he can while he’s here on earth. In the good ol’ days Mark Sisson was a professional triathlete, endurance runner ...
Rhea Durham & Mark Wahlberg Wedding Photos
2009-08-02 20:48:00
Actor Mark Wahlberg and model Rhea Durham have tied the knot in a small intimate ceremony with only 12 close friends and family members at the Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Beverly Hills yesterday (August 1). The groom wore a simple dark suit while the beauty bride dazzled in a Marchesa silk chiffon strapless empire ...
Mark Fletcher : ONElist dan Yahoo Groups
2009-08-02 12:33:00
Mungkin Anda pernah mengikuti mailing list di Yahoo! Groups atau Yahoogroups? Berbeda dengan forum, mailing list mengharuskan Anda untuk terdaftar dengan alamat email untuk melakukan komunikasi dimana akun email tersebut nantinya digunakan sebagai penerima dan pengirim balasan. Salah satu layanan penyedia layanan mailing list yang cukup besar dan masih menjadi pilihan diantara penyedia layanan mailing list ...
Mark Wahlberg & Rhea Durham Get Married (Photos)
2009-08-01 01:08:00
Actor Mark Wahlberg and his longtime girlfriend Rhea Durham are finally ready to tie the knot on Saturday (August 1) at the Good Shephard Catholic Church in Beverly Hills. An insider told InTouch, ?It?s going to be a small and intimate event, with just close family, including their kids.? Mark and Rhea have been dating since ...
Mark McGuigan: another go at the marmalade
2009-07-29 16:23:00
Orange Jam... Mark McGuigan gets it on toast! marmalade Mark McGuigan - Orange Jam This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Mark Your Calendars East Coasters!!!
2009-07-25 18:23:00
I know the title of my post the other day was this, but I'm hoping Lisa, Elisa, and Jory were able to pick up on my sarcasm.So totally kidding.I wouldn't want them to think I was truly happy to be missing out on the biggest event from the blogosphere!! I was absolutely beside myself for the past few days. I cried myself to sleep at night after reading miles and miles of twitter updates.Have I told you three, how beautiful your profile pictures are on the BlogHer Founder's page? Stunning, I tell you, absolutely stunning!Now that I've sucked up, you wouldn't ban me from attending BlogHer '10, would you?'CAUSE.IT.IS.IN.NYC!!!!!!!- SQUUUUUEEEEE!That's right East Coasters, if any of you are like me, you haven't attended any conferences yet. One main reason has been location.But next year...NEXT YEAR...BOOO-YAH!!! It's only one state over for me....just a little over a one hour's drive, people!!!This might actually happen!!Write it down....think about joining me....BlogHer 2010...
Mark Buehrle Tosses Perfect Game
2009-07-23 22:31:00
Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle pitched a perfect game (no-hitter) on Thursday against the Tampa Bay Rays. “I don’t know what to say, it’s unbelievable,” Buehrle said after the game. The perfect game almost ended with the first batter in the ninth inning, on a deep fly to centerfield. Defensive replacement Dewayne Wise sprinted back to ...
Quote of the Day: Mark Twain
2009-07-22 17:23:00
“Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.” Mark Twain, Pudd’nhead Wilson (1894) US humorist, novelist, short story author, & wit (1835 - 1910)
Mark July 21st On Your Calendar (New from Craig Haywood)
2009-07-16 22:14:00
Hello Fellow Reader, Wow, where to begin? I have so much to tell you, however, I have been sworn to secrecy… What I can Tell you is that Craig Haywood is close to launching his next creation and I can guarantee you it is unlike anything you have ever seen. I can also tell you the sheer genius of it is ...
Mark McGuigan: shred this competition entry
2009-07-14 17:57:00
Fellow blogger and all round good guitarist Mark McGuigan add a few notes into the competition, enjoy! truthinshredding - ShredThis! Competition (Mark McGuigan) This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
The Tick Mark Wristwatch: A Unique Way To Tell Time
2009-07-13 20:32:00
Want an innovative way of finding out what time it is? Though initially confusing, this stylish gadget may just be the ticket. Read on to find out more about the Tick Mark Wristwatch.
Maria Belen Chapur First Photos: Mark Sanford?s Mistress Video
2009-06-26 15:08:00
The first photos of Gov. Mark Sanford?s alleged mistress, Maria Belen Chapur (or is it Maria Belen Shapur!?), have finally surfaced. There are photos and a video of a woman named Belen Chapur but they do not look like the same woman to us (check out photos and video below)… Maria Belen Chapur is a 43-year-old ...
Mark McGuigan: soldano put to the sword
2009-06-25 23:57:00
Mark McGuigan says: For a change I mic'ed up my wee Soldano Astroverb and had a little cheesy rock Improv! Bum notes courtesy of Falling Star Wine.... Mark McGuigan - Soldano Cheesy Rock Jam This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Mark Sanford?s Emails To Mistress Maria Belen Shapur (Photos)
2009-06-25 14:06:00
South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford revealed his long-time affair with a 43 year-old woman, whose name is Maria Belen Shapur, from Buenos Aires, Argentina in a press conference on Wednesday (June 24). Sanford apologized to his staff, wife Jenny Sanford and family, and offered his resignation from the position of chairman of the Republican Governors ...
Mark Sanford: Disappointing Conservatives with his Indiscretion
2009-06-25 06:02:00
Earlier today, I tried working on a post on Obama, gay bloggers and DADT. But, for some reason, I couldn’t think to string words together to make a coherent and thoughtful sentence, so I decided to take the afternoon off from blogging. (I do hope to get that up before I go to bed tonight, ...
Newsflash: Governor Mark Sanford (R-SC) Has Been Found Alive, Well, Tanned
2009-06-25 04:58:00
And They Call The Wind Hottie “Maria”… Phew — we can finally close up that Amber Alert for [the previously missing for a week] Republican Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina — the man is alive, well, sporting a nice tan and walking around with an extra skip in his... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Ralph Hughes, Brian Blair, and Mark Sanford Prove Themselves Typical
2009-06-25 02:48:00
Three Republicans continue The Suck. Ralph Hughes died owing more than $60 million in back taxes. Brian Blair beat the shit out of his teenage sons on Father’s Day. Mark Sanford cheated on his wife. None of this surprises me. A rich man gets greedy and leaves his heirs to deal with the consequences? Yawn. Wake me when Wall Street 2 comes out. A former wrestler produces two problem children and beats them when they turn out like their old man? Yawn. Wake me when Brian Blair and Hulk Hogan star in their own reality show. And I don’t even care about what Mark Sanford does…I mean, have you seen his wife or heard her go on and on about The Lord? Christ. Don’t cry for him, Argentina. I try very hard not to get angry about what is typical.What really pisses me off is the goddamn hypocrisy. Ralph Hughes, Mr. Moral Courage Award, supported politicians who railed against welfare moms and illegal immigrants. He hailed himself as fiscally conservative and hated peop...
Mark Sanford Admits Affair With Woman In Argentina (Photos)
2009-06-24 21:26:00
South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, who had been on an undisclosed location for the past couple of days, finally decided to open up and admit he had been having an affair with a close friend from Argentina. A teary eyed Sanford emotionally apologized to his staff, wife Jenny Sanford and family in a news conference ...
Amber Alert: South Carolina?s Republican Governor Mark Sanford Has Been Mis
2009-06-23 03:13:00
Commander-In-Chief Of Both The National And Air National Guards Of South Carolina Unreachablel; Rumor Mill Says He Needed To Get Away From The Wife And Kids So He Could Concentrate On His Writing… That’s correct, dear readers — South Carolina Governor Mark Samford snuck out of his... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Jayce Landberg: announces Mark Boals to record for new CD
2009-06-23 01:18:00
Jayce Landberg says: American vocalist Mark Boals (Uli Jon Roth, Ring Of Fire, Yngwie Malmsteen) will appear as a guest artist on one song on the new album. Mark will appear on a song entitled "Invasion". The line up for the album is: Erik Jayce Landberg: All guitars & piano Goran Edman: Vocals Jens Bock: Drums Christian Petterson: Bass Guest artists: John Leven: Bass Mark Boals: Vocals Jonathan... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Mark Martin and Chevrolet grab victory from Johnson and Biffle in LifeLock
2009-06-15 00:33:00
(Photo Credit: via Yahoo Sports inside Gallery)In the Irish Hills of Michigan lies the 2-mile D-Shape oval known as the Michigan International Speedway. Michigan Speedway is known for a few good races here and there, but mainly the racing on the track is long (green flag runs) and stretched out, but ends up becoming a nail bitter of a finish thanks to what turns into a fuel economy races.The Michigan Speedway also sits in what was in some cases known as the “Big 3” automakers backyard, however earlier this weekend as one of the “Big 3” Chrysler exited bankruptcy and was taken over by Fiat, Chevrolet (who is in bankruptcy now) announced that they are making “NASCAR-wide” cuts. The NASCAR cuts include the Nationwide Series and the Truck Series teams will loss factory support and that will not be it, it is unknown if Chevrolet will cut some support in the Cup Series, but to this NASCAR fan, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few Chevy teams were cut, but that’s my ...
Affiloblueprint 2 by Mark Ling Re-opens on 24th June 2009
2009-06-14 16:06:00
I see people asking if Affiloblueprint is just another lousy internet marketing course that might bring nothing new to the table or not assist one at all. Maybe just another outdated affiliate training e-book of some sorts and is the $200 price justified?.This is now where you will hear the answers to those questions the honest no nonsense way.Right, let us beginThe question, Is Affiloblueprint just another lousy affiliate marketing e-book or course that does not deliver?My answer to this is NO! Totally NOT!This course is Definitely not a get rich scheme either.The effort you put in is directly proportional to your achieved results.Half an effort equals poor results.Affiloblueprint is not another e-book instead it is a jam packed course with splendid video's and notes on all the stages of creating a successful affiliate website and then moving on to pay per click if you wish. The PPC is an optional module as well for those of you not wishing to go that path.I give the video's a de...
The Art of Ebook Writing at Your Fingertips - From the Planning to the Mark
2009-06-13 13:24:00
When it comes to ebook writing, you can't ignore the marketing perspective of it altogether. No one can actually make money writing anything without thinking about how well they're going to sell it later on. The e-book competition online is tight, and there's only so many areas that ebook writing can cover. If you're thinking about writing one, and your chosen topic has already been written about a thousand times, there are still ways for you to win the race.Orient yourself about your readersCompetitive products, in general, are made, packaged, and publicized to suit the needs and taste of their target consumers. When you're writing, the same principle should run through your veins. Before writing it, figure out who you're writing for in the first place. This way, you won't be wasting time and energy writing about subtopics that are too general. You can go straight to what your target readers need. To get this information, you can probably conduct a small and manageable surve...
Stepper Motor Not Stopping at Sensed Eye Mark of Tube
2009-06-10 08:10:00
We are using Sanyo stepper motor 103H7126-6624 - 5.4 amp with orion make control Model No BPD-3A3-C max setteble current 3.3 amp. with combination of Eye mark sensor for setting position of tubes . But motor is not stopping exactly at eye mark , what could be the reason
?Saved By The Bell? Zack Morris aka Mark-Paul Gosselaar Does Jimmy Fallon (
2009-06-09 13:44:00
Zack Morris from ?Saved By The Bell? was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to promote his alter-ego Mark-Paul Gosselaar?s new show ?Raising The Bar? and offer his support to Jimmy’s idea to celebrate the “Saved By The Bell” 20th anniversary with a reunion on his show. Zack announces he will be back for the Bayside ...
Mark Goffeney: no hands, but two feet
2009-05-30 00:21:00
Mark Goffeney shredding blues on guitar with his feet. San Diego's Big Toe Band This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Intalio|Cloud Appliance Model C1 Mark I
2009-05-28 10:07:00
As many of my readers know, I love computers. At any given point in time I use a couple of desktops and three or four laptops. But I have a real fascination for larger systems, which is why I studied parallel computing in graduate school. Today, I fulfilled one my dreams: building a really large machine. We just published some more details about the Intalio|Cloud Appliance Model C1 Mark I, including a full list of components, and detailed specifications. This is a superlative computer in every possible way, with the most cutting edge hardware and software money can buy. Serial Number 00000001 is standing proud in our new data-center (the same as Facebook's), waiting for us to put some serious load onto it (our on-demand offering is currently hosted on Amazon EC2). Here is what the Mark I gives you: Standard 19? Rack 16 Compute Blades 16 Storage Blades 32 Quad Core Intel Xeon X5570 2.93GHz CPUs 128 CPU Cores 2.3TB 1333MHz PC3-10600 DDR3 Memory 24.5TB Solid Stage Drive Database Sto...
By: IT|Redux
2009-05-26 12:02:00
Heartthrob No. 0924Name: Mark ManicadOccupation: Model/Student/ActorAge: 20 years oldHeight: 5’10”Shoe Size: 9Star Sign: AriesRight on the frontlines: He likes busty women. “I like it when they wear tops with plunging necklines,” he confesses.His dating principle: He’ll love doing anything by candlelight or moonlight.
Mark Your Calendars: Musclepalooza IX
2009-05-21 23:25:00
So what are you doing on Sunday, May 24th? If you live in the northeastern U.S. and love muscle cars, check out Lebanon Valley Dragway in upstate New York. Each spring, our friends at Hemmings Motor News sponsor a muscle car extravaganza called "Musclepalooza". If you're a little rust
Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez Does GQ
2009-05-19 19:27:00
The Jets? new quarterback Mark Sanchez poses with model Hilary Rhoda in a sexy raunchy photo shoot for the latest issue of GQ Magazine (June 2009). Bye-bye Tom Brady!! The 22 year-old ?Flirty Sanchez? is the new hot NFL star! “GQ is all about the young, the good-looking, the quarterback who has the whole world in ...
Mark McGuigan: rob chappers competition entry
2009-05-12 21:29:00
News: 12-05-2009: Yes, a steady flow of new entrants to the competition, this one for fellow guitar blogger , and obviously much better guitar player Mark McGuigan! Mark McGuigan - Rob 'Chappers' Chapman Mayones & Blackhawk Music Competition This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Michael Landon?s Son Mark Landon Dead At 60
2009-05-12 15:55:00
Mark Landon, the oldest of Michael Landon?s nine children, was found dead at his West Hollywood home on Sweetzer Avenue on Monday. Mark was 60 years old and even though the cause of death was not immediately clear, there was no sign of foul play. Mark appeared in three movies including ?Us? , which was written ...
Mark Landon, Michael Landon?s Son, Dead at 60
2009-05-12 08:39:00
Above: Late actor Michael Landon Late Michael Landon’s son, Mark Landon, was found dead inside his West Hollywood home Monday around noon. He was 60. Foul play was reportedly not a...
Kenyon Martin Plans to Show Mark Cuban Some Thug Life
2009-05-12 04:17:00
Mark Cuban admitted this morning on his blog that he did have a verbal confrontation with Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin’s mother in the arena tunnel, after Cuban’s Mavericks last second loss to Martin’s Nuggets, on Saturday night. Cuban said Sunday by e-mail that when he walked off the court, a fan was screaming about the ...
Templeton Dragon (TDF): Investing with Mark Mobius
2009-05-06 15:00:00
"When reviewing a list of top-performing ETFs over the past few months, it's not hard to discern a pattern; if a fund has China somewhere in the name, odds are good that it has screamed to the top of the charts," says Paul Tracy.In The ETF Authority, he adds, "It seems the China growth story is now back on track." Here, he looks at the Templeton Dragon Fund (NYSE: TDF), run by Mark Mobius, a "protege of the legendary Sir John Templeton.""China'-;s rapid economic expansion and rise to power has been nothing short of phenomenal. It took England nearly two centuries to double its GDP following the Industrial Revolution."The U.S. later managed to accomplish the same feat in about 50 years. China has somehow doubled its output in the span of a single decade. "China isn't just Asia's economic hub. It has literally become the world's growth engine, importing nearly $1 trillion worth of goods last year and exporting fa...
Mark Lown: snew tribute to holdsworth
2009-05-05 00:05:00
News: 04-05-2009: You remember this: Allan simply SMOKES on two incredible solos. The first is Allan on electric guitar and the second on Synth-Axe. All the while Snew lay it down like only they know how, raw, sleazy and over the top. Allan Holsworth playing Deep Purple? Snew playing with Allan Holdsworth? This is a MUST HAVE for ALL Snew AND Allan Holdsworth fans. GET IT NOW after this it will... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Lipstick on a Flu-ridden Pig! Mark sums it up.
2009-04-29 19:34:00
Mark over at Dispassionate Liberal has an accurate assessment of the Swine Flu that I think might be a useful read for MOST of you out there.Twice in as many days, the acting Director of the Centers for Disease Control noted that the U.S. averages about 36,000 annual deaths from seasonal flu every year -- the kind of flu you've had before and lived to complain about. 98 Americans die of "normal" influenza every day -- day after day.Tragic that it is for 150 people to have died so far from this H1N1 "swine" flu strain, let's say the Mexico outbreak ends up ten times worse than it is now, resulting in 1,500 total deaths. Let's also reduce the affected population to just the greater Mexico City population -- The largest metro area in the western hemisphere at 22 million -- which might see as many as 40% catching this bug according to one of the latest alarmist headlines.Again, to quote Mark: "It's the flu, not the plague."So stop google-ing "Swine Flu Symptoms." Silly humans.
influx curated speaker interview-mark barden-eat big fish
2009-04-28 17:08:00
Mark Barden of Eat Big Fish is one of our speakers at Influx Curated on June 11th in San Francisco. Here are Mark's responses to three questions I sent across to him recently.1. What's inspiring you at the moment?My kids inspire me all the time. Last night I turned the tables on my five year old and asked her to tell me a story for a change. Out popped a story about a princess with 3 magic jewels. The yellow one she hung up when it was cold and that was like the sun. The blue jewel was rain when she needed water. And the grey jewel contained a butterfly. There it was, instant creativity on demand. It can be that easy if you can channel your inner five year old. And she never seems to run out of stories. How many of us can say that. Invention like that, especially the seemingly effortless variety, is always inspiring to me. And I hang on to the notion that we all possess this ability if we can strip away and get over years of poor schooling and lack of encouragement. I just saw th...
Mark Wigginton wrote a new blog post: Part 1
2009-04-23 06:29:00
Mark Wigginton wrote a new blog post: Part 1 This is the first half of chapter one of a short story called Drowning. Comment and let me know what you think. Thanks. Chapter 1: Jack Floats Jack and his buddies were all Automotive Technicians, at least that's what the college called them. Jack thought the Rafter Community College gave long ridiculous names to every major, why ... By 'm8rk'
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