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Describing "Twitter" with Brad Inman in May, 2007
2009-08-08 10:06:00
Yes, I've developed a Twitter rep...I don't normally do this for show, but I played back a YouTube interview Brad Inman and I did back in May 2007 and realized that I was describing how Twitter could be used for facilitating agent / consumer / community interaction at about the 2:20 mark. I did join Twitter in March 2007 (tx to @respres), but didn't start using it until late summer 2007. ...
Pending and Contingent Sales are DOUBLE May 2007!
2008-06-06 17:50:00
I am very excited about this next item. At our weekly sales meeting this Tuesday, Equity Title shared with us a wonderful graph tracking the contingent and pending sales from Nov ‘06 to Present. May 2008 has DOUBLE the numbers of properties going into contract from a year ago in 2007. They even predicted what ...
Taste of Home Magazine, April/May 2007
2008-05-09 05:40:00
Get ready for #1 cooking magazine in the World! Dig into 75 or more delicious home-style recipes, including 32 handy clip-out recipes in every issue.
Attudownload: FHM Philippines May 2007
2008-05-04 11:49:00
Need something to read? Download this FHM Philippines May 2007 |22.6MB| 2007 |PDF|RAR|English|No Password click read more for download link
By: Attuworld
A World of Opportunity (MySpace Archive May 2007)
2008-01-26 10:37:00
Last Friday I saw one of the most enlightening TV commercials ever aired, and since then I’ve been waiting and waiting for them to play it again so I can be sure I wasn’t hallucinating. But it’s starting to seem like that commercial was … Original post by Amalie/Emma (take your pick)
Family Ties (MySpace Archive May 2007)
2008-01-26 10:28:00
My family and friends are a bunch of excellent people, they really are. Creative, soulful, funny, gossipy, good with dogs, and of course, great hair—basically they have it all. But if for some reason I was forced to trade them in for … Original post by Amalie/Emma (take your pick)
Best of : May 2007
2008-01-08 23:34:00
As I was saying in the previous post, I spent the 2/3rd of May with my trip to Thailand. As it was the 1st time I was there with my brand new camera, I shot def. too much during these weeks, maybe 600 shots, a new record for my amateur skills. Of course lot of ...
Wikipedia Top 50 Visualization August 2006 - May 2007
2007-12-04 14:21:00
Wikipedia Top 50 Visualization August 2006 - May 2007
Liberty News TV May 2007
2007-11-21 16:17:00
27min 55sec From Liberty News TV…. Related: US prison population up eight-fold since 1970
Kanye West And Mom Donda West May 2007 CNN Interview
2007-11-12 00:00:00
In wake of Dr. Donda West's shocking death over the weekend, CNN has posted an interview clip with Kanye West and his late mother talking about her book titled 'Raising Kanye' in a May 2007 interview. Donda talked about why she wrote the book, and Ka
Playboy’s Vixens [Aug- Sept 2007] [May 2007]
2007-10-22 00:08:00
Nombre: Playboy’s Vixens Edicion: Vixens Mes: Aug - Sept Genero: Adulto Año: 2007 Tamaño: 8,60MB Tipo: Archivo PDF [=>Descargar<=]
Playboy’s Nudes [May 2007]
2007-10-22 00:04:00
Nombre: Playboy’s Nudes Edicion: Nudes Mes: May Genero: Adulto Año: 2007 Tamaño: 8,81MB Tipo: Archivo PDF [=>Descargar<=]
Widmann exhibition; May 2007
2007-09-30 21:11:00
This post is a little bit outdated, but actually all the previous ones were :-) The layout and some photographs from the widmann exhibition that took place on May 2007 in Washington University in St. Louis. My participation had the title design/research and included most of my work from September 2005 to April 2007. In other words... old staff... A good way, I suppose, to summarize and move forward...
Registered Nurse Magazine, May 2007, PDF Format
2007-09-25 08:28:00
Registered Nurse magazine not only covers the activities of the California Nurses Association and National Nurses Organizing Committee, but also strives to produce hard-hitting news features and thoughtful analyses about nursing and the real ills plaguing the U.S. healthcare system.
KidScreen Magazine, May 2007, Free Digital Issue
2007-09-22 22:22:00
KidScreen Magazine: About reaching children through entertainment KidScreen Magazine: The leading business publication in the world serving the information needs and interests of kids entertainment executives. Published 9 times a year, KidScreen is delivered to 13,000 kids entertainment decision-makers around the world, in addition to bonus copies distributed at major industry events.
Pet Friendly Magazine, May 2007, Free PDF Issue
2007-09-22 09:41:00
Welcome to Pet Friendly Magazine. We are honored by this opportunity to put together a magazine that provides all pet lovers with a source of information. We hope you enjoy reading Pet Friendly Magazine as much as we enjoy putting it together. Please get involved in our contests, tell our advertisers you saw their ad in our magazine, and get...
Octane Magazine, May 2007, Free Digital Magazine
2007-09-17 08:34:00
Octane Magazine: Canadas Car Wash and Petroleum Magazine EDITORS MESSAGE: Todays Thriving Car Wash Industry
High School Musical : The Concert (El Concierto) in Buenos Aires, May 2007
2007-09-16 08:01:00
The cast of Disney’s most successful franchise ever, High School Musical did a 40-city tour of the USA, Canada and Latin America November 2006 to May 2007. The following is a selection of videos from the concert in Buenos Aires, one of the last (if not the very last) leg of the tour. Zac Efron ...
Link attack on #1 : Blog?s journey for May 2007
2007-09-01 07:48:00
Today is the day , the blog is 4 months old. I started writing this post on 27 of this month and hope to finish it withing five days. This post I will actually try to get my maximum posts linked. MAY 2007 The blog started 4 months back on 1st May where I posted my ...
2007-08-23 04:07:00
I noticed that with the Summer flying by I have been complacent in posting my monthly recaps. I always enjoy doing the recap as it reminds me of the good, and the bad, wine I drank in any given month. Looking at May I saw that we drank a lot of good Pinot Noirs and a few mediocre-to-bad, Chardonnays. Without further ado, here is the recap for May:RedsNoneWhitesNoneReds2002- Oberon Cabernet Sauvignon2005 La Crema Pinot Noir2005 Hayman & Hill Pinot Noir2005 Saurus Patagonia Pinot NoirWhites2005 Casamatta Toscana White2005 Pepperwood Grove Pinot Grigio2003 Georges DuBoeuf G.D. White2006 Don Raphael Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc2004 King Estate Pinot GrisReds2002 Screw Kappa Napa Cabernet Sauvignon2005 Le Grand Pinot NoirWhites2004 Chateau Souverain Chardonnay2005 Jewel Viognier2006 Pasqua Pinot GrigioReds2002 Novella SynergyWhites2004 Glass Mountain Chardonnay2005 Pepperwood Grove Chardonnay2006 Black Opal ChardonnayRedsNoneWhites2004 Goiya Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc Blend (terrible)
By: 365Corks
Profit play of the monthly May 2007
2007-08-19 11:10:00
It concerns this times the topic Iceland. I am sure that again many Rater take part in order to win a beautiful sow close and cloth. Our question reads this times: How is the landmark of the capital Reykjavik called? Under all correct entries we draw again two by lots of our sow well and bath-towels. The answer you send please up to 31.05.2007 by email on: The winners are published here together with the correct solution. The course of law is impossible. We are pleased also this mark many correct entries.
capella software new type character May 2007
2007-08-15 12:37:00
Loves music friends, here is our current pdf news type character with important interesting Notes: - The capella software programs and Windows Vista With musical greetings Their capella team For reading you need the free Adobe reader, which is installed on your system normally: With cordial greeting Their capella software team ------------------------ capella software GmbH At the Soehrebahn 4 D-34318 Soehrewald
Lauren Laverne - Arena Uk May 2007
2007-08-06 12:18:00
As always, credit to the scanner of these.
By: Only HQ
Prescription of the monthly May 2007
2007-08-05 10:50:00
Modern Rhabarbergrtze 900 g Rhabarber, best rotstielig 6 Datteln or baking plums 1 DL Ginger ale 150 g sugars Vanilleschote 1 Teel. Ginger root, finely chopped Teel. Zimt orange 2 Teel. Strength Rhabarber deseam, peel and in strips cut. Drying fruits to Klein oaths and with Rhabarber, Ginger ale, sugar and ginger into a pot give. With middle heat about 20 minutes kcheln let slit, then the Vanilleschote lengthwise, to out-scrape and together with the Zimt to the Grtze give with a measurer Marks. Further 5 minutes kcheln leave. Orange press out, the juice with the strength mix, under which Grtze let agitate and thicken under agitating. With impactsuspect or cream fraiche, which was aromatized with a breath of abraded lemon bowl and something sugar, serve. Good appetite! This prescription and many different find you in the beautiful example book Iceland example book of Maike Hanneck
Aiims May 2007 PSM MCQ 2
2007-07-27 10:48:00
A survey was done to study the effect of insulin dose and corresponding Hba1c levels corrected for age.What would be the best test to study the relation a. Linear regression b. Logistic regression c. Pearson correlation d. Student t testAnswer
Aiims May 2007 PSM MCQ 1
2007-07-27 07:47:00
Vision 2020 right to sight doesn’t includea.Cataractb.Trachomac.Ep-idemic conjunctivitisd.OnchocerciasisA-nswer
15 May 2007
2007-07-27 00:00:00
Are you a talented web developer? We are hiring...
AIIMS May 2007 MCQ ENT 4
2007-07-26 09:33:00
A man takes peanut and develops tongue swelling, neck swelling, and hoarseness of voice. What is the most probable diagnosis? a. Angioneurotic edema b. FB bronchus c. Para pharyngeal abscess d. FB in larynxAnswer
AIIMS May 2007 MCQ ENT 3
2007-07-26 06:30:00
Treatment of choice for glue ear is? a)Medical only b)antibiotics c)Myringoplasty with grommet insertion d) Myringoplasty onlyAnswer
AIIMS May 2007 MCQ ENT 2
2007-07-25 14:18:00
A 5 year old child has history of recurrent upper respiratory tract infections , mouth breathing and impaired hearing. What is the most appropriate treatment?a.Tonsillectomyb.Aden-oidectomy with grommet insertionc.Grommet insertiond.myringoplasty with grommet insertionAnswer
AIIMS May 2007 MCQ ENT 1
2007-07-23 14:29:00
A thirty year old female presented with history of progressive hearing loss,which became profound with pregnancy.The tympanogram will show which of the following curve? a. A b. B c. As d. AdAnswer
British Mortgages Abroad: Florida Press Release May 2007
2007-07-19 21:15:00
UK Investors Surge to Florida MarketFlorida property still popular with Brits looking for that dream home or investment! GE Money Home Lending, based in the UK, has seen a 100% increase in business to date in 2007, based upon the same period in 2006.GE Money Home Lending sees Florida sales double year-on-year as UK buyers remain focused on the Florida market Investors surge into the market place as the pound recently reached a 26-year high against the dollar Current UK investors urged to looks at the long-term investment of their properties and advised against selling in the current market place Many property investors looking towards buying a home in Florida have been warned off the market place in recent months. However, when looking at the Florida market place, it still gave a solid performance last year with house price inflation sitting at 9.5%.Coupled with a fantastic Sterling Vs. Dollar rate which is the highest in over a quarter of a century, it makes Florida very attractive...
Housing Start Stats For May, 2007
2007-07-19 16:16:00
The housing starts stats have come out and they are not dropping anywhere near the level they should be. I have heard all of the stories about how once the pipeline is started they can not stop, but the glut of inventory is not helping. This reminds me of the airlines after 9/11. With the airlines ...
Las Vegas Homes Sales Figures And Las Vegas MLS Numbers For May 2007
2007-06-27 07:21:00
Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS or GLVAR reported the inventory of condos, townhomes and single family homes for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada real estate for May, 2007, almost reached record inventory at 23,000. The Las Vegas MLS shows a single family home median price is $301,352 a 2.8 percent decrease from a year ... Tags: Las Vegas Real Estate, Las Vegas News, Las Vegas Homes, Las Vegas Home Sales, las vegas homes, las vegas mls, las vegas home sales, las vegas real estate, las vegas condos, las vegas townhomes (Comments)
Las Vegas Real Estate Market Stats - May 2007 - Single Family Residential
2007-06-26 20:07:00
Availability at End of Period:# of available units listed: 23,042Average list price of available units: $470,659New Listings this Period:# of new listings: 5,760Average price of new listings: $447,472Units Sold this Period:# of units sold: 1,568Average price of units sold: $398,258Change from May 2006: +6.6%*** Las Vegas Homes Search*** Las Vegas Communities***Las Vegas Relocation and Homes***
May 2007 Home Sales Figures Show Tough Real Estate Market Nationwide
2007-06-25 19:01:00
The National Association of Realtors released the May, 2007 home sales numbers and they looked bleak for most of the country. The key numbers from my perspective is that we have a huge inventory overhang of 8–9 months. Tougher lending standards and excessive inventory means that there is not going to be enough money or ...
Home Sales Data for May 2007
2007-06-23 14:32:00
I think the data above confirms our posts from last week — 92603 is hurting.
Oro Valley Real Estate Statistics May 2007
2007-06-21 01:17:00
The Statistics for May 2007 are in from the Tucson MLS. The numbers are very interesting especially when we show them over the period of the past three months. Our statistics are pulled from the NW area report of the Tucson MLS Statistics Report. Not all of the homes in the NW area are in ...
Virus Top Twenty for May 2007
2007-06-19 08:15:00
These are the viruses that infected out computers in May month giving us lot of problem on browsing and using our own computer. Let's find out which virus made to TOP Position and have been annoying for the month of May.Position Change in position Name Proactive Percentage detection Flag 1. No Change 0 Email-Worm.Win32.NetSky.t Trojan.generic 15.312. Up +1 Email-Worm.Win32.NetSky.q Trojan.generic 14.763. Up +1 Trojan.generic 13.464. New! New! Email-Worm.Win32.Sober.aa Hidden Install 11.865. Up +1 Worm.Win32.Feebs.gen Hidden Data Sending 6.496. Up +6 Email-Worm.Win32.NetSky.aa Trojan.generic 5.447. No Change 0 Net-Worm.Win32.Mytob.c Trojan.generic 3.338. New! New! Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent.b-qs * 2.449. Up +1 Email-Worm.Win32.Scano.gen Trojan.generic 2.2210. Down -1 Email-Worm...
Monthly Comparison: LONDON in MAY 2007
2007-06-18 21:18:00
May 2007 is in the books & it was an amazing month. We've compiled the complete monthly stats, but before we get to them here is the usual clarification:These numbers represent LONDON ONLY and my target area is London residential and multi-family housing. Thus, when the mls stats come out in a week or so -and will be presented here as well such as they were in past months- the numbers will be much different. That's because those numbers will represent London & area and only residential(whereas I include multi-family property). So lets get at it, staring with the monthly prices. Prices improved. April list price and sales price was $204,319 list price & $201,218 sale price average and May's came in at average list $213,344 & average sale $209,698. Thus, according to my data in my target area when we compared against April showed a significant increase:Sales were absolutely spectacular. April was strong with 675 total sales, however May clocked in at 860. Take a moment to l...
Southern California Falling Home Prices and Sales – May 2007
2007-06-16 18:02:00
I am so glad that I did not buy a house back in March of this year.  Look at these statistics for my area.   Home Sales Area Sales May 06 Sales May 07 % Chg Los Angeles 10,714 7,426 -30.7 Orange Co 3,762 2,675 -28.9 Riverside 6,054 3,307 -45.4 San Bernardino 4,148 2,220 -46.5 San Diego 4,480 3,385 24.4 Ventura 1,145 861 -24.8 SoCal 30,303 19,874 -34.4 *Source: Median Home Prices Area Median May 06 Median May 07 % Chg Los Angeles $515,000 $550,000 6.8 Orange Co $634,500 $635,000 0.1 Riverside $420,000 $406,000 -3.3 San Bernardino $360,000 $361,750 0.5 San Diego $500,000 $492,000 -1.6 Ventura $599,500 $590,000 -1.6 All of SoCal $481,500 $505,000 4.9 *Source: At the beginning of my housing hunt, my fiancée and I were looking at the new developments in my area.  After a few weeks, we started looking at existing homes because they offer a better value.  A side benefit...
Austin Rental Market - May 2007 Update Stats
2007-06-16 08:16:00
The average rental price in Austin is up 7.6% from May of last year to $1377. The Median rental rate is up 3% to $1175/mo. Days on Market is down 27%... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Austin Rental Market - May 2007 Update Stats
2007-06-16 08:16:00
The average rental price in Austin is up 7.6% from May of last year to $1377. The Median rental rate is up 3% to $1175/mo. Days on Market is down 27% and number of homes leased is down 15%. In short, our Austin rental market for single family homes continues to chug along very well, ...
Robinson Ranch Real Estate Housing Market Report - May 2007
2007-06-16 05:00:00
To give you an idea of where the housing market stands in Robinson Ranch, there were nine new listings for the month of May. In the same month last year there were six. This month’s only sale was a short sale and it was on the market for 249 days. Let ...
System and game sales for May 2007 in the USA are huge for DS & Wii, PS3 $1
2007-06-16 03:25:00
May’s American video game sales data from NPD is in, and like any month the past half year, it shows a clear pattern: people are eating up the Nintendo DS and Wii. Compared to May 2006, this May the total video game sales increased from $548 million by 48.7% to $815 million. At the same ...
International Brands get 48.2% Share in May 2007 US Auto Markets
2007-06-15 10:51:00
International car brands now comprise 48.2 percent of the total U.S. market for automobiles in May, as they reached a total of 1,563,941 units, overall. Such huge percentage was acquired by the car makers because of their 7.2 percent increase in the May sales that totaled to 753,081 units. In the entire US auto sales, Toyota ...
2007-06-15 06:38:00
Real Estate Market Reports for May 2007 - DOUGLAS COUNTY WEST CASTLE ROCK - Douglas County, Colorado - STATISTICS FOR HOME SALES IN THE AREA This report includes all areas of the MLS known as DCW : Douglas County - Castle Rock, parts of extreme western and southern Littleton, Larkspur and Sedalia Residential - Single ...
2007-06-15 06:36:00
Real Estate Market Reports for May 2007 South Suburban Central - STATISTICS FOR HOME SALES IN THE AREA This report includes all areas of the MLS known as SSC : parts of Littleton, parts of Centennial , western parts of Greenwood Village and parts of Englewood. Residential - Single Family Homes ACTIVE LISTINGS Total Active: 591 Average Price: ...
2007-06-15 06:33:00
Real Estate Market Reports for May 2007 - PARKER, ELIZABETH, FRANKTOWN, KIOWA Douglas County & Elbert Colorado - STATISTICS FOR HOME SALES IN THE AREA This report includes all areas of the MLS known as DEP : Douglas County & Elbert County - Parker, Kiowa, Elizabeth, Franktown Residential - Single Family Homes ACTIVE LISTINGS Total Active: 1278 Average ...
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