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Meera Jasmine Tamil, Malayalam Movie Actress Sexy Photos
2009-08-30 22:12:00
Meera Jasmine Tamil, Malayalam Movie Actress Sexy Photos
Meera Jasmine South Movie Actress New Photos, Stills
2009-06-28 05:07:00
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Meera Jasmine South Actress Spicy Photos
2009-04-19 18:07:00
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Meera Jasmine banned from Malayalam movies
2008-04-25 10:14:00
Meera Jasmine’s career has gone downhill in her home state, Kerala. Malayalam Film Association, AMMA, has shown the doors to Meera Jasmine, and has banned her to act in the Malluwood Films. she has been banned from acting in any Malayalam movies until AMMA lifts the ban.The reason for the ban seems to be that in the movie, Twenty:20, all the Malayalam celebrities are going to play a role, free of cost. When Meera was approched for a role, she rejected to be a part of the film, for she had a clash with the dates of the Telugu movies. The proceeds from Twenty20 movie will go for the Association welfare funds.It remains to be seen how Meera’s career will fare as she doesn’t usually sign many Malayalam movies and her only movie in Kollywood is the recently released Nepali.
Bharath and Meera Jasmine in Kollywood Film Nepali - Review
2008-04-22 21:02:00
Starring: Bharath, Meera Jasmine, PremDirection: VZ DuraiMusic: Srikanth DevaProduction: Rama Saravanan‘Nepali, the name itself suggests that something different is on offer. But everything that is different need not always be interesting. In a way, Nepali has nothing new in terms of its basic plot. It’s the same boy meets girl, love at first sight, marriage, tragedy and revenge plot, but the script takes a slightly offbeat route.Nepali is the story of a young man, Bharath, who does odd jobs in many places during the day but assumes a dangerously sadistic persona at times. It is as if he knows things that few others know, doing things for reasons that only he knows. His hands hold steady as he sends people to their death, often in the most grueling ways. The law is behind him. But one thing puzzles us: why is he dressed in such a peculiar manner- those pointed brows and small eyes. Is he from Nepal?Nepali is also the story of another young man, played by Bharath again, who has t...
Meera Jasmine with Madhavan a romantic couple in ayudha eluthu
2008-04-22 17:53:00
SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Meera Jasmine with Madhavan a romantic couple in ayudha eluthu", url: "" });
Meera Jasmine has been stung by the Malayalam Film Association - “AMMA”
2008-04-20 20:52:00
Meera Jasmine has been stung again. Meera Jasmine was hospitalized, earlier this month, after being stung by bees, when shooting for the Telugu film Gorintaku. Now Meera Jasmine has been stung by the Malayalam Film Association - “AMMA” , as they banned her from acting in any Malayalam films, until AMMA lifts the ban.Meera Jasmine had earlier pulled out of the film “Twenty Twenty”, produced by AMMA for the welfare of the members of AMMA. Meera Jasmine had pulled out due to the clashes in dates, with a Telugu film. However most Malluwood celebrities have accepted to play a role in “Twenty Twenty”, free of cost. AMMA had taken this decision due to the pullout by Meera Jasmine from “Twenty Twenty”.
Meera Jasmine banned
2008-04-18 12:30:00
Meera Jasmine had a meteoric rise in the South Indian film industry. She is now doing quite well in the Telugu film industry too, her latest being Gorintaku about a brother-sister bond, where she plays the sister?s role. For this supporting role, she has demanded and got the amount she is commanding as a heroine. Meanwhile back home in Kerala, Meera?s charm doesn?t seem to be working. AMMA has put a ban on her working in Malayalam movies. According to insiders, Meera was approached to play a part in the mega production Twenty:20, featuring all of Malluwood?s major stars, who are acting for free. The Malayalam film association, AMMA is producing Twenty:20, whose proceeds will go for the Association welfare funds.By refusing to act in Twenty:20 (as her dates clashed with her Telugu movie?s dates), Meera Jasmine ruffled quite a feathers. The result is that she has been banned from acting in any Malayalam movies until AMMA lifts the ban.It remains to be seen how Meera?s fortunes will fa...
Latest Sexy Photos Of Meera Jasmine
2008-04-12 03:52:00
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Meera Jasmine is again paired with Srikanth
2008-03-28 19:57:00
Meera Jasmine continues to make waves in Tollywood. When she announced her intention to get married to her current boy friend (Mandolin Rajesh), it was observed that she would not be getting any more offers.Telugu Cinema producers never approach any heroine who announces her marriage plans. Strangely though, Meera is being offered more roles now.She has now been chosen as the main lead opposite Srikanth in producer Lagadapati Sridhar's next film. The movie will be directed by Srinivas Reddy who has good working relationship with Meera Jasmine.She was earlier paired with Srikanth in Srinivas Reddy's earlier blockbuster - Yamagola Malli Modalindi. Now, the trio team up again to repeat the magic again. More Actress Gallery More General Info More Video Songs & Clippings
Meera Jasmine Unstopable
2008-02-17 14:28:00
In Indian cinema business, it is held that if an actress falls in love and announces her marriage it is always deemed as 'risky' as far as her new films and projects are concerned.Most producers and directors believe that this news itself can resist a significant number of film viewers from seeing their favorite heroine's movies. Meera Jasmine, who has recently come out openly announcing her love affair and chances of a nearby marriage, faces a similar problem in Tamil as some of her producers are planning to recast some others in the place of her. One of the specific case is that of director Vijayakumar, who was planning to cast her in his forthcoming film 'Payanigal Gavanathirku', with Jeevan, has now decided to cast Priyamani in the movie.But in Mollywood where actors are rated more for their emoting quotients, this never seems to be a problem. Meera, even after her announcements about marriage, continues to be the most sought after heroine in Malayalam. The actress who is p...
:: South side Actress - Meera jasmine ::
2008-02-05 08:55:00
:: South side Actress - Meera jasmine ::
Meera Jasmine will marry Mandolin Rajesh
2008-02-02 19:44:00
Heroine and National Award winner Meera Jasmine is going to get married very soon. She announced her marriage with her long lasting love Mandolin player Rajesh.Rajesh is a renouned Mandolin player who had a relationship with Meera Jasmine which was announced atlast to the media very recently.The couple will be getting married this year.All the best and wish u both a happy married life??.Technorati Tags: Meera Jasmine will marry Mandolin RajeshDel.Icio.Us Tags: Meera Jasmine will marry Mandolin Rajesh
Meera Jasmine Exclusive Kissing Shots
2007-10-14 08:11:00
Enjoy Meera Jasmine Exclusive Kissing Shots and leave your valuable comments. This photos from Meeera's up coming Tamil movie Nepali.Bharath is the hero of Nepali.In Meera's words, “I am ready to do justice to the given role and if my role demands a kissing scene I have no problems”. For get Meera's more kissing shots click HERE.
Meera Jasmine - Mallu Actress
2007-10-04 13:56:00
Jasmine Mary Joseph aka Meera Jasmine is the award winning actress in Malayalam Cinema who absolutely owns the box office in her native kerala. This backwaters beauty has also worked in in Tamil and Telugu films with success , it almost seems like what meera jasmine touches becomes gold , it would be interesting to see if meera makes an entry into bollywood soon. '); } exo(''); -->
Meera jasmine Photos
2007-10-01 13:47:00
Meera jasmine's Sandakozhy was a big hit and the director of SandaKozhy, Linguiswamy is directing Bheema with Vikram which is to be released soon.Meera Jasmine is presently on her works with Blessy's Calcutta News which is to be released in October.Meera jasmine photos,Meera jasmine sexy photos
Meera Jasmine sexy cleavage and Boob press Scene
2007-09-24 06:11:00
Meera Jasmine Sexy Cleavage and boobs pressed Scene.
Beautiful actress Meera Jasmine and Mamooty in Ore Kadal
2007-08-28 14:27:00
Meera Jasmine is the highest paid actress in Malayalam cinema.The National Award winner has, over the years, climbed up the popularity chart steadily to become the top heroine.Meera Jasmine had won... Hot celebrities are a real treat to your eyes.Enjoy every day by treating your eyes to the wonderful people
Meera?s one more for mentor
2007-08-27 09:13:00
Finally Meera Jasmine is back to play the heroine in her mentor Lohitha Das' film. Lohitha says, ?The relationship between me and Meera Jasmine remains good as always. The Malayalam film Naivedhyam that I made, is being made in Tamil too. My films lay stress on affection and relationships?. ?I am now directing Malayalam film Sembat. Meera Jasmine is the heroine. The story is inspired by Silappadikaram but I have adapted it to present times?, he adds.
Meera Jasmine some new photos
2007-08-26 20:38:00
Meera Jasmine some new photos.Meera jasmine is now acting in a malayalam film named Calcutta news directed by Blessy.Calcutta news is set to release.Dileep does the role of hero in calucutta news.Meera has completed Ore kadal with Mammooty.Ore Kadal was released on August 26
2007-07-13 08:09:00
Telugu actress Meera Jasmine is turning out to be controversy queen, some time ago, rumors mills made the round that she eloped with her boyfriend between shooting schedule and got married in Tirupathi. However the actress has rubbished these rumors and said it has been targeted to tarnish her image. The actress issued the statement ...
2007-06-30 18:30:00
A new Telugu film in the combination of National Award winner actress Meera Jasmine and hero Sivaji is announced today at the birthday party function of the hero amidst the unit members of ?Satyabhama?. The venue was the FNCC, Hyderabad. Producer Soma Vijayaprakash announced that he would be launching the flick in a couple of ...
Meera Jasmine: Abloom in four language films!
2007-04-20 07:43:00
The year 2007 is turning out to be a topper for Malayalam actress Meera Jasmine . Shrugging off the setbacks on career and personal fronts, Meera is well and truly having a roll on the big screen of late.The most important feature of Jasmine?s career is that she is busy in four language films, an honour few can boast of. On home turf, Meera has scored a hattrick of sorts, having acted in three consecutive films of director Sathyan Anthikkad.She has also realized her dream of acting with megastar Mammotty , the film being ?Ore Kadal?. Her latest film ?Vinodayatra? in the company of Dileep has just seen the light of the day, according to the buzz. In neighbouring Kollywood, her latest flick, Thirumagan against S.J.Suryah has made waves at the box office. Her film with Dhanush titled ?Parattai? is ready for release. Jasmine is doing another film with Bharat titled ?Nepali?. The talented heroine is also busy on Kannada and Telugu film world. The icing on the cake: Meera is shifting to h...
Can You Imagine A Slimmer Meera Jasmine?
2007-04-17 09:34:00
MEERA JASMINE has always been a cute, homely and yet bubbly girl in the TELUGU film industry. But I am quite sure many of you might have been disgusted with her figure in recent movies... She has become... what can I say?... a cylinder. in her bulging process she lost many projects and almost she is absent from TOLLYWOOD. So now, she seems to have realized that looks matter in the glamour industry... Rumours are doing rounds that she is getting ready for Liposuction. We can just hope that she too becomes slimmer as she has Nayanatara to take inspiration from...
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