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93-Year-Old Lady Retires Her 576,000-Mile Mercury
2012-04-13 16:00:00
Rachel Veitch has owned her '64 Mercury Comet Caliente since new and has racked up over a half-million miles on it. The Merc is still going strong, and the only reason she's taking it off the road is that she has become legally blind due to macular degeneration. I love that she points out th
How Much Compressive Stress Is There At 1 1/2 Mile's Depth Through Sol
2012-04-01 00:19:00
Yes, I was wondering, if you bored a tunnel through solid granite to 1 1/2 mile's depth if you heated graphite to 1500 degrees celsius in a heating coil and transported it to that depth slid it into a mold cut in the granite, if the natural compressive stress would compress the graphite making it ha
USA Sevens Rugby Pep Rally For The USA Eagles At Miracle Mile Shops
2012-02-11 06:55:00
Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas held a pep rally for the USA Eagles on Feb 8, who are competing in the 2012 USA Sevens international rugby tournament Feb. 10 ? 12 at Sam Boyd Stadium. USA Sevens USA Eagles And Las Vegas Showgirls Prep Rally At Miracle Mile Shops The Las Vegas event kicked off ...
Four Year Old Child Found Alone a Half Mile From her Home in Florida
2012-01-26 01:09:00
I am so mad right now and perhaps I shouldn?t be writing this while I am fuming but I needed to do so. Yesterday, in Miramar Beach, Florida, the Walton County Sheriff?s Office arrested a 27 year old woman, Katherine Donovan, for child neglect. According to the report a unknown citizen spotted a 4 year old ...
Overseas construction blog part 11: The last quarter mile
2012-01-04 00:10:00
This is the 11th in a series of posts in which David Steckler shares his experiences of building a vacation home at Hacienda Iguana resort on Nicaragua?s Pacific coast. Here are the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth. The goal of this candid construction blog is to reduce the anxiety ...
Overseas construction blog part 11: The last quarter mile
2012-01-03 02:50:00
This is the 11th in a series of posts in which David Steckler shares his experiences of building a vacation home at Hacienda Iguana resort on Nicaragua?s Pacific coast. Here are the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth,seventh,eighth,ninth and tenth. The goal of this candid construction blog is to reduce the anxiety of people who ... Related posts:Overseas construction blog part 6: A productive site visitOverseas construction blog part 10: The devil is in the detailsOverseas construction blog part 3: Adding a Casita
California launches campaign against 3,000-mile oil changes
2011-12-19 16:12:00
From Autoblog: If you ask the typical driver how often they should change their oil, the answer would likely be about 3,000 miles. But thanks to advances in engine and oil technology, the 3,000-mile barrier is just a number. Many vehicles can travel 7,500 miles or more between oil change
Up to 50% off Hummel Footwear from Mile End Kicks + Free Shipping
2011-12-09 09:00:00
Enjoy savings of up to 50% on men's Hummel shoes from Mile End Kicks, fulfilled by Amazon and eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping and Amazon Prime.Expires Dec 16, 2011
ViewRanger GPS - Shawford & Twyford down 8 mile Circular
2011-11-11 20:04:00
What is ViewRanger?ViewRanger is the mobile app that will turn your smartphone into a powerful Outdoors GPS navigator, at a fraction of the cost of buying a dedicated GPS device. Plan, Plot, Navigate, Track, Locate, Record, be Guided, Analyse & Share your outdoor adventures using ViewRanger.Here is one of the routes that I've created and published on steady walk along the Itchen river, through Twyford Down and up St Catherine's Hill. The walk also takes you along the Pilgrim's Trail and Monarch's Way. Free parking outside Shawford Train Station. Refreshments can be found in the Bridge Pub adjacent the station.
How to Solve the "Last Mile" Problem in Traffic
2011-11-10 11:08:00
I am currently working on an innovation research project on how to solve the so called "last mile" issue in traffic at the Vienna University of Business and Economics. The "last mile" issue is the fact that it's often difficult and inconvenient to get from the public transport station to you
Quarter-Mile-Wide Asteroid Coming Close to Earth
2011-11-05 19:21:00
From - latest science and technology news stories: An asteroid bigger than an aircraft carrier will dart between the Earth and moon on Tuesday - the closest encounter by such a huge rock in 35 years. Read the whole article
Rip Van Disco: A 13-Mile Barn-Find Pace Car Awakens
2011-11-01 14:00:00
Many, many 1978 Indianapolis 500 pace car replica Corvettes were mothballed with hopes of the cars turning into super collectibles, so finding a low-mileage example today isn't hard. In fact, there are seven for sale in the December issue of Hemmings Motor News. One, formerly on display at the Corve
ViewRanger GPS - New Forest - Fritham 5 Mile Circular
2011-10-29 22:27:00
What is ViewRanger?ViewRanger is the mobile app that will turn your smartphone into a powerful Outdoors GPS navigator, at a fraction of the cost of buying a dedicated GPS device. Plan, Plot, Navigate, Track, Locate, Record, be Guided, Analyse & Share your outdoor adventures using ViewRanger.Here is one of the routes that I've created and published on 5 mile circular walk around Fritham in the New Forest. A mixture of open and forested areas. Plenty of wildlife to see and the route also passes the beautiful Eyeworth Pond. The walk starts and ends at the Royal Oak Pub Fritham SO43 7HJ
Going the extra (nautical) mile for Davao Gulf
2011-09-12 17:07:00
It is one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the world and thus has been identified by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) as one of the priority areas within the Coral Triangle. It is the Davao Gulf — a 308,000-hectare body of water surrounded by Davao City, the 3 Davao provinces and ...
Going the extra (nautical) mile for Davao Gulf
2011-09-12 17:07:00
It is one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the world and thus has been identified by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) as one of the priority areas within the Coral Triangle. It is the Davao Gulf — a 308,000-hectare body of water surrounded by Davao City, the 3 Davao provinces and ...
Fukushima Radioactive Release Should Serve as Warning Greens Urge Obama to
2011-03-12 06:00:00
"We are horrified, but not at all surprised by this latest nuclear accident," said Denice Traina, a health-care worker residing in Augusta Georgia and former co-chair of the Georgia Green Party. "Fukushima has now joined Chernobyl and Three Mile Islan...
Driverless Vans End 8,000-Mile Test Drive to China
2010-10-28 15:44:00
From Yahoo! News: Science News: Across Eastern Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and the Gobi Desert — it certainly was a long way to go without getting lost. Four driverless electric vans successfully ended an 8,000-mile (13,000-kilometer) test drive from Italy to China —
Mile sure mera
2010-02-04 11:28:00
Exactly 2 decades back when 'mile sure mera tumhara' was created by Suresh Mullick, the brief from the then Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi was to infuse national integration through a strong film. And the film truly achieved it by bringing the different religion and colors across India by using well known celebrities from sports, films and music. All this was supplemented by composing the entire lyrics with rag bhairavi and driving home the message India is one.
My Poor Little Bunny Has A Viscious Streak A Mile Wide! It?s A Killer!**
2009-12-04 18:43:00
Last night I sent Dave off to work with a freshly shaved head, a batch of homemade peanut butter cookies in his lunch and a naughty note in his overnight bag. He wasn’t due home until Sunday, so I wanted to make him miss me. Cookies and erotica usually do the trick. ...ShareThis
The Seven Mile Journey - The Metamorphosis Project
2009-11-06 04:36:00
Artist: The Seven Mile JourneyAlbum: The Metamorphosis ProjectYear: 2008Genre: PostrockWeb: WebOld but good. Classic, deep and powerful postrock.1 Theme for the Elthenbury Massacre 5:002 The Catharsis Session 9:433 Identity Journals (Anonymous) 14:194 January 4th ? The Hypothesis Hours 8:555 A Sanctuary for Lugubrious Tracy 3:356 Purification ? The Journey Transcriptions 15:38DOWNLOAD IT HERE!
By: Kapritska
Walk a Mile to Save a Mind!
2009-10-20 16:00:00
Walk a Mile to Save a Mind! Walking is a great low impact exercise, low stress to joints it aids in preventing obesity by increases your metabolism. Reduces your risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer. Burns fat by helping the body mobilize stored fat for energy. Enhances physical endurance, aerobic strength. Tone muscles ...
Soha Ali Khan Sizzles at Tum Mile Music Launch
2009-09-23 23:06:00
Soha Ali Khan Sizzles at Tum Mile Music Launch.......
Soha Ali khan & Emraan at Tum Mile Movie MUsic Launch
2009-09-23 06:38:00
Soha Ali khan & Emraan at Tum Mile Movie MUsic Launch. The official music launch of Sony Music & Vishesh Films? much awaited film TUM MILE, the songs of which have already started to conquer charts and hearts alike, took place amidst high fanfare on 22nd September, 2009 at Cinemax Versova in Mumbai. The cast ... Related posts:Soha Ali Khan Poses at UTV and CCBT launch signature campaignCute Soha and Bobby at Columbia Records launchImran Khan & Genelia at Jaane Tu ya jaane na Music Launch
2009-08-25 16:03:00
Most recent Milestones: Milestone #4 Occurred yesterday. See the odometer above? Since beginning this blog in the summer of 2005, Ive walked just over 4,000 miles. That equates to an average of about 83 miles that Ive walked every single month, for 4 years in a row. Not bad when you consider that the average healthy person probably walks or runs less than a 1/10 of that. And btw, those 4,000 miles are above and beyond the regular walking that one would do during a typical day at home or at work. Milestone #5 …Occurred last week when I completed my 1000th walk across the Al Zampa Memorial bridge in Crockett,Calif. Walking that bridge accounts for more than 2,000 of those 4,000 miles . If you remember, my friend Melvin celebrated his 1000th crossing of that bridge just a few months back. Milestone #6 …After suffering a near fatal asthma back in August of 2004, my partner was told by the doctors, that I had less than a 50/50 chance of surviving another 2 years. ...
Paul Gilbert: jenn goes the extra mile
2009-05-18 00:44:00
News: 16-05-2009: Jenn worked overtime to convert this one for you... Article provided by the author (Dave Sixx) and presented with permission. On a Thursday in November, from my veranda on the ocean in Santa Monica, I sit down with my laptop in front of me, and a Corona with lime seductively waiting for me. I look around. On a roomy portion of my wall, I have at least twenty guitars hung.... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Mile Meter?s Car Insurance By The Mile: For Those Who Don?t Feel Like Hitti
2009-05-12 12:00:00
Most drivers have some qualms with their car insurance policies, or more specifically, their insurance carriers; but insurance is a big business, since those who want to get behind the wheel of a car need to make sure they're insured. Typical car insurance policies insure vehicles for a pre-determined term, but Mile Meter tries to offer drivers a more flexible and affordable option, by insuring people based on how much they drive.
News: A new mile stone 400,000 visitors... they can't all be wrong!
2009-05-07 20:29:00
News: 06-05-2009: It's been a while coming, but I have finally breached the 400,000 visitors, 655,633 page views... thanks to all the guitar players who made this possible, all the guitar fans, and everyone whose taken a positive view on the work done on this blog! Keep on Shredding! VISITS Total 400,000 Average Per Day 762 Average Visit Length 1:59 Last Hour 42 ... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Boat Made From Plastic PET Bottles To Sail on 11,000 Mile Ocean Voyage [Rec
2009-03-09 21:08:00
From Gizmodo: Currently 12,000 to 16,000 2-liter soda bottles are being collected to fill in the twin hulls of their Plastiki vessel. Each bottle with be pressurized using dry ice powder that will sublimate into carbon dioxide gas. If all goes as planned, the vessel will carry four
1.2-Mile Vodka Pipeline Built Between Russia and Estonia
2009-03-06 16:08:00
From Gizmodo: If Capone was Russian, this is what he would have done: Build a 1.2-Mile pipeline to run spirits across the border. The Russian and Estonian gang smuggled 1,638 gallons of vodka before getting caught. The 11-people gang—facing now up to five years in prison&
Scientists to stop global warming with 100,000 square mile sun shade
2009-02-28 00:54:00
[I could not think of a comment. -RS] Scientists claim they can fight global warming by firing trillions of mirrors into space to deflect the sun’s rays forming a 100,000 square mile “sun shade”. According to astronomer Dr Roger Angel, at the University of Arizona, the trillions of mirrors would have to be fired one million miles ...
As a slogan, it beats "In God We Trust" by a mile. (Commutation 7)
2009-02-18 15:38:00
The local talk show guy, Sly In The Morning, was discussing some article that must have appeared in the paper complaining about the new "Sonic" restaurant that went up in our city recently. I don't know what the complaint was because I didn't read the story, but I was listening to talk radio for a bit (until I got exasperated by the callers and decided I didn't need that kind of toothache-inducing talk in my ears on the way in. I wish talk radio didn't allow callers, because they always turn everything around to Cuba or make up stories about something that happened to them that's too ridiculous to have ever happened.)But, before I turned off the talk radio and put on music, one caller made my day with a stirring recapitulation of what the U.S. Constitution is all about. Taking the newspaper article to task for complaining about a drive-in restaurant, this caller said:"This is America. We can eat where we want!"Bonus: If you click here, you'll find a bizarre website that i...
La Royal Mile de Edimburgo
2008-12-18 02:31:00
Esta ciudad nos resulta cada día mas interesante, sus lugares son realmente sorprendentes, sus paisajes y vistas increíbles y es cuando nos sentimos satisfechos de haber elegido visitar y conocer un lugar como este. Sin dudas Edimburgo es uno de los destinos mas hermosos del Reino Unido y Europa, sus habitantes son cordiales y hospitalarios ...
104 Mile Walk in October
2008-11-02 18:57:00
I have walked 104 miles in October. This time, I exercise slowly but surely. I have changed my exercise routine; instead of walking 6 to 8 miles; I walked and jogged for at least 4 miles a day. In November, I will increase the mileage for 1 mile to make it 5 miles a day. ...
The Peth - The Golden Mile
2008-09-12 04:44:00
On the face of it, the Peth seems like a terrible idea. At a time when he has been seemingly incapable of staying out of the gossip pages the Welsh actor Rhys Ifans has become the lead singer of a raucous rock band. In the past year Ifans has split up with his high-profile actress ...
Midland 2-Way Radios (26 Mile Range) $47
2008-08-30 00:22:00
Regularly priced around $75, has the Midland Two-Way Radios on sale for just $46.99. These feature 22 channels, an impressive range of 26 miles, rechargeable battery packs, and include a three year warranty. Shipping is free and there is no sales tax (except CA, MA, MD, TN).
DNC: Seems Like A Good Time To Be Peddling Valium In The Mile-High City
2008-08-28 01:14:00
First Former Black Co-President Bill Clinton To Take The Stage Tonight — Will He Behave? Buried down somewhere under hundreds of words of pontification, Maureen Dowd, in her New York Times Op-Ed piece today, Ms. Dowd eventually mentions our former co-president will be taking the stage... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
FIRST: Mile In My Flip-Flops
2008-07-01 14:49:00
It is July FIRST, time for the FIRST Blog Tour! (Join our alliance! Click the button!) The FIRST day of every month we will feature an author and her latest book's FIRST chapter!The feature author is: Melody Carlsonand her book: A Mile in My Flip-FlopsWaterBrook Press (June 17, 2008)ABOUT THE AUTHOR: In sixth grade, Melody Carlson helped start a school newspaper called The BuccaNews (her school?s mascot was a Buccaneer...arrr!). As editor of this paper, she wrote most of the material herself, creating goofy phony bylines to hide the fact that the school newspaper was mostly a "one man" show.Visit Melody's website to see all of her wonderful and various book titles.Don't miss her latest teen fiction, Stealing Bradford (Carter House Girls, Book 2).Product Details:List Price: $13.99Paperback: 336 pagesPublisher: WaterBrook Press (June 17, 2008)Language: EnglishISBN-10: 1400073146ISBN-13: 978-1400073146AND NOW...THE FIRST CHAPTER: I?m not the kind of girl who wants anyone to feel sor...
Toyota Announces New 516-Mile Range Fuel-Cell/Electric Hybrid
2008-06-10 07:27:00
FCHV-adv Hybrid Boasts Twice the Range of the Previous Model There are lots of reason to want to live in Japan, but being able to lease the new Toyota Fuel-Cell Hybrid sometime this year is now high...
8,078 mile tour without oil change
2008-06-10 06:08:00
The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is not only more comfortable, powerful and expensive than the average 2+2, for example the Porsche's 911, a 2+2-seater is a coupe with a tiny backseat that is in some cases uninhabitable, it is the newest flagship and not counting the limited-edition, $652,000 Enzo Ferrari supercar, which is sold out from the company that has an extraordinarily emotional relationship with automobiles. Know what? The Ferrari Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is so impressive. Why? Because the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti owner?s manual recommends changing the oil after 10,000 kilometers (6,214 miles) or one year. The two 612 Scaglietti?s used in the ?Magic India Discovery? tour did about 5,000 kilometers (3107 miles) in testing and preparation for the trip, which brings their total to 18,000 kilometers (11,185 miles). Ferrari?s ?Magic India Discovery? Tour came to an end at the Gateway of India in Mumbai and the two Ferrari 612 Scagliettis completed their 13,000 kilometer (8,078 miles) tr...
Good For The First Mile (1 of 6)
2008-06-05 02:36:00
Check out the 1st part of this documentary featuring Steve Cram, one of the most underrated distance runners in history, before his race at the 1st World Track and Field World Championships in Helsinki. You will have to find parts 2-6 on youtube.
Museum Mile Festival
2008-06-03 16:00:00
Now in its 28th years, The Museum Mile Festival is the one time of year that nine of the country's finest museums, all ones that call Fifth Avenue home, collectively open their doors for free to New Yorkers and visitors for a mile-long block party and visual art celebration. This traffic-free, music and art-filled celebration fills the street and sidewalks of Fifth Avenue from 82nd to 105th street. Over 50,000 visitors attend the festival annually. Click here for map and schedule. Read More...Digg this | Email to a friend | Reddit
By: FreeNYC
Ryan Newman Finishes 14th At Dover - The Monster Mile
2008-06-01 23:54:00
After starting 11th for todays NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Dover International Speedway. Ryan Newman finished 14th and 2 laps down. Newman needed a good finish today to help propel him back into the top 12 in points. This finish let Newman maintain 14th in the points standings. Kyle Busch driving the #18 Combos car won ...
Race Day - Dover?s Monster Mile
2008-06-01 17:03:00
I am looking forward to todays race. Ryan Newman and his #12 Alltel Dodge team are looking to have a pretty good race today. Dover is one of Newman's favorite tracks. He has qualified 11th for the race and appears to have had some good practices. Newman had said that they were going ...
Ryan Newman Qualifies 11th At Dover - The Monster Mile
2008-05-31 04:33:00
Ryan Newman and his #12 Alltel Dodge team have qualified 11th for the Best Buy 400 Benefiting Student Clubs for Autism Speaks at Dover's Monster Mile. Newman posted a speed of 152.782 / 23.563 which was -0.370 behind Greg Biffle who captured the pole position. RYAN NEWMAN - ?We were about an eighth-place car it seems like all ...
Poorman’s Bikini Beach Mile III
2008-05-30 21:20:00
I just had to bring this back, because it got lost in the transition to the new Attuworld. This is the Poorman’s Bikini Beach Mile III and it has video too, after the jump… Looking for erotic video? We at Attuworld don’t think our site is the place for the more explicit NSFW content than the ladies you find on Attugirls. But we would like to tip you on this one: Have you guys checked out yet? It’s the web’s only FREE adult megasite where you can see the hundreds of nude webcam girls, stream thousands of DVD-quality full-length adult movies, and even download the celebrity videos all for free. And all you need is an email address to join! Shit, they’ll even let you signup with a free hotmail account! You will not believe this, just go over there for yourself and have a look!
By: Attuworld
Museum Mile Festival | June 3, 2008
2008-05-30 20:34:00
Museum Mile is an annual one-day festival that has been described as ?New York?s biggest block party?. This is the day that New Yorkers and visitors alike converge on Fifth Avenue from 82nd to 105th Street and gain free entry into nine of the city?s top museums and cultural centers. The traffic-free area also hosts ...
Give your Car a Facelift By Arleigh Mile
2008-05-28 20:05:00
I am obsessed with my used automobile I bought from a friend. No it isn’t anything ‘flashy’, but it has been reliable, I like the colour and it is comfortable to drive long distances. Just lately, I had been seriously thinking of selling it and buying something quite new. When I went online, to see what I could find in my price range, there were so many gorgeous new or used cars for sale, I just could not decide. I thought I would buy and sell online, but after doing some sums, I decided to make my little car more comfortable, by changing a few things inside and out.I was not too sure with what enhancements I wanted, but I did know that I wanted to keep the interior and exterior of my car looking like brand new. Each year I spend a lot of my time in my vehicle and drive with my friends who also owns Australian cars, thats why I wanted more comfort, luxury and a new appearance. By doing a few small things and by rejuvenating my second largest investment, I solved my dilemma, and you ...
Travel Smarts - Orbitz Coupons - $75 off Magnificent Mile Hotels, Chicago -
2008-05-27 22:27:00
Picture the most posh boutiques, the swankiest restaurants and the finest hotels in a city as sophisticated as Chicago. Now, imagine bringing them all together on one downtown boulevard. There’s only one word for it - magnificent. And that’s exactly what makes the Magnificent Mile of Chicago so unique - it collects the city’s ...
Bikini Mile 2008
2008-05-27 11:57:00
Un'altra disciplina che valorizza le donne, evitando di paragonarle ad animali sui quali scommettere (per fare un esempio...). E' il Bikini Mile, e si è svolto all'Hollywood Park lo scorso fine settimana. Eravamo in tanti a fremere in attesa della pubblicazione dei risultati... è sempre una grande emozione...
For Sale: 34251 Six Mile, Livonia, MI | Beautiful Ranch in Livonia
2008-05-22 22:13:00
For Sale: 34251 Six Mile, Livonia, MI Beautiful Ranch in Livonia Location: Burton Hollow Estates Quality brick ranch in Livonia, this home welcomes you with a comfortable sitting room, and neutral colors, gleaming hardwood floors in all three bedrooms and a quiet peaceful backyard. Open kitchen features new counter top and open entertaining area ...
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