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Strike at Paladin Kayelekera mine, workers demand pay rise
2012-05-11 15:54:00
Workers at Kayelekela uranium mining project in northern Karonga district of Malawi have began an indefinite strike over labour conditions. The local workers told Nyasa Times that they are demanding pay increase from the uranium producer Paladin. Workers downed their tools on Friday afternoon halting production at the site. “We have been holding meetings over the issue since last week and on Friday 4th May 2014, the management threatened us with reprisals over a planned sit in so that our demands are met,” a spokesman for  Local Staff Association told Nyasa Times. Striking workers waiting to be addressed by John Chandler the manager. Photo by citizen journalist The local staff said they resolved to remove the president of the association Passmore Chawinga “for being a coward and siding with management”. He was replaced him with Emmanuel Makolo who led the strike action. The local staff says despite their pay rise demands not being met, Paladin is able to pay non-essential ...
Nimbuzz Releases API For Its Chat Buddy Programme. Gold Mine For Marketers?
2012-05-10 05:30:00
India’s well known IM messaging service Nimbuzz, has announced the opening of its messaging API to developers for its Chat Buddy program. Nimbuzz is a popular service and is used by around 80 million people in 220+ countries and this will allow developers all over the world to tap into this huge database easily. Chat buddies are automated chat bots which give information to users on a variety of topics. Chat buddies can made around different themes like Sports, News, Shopping, Games and other utilities like movie and sports ticket information, reviews and classifieds etc. This is a brilliant opportunity for brands to get in on their target audiences and direct them to their services, deals and discounts. There is a separate section on the Nimbuzz website called, where developers can learn about this new capability. Nimbuzz will be providing full support to the devs who want to create chat buddies. All the chat buddies created will be available on nWorld, Nim...
By: WATblog
Centralia Mine Fire - A Truly Silent Hill
2012-05-09 15:30:00
If you've seen the horror film Silent Hill, or the game it was inspired from, you'll likely remember the alternate reality world that was characterized by fog and smoke. The setting of the creepy flick specifically revolves around a small town that was abandoned years ago due to a coal seam fire.
Oh God you are mine and everyone else is?
2012-05-05 17:04:00
We live in a very selfish world where everyone is concerned about his own interests. I am not blaming anyone for selfishness because everyone is selfish to some extent in this world. Due to this selfish nature, people exploit their friends, relatives and numbers of other people. After some time, every person realizes this fact that he can?t truly love a person because every person wants fulfillment of his selfish motives from us.  We can only love God truly because god loves us back truly and he never has any selfish motives behind his love. Many religious leaders and great thinkers of time have already said that God is only truth present in this world and everything else is false. If we do not want to get hurt by loving people then we should start loving god and enjoy life as his blessing. When we love god then god also responds back to us by showering unconditional love on us.  ArvindKatoch
I keep mine hanging in the closet mostly (edited to add my husbands comment
2012-04-26 01:25:00
Do you have your Superhero cape on today?Tonight I was joking around with my husband and told him how awesome it was that all women's restrooms recognize the fact that we are all Super Hero's and feature us with our capes on.  His tongue-in-cheek response;  "Na, those are witches capes."
The universe is the limit: New company to mine asteroids
2012-04-24 03:12:00
A newly unveiled company with some high-profile backers has announced plans to mine near-Earth asteroids for resources such as precious metals and water.
He said if miners picketed his mine he would slaughter them
2012-04-10 07:00:00
By January 1, 1941, Harlan and Bell Counties were 95 per cent organized. The only nasty non-union outpost was the Fork Ridge mine just across the Kentucky line in Tennessee, a short distance from Middlesboro. The mine was operated by C. W. (Dusty) Rhodes, president and general manager. Searchlights were placed on the tipple and ... You Might Also Like: Worst mine disaster in US history
IDC invests in platinum 'mega-mine'
2012-04-02 14:05:00
South Africa's state-owned Industrial Development Corporation has made a R3.24-billion (US$420-million) investment in a public-private mining and beneficiation venture that aims to become one of the world's top four platinum producers within the next five years.
Biomining: Bacteria 'Mine'Ccopper
2012-03-21 13:29:00
From BBC News - Technology: How microbes in Chile help to extract copper Read the whole article
45% Off Golden Classic Women's 5150_Pink Be Mine Rhinestone Encrusted Heart
2012-02-12 09:00:00
List Price: $39.00Deal Price: $21.45You Save: $17.55 (45%)45% Off Golden Classic Women's 5150_Pink Be Mine Rhinestone Encrusted Heart Printed Dial Watch sold by Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping and Amazon Prime™. Limited to stock on hand.Expires Feb 26, 2012
Sterling Silver Pink Swarovski Heart and "Be Mine" Heart Pendant, 18"
2012-01-27 09:00:00
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Frat Boy Kyle Crews ?Angel Of Mine? American Idol Audition (VIDEO)
2012-01-24 00:00:00
19 year-old frat boy extraordinaire Kyle Crews surprised us with a softer side and a rendition of ?Angel Of Mine? by Monica during the American Idol Season 11 auditions special in San Diego, California, which aired on Sunday (January 22)- watch video below. Steven Tyler said Kyle has the best male voice they have heard ...
2012-01-07 03:18:00
First Rick Ross and Kelly Rowland go topless on the cover of VIBE.  Now, they team up for the smooth jam "Mine Games" off Rozay's new mixtape Rick Forever. var _hsPlayer = _hsPlayer || [];_hsPlayer.push(["id", "5529853", "hsPlayer_5529853", [530, 100]]);(function(){var x=document.createElement("scrip-t");x.type="text/javascript";x.-async=true;x.src="http" + ("https:" == document.location.protocol ? "s" : "") + "://";var s = document.getElementsByTagName("-script")[0];s.parentNode.insert-Before(x, s);})();
Risk Racing Light Mine Magnetic LED Flashlight
2011-12-02 09:00:00
List Price: $19.99Deal Price: $15.99You Save: $0.49 (20%)Based on the hugely successful original, the Magnetic Light Mine, Risk Racing created a bigger, brighter, and more powerful version called the Light Mine Professional. About the size of a baseball with the same underwater naval mine appearance, the new Light Mine Professional is 8 times brighter, lasts 4 times longer, and includes a signal beacon, and red night vision light. The functionally designed protruding posts can be used as tripods or quad-pods creating a 360 degree freestanding light. Eleven powerful neodymium (rare earth) magnets are located the end of each post allowing the user to attach and aim the light accurately and securely in any direction. Powerful Lumen Tech LEDs are used in the front white lens (8 LEDs) and back red lens (4 LEDs). The Light Mine Professional has four electronic light functions; low power spot, high output flood, red night vision, and a high visibility hazard light.Expires Dec 15, 2011
Will Humanity Mine The Moon For Titanium?
2011-10-11 21:41:00
#leftcontainerBox{float:left;po-sition:fixed;top:60%;left:70px}-#leftcontainerBox .buttons{float:left;clear:both;-margin:4px 4px 4px 4px;padding-bottom:2px}#bottomc-ontainerBox{width:50%;padding-t-op:1px}#bottomcontainerBox .buttons{float:left;margin:4px- 4px 4px 4px}Apparently silver isn’t the only thing Earth’s nearest neighbor harbors upon the surface. Astronomers have discovered another element which could aid lunar settlers in their quest to conquer the Moon. A new map of the Moon has revealed an abundance of titanium ore that is up to 10 times richer than on Earth, a finding ...
Har UNO-X stjlet mine penge???? Nej, det har De ikke !
2011-06-27 01:02:00
Her til aften, 0:30 kom jeg forbi UNO-X p Fredensborgvej 41B i Hillerd. Benzinen stod til 11:13 for 95, s jeg tnkte, at jeg lige ville fylde en slat p. Krte ind og proppede en 200 kr. i automaten og valgte stander 3, hvorefter der intet skete. Automaten var dd ! Tnkte, jeg mske havde trykket forkert og prvede s automat 4, men uden held. N, maskineriet kan jo vre i stykker, s jeg kiggede . . . → Ls Mere: Har UNO-X stjlet mine penge…??? Nej, det har De ikke !
By: Soderblom
Ron Thal: Randy was definitely an early guitar hero of mine
2011-05-21 01:45:00
"Randy was definitely an early guitar hero of mine. He was unlike anybody around at the time. He played with such fire, grace and intelligence. Even today, Randy Rhoads' playing still stuns me. Listening to the 30th-anniversary reissues of Blizzard Of Ozz and Diary Of A Madman really brought home what an influential guitarist he was ? and is." more
When the war ended, all the coal mine whistles blowed
2010-10-13 07:00:00
My father was a coal miner back in the…well, he went into the coal mine when he was 12 years old, and he came out when he was 47. And he worked through the First World War, well he worked, that’s all he ever done, ’till he came to the farm. But he worked through the First World War, but he was down here in the other one. Everything was rationed back there, just like in the Second World War. You had to take sugar, you had to take cornmeal, and a whole bunch of stuff to get other things, you know. And tea and coffee and all that was rationed. But my dad went in when he was 12 years old. ‘Cause it was a big family of them and he had to work. Well, bread was ten cents a loaf. And when you could get a dollar—you couldn’t get a dollar hardly ever—but if you got a dollar you could buy something with it. And you can’t now but whenever you made a dollar, and you’d save to get groceries, well, then you could get stuff; but we baked our br...
Thankfully, mine?s a pretty great guy! ?The Stepfather? (2009)
2010-08-25 21:49:00
Back at the end of summer 2009, we started to get a number of trailers for Nelson McCormick?s remake of the 1987 patriarch horror ?The Stepfather?. Initial reaction to the trailers was full of disdain; this was yet another remake and it appeared to be filled with actors not too interested with ...
Pete Pachio: "No Friend Of Mine" top notch shredding!!!
2010-07-31 00:09:00
Pete Pachio posted an original composition on YouTube. Some super sick sweep taps... enjoy!!! Pete Pachio "No Friend Of Mine"
This Blog of Mine
2010-04-24 23:32:00
Back a few years ago, I had another book coming out and it’s expected of all writers to do all they can to promote their writing — including blogging. So I started this blog about my dogs and my daughter. … Continue reading →
China WFOE vs. JV. Make Mine A WFOE. I Just Call It Like I See It.
2009-12-16 08:48:00
Just got this comment (comment # 63 on our post, "China: First Let's Clear Out The Long Time Foreigners", which poses some pretty important questions and also leaves hanging some very common misperceptions regarding doing business in China: So here's my question albeit already bounced around but no solid answer given.... JV or WFOE for a new foreign company launching in China? I am about to launch my company that I have been planning for 8 years and will do things by the book, no qualms about that, but I don't want to start the thing in a realm of probable employee threats, and local competitor company lordship privileges. Especially if it's capable of being taken away from me over 5 mao (50 cents) missing in a tax audit because someone has decided that my company will look better in the hands of my local competition. I have seen many situations of law bending to suit local businesspeople to their advantage, and in those situations the victims of such law bending have almos...
No not mine no way
2009-12-07 22:58:00
A faithful reproduction ofThe Madonna and childBy Alesso Baldovinetti 1470
Wagonnet de mine
2009-11-13 06:00:00
Les mineurs rencontraient parfois des gnomes dans les mines. La plupart taient pacifiques, mais certains gnomes manifestaient de l'hostilit. Ils taient fermement ligots et emmens la surface dans ce type de wagonnet cellulaire.Srieusement, si quelqu'un sait quoi servait ce wagonnet (hypothse pour l'outillage ?), je serai heureux de le savoir...
News: it's my guitar... no it's mine!!
2009-11-12 23:32:00
BRAZILIAN MUSIC INSTITUTE 2009 - TICO TICO This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
2009-11-05 17:59:00
I decided to unleash my potential...
A Couple of New Seminars & Charity Fundraisers From Friends of Mine
2009-10-15 22:28:00
Some friends of mine are conducting the following law and charity related seminars. The 1st seminar, a real estate law seminar, is on October 22; the 2nd a charity fundraiser is on November 6. INVESTING IN COMMERCIAL & MULTI-USE PROPERTY – A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO ASK REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT QUESTIONS OF AN EXPERIENCED PANEL FEATURING THREE ATTORNEYS ...
iPhone Tethering: mine is pretty slow, how?s yours?
2009-09-23 22:14:00
I recently enabled iPhone Tethering, and was expecting it to solve my problems of having to use a separate mobile broadband dongle – since it does the same thing. However,…
By: PhoneArea Is Lawfully Mine, Claims Arun Jaitley
2009-09-16 14:06:00
Arun Jaitley might not be as hot a celebrity like Yuvi or Ash, but the BJP minister still has 61 pages of information about him on Google (only 61?). That apparently makes his name a ‘commodity’ hot enough on the domain name market and the legal counsel of Mr. Arun Jaitley has now moved the Delhi High Court requesting an intervention in an ongoing domain sale of that is currently on by an American domain auctioning company. Here is the story so far: Network Solutions, a USA based web hosting company had owned the domain name Learning this, Mr. Jaitley had apparently approached the website for the ownership of the domain when he was told that the domain name was ‘pending deletion’. But soon after, the domain name was put back on sale at a price of $14,445. And on August 27,2009, the domain name was transferred to M/S Portfolio Brains, a domain name auctions website. According to Mr.Jaitley’s counsel, the domain n...
By: WATblog
President Obama it's your birthday; mine too!
2009-08-05 03:49:00
More at | Follow me on Twitter! | Get my widget! | Visit YouTube | Visit President Obama, it's August 4th, the day you were born in 1961 in Hawaii. Happy Birthday. It's also my birthday and I'm one year behind you. I didn't know that when we met at the Mark Hopkins on St. Patrick's Day of 2007, but when I realized we had that in common it made me reevaluate a lot of events in my life. On my birthday, I wish to share my thoughts with you and everyone. For a long time I told people that because I was that one year behind you, I was always one year away from greatness. But I don't think that anymore. I'm great, just in a different way. You see, that you are president makes it ok for me to be who I've fought to be for most of my life: smart, confident, arrogant, caring, intellectual, nerdy, caring, a trekker, a vlogger, a blogger, and other adjectives - positive ones. I fought to be me because I never wanted to be a stereotype. I have k...
Former mine workers union chief Church dies at 72 (AP)
2009-07-14 21:12:00
AP - Sam Church, former leader of the United Mine Workers of America, died early Tuesday after a long illness, the union announced.
Some friends of mine
2009-07-08 12:45:00
Hi guys, I just want to introduce everyone here to a few close friends of mine. They'd really love to get to know everyone here better. You can meet them at the following site:
Seminar From A Friend of Mine-Inside the Law Firm of the Future
2009-06-27 21:18:00
Michael Zolno, a Chicago-based law practice marketing consultant, is a co-organizer and presenter at the following seminar (press release is below) taking place in San Diego, CA, on October 23 and 24 of this year. If you’d like more information, you may contact Michael at Industry Experts to Offer Strategies for Law Firm Success ...
Bots to Outsmart Mine-Hunting Dolphins
2009-06-26 06:09:00
The Navy's been trying for years to improve the slow and plodding process of underwater mine detection. Now, they're using the military's affinity for all-things AI to create a mine detection system... Extensive site includes news of various topics like Marine animals,Marine biology, sharks,Whales,sea mammals,endangered species,birds,turtles,penguine,-seal,planktons,Fish,coral reef,coastal environment and more
min is mine, not thine; it’s kitten time at the great crystal sh
2009-06-01 16:48:00
I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and you know as well as I do that once you’ve taken your seat and are drinking a complimentary Leinenkugel’s (it tastes like orange candy!) while the poor people board, that you can only make fun of the fires of jealousy burning in their eyes as they shuffle back to coach for so long before you get bored of them and start to think. I personally like to use this post-making-fun-of-the-poor time to brainstorm new million-dollar ideas, and let me just say that yesterday I came up with a doozy: A brand-new social networking/micro-blogging site, just for women. Called Twatter. I also took some time to reflect on why it takes you poor people so long to board the plane, because that’s been a mystery to me for so long and I even asked a poor person one time what gives but I couldn’t take the smell so I had to leave before he could answer. Anyway, so yesterday I realized that it takes you longer to board because you bri...
The money is mine! All mine! (unless you get it... but don't! I need it!)
2009-05-21 16:16:00
You've got only a short time left to win $10,000. I probably shouldn't even mention it, because if you don't try, then my chances go up, but I like you... all of you...except that guy over there, in the red. Him, I'm not sure about. But the rest of you I like, so I'll pass along the news on how you can win $10,000.It's easy: Just go to Charter's Win 10 Grand Contest Page. See how simple that is?Okay, there's a bit more to it than that. Charter's trying to reward its customers, and the latest way they've opted to do that is give away four 52" HDTVs, and a $10,000 grand prize in May. Visit, in May, each week to answer questions about Charter On Demand, and you'll get a chance to win a TV (one every week) and, if you get enough questions right, you could win the $10,000 grand prize. And you'll find out about Charter On Demand, so that's not a bad thing. They've got 6,000 movies and shows, waiting to be watched right now: no downloading, no DVR...
2009 Kentucky Derby Winner Is Mine That Bird
2009-05-03 01:32:00
The surprising winner of the 135th running of the Kentucky Derby is ?Mine That Bird? (50-1 shot). Mine That Bird, an unheralded colt from New Mexico, covered the one and one-quarter miles in 2:02.66 and paid $103.20 to win. The top three finishers were Mine that Bird, Pioneer of the Nile and Musket Man. The favorite ...
URGENTLY REQUIRED Senior Mine Engineer (Site)
2009-04-02 00:54:00
URGENTLY REQUIRED We are a mining company, member of a fast growing mining group company intending to commence operation in Central Kalimantan for coking coal project, looking for dynamic and highly motivated professional with successful track record to join and grow with the company. Senior Mine Engineer (Site) Responsible for technical advice, planning and improved mine methods, prepare medium ...
I?d show you mine if you?d show me yours
2009-03-25 15:52:00
Here’s my 60-foot peen. Ok, not mine obviously. I imagine the conversation went something like this: ?Uhm Sir? There?s something I think you should know. There?s a giant penis on your rooftop.? ?A giant what?? ?Penis. Schlong. Willy. Johnson. Dick. Wingwong. Cock. Mancrank. Peck? ? ?Right! Yes, I get it.? Copyright © 2007 - 2008 About Every Little Thing ...
Mostly, she wore a giant t-shirt of mine and some shorts.
2009-03-20 22:47:00
Having watched Sweetie try to find comfortable, nice, stylish clothes to wear when she was pregnant with the Babies!, I know how hard it is to find maternity clothes that anyone would actually want to be seen in public wearing.We would love to have you to review our maternity clothing website. Our clothes are unique and trendy at very low prices. Check us out at and post a blog about us. Most clothing for expectant mothers appears to be made from surplus army tents -- only with a little less style.Summer clothes, especially, are hard for pregnant women to find -- and what woman wants to go around in a bland green muu muu all the time? That's why I'm going to pass along some information now, even though Sweetie is long done with being pregnant: because I AM sympathetic and a nice guy and all that kind of stuff.And the info I want to pass along is that if you're pregnant, or going to be, and you don't want to appear in public looking as though you're impersona...
Neil Whitfield commented on the blog post Not one of mine
2009-03-05 23:13:00
Neil Whitfield commented on the blog post Not one of mine It is real life, but not taken by me.
Mine Hoist Brakes
2009-01-26 16:11:00
Hi, i am working on a project that use a mine hoist parallel action post brake, operated by weight applied and hydraulic released. Does anyone has documents to share on this? How it works and how to calculate it? I can't get a good rearch on google.
Confidentially Mine updated the "Base" information on their profile
2009-01-21 22:20:00
Confidentially Mine updated the "Base" information on their profile
It?s not by me, but it?s mine
2009-01-13 04:11:00
Since it’s the first time someone ever wrote a poem for me with my name as its title, I just thought I’d share it with you - also because it’s beautifully written and only I can understand the metaphors. Haha! Thanks, my dream diary! What a prolific writer you are! Finding it in my ...
Social Networking Seminar From a Friend of Mine
2009-01-12 22:12:00
My friend, Michael Zolno, along with Renee Barrett, are conducting a social networking workshop in Los Angeles on Saturday, January 24, 8AM-3PM. The intent is to provide an interactive and engaging environment to harness the power of Social Networking to grow your professional practice, business, and brand. Registration information is available here.
Over Two Hundred Million Could Be Spent On Cleaning Up Asbestos Mine
2009-01-02 15:16:00
According to recently released reports it could cost authorities over two hundred million dollars to clean up a Vermont asbestos mine. The Belvidere Mountain asbestos mine, which is in Lowell and Eden, is still causing concern over even small levels of asbestos exposure. Officials from the state of Vermont have stated that they are hoping ...
Buy, Sell or Hold: Mine Profits From BHP Billiton
2008-12-30 17:15:00
With BHP Billiton Ltd. (NYSE ADR: BHP), it’s a case of the strong getting stronger and possibly even running away from the pack. Back in 2001, BHP Ltd. and Billiton PLC merged to form BHP Billiton Ltd., the world’s leading diversified resources…
Dallton Santos: the riff king crown is mine!
2008-12-30 16:36:00
News: 30-12-2008: Dallton Santos says: This is my solo for the Riff King Competition . vote RIFF KING COMPETITION - DALLTON SANTOS This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
(Day 565 / -159 lbs.) Make Mine a Double
2008-12-20 07:42:00
My wife and I trudged hand-in-hand to the gym this morning.  Why the hand-holding? Partly because of endearment to one another, partly to share warmth, and partly to steady each other on snowy/icy... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Residents Worried about Asbestos from Mine
2008-12-12 13:54:00
Residents from the town of Lowell in Orleans County are concerned about asbestos exposure from a nearby mine, after discovering that some of the waste from the mine was routinely used to fill land and build roads. Officials from the state have apparently discovered a number of cases that could be linked to exposure to ...
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