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Report: Israeli Attack on Iran?s Nukes Could Come ?At Any Given Moment?
2012-05-11 08:23:00
The United States is worried that a new coalition government in Israel could signal an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities at “any given moment,” one of Israel’s leading TV stations reported Thursday night. Shaul Mofaz and his Kadima party’s joining …Read more »
Things I?m obsessed with at the moment
2012-05-10 18:59:00
Audrey Platform Wedge $138 Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Spike $174.95 Sweet Dreams Satchel $68 Landed Dress $98 Elle Envelope Clutch $48 Palm Tail Tank $38 Austin Cutout Platform $75 Mojave Fringe Backpack – Red $58
Obama calls Romney auto bailout claim an 'Etch-a-Sketch moment'
2012-05-10 13:07:00
I?ll take a lot of credit for the fact that this industry?s come back," Romney said this week after opposing the bailouts.
India Is Having Its Own SOPA Moment; The Internet Protests Against IT Act O
2012-05-09 09:23:00
The Internet has overtaken the Indian Government and now in a bid to stay relevant, it has increasingly resorted to policies and tactics which prevent the freedom of speech of Indian Citizens on the Internet. We have had quite a lot of drama since last year regarding Censorship and Objectionable Content. This time it is the IT Act of 2011, which has everyone in the Indian Internet Industry unanimously denouncing  it for its negligence of the fundamental rights provided by the Indian Constitution. The Act  have been questioned by a lone ‘Communist’ Member of Parliament, P.Rajeev. He has suggested that the Government consider the annulment of the ‘offending’ additions. The IT Act is really detrimental as it makes it very easy for any person to initiate the blocking of a website if it seen to be offensive, harmful, defamatory, obscene, hateful and generally objectionable. There is a high possibility that such complaints will not be objective enough and will result in a lot ...
By: WATblog
Activist crisis is US envoy's human rights moment
2012-05-06 14:12:00
As a former U.S. commerce secretary and governor of Washington state, Gary Locke wasn't considered much of a heavyweight on human rights when he became the first Chinese-American ambassador to Beijing last year. Trade and maintaining smooth relations between Washington and its biggest foreign creditor were seen as dominating his agenda.
Safety Moment
2012-05-05 14:07:00
Any one came recently across an interesting safety matter of any kind: Near mess or Accident, whether in residential , commercial or industrial places , let's share it.
The Caddyshack Moment
2012-04-25 21:49:00
It was about hour four of of our second day of swimming at the water park when Phoebe said, “Mother, I would like to go home now. Please.” (For those of you who don’t speak “Phoebe,” I shall translate: Yanking my bathing suit off my chest = “Mother,” “Aaaaiiiiyeeeeeeooooooo!&-#8221; = “I would like to go ...
Obama to Rolling Stone on Al Green moment: ?I can sing?
2012-04-25 19:22:00
Combative, confident, even cocky: President Barack Obama told Rolling Stone magazine in a wide-ranging interview published Wednesday that he hopes American voters will "break the fever" gripping today's Republicans and that he felt no stage fright whatsoever when he sang Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" at the Apollo Theater in January. "I can sing. I ...
Breast Cancer Map 'A Key Moment'
2012-04-18 21:24:00
From BBC News - Science & Environment: What we currently call breast cancer should be thought of as 10 completely separate diseases, according to a study which has been described as a landmark moment for treatment. Read the whole article
David Axelrod’s Jesse Jackson Moment
2012-04-16 00:45:00
An  accident has been said to be when a politician accidentally speaks the truth.  It famously happened to Jesse Jackson, now it has happened to David Axelrod, video: Hat tip:  Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post.
By: BitsBlog
Computer Absolutely free Victoria Secret Coupons, At this moment At your
2012-04-05 10:03:00
Trimming and making use of deals regarding toiletries is a fantastic way of getting low-priced and even totally free groceries. Your Weekend newspaper advertising and marketing positions remains the most primarily employed proceedure by designers to be able to disperse lower price deals in promoting their goods and the majority men and women nevertheless receive ...
Moment of Inertia of Disk
2012-03-28 10:59:00
What is the moment of inertia of 0.4 Kg and 0.105 Metre radius of solid wooden disk, if thicknes of disk is 20 mm? Please give me procedure also to findout moment of inertia of disk.
Wave in head – For A Special Moment in #Spotify #NP #FB
2012-03-28 07:54:00 Wave in head – For A Special Moment in #Spotify #NP #FB 5 hours ago from Twitter - Comment - Like
Revisiting: A life-altering moment. Putting things in perspective.
2012-03-19 14:45:00
Jay’s note: This week last year I came upon an horrific accident scene that I was certain involved my only son. Shortlyafter I wrote this someone, I can’t remember who now, said I should revisit it in a year. So here it is. “Personally, I’m going to make a concerted effort to stop taking things ...Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. If you are reading this anywhere but inside your RSS feed reader or your email client, the site you are on is guilty of stealing content. (c) Copyright Jay Thompson. All Rights Reserved.
The libertarian moment for the GOP?
2012-02-28 23:07:00
Looking at liberal blogger Ezra Klein’s “laundry list of Republican Party flip-flops”, the Washington Examiner’s Conn Carroll finds a pattern: In every policy area mentioned above, the Republican party has become more libertarian. Some Republicans used to like Keynesian stimulus, now they don’t. Libertarians never did. Some Republicans used to like individual mandates, now they ...
FX Takes a Moment to Consolidate
2012-02-23 10:00:00
Source: Advanced Currency Markets | G10 Advancers and Decliners vs USD CHF 0.25 EUR 0.23 JPY 0.22 GBP 0.14 In the Asian session, regional equities were mixed but the weak sentiment did not spillover into FX. Looking at the Asian bourses, the Nikkei is up 0.44% on the day, the Hang Seng down 0.72%, and the Shanghai Composite up 0.25%, painting a confusing picture for things to come. EURUSD was able to drift up to 1.3281 from 1.3230, shrugging off yesterdays weaker Eurozone PMIs, but on marginal volume…. Read More …
Turkey says: Seize the moment (oh, and? forget the past!)
2012-02-17 12:52:00
The Lebanese emotions for this neighboring country vary between two poles : Anger from the Ottoman period and from the state not recognizing the (obvious) Armenian genocide and …Delight watching the Turkish Stars of the soap opera shows.I’d say take a holiday; turn off the TV.via Snap Shot Scenes.
Feb. 7, 2000: Mafiaboy's Moment
2012-02-07 15:52:00
From Wired Top Stories: Several major websites are brought down by one of the largest denial-of-service attacks ever staged. Read the whole article
Is Europe Throwing Us into a 1930s Moment?
2012-01-25 21:37:00
The market has been watching Europe, particularly the fact that (as of this writing) a deal still hasn’t been struck between the Greek government, the Troika (the ECB, IMF, and euro-zone leaders), and private holders of Greek debt (bankers, hedge funds, and sovereign wealth funds). In order for Greece to avoid a default on €14.4 billion, which comes due on March 20, these groups must agree to reduce the value of Greece’s debt. Basically, they are negotiating to see how much money lenders will lose — in other words, accept a massive “haircut.” Negotiations have been ongoing for a while, and a deal is expected to be reached. But the original agreement was supposed to have . . . → Read More: Is Europe Throwing Us into a 1930s Moment?
We Preview Laurel’s Big Moment with THE LYING GAME Star Allie Gonino
2012-01-23 14:54:00
In the young adult series THE LYING GAME, Allie Gonino plays Laurel Mercer, the younger sister of Sutton Mercer – the girl who sets ‘The Lying Game’ in motion when she swaps places with her twin Emma, so that she can investigate their birth mother and the events that led to their adoption 16 years before.  As Laurel, Allie not only gets to stretch her acting wings, but she also is able to express her passion for music.  While Laurel is known for playing the violin, she was recently given the chance to shine in the spotlight in the ‘Pleased To Meet Me’ episode when asked to sing on stage at a benefit party.  In a recent press call, Allie shared what she enjoys about playing Laurel and what’s next on the horizon of THE LYING GAME.   What do you continue to enjoy the most about playing the character of Laurel? ALLIE: I think the thing I enjoy the most about playing Laurel is that with every episode, as her storyline develops, she’s learning new things about life ...
Where is the conservative candidate at this conservative moment?
2012-01-22 16:54:00
Polls show considerable popular dissatisfaction with the president’s policies, particularly his big-government initiatives like Obamacare. They also show support for the broad conservative policies which have defined the GOP at least since Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980. The best attempts of the media notwithstanding, conservative ideas are ascendant. At the same time, the incumbent struggles ...
The GOP presidential field & ?this extraordinary moment?
2011-12-28 07:36:00
In a comment to my post on the possibility of a Ron Paul victory in Iowa, our readerdavinci expressed his grudging backing of a certain candidate: I was undecided for much of the year, then went with Gingrich for about a month. But as a history prof, he should know better than to pressure and ...
Five Top Stress Relief Tips For The Moment
2011-12-23 07:30:00
Are you in a stressful situation and need stress relief this very moment? Can’t make it another moment? The following five stress relief tips will help you immediately. Remove your self from the stressful situation. If a meeting is out of control, excuse yourself to the restroom. Are your children fighting like crazy? Send them ...
There Will Be No Tim Tebow Miraculous Comeback Moment for America and THE M
2011-12-20 16:37:00
I did not title this article.  I did not write this article.  But I think it took a lot of  guts to write this article. It is titled: THE TIM TEBOW COMEBACK STORY CONTINUES, BUT THERE WILL BE NO COMEBACK MOMENTS FOR THE U.S.ECONOMY. Tim Tebow kneeling and praying before a Football Game. First off, one has to realize here in the U.S., Football is sacred. What we call Football BTW is what the "rest of the world" calls soccer. We call soccer, soccer, NOT football. Where I come from MAD MONEY is money that you have stashed away just in case you want to split and git. It is the key to mobility. It is sacred to one's freedom to choose.  Jesse Ventura tells all about it on Tru Tv. With that said, Tim Tebow who happens to be a religious icon of some sort in the Football World here in the United States because of what started out as his, and his mother's, stance on anti- abortion  Tim and she and then the way he kneels down to pray on one knee before a game...
'Your Moment of Zen': End of Iraq War flag ceremony (Jon Stewart video)
2011-12-16 21:55:00
So many mixed feelings sweep over me as I watch the flag ceremony. You know? Never wanted either war, Afghanistan or Iraq, knew they'd be Vietnam-esque and they are of the quagmire variety of collective experiences...brutal and soul-shattering.And so our national soul is soiled once again and the stains are deep. 'Old men start wars for young men to fight' is as true a maxim today as it was whenever someone first strung the words together and said, Hmmph!Happily, it is with this post that I again have a chance to say, Welcome Home, US Soldiers! I'm very glad you've come ashore and I wish you all safe passages to calmer waters! Bless you and your families, JudeNow that things are shifting like the desert sands of Iraq, it is my personal opinion that George Bush, Dick Cheney, and other crony war profiteers of a globalist persuasion owe the American people a very large amount of money for starting two wars and to somewhat make amends for their vast mismanagement of our public fund...
Osawatomie: Obama?s Defining Moment?
2011-12-12 22:00:00
In a previous post, I quoted my pal Sonicfrog’s (rhetorical) question on the president’s speech last week in Osawatomie, Kansas, “OK, so what is your solution to fix the problem of the diminishing middle class??. His comment is particularly telling because unlike most conservative critics of the speech, Sonic thought it a “good speech“. Even ...
Calculating Tower Base Moment
2011-12-07 23:40:00
I am to provide the foundation design to a 60 foot communications tower. This is not a tower I have been involved in the design of and know little other than it is 60 feet tall, 3 2 1/2" dia pipe legs, and angle braces. Each side is 24" forming a triangle. Pretty standard stuff near as I can tell. W
Miss FD releases official music video for 'Moment of Fade', from the album
2011-11-27 16:02:00
"Moment of Fade" is the second video from Miss FD's most recent studio album "Love Never Dies". "Moment of Fade" is actually a real Side-Line favorite and is still being played a lot here in the...
Dweezil Zappa: Live in the moment CD details
2011-11-17 00:15:00
Dweezil Zappa - Live "In The Moment"FALL 2011Dweezil Zappa - LIve "In The Moment" will be produced in limited numbers and is available to order NOW! 11-11-2011U.S. buyers can buy the album through my new online webstore. I will be adding a number of other items to my store in the future. ?In The Moment? is now available to order and should be with you well before the holidays! U.S. BUYERS CLICK HEREUK and rest of world buyers may order from Fantom Records NON U.S. BUYERS CLICK HEREThanks again for your support! I hope you enjoy the CD.DOWNLOAD availability will commence very soon. I will update the site with the exact date. Stay tuned!What is it? It's a double CD compendium of excerpted guitar solos culled from the last 3 years on tour with Zappa Plays Zappa.The mixes are from Front Of House References (FOH). **Disc One:1. Flim Flam2. Guitarlos Mantana3. That's Heavy4. Curly Toed Shoes5. You Can't Get There From Here6. That's Right7. Stink Patrol8. The Stink Eye9...
Best Moment of SC GOP Debate From Saturday
2011-11-15 00:07:00
Perhaps the best moment yet of the entire GOP campaign… -Bruce (GayPatriot)
Dweezil Zappa: Live "In The Moment" announced
2011-11-11 18:02:00
Hello Everyone,I've been quite busy lately. I've just returned from Sicily having taken part in a documentary about the Zappa family roots in Partinico. It was an amazing experience that left me inspired on many levels. I'll write more on that one of these days.Besides getting ready for the upcoming UK tour and spending time with my daughters I've also prepared a new double CD that I'm very proud of. It features special live performances where we have managed to take an audio snaphsot in time and capture the true essence of this band's ability to be musically elastic and exist in the moment.Audio clips are available to listen to on the site: look forward to seeing you all out on the road next week!Below is more information about the album project - DZDweezil Zappa - LIve "In The Moment" will be produced in limited numbers and is available to order NOW! 11-11-2011U.S. buyers can buy the album throu...
Prepare to seize the moment for revolution
2011-10-26 19:14:00
By J L Samboma Our present epoch, the era of neo-colonialism and imperialism, will come to an end but it will only do so when we – the downtrodden in society, Fanon's wretched of the earth – tip it into the dustbin of history.  It is difficult for many to accept that this can happen, especially given the recent victory of imperialism in toppling and murdering Muammar Gadaffi and returning Libya back into its deadly embrace. Surely, goes this school of thought, the forces of imperialism are too strong for us to defeat. A trawl through history shows that international capitalism has been able, eventually, to ride roughshod over previous attempts by progressive forces to counter its attacks.  It has always been able to reassert its will. At best, we are led to believe, the current dominance of imperialism over Africa and the Third World as a whole, is but a stage we must go through and, eventually, through step-by-step hacking at its foundations, we will overcome...
By: eBeefs
Michael Harris,Mistheria: feature on new Lance King - A Moment in Chiros CD
2011-10-12 23:44:00
ARTIST: Lance KingTITLE: A Moment in ChirosRelease date 11/11/11"Etheric Progressive Power Metal from the former voice of PYRAMAZE, BALANCE OF POWER, for fans of REDEMPTION, DREAM THEATER and SYMPHONY X with a nod at greats LED ZEPPELIN"Lance King is world renowned in the underground as a melodic metal vocalist, singing on over 25 worldwide releases over the last 21 years. This fact is impressive in itself, but what is truly special about Lance is his ability to morph his voice to fit any mood and intensity of a song, he?s proved this over the years by adding a very "special something" to every album he has been a part of. Said to have the golden touch, Lance?s voice just seems to connect the dot?s making head banging metal also into a good song.On the last day of June, 2011 Lance decided to invite some of his musical friends to co-write songs with him as he ventured into his first solo album. An act of faith only knowing their work, never working with them before creating music. ...
Bob Zabek: went a little crazy for a moment there....
2011-09-02 02:05:00
Bob Zabek: weird guitar solo w/logic 5.5 flanging pitch shifter, checking out my new cam...videos from now on in hopefully proper quality - cheers, bob Bob Zabek - Nagchampa In Da Pampa
7/12/2011 - A Moment Made for Jeter and by Jeter
2011-07-12 11:43:00
Derek Jeter's 3000th hit was memorable and will be memoraable for every baseball fan in Ameerica. He made it a special day.
Steve Howe: Asia: Heat Of The Moment - Live (DVD)
2011-06-17 20:07:00
Asia: Heat Of The Moment - Live (DVD) Simply the Best in classic rock!! ASIA live featuring all hits: Heat Of The Moment, Ready To Go Home, Dont Cry and many more. Over 70 minutes of great rock power! TRACK LISITNGS The Heat Goes On Awake Wherever You Are Only Time Will Tell Soul Survivor Free Dont Cry Days Like These Military Man Bad Asteroid Heat Of The Moment Ready To Go Home Arena Go buy
Marty Friedman: overtaken bu the moment in France
2011-05-10 00:53:00
Marty Friedman France was amazing! It blows me away how much the French seem to love the Japanese songs. Maybe it is no coincidence that Japanese music was heavily influenced by French chanson at one time. I can`t believe I got caught up in the moment and said "Voulez vouz coucher avec moi, ce soir" on stage to a venue of about 90% guys...thank god no one tried to take me up on it 10-05 Rock Star Live, Bilbao (SP) 11-05 Sala Heineken, Madrid (SP) 12-05 Salamandra, Barcelona (SP) 14-05 Jailbreak, Rome (IT) 15-05 Bloom, Mezzago (IT) 17-05 Exit Chmelnice, Prague (CZ) 18-05 Randall, Bratislava (SK) 19-05 A38, Budapest (HUN) 20-05 SKC, Belgrade (SER) 21-05 RBF Club, Sofia (BUL) 22-05 Romeo & Juliet, Istanbul (TUR) 23-05 312 Arena, Ankara (TUR) 24-05 Noxx, Izmir (TUR) 26-05 Eightball Club, Thessaloniki (GR) 27-05 AN Club, Athens (GR) 28-05 Tochka, Moscow (RUS) 29-05 Jagger Club, St. Petersburg (RUS) 31-05 Reading 3, Tel-Aviv (ISR)
Jason Becker, Laurie Monk: one moment in time
2011-04-13 09:46:00
Jason Becker,Laurie Monk This is the moment that I met an inspiration, a true hero... a major honour for me. Jason Becker is the most amazing person, he communicates just using his eyes and his family and friends can read what he is saying. I was blown away that he knew about Truth In Shredding. Although he can't move his mind is just over flowing with ideas and positive thoughts.
Kareena's candid moment Stills
2011-03-18 05:20:00
Kareena Kapoor's candid moment photos Kareena's candid moment Stills
Really Tho Moment of The Day: Jessica White Is Filming A Reality Show
2011-01-20 20:29:00
Model Jessica White has will be filming her own reality show for the Oxygen network. Jessica has been a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, is currently a spokesmodel for Maybelline cosmetics. She has also been linked to several celebrity boyfriends including NFL star Terrell Owen, John Legend, and most recently Sean Penn. Filming for her new show began last week, it is said to have been based on her life and some of her colorful friends. Don't think I'll be wasting any minutes on this show. I remember her stint on the T.O. Show, and it was a snooze fest. So, I'll pass.
Reaction to Tucson Shooting: Defining Moment for Left
2011-01-12 19:44:00
In the immediate aftermath of the attempt on the life of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), many (but fortunately not all) on the left were quick to blame conservative rhetoric. They thoughthoped this shooting would prove to be their silver bullet in their war on the right, proof of their creed that conservative rhetoric breeds ...
Pedro Santos: A moment in the fusion
2010-11-27 17:23:00
Pedro Santos - Tema "A moment in the fusion" 2011 - Colaboracion Alberto Barrero. Pedro Santos - Tema A moment in the fusion 2011 - Colaboracion Alberto Barrero by Enicmatico
I Had a Moment
2010-10-05 15:29:00
I had returned from school drop off duties last Friday morning and was minding the twins.  And by minding I mean trying to keep them from destroying the house or each other.  They are flourishing in the increased attention they receive each morning when the older kids have left for school and before they head to their afternoon Pre-K classes.  Two little personalities taking on new life unencumbered by oppressive older siblings. The first order of the day completed, my focus shifted to our inoperable shower and the plumber that had arrived to fix it. I ushered him upstairs where he had commenced to cutting a hole in my wall in order to access the faulty thermostat and water control valve.  The valve had stopped working leaving us with two options for water temperatures, hot or cold.  No combinations or blending of the two.  In a manner typical of the way I fix problems I simply turned down the thermostat on the hot water heater.  A comfortable shower setting.  Worked well i...
By: Zoe's Dad
L'évaluation, moment douloureux ? Plus maintenant !
2010-09-15 10:26:00
par Cyril Augier, A Nous de Jouer ! La chose est entendue : l’évaluation est une phase indispensable dans tout projet de territoire. Mais tant qu’à faire, si elle pouvait être (un tantinet) participative et créative !!!… Trop souvent, l’évaluation est vécue comme une étape...
Am having an Ayn Rand moment
2010-07-17 21:19:00
? albeit an unending one. Figures, considering we share a birthday. Media obsession with the appalling Moat is actually feeding the moronic mindset of those whose lives are vacuous, filled only with the doings of some talentless oik or, even worse, a pug-ugly murderer. I turn channels now rather than see his evil fat ...
[Music] Erik Flowchild feat. Lokz ? Moment With You
2010-06-26 03:07:00
The first leak off of The Delivery Boy. This track is called Moment With You and features another up a coming artist from Toronto named Lokz. Similar Posts: [Music] One-2 feat. Kendrick Lamar, Brian Rivers (prod. Ty Steez) – Without You New Music: Erik Flowchild – This is Hip Hop [prod. Chin] New Music: Ashley De Carvalho & Drew ...
News: an awwweee moment
2010-06-24 23:23:00
This one for Shred Moogle and Pinky Pirate
Android - Samsung Moment redux
2010-06-22 03:18:00
After a week with Android on my Samsung Moment, I have to recant some of the complaints in my earlier post. Android is a very customizable operating system that I have been able to customize through apps to do what I want/need the phone for. I had an issue with the Moment not having a notification light to alert of text messages and emails. A program called FlashNotify solved this by flashing the screen every ten seconds. Another issue was battery life. When I first got the phone it would barely go 6 or seven hours with minimal use between battery charges. I download Task Manager by Apollo and today after 9 hours some texting and a little talking, the battery is at about 70%. The keyboard took some getting used to but I am starting to like the size of it and the fact that it has dedicated number keys. On the topic of text entry, let me just say - Swype is amazing. I was able to get the beta package and I love this invention. I never use the built in software keyboard because the har...
What makes the 18th hole at the Arnold Palmer Invitational a Kodak moment?
2010-03-23 20:11:00
For the second consecutive year, Kodak selected the 18th hole of the Bay Hill Golf Club & Lodge as a participant in the $1 million Kodak Challenge competition. What makes this final hole worthy of a Kodak moment? According to Kodak, "the Kodak Challenge was created to celebrate the beautiful holes and memorable moments in golf." Steve Powell, Director of Development for the Kodak Challenge added, " Number Eighteen at the Bay Hill Golf Club & Lodge is one of the most historic and exciting holes in golf and is the perfect example of what the Kodak Challenge is all about for players and fans." The par-4, 485-yard finishing hole looks simple on paper. It's straight away to a wide fairway, but that's where simple ends. The large, kidney shaped green is fronted by rocks and water, requiring a longer carry to the right half. The bunkers left of the green await errant shorts of the hydrophobic. Tee shots on this great finishing hole must find the fairway to give you a chance ...
Le moment..
2010-03-22 00:58:00
Cette chanson dcrit littralement le moment prsent et en quelque sorte amne l’motion du moment. C’est elle qui la trouv et me la envoy.. Les lyrics disent tout en anglais...
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