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Monaco di Baviera: 10/09/1972
2009-09-10 12:36:00
La nazionale di... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
El móvil Gresso Gran Monaco se inspira en la F1
2009-08-29 10:37:00
Si bien estamos acostumbrados a los teléfonos móviles de lujo de Vertú hay otra firma –de nacionalidad rusa- llamada Gresso que también nutre al mercado con ese tipo de productos.En esta oportunidad Gresso ha anunciado la salida del Gresso Gran Monaco, que encontró sus inspiración en las carreras de la fórmula uno.Es por eso que fue fabricado con materiales que están presentes en estos coches de carrera como la aleación de titanio, cerámicas y carbón high tech, acero y cristal de zafiro pulido a mano de 42 K en el marco de la pantalla, informó Gresso en su página oficial.Características técnicas: conectividad GSM/GPRS/EDGE, cámara de 2 megapíxeles, Bluetooth, correo electrónico, cámara digital de 2 megapíxeles. Hay dos modelos disponibles: el Black Ceramic Black Carbon y el Metallic Ceramic Black CarbonSe consiguen por 2100 dólares en la tienda online de Gresso.
Monaco seeks global bluefin tuna trade ban
2009-07-29 06:50:00
Monaco has tabled a formal proposal to place overfished Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna on the list of the world's most endangered species -- a move that could ban all trade of the... Extensive site includes news of various topics like Marine animals,Marine biology, sharks,Whales,sea mammals,endangered species,birds,turtles,penguine,-seal,planktons,Fish,coral reef,coastal environment and more
Helio Castroneves wins Indy 500; Button leads Brawn 1-2 in Monaco GP: Which
2009-05-25 08:15:00
Welcome back ladies and gentleman, as I sit here writing, its Monday early morning, its Memorial Day and yesterday was one of the biggest Motorsports days and the longest with the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500 and the Coca-Cola 600.However, it was the day that while I had looked forward too for months now, it wasn’t what I expected, as a matter a fact, it was a little disappointing, between not feeling well, a rained out Coca-Cola 600 at Lowe’s Motor Speedway for the NASCAR Cup Series that was postponed until later today (no fault of NASCAR), a sleeper Monaco Grand Prix and an ok Indianapolis 500, I didn’t feel it.I think all racing fans have heard the slogan “races can’t be won on the first lap, but sure can lost on the first lap”, well that slogan does hold true in most cases, however that one can be up for some debut when it comes to what I watched early this morning, namely the Monaco Grand Prix.Let me state the obvious, even though I am not a huge Formula ...
What are the top 5 biggest races in Motorsports? The Indy 500, Monaco Grand
2009-05-19 23:21:00
It’s a beautiful Tuesday evening, 70 degrees outside and sunny up here in Massachusetts and yet I am already thinking about the weekend, but not just any weekend, Memorial Day Weekend. Memorial Day Weekend is the biggest weekend in motorsports especially for me, on Sunday, two of the biggest race in motorsports will get the green flag, the Monaco Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500 and history shows that both races should be exciting.This weekend also marks NASCAR’s second biggest and longest race of the season and ironically enough it is on Sunday as well, the Coca-Cola 600. Think about for a moment, I know I have, every year Motorsports fans sit down to watch one, two or even three (counting the NASCAR race) including me of these races in one day, damn that’s cool.Since this is the biggest Motorsports weekend, I figure that this is the perfect time to ask, what are the top 5 biggest races in Motorsports? I have been thinking about this question for a little while now and whi...
Beyonce Knowles Candids In Monaco Beach
2009-05-14 14:34:00
Beyonce Knowles hits the beach with friends and her mom, designer Tina Knowles, on Wednesday, May 13, in Monaco, off the northern central coast of the Mediterranean Sea.The ?Crazy in Love? songstress looked uber-hot in a teal green two-piece bikini with a beach robe and sunglasses as she smiled for the paparazzi.Beyonce Knowles Beach Candids - Monaco I wish she wouldn't cover herself, she knows thats what made here career.
Tag Heuer Monaco Review
2008-09-15 04:04:00
I at a happy place in my life as I am now a owner of a Tag Heuer Monaco Automatic Chronograph CW2113.FC6183 - the blue Steve McQueen's Monaco. Back in 2004 I wrote the first time about the Tag Heuer Monaco on Wrist Dreams. I was in love with this classic square beauty already back then. Tag Heuer introduced the first Monaco in 1969. It was the first water-resistant chronograph with a square case. In 1970 Steve McQueen made the Monaco famous wearing it in the movie Le Mans. There are several versions of the Monaco available today from Tag Heuer, but for me only the blue one is really the one. Why I am so attracted to the Tag Heuer Monaco is difficult to describe. It just looks perfect and it looks perfect on my wrist. Even if Steve McQueen would have not worn it, I still would love this watch. The Monaco also makes quite an impression on others as it shape combined with the blue dial and strap stand out. What I found out also is that the watch fits to all my clothes. No matte...
Monte Carlo Monaco Suite hotel room 2008
2008-09-07 07:02:00
Monte Carlo Monaco Suite in 2008. We liked it. It's nice. Looks like they remodeled. It's got a 1 1/2 bathrooms,whirlpool jets, mini fridge, and 32" HDTV flat panel television. CLICK HERE for pics from Monaco Suite in 2007. It's much better now.1/2 bathroommini fridgesafe box in main bathroomhttp://www.montecarlo.c-om/hotel/
Park Makes Monaco Move
2008-09-02 01:32:00
The week before the transfer window closes is always a busy one. This year it slammed shut on the evening of September 1. Clubs had to buy players before then or they are doomed to wait until January before they can add to their rosters. It can be frantic.That wasn?t the case for South Korean players until last week ? it had been quiet, too quiet. Sure enough, that changed in dramatic fashion. It started with reports that Park Chu-young, one of the biggest stars in Korean football, was on his way to England?s Premier League with Wigan Athletic and ended with him jetting off to the Mediterranean on Sunday morning to join seven-time French champion AS Monaco. In the meantime, Lee Young-pyo left Tottenham for Borussia Dortmund.Park Chu-young?s move was more of a saga than Lee?s smooth transfer across the North Sea. The 2004 Young Asian Player of the Year looked set to stay with FC Seoul until next season at least. That became less likely when on August 24 after watching his Wigan team ...
Monaco (Hardcover)
2008-06-07 05:06:00
Monaco (Hardcover)By Eric parliamentarian Morse Buy new: $14.965 utilised and new from $14.29 Customer Rating: First tagged “classic” by Tabula_Rasa Customer tags: monaco(4), perfection(3), romance(2), idealism(2), justice(2), grand prix(2), novel(2), epic, epics, ...
2008 Canadian Formula 1 GP - What do they say before the race
2008-06-05 16:16:00
Few opinions ahead of 2008 Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix: Weatherman: Thunderstorms are expected in the city of Montreal. On Thursday they expected partly cloudy and dry weather and thunderstorms on Friday through to Sunday. The temperatures in Montreal are expected to be around 27 degrees during the weekend, but the rain will most likely interrupt the ...
By: F1 Wolf
F1: Lady Luck a fickle mistress in Monaco
2008-06-05 00:00:00
Monaco isn’t often an event that provides a vast amount of excitement as far as the racing goes. The streets of Monte Carlo might be awash with glamour and glitz but for the most part the F1 cars end up trailing around nose-to-tail in a less than spectacular procession. Sure, there’s bound to be someone who stuffs it in ...
F1: Monaco GP: McLaren Mercedes Martin Whitemarsh de-brief
2008-06-05 00:00:00
MONACO GRAND PRIX DE-BRIEF - MARTIN WHITMARSH Lewis secured Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ second consecutive victory in the Monaco Grand Prix, Formula 1s most prestigious race, but the rain made things a touch less straightforward for the team this time… “Absolutely. Saturday was a slightly flat day for us, because we thought we’d put enough fuel in the car to get ...
F1: Monaco GP: Toyota race report
2008-06-05 00:00:00
Timo Glock: Gained a place into the first corner before pitting for a new nose after early spin.Ran on full wets but suffered as the track dried and spun shortly before pit stop. Fuelled to the end but later switched to dry tyres and brought the car home in 12th. “That just wasn’t a good day for me. It would ...
F1: Monaco GP: Winners? press conference
2008-06-05 00:00:00
1. Lewis HAMILTON (McLaren Mercedes), 2h00m42.742s 2. Robert KUBICA (BMW Sauber), 2h00m45.806s 3. Felipe MASSA (Ferrari), 2h00m47.553s Q: Lewis, an eventful day from start to finish. Let’s begin at the beginning. It was a good start into P2 and then a little bit close to the wall at Tabac corner. Lewis HAMILTON: I was able to get a good start and ...
FIA clamps down on flexing bridge wings - Fix it !
2008-06-03 17:28:00
With all the attention focused on the June 3 Mosley vote the other FIA related news went almost unnoticed. According to Autosport it looks like FIA told the teams that the popular bridge wings mus be secured to the nose or a support must now be fitted to stop it from flexing (as ...
By: F1 Wolf
Formula 1 driver Nick Heidfeld takes you around Monaco F1 circuit
2008-06-02 01:09:00
BMW's Formula 1 drive, Nick Heidfeld in collaboration with the folks at, has decided to take the Formula 1 fans in a virtual lap around the Monaco F1 circuit. He gets into a lot of details on how the F1 car should be driven around the Monaco track. I was talking the other day with ...
Nicole scherzinger, the monaco f1 grand prix in monte carlo
2008-06-01 23:16:00
Monaco Coach
2008-06-01 12:23:00
1.6 - 2008 Monaco Coach & Elliott Wave (Boomerang issue - through it again)Famous boomerang mathematical issues, seems to be similiar incidents and solutions as stockmarket does 1. The boomerang climbs abruptly vertically and then fall too rapidly.Type of problem: Throwing Description of the problem: The boomerang climbs abruptly vertically and then fall too rapidly. Cause: You have thrown it flat (like a freesbee). Correction: Throw it with a layover of 20° to the right of the vertical. Be careful not to spin your wrist at the last moment. 2. The boomerang goes too high even though I aim lower.Type of problem: Throwing Description of the problem: The boomerang goes too high even though I aim lower. Cause: The grip is too smooth, maybe wet? The boomerang slips from your fingers and goes away before the end of the movement. Correction: Wipe the boomerang if necessary. Change the type of grip. 3. The boomerang flies too low or even crashes event though I aim higher.Type of prob...
GP2: Monaco blog posts go live
2008-05-31 17:46:00
Hoping to get all the latest hot gossip and intrigue from the Monaco GP2 paddock? The series blog has two episodes of a promised three-parter on the subject live and published. Since there's no Canada race, and the next slice of GP2 action will be taking place in France in 19 days' time, fans will need something to keep themselves occupied in the meantime - and this may be the perfect distraction.
Quali sono state le sensazioni di Adrian Sutil a Monaco?
2008-05-29 20:37:00
Ci sono volte nella vita in cui insegui un sogno, passi anni ed anni aspettando che si avveri, senza mai mollare; tenace e caparbio le provi tutte, ma sul piu bello il sogno si tramuta in incubo. Chi ha gia provato un esperienza simile certamente potr capire lo stato d’animo di Adrian Sutil, un pilota ...
Nicole Scherzinger on the 2008 Monaco F1 Grand Prix in Monte Carlo
2008-05-29 11:54:00
Nicole Scherzinger on the 2008 Monaco F1 Grand Prix in Monte Carlo. Visit site for more fresh celebrity photos, candids, photoshoots, gossip, rumors, paparazzi pictures, entertainment news
Property Grand Prix - Monaco
2008-05-28 09:33:00
Monaco proved to be another thriller of a Formula # 1 race this year with plenty of action and unexpected twists and turns. The team with the best judgment calls won fair and square this year with Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen suffering a wheel location problem before the start which resulted in a drive through penalty during the race followed by a loss of control in the tunnel which took his nose off. This cost him dearly as he lost his championship lead to Brit Lewis Hamilton who now leads by 3 points over Raikkonen.Hamilton won Monaco thanks to the decision by the team to make it a one stop race which proved the right thing to do. Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes)Robert Kubica (BMW Sauber)Felipe Massa (Ferrari) Ferrari still leads the McLaren-Mercedes team by 16 points at this stage but tables can quickly turn and maybe the lucky streak has run dry now for the red team. Time will tell when Canada heats up on the 8th of June next month. Mingle with high society While spectators r...
Which was the most entertaining race to watch…Monaco Grand Prix, Indy 500
2008-05-28 05:26:00
What a sight for racing fans to watch this past weekend and whether you are a Formula 1 fan, an open wheel fan, a NASCAR fan or a like me a huge Motorsports fan that mainly enjoys watching NASCAR whether it’s on television or at the racetrack in the grandstands or on pit road, this weekend was for you, a triple header day that had fans logging the entire day in front of the TV set. So would my predictions came true, well we start he at 8am on the East Coast (at least my DVR started at this time, I for one didn’t as I had been sick due to bad food since last Thursday night).In Formula 1, the Monaco Grand Prix is the superbowl, just like the Daytona 500 is in NASCAR, I don’t know what it is, but even for a person who has since walked from Formula 1, it still draws me in and for this year’s Monaco GP, despite the lack of passing for the lead with only 3 lead changes, this was a good one. Normally F1 races are mostly parades with little passing throughout the field, however when...
Video: Aamir Khan's 'I Love You' Monaco Ad
2008-05-28 01:02:00
The new ‘I Love You’ Monaco Ad is a must watch for all you Aamir Khan fans. Hopefully Parle has more AK ads up their sleeves. read more
Video: Aamir Khan's 'I Love You' Monaco Ad
2008-05-28 01:02:00
The new 'I Love You' Monaco Ad is a must watch for all you Aamir Khan fans. Hopefully Parle has more AK ads up their sleeves.
Monaco a full runthrough
2008-05-27 18:17:00
The rain soaked Monaco GP threw up a few surprises, and a few incidents. So let’s have a look at how the teams and drivers got on in the Principality. The race started with the teams having to make a difficult choice over which tyres to have on the cars before the three minute warning, ...
By: F1-Blog
Property Grand Prix - Monaco
2008-05-27 15:02:00
Monaco proved to be another thriller of a Formula # 1 race this year with plenty of action and unexpected twists and turns. The team with the best judgment calls won fair and square this year with Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen suffering a wheel location problem before the start which resulted in a drive through penalty ...
2008 Monaco F1 GP - Helmet Specials
2008-05-27 11:41:00
Monaco GP has some history of special helmets and liveries. Here is recap of four special helmets I noticed this year - the diamond helmets of McLaren drivers, Monaco flag and track map helmet of Nelson Piquet and 200 race anniversary helmet of Giancarlo Fisichella. Have I missed any ? Here is one helmet I missed and ...
By: F1 Wolf
Monaco 2008 - Force India Fly Kingfisher Party
2008-05-27 09:04:00
Looks like Sonia Irvine’s Amber Lounge parties have serious competition from Vijay Mallya . Here are some photos from Fly Kingfisher Party in Monaco 2008, including again DJ Sakon Yamamoto (after his success in Istanbul). According to Force India F1 team the Fly Kingfiser parties will be back in Valencia and Singapore. Photos: Force India F1 ...
By: F1 Wolf
Renault Laguna Coupe Monaco Promo
2008-05-27 00:04:00
Taken from Renault Laguna Coupe Monaco Promo on ZerCustoms With the Monaco Grand Prix coinciding with the launch of the new Renault Laguna Coupe in Cannes this week-end the French brand could not miss the opportunity to put both of them together. This Renault Laguna Coupe Monaco promo presents the new model doing a few laps of ... Complete text here: Renault Laguna Coupe Monaco Promo More Renault news on ZerCustoms
Monaco Recap
2008-05-26 12:23:00
Mixed weather conditions in Monaco. Just the thing to stir up the nattering, passless procession that inevitably occurs here each May. As the lights went out for the start, the rain fell in earnest. Polesitter Felipe Massa in the Ferrari got away quickly, but Lewis Hamilton in 3rd got the jump on the 2nd place position of Kimi Raikkonen. Robert Kubica in the the 5th place BMW-Sauber got away quickly as well. This marked the first rainy race in the post-traction control era, so it was great to see these multi-million-dollar machines gettin’ sideways just inches from disaster, the truest test of the F1 pilot’s skills. Despite qualifying poorly yesterday, Nick Heidfeld in the other BMW-Sauber gained an impressive five spots in the first five laps, jumping from 13th to 7th. It seemed the race never really settled into a rhythm, and as the rain continued to fall, the rooster tails grew. Who would crash first? While both Hamilton and Fernando Alonso in the Renault had mi...
2008 Monaco F1 GP - Wolf?s Race Review
2008-05-26 11:00:00
It has been suggested several times that the surest way how to secure an exciting F1 race is to sprinkle the track with water. It looks like we had just about the right amount of water to create an exciting race. We had changing weather, we had changing strategies, we had the top drivers making ...
By: F1 Wolf
Monaco Rare Coins
2008-05-26 07:42:00
Are you searching for a good and valuable investment? Do you want an investment with a very low risk? Do you consider the stock exchange too dangerous? You are then searching gold. Yes, the yellow metal, the one considered precious since ancient time: if you take a look at gold quotation, you will see how it is increasing in the last years. One of the best investment you can do with gold is surely the one based on rare gold coins: easy to store, extremely beautiful and very easy also to sell if you need to disinvest. Monaco Rare Coins can introduce you in this particular market: it has a great experience in this field and its experts can suggest you the best investment program. Take a look at what they can offer: you will surely find something interested (coins available have a value greater than $10,000,000).
Monaco Recap
2008-05-26 03:40:00
Mixed weather conditions in Monaco. Just the thing to stir up the nattering, passless procession that inevitably occurs here each May. As the lights went out for the start, the rain fell in earnest. Polesitter Felipe Massa in the Ferrari got away quickly, but Lewis Hamilton in 3rd got the jump on the 2nd place ...
F1-ToGo Monaco Grand Prix Review
2008-05-26 02:15:00
Monaco struck and Raikkonen was the prey or should I say Adrian Sutil. Anyway, Lewis Hamilton was the man of the day winning the race in fine style. Ironically it was an early mistake that set the tone for his win. Just a few laps into the race when rain was pouring ... SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "F1-ToGo Monaco Grand Prix Review", url: "" });
By: F1 ToGo
F1: Monaco glory for emotional Hamilton
2008-05-26 01:58:00
Lewis Hamilton won a rain-hit Monaco Grand Prix after an early puncture forced his McLaren team to redesign his race strategy - transforming it into exactly the right plan for victory. In contrast Ferrari proved less tactically astute, sending their drivers out on the wrong tyres in anticipation of a second spell of rain late in the race that failed to materialise. The red cars had locked up the front row of the grid, with the McLarens in formation behind them, but that arrangement didn’t even last to the start as Heikki Kovalainen stalled before the parade lap and had to begin his race from the pitlane. Felipe Massa made a good start, but Kimi Raikkonen hesitated and Hamilton struck to make the leap up to second. Robert Kubica kept pace with the leaders, but the rest of the field rapidly strung out along the track as drivers gingerly experiemented with the available grip. Most of the field made errors at some point in the race, and Hamilton was the first of the leading group...
F1: Monaco GP in six words
2008-05-26 01:04:00
A rain-soaked, incident-packed race with thrills, spills and some pretty heroic driving - you'd need a lot of words to accurately describe the Monaco Grand Prix, but we're doing it in just six per driver and team.
Fantastic Lewis Hamilton Wins In Monaco!
2008-05-25 22:54:00
A fantastic race win today by Lewis Hamilton, who had qualified third in Monaco on Saturday. The Formula 1 Monte Carlo Grand Prix race is well known for the near impossible overtaking around the city-circuit, and Lewis starting in third, didn’t have the as good a chance as he could have had. BUT, Hamilton managed to ...Copyright ©2008
Nicole Scherzinger - The Monaco F1 Grand Prix in Monte Carlo
2008-05-25 22:49:00
Copyright 2008 Hot Celebs Home. Visit the original article at Source: Celeb Utopia
Raikkonen Unpunished From Sutil Crash, Apologises
2008-05-25 20:48:00
Kimi Raikkonen has escaped punishment for his part in the accident with Adrian Sutil, which put pay to either drivers chances of a points finish. The Finn lost control of his car, and did not crash on purpose, but Force India decided to protest to the FIA anyway. Sutil himself said it was not Raikkonen’s fault. “The Stewards ...
Lewis conquers the Monaco Rain
2008-05-25 19:37:00
Lewis Hamilton and McLaren have taken the race win in Monaco on a rain drenched day. Lewis managed to get the jump on Kimi at the race start, taking corner one behind Massa. He then managed to bump his rear wheel against a barrier, and had to pit for replacement, where the McLaren team switched him ...
By: F1-Blog
Hamilton Grabs Chaotic Monaco Win
2008-05-25 19:28:00
Lewis Hamilton has won the most hectic and chaotic race of the entire season so far, despite being involved in an accident himself. The Brit, winning his first event since Round 1 of this season, was followed across the line by Robert Kubica and Felipe Massa. Race Review Right from the start it was going to be one ...
2008 Monaco F1 GP - Race result - Win for Hamilton
2008-05-25 17:48:00
Lewis Hamilton won the incident filled Monaco Grand Prix ahead of Robert Kubica and the pole setter Felipe Massa. Sebastian Vettel scored his first points of the season, Rubens Barrichello his first points since 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix. Adrian Sutil was robbed off excellent 4th place finish after out of control Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen ...
By: F1 Wolf
Monaco Rare Coins For Your
2008-05-25 16:31:00
I think the next few years are going to be not so smooth sailing when it comes to money and investments. That is why if you like to invest or if you would like to invest some extra money than you... This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more!
Monaco Grand Prix Results - Hamilton Wins!
2008-05-25 16:21:00
1 L. Hamilton McLaren 2:00:42.742 2 R. Kubica BMW + 3.064 3 F. Massa Ferrari + 4.811 4 M. Webber Red Bull + 19.295 5 S. Vettel Scuderia Toro Rosso + 24.657 6 R. Barrichello Honda + 28.408 7 K. Nakajima Williams + 30.180 8 H. Kovalainen McLaren + 33.191 9 K. Rikknen Ferrari + 33.792 10 F. Alonso Renault + 0 laps 11 J. Button Honda + 0 laps 12 T. Glock Toyota + 0 laps 13 J. Trulli Toyota + 0 laps 14 N. Heidfeld BMW + 0 laps Did not finish 15 A. Sutil Force India F1 + 7 laps 16 N. Rosberg Williams + 17 laps 17 N. Piquet jr. Renault + 31 laps 18 G. Fisichella Force India F1 + 40 laps 19 D. ... SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Monaco Grand Prix Results - Hamilton Wins!", url: "" });
By: F1 ToGo
Monaco Grand Prix: Hamilton wins, Ferrari slips.
2008-05-25 16:15:00
The Monaco Grand Prix was run today under rainy conditions and those conditions interfered with the usual course of the event. The track was very slippery and many drivers lost control of their cars during the race.Heikki Kovalainen experienced a first failure during the pace lap. His car was stuck on the grid and he had to begin the race from pit road. Lewis Hamilton, starting third, managed to pass Kimi Raikkonen on the start. But Hamilton touched the railing only a few laps later and punctured a tire. He had to go thru pit lane to change the tire.Fernando Alonso also touched the rail while David Coulthard and Sebastien Bourdais touched and were both forced to retire. The incident brought the safety car on the track, saving Lewis Hamilton from a disastrous track position.Kimi Raikkonen then suffered a drive thru sanction. Ferrari installed Raikkonen's tires with under three minute to go to the start of the race which constitutes a rule violation. Ferrari's troubles continued onl...
By: Overtime!
F1: Monaco Grand Prix live blog
2008-05-25 13:50:00
Before Monaco qualifying McLaren publicly told its drivers that it expected them to “add to the illustrious history of the team at the Monaco Grand Prix.” And now Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen are smarting after failing to find an answer to Ferrari in qualifying. The red cars beat them to the front row by mere hundredths of a second and they command the race. How will the McLarens respond? Add in wet conditions, difficult tyre choices and the first race without traction control and you really, really want to be here for the start today. Stick with us to find out… and remember to hit refresh to get the latest posts. _________________________ A great weekend for British motorsport: OK that’s Mike Conway and Lewis Hamilton on the top step. Don’t suppose Dan Wheldon can make it a hat trick this evening… - - - - - Bloopers: James Allen utters this immortal sentence: “There’s no feeling quite like shaking hands with Prince Albert.&rdquo...
2008 Monaco F1 GP - Live Blog - Race
2008-05-25 12:50:00
Join us here for Live Blog following the 2008 Monaco Formula 1 GP race. If you want to see the current weather situation in Monaco - check this webcam. To watch Formula 1 online, check out the tips at F1Wolf Club. addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = '2008+Monaco+F1+GP+-+Live+Blog+--+Race'; addthis_pub ...
By: F1 Wolf
2008 Monaco F1 GP - Looks like wet race is on
2008-05-25 10:51:00
It is about 3 hours to go and it looks like we are on for a wet Monaco race ! Here are some screenshots from Monaco webcam: You can check the live webcam and weather in Monaco if you click here. addthis_url = '';- addthis_title = '2008+Monaco+F1+GP+-+Looks+like-+wet+race+is+on'; addthis_pub ...
By: F1 Wolf
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