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Hand gesture for Nirutti
2009-02-03 19:09:00
Nirutti: Nirutti is actually said to be one of the Ashta-dikpalas. Ashta-dikpala means guardians of eight direction. Thus Nirutti is said to be guarding the south-west direction. He rides on a lion. His weapon is called the Kundayudha. His consort is Durga. Some times taking Brahma as the centre they form the Navasandhi. ‘Nava’ mean nine ...
If you practice these mudras regularly you can see the wonderful health ben
2008-05-29 18:56:00
If you practice these mudras regularly you can see the wonderful health benefits. Gyan Mudra (Mudra of Knowledge): Method: Touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger, with the other three fingers stretched out. Specialty: As it is a mudra of knowledge, it enhances the knowledge. The tip of thumb has centers of pituitary and ...
Kilaka Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-05-20 05:32:00
When both the little fingers interlock each other we get the Kilaka Hasta. Lets take a look at the Viniyoga shloka (uses) snehe namranulape cha kilako viniyujyate The shloka says that this kilaka hasta is used to denote A feeling of Love and affection Funny talks, hilarious conversation etc
Pasha Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-05-17 01:55:00
When the both the hands in Tamrachuda are interlocked with one another we get the Pasha hasta. Lets take a look at the viniyoga shloka (uses) Anyonyakalahe pashe shrinkhalayam niyujyate The shloka says that the pasha hasta is used to denote Internal fights or Quarrels A String A Chain
Shankha Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-05-14 19:01:00
Hold the thumb of your left hand with the forefingers of right hand in Shikhara hasta. Touch the right thumb to the left palms middle finger. Here we get the shape of a counch ie called as Shankha Hasta. Lets take a look at the Viniyoga shloka shankhadishu prayojyo yamityahurbharatadayaha It says that the Shankha mudra is used ...
Kartariswastika Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-05-13 18:10:00
When both the hands are crossed in Kartarimukha Mudra we get the Kartariswastika Hasta. Lets take a look at the viniyoga shloka shakhasu chadrishikhare vriksheshu cha niyujyate According to the the shloka karariswastika help to show Stems and branches of the trees A huge tree A hill top or its peak.
Kataka Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-04-16 08:40:00
While in the Simhamukha hand gesture, the Middle finger and the ring finger is bent to form an arch. Also the thumb is slightly bent. Thus a “C” shape is formed with the Middle finger, Ring finger and the thumb. The other fingers are Erect. This Hasta can be used to denote: A Bracelet Holding of ...
Utsanga Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-04-07 09:31:00
When the right and left palms touches the left and right shoulder respectively in Mrigashirsha mudra we get the Utsanga hasta. Lets take a look at the Viniyoga shloka (uses) Alingena cha Lajjayamangadadipradarshane balaanaam shikshane chayamutsange yujyate karaha The shloka says that Utsangha is used to denote An embrace To show Modesty, Shyness etc Display of Armlets and other such ornaments Coaching children ...
Pushpaputa Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-04-05 09:17:00
When both the Palms are joined together at the little finger and slightly hollow at the centre of the Palms. The inner palm facing up. The other way to look at it would be when two Sarpashirsha is held together we get the Pushpaputa Hasta. Let take a look at the Viniyoga Shloka (uses) Neeranjanavidhau variphaladigrahanepi cha sandhyayamardhyadane ...
Swastika Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-03-29 09:00:00
We get the swastika pose when both the palms in pataka are crossed at the wrists. lets take a look at the viniyoga shloka: (uses) sammuhagamane tunda darshane shankha purane anganam motane shakhonamane cha niyujyate The shloka says that swastika denotes a Crocodile My imagination says it can be used To say “No” To show a blocked road or a passage To ...
Simhamukha Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-03-25 18:19:00
When the middle finger and the ring finger press against the thumb, while the other fingers are held straight we get the Simhamukha Hasta. Simhamukha means Lion -faced. In the Hindu Mythology lord Narashimha Murthy (an incarnation of Vishnu) has the face of a Lion. He is Known as the “Great Protector” of his ...
Karkata Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-03-23 12:52:00
Here the fingers of both the hands are interlocked with each other. Lets take a look at the Viniyoga shloka (uses) Sammuhagamane tundadarshane shankhapurane anganam motane shakhonnamane cha niyujyate This verse says that Karkata is used to denote Arrival of people (Get together) Showing the Belly Blowing the counch Twisting and stretching of Limbs Bending a branch ...
Trishula Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-03-21 07:27:00
In Sanskrit ‘Tri’ means three and ‘Shula’ means a spear. Thus Trishula is a kind of spear with Three sharp points rather than one. It is one of the popular symbols of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is called also as ‘Trishula Dhara’ ie one who holds the Trishula. When the Thumb and the little finger are ...
Mukula Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-03-17 08:40:00
Mukula means a Bud. When all the five finger are brought together and touch each other at the tip, we get the Mukula hasta. Lets see what the viniyaga shloka has to say : kumude bhojane panchabane mudradidharane nabhao cha kadalipushpe yujyate mukulah karaha This sloka talks about the various uses of Mukula. It can denote the following : A ...
Dola Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-03-12 18:51:00
When the pataka hasta is placed to the sides of the thigh we get the Dola hasta. The most important aspect is how the elbows are held. See to it that the elbow bone face down and the inner side of elbows face up. The inner side of the Palm in pataka hasta face the ...
Bhramara Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-03-05 13:22:00
When the Index finger in the Katakamukha mudra, is placed in between the middle finger and the thumb we get the Bhramara mudra. The Index finger can also be curled and placed. Bhramara looks like a Bee and thus it is called Bee shaped. Lets look at the viniyogas shloka(uses) and its meaning The shloka is ...
Anjali Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-03-04 17:52:00
When both the palms in Pataka are joined together we get the Anjali Mudra. In fact in the Indian culture this Mudra is very often used for greeting people. Viniyoga shloka (in sanskrit) and the meaning : Devataguruvipranam namaskareshavanukramat karyaha shiromukhorastho viniyoganjalirbudhaihi This mudra is used to offer salutation to the God, Elders, Teachers and a Brahmin. The Anjali ...
Sandamsha Hand gesture (Mudra)
2008-03-03 08:46:00
Sandamsha involves closing and opening of fingers. It means all the finger get closer touching each other at the tip and then open up separating. Lets study the viniyogas Samdamsha hasta : Sandamsha means a Pincer. (It is also called as Chimta or Pakkad in some parts of India) A belly Offerings made ...
Shukatunda Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-03-03 08:19:00
When the Ring finger of the Arala mudra is bent we get Shukatunda Hasta. Shukatunda is used to denote the following: Shukatunda literally means a Parrots Head A shooting of an arrow A spear Remembering one’s Abode Saying of Mystic things A violent mood
Samayukta Hastas or Double Hand Gestures in Bharatanatyam
2008-02-28 07:56:00
Samyukta Hastas are also called as Double hand gestures or Combined hand gestures. Unlike Asamyukta hastas, these gestures require use of both the palms to convey the message or a particular meaning. For example the Anjali Mudra is a simple gesture where both the palms are joined to mean a Namskara or to imply salutations. ...
Padmakosha Hand Gesture (Mudra)
2008-02-24 07:39:00
All the fingers are stretched and slightly brought closer to form Padmakosha. Padmakosha is used to denote the following:- Indicate fruits such as wood-apple and Bel (Bel is a native of India. From time immemorial it has been regarded as a medicinal herb. It is round in shape and resembles a wood-apple. It is of the normal ...
Types of Yoga
2007-12-03 05:44:00
There are many types of yoga and these fall basically into two types, the divisions of classical yoga techniques and the many modern styles of yoga so these are dealt with below under these sub headings Classical Yoga Techniques These all date back almost to the origins of yoga, they ...
¿Qué son los mudras?
2007-11-27 13:43:00
Los mudras, son gestos que se realizan con el cuerpo durante la meditación, utilizados en varias ramas del yoga, y que nos sirven para canalizar la energía espiritual de nuestro cuerpo. Al realizar estas presiones en el cuerpo, la energía puede fluir por los “nadis”, que son los circuitos de energía psiquicos y nos ...
Re-energize Using Mudras
2007-11-08 19:07:00
Re-energizing your mind and body can be done in several ways. Caffeine can accomplish the task but the seemingly beneficial effects comes with its downsides like elevating your stress hormones. An alternative way is meditation which has no adverse effects since no chemicals are involved.I found this post by Carole Fogarty which cites several ways to re-energize and calm the mind using mudras. Below is an excerpt:"Mudras are hand postures that when held for as little as three minutes can encourage the flow of specific energy channels in your body. They are very subtle and allow the body when given the chance to re-balance itself." .... read the restBelieve me it works. It's better than caffeine in giving you a lift.Related Posts: Meditation Can Give You a LiftCaffeine and Meditation
Muscle Relaxing Yoga Techniques
2007-11-02 09:25:00
Yoga is a spiritual discipline. It includes a set of poses (asanas) intended to calm the mind and restore balance to the body. A lot of folks in the West perform Yoga poses for relaxation, more fitness, and healthier physiques. At the end of a long and tiring ...
Importance of Practicing Poses
2007-06-13 09:04:00
The practice of the yoga is of very high importance and can have a huge beneficial effect on the whole entire body. Poses not only strengthen and tone the muscles, tissues, ligaments, joints and nerves but also maintains the smooth functioning and health of all the body’s systems. These are the respiratory, ...
Yoga Styles/Mudras
2007-03-29 08:23:00
The science of Yoga and its techniques have now been re-oriented to suit modern sociological and physiological needs and lifestyles. Expert practitioners and protagonists of various branches of medicine including modern medical science are realizing the role of these techniques in the prevention of disease, mitigation and cure of disease and promotion of health. The ...
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