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Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: double neck solo antwerp
2009-09-15 00:49:00
Short but sweet. Mr. Big in Antwerp, 2009 This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Solar Powered Eneloop Neck Warmer, This Summer's Hot Item
2009-08-10 02:54:00
Sanyo is barking up the right tree with their new, green, solar powered Eneloop neck warmer - though announcing it in the dog days of August isn't exactly timely.
Solar Powered Eneloop Neck Warmer, This Summer's Hot Item
2009-08-10 02:54:00
Sanyo is barking up the right tree with their new, green, solar powered Eneloop neck warmer - though announcing it in the dog days of August isn't exactly timely.
Bulging Discs: What a pain in the neck!!
2009-08-09 20:41:00
Many of you who read my blog may know my background. If not, read here: http://lifeonlybetter.typepad.c-om/about.html. Throughout my career I've always tried to educate the world about how important it is to be fit for the reasons of my own...
Will Kriski: techie shreds the neck.
2009-07-28 07:47:00
Will Kriski is an online guitar tutor. Lots of free lessons... I liked the link... like me he's a techie guy... Former structural engineering turned IT consultant turned musician. I'm finally pursuing the music passion combining it with all this cool technology like youtube. His web site covers a myriad of styles and techniques... here's a selection Guitar Solo Demo -... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Renat Bikchurin: WTF double neck guitar and two handed tapping!
2009-07-09 22:01:00
Wow, what a guitar... another amazing snippet from Renat Bikchurin. Short new guitar demo This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Is Your Job A Pain In The Neck? The Necprotech
2009-06-11 03:33:00
All occupations can sometimes be a pain in the neck, but there are some -- like house painting, window cleaning, fruit picking, and automobile repair -- that literally leave their practitioners with a pain in the neck from looking up most of their days. This pain can be so severe as to be a safety concern, as the inventor of the Necprotech knows very well.
De Karma on Black/White Stripes, Draped Neck Tee
2009-06-03 15:10:00
Don't throw that black/white feeling just, because there could be an extra room for your fashion. I'm talking about De Karma's Stripes Tee shirt, its contrast color stripes add vividness to this stylish draped neck tee. Combined with dark or light color pants or denim will make this tee a great choice for style-savvy guys who understand how to make impact with simple-yet-sophisticated look... like you, maybe? ;) This tee is available in black or gray color from ($40) and shipped around the world.
t-cophony: double neck acoustic
2009-06-02 22:27:00
t-cophony says: This is original song "Closed(Live version)". New album "Unknown coloration (EFD)" out on iTunes June ! You can get T-cophony's many other songs now on iTunes and Amazon , Napstar ...etc. Please check out them! Doubleneck acoustic guitar - T-cophony "Closed(Live version)" Plus two more videos from this talented musician "Meaning of life" - T-cophony - Unknown... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Adam Fulara: superb double neck for sale
2009-05-12 01:32:00
News: 10-05-2009: Doublenecked MENSINGER Adam Fulara signature Price: 1000 EUR (or 1450 USD)+shipping, Made in 2007 (March). On this guitar I have performed only once - at the Musik Messe 2007. It has been made especially for this one gig. Reason of sale: deal with another luthiery craftsman: REK guitars. So it's almost new and not used. I don't need it anymore. Perfect for tapping. It has... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Welding Neck RF Flanges and Welding Neck FF Flanges
2009-05-11 15:38:00
Please can some one send me the technical characteristics for welding neck FF flange and welding neck RF flange on e-mail:
Robot-assisted Surgery Appears Useful For Removal Of Some Head And Neck Tum
2009-04-24 16:16:00
From ScienceDaily: Latest Science News: Robot-assisted surgery appears feasible for treatment of selected head and neck cancers, according to a new article. "Since the introduction of the surgical robot in 1999, robot-assisted cardiac, gynecologic and urologic procedures have be
Adam Fulara: three treats from the double neck threat
2009-04-04 01:18:00
News: 01-04-2009: Adam Fulara - Polskie Drogi (A. Kurylewicz) - two-handed tapping Adam Fulara - The Goldberg Variation No. 9 (J. S. Bach) - doublenecked tapping guitar Adam Fulara - Goldberg Variation No. 18 (Bach) - doublenecked tapping guitar This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Vive Le Pop Deep V Neck T-shirt
2009-03-20 15:24:00
I can't always be bored with white T-shirt, especially when simple touch makes it look outstanding. Vive Le Pop tee features artsy typograpic art in red at the front side. And it even gets sexier with deep-v neckline. This regular fit tee sold exclusively by UrbanOutfitters for $19.99 (after discount price)
Renat Bikchurin: double delight on a single neck
2009-03-17 23:51:00
News: 17-03-2009: Renat Bikchurin back again with his two handed acoustic tapping technique. BWV847 145 This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Jason Becker: shred neck!
2009-02-21 01:28:00
News: 21-02-2009: Shred Necks add the Jason Becker model: This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Long Weld Neck on Hydrogen Service Reactor
2009-02-18 05:24:00
Can I use reinforcing pads for the Long weld neck nozzle of 1 1/2" which is at Dished End for Reactor which is in Hydrogen service?
great neck,NY,11021,US,Price:$189000
2009-01-28 04:19:00
Residential > Condo/Townhouse > New Homes
Neck Wrap/Brace Organizer: Great Idea?
2009-01-11 12:11:00
The Neck Wrap/Brace Organizer for Holding Items and Belt Article Holder for Same (whew!) also known as Patent# US 6929164 addresses the issue of organization with a baptism by fire type of idea. There?s no question that being organized saves time, space and aggravation in our lives, but this silly patent has gone more than one step too far. Read on and draw a line somewhere in the sand?if you can find a pencil, that is.
Nicole Richie In Fluxus V-Neck Loose Fit Burnout Tee
2009-01-05 09:00:00
Nicole Richie, Hilary Duff, Lo Bosworth, Kate Hudson, Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, Hayden Panetierre and Lindsay Lohan all love wearing Fluxus' V-neck Loose Fit Burnout Tee. The Flunus tees feature a modern cut, deep v-neck, burnout fabric and are loose fitting. Looks and feels super comfy. Save 15% off your total purchase at Boutique To You with coupon code "castyle."
No-Neck Blues Band
2008-12-23 20:15:00
Mind-blowingly good twisted improv from New York's No-Neck Blues Band. This new album is brilliantly all over the place, taking in a tremendous range of stylistic stopping off points, all handled with the utmost freedom and spontaneity by these seasoned psych-blues travellers. "Clomeim is an evolution, a vital document of change in The No-Neck Blues Band's 15+ years of para-musical activity. This pivotal recording is a creative distillation of the collective at a new and startling saturation point. For three rainy days in March 2007, the seven-headed hydra that is NNCK holed up in Black Dirt Studios, their newly outfitted recording studio in the foothills of upstate New York. With a discipline & a clarity of vision they've rarely displayed before,the collective channeled all of their energies into hours of recording live, real-time improvisation. After months spent sculpting and recasting the raw material, Clomeim emerged--a distinct whole, recalling in its parts the communal how...
Nozzle/Manhole Neck Materials
2008-11-30 04:04:00
Dear All Members, I need some advice from you all regarding matter below. In the Material of Construction list , the nozzles neck shall be A106GrB seamless pipe. My question is the following; 1)In the case I have nozzles with size 24",I am constructed using plate A516 Gr70N,same
A Healthy Diet Check Up - From The Neck Up
2008-11-24 08:07:00
A Healthy Diet Check Up - From The Neck Up was written by Jill Miller from fit4lifeclub.comIf you have tried every so-called healthy diet plan on the planet and every exercise program from the latest fitness guru and repeatedly failed to achieve your weight loss goals, you probably need a "healthy diet check up...from the neck up."There's no such thing as a healthy, fast, weight loss diet plan. Successful weight loss doesn?t just happen. It took more than a few days to reach the point where you are at right now. Give yourself a break and expect it to take awhile before you see measurable results. Take a leap of faith and follow some basic principles in your diet plan.Begin with your "self talk." This is the conversation that runs through your brain continuously. What kind of conversation do you have with your self talk? What type of negative self talk has kept you from reaching your weight loss goals in the past?If you had a chance to do it over again, would you change the dialogue...
Reinforcement Pad for Long Weld Neck Flange
2008-11-17 02:30:00
Dear All Members, I have one nozzle(Long Weld Neck Flange) attached to the head using PV software. the result calculation for this flange are passed but after I consider some external load(like WRC 107&WRC 297),this calculation will failure. So, could i used additional reinforcemnt pad
Neck Exercise
2008-10-31 15:38:00
Having a tiring week? Stress Friday?Sit back and relax. Jom exercise. Read this:Click to enlarge.Note: Thanks to teep for the email.
The Madonna with the long neck
2008-10-27 13:16:00
Parmigianino 1534
Hilary Duff's Fluxus V-neck Loose Fit Burnout Tee
2008-10-17 09:00:00
Worn by Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Lo Bosworth, Kate Hudson, Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and Hayden Panetierre, Hilary Duff also loves wearing her Fluxus V-neck Loose Fit Burnout Tee. Available in white, storm, and quartz, these tees feature a modern cut, deep v-neck, burnout fabric, and are loose fitting. Save 15% off by using coupon code "castyle" at Boutique To You.
Magnetic Therapy for treating neck and shoulder pain
2008-10-10 09:00:00
Dear Sanj Shimadry, Thank youfor my Neck and Shoulders Magnetic TherapyPain Relief Package, which I received around 10th April 2008. I had ordered this package, because for the past year and a half I have suffered with severe neck and shoulders pain as well as lower back pain. Generally the pain was at it’s worst first thing ...
Neck Care!!
2008-09-23 15:12:00
MY HUB PRIYANKA CHOPRA TOO HOTYOUSAYTOO JOURNAL Do comment whether you like such posts and what i need to improvize on this blog...waiting for your comments people!! -- If you like this post, then... Visit for more....
Adam Fulara: double neck in concert
2008-08-04 22:18:00
News: 04-08-2008: A long time no see for Adam. Adam Fulara on double neck guitar in concert This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
My Pain in the Neck
2008-07-16 14:40:00
The evidence that Logan, is indeed, a pain in the neck.  I took this yesterday morning, while it was still dark.  The flash didn’t make him even stir.  That, right there, is MY side of the bed.  The pillow on the floor to the side is mine.  It goes, you know, where his feet are.  Clearly, at some point, this was preferable to his own bed.
Printed V-Neck Tunic Dress As Seen On Nicky Hilton
2008-07-11 02:00:00
The Nu Collective dress as seen on Nicky Hilton at Nobu is a huge hit!"Summer style is a snap in Nu Collective?s Printed V Neck Tunic. Perfect as a mini dress or as a long top, this silk piece features a lively geometric print, dropped drawstring waist, V neck and backlines, wide cap sleeves, and a buttoned string detail at the back. Nu Collective combines feminine details with superior construction for pieces that are timelessly chic yet affordable. As seen on Nicky Hilton."Nu Collective embodies the spirit of a collective, creative collaboration, celebrating energy for all that is Nu. The collection puts a fresh spin on the newly refined ease and classic elegance in fashion. The soft silk and lux jersey pieces created season after season are now spreading internationally to the most exclusive shops in Tokyo, Dubai, London, Paris, Sydney, and Barcelona.This dress is available at Singer22 and Man Eater Threads (use coupon code "castyle" and save 20% off).
Children?s Neck Size Linked To Sleep Disorders
2008-06-18 01:45:00
Children with bigger necks may be at increased risk for a sleep-related breathing disorder, as well as increased severity of the disease, according to a University of Virginia study.. The study focused on 215 children between one-and-a-half to 18 years of age who were referred to a pediatric sleep center. Obese patients comprised 37.3 percent of ...
Top Ten Guesses How Ed McMahon Broke His Neck | Rants and Raves of Rhonda H
2008-06-06 18:54:00
How did Ed McMahon break his neck? Everyone seems to want to know. Since I don't know how it happened, I decided to play comedian and make up my own top ten list. The list is absolutely made up and hopefully there isn't one shred of truth to my guesses. Ed made us laugh for years. Knowing his personal situation is so d16 Zoom(s)
Little Black Dress Deal: Valentino Red Ruched V-Neck
2008-06-03 19:04:00
Thisblack dress can be dressed up or down with jewelry. It’s pretty simple so wear some bold earringsto dress it up. It’s on sale for a great price, especially considering it can be worn on many different ocassions from a cocktail parties to weddings. Valentino Red Ruched V Neck Dress: :$173.90 (Was:$290.00) Shop for more women’s dresses ...
Sporty Around-Neck? reproductor MP3 y auriculares en una sola pieza
2008-06-01 18:17:00
Sporty Around-Neck es un reproductor MP3 y auriculares en una sola pieza que est especialmente diseado para deportistas, por ser extremadamente ligeros y estar realizado en plstico altamente resistente. Tiene una capacidad de almacenamiento de 1GB y es capaz de reproducir los formatos de audio MP3/WMA/WAV. La vida de la batera es de 8 horas ...
Acupuncture reduces pain in head and neck cancer patients
2008-06-01 12:57:00
CM NEWS - Acupuncture has been found to significantly reduce pain dysfunction, and dry mouth in head and neck cancer patients after neck dissection. The study was led by David Pfister, MD, Chief of the Head and Neck Medical Oncology Service, and Barrie Cassileth, PhD, Chief of the Integrative Medicine Service, at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre (MSKCC). Dr Pfister presented the findings at the annual meeting of the American Society for Clinical Oncology. Neck dissection is a common procedure for treatment of head and neck cancer. There are different types of neck dissection, which vary based on which structures are removed and the anticipated side effects. One type ? the radical neck dissection ? involves complete removal of lymph nodes from one side of the neck, the muscle that helps turn the head, a major vein, and a nerve that is critical to full range of motion for the arm and shoulder. “Chronic pain and shoulder mobility problems are common after such surgery, adve...
Dam Neck Fleet Combat Training Center, Atlantic, Virginia: Home For Sale /
2008-05-27 22:30:00
1893 Clovis Court, Virginia Beach, VA, 23454 SINGLE FAMILY: For Sale / For Rent By Owner Price: $259.00 :: Rent: $1.00Nearest Installation(s):Dam Neck Fleet Combat Training Center, Atlantic < 10 MilesOceana NAS < 10 MilesLittle Creek Naval Amphibious Base < 10 Miles Location! Location! Beautiful 3 BR/ 2 Bath home located on quiet cul-de-sac in the Ocean Lakes Community off of General Booth Blvd. This home boasts that welcome home appeal for a single person or a family. As a military family, we have proudly lived in this home for almost 15 years. We would love to see it sold or rented to a military family who will appreciate the sense of community that we feel. It is freshly painted (neutral), new carpet throughout, new floors (kitchen/baths), hot tub, custom deck, upgraded Hampton Bay ceiling fans (w/wall remotes), all new Anderson tilt in windows (VERY energy efficient), new H/A system and all appliances convey. This home is close to it all! New ever growing ...
Back, Neck, Arm, and Hand Pain: Are They All Connected Somehow?
2008-05-27 16:27:00
San Francisco Chiropractor Comments: Question: I often times have low back pain and neck pain that travels into the arms and hands...all at once. Either they are OK...or I have all of these symptoms all at once. It can be...
Michael Kors Cashmere V-Neck Pullover Poncho Sweaters
2008-05-27 02:19:00
Michael Kors Cashmere V-Neck Pullover Poncho Sweaters Aren't these Michael Kors cashmere poncho sweaters fabulous!The summery sorbet colors are pink, lavender, apricot, or yellow!Love, love, love these colors! See these Michael Kors Cashmere V-Neck Pullover Poncho Sweaters at Vivre.Hope you enjoyed this post: Michael Kors Cashmere V-Neck Pullover Poncho Sweaters. Loving Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy? Subscribe to my RSS feed: Subscribe to Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy.Or get Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy updates by email. Tags: cashmere pullover v-neck pullover poncho sweaters womens sweaters designer cashmere cashmere pullovers cashmere clothing ladies cashmere ladies cashmere sweaters women's cashmere sweaters michael koors michael korrs must haves michael cors michaelkors michael kors 2008
Cyclist scratches woman's neck on street in Aichi
2008-05-27 00:00:00
{mosgoogle right}TOYOHASHI, Aichi -- A cyclist scratched a woman's neck on her way home from work here in an apparent random attack, leaving her with slight injuries, police said.At around 8:55 p.m. on Monday, a thin man riding on a bicycle approached a 25-year-old woman on a street in Toyohashi from behind, and scratched the back part of her neck with what looked like a metal object, local police said. She suffered slight injuries in the attack.The man appeared to be ag ...
Esha Deol in a tight low-neck Black T-shirt .....
2008-05-22 07:34:00
I wish i could grab those jugs,watermelon,juicy boobs ... Esha Deol - Very sexy in this sleeveless dressHOT BEAUTIES IN BLACK DRESSESESHA DEOL AND SAMERA REDDAY SITTING IN HOT POSITION
Logitech Premium Notebook Headset - Cable Connectivity - Behind-the-neck -
2008-05-22 05:23:00
Designed specifically for the needs of notebook users, the Premium Notebook Headset features a behind-the-head, adjustable design that folds flat for travel. The perfect headset for PC calling, Internet voice chat, gaming, and music including most MP3 players, it offers high-performance audio, a noise-cancelling microphone, and in-line volume and mute controls.
John McCain and Neck Wattles infomercial
2008-05-18 19:04:00
By some estimates, many older Americans are afflicted by neck wattle problems that do NOT need to be treated by cosmetic surgery! This discovery is not the result of lengthy and complicated medical research, nor is it difficult to understand the solutions (just nuke em as God intended through natural means)In fact, if you devote just 30 minutes of your time to sit through Hugh Downs' latest Sunday morning tv Medimericial, you see what it will take for McCain's candidacy to improve on a superficial level - what matters most in elections. And it is a product that all Americans can benefit from if they'll only pick up their phone in the next half hour.And that's not all: You also get an early look at 5 MDs hawking natural cures for the masses, who are prime candidates to be considered for the McCain cabinet's newly created post of Surgeon General of the United Red States.
15 Fish Hooks Around Dog?s Neck
2008-05-14 19:42:00
I recently heard about this story - it is very sad, and I cannot even comprehend why someone would do something so terrible to an animal. As I am writing this, the perpetrators have not been caught, but citizens with any information are asked to call animal officials in Uniontown, PA the number is: (724) ...
With Python around his neck, King Akshay enthralled Mumbai!
2008-05-13 13:55:00
Link Viacom 18 Media Pvt Ltd revealed the identity of its soon to be launched Hindi General Entertainment Channel ? COLORS a few days ago amidst much fanfare. read more
Not to Fret, Buy a New Neck or Fix It?
2008-05-13 07:00:00
Recently, a nick scratch or whatever was noticed on a fret on my Fender Mexican Stratocaster. Before we start, it is important to mention that what is discussed today is not brand sensitive. That article brings to mind an conundrum that concerned a nick on the fifteenth fret on a highly upgraded Mexican Stratocaster. It’s ...
Sterling silver shoe pendant - wear your shoes around your neck. Sort of.
2008-05-12 22:16:00
Sterling silver shoe pendant - wear your shoes around your neck. Sort of. Shoe jewellery: it's one of those things you either love or hate, but if you like to wear your love of shoes on parts of your body other than your feet, here's a cute little sterling silver shoe pendant with cubic zirconias to try. This is just 15 from Amazon, and could make a nice shoe-related gift for someone - or for yourself, of course...
Analytical Ways to Choose The Correct Fender Stratocaster Neck
2008-05-12 07:00:00
After spending some time writing this article, I can see why you would want to stick your head in a hole when it comes to guitar necks. The array of choices is dizzying if you get very involved. The Fender Stratocaster is the guitar neck we narrowed it down to. Why, because the neck bolts on ...
Spring Fashion Trend: V-Neck Tees
2008-05-10 03:49:00
Since Summer 2008 is almost here, I’m excited to say that this will probably be one of the last spring fashion trends that gets covered here on College Fashion!  That’s a good thing - make way for summer! With the weather heating up across the country, flip flops are coming out of storage, skirts are ...
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