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VPOD: Vintage 1960s Unn Tangerud Bronze Necklace and The Power of Adornment
2011-12-03 22:02:00
In 2004, Ettore Sottsass, the Italian architect and designer, was asked to curate Cartier’s vaults of vintage jewels, clocks, watches, pens and other goodies and handpick items for an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. And in that exhibition’s catalog, Ettore Sottsass commented on the power of adornment: “Tens of thousands of years ago, women and men already adorned their bodies with necklaces and markings…
Gorgeous Diamond Necklaces
2009-09-08 18:12:00
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30 Creative and Unusual Necklaces.
2009-08-26 14:52:00
These aren't the ones you see every other day; neither are they made out of any flower nor made of diamonds. If you had enough of the typical ones, then these necklaces that are quite unique and creative are sure to get your attention. Liquid Necklace: Liquid Necklace Pendant by DAY Birger et Mikkelsen is made of plated silver and features a bottle shaped pendant.The Sun Necklace: Created by Mixko, it looks so pretty yet simple; "silver plated findings and chain, Czech crystal bead, polyester ribbons, plastic dove object." Rain and Cloud Necklace:Veggie Necklace: "Each piece of kvast's veggie jewellery used to be a real vegetable. That makes every necklace and pin unique."Bottle Caps Necklaces: Artist Yoav Kotik is the designer of the "Precious Metal" jewelry line. Using beverages' caps, he creates these wonderful designs; his interesting and unique jewelry includes earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and more.Taxicab Receipt Necklace: Created by designer Kristin Victoria Ba...
The Naughtiest Necklaces In Fashion By Nicole Locher
2009-07-27 12:00:00
Nicole Locher makes pretty, dainty necklaces in womanly least that's how they look from afar. From up close, these necklace designs are the naughtiest necklaces in fashion today.
Stylish And Innovative Perfume Bottle Necklaces
2009-02-19 17:29:00
The pendant along with the long delicate chain retails at $28 and looks discreet and eminently stylish...and not like a piece of cheap glass.
Necklaces Worn On Gossip Girl
2008-10-23 09:00:00
In Gossip Girl's "Chuck In The Real Life" episode, Jenny Humprey (Tylor Momsen) layered button and pyramide pointue necklaces. Necklaces are by Alex and Chloe.
Go on Safari with Some Shrunken Heads Necklaces
2008-08-13 10:01:00
Hope this doesn't come across as too morbid, you can blame it on Disney and the pirates craze they've create, we were going for the fun and comical edge rather than the disgusting. But at any rate, here's the latest kid summer project for our last full week of summer vacation. The kids start school a week from today.We used little Styrofoam balls then poked a hole straight through with a bamboo skewer and threaded both ends of a length of yarn through the hole. I knotted the yarn at the bottom so it wouldn't pull back through and then let the kids decorate their little heads.Once again you'll get to pull out the googly eyes and any other decorations you've been storing up to make these little guys as scary or as goofy as you'd like.You could also use the idea at holiday times to make up little pumpkins or, with three balls together, a snowman.Sponsored by Rick Rack Attack--Vintage aprons that aren't just vintage reproductions they're vintage pieces.Technorati tags: child...
By: Scribbit
Rihanna And Chris Brown?s $200000 Necklaces
2008-06-02 12:35:00
Rihanna and Chris Brown have treated each other to expensive diamond necklaces worth $200,000. The pair has remained coy about their romance, despite being spotted kissing numerous times. However, money was no issue when they bought the expensive gifts from jeweller Jason Arasheben’s exclusive Beverly Hills store. Arasheben tells the News of the World: “Chris went for ...
By: MakeUsHot
Baroque pearl necklaces
2008-05-30 14:54:00
Pearls are exquisite pieces of jewelry and are a must in every lady's jewelry box. They reflect the sensual beauty of the person and create a feminine aura around the person. A type of freshwater pearls is the baroque pearl which are probably one of the most valuable pearls in the world. Baroque pearls are also called nugget pearls because of their ovoid shape. They are rarely perfected because the irregularity in pearls heightens their value. These pearls are formed by the abalone species. The red abalone of California and the New Zealand paua secrete baroque pearls.The baroque pearl necklaces are indeed unique. The asymmetrical shapes of the barouque pearl make it look more beautiful. They are the most sought after pearls in the world. All baroque pearl necklaces are individually threaded and knotted in place using extremely strong silk thread. The pearls are selected based on their luster, translucence and delicate surface color. These gems are unique in their unparalleled beaut...
Floating Pearl Necklaces
2008-05-26 15:30:00
A string of pearls gives a graceful and elegant look to the wearer. However, one can give a new look to the typical pearl necklaces by giving them a modern twist. This can be done by interspacing the pearls on a thin gold wire or floating on a pure synthetic thread. This can give you a more stylish and millennium look. This is known as the floating pearl necklace. The floating pearl necklace is currently in fashion and is considered one of the hottest jewelry because of its trendy and modern look. It is currently available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors that dazzle the eye. As the name suggests the floating pearl necklace gives an effect of illusion of the pearls which are draped around your neck but in reality there are strung on a gold or synthetic wire. As the pearls in the floating necklace can be linked easily by a thin chord one can give any desired design by using various shapes, colors and sizes of pearls. This variety makes it more preferable than other pearl neck...
Sparkly Necklace and Bracelet - Brown-themed
2008-05-26 11:30:00
I wanted to keep these two pieces for myself as soon as I completed them. The color is sooooooo nice and so "me".....Although I am not a very sparkly person myself (personal preference), these two pieces are an exception....But what to do, these are commissioned pieces. Out to the new owner.Oh ya! I used gold filled wire and 6mm faceted donut swarovski crystals for these two pretties.
The Long Blondes limited edition brooches and necklaces for sale
2008-05-22 23:26:00
Etsy designers Dolls & Molls from the UK were asked by Kate and the gang to design a collection of brooches and necklaces for them to sell on the road with them and you can now buy them for yourselves...
Shell pearl necklaces
2008-05-20 13:51:00
Shell pearls are hand crafted from shells of ocean pearl oysters and polished to shine with pristine luster. Shell pearls are very costly but their elegance and graceful look is something you would never want to miss. There are subtle variations in the shapes of each pearl rendering with a unique appeal. This variation in shape, gorgeous natural colors and their heavy weight contributes makes them the heartthrob among most women. Shell pearl necklaces are absolutely fabulous fashion statements. Many women love to wear these exquisite necklaces with their evening wear. One of the beautiful patterns of the shell pearl necklace are the south sea shell pearl necklaces. The pearls in these necklaces are extracted from the south ocean pearl oysters. These necklaces generally come in two colors namely white and black. They are huge, heavy and absolutely stunning. Their usual size is of 14mm and the diameter is more than half an inch. The length of an average shell pearl necklace is about 1...
Unique Handmade Necklaces
2008-05-19 19:55:00 is a fashion jewelry company that creates unique, handmade, artisan jewelry necklaces using gemstones, freshwater pearls, sterling silver & Swarovski crystals.
Cranberry Pearl Necklaces
2008-05-17 13:40:00
A pearl necklace is the most preferred jewelry in the market today. The reason is it looks beautiful and is suitable for any person for any occasion. Another reason for their popularity is their unbelievable prices. They can be afforded by both the ones having low budget and the ones having a fairly good budget. This allows you to get an elegant looking beautiful necklace in your decided budget. This unique feature of pearl necklace has made it the favorite of all.There are many types of pearls available like the baroque pearls. Each type of pearl has its own qualities. Each type of pearl makes you look beautiful. Amongst such a variety of pearls the most unique and the most preferred pearl is the cranberry. Cranberry pearls are very beautiful and can be bought at an affordable cost. The necklaces of cranberry peals are very elegant looking and suit all the ladies. It is one of the highest rated necklace and one of the favorites of most of the ladies. The types of cranberry pearl ne...
Baroque pearl necklaces
2008-05-17 06:33:00
Baroque pearls are also called “nugget pearls”. They are not perfectly rounded that is they are freely formed and have irregular organic shapes. One of the sides of these pearls is relatively flat. Because of their unusual quality of not being perfectly round like other pearls, they allow you to create many design combinations.The size of these pearls ranges from 3mm to 13mm. This is the reason why they are used mostly in necklaces. The baroque pearl necklace is very popular and very much in demand. They provide you with innumerable designs and are available in a wide range of colors. These pearl necklaces are available in 20+ colors. There are many types of baroque pearl necklaces. Some of them are baroque cultured pearl necklace, baroque freshwater pearl necklace, baroque white pearl necklace, etc.These pearl necklaces are truly exquisite because of their unusual shapes and sizes. The baroque white pearl necklace is the most preferred because it is available at an affordable r...
New Fashion Jewelry Necklaces
2008-05-13 16:59:00
Lightning Against a Dark Sky - Women’s designer necklace made of black abalone shell on sterling silver filagre chain with bali silver and mother of pearl. Sterling silver flower toggle clasp with Swarovksi ball and roundelles in dangle. Length 50″; may be worn with one or two turn wraps. Horizon Line Necklace - Fashion necklace jewelry ...
Barouque Pearl Necklaces
2008-05-09 07:35:00
Pearls are exquisite pieces of jewels and are a must in every lady's jewelwery box. They reflect the sensual beauty of the person and create a feminine aura around the person. Baroque pearl is probably one of the most valuable freshwater pearls in the world. Baroque pearls are also called nugget pearls because of their ovoid shape. They are rarely perfected because the irregularity of the pearls heightens their value.These pearls are formed by the abalone species. The red abalone of california and the New Zealand paua secrete the baroque pearls.The barouque pearl necklaces are indeed unique. The asymmetrical shape of the barouque pearl makes it look more beautiful. All barouque pearl necklaces are individually threaded and knotted in place using exremely strong silk thread. The pearls are selected on the basis of their luster, translucence and delicate surface color.These gems are unique in their unparalleled beauty and exotic allure. The South Sea freeform baroque pearls are rarer...
Carly's Chic Steals and Fashion Deals of the Week: Boho Babe
2008-05-08 20:42:00
Carly's Chic Steals and Fashion Deals of the Week: Boho Babe
A Master and Slave Necklace is a Great Way to Accessorize Your Bond
2008-04-28 21:10:00
A Master and Slave Necklace is a Great Way to Accessorize Your Bond
Pearl Necklaces
2008-04-28 19:27:00
I remember from my childhood that my auntie used to love pearls. She used to collect them and it seemed that everybody was trying to get her a gift whenever there was an opportunity that would contain pearls. She also believed that pearls had medical value and were contributing to her health. Whenever I think of pearls, I think of the sea. And since I love the sea, I also have good memories associated with it. Pearls come from the water and they grow there. They develop in oysters. What is nice about them that they come in different colors which make them a good gift for a bride. Pearl necklaces might be the best choice for everyone who wears white, cream, silver and green colors. Items made from pearls do not have to be expensive. You would be surprised to find out how affordable they are. With the coming Mother's Day you will surely find something made out of them that she will enjoy. If you are looking for a place to buy pearl accessories, I suggest that you go to thepearloutle...
Weekly Web Snob Roundup: The Best Posts of the Week from Some of Our Fave F
2008-04-26 22:03:00
Weekly Web Snob Roundup: The Best Posts of the Week from Some of Our Fave Fashion Blogs & Online Publishers
Sterling silver pearl necklaces
2008-04-24 14:49:00
Pure silver is a very soft and malleable metal. Therefore, sterling silver is used nowadays to make pearl jewelry. Sterling silver pearl necklaces give an elegant look and a touch of modernization to your pearl jewelry. Different types of sterling silver pearl necklaces are as follows:Sterling silver snake chain- Use this trendy and a fashionable necklace to grace your neckline. This beautiful necklace is a simple, single stranded and made up of luminous freshwater pearls. These freshwater pearls are placed distantly on a sterling silver snake chain. 36” sterling silver mother of pearl clover necklace- this necklace is today’s hottest style and more preferred among the hot and dazzling young girls. Mother of pearls are used in this necklace that is made up to two strands. This sterling silver mother of pearl necklace will make you feel very special and delight of the event. Sterling silver white coin pearl necklace- This is an iridescent and a genuine pearl necklace wherein the ...
Floating pearl necklaces
2008-04-23 12:44:00
Floating pearl necklaces are called so because these necklaces give the illusion of being freely suspended around the neck. Actually, a transparent synthetic cord holds the pearls together. This floating pearl necklace is linked together by a thread which can be molded and given any type of design by using pearls of different sizes and colors. The floating pearl necklaces are trendy, stylish as well as very attractive. They are suitable for any occasions like wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, anniversaries, bachelor parties, etc. they also go well with simple outfits. The floating pearl necklaces are very flattering and feminine and will make you look very elegant. They can also serve as the best anniversary or birthday gifts. The floating pearl necklaces create an illusion necklace that imparts style and beauty to the wearer. Round freshwater cultured pearls are used to make the necklaces wherein the pearls may be either of the same colors or of different colors and sizes. You...
Earth Day Eco Chic
2008-04-21 19:50:00
Earth Day Eco Chic
Sparkly Pendant and Necklace
2008-04-20 16:05:00
Today's project is a very sparkly Swarovski crystal necklace and a matching pendant. The focal for the pendant measures about 1.2cm across , yeah its a big crystal surrounded by two 6mm round crystals and four 4mm bicone crystals.The necklace measures about 20 inches in length consisting of 30 pieces 6mm donut Swarovski Crystal and gold filled metal beads, 60 of them.If the pendant and crystals look familiar, this design is actually based on my sparkly ring design and also a pair of earrings I made earlier using the same wire wraping.
Freshwater pearl necklaces
2008-04-14 09:52:00
A perfect gift for any women or a young lady is pearl jewelry made from the freshwater pearls. The freshwater pearls are small in size and shaped irregularly because they grow in different freshwater mussel species. Their colors range from black, gray, pink, and lavender, bronze to white and off white. The freshwater pearl necklaces are in great demand because of their availability in a number of shapes and sizes and also they are easy to make. They look elegant and unique when beaded into a necklace. You can bead the freshwater pearl necklaces into different lengths depending on its size. You also get the freshwater pearls in aqua blue, gild, silver, pink, black, white and cream yellow colors. Because of these picturesque colors, these freshwater pearl necklaces appear extremely beautiful and go well with all types of attires. You can get freshwater pearl necklaces into different designs. They may be of a single strand using only individual pearls, or they may be double stranded, t...
Rogue Status Necklaces
2008-04-03 11:04:00
Rogue Status has added necklaces to their lineup of goods. Two pieces are called “RS Icon” and the “God Tag”. Check with your local Rogue Status retailer for their release. More pics after the jump! Tags: Rogue, Status, Necklaces
A Masai Tribal Chic Necklace by Scott Stephen
2008-04-01 19:56:00
A Masai Tribal Chic Necklace by Scott Stephen
Elephant Necklaces
2008-03-26 18:28:00
I don't know what it is, I've become enamored with elephants lately. I wouldn't go so far as to say obsessed, but I do love a nice elephant pendant. This one by J Crew is my FAVORITE: And they have a hippo and bird that are also very cute. You can get the whole menagerie for 20% off now (if you spend at least $175) with code SHHH through 3/28! This pendant by Cheeky Monkey is also very nice, but quite a bit more expensive at $219. It's eco-friendly, and made from 100% recycled silver and fair trade sapphires. The message on the back is "stop herding me" to draw attention to the fact that this majestic creature being killed for its tusks by poachers is also finding it increasingly hard to find enough space to roam free.
Pearl Necklace and Pipa Pendant (Reverse)
2008-03-21 10:27:00
My holiday didn't go to waste after all. I completed a necklace and pendant today. Fingers are better today.This checkered pearl necklace and pipa pendant (reverse usage) is now on sale at my etsy shop - It is made up of 107 pieces of pearls of various kind. There are the 5mm (white and blue), 6mm (blue), 8mm (white) and 12mm pearls coin (Blue/purplish).The length of the necklace is about 17 inches while the pendant measures 4cm from top to bottom.The pendant is designed according to the Wired Chinese Knot, same as I used for this earring, introduced by Corra but used differently here.Back view of the pendant here.And the handcrafted hook. I like this one.
Stringing Project
2008-03-20 14:49:00
Today, I made several sparkly rings again but decided later on to do just restringing work since my thumb is a bit painful to do all the wire wrapping. Yeah, its painful :( Good that a friend of my mom-in law brought over some of her necklaces to be re-stringed into necklaces and bracelets.Hopefully tomorrow would be better. Otherwise, the holidays will be wasted.
Some unique freshwater pearl necklaces
2008-03-15 05:09:00
Pearl necklaces are known for their elegant and simple designs for years. As popularity of pearl necklaces are increasing, jewelry designer are coming with many different unique designs and styles of pearl necklaces. Beside from classic strand of round or rounder pearls, there are now many different designs of pearl necklaces are there to explore. Necklaces made up keshi pearl are unique. Even if they are of same style and design; since each and every pearl from the necklace has unique shape, every necklace has a different appeal. You can have multi-colored single strand keshi pearl necklace or necklace with combination of keshi pearls and white potato pearls. This pearl necklace is a real standout. Coin pearl necklaces are one of the most popular pearl jewelry available today. You can have simple single strand coin pearl necklace or beautiful four rows of these disc shaped pearls. this necklace definitely has unusual yet natural appeal. These coin pearls are also available in diffe...
Top 10 Trends & Must-Haves for Spring #6: Full Skirts
2008-03-14 00:06:00
Top 10 Trends & Must-Haves for Spring #6: Full Skirts
Outrageously Cool Chunky Necklaces & Accessories by Alter Ego Jewelry
2008-03-11 21:13:00
Outrageously Cool Chunky Necklaces & Accessories by Alter Ego Jewelry
Recycled Bottle Cap Necklaces
2008-02-28 23:16:00
Via shopping blog Great Green Goods, I found these cute necklaces made from reused bottle caps. Syncopation Company was founded by two women who found that staying at home with their kids meant...
Statement necklaces steal show at Oscars
2008-02-27 01:07:00
Oscar ratings fall to all-time low. The telecast nabs smallest audience on record though it wasn't for lack of trying from the stars. Just check out all the statement necklaces that were featured on many of Hollywood's leading ladies. For a complete run-down check out the National Jeweler.
Necklaces made from bottle tops
2008-02-22 17:00:00
These pendants are made from recycled bottle tops, comes with an eighteen inch ball chain. Each one is handmade, and because of this each one is going to be slightly different than the next. The great thing about the chain is the fact that if the chain is too long it can be cut down to ...
Designer V Highstreet: Butterfly Necklaces!
2008-02-20 06:02:00
Nature is a massive print and colour inspiration this summer with designers such as Stella Mc Cartney and Balenciaga both adopting beautiful floral prints in vibrant hues to celebrate Mother Earth. This recognition of our fragile planet also comes at a time when environmental concerns and the move towards eco-friendly living is becoming increasingly apparent. ...
Unique Necklaces
2008-02-11 07:09:00
Unique Necklaces beautify your neck and makes it appear very Unique Necklaces attractive. Necklaces are used to adorn yourself and are generally worn in combination with the dress color. There are different types of Unique Necklaces available in the market. Nowadays, this trend of using Unique Necklaces is increasing day by day. People want to imitate the fashion and this is to a maximum, an influence of television. The Keshi Pearl Multi-Colored Necklace is an eye catchy necklace that will probably stand out in any occasion where it is worn. Six different colored baroque pearls are used in this necklace namely: multi-black, green, grey, dark chocolate, cranberry and dark gold. This unique necklace is finished by a three row silver clasp for safety and elegancy. Another Unique Necklaces are multi strands 4 rows of coin pearl necklace. Disk pearls are used in it that has a very high luster. All the pearls are knotted on the beautiful strand. This necklace is something very natural, su...
Magnetic Bracelets And Magnetic Necklaces For Pain Relief
2008-02-04 12:54:00
Howto choose your magnetic bracelet or magnetic necklace? Here’s a quick guide of what to look outfor when buying magnetic products. 1. A high strength magnet - the medical magnet in the magnetic productneeds to measure at least 800 gauss minimum, any less is useless and even this strength is really only going to help with very mild ...
Awesome layered necklaces
2008-02-01 21:13:00
Elegant, feminine and hip layered necklaces. You can only find them at Wear them with jeans or a pretty dress. They look good with everything.
Handcrafted Sterling Silver Pendants on Freshwater Pearl Necklaces
2008-02-01 21:08:00
Check these new designs out! Totally elegant rose pendant on white baroque freshwater pearl necklace and the hip circle pendant on coffee brown freshwater pearl
Super fashionable link chain necklaces
2008-02-01 21:03:00
These link chain necklaces go with anything. You can wear them day or night. Link chain necklaces are super fashionable right
Cute Spring Must-Haves to Stock Up on from The Nomad Eye
2008-01-25 21:26:00
Cute Spring Must-Haves to Stock Up on
40s Tassel Necklace for the Flapper in You
2008-01-22 19:14:00
40s Tassel Necklace for the Flapper in You
Heart Necklaces
2008-01-16 20:46:00
Whimsical Heart NecklaceThis is a simple and elegantly designed heart-shaped necklace from contemporary design was created exclusively for Museum Shop by Kathleen Scott, a Rhode Island jewelry designer. The necklace comes in gold-tone or silver-tone, each measuring 1" in diameter (2.54 cm). The pendant comes with a matching 17" (43.2 cm) chain. The item is made in the USA."Piece of My Heart" NecklaceThis is the (rather literal) Piece of My Heart Necklace. It comes in a set of two silver-plated pendants -- a circle etched with the word "Love," and a heart with the word "Always." Each comes with its own chain, so you can keep one for yourself and give the other to your sweetheart. Alternatively, you could also wear both pendants together on one chain. This originally cost $16.95, but is now going for $12.95.Shona Standing CoupleMuseum Shop also has sculptures such as the Shona Standing Couple. This is handmade in Zimbabwe and fair-trade imported. The Shona tribes of...
By: Oonique!
SanDisk 18K Gold USB Necklaces
2008-01-10 05:56:00
SanDisk really went the distance with its new prototype USB necklaces. They’re hand-made gold creations with Onyx centers on a gold chain. The one pictured sports a 4GB hard drive with a tiny diamond embedded in its handle.
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2008-01-08 12:13:00
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