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Convierte tu iPhone en un pad numérico para tu laptop
2009-12-01 14:30:00
Uno de los problemas que comunes entre los que poseen una laptop es la falta de un pad numérico en la mayor parte de modelos. Pues si tienes la suerte de tener un iPhone además de tu laptop, puedes convertir a la pantalla táctil del iPhone en un teclado numérico para tu laptop. NumberKey es una ...Este es un post de ILMAISTRO.COM, Blog de Tecnologia. Suscribirse via RSS. Sígueme en Twitter.Convierte tu iPhone en un pad numérico para tu laptop
Number of PLCC Requirement in Transmission Line
2009-09-15 13:03:00
I wonder how do we decide the number of PLCC required in a transmission line ckt. Is it dependent on the type of ckt (single/double ckt like)? What will be the number at either end? any information? So as to decide the DC load consumption I need to know the number of PLCC in one ckt and likewise in
Actual number at D.C. Tea Party
2009-09-13 11:40:00
Like Allahpundt, I’ve been trying to get an actual number of people who rallied in Washington yesterday against big government.  It seems the two million figure in one British paper was off the mark.  It seems the turnout was easily in the “healthy six figures.“ No matter what the final total turns out to be, you ...
Missing Part Number
2009-09-10 13:00:00
i need to purchase a set of electronic components but i d'ont have his part number what i can do ,i have the shematic of components .
Interesting Number: CR4 Challenge (09/08/09)
2009-09-08 00:01:00
This week's Challenge Question: If you total the squares of the digits of a three-digit number, you get exactly half its value. Find the number. The Answer will be posted right here on CR4 on October 15.
Couple Files Lawsuit Number Two over Asbestos Exposure
2009-09-07 19:31:00
A couple has filed a second asbestos related lawsuit, this time naming eighteen companies as defendants according to a recent report. In the lawsuit the couple, Gilbert and Bonita Harper, have claimed that Mr Harper’s exposure to asbestos was wrongfully caused during the course of his work. In this second lawsuit the couple is now looking ...
The REAL Number Out of Work in the U.S.!
2009-09-07 15:20:00
I mentioned in a recent blog the contrast between other nations that report the real numbers out of work and our reporting only those who have been searching for jobs recently. This discrepancy completely distorts any comparison in the progress of national economies. The NY Times article is a heart breaker with stress placed on elderly ...
News: Happy Birthday I Heart guitar... number 1 guitar blog!
2009-09-03 20:48:00
Great news for fellow blogger he's now number 1 guitar blog! knocking Truth In Shredding out of top position... and here's why some great posts and a super cool giveaway: Looks at the goodies on offer for free! This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Required Number of Lighting Fixtures?
2009-09-02 22:05:00
How do i calculate the required number of fixtures of a T5 six tube flouroscent lighting in a warehouse storing machineery spares of an area of 5000sqm
Stop School Bullies: Parents are the Number One Risk Factor
2009-08-23 23:27:00
Current statistics show that bullying is prevalent ? over 50% of kids report being bullied or observing bullying.  Bullying by girls is just as prevalent as by boys (although they often use different tactics) and bullying in ?good? neighborhoods is just as prevalent as in ?bad? ones. Most parents want to understand why bullies bully, ?Is ...
GM Rates Volt at 230 mpg: Outrageous Claim or Realistic Number?
2009-08-22 06:16:00
Earlier this month, GM released information that the upcoming Chevy Volt would be able to see as high as 230 miles per gallon of fuel.  Ever more impressive is that the EPA is backing this claim?for now anyway.  But the real question is: How did we reach this number to begin with?
Mobile Number Portability To Come At An Over Bearing Cost For Telcos
2009-08-12 12:58:00
Mobile NUmber Portability – MNP’s expected arriving has always brought cheers on telecom subscriber’s face but it is not the same case with large telcos. Large Telcos are usually frightened by MNP implementation as they might lose market share to newer entrants. WATBlog earlier reported on TRAI’s directive regarding MNP charges to be borne by Telcos. We also kept you abreast with MNP draft guidelines and its effect on telecom sector. Now the argument seems to have erupted regarding the implementation cost of number portability as BSNL expects the cost to escalate up to Rs 1,000 crore (for both fixed line and GSM services). Smaller Telco’s  like Idea pegs the number portability expenditure at Rs 350-450 crores whereas Reliance, Vodafone and Tata are expecting Capex to the tune of Rs 100 crore, Rs 350 crore and Rs 100 crore, respectively. TRAI has asked telecom players to indicate the cost break-up of equipment and technology costs, and their estimate o...
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Joop Wolters: guitar lesson number 1
2009-08-11 22:46:00
Joop Wolters says: first guitar lesson to present here on YT on improvising in style's,for this time it's more a talk and an example of how you can improvise/build music with phrygian/harmonic scales by playing with melodic rythem idea's to build music in to your own improvisation... cheers, joop GUITAR LESSON 1- JOOP WOLTERS This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
L?arte della seduzione (lesson number 15)
2009-08-04 00:15:00
A fine Luglio mi sono recato per pura curiosità insieme alla mia compagna in una spiaggia di naturisti (n.d.r. nudisti). Pensavo che la piccante esperienza avrebbe ad entrambi ravvivato i pruriti sechisy ormai sopiti ma il risultato è stato a dir poco mortificante. io sono tornato a casa più ingrifato di prima mentre invece la mia signora, dopo aver visto una serie incredibile di peni enormi, ha iniziato a guardarmi con aria di sufficienza ed io ora (per citare il poeta) patisco le pene, per colpa del pene.
Impact Of Mobile Number Portability In India - Nielsen Survey
2009-07-30 13:35:00
The hype around the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) has got some more brushup in the news. Nielsen report has brought some bang-up news for high spenders on mobile. Especially, postpaid users were found to be more overhelmed by the MNP news that will help them switch networks without their number being changed. Nielsen on Mobile Consumer Insights indicates that business subscribers mostly from the postpaid category are more likely to shift their service providers’ gears. Reliance, TATA, and BSNL Postpaid Subscribers are on top of the list when it comes to making the best use of MNP facility. WATBlog plays a watchdog from MNP’s point of view - At WATBlog we indulged in how MNP will affect different walks of life. For instance there’s a hovering threat for mobile operators as their presents consumers with the choice of retaining their current mobile phone numbers will change operators. We also covered the delay in the MNP department which definitely created a se...
By: WATblog
P. C. Ocampo wrote a new blog post: 1082: Post Martial Law Number
2009-07-25 10:50:00
P. C. Ocampo wrote a new blog post: 1082: Post Martial Law Number The community lunch and start of the faculty-staff sports fest yesterday was a lot of fun. First of all, another board passer of ours who is now a teacher (albeit part time) was honored, as well as the former president of the student council who won an individual trivia contest. Honestly, I was joking when I ...
Milan Polak: new cd straight to number 1 in guitar9 chart
2009-07-21 20:48:00
Milan Polak says: I am pleased to announce that my new album "Murphy's Law" entered the guitar9 charts straight at no. 1 Milan Polak Murphy`s Law (CD) After two instrumental releases Milan Polak released his first vocal album "Straight" in 2007. Now two years on, Murphy's Law is the perfect extension of its predecessor with a more modern sound, heavier, less bluesy, more guitar (e.g. the... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Free Download Anime Studio Full Version ? License Key Serial Number
2009-07-19 08:10:00
Here is a chance to get free license or serial key of Anime Studio 5.0. Using this you can download and use Anime Studio for free. Smith Micro recently released Anime Studio 6.0. As a promotional offer it is offering a discount of 60% on the $49.99 software. Along with that, it is giving away ... Related posts:Download Free TuneUp Utilities 2008 Full Version with Commercial License / Serial KeyDownload Free AVG 8 Antivirus Working License Serial KeyFree Download Tech Smith Snag It Screen Capture Software – Working License KeyFree Download Uniblue Speed-Up-My-PC 2009 1 Year Activation License Serial KeyDownload Iolo System Shield 3 Internet Security Free License Key for 1 YearHow to download full version PC games
BZ Number.
2009-07-18 15:02:00
In radiographic inspection the "film quality" is determened by the thinnest IQI wire that can be seen. This is called the BZ Number. What does the BZ stand for/mean?
CAS Number where I get?
2009-07-17 13:10:00
Hi, I'm in need of the CAS no. for the chemicals we're utilizing. I searched it in website, but I witnessed the below a)Same Element/Compound having two different CAS no. b)Some of the element/compound not having CAS no I get confused. Can anybody give me the correct we
Number 95
2009-07-14 04:41:00
Released from the hospital on July 14th, but still very sick. This was a real bad one. Will try to update in a few days when I’m breathing better. Thanks for all the well wishes! Share this post
L?arte della seduzione (lesson number 14)
2009-07-03 21:41:00
Torna “L’arte della seduzione“, la rubrica che tutto il web conosciuto ci invidia, che vanta decine di tentativi di imitazione (e gruppi Facebook farlocchi che copiano i nostri contenuti spacciandoli per propri). Quali suggerimenti per conquistare la giovinetta ci regalerà oggi il Maestro Ravasio Belinoni Frustalupi ? Lo scoprirete continuando a leggere questo articolo.. Ci scrive ...
TRAI issues draft guidelines for mobile number portability
2009-07-02 11:38:00
It seems TRAI wants to leave no stone unturned for smooth implementation of Mobile Number Portability in India. It has therefore issued a draft legislation to clear the uncertainty surrounding the introduction of mobile number portability. The draft guidelines describes the rights, obligations and duties of both the telecom operators in consideration for the changing of telecom operators by subscribers. The draft guidelines lays down major rules such as: A mobile subscriber shall be eligible to make a request for “porting” (changing) his mobile number upon expiry of a period of ninety days from the date of activation of his present mobile connection. The recipient operator, within five days of receiving a written request, has to carry out subscriber verification according to the guidelines for acquiring a new user. Upon verification, the request is to be forwarded to the donor operator (to whose network such mobile subscriber number currently belongs) for ...
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Electric Engines and Number of Starts
2009-07-01 21:23:00
Hi, I know the electrical engines have a limit of starts by time (hour). NEMA standars say something, but I cant find it, Any body knows which is that value? how many starts can I turn? The engine datasheet is: 125 HP 60 Hz 460 V 152 A 11
Rope'n Number 68
2009-06-27 17:10:00
Calf Roping from last Sundays Evergreen Rodeo.
GE part number
2009-06-25 05:45:00
Hi all, Please tell me the difference between DS200TCEAG1BTF and DS200TCEAG1B in GE part number. Thanks.
Indian Goverment Bans Import Of Mobile Phones Without IMEI Number
2009-06-19 07:41:00
Indian government has banned the import of mobile phones without IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. IMEI number is used to uniquely identify a mobile device. It corresponds to SSN or PAN number used to identify people.This move will majorly impact Chinese and Taiwanese  companies whose phones flooded Indian market. The penetration of  such mobile phones can be judged from the fact that there are more than 25 million phones present in India without an IMEI number. Is it important to have an IMEI number? IMEI number uniquely identifies a mobile device. It can be used to track the mobile like in which area the mobile is present right now and can also to help in billing and other services. It can be helpful in various life saving operations. With the help of IMEI number operators can pin point a mobile device with in one km of radius. Many cases of missing people and kidnaps  have been solved with the help of mobile phones. In recent terrorist activities mobile...
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142857 is an Interesting Number
2009-06-18 12:45:00
A couple of days ago a colleague sent me this interesting number, 142857, via email. I performed a Google search on the number and I was surprised to see so many returns - 190,000. It even has its own wiki page. For additional information, here is the wiki page for this cyclic number - 142857.Below is the email.Subject: Interesting NumbersRoy,I want to let you know a weird number which is 142857.Why?142857 X 1 = 142857142857 X 2 = 285714142857 X 3 = 428571142857 X 4 = 571428142857 X 5 = 714285142857 X 6 = 857142See, the answers show all same numbers with different position.142857 X 7 = 999999142 + 857 = 99914 + 28 + 57 = 99142857 X 142857 = 2040812244920408 + 122449 = 142857Interesting, huh?
Two Is the Magic Number
2009-06-18 03:16:00
Two homes, two votes. State Senator Pedro Espada (D-Mamaroneck/Bronx/the DA's interrogation room) has come up with a surefire way to end the gridlock in the State Senate. Give him two votes! One as a senator, and the other as de facto Lieutenant Governor. That's right, the worse ...
Aardvark, the human search engine. Free invites [Limited number only]
2009-06-16 13:32:00
A couple of months from now when you’re sitting at a corporate quiz, a question will appear on the screen which will ask you to connect the African animal more popularly known as an anteater and a exciting new web portal that uses the wisdom of the crowds. The answer you should scream out should be Aardvark. And the Aardvark roams about freely in The Mechanical Zoo, the start-up which introduced this interesting service. In their own words Aardvark is “a new type of search that makes it easy to find subjective information.” What it does is that it takes in people’s questions and sends them to you via IM and in a neat manner you can either “try” the question or “pass” or “refer” it to someone in your friends list. And since you know your friends abilities, this increases the chances of the question being answered. Since the question is open to everyone on Aardvark, the chances increase exponentially. Aardvark also informs y...
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Theoretical limit of number of text messages.
2009-06-15 20:57:00
What is the maximum number of text messages that a typical teenager could send in 1 month from a phone having a thumb drive querty keyboard?
Number 94….the not so glamorous side of being a severe asthmatic, pe
2009-06-08 19:02:00
I had been feeling really crumby most of that weekend prior. My dyspnea was increasing and my peak flows were gradually trending downward. By Sunday evening it was pretty evident that this flare-up was getting worse , not better. I bolused myself with 60mg prednisone and decided I would try to tough it out another 24 hours in order to give the steroids a chance to kick in. On Monday morning I woke up lethargic and more breathless than the night before. My peak flows were now below 200 (my red-zone) and the neb treatments weren’t helping anymore. By early that afternoon, I was starting to get really uncomfortable and fidgety ( this is usually a sure sign that my CO2 is rising), so I decided to call it day and headed to the hospital. At 2 pm my partner dropped me off in front of UCSF Emergency room . The next time I saw him, was 24 hours later after waking up on a ventilator. The events of the next 7 days are for hardcore lungers only, so if you’re squeamish about the...
Mach Number Through an RV
2009-06-04 20:28:00
I was working on a project the other day with a process engineer when he told me that the program he was using to evaulate relief valve scenarios gave him a Mach number of 0.9 for one of our relief valves. We both thought this was incorrect since the vessel is at 70 psi pressure and ambient tempera
Stop Being a Number - User Friendly Vanity URLs Coming Soon on Facebook
2009-06-01 05:24:00
While playing around (not literally) on a poster for a client to promote their Facebook page, we are often caught in the issue of what to print on it. Take WAT Media’s fan page for instance - it is Now even if we somehow manage to print it somewhere, I guess hardly anyone would remember it enough to go find it on Facebook by typing such a URL out.Things get worse for individual profiles like ours - basically on Facebook we are just numbers. However, there seems to be hope for a lot of us now. A good 3 months after it initially tested it out, Facebook now seems to be looking at providing vanity URLs to its users. Which means profiles and most like even pages can get vanity URLs - say (I’d like that a lot, though I know eight others who would like to beat me to it). And something tells me this is going to be a fiercely contested and highly spirited affair when Facebook opens it doors - 200 million people is huge ...
By: WATblog
L?arte della seduzione (lesson number 13)
2009-05-25 22:51:00
Come si deve comportare il gentiluomo nell'ambito balneare per meglio apparire e possibilmente sedurre il maggior numero possibile di giovinette ?
Super Junior Win Number 1 at Music Bank Weekly KChart
2009-05-22 18:45:00
Super Junior won at the KBS Music Bank Weekly KChart for this week for their second title song, Neorago (It's You).Super Junior - It's You @ Music Bank Video Credit: KOREAPOP10Video Credit: 199urnobody199credit:
SNSD's "Gee" is "Overall Number 1 Download" from January-April
2009-05-19 23:29:00
It has been revealed that the 9-member girl group SNSD have been a huge hit on online music stores this first few months of the year.According to documents that the music portal site KTF Doshirak revealed to MoneyToday StarNews on the 19th, SNSD's Gee has placed first in the total number of overall pop song downloads between January and April.SNSD's Gee, which has been presented online beginning of January, was the number 1 download in January and February. In March, the song was third, and between January and February, it was placed number 1 overall. SNSD's minialbum with Gee has sold over 100 000 copies (their company's standard total) and it has reeled in a fairly large sum offline, as well.On the other hand, according to KTF Doshirak, the female duo Davichi's "8282" was in first place in March and BigBang&2NE1's "Lollipop" was first place in April.Also, for the total download listings following SNSD from January to February, Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" was 2nd, Davic...
State of Indian Blogosphere - Throws Some Interesting Number
2009-05-18 17:10:00
The size of the Indian blogosphere is madenning, it is too widespread to ever give a concrete picture about the bloggerati in India. And this has not just to do with size but also the variance in terms of blogging habits, and how bloggers run their blogs. I mean I myself run over 9 blogs, with various names on various platforms besides blogging here at WATBlog, if somebody was searching for a blogger between 22-24 years who knows about online advertising I might crop up, but I might also come in a blog search for behavioural finance, not the perfect targeting or sampling for a marketer. This is where groups like Indiblogger come into play. As a blogging community they can provide a detailed information that we can all access besides the blog posts that we can read. And the case in point is the State of the Indian Blogosphere statistics that they have now come up with. It reveals some interesting statistics that all of us Indian bloggers would obviously find interesting, it also give...
By: WATblog
2009-05-15 03:19:00
Top 100 CR4 Users - Number of Posts and Good Answers
2009-05-14 19:54:00
Hello all. I had some time and I figured I'd throw together (FOI) a list of the 100 CR4 Users with the most posts. Then I decided to also list their number of Good Answers as well. For the record, when someone like Jorrie has only 5 GA, who we all know has provided 100s of good answers, it's a si
Maximum Number of floors for Cellular raft foundation
2009-05-12 12:09:00
the civil engineering department in my company has decided to use a cellular raft foundation for a four storey(5 floors) building in Nigeria. the load bearing capacity of the soil is low about 50kn/m2, also the land is reclaimed and has a layer of peat about 1.5m below natural ground level. i hav
Looking for a Phone Number for Sprague Electric
2009-05-05 19:26:00
My Dad, Robert Brickey worked for Sprague Electric in Nashua, NH for over 30 years. I would say from the late 50's to the mid 80's or maybe even later. he passed away in march of 2003. While at Sprague's he contributed to a retirement plan, savings plan. I am not sure what they called it then.
Next number
2009-05-03 16:04:00
So what is the next number 1,2,6,42,1806,______?
Arkadiy Starodoub: hybrid techniques number 1 revisisted
2009-05-02 01:30:00
News: 01-05-2009: When I posted theis video for Arkaidy Starodoub at his request, little did I know that it would spread so massively when it was downloaded and the added to youtube by hackologue and I guess neither did Arkadiy Starodoub.... I went back to see how well it's doing. It has more ratings than many have visits... these are the statistics. Favourited: 10,950 times Ratings: 10,934... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
L?arte della seduzione (lesson number 12)
2009-04-29 01:11:00
Il problema del ciclo mestruale femminile e del relativo impatto sulla vita di coppia è tema ampiamente dibattuto e sviscerato. La mio opinione personale è che
what is meaninig of high security name plat this plate use as number plat h
2009-04-26 13:43:00
i want know about high sequirty name plate how to make or made for trhis plate pl guide me iam very intrested to make this type of plate to my vhiecle best regars iam automotive ennginer mangesh
ic number
2009-04-26 12:10:00
what is the ic number of 4-bit subtractor?
Paul Gilbert: 777 heavens number
2009-04-23 00:10:00
News: 22-04-2009: Paul Gilbert Clinic in Bocca di Strada on 28/05/2008 Part 6/7 This is not the whole clinic, but in 7 parts I've got more than half an hour of Paul Gilbert playing!!! ;) That's really INCREDIBLE and INSANE. High quality exhibition and HIGH QUALITY VIDEO... only problem is there are only 3 of them... more posted soon? BEST Paul GILBERT clinic EVER in VERY HIGH QUALITY!!! PG... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
News: truth in shredding grabs guitarworld number 1 slot
2009-04-13 02:03:00
News: 12-04-2009: OK... back to number 1 again... got a screen grab this time incase I disappear again! The top 10 is littered with the household favourites of guitar blog land... interesting to note TIS has significantly higher blog count, but the technique appears to count quality not quantity. The good news is fans of guitar who did not know about your blog before might know about it now...... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
CAS Number for Bleaching Powder
2009-04-06 20:22:00
Good day, folks. I've been having a spot of trouble locating a valid CAS number for a substance with the chemical formula Ca(OCl)Cl; informally referred to as "Bleaching Powder." The difficulty for me comes from the fact that I cannot find an MSDS which explicitly names the two of th
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