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2033-03-29 14:39:00
WE HAVE PROVIDED FIVE /SIX TRICKS TO VERIFY THE PAN,AS YOU MAY KNOW THAT INCOME TAX DEPT HAS GIVING PAN VERIFICATION FACILITY FOR BULK PAN VERIFICATION TO PERSON FOR 1000 P.M. PER ID WE HAVE PROVIDED YOU SOME TRICKS HOW TO VERIFY PAN FREE.IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO DO/FOLLOW THE TRICKS GIVEN BELOW THAN SEND US DETAILS ,WE WILL DO THE SAME FOR YOU FREE...........FIND/VERIFY YOUR PANCASE :1New Update :21-02-2008:Friends as written that there are two more way to verify pan earlier but stopped working from 15/1/08 but now again one of them is working again,so i will tell how you can know pan name in simple method.this facility is actually to print challan form but while print challan from after filling pan in the form and after submission of submit button pan /tan name will be shown if pan/tan is correctso VERIFY YOUR PAN NOW IN SIMPLE WAYIF ABOVE LINK IS NOT WORKING THEN TRY FOLLOWING PROCEDUREwe are explaining you how to misuse a service,means what we are giving you are not made for pa...
2033-03-29 01:28:00
Dear friends,As you may know that E-PAYMENT OF TAXES has been madeMANDATORY FROM 1.04.08 for certain category of tax payers i.e1.All Corporates.2.person other than corporate but covered under section 44ab(compulsory Tax audit)The e-payment means pay the taxes through net facility /internet/net banking or Credit or Debit card .Payment Facility to taxes through credit and debit card is yet to be finalised by the banks though allowed by income tax deptt. /CBDT in his circular/rules.Now RBI has come up with a circular to implement the scheme and instruct the banks "not to receive payment from the corporate assesse in physical challan at all".In circular its is strongly written in bold letters that"Assesses who's pan's 4th digit is "C" can not deposit tax in to bank branches manually,Physical challans from such assesses shall not be accepted across the counter.Moreover in circular RBI has instructed the banks that in case of person covered under section 44AB and required to deposit t...
Internet Marketing Malaysia OREB ? A Guaranteed System to Make Money Online
2012-06-01 09:41:00
Internet MarketingMalaysia OREB (Online Real Estate Blueprint) is a guaranteed and proven system that almost everyone can follow and learn how to make money online Malaysia. This system is created byInternet Academy with the intention of helping ordinary Malaysians to make money on the Internet within the next 14 days or 100% money back guaranteed. ...
Online Dating: A Number Crunch
2012-05-24 18:01:00
It's 2012, and our TV news programs have decided to pander our attention spans with consistent news 'fluff'. I can't really blame them, but there is one recurring topic that continues to come up in a news cycle: online dating. ...via Mrsguided Sometimes all it takes is the existence of a datin
Online E-Commerce Driven By Mobile Phones; Changing Dynamics?
2012-05-22 12:28:00
According to a recent survey by online ecommerce company eBay, Indians are now regularly making purchases using their mobile phones. Mobiles have surely become ubiquitous just by their numbers. Additionally, they have reached places where even Banks couldn’t. Under such circumstances, it is no surprise that mobiles are becoming the preferred medium to shop. Add to it the various payment-centric innovations should make mobiles the ultimate shopping tool. Given the rapid proliferation of mobile phones, people are now easily accessing Internet & buying on the go. Moreover, the telecom companies are supporting the same with better Internet capabilities. As mobile devices become as powerful as desktops, their usage in our daily lives will increase many-folds. eBay conducted a survey across 4,500 users & an astonishing 68% confirmed they shop online using their phones. Furthermore 84% of them admitted to checking prices via their phones before making an offline purchase. ...
By: WATblog
Online bids rise for apparent vial of blood from Ronald Reagan
2012-05-21 23:10:00
Online bids are racking up for what appears to be the remains of a vial of blood from former president Ronald Reagan after a failed assassination attempt. A 5-inch vial with "dried blood residue" drawn from Reagan after the 1981 assassination attempt by John Hinckley Jr. is on the auction block by British house PFC ...
Newsweek puts rejected Obama ?first gay president? covers online
2012-05-15 20:57:00
Newsweek attempted to stir up some controversy this week with its cover, declaring Barack Obama America's "first gay president" and giving the commander-in-chief a rainbow-colored halo. On Tuesday, the magazine put the rejected "gay president" cover concepts online, publishing six alternative versions on its Tumblr. Among those left on the cutting-room floor: Obama standing in ...
Funny online dating cycle. Can anyone relate?
2012-05-12 17:50:00
Here’s something I’m sure many of you will be able to relate to. Huffington Post reports on one blogger’s “online dating chart”, showing the cycle she goes through with dating on OKCupid. I’m sort of thinking… If you keep going through the same cycle, why not change it? Change your dating site, do stuff that ... Related posts:Fun singles’ night for charity in LondonWhat dating sites don’t tell you #15 things you need to get over if you want to find love online
The Arena Of Online Video Games Starts While Using Sims 3
2012-05-12 06:50:00
You may have probably heard about the key change with the Sims 3 – it does not revolve around within a sole household any longer. The Sims you have developed has the freedom to discover wherever place you direct him or her whenever you like without any ...
SugarSync Online Backup Review Can be SugarSync the Best Online Backup Prog
2012-05-12 00:26:00
Any company that has been in business for upwards of 24 hours Rent Cheap Textbooks must be concerned about keeping its documents and information. This is especially true in case every report is with a local Laptop or computer that is prone to crashes, worms or other ...
Samsung Galaxy S III Now Available For Pre-Order With Expansys [Online Reta
2012-05-11 15:22:00
Ah, the interwebs. Which more often than not lately is becoming the place where you can pre-order a gadget that while officially announced, has not been given an official release date. On that note, online retailer Expansys has officially begun accepting pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. That ...
Marvel libera 267 quadrinhos de graa online
2012-05-11 11:50:00
Marvel libera 267 quadrinhos de graa online - PORTALDASNOTICIAS.COMA Marvel Comics liberou gratuitamente na internet 267 quadrinhos do seu catlogo, muitos deles da linha secundria da empresa, mas tambm algumas raridades. Entre os ...Post originalmente publicado no Facebook | Twitter | Contato | AnuncieMarvel libera 267 quadrinhos de graa online - PORTALDASNOTICIAS.COM
Using and abusing my loser slaves online
2012-05-10 21:52:00
Interesting week for sure… Iv had several new Mini Mindy sissies who have joined my clique and are now officially in Mini Mindy training! FYI, for those who have missed my recent treat to he world… Mini Mindyfication is basically making ME the guide to shape and transform sissies… I want to have a whole ...
Penny Stock Online Trading: Trading For The Future
2012-05-10 20:22:00
While traditional methods of trading continue to be popular, they are quickly being overtaken by penny stock online trading. While online trading is growing in popularity for a number of reasons, its speed and convenience is what makes it really stand out. After all, traditional trading required that investors either deal with a stock broker at a financial institution, or that they go to an actual trading floor. At the trading floor, things could get even more complicated.
Make Money Online With Affiliate Programs
2012-05-10 12:30:00
Many people today are getting into the online world of making money to supplement his or her “real world” earnings or for it to grow to be their main form of cash flow. Why is that? Mainly because online marketing simply offers them a good deal of advantages! To start with, you can reach out ...
Creating the Dreams as elementary as inside Online Nursing Universities
2012-05-10 11:36:00
Chances are you’ll well select the on online nursing schools degree technique which you settle on one of many numerous choices. This is a critical step up particles altering in to a nurse. Whenever you purchase the appropriate form of online nursing training the thought are inclined to always be incredibly treatment available for you ...
Online Dating Guide | 100 Best Dating Sites Adult Dating Sites
2012-05-10 09:37:00
Online Dating Guide | 100 Best Dating Sites Adult Dating Sites Sometimes you just want the comfort of an adult and other times you just want to do adult things and are looking for a like-minded partner. You would think that finding someone that is interested in the same types of entertainment you are would be simple. Well, it’s not if you go it alone. Thankfully, there are several really good adult dating sites that can help adults hook up and do whatever they would like to do together. So whether you are looking for a fling, a friend with benefits, or just something completely different for a nice change of pace, it’s easier than ever to make it happen. Best Adult Dating Sites More Info from AdultFriendFinder Adult Friend Finder – This is the largest adult dating site with something for literally everyone. If you are new to adult dating this is the right place to start, if you are a pro then this is the place to find exactly what you are after. From quick hook ups to great lo...
Over 55,000 Twitter passwords exposed, posted online
2012-05-09 18:56:00
If you're on the social networking siteTwitter, now may be a very good time to log in and change your password. It was announced yesterday that tens of thousands of Twitter usernames and passwords were leaked and posted publicly on ? Continue reading ?
Viewing child porn online not a crime, rules New York court
2012-05-09 18:50:00
In a controversial decision that is already sparking debate around the country, the New York Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday that viewing child pornography online is not a crime. "The purposeful viewing of child pornography on the internet is now legal in New York," Senior Judge Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick wrote in a majority decision ...
MasterCard’s PayPass Wallet To Simplify Online Payment Infrastructure
2012-05-09 12:34:00
MasterCard WorldWide has just announced its multi-point virtual payment processing network. Titled PayPass, the new age ‘Digital Wallet’ is built specifically to make merchants & banks work in tandem to handle the surge in the online payment phenomenon. Looks like it is getting ready to face PayPal’s features. What’s PayPass? MasterCard is one of the leading payment processing networks. PayPass will help banks, merchants & other e-commerce companies develop their own versions of digital wallets. However, if the companies already have one of their own payment systems, MasterCard will offer assistance to ‘Plug in ’ such systems into PayPass. As technology has grown, multiple payment options have evolved leaving merchants overwhelmed. A while ago Near Field Communications (NFC) was floated for micro-transactions. Thereafter, Indian Telco Airtel launched its mobile wallet. Goggle’s offering is already looming and many merchants have also sided with ‘Square...
By: WATblog
Hackers. 55 mil cuentas de Twitter y publicadas online
2012-05-09 08:53:00
55.000 cuentas de Twitter hackeadas por JJ Velasco 09–05–2012 / Dentro de las buenas prcticas que un usuario debe seguir encontramos la costumbre de renovar nuestras contraseas de manera peridica adems de buscar contraseas seguras (combinando maysculas, minsculas, nmeros y algn que otro carcter especial) que mantengan a salvo nuestros perfiles en redes sociales o ...
Online Medicines Prescriptions: How to Stay Healthy with Ease
2012-05-08 13:11:00
We all lead busy lives in one way or another, meaning that it often gets tough to keep on top of things. This is particularly true of situations that don’t usually crop up – illness, for example. Whether you’re at home looking after the kids, in the office getting on with your job or even ...
30% Off Men's Online Exclusive Styles at Armani Exchange
2012-05-08 09:00:00
For a limited time, save 30% on online exclusive styles for men at Armani Exchange. Discount taken at checkout. Claim code not required. See product pages for details.Expires May 14, 2012
Don?t Go Broke Trying to Build an Online Business
2012-05-07 23:45:00
Home Writer Jobs AvailableSpending the Big Bucks Are you a serial IM product buyer? Are you spending money left and right- in hopes of finding the perfect internet business system? Do you have a habit of buying everything you can, hoping to find the one last piece of your profit puzzle? If you’re spending a fortune on your … Continue readingGetting Paid To Write
Online Business success, Real and Simple- Own a Website that Works for You.
2012-05-07 16:58:00
Site Build It! (SBI!) is An All in one Website Building, Hosting and Marketing Tool, Process, Software, Solution or Guide that not only Builds a Website but also Builds an Online Business. Learn More about this Quantum-Leap Online Website Building Service that Builds Success: What is Site Build It!(SBI!)? Site Build It! Results SBI! - Proof Of Success SBI! - All the Tools E-business Success. Simple. Real Complete e-Business Marketing System & Tools Specialists Who Build Web Sites For Small Business Owners Do You Blog or Do Business Online? Build a Business Website - SiteSell Services Webmasters, Experts in Building SBI! Websites CTPM contains the essential building blocks to online business success Permalink | Leave a comment  »
Pendaftaran SNMPTN 2012 Gunakan Sistem Online
2012-05-07 13:30:00
Mulai tahun 2012 ini, sistem pendaftaran Seleksi Nasional Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (SNMPTN) jalur ujian tulis (utul) dilakukan sistem online semuanya. Panitia penerimaan sudah tidak membuka pendaftaran melalui sistem offline.
Celebrity to Release Triple H Interview Online
2012-05-07 12:57:00
Celebrity magician Criss Angel is promoting an event on his website on May 19 that will include an interview with Triple H discussing Brock Lesnar and Angel arm-wrestling Carrot Top. The interview with Hunter, which was recorded over the weekend when Hunter was in Las Vegas, will be released one day before the Over the Limit PPV on May 20. source:
By: KLQ Blog
Get Discounts Every Time You Shop Online
2012-05-06 16:20:00
Want to save money shopping online? A number of stores have online presences that let you buy their products at extremely discounted prices, often through online vouchers. For example, Kohl’s and other clothing stores offer online vouchers and greatly discounted prices on their clothing and shoe lines. Kohl’s has a large selection of clearance items ...
Personal Loans Online
2012-05-05 21:08:00
Unsecured personal loans online – Urgent Money Within Hours   by Stacy Huxley Are you looking for a loan that perfectly fits your bad credit scores? Do you want loans that can be easily secured? Do you want unsecured loans? Unsecured Personal loans online are the one that you are looking. Every aspect that you want … Continue reading »
More Online Advertising Stalking - GsiMedia
2012-05-05 03:41:00
  How long will it be before companies get the message that internet users don?t want to be stalked? Back in 2009 I wrote an article about some bunch of asses doing the same thing. Who had ever heard of Well based on my article reads, I?d say the almost 50,000 people are now better ...
Online Market Impact For All Types Of Business
2012-05-04 23:45:00
Home Writer Jobs AvailableAs the worlds economic platform continues to go throu&-#103;h its toughest period ever many businesses are having to change budgets and costs in order to make savings wherever they can to save money. One of the most difficult areas to contemplate cost savings is the area of marketing, and one that shoul&-#100; be addressed with … Continue readingGetting Paid To Write
Importance of Online Marketing
2012-05-04 15:16:00
Internet has emerged as great solution in front of us to market products and services online because it reaches billions of people across the world. Therefore, by marketing products online any company or organization can reach millions of people. Due to this, we are seeing increased use of internet for marketing products and services online. People are also finding it very comfortable and easy to shop products online; thus we are seeing increase in online marketing. We can find many tools and online websites which make it easy to market products online. Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc makes it very easy to market services and products online. It is very hard for any organization to avoid this medium of marketing if it wants to get customers. Good online marketing strategy can help in getting millions of customers for a service or product. Therefore, if you are company or organization looking for customers then you should take online marketing seriou...
TripAdvisor Has Plans to Weather The Shifting Dynamics Of Online Travel Pla
2012-05-04 14:50:00
In an interview with ET, TripAdvisor’s country manager, shared some insights about the Online Travel business in India. According to Nikhil Ganju, Online Travel Agents (OTA) are losing their business to airlines. How? People are going directly to the websites of the popular airlines & buying tickets as they are comparatively cheaper than buying through agents. Ganju feels the only way to combat this crisis is to add benefits for the customer. Customers today want entire management of travel planning at a single place. If the travel portals can offer them the advantage of a single-window approach, maybe they won’t head towards the airlines’ website. A while ago Cleartrip added booking of local transportation after booking for flights. Such benefits are vital to hold on to a customer. Social media is also influencing the way travelers are planning their trips. Hence the site has bet big via the social networking sites which the Indians are crazy about. Spreading the bra...
By: WATblog
Obama campaign's online character, 'Julia,' sparks debate
2012-05-03 22:09:00
She?s at the center of the latest round in a partisan, election-year debate about women, health care and the economy. But she ? ?Julia? ? is not real.
Harvard and M.I.T. Team Up to Offer Free Online Courses
2012-05-03 18:07:00
From The New York Times: In what is shaping up as an academic Battle of the Titans - one that offers vast new learning opportunities for students around the world - Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Wednesday announced a new nonprofit partnership, known as edX, to
Zee Furthers The Online Initiative of Dance India Dance To Little Masters;
2012-05-03 14:00:00
Last month, Zee TV had launched a WAP Site & a Mobile app for their show Dance India Dance (DID). Now, they will be doing the same for DID Little Masters Season 2. With the launch of the mobile app & site, Zee TV managed to garner a very good response. The application was downloaded more than 18000 times & managed to get a 4.7 star rating on Google’s Android platform. Source: Google Play Online interactivity is an absolute must for the companies. Today’s modern day organizations cannot simply rely on flash based advertisements that are displayed online. Such endeavors tend to urge the audience to interact with the programs. How did the app succeed? The application allowed viewers to interact not only with the participants, but also with the judges. Additionally, the application was a very good source of self-generated entertainment in the form of cartoon characters with users’ images. Furthermore, the makers chose an innovative marketing technique involving ‘Miss...
By: WATblog
Bin Laden?s last words to be posted online
2012-05-03 11:07:00
The Army's Combating Terrorism Center at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, N.Y., is releasing a selection of documents seized in last year's raid on the al-Qaida leader's Pakistan compound.
Gingrich's online alter-egos shut down after he suspends his campaign
2012-05-02 23:53:00
Newt Gingrich has officially suspended his presidential campaign, and, alas, his hilarious fake online alter-egos will dutifully follow him into the abyss. The blog "Newt Judges You," which features scores of pictures of Gingrich condescendingly glaring down the world around him, will stop posting new photos, Yahoo News has learned. Each shot included pitch-perfect tag ...
Derryl Gabel: Online Guitar Lessons
2012-05-02 22:56:00
Derryl Gabel: Online Guitar Lessons Hi Guitar Friends, I just wanted to let you know that I now have some available openings for online guitar lessons via skype. My rate is $30 a half hour. If you want an hour or more that is fine. I can schedule you accordingly. You can take monthly, bi weekly, weekly, or daily. Those of you that have my DVDs and are struggling to digest the material I could help with a practice routine and coaching. Maybe you've been able to digest the material but need help with application in improvisation and composition. I can help in that area as well. If you need help setting up a studio, filming, guitar sound settings, or learning your favorite solos I can show you how. Advantages to taking lessons online: Use your own equipment Take a lesson anywhere WIFI or internet is available Be in the comfort of your own home Convenience! Save gas and time Some tools that I use to make the lessons easier to follow and more enjoyable are on screen ne...
MIT, Harvard link up with free online courses
2012-05-02 18:19:00
Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, both academic heavyweights and often neighborly rivals, are joining hands in a new partnership to offer courses online and for free. The two schools, located near each other in Cambridge, Massachusetts, are teaming up on an initiative called edX only five months after MIT rolled out MITx, its online learning system which allows students to earn certificates for completing course work from a distance. ...
How To Protect Your Reputation Online
2012-04-30 22:12:00
A few years back, I found myself battling to have damaging information about me removed from several sites. A couple stalkers were trying to get under my skin because I would not give them attention. These girls set up complete websites about me with some really ugly stuff on them. I often wonder if services ... Related posts:How To Protect Your iPhone And Computer Online 10 Easy Ways To Find Anything Online How To Avoid Online Scams Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.
Online shopping a great convenience
2012-04-30 14:43:00
The major advantage of online shopping is great convenience of buying major products with ease. Today, it is very easy for us to buy majority of useful products online. There are many online stores which makes it very easy for us to buy such products. People can easily order products from the convenience of their homes and they got delivered to their homes in few days. Today, we can find any product online like hydraulic hose. Online shopping has emerged as great option to buy all products comfortably. Any person can buy any product from any part of world with the help of online shopping.ArvindKatoch
ESPN Digital Caters To Indian Football Fans With A New Online Platform
2012-04-30 14:23:00
ESPN Digital has introduced ESPN Football Club (ESPNFC) to Indian Football fans. This football centric application should be available across mobile platforms & is being developed to push targeted advertisement by offering quality content to the masses. Why the sudden development of interest? ESPN already owns & operates a cricket centric website This website has already witnessed record number of visitors during peak game season. It seems only logical that another game that has captured the hearts of Indians be exploited for commercial gains. ESPNFC will have geo-location enabled smart engine that will bundle advertisement & serve it by sensing the location of the user. How is a geo-location enabled recommendation engine going to work with a football app is best left to the designers. Garnering quality content is now the simple mantra that companies have adopted in order to make money from advertisement. The mobile centric application will be vital in acc...
By: WATblog
IRCTC To Expand Its Offerings By Selling Airline Tickets Online
2012-04-30 13:54:00
The segment of online travel ticket booking has seen a massive upturn with companies like Expedia,, Travelocity and MakeMyTrip. Joining these services in the fray is the veteran of all online ticket booking services, IRCTC. The state owned online ticket retailer has announced that it will be adding ‘Airline tickets’ to its existing portfolio. The service is expected to launch in a week and will have a dedicated website. It is the IRCTC’s aim to emerge as the country’s leading travel and tourism provider. IRCTC’s portfolio of services currently includes railway tickets, cab rental and hotel booking. With the addition of air ticket sales, the IRCTC will cover all areas of Online Travel Bookings and have an even footing to take on the companies in the space. IRCTC has announced that they have made deals with all the major airlines, both full service carriers and low-cost ones. The website is going to be called and is going to sport a meta-search fea...
By: WATblog
Online Marketing Strategy
2012-04-29 12:23:00
The number of Internet users this year is reaching more than one billion, and that number is increasing rapidly. It makes them a very potential market. With that number, the people who don?t hesitate to online purchasing are gradually increasingRead more...
George Zimmerman raised more than $200,000 online
2012-04-27 13:41:00
George Zimmerman's attorney said his client's bail might have been set higher if a judge had known about $200,000 raised by a website and that only came to light this week.
Video Boss- Do More Video Marketing and You Make More Money Online.
2012-04-26 16:45:00
By Andy Jenkins Video + Social Media = Money I wanted to share with you what could be one of the most powerful things you'll ever learn when it comes to Social Media.Don has used these steps to help companies ranging from Fortune-500-level giants all the way down to every day entrepreneurs like you and me.Basically, whenever you use Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Pingler or any other social media site, use the following 3 Steps...Step 1 - Identify who you are talking toStep 2 - Find out what it is they want to knowStep 3 - Deliver what they want It really is that simple!You can see the entire interview here:And if you decide to invest in the Video Boss Coaching program today you'll receive the entire Boss-a-thon interview series FREE.You'll here from 20 Of The Highest Paid... Most Knowledgeable... And Most Respected Marketers In The World.The Video Boss: Now Even Bossier + Boss-a-thon FREE.Do you know how many videos you should release on Youtube each week? What about how many twee...
12 Essential Tools to Build Your Online Portfolio
2012-04-26 15:59:00
Vandelay Design created a round-up and review of every online portfolio tool currently available to creative professionals. Here's what they had to say about Behance: Read the full article here.
How Online Coupons Will Help You Save Money
2012-04-26 15:16:00
Coupons began being used in the 19th century as a technique for marketing by major companies for example the coca cola company which clients rights which were complementary to attempt using their products. All they had to do is to give the retailer the coupon. A coupon is a documentation that is capable of being ...
Things You Need to Know About Online Coupons
2012-04-26 15:05:00
A coupon is a document that people use when purchasing products so that the products are sold to them at a discount. Coupons are normally given to people by manufacturers of those goods that they want to be sold at a discount and by stores that are doing a sales promotion on certain articles that ...
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