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2033-03-29 01:28:00
Dear friends,As you may know that E-PAYMENT OF TAXES has been madeMANDATORY FROM 1.04.08 for certain category of tax payers i.e1.All Corporates.2.person other than corporate but covered under section 44ab(compulsory Tax audit)The e-payment means pay the taxes through net facility /internet/net banking or Credit or Debit card .Payment Facility to taxes through credit and debit card is yet to be finalised by the banks though allowed by income tax deptt. /CBDT in his circular/rules.Now RBI has come up with a circular to implement the scheme and instruct the banks "not to receive payment from the corporate assesse in physical challan at all".In circular its is strongly written in bold letters that"Assesses who's pan's 4th digit is "C" can not deposit tax in to bank branches manually,Physical challans from such assesses shall not be accepted across the counter.Moreover in circular RBI has instructed the banks that in case of person covered under section 44AB and required to deposit t...
Get Paid For Online Surveys
2012-05-30 15:59:00
A whole lot of business has been done on the internet in recent times. There is a growing great deal of business being transacted via the internet. The world wide web is currently the largest marketplace on the planet with business being done constantly, twenty-four hours a day, seven days each week. Many people are ...
Providing Service To Chinese Companies. Get Paid Upfront Or Don’t Bother.
2012-05-27 13:48:00
By: Steven M. Dickinson U.S. consulting companies are increasingly selling their services in China.  This is part of the general trend towards sales into China that we have noted.  In confirmation of this trend, we have recently worked with several U.S. based consultants in selling their services into China. The approach taken by U.S. consultants is consistently naïve and almost guarantees problems in China. The most important issue in selling services to Chinese clients is how to get paid. The payment issue with service providers is far more complicated than with those who sell goods. Service providers must therefore focus carefully on the payment issue.  In drafting service contracts for service providers that will be providing services to Chinese companies, we typically put in provisions that mandate the following: 1. Payment must be received by the service provider before it begins work. It is not required that 100% of the fee be received in advance, but a substantial paymen...
Discover how to become a highly-paid small business marketing consultant wi
2012-05-21 07:06:00
If you want to stay relevant in your marketing career, I have a gift for YOU! Get instant access to a FREE VIDEO COURSE and Instant Customer Revolution BOOK about how you can make thousands of dollars per month full-time or part-time anywhere in the world even if you have little or no online marketing ...
Myth Busters: The Truth About Unlimited Paid Time Off
2012-05-17 16:32:00
Recently, Dyn added unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO) as a new benefit for its employees. When trying something new, there are always misconceptions and unlimited PTO is no exception. Some may decide that it won’t be successful because employees will simply not show up for work and take advantage of the generosity. Others may be paralyzed by the word “unlimited” and not take enough time off. No matter where one lands on this issue, there are some myths associated with the policy that should be addressed and answered in order to ensure everyone is on the same page. This is a growing trend among companies, so if you have been thinking about it, this will hopefully be some valuable insight into your planning. What Unlimited Really Means Unlimited doesn’t mean limitless. When we say that we have an unlimited PTO policy, we mean that we aren’t going to limit the number of PTO days (hours) that an employee can take. Unlimited doesn’t mean unplanned. This policy does...
John Edwards' mistress paid $9K a month
2012-05-15 23:17:00
John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter was given $9,000 a month in cash for living expenses by his campaign finance chairman in 2008, according to records introduced at the former presidential candidate's corruption trial on Tuesday. Fred Baron, the former finance chairman of Edwards' 2008 campaign, began making regular ...
John Edwards' mistress paid $9K a month
2012-05-15 21:04:00
Records introduced Tuesday at John Edwards' corruption trial show his campaign finance chairman paid the candidate's mistress a $9,000 monthly cash allowance, on top of other living and travel expenses.
Paid Search & Analytics Tips & Takeaways | SMX London 2012
2012-05-14 16:39:00
Yesterday at SMX London was full of information and handy tips on Paid Search and Analytics. There were four sessions: Winning The Click: Creating Great Paid Search Ads – giving ...© SEOptimise - Download our free business guide to blogging whitepaper and sign-up for the SEOptimise monthly newsletter. Paid Search & Analytics Tips & Takeaways | SMX London 2012 Related posts: SMX Advanced Tips &Takeaways | SMX London 2012 SEO & Social Media Tips & Takeaways | SMX London 2012 116 Best Tips from SES London 2012!
By: SEO Blog
Elderly Georgia Family Evicted At Gunpoint At 3 am: Taxpayers Paid For It
2012-05-06 19:33:00
Ok, your Georgia tax dollars paid for this: From Alternet: Four generations of a Georgia family were evicted at gunpoint by dozens of sheriffs and deputies at 3am last week in an Atlanta suburb. The eyebrow-raising eviction, a foreclosure action, might have been another anonymous descent into poverty were it not for Occupy Atlanta activists (Read More...)
Elderly Georgia Family Evicted At Gunpoint At 3 am: Taxpayers Paid For It
2012-05-06 19:33:00
Ok, your Georgia tax dollars paid for this: From Alternet: Four generations of a Georgia family were evicted at gunpoint by dozens of sheriffs and deputies at 3am last week in an Atlanta suburb. The eyebrow-raising eviction, a foreclosure action, might have been another anonymous descent into poverty were it not for Occupy Atlanta activists (Read More...)
Obama: I only paid off my student loans eight years ago
2012-04-24 21:31:00
President Barack Obama, courting young voters crucial to his reelection, told a rowdy college-age crowd at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Tuesday that he knows first-hand about the burden of student loans because he only managed to pay his back a scant eight years ago. "Michelle and I, we've been in ...
The $50 light bulb you?ve already paid for
2012-04-24 12:11:00
It costs about 100 times more than an old fashioned one, but a new $50 light bulb is not as crazy as it sounds -- the new bulb can last up to 30 years, is just as bright as the old-fashioned kind, and use a fraction of the electricity. But even if you do not buy one, you have already helped pay for it.
Obama likely paid higher tax rate than Romney in 2011
2012-04-14 01:38:00
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama released tax forms on Friday that reveal he will probably pay a higher tax rate on much lower income than likely Republican opponent Mitt Romney in 2011, adding fuel to a Democratic election-year effort to raise taxes on the rich. Obama and his wife, Michelle, paid an effective tax rate of 20.5 percent on income of $789,674 last year, the White House said. Romney has estimated he will pay a 15.4 percent tax rate on income of $20.9 million. ...
White House: Obama paid lower tax rate than his secretary
2012-04-13 21:27:00
President Barack Obama's secretary paid taxes at a higher rate than he did in 2011 despite having a "substantially lower income," the White House said Friday, casting the disparity as an argument for Congress to adopt the so-called "Buffett Rule." [Related: Your Top Tax Questions Answered] "The president's secretary pays a slightly higher rate this ...
President Obama paid 20.5 percent tax rate
2012-04-13 18:20:00
Amid an election-year feud over tax policy, President Barack Obama on Friday released his 2011 tax filings, showing that he paid $162,074 in total taxes on adjusted gross income of $789,674, an effective rate of 20.5 percent.
Blogger publishes list of reporters who paid shady investigator
2012-04-10 12:28:00
The names of three dozen journalists allegedly involved with a shady private investigator have been leaked to the Internet, another potential embarrassment for Britain's scandal-tarred media.
Bobby Petrino Admits Jessica Dorrell Affair, Placed On Paid Leave
2012-04-06 06:36:00
Here’s the follow-up to the first Zennie62 blog post on Bobby Petrino and Jessica Dorrell. Bobby Petrino, the married Arkansas Razorbacks Head Football Coach, admitted to what he called an “inappropriate relationship” with his employee, the 25-year-old, very hot former Kentucky Volleyball Player Jessica Dorrell (herself engaged to be married in June), and was placed (Read More...)
Bobby Petrino Admits Jessica Dorrell Affair, Placed On Paid Leave
2012-04-06 06:36:00
UPDATE: Bobby Petrino and Jessica Dorell. Here’s the follow-up to the first Zennie62 blog post on Bobby Petrino and Jessica Dorrell. Bobby Petrino, the married Arkansas Razorbacks Head Football Coach, admitted to what he called an “inappropriate relationship” with his employee, the 25-year-old, very hot former Arkansas Volleyball Player Jessica Dorrell (herself engaged to be (Read More...)
Judge Rules Bloggers Do Not Have to Be Paid
2012-03-31 16:55:00
Consideration Under American jurisprudence, for a contract to be legal, each side must provide what is called “consideration.” That means that each side promises to do something, or not do something, in return for the other side agreeing to do something or not do something. If I sign a contract agreement agreeing to give you ...
By: Blawg IT
Mayor Quan State Of The City doc paid for by Stand With #Oakland but do the
2012-03-04 03:23:00
Mayor Quan State Of The City doc paid for by Stand With #Oakland but do they stand w @jeanquan ?
Play Time: What If You Got Paid To Play Games At Work?
2012-02-28 14:30:00
From BBC News - Technology: What if you got paid to play games at work? Read the whole article
Paid 'People Pushers' Press Passengers on China's Subways
2012-02-09 06:00:00
Subway authorities in China's larger cities have seemingly taken a page from Japan's book on passenger management. Uniformed, white-gloved ?people pushers? in Shanghai and Chongqing subway stations are now encouraging ? with a helpful push or two ? train riders to squeeze into the cars so the doors can close.
Save 50% on Hot Donut (Paid Version), popular game for Android
2012-01-16 09:00:00
How hot are you, little donut? Are you sizzling hot, just warmish, or downright soggy? Find out when you roll, jump, and dash your way through four awe-inspiring worlds in the fun Android game, Hot Donut.Expires Jan 23, 2012
Paid to post forex forum
2012-01-07 11:12:00
It is a online forum related to forex and online trading. Members are rewarded for every post or comment on the forum. On average, the reward is $0.20 per post/comment
Bankers Are Soul-Less And Governing Officials Are Paid Off
2012-01-06 05:03:00
Unless you are a banker, a buddy of a banker, or are in the 1% of the population of the planet that's obscenely rich, you probably hate bankers. Why is it that ordinary committed people are getting squeezed by their states (who are usually pro banks… I'm wondering why… cash in the old back pocket ...
The *TRUTH* About Free And Paid Traffic
2011-12-06 11:34:00
Trying tο compete against TOP Fortune 500 companies seems pointless OR іѕ іt possible? Wһο һаѕ more money tο spend, Yου οr Yουr competition? Sign up аt tο beat уουr competition. Stay οח mе οח Twitter
Deficient Amounts to Be Paid by the Homeowners
2011-11-07 13:03:00
While selling a foreclosed property through a short sale or foreclosure auction, many times lenders faces a huge loss due to the price gap between the mortgage amount and the selling amount. The banks are taking legal help to claim this deficient amount from the homeowners.Looking Foreclosed Homes? has the best online resources of foreclosures in California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Texas and all US States - Deficient Amounts to Be Paid by the Homeowners
Google’s Forays Into Paid Cable-TV Services
2011-11-04 10:13:00
Giant Google has again put on its thinking hat and plans on releasing paid cable-TV services for its customers and this is surely going to disrupt the current traditional Television business across the globe. Google has been planning to develop a high speed Internet service in Kansas City along with video and phone services from some big telecom and cable brands such as Walt Disney Co, Time Warner Inc., Discovery Communications Inc and many more lined up. Google also recruited a cable-TV executive, Jeremy Stern for the same purpose so that he can be communicating with media organizations. Well, this scoop did not get any comments from spokespersons from Google or any other cable-TV companies. They are still silent and say that this is just a speculation. However this is the silence before a battle begins. Google is all set to conquer the TV business. This kind of shift was also seen when some phone brands plunged into the same market. Apple Inc. is playing a whole new ball game wi...
By: WATblog
Google Maps Paid Version
2011-11-01 17:46:00
BBC News reports that Google Maps will soon be a paid service — to websites deemed heavy users of the supposed free service. “Heavy” is certainly a subjective word but the report says starting Jan 1, 2012, Google will start charging websites for using Google Maps API when they reach above the 25,000 map hits ...
Charlie Sheen Tops Forbes Highest Paid TV Actors:
2011-10-14 20:37:00
Holy shocker unemployed Charlie Sheen has been named the highest paid actor on TV by Forbes, go figure. highest paid actor on TV list was literally just released and many like myself had to do a double take at who was on the top of the list. Yes crazy Charlie Sheen got the honor this year and I bet you might be wondering how in the world that happened. Well it is pretty darn simple actually, the website looked at what television actor earned the most cash between May 2010 and May 2011. Now even though Sheen got the boot from Two and A Half Men he still gets some ridiculous royalties from the show in syndication and the show is everywhere in syndication. According to Charlie earned an estimated $40 million during the time frame and that does not even include his lawsuit against Two and A Half Men co-creator Chuck Lorre. Want to know who Sheen beat out well I have that info for you as well. Starting with the highest paid you have the top ten actors who raked in t...
Tyler Perry Tops Forbes Highest-Paid Man In Entertainment List
2011-09-14 01:27:00
Tyler Perry whose real name is Emmitt Perry, Jr has surprised the world (because of the fact that he is very discreet with his wealth) to land on top of Forbes’ Highest-Paid Man In Entertainment list. The multi-talented Tyler Perry who is a an actor, director, playwright, screenwriter, producer, author, activist and even a songwriter ...Tyler Perry Tops Forbes Highest-Paid Man In Entertainment List is a post from:
Another century before men and women are paid the same?
2011-09-03 08:26:00
Via – Green Party Do women executives face another 98 years of earning less?Show original Tags: men and women, green party, women executives <BR/>
$20 to $30 Million Paid By Yahoo To Acquire The Into Now App
2011-04-26 07:40:00
The media based check in app Into Now has been acquired by Yahoo. Techcrunch reports that Yahoo coughed up $20 to $30 million to acquire the app. Into Now is just like fourquare for TV shows and movies. It gives users the ability to identify TV content and share them with their friends through Twitter and Facebook. This technology is called SoundPrint. It is a very advanced and sophisticated, and that itself makes this purchase worth it. It changes the way users consume, share and engage with the content and the advertisers.  The app had a million check ins just a month after the launch and has scored partnerships with PepsiCo and MTV in the past. Instead of manually searching the movie on IMBD for ratings and reviews,  fire up the Into Now app. And let the app identify the movie, once the identification is done you can share it or discuss it with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. The acquisition is pretty impressive considering the fact that Into Now had launched just fou...
By: WATblog
Should drug addicts be paid to get sterilised?
2010-10-18 17:37:00
Paying drug addicts to be sterilised is exploitative and wrong, say critics of just such a scheme that runs in the US. Jane Beresford talks to the woman behind Project Prevention. If you call Project Prevention?s helpline it?s likely that Barbara Harris, the founder of this US based organisation, will answer the phone. A warm and vivacious grandmother, her aim is to give $300 to as many drug and alcohol addicted women as possible. The deal? That they receive long term contraception or sterilisation to prevent them having children she believes they are unable or unwilling to care for. Funded through private donations, her organisation is non-profit making.
Rick Ross - Paid The Cost
2010-09-30 15:22:00
What first started as an old Rick Ross leak last week called ?King Boss? that included a shot at Slim Thug, started a mini dispute between the two now all is good and the two Bosses get together for ?Paid The Cost? which Rozay released via his Twitter. Dispute over, all is good.
How To Recycle Your Mobile Phone And Get Paid
2010-09-04 03:09:00
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine. The mobile phone market is just nuts. Every time you turn around, there’s a new phone launching that promises to be faster, sleeker, cooler, or smarter than the phone you have now, and half the time, it is. ... No related posts. Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.
Google To Launch Paid Movies Online – Competition For NetFlix, Apple
2010-08-30 13:27:00
It is not a secret that Google not just wants to be present in everything possible on the internet, but it also wants to be on top. Google has been for some time now making acquisitions of startups or tying up with companies in a bid to create a social networking competitor for Facebook. Now, Google is at it again with YouTube reportedly approaching Hollywood studios to launch a pay-per-view video service globally by the end of the year. According to industry insiders, Google with all its search technology, and YouTube with its enormous user / viewer base, intend to direct traffic to this new service. Considering the traffic that both Google and YouTube generate, it wont be long before this new service will vie for a top spot in the online movie streaming space. Competitors So whose business will Google be eating into with this new venture? Apple TV offers customers a large collection of movies and TV shows, new and old, in HD which the customers can access by paying for the specif...
By: WATblog
Paid vs Free Business Models In The Digital Space: Which Is Better?
2010-08-03 09:42:00
Is this really even a debate? We all know how much us Indians love free things. But when it comes to monetizing through digital medium, which strategy will reign? Paid will obviously get money but then how many buyers will there be? Free will have more than enough users but at least a certain percentage of those users should be willing to pay for the services or else “Freemium wont really be premium”. So what should be ideal? Mr. Tarun Katial, CEO, Big FM, says that the main game in today’s time is free entertainment with a lot of advertising. This assures participation by a large percentage of customers and the brand / companies will reach their target audience effectively as well. Mr. Harish Dayani, Chief Executive, Moserbaer, bolsters Mr. Katial’s point by stating that in India there are two blocks of people; one that pays while the other doesn’t. According to Mr. Dayani, India buys more motorcycles and cars as compared to original DVDs. He adds that...
By: WATblog
MyToday Goes Paid.. Launches Super Store
2010-06-29 11:26:00
There are a plethora of things you can do on your mobile today, the SMS feature being exploited the most. You get constant updates on your phone regarding various events and advertisements. You get annoyed deleting messages that you wish you would stop getting. We have analysed how the group sms business has gone in the last few years. While Smsgupshup has gone the user generated route and also taken a ton of funding and positioned itself as a social network over sms. MyToday which is its competitor has always taken the publisher route and has provide alerts across various streams which are moderated and controlled by the Mytoday content team. MyToday has now taken this to another level by making the sms services paid @ Rs.5-10 per month as per this announcement Rajesh Jain of Netcore Solutions (The company behind MyToday). They have a suite of 200 paid channels on which topics range from astrology, bollywood, business, health, jokes to news, spiritual, sports and miscellaneous. T...
By: WATblog
Illegal? No Problem! Our Gov’t Will Make Sure You Get Paid!
2010-06-25 10:52:00
In what passes for the “Are you freaking KIDDING me?!” moment of the week, we have Department of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis telling illegals that they are entitled to a fair wage. “We can help, and we will help. If you work in this country, you are protected by our laws. And you can count ...
Guru claims Sai Baba paid $1 million to retrieve pictures
2010-05-28 12:51:00
An Indian guru, Sekarji (Chandrasekhar Balasubramanian) considers Sathya Sai Baba was already a sexual molester and a faker of miracles long ago. Here is an e-mail he sent to From Sekharji 06-28-2002 08:43 PM ET (US) Today, there are so many Extortionists, that SSB is letting most of them go on telling stories without ...
NeoBux The Best Paid To Click Site
2010-05-17 16:23:00
Actually I dont want to sharing with you about Paid To Click (PTC).Why? Cause so many scam site,we always wasting our money there.But that all PTC are scam?No.Today let me sharing with all my fellow readers about the best legit sites for Paid To Click Sites which have a proven track record.Them never fail to paid their members.You click you got earn money from them and faster instant cashout via pay pal or aletpay.So if want earn free money here the best site for youRegistering To The Site Your only allowed 1 account per IP Address/Household There are no restrictions on what countries you can join from There are no age restrictions Making Money You can earn either $0.005 or $0.01 for every click depending on how long you have to visit the site for There are always at least 4 links to click on daily. Each ad can be clicked on once every 24 hours Payments The site pays in US Dollars The site pays via PayPal and AlertPay The minimum withdrawal changes with eac...
You Paid How Much to Learn Real Estate Investing?
2010-02-15 22:38:00
I bet I talk to 4 or 5 potential investors per month who have spent CRAZY money to learn real estate investing. They spend their hard earned money to go to seminars, buy tapes, and read books just to get MORE excited about spending MORE money to go to MORE seminars so they can buy MORE tapes and books. Don't get me wrong, education is a beautiful thing. I wish I had more. But... when I see regular people spending $3000, $7000, as much as $30,000 dollars on so called GURU MENTORING, and still have yet to purchase a property, or receive a dime in cash flow it makes me wonder WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING! They all know the proper terminology like CASH FLOW, CAP RATE, and POWER TEAM but are still in danger of making bad purchases in bad neighborhoods due to unbridled enthusiasm and unscrupulous property sellers. WHAT'S THE ANSWER? I am glad you asked! Join an investor networking group. Share thoughts, hear about mistakes, and ask questions from your peers. You will...
Paid2YouTube Review update
2010-01-20 23:21:00
Well it's been over a month now since I've been part of the Paid2YouTube make money opportunity. That's the site where you are paid to watch YouTube videos (although they had a lot of other sites that you were directed to). At this point, it's not a make money program I'm going to recommend wholeheartedly, mainly because the last several times I've logged in there was only 1 opportunity to watch a video. That calculates to making a few cents a day off this site, and honestly your time spent logging in would be better spent logging into another site.However, if you're able to generate hundreds of referrals to the Paid2YouTube program you might have a chance at some money, if they are earning that 5 cents a day. It's a tough sell for me, unless they upgrade the opportunities to maybe 10 a day. They do offer an opportunity to buy referrals, with the lowest amount costing around $7 or so. Still I would avoid putting too much time in with it. Alot like Cash Crate, you'll ...
Free Online Address Book Challenges Telnic?s Paid Dot Tel Domains
2010-01-20 05:50:00
Do you want people to be able to find & contact you when they only have your name? This new Online Address Book enables people to do just that, and without them even seeing your contact details. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 19, 2010 — A free address book listing in ?The Global Address ...
EnBux and OmniBux - - - -> Got Paid ! !
2010-01-17 13:02:00
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Daftar 25 Situs Get Paid To Blog
2009-12-21 06:54:00
Daftar 25 Situs Get Paid To Blog. Banyak cara bagi blogger untuk menghasilkan uang di Internet, Make money online, bisa dengan menempatkan iklan CPC di blog, berjualan link atau jual spot banner,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Paid Blogging ? A Welcome Mate for Corporate Sector
2009-12-17 08:54:00
Strong online presence is important for businesses (even individuals) in today's high-speed and competitive world. Blogs have already become fifth ?P? marketing mix. Marketers and PR people are...
myLot and NeoBux paid me once again ! ! !
2009-12-11 14:24:00
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Get Paid To Drink Coffee And Lose Weight With BSkinny Coffee
2009-12-07 21:52:00
Can You Get Paid To Drink Coffee? And Lose Weight At The Same Time? You can make money drinking coffee that helps you lose weight. Buy BSkinny Coffee and earn money with their compensation plan. You are drinking coffee and you are trying to lose weight any way, aren't you? The company is Boresha. Read more about this at
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