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New York City: Falun Gong Participates in Chinese New Year Parade in Flushi
2010-02-25 03:39:00
( On February 20, the annual Chinese New Year Parade was held in Flushing, New York, attracting numerous Chinese immigrants and their children. Falun Gong practitioners once again participated in this event and received high remarks. Falun Gong procession The practitioners’ Divine Land Marching Band attracted the attention of many spectators. The band was enthusiastically cheered and ...
City Parade (Liège 2009) 20/20
2009-09-22 06:00:00
Fin ou presque... Quelques photos de plus sur (photocktail-series)
... Mr Coke Man - City Parade ...
2009-09-15 08:15:00
.« Coca Cola Summer Tours 2009 » City Parade 2009 "Music for Peace" - Liège, 13 septembre 2009.l'album photo City Parade 2009 - sur Facebook.... Always Coca Cola ...
City Parade, Liège 2009
2009-09-13 22:40:00
..300.000 personnes dans les rue de Liège pour la neuvième édition de la City Parade 2009 "Music for Peace"Liège, 13 septembre 2009.l'album photo City Parade 2009 - sur Facebook.Liege City Parade 2009 - BelgiumCrazy trucks with pumping sound systems.... David Guetta - World Is Mine ...
Heritage of Pride Parade
2009-07-15 03:55:00
Green Party candidates and supporters at the Heritage of Pride Parade on June 28 (photo James Lane)
Episode 293 Post Pride 48 and Chicago Pride Parade
2009-06-30 00:00:00
Listen as I give a recap of the events of Pride 48 and how Joe & I went to Chicago for the Pride Parade! Click here to listen to this episode on your computer!
Falun Gong Group Participates in Parade in Connecticut (Photos)
2009-05-30 01:41:00
By a Falun Dafa Practitioner in Connecticut ( Falun Gong practitioners in Connecticut participated in the Memorial Day Parade in Colchester, Connecticut on May 24, 2009. They introduced Falun Dafa and spread the message of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance to local residents. Falun Gong practitioners’ beautiful exercise demonstration and elegant float won waves of applauses from ...
Holly Madison Bikini Parade
2009-05-15 21:15:00
Holly Madisson is so hot, she has nice ass, nice boobs, nice legs. nice face, and nice lips.Perfect!Holly Madison was joined by showgirls from Vegas stage spectacular Jubilee and members of the public for the march.The Las Vegas strip has taken on an entirely different meaning after hosting the world's largest bikini parade.Sin city became skin city yesterday as 281 participants donned their swimwear and marched along the famous Las Vegas street for a world record attempt.The feat paid off, earning the city a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the world's largest bikini parade.Dressed in barely there bikinis, 281 women marched down Las Vegas Boulevard in what the Guinness Book of World Records ruled was history?s largest bikini parade.Guinness representatives were even on hand to present a plaque to the event?s organizers, which included hostess Holly Madison.Holly Madison - World's Largest Bikini Parade for Guiness in Las Vegas
Woman Run Over by Parade Float
2009-05-12 02:18:00
This weird shanty house went from 'float' to 'crush' pretty quickly.
Mafia Parade from Prison to the Streets to Last Throughout 2009
2009-03-12 02:35:00
Prison doors will swing open this year for some of the city's toughest mobsters.By an odd coincidence, some of the heaviest hitters from New York's fabled Five Families all have release dates in...
Neil Whitfield wrote a new blog post: Passing Parade – Ultimo/UTS
2009-02-27 05:10:00
Neil Whitfield wrote a new blog post: Passing Parade – Ultimo/UTS Near Paddy’s Markets and the UTS Market Campus.
Neil Whitfield wrote a new blog post: More passing parade -- Haymarket
2009-02-27 00:40:00
Neil Whitfield wrote a new blog post: More passing parade -- Haymarket
Neil Whitfield wrote a new blog post: More passing parade – Belmo
2009-02-23 23:32:00
Neil Whitfield wrote a new blog post: More passing parade – Belmore Park
Neil Whitfield wrote a new blog post: Redfern passing parade
2009-02-22 06:45:00
Neil Whitfield wrote a new blog post: Redfern passing parade
Author and Parade columnist James Brady dies at 80 (AP)
2009-01-28 20:20:00
AP - James Brady, the Parade magazine celebrity columnist whose wide-ranging career also included novels, a memoir on his Korean War service and a stint as publisher of the fashion bible Women's Wear Daily, has died at 80.
Kwanzaa parade celebrates African-American culture on South Dallas streets
2008-12-27 19:02:00
Kwanzaa parade celebrates African-American culture I have very little to say about this *made up*African BULLSHIT other than to ask you to look at the *Kwanzaa Events* and ask yourself, what in the hell is it that these African-American Asshats really want? Children’s activities at the Act of Change, 3200 S. Lancaster Road, Suite 320, Dallas, ...
Saline, Mi (33rd) Annual Christmas Parade, December 6th
2008-11-30 22:20:00
The Saline Chamber of Commerce presents the 33rd annual Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 6th. The parade begins at 5:30 and it is always a huge hit. The Saline Twirlettes will be performing, Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops, Saline High Marching Band, Paws with a Cause, Roller Derby Girls, local dance troupes,floats and Santa Claus will be arriving in town.  Tom Mac of Tom Mac Photography is the Grand Marshal and I do believe he has taken the majority of all our graduating seniors senior pictures as well as all the Dance Alliance performances Allyssa was involved in. The theme for this Christmas will be a "A Nostalgic Saline Christmas".  Each of the floats will design their floats around that theme, and it is always fun to see the creativity of the churches, day-care centers, and schools. I've been attending this parade for 19 years, sometimes it is really cold, sometimes it snows and other times the weather outside is moderate. The Kiwannas Club is always there hand...
Macy?s Thanksgiving Parade Gets Rickrolled
2008-11-30 06:45:00
ok.  can we put an end to the madness now?
By: TubaPants
Macy?s Thanksgiving Parade Gets Rickrolled
2008-11-30 06:45:00
ok.  can we put an end to the madness now?
By: TubaPants
Miley Cyrus Shines Bright at Macy?s Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade
2008-11-28 16:44:00
The Macy?s Thanksgiving Day Parade is an annual event, started back in 1924, presented by Macy?s department store, well known for its giant balloons, that happens on Thanksgiving Day in New York City. The big star of this year?s Macy?s parade was Miley Cyrus, who happily waved at the crowd and even had time to spend ...
Little Ricky Rains On The Obama-Rama Parade
2008-11-06 23:53:00
Yep, it?s Thursday, and that means it?s time again for another steaming, stinking helping of right-wing blather from former Senator Man-On-Dog in today?s Philadelphia Inquirer (here).See, to hear PA?s former senator from northern Virginia tell it, the soon-to-be 44th President of the United States will either lead or be led by that bad ?li-bu-ruul Democrat Congress??(If Obama is led, he) would reduce productivity, slow economic growth and increase unemployment.By the way (as noted here), productivity ?grew? in this country by 1.1 percent in the July-September quarter (and as the story also tells us, ?the number of out-of-work Americans continuing to draw unemployment benefits has surged to a 25-year high?).He would sign bills to eliminate the secret ballot in union elections, raise the minimum wage, require businesses to provide paid family medical leave, and legalize millions of illegal immigrants.I?ll tell you what; take a look at this and tell me where it states that Obama will ?...
The Phillies Parade
2008-11-02 03:03:00
Yes I was there! I wish someone could have made it down there with me because it was an absolute blast! It was an once in a lifetime event (well hopefully not)! Enjoy the short clip of my time on Broad Street.
Parade today for the World Champions, Philadelphia Phillies!
2008-10-31 14:40:00
The biggest celebration in years will begin noon at 20th and Market , going towards South of Broad Street and end at the sports complex that houses Lincoln Financial Field and Citizens Bank Park. Parking will be limited, so if you can take SEPTA or PATCO to the city, that would be your best bet. Also get out there early. I was driving to work this morning and already saw people heading down there.If you planned on attending, behave yourself don't mess it up for everyone else! This is a time to celebrate this city victory, not to act like a fool. Yeah..... I said it!
2008-10-25 15:14:00
R&B singer Brandy has picked up some help for her upcoming performance at 'America's Thanksgiving Parade' in Detroit.Joining the "Right Here (Departed)" singer are R&B and Gospel acts Lloyd and Vickie Winans.Set for Nov. 27, the recording stars will perform during the popular parade in Detroit celebrating the start of the Holiday season. Brandy's forthcoming album "Human" has been reset for Dec. 9. source
Antique cars parade / Caravana de autos antiguos / Caravana de carros antig
2008-10-16 02:51:00
Where / Dónde / Onde / Oú: Nicaragua & GurruchagaWhen / Cuándo / Quando / Quand: Saturday / Sábado / Samedi 18, 2:30 PMFree / Gratis / Grátis / GratuitFirst trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Get special offers & fresh finds. Trendy Palermo Viejo: because trends happen too fast for print.
How Berkeley Can You Be? September 2008 Grand Parade & Festival
2008-09-12 04:00:00
Date: Sunday September 28, 2008Time:Grand Parade (11am - 1pm)Festival (Noon - 5pm) - Sunday September 28Venue: 1923 Ashby AvenueBerkeley, California 94703 he "How Berkeley Can You Be?" Parade and Festival began in 1996, and was the brainchild of John Solomon, a longtime University Avenue merchant. John's involvement with the University Avenue Association led him to believe that a major event of University Avenue would send a positive signal about the University Avenue corridor, which at the time was struggling with public safety, empty store fronts, graffiti, and a poor quality of life. John felt that a major event would indeed signal that University Avenue was a place on the rebound, that it was a place to do business, to live, to stroll, and that it was a worthy entra...
... la parade du plongeur ...
2008-09-09 11:12:00
•Le Plongeur d'Idel Ianchelevici - City Parade Liège - de photos dans l'album City Parade .the diver parade.Chris Liebing - Agoria Kofea
... city parade ...
2008-09-07 18:18:00
City Parade 2008, Liège, BelgiumElectro Street Parade © dominique houcmant
... city parade 2008 ...
2008-09-07 04:18:00
•City Parade "Save the planet", Liège - de photos dans l'album City Parade .Felix da Housecat
Images from the Marion Popcorn Festival Parade
2008-09-06 22:20:00
This weekend marked the 1 billionth popcorn festival in Marion history.  Even before the earth cooled, there was popcorn. Here are some images from the parade… you will notice a conspicuous lack of popcorn… There were many exciting floats, but mostly I just shot pictures of my own head… that is what people REALLY lined the ...
Divine Land Marching Band Participates in Guam Liberation Day Parade (Photo
2008-08-02 10:05:00
By Lin Ying ( Falun Dafa practitioners were invited to perform at Guam’s joyously celebrated 64th anniversary of “Liberation Day” on July 21, 2008. The Taiwan Divine Land Marching Band also crossed the sea to perform, and local residents gave them a warm welcome. Guam city council speaker Ms. Tina Muna Barnes expressed her appreciation to ...
Philadelphia Soul Parade
2008-07-31 19:28:00
To celebrate the Soul championship against the San Jose SaberCats 59-56 in ArenaBowl XXII, the city will host a parade today at 2pm starting at 6th And Market Streets to Dilworth Plaza.I won?t be able to get down there (work) so if anyone has any photos from the parade, I would love to post a couple.http://feeds.feedburner.-com/MyPhiladelphia
The Clueless Victory Parade
2008-07-22 17:22:00
Barack Obama continues his victory parade before the fact in the Middle East, while the American media attempt hide the fact that BO is clueless.  The Associated Press, like the New York Times, tanks for Obama.  Consider this lede by Brian Murphy and Qassim Abdul-Zahra: BAGHDAD–Face to face with Iraq’s leaders, Barack Obama gained fresh support yesterday for the idea of pulling all U.S. combat forces out of the war zone by 2010. But the Iraqis stopped short of timetables or endorsement of Obama’s pledge to withdraw troops within 16 months if he wins the presidency. Given the stubborn fact that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki clearly rejected BO’s pet idea of a withdrawal without regard to conditions on the ground, would the lede have been more accurately written: BAGHDAD–Face to face with Iraq’s leaders, Barack Obama gained no support support yesterday for the idea of pulling all U.S. combat forces out of the war zone by 2010. The Iraqis rejected Obama&r...
By: BitsBlog
Elephant Parade
2008-07-06 01:38:00
Elephant GalleryThese are the elephants as shown in the first Elephant Parade in the Netherlands, Rotterdam 2007.Elephant Parade
By: weblogART
Fw: Welcome Home Bulldogs Parade at 6:00pm
2008-06-27 00:49:00
Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile -----Original Message----- From: "" <> Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 20:45:57 Subject: Welcome Home Bulldogs Parade at 6:00pm <> BREAKING NEWS Thursday, June 26, 2008 Watch the Welcome Home Bulldogs Parade and Celebration Event - Live on at 6:00pm   Go to for more... <> Change My Registration Preference When you registered with our site, you asked to receive breaking news alerts from If you wish to change this registration preference, click here. <;Ymo9MzI3NDkwNzYmYnU9NTEzNTkxN-TcmYmE9eGlwbmVrQGFvbC5jb20mYnA9-MTYyODg=> Add me to the Do Not Email list This email contains an advertisement from, 1777 G Street, Fresno, CA 93706. To unsubscribe from all types of future commercial email from regarding its products and...
Rain Parade Mini Umbrellas Help You Stand Out in a Cloud
2008-06-20 15:00:00
Umbrellas don't just protect you from rain & sun, they also can be just plain fun! That's the idea behind these Rain Parade Mini Umbrellas from Japan. Technorati Tags: Art and Design Children Clothing Fun Innovation International Outdoors Products Shopping
Jennifer Moss: ?Naked Lady? To Go Topless in July Fourth Parade - Or She?ll
2008-06-18 20:55:00
“I am wearing a hemp g-string. The real American fabric of our lives!” –Jennifer Moss, formerly “The Pastie Lady” & “Earth Friend Jen”; new nickname: “The Naked Lady” Jennifer Moss–with clothes on–campaigns for the environment and hemp. Jennifer Moss, the Environmental Exhibitionist–also known as “The Pastie Lady”, “The Naked Lady” and “Earth Friend Jen”–is back in the news again. ...
2008-06-10 01:57:00
 Zippo is reg. year old gelding.Very willing and easy to train! He ties, trailers, and bathes, ect..! This horse has the potential to do it all. Great with Kids to. To a good and approved home ONLY!!!!! please call for more info. 724-961-3193 or you may e-mail me.Only selling b.c i do not have the room to keep him. Please this offer will not come again for this wonderful little stunning yearling! I also have another for sale! i can also email updated summer photos!
Le Mans Cavalcade and Clubs Parade at 24-Hour of Le Mans
2008-06-10 00:00:00
Click on the picture to enlarge More than quarter of a million spectators make the annual pilgrimage to Le Mans. Watching the modern 24-hour race and the historic support race (this year, Motor Racing Legends presents a grid of Group C racers) seems thrilling enough ? but the chance to drive a few laps of the circuit on the Saturday of the Le Mans 24Hrs puts the experience into another category entirely. For those who long to try for themselves the full 8.5-mile circuit, from the glorious Mulsanne Straight, through the fast, sweeping Porsche Curves and along the pit-straight past the towering spectator grandstands, Motor Racing Legends is unique in being able to offer two ways to achieve this dream. Le Mans Cavalcade For those lucky enough to own a genuine Le Mans-type car, the Le Mans Cavalcade laps the circuit at around midday on Saturday ? just before the start of the main race. The Cavalcade sees up to 30 cars with Le Mans history stretch their legs in a high-speed parade, i...
Larry and Dottie Ride in the National Memorial Day Parade with Bill
2008-06-09 02:18:00
These are pictures Larry and Dottie's friend Jody took.  Dottie: "Since we traveled all the way up there and told many friends we would be riding with Bill they would probably like to see the pictures on your web site." Click this picture to see the others in the gallery. read more
Larry and Dottie Ride in the National Memorial Day Parade with Bill
2008-06-09 02:18:00
These are pictures Larry and Dottie's friend Jody took.  Dottie: "Since we traveled all the way up there and told many friends we would be riding with Bill they would probably like to see the pictures on your web site." Click this picture to see the others in the gallery. read more
Joss Stone Performs At Gay Pride Parade
2008-06-08 18:05:00
Joss Stone performed at the Gay Pride Parade Day 1 at the West Hollywood Park in LA yesterday. She looked stunning in a silver mini dress while onstage. The parade was part of the 38th annual LA Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgender PRIDE celebration Produced by Christopher Street West (a non-profit organization), the annual three-day LA PRIDE is one of the largest Pride Celebrations in the United States for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. LA PRIDE 2008’s message is about taking pride in who you are, your family, your community, and the world around you. Its three-year theme, “Our Agenda:  Love. Equality. PRIDE.”
2008-06-08 17:18:00
 gentle, easy to shoe, used on ranch all her life, crosses creeks, climbs hills, nothing scares her
Great Personality
2008-06-07 04:18:00
Nick has been in several parades, great with kids, great color. Ready to go into the show ring with his flashy sorrel color. Started under saddle.
Nice, stout gelding
2008-06-06 22:55:00
 Here is nice, stout gelding that will get you noticed no matter what you're doing! He has been trail ridden and in a few parades. He is UTD on vaccinations, will stand for the farrier. Not bothered by barking dogs, traffic, farm equipment, dump trucks or trains! He needs a job to do, would make an excellent hunt seat horse or a could have a job roping cattle!!
Gay Czech Republic Steps Up with First Pride Parade
2008-06-06 18:40:00
For the first time, the city of Brno in the Czech Republic (South Moravia -  about 2 - 2.5 hours from Prague by car) organizes an LGBTIQ pride event ? the parade and an accompanying programme. June 28th!The Queer parade in Brno supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and all queer people's rights, visibility and self-identity. "Come and join us to show your queer pride and promote tolerance, respect and colourful society!" Although the Registered Partnership Act was adopted in 2006, by which the Czech Republic has joined countries promoting respect for sexual minorities, there are still many problems that call for general attention. We want to contribute to the public discussion on issues ranging from the rights of same-sex parents, through the absence of equal rights for individual adoptions for registered partners, bullying of LGBTIQ youth, the invisibility of LGBTIQ seniors, to severe violations of transgender persons amounting to breaches of fundamental...
Allaround APHA 17 hd , jumps 36 worldshow contender
2008-06-06 04:58:00
 Serious World Show Contender for over fences and HUS! DG One Sonny Image has restarted his APHA career as of May 2008. He was shown as a 2-3 YO earning 5th in the nation in HUS. Years of professional training Then he was used extensively on the hunter/jumper circuit which is why his APHA career was put to side Now, in two 2 Judge shows he has accumulated over 45 unofficial APHA points in Open, Am, and NA HUS and Equitation, WP, Sr. trail, horsemanship, hunter hack and jumping on the tough NC APHA circuit all being shown by a novice amateur. He is not kept in training at this time (trained originally by D John Deas), he is easy to ride and maintain at home. 100 finished in HUS, patterns, jumping, 80 trail, and could use some WP training to be very competitive but he will be able to do the pleasure he has a great jog and has placed top 3 out of 20 horses in walk/jog classes at APHA shows. Cody will be shown in allaround as he is ready for each event until he is sold, price will ...
HiFive Bucks Sophisticat-
2008-06-06 03:23:00
 Cat is a wonderful POA, with perfect movement. She is out of Santee Red Kit and sired by Driftwoods Mega Bucks. Kid broke, will pack around anyone and has a love for jumping. She is light on the hands, moves off your leg, knees tucked perfect over fences. She has gone 3', but I think she could show 3'-3'9. Cat is UTD on shots, worming ect. Ties, clips, loads and is an easy keeper. She may me in foal, we will have her checked prior to sale Thank you for looking at Cat, she will be your childs new best friend.
Beautiful tricolored 9 year old Gelding
2008-06-06 03:17:00
 Buddy is a great all around gelding you can count on for any type of riding you do. He will brush pop out a trail or ride drag any spot in between. He has been owned, raised ridden by an 80 year old man who is thinking he's ready to retire to his porch swing. He can be ridden by anyone that can sit in a saddle. He is all of 16H but will stretch down to mount dismount. He has excellent manners, is a farriers dream knows all there is to know about making his rider happy. He is current on vaccination, worming coggins. He has shoes on is ready to be your next trail horse!! Give my friend Emmit a call at 573/776-5691 take Buddy for a test ride. You better bring your trailer, you won't be dissapointed. Tell him you saw his ad in the internet.
Quarter Horse Foundation Bred 3 Year Old Sorrel Filly
2008-06-05 22:43:00
 98.4 Foundation Bred by Harlans Red Rider and out of Lollys Sonoita Wolf. Sorrel filly with 2 hind stockings and 14.3 hands. Correct conformation, heavy muscling and very sound. All she wants to do is please! Has had 6 months of training and already been shown english and western. Nice turns/stops/backs/lead changes! She has been worked on cattle and rode bareback out on the trails. Bombproof to ride and great with blanketing, tarps, clips, ties and trailers. Excellent ground manners! Ready to go in any direction!! I am moving to San Luis Obispo and need to sell her A.S.A.P 2500 (805) 748-5075 Andrea or email: located in poway
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