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Bill aims to stop employers from asking for Facebook password
2012-04-30 18:39:00
Earlier this month, the state ofMaryland passed a first-in-the-nation bill preventing your employer from demanding yourFacebook password. Now, it seems federal lawmakers are ready to follow their act: Representatives Eliot Engel (D-NY) and Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) introduced a bill to ? Continue reading ?
Symantec Announces Norton Identity Safe, a Cloud-Based Password Manager
2012-04-24 15:59:00
We’ve written a detailed tutorial on how to use the Norton Identity Safe Beta just a while ago. Today, the Norton Identity Safe is officially out of beta as Symantec announced the stable version of the cloud-based password manager. The password manager is now available for download for Windows, Mac as well as mobile OS...
M'n 1e password rollover sticker!! -
2012-04-16 13:27:00 M'n 1e password rollover sticker!! - 20 minutes ago from Twitter - Comment - Like
Online Password Manager for Chrome
2012-04-05 16:47:00
It is almost impossible to remember all your online passwords, unless you are using the same password on every online account. So it’s essential to get yourself a secure password manager to store all your passwords. Whenever you need the password to access your account, the password manager will input the password for you. Is...
Break Excel File Password Protection
2012-04-05 04:02:00
Waiting for recovering excel password or breaking excel password protection? Then do focus on PDS break excel file password protection tool to break XLS password protection. Excel unlocker tool can recover excel sheet password from such excel as 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010. Now you can do forgot excel password recovery by using break excel file password protection program based on 2 methods such as Brute Force Attack and Dictionary Attack.
By: Shareware
Adobe Pdf Password Decryption
2012-04-05 04:02:00
Easy to use pdf password remover application removes owner password form pdf files. Adobe pdf password removal application decrypts pdf document even protected with strong RC4 or AES encryption lock. Program unlocks 128 bits 256 bits lock key. Pdf password remover not only removes pdf owner password but also removes pdf user password but user need to provide pdf open password once to program for unlocking. This awesome Windows based pdf security password remover tool instantly enables pdf editing, printing, copying, form filling, signing, commenting and page extraction. Users who are unable to print or edit their document, there is an option available for them as pdf password remover. Pdf password removal utility breaks password of batch pdf documents and creates lock-free pdf files at user defined location. Download free copy of pdf password remover from our website
By: Shareware
Secure your assets with mSecure Password Manager for iPhone
2012-04-03 12:33:00
mSeven Software has updated the mSecure password manager to increase access to more users around the globe. mSecure now supports eight languages on all platforms. The company has also added 130 new icons to enable greater levels of personalization of records in mSecure. With the support of the many languages, mSecure is able to offer password security to a larger percentage of the world population. mSecure continues to be held out as an industry-standard in password and personal information protection for mobile and computing devices. mSecure uses ultra-secure 256-bit blowfish encryption to protect personal information such as account numbers, usernames, passwords and more. Continue reading
How To Create A Secure Password [Infographic]
2012-03-07 09:00:00
I have another infographic for you today. This one is from the folks at ZoneAlarm. It’s funny that I found their infographic, and haven’t heard from them in quite a while. Before Microsoft started including a software firewall in Windows XP Service Pack 2, the place where I started my IT career used ZoneAlarm’s firewall on all of our workstations and it worked pretty good.Anyway, their infographic on how to avoid bad passwords, and how to create secure passwords is pretty good as well, and follows pretty much everything I’ve been taught on the subject. I decided to send it around my company because I’m sure half of the users are using some form of their kids name, or another dictionary word. Check it out:[Via ZoneAlarm] Tags: how to,create,secure,passwords,tips-,easy,to,remember,avoidRelated- articlesWhy Your Identity Is Worth $5,000 [INFOGRAPHIC] ( Cybercrime And Spamming Is Increasing On Facebook - Here Is How You Can Avoid It [I...
Google Working On New Password Management System For Chrome
2012-02-21 07:35:00
Sometime back we were wondering if ‘Passwords’ were really becoming obsolete. We talked about how new technologies like Touch that may leave the password far behind but the password may not be dead yet. Ars Technica has found out that Google might be working on a password manager for Chrome. This information was found on the Chromium Projects site. Chromium is the open-sourced version of Google Chrome without Google’s branding. The Chromium Project site says that passwords are workable solution but keeping different passwords for many websites is tedious to physically manage, so  there has to be someway in which we can thwart phishing attacks. So the Chromium project is supposedly working on a feature which might generate its own passwords and apply it to any website. It will also be able to update all the passwords that you have stored in the browser. The idea behind this is that since you don’t know your own password, you would be less likely to succumb to a phishing att...
By: WATblog
MS Word and Excel Password Protected Files
2012-02-20 05:10:00
Hi all I want to buy, if any software that create password expiration for ms word / excel. Or is their a way to put password expiration on ms word and excel. That means after the date expire the file cannot be open please help thanks regard
PDF Password Remover
2012-02-19 14:54:00
PDF Password Remover is a Freeware Portable Tool that can be used to remove the password from PDF files. Useful ...
Remove Pdf Password Protection
2012-01-07 09:50:00
Remove pdf password and convert secure and protected pdf documents into 100% printable, editable and copyable. Pdf password remover works even document is protected with RC4 and AES 128 bit 256 bit protection. Removing pdf security from pdf documents ensure that user can edit pdf, enable pdf copying, permit pdf printing, form filling, commenting, signing, text and images extraction, page extraction etc. Pdf security remover software is one of the best utility devised to decrypt protected pdf files, instantly removes pdf open password and pdf owner password in a few mouse clicks. Program is very useful in the situation when you have forgotten your pdf owner password and your admin is also not reachable. Decrypt batch pdf files using this awesome windows application, remove pdf permissions using this advanced utility supports Adobe Acrobat v 9.0. Pdf restrictions remover software can easily be installed and run on any latest Windows OS. Program requires minimal input functionality an...
By: Shareware
Word Password Unlocker Software
2012-01-07 09:50:00
PDS Word Password Recovery or word password unlocker software helps to unlock word file recover word doc password with instant and effortless scanning feature. Perfect Word Password Remover tool remove word password from MS Word 95/97/000/XP/2003
By: Shareware
Unlock Excel Spreadsheet Password
2012-01-07 09:50:00
Perfect Data Solutions Systems provides most excellent Excel Spreadsheet Password Recovery software assists you with advanced and finest technology features which helps to recover excel file password and remove excel database password. Unlock Excel Sheet Password Recovery utility to crack excel sheet and recover lost excel spreadsheet password and unlock excel spreadsheet password from Microsoft excel 97, 2003, 2002.
By: Shareware
Apple Power Adapters to Store Password Recovery Information, Patent Applica
2012-01-06 03:34:00
Apple is patenting a means by which your notebook, smartphone or tablet‘s power supply cable can help you remember passwords or security questions in case you forget. The system will be designed such that your device will still be secure in case of theft or loss. Forgetting a password can ...
Feds Trying to Force Woman to Give Up Laptop Password
2012-01-06 00:45:00
Here we go again. Colorado U.S. District Judge Robert Blackburn is expected to rule any day on whether to force defendant Ramona Fricosu to decrypt her Toshiba Satellite M305, which authorities seized from her in 2010 with a court warrant while investigating financial fraud. Yet another clashing between the police with a search warrant and ...
Easy Password Keeper Software Penjaga Password
2011-11-15 05:36:00
Easy Password Keeper Software Penjaga Password – Sobat sekalian pada postingan ini saya mau share tentang cara menjaga password atau akun lainnya seperti pin atm, login, email, dll. Sebelumnya ada teman saya yang kehilangan uang cukup banyak hanya karena hal spele yaitu ia kehilangan password untuk masuk ke akun beliau. untuk menjaga hal-hal seperti itu sebaiknya kita lebih cermat dalam menjaga login dan diingat baik-baik.   Ada software bagus yang bernama Easy password keeper, software ini gratis dan berguna sesuai namanya yaitu menjaga password kita supaya lebih aman. Tidak hanya untuk orang yang sering pelupa software ini juga berguna buat kalian yang memiliki banyak login, e.g. login facebook, login twitter, login forum, Pin atm, login email, login komputer, dsb..   Berikut deskripsi dari sang author software ini: Easy Password Keeper is a simple yet handy piece of software that will help you create a database with all your passwords in order to have them all in...
Should I Change My Password te dice si tu email ha sido hackeado
2011-09-07 05:21:00
Should I Change My Password (Debo cambiar mi clave?) es un servicio web que te permite verificar si tu direccin de email se encuentra listada en alguna base de datos que contenga emails hackeados. El servicio revisa alrededor de 30 … Continue reading →Este es un post de ILMAISTRO.COM, Blog de Tecnologia. Suscribirse via RSS. Sígueme en Twitter, Facebook o en Google+.Should I Change My Password te dice si tu email ha sido hackeado
Convert Password Protected Portable Document (PDF) To Word ,Excel,Text file
2011-08-20 03:09:00
How to Convert Password Protected Portable Document Files (PDF) To Microsoft Word(DOC) , Excel(xls),Text document (rtf)online?You may find many free  online services to convert Portable Document files to microsoft word.But many of them cannot  convert password protected pdf files to word.You get error message saying that the document is protected with a password.However if you want to convert Pdf documents to word online for free you can try this useful web service Convert pdf to word ,excel or text file freepdfconvert converts your password protected pdf files to micosoft word ,excel or text documents online.Just enter the url or file path and then password.freepdf converts and gives you converted word,excel or text document.You can zip the file before uploading.This feature helps you upload large files easily You can enter the url or show path Extract images from pdf files to jpg or png formats You can receive converted documents to your inbox or else you get it there i...
How to Unlock / Open password protected pdf (user & owner passwords)
2011-01-13 19:03:00
Earlier I wrote a post on  how to unlock /break-edit pdf files .Today am going  to write few more tools to unlock password protected portable document format files.If you forget passwords of your important pdf documents ,you can use these tools to access them for free.Pdf files can  be protected with two kinds of passwords.It can be  a owner password(where user can open the document but needs password to access restricted features) or user passoword (where a password needed to open the document).Here's the list of tools to unlock/break them for free1.Ensode free online unlock serviceThis utility unlocks editing,copying , pasting and printing restrictions of a pdf file.You can download unlocked pdf file to your pc / laptop or you can view online Max file size -5MB Free Online ServiceUnlocks owner password only 2.Pdfunlock  This utility unlocks restrictions and owner password (password to edit,copy,print the contents etc...) instan...
Cambiare la password di Windows senza conoscerla
2010-11-29 04:30:00
Se siete soliti usare delle password non banali e di una certa lunghezza per dormire sogni tranquilli, pu capitare, specialmente se avete qualche computer che usate molto di rado, di dimenticare la password per accedervi. Voglio sperare che se un giorno vi dovesse mai servire questo articolo, sia per un motivo simile a quello appena [continua...]
Cambiare la password di Windows senza conoscerla
2010-11-29 04:30:00
Se siete soliti usare delle password non banali e di una certa lunghezza per dormire sogni tranquilli, pu capitare, specialmente se avete qualche computer che usate molto di rado, di dimenticare la password per accedervi. Voglio sperare che se un giorno vi dovesse mai servire questo articolo, sia per un motivo simile a quello appena descritto e non per ragioni pi oscure e malevole. Se [Continua a leggere]
Cmo hackear el password de una Mac (y prevenir que te pase a ti)
2010-11-07 19:02:00
As como hay infinidad de maneras de hackear el password de un sistema operativo Windows, es posible tambin romper la seguridad de unaMac. Los dos mtodos que repasaremos a continuacin se basan en resetear o reestablecer el password de usuario de una Mac con el SO Leopard instalado, y al final veremos de qu manera ...Este es un post de ILMAISTRO.COM, Blog de Tecnologia. Suscribirse via RSS. Sígueme en Twitter o Facebook.Cmo hackear el password de una Mac (y prevenir que te pase a ti)
How to Reset Bios Password Or Remove Bios Password On CMOS Battery
2010-02-17 08:55:00
Forget your motherboard bios password?Here are three tutorial how to reset or remove Bios Password that allow clear your CMOS password.The first method is removing the battery on motherboard and second method is reset bios password on windows. What is Bios Password? Bios password information is normally store on a CMOS battery.Bios password is a type of ...
By: TechMixer
1Password to rule them all
2009-12-14 10:07:00
Keychain is Apple’s password management system in Mac OS. It was introduced with Mac OS 8.6, and has been included in all subsequent versions of Mac OS. A keychain can contain various types of data: passwords (websites, FTP servers, SSH accounts, network shares, wireless networks, groupware applications, encrypted disk images), private keys, certificates and secure ...
How-to create a Password Generator using PHP
2009-11-22 16:54:00
Do you need a password generator function for your user registration application or do you have to write a script in PHP? Than is this PHP tutorial for you. The function in this guide is flexible enough to use it during the user registration process or for a password recovery function. The generated password from ...
Reset Gmail Password
2009-09-24 00:11:00
Shareware password retrieval software restores lost or deleted internet explorer saved passwords for various accounts like E-mail/Newsgroup accounts, online shopping, Magazine subscription, Web forum etc. Lost password restoration tool facilitates multilingual password recovery and stores all your recovered passwords at user specified location in your computer system. Password recovery application supports all major versions of internet explorer
By: Shareware
Changing Password on Siemens MP270
2009-09-22 18:29:00
I need to change the password on a Siemens panel (MP270). There is no option of editing passwords on the display. How do I go about it?
Tips : Using Samsung L700 as Modem where empty user name or password on Ubu
2009-07-29 19:15:00
If you are using Samsung L700 as modem where user name and password is empty or blank, you are can not connect using dialup tool. This happen to me. To solved this problem, I am using as wvdial...
2009-07-17 21:42:00
Is there anybody who knows the password of York Chiller control panel, so that I can enter in the Program mode?
Recover Gmail Password via Sms
2009-07-12 10:55:00
Recently Gmail team added a new SMS feature to its password recovery options page.If you have a mobile you can add your mobile phone number and save it to obtain password recovery code through sms when you forget your gmail account password.I think it is very useful feature to everyone as it is so simple and very handy.To enable this options Goto Settings ->Accounts -> Google Account Settings ->Change Recovery Options and add your mobile phone number
Domino Printer A400 Series second level password
2009-05-18 23:38:00
We have 4 Domino A400 Series printer and currently we faced some malfunction on some of the solenoid valves, can anybody give me the second level password to perform the manual operation of the solenoid valves for bleed, feed, viscosity, wash,..etc. Many thaks in advance...
How To Open/ Unlock / Edit Password Protected Excel Spreadsheet or Workbook
2009-04-24 12:48:00
Forgot or lost Microsoft excel workbook (XLS & XLSX formats) password ? Do you want to open/edit / unlock excel files for free? Here are few useful free web services to help you out...Sometimes ms excel file creators restrict their files using excel file protection features from copying,editing , printing or viewing the contents.If you forgot the password or receive a password protected Ms Excel workbook from others, you can simply bypass those restictions using these free online utilities.1.Free Excel Spreadsheet Unlock Online Utility:This utility removes copying,editting or printing restrictions of  .xls files only. (If you want to remove restrictions of .xlsx files try next method written here.)The file should not be more than 5MB.The cracked / unlocked version of your excel file will be displayed in a new tab /window if ms excel or its alteratives installed on your computer . Otherwise you can download the unlocked excel file to your pc. Goto...
GStarICAD - Drawing Encryption and Password Retrieval
2009-03-23 09:57:00
Hi, I am using GStarICAD recently, an AutoCAD like CAD software. I forget the password when I use the drawing encryption. Is it possible to get my drawing back? Thank you for your help. Plotting problem with GStarICAD
How To Open Password Protected PDF files Online
2009-03-03 08:08:00
You got a password protected pdf document by e-mail.You want to open it but the computer you're working on doesn't have adobe pdf reader or any other pdf viewer installed.How do you open it?There are some free online pdf readers and few easy ways to open pdf files online but they are not able to open pdf documents with a password.One of by blog visitor named Bruce posted a comment on my blog post 4 free easy ways to open pdf files online.Here it is"Hey, the file is password protected and is there a option to key in the password to open the contents?"One possible solution is to Convert your portable document format file into another format like rtf or word document with Freepdfvonvert.comUpload the file,type in the password and select the output format.Freepdfconvert converts your document into specified format inside the browser or you can enter your email address to get notified .Once it converts you can view the document on your PC .Also see:How to break/unlock/crack /recover...
PC Admin Password
2009-02-20 14:52:00
Hello All, I forgot my PCs Administrator Password as such I could not do anything requiring admin rights. The password hint is not helping matters as well. Kindly proffer solution. I use Vista as my OS. Kind Regards
Vista Password Bank
2009-02-08 23:31:00
Ok...So I bought a laptop (toshiba) and it came with vista pre-installed. What i would like to know is how to disable the darn password bank? Everytime i log onto my email accounts, banks, facebook etc etc... a pop up window appears asking to save the password into a password bank. I always click ca
BTWF games shows: Kirstie Alley on Password Plus
2009-02-07 04:10:00
Before Kirstie Alley was a Fat Actress running the bar on Cheers, she was an “interior designer” playing Password Plus. Sadly the 29 year old Kirstie did not win any money when she played the game back in 1980. Kirstie wouldn’t be on Cheers for another 7 years, but she looked exactly the same on ...
Mary Kitt-Neel wrote a new blog post: When I figure out how to password pro
2009-01-25 03:31:00
Mary Kitt-Neel wrote a new blog post: When I figure out how to password protect stuff ... I might, just might write about this weekend. Some of it is very serious, and some of it is pretty hilarious. But since I haven't figured out the password thing yet, this will be a vague and unsatisfying post. If any of you are of a mind to, how about visiting my Blogger blog (where I hang ...
Greeneyes commented on the blog post Password protected entries fix
2009-01-16 21:52:00
Greeneyes commented on the blog post Password protected entries fix Wow! That was a fast response and fix! Thank you so much for the work you are doing on the new JS. We really appreciate it :)
Vasco Data (VDSI): Password profits
2008-12-17 06:00:00
In The Forbes Growth Investor (, quantitative analyst Vahan Janjigian ( eyes VASCO Data Security ( (NASDAQ: VDSI (, whose products safeguard network and Internet transactions."VDSI’s Digipass product line is a family of authentication devices and software libraries, which offers a flexible and affordable solution for authenticating users on any network. They generate one-time passwords used to verify users on a computer network."Digipasses are compatible with VDSI’s authentication solutions as well as with non-VASCO platforms. VDSI also offers a Web browser version,which requires no software installation."Shares of VDSI have taken a beating largely due to the company’s reliance on the troubled financial sector. Investors fear a drop in demand. Recent ...
How to Reset Administrators Password
2008-11-25 11:49:00
How to reset Administrators Password from "outside" I go away for three months, my computer is unplugged from the wall as protection against lightning strikes etc. Before I shut it down, as added protection against unauthorised use, I set the Administrators Password, open and close the computer
How to Reset Administrator's Password
2008-11-25 11:49:00
How to reset Administrators Password from "outside" I go away for three months, my computer is unplugged from the wall as protection against lightning strikes etc. Before I shut it down, as added protection against unauthorised use, I set the Administrators Password, open and close the comp
Free Excel Password Recovery and Excel Password Remover Tools
2008-11-11 08:19:00
Forgotten your Excel password, here is a list of recover excel password tools and excel password remover tools to help you recover or remove your excel password. Although there is a lot excel password recovery or remover tools on the market. But the excel password tools that i mention is a freeware which can use ...
By: TechMixer
KUKA Password Protection
2008-10-30 20:56:00
How do I protect my program. I have a tool changer and it is set up and operational. I want to be able to protect the taught points from being touched up. How can I protect from this? I would like to be able to use somr form of password protection to disable or hide the touch up button unless yo
Forgot the Administrators Password?
2008-09-28 16:46:00
Here are some tips on how to reset the Administrator Password on a Windows XP/2003 machine should you forgot what you set it to. However, please be very sure to use these files with caution! Although they can be great; it really should be used as a last resort, as if you are not careful it could damage the contents of your file system. Also should it should not be used if you are using the windows encrypted file system (EFS). If you don't know what this is then you're probably not using it anyway. If you are having trouble downloading the zip/iso recovery you can find another version at More...
Password protection
2008-09-24 12:11:00
Can any one tell me how to protect my folders by giving password?
file password
2008-09-16 00:18:00
if i have file containing vedio ,picture ,pdf can i make password i try to add archive and make password put not success file size 1GB
Password for Facebook
2008-08-25 17:11:00
Somebody hacked into my Facebook account and changed my e-mail and password, now I cannot log into my profile...what can I do to recover and be able to log into my profile again? I am very fustrated at this stage and would appreciate it if somebody can help me. Thank you
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