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New Ping Pong Table
2009-09-14 22:56:00
As a web designer and web master who work almost ten hours a day everyday, sometime I need refreshing that really relaxing and more than just a rest. In my free time, I like to do sport. I am a member of a local gym and regularly having exercise there. For me, having a workout ...
Ready Ping: Notification Service Transforming The Restaurant Business One T
2009-04-19 12:00:00
Sometimes the best business ideas are the most obvious ones, and Ready Ping is a new business concept that falls right into this category. No one likes to wait around for their table to be ready at a restaurant, and now this business makes sure that they don't have to, by sending a text message when the table is ready
Notify search engines, blog ping utility, blog ping list 2009
2009-01-30 02:27:00
Wordpress has got a fantastic ping utility to ping blog search engines with a single click. Just think how effective it would be for your blog. When you make a post and publish it on your blog, wordpress will notify search engines with your recent posts. Isn’t it sounds interesting? How to notify the blog search ...
Blog Ping List
2009-01-18 16:23:00
Ping List for your bloghttp://ping.cocolog-nifty.c-om/xmlrpchttp://ping.rootblog.c-om/rpc.phphttp://ping.syndic8.c-om/xmlrpc.php
Movie Review ? The Adventures Of Walker & Ping Ping ? The Great Wall & The
2009-01-02 20:11:00
I don?t speak Chinese. I speak an abysmally small amount of German after studying it for five years. I know enough Spanish to ask for the bathroom and food, but not to understand the response. In other words, it?s easy to tell I?m middle class from the Midwest. But your children don?t have to end ...
Bruce Lee jugando al Ping Pong
2008-11-28 11:34:00
Visitando , he visto un impresionante video del mitico Bruce Lee jugando al Ping Pong, pero de una forma inigualable ;). Realmente es una publicidad de Nokia y su edición especial de... [[ Esto es un pequeño resumen, pulsa en el enlace para poder ver el video. ]]
Music Review: Ping Pong Playa Soundtrack
2008-11-09 00:37:00
Ping Pong Playa is the comedic tale of suburban slacker Christopher ‘C-Dub’ Wang who finds himself having to take over teaching his mother’s ping pong lessons and eventually taking his older brother’s position in a ping pong tournament. It’s an independent film for a niche audience to say the least, and the soundtrack reflects this ...
George and Ping Pong (Update)
2008-10-13 21:10:00
This morning before I went bowling with a mental health group, I look into the nest box and saw 3 eggs. Ping Pong has laid 3 eggs. She’ll have a good clutch by the time she laid all the eggs she has. Then she’ll have to incubate them for up to 18 days until ...
George and Ping Pong
2008-10-11 19:30:00
Many blogs out there show no shame in posting their favorite pets online for everyone to see. Gumbythecat, The Lippard blog, and Grrlscientist is just of few of the great multitudes of blogs that post stories about their favorite pets and update their readers on how their pets are doing. And LOLcats is certainly one ...
Ping utility for S60 3rd Edition phones
2008-09-21 12:51:00
Freeware Ping utility for S60 3rd Edition phones. You can use it as a network diagnostics utility or to get IP address from web address / domain.Free Download: ping.sysvia:
Bat inventor hopes to take ?ping? out of baseball (AP)
2008-08-27 03:06:00
A New Jersey inventor says he has come up with a way to take that aluminum “ping” out of youth baseball and the broken bat out of the national pastime, while making the game a little safer with every swing. It’s the unbreakable wooden bat, at least one that is guaranteed for a year. Ward ...
Voto, Oblicacin u Opcin?
2008-08-07 15:00:00
Votar o no votar, esa es la cuestin. Basura. Por qu votar? Cul es el fin de votar a fin de cuentas? Acaso una abstencin no se puede tomar como un claro sntoma de protesta, o tambin como una clara seal de indiferencia con el devenir de nuestro pas. Votar o no votar. 7 de cada 100 jvenes lo estn haciendo, algo ac esta mal.
By: La Pgina
Ping Pong in Ding Dang Link Love
2008-06-24 17:57:00
Alyssa Milano dead . . but naked! (DSF) Jack Black admitted when he was a kid he put ___ up his ass! (DL) Cheryl Cole bikini pics (BST) Avoid NY pay phones like the plague! (CR) Cocaine eyes (UMC) Naked Cowboy VS. M&M’s! (WB) Victoria Beckham has yet another clothing line coming (DS) Bananas are a girls best friend (BS) Transformers 2 starts ...
Ping Pong Power Ball
2008-06-11 10:00:00
Now there is an added benefit to this game: if your kids are busy blowing ping pong balls around the house all their lung power will be used up on the blowing and there will be none left for things like bickering, whining, crying, complaining of boredom or asking for (in this order) snacks, television or computer games. Not that I have any experience with that. None at all.Anyway, the rules are simple: get a cardboard tube (or even a straw if you want to make things interesting) and a ping pong ball and tape out lines on the carpet or wood floors (carpets will be easier for small children). You can make mazes for them to blow the balls through or make lines that they have to follow, either way works.Children can race balls with siblings through the tracks or try to out-distance each other by seeing who can suck the ball onto the end of the tube and keep it stuck there the longest (a test of lung power and coordination small children will find funny).And if these ideas don't make ...
By: Scribbit
El vdeo del da.
2008-06-06 15:54:00
Fragmento de documental de la BBC donde nos ilustran sobre la vida de los pinginos emperador de la Antrtida. - An Easy Way To Ping
2008-06-04 22:37:00
What it doesDo you want to attract more traffic to your blog? Feed Shark is a ping site where you can easily send pings to popular blog directories. Feed Shark is easy to use. First you must enter the name of your blog, URL, and RSS feed information, which is optional. Then you must choose ...
How To Buy Used Ping Golf Clubs on eBay
2008-05-26 17:31:00
Here's a quick guide to find the best deal on Used Ping Golf Clubs on eBay while not getting ripped off.
By: OpTempo
Photos: Blacklights, Ping Pong, Glamdammit
2008-05-20 04:08:00
Thanks very much to the kids at Core77 for throwing the shadiest yet most awesome party with a theme we could have imagined and to Twig and Justin and Semi Precious Weapons for destroying us at Don Hill's. Totally sorry...
How To Build a "Ping-Pong" Using any of (8251, 8255, LED'S)?
2008-05-18 18:25:00
I would like to build a Ping-Pong game as follows: Switch A sends a pulse that propagates through LED's(any number of LED's), the LED's should carry the pulse in sequence(as to simulate the tennis ball). Switch B should re-send the pulse as soon as it reaches the final LED without
Como derrubar o Orkut com PING!
2008-05-17 21:58:00
muito engraado o tipo de coisa que voc pode encontrar nesses forums "hackers". Imagine um garoto em seu computador, abre o prompt de comando e digita "ping" e de repente o site do orkut sai do ar. Pois , parece que um amiguinho do Forum Invaders "conseguiu" essa proeza. Eu no gosto de fazer chacota desse tipo de coisa, at porque eu j fui muito mais n00b do que eu sou hoje Mas essa foi muito engraada, principalmente se levar em considerao o desespero da criana com medo de receber a visita da polcia xD (clique na imagem para ampliar) H alguns minutos o Guilherme "Swat Force" (sim, ele rkir) do blog World-Diverse me mandou um link. Eu comecei a rir, e depois ainda lembrei que fiz piada no dia que o Speedy estava com problemas, e era mais evidente quando voc tentava acessar sites do Google. Falei em um chat algo como: "esto dando ping no orkut". O Invaders tem um moderador emo, e ele trancou o tpico, assim...
Quick update - KKH & Ping Lim Jiu Outing
2008-05-17 19:09:00
Before i doze off, just a quick update for today… Met up with Krissy mommy at KKH, as my darling god-daughter had been admitted due to viral fever and seeing the number of kids in the same ward, with the same viral fever, it makes one wonder if it’s a new virus trend. Met up with ...
By: xinyun
Placas Bizarras: No Cumprimente o Pingim
2008-05-14 18:35:00
Nova srie de artigos no PutsGrilo!com: Placas Bizarras! uma seqncia de interpretaes de placas estranhas que recebi por e-mail e desconheo o autor. Essas placas, como podemos perceber, foram coletadas de diversas partes do mundo e, realmente, do margem a diversas interpretaes bacanas. E muito engraadas. Veja s a primeira. Hehehe…
Big List Of Ping Services
2008-05-07 17:04:00
Wondering what’s ping? It’s nothing near to the game ping-pong, :p in fact, using ping services you can notify and update different blog directories and search engines, that you’ve updated your blog. And the sooner your new content gets included in the search engines and blog directories, the higher are the chances that you get ...
Feedburner fait le ping pour vous
2008-05-05 10:26:00
Article vous offert par Le journal du blogA chaque fois qu'il y a une nouvelle publication sur son blog, il est possible d'alerter les sites qui rfrenant les blogs comme "Technorati" et autres, cela s'appelle du Ping. Blogger permet de faire automatiquement en allant sur "paramtres", "Gnral" et mettre oui pour "Laisser les moteurs de recherche trouver votre blog ?".Seulement, n'est pas le seul service de ping que l'on peut notifier pour faire le buzz (faon de parler). C'est pourquoi, Feedburner propose un service de notification automatique de plusieurs services de ping notamment "ping-o-matic", "Technorati", "My yahoo", etc.Pour activer cette fonction, il faut :1. Dans Feedburner, ouvrir l'onglet publicize 2. Puis cliquer Pingshot que vous trouverez dans la colonne de gauche 3. Cocher sur "Google blog search Ping service" et "Ping-o-matic"4. Cliquer sur "save" et vrifiez que la mention "This service is active" apparaisse juste ct du bou...
Ping: How Scientific Gains Abroad Pay Off in the U.S.
2008-04-26 03:03:00
Ping: How Scientific Gains Abroad Pay Off in the U.S.      At a time of economic belt-tightening, might cheap science from low-wage countries help keep American innovators humming?
Audio Ping-Pong, la nueva manera de jugar Ping-Pong
2008-04-25 18:04:00
Nunca falta alguien creativo y con conocimiento que inventa algo que nos puede llamar la atencion. En este caso Mike McCracken ha re-inventado el Ping-Pong ( o por lo menos hizo el intento) al crear estos audifonos con un sistema que elimina todos los aspectos visuales del juego y an as mantiene el objetivo ...
Free XML-RPC blog ping site submitter: "Blog Ping"
2008-04-22 11:15:00
Here's a free, as in beer, Blog Directory and Search Engine Site Submitter I wrote which works by sending out an XML-RPC Blog Ping. "In blogging, ping is an XML-RPC-based push mechanism by which a weblog notifies a server that its content has been updated. An XML-RPC signal is sent to one or more "ping servers," which can then generate a list of blogs that have new material. Many blog authoring tools automatically ping one or more servers each time the blogger creates a new post or updates an old one." - according to the Wikipedia article: 'Ping (blogging)'. One of the things I have noticed most across the blogosphere and the wider 'net during my time blogging, and it's been just less than a year, is the obsession people have with "SEO", or 'Search Engine Optimization'. There are a huge number of blogs dedicated to the subject and who simply go on about the whole SEO thing alone. Frankly I feel that if I'm going to be putting effort into blogging then I might as well m...
How to Ping Feedburner
2008-04-18 19:26:00
If Feedburner has not updated your blog posts, you can tap Feedburner's shoulder by pinging its ping machine. Go to this link: Feedburner pings sites automatically on a 30-minute interval. It depends on how often you update your blogsite. If you are such a prolific blogger that you can churn out a blog post every five minutes, then you may ping Feedburner often so that it will immediately update your feed data. You can also use Pingoat to shake your blog. Remember that Feedburner is owned by Google. If you want your blog articles to be indexed by Google fast, creating a feed of your site through Feedburner can speed up the indexing of your website.Quick Note of the Minute: Find out why millions of websites are hosted with 1and1 Webhost (Linux and Windows Platform Available). To learn more, click here>>
Blog Ping Aggregators - Wordpress Pinging Services List
2008-04-15 08:07:00
In one of my earliest post on things to do after each new posting, I touched briefly on blog ping or pinging services. Today though we shall look more indepth into this important aspect of expanding our blog’s reach and gaining traffic. The standard new wordpress blog would contain the default ‘pingomatic’ but there are a ...
Better Ping Pong: What You Can Learn From A Table Tennis Video
2008-04-10 00:00:00
Better Ping Pong: What You Can Learn From A Table Tennis VideoBy: Mario Churchill Table tennis is a great way to enjoy a lazy summer afternoon, or any afternoon in the year at all. With a round, hollow ball hypnotically bouncing from one end of the table to the other, and ...
Mr.Klinkenborg : Ping,Pang,Pong.So?
2008-04-09 23:52:00
Lately I?ve been thinking about the word ?vang.? It is a sailing term, and if you look it up in the glossary of Royce?s ?Sailing Illustrated,? you find that it refers to a line to prevent ?the peak of a gaff from falling off leeward.? That is how it goes when you?re learning a new technical vocabulary. The language seems self-enclosed at first, each new definition an opaque cluster of words that themselves need defining. I was taught, during vocabulary in grade school, to try using a new word in a sentence. ?There is a vang.? ?Can someone show me the vang?? Those are my best efforts so far.
Ping your blog easily
2008-04-08 12:32:00
Through the blogflux service you could ping you blog and notify several different services about your new blog updates, services like feedster, feedburner, technorati etc. Give it a try!
John K. Facey, II Ultra Ping Pro 2.1a
2008-04-08 03:30:00
Ultra Ping Pro is a highly advanced ping program capable of pinging IP ranges, trace routes and whois.
Ping Pong really?
2008-04-04 17:57:00
Dory lives with two other dogs that are both Basset Hound mixes.  She is the only one that can jump high and she tends to get up on anything she can.  But she really can't play ping-pong. Dory lives with two other dogs that are both Basset Hound mixes.  She is the only one that can jump high and she tends to get up on anything she can.  But she really can't play ping-pong. read more
Emma Watson Embarrasses Harry Potter Co-Stars With Ping Pong Skills
2008-03-24 16:54:00
British actress Emma Watson has left her Harry Potter co-stars red-faced - after beating them at ping pong. The 17-year-old - who plays Hermione Granger in the boy wizard franchise - has left stars on the set of Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince too terrified to challenge her to a game.
just ping - ??? PING ????? 24 ?????????
2008-03-20 11:46:00
just ping ???? Web ?????? ping ?????? ping ????????????? ping ??????: ping??????????????????????IP???-ping???????????????ICMP echo?????????echo??????????????-???????????????????????????????-? ? just ping ????????????????????????? 24 ??????????????? ?????? ????????Super Screenshot! - ?????????Clean CSS - ????? CSS ?????cgi2you - ?????????????????????Splashup - PhotoShop ????LinkBunch - ?????????????PDFTextOnline - ??????PDF??????COLOURlovers - ???????????PicHacks - ?????????????
Paul Smith Ping Pong Table
2008-03-13 14:00:00
Questo particolarissimo tavolo da ping pong una creazione del famoso designer di Singapore, Hunn Wai. Il Paul Smith Ping Pong Table un tavolo che trae spunto dalle Paul Smith Bunny sneakers. Come in ogni altra sua creazione il designer tenta di combinare materiali e forme, ed probabilmente in questa sua peculiarit che ...
Wii Crossbow Has Laser Sight, Tip Covered by Ping Pong Ball
2008-03-12 16:20:00
We have seen our fair share of Wii peripherals, but the Wii Crossbow actually looks like it could be used by police officials to take down the bad guys. Sure, the ping pong ball tip doesn't look too menacing, but we're sure there's a razor sharp arrow underneath.If you're worried aiming is going to be an issue, fret not. A laser sight is included to make sure you beat all your current scores in Link's Crossbow Training. Priced at $28, the Wii Crossbow is priced on the steep side, but you can always take it in the garden, load it up with Nerf darts and pelt the bejeezus out of next door's cat. Alternatively, you could use it to save some Christian aid officials that unwittingly have happened upon difficult times in war-torn Burma. You are Rambo.source: gizmodo
Another Ping of King for your blog.
2008-03-12 14:29:00
Found another site for getting your blog noticed by the blog search engines out in cyber space.  The blog ping service is a free automatic pinging service that will make your blog post pinging faster and easier for of us bloggers and online publishers. Very easy to use just pop in your URL and click.  That simple. The website King Ping is a free automatic pinging site, they update 57 search engines.Ping away my emperor.Cheers
Are Your Ping Servers Updated ? See My List
2008-03-11 14:13:00
After checking the Ping Servers shared by Manuel Viloria, I have checked my list and came up with some addition at his list. In his Post he has given some instruction on how to incorporate Ping Servers in WordPress. Well for me I am using those Ping Servers both in WordPress and BlogSpot Blog. ...
Boost your Blog Traffic - Update your Ping List
2008-03-10 03:52:00
Everyone likes extra traffic, so here?s a way to increase traffic to your blog. By default, Wordpress (and other blogging tools) will let different RPC services know that you?ve updated your blog by ?pinging? them. (RPC stands for Remote Procedure Call but that isn?t important right now.) A ping is kind of like a nudge ...
Wii Crossbow with laser sight & ping pong ball tip
2008-03-09 22:21:00
We have a virtual catalog of Wii accessories in the archive, but this is the only one that looks like it could be used by a Ninja standing on top of a tall building. Of course, at night, the white color would probably give you away, but you’re a Ninja, just lose yourself in the ...
Paul Smith Ping Pong Table by Hunn Wai
2008-03-09 09:52:00
Paul Smith Ping Pong Table | play + work table / 2nd hand dining table, steel, lace, acrylic paint. “Much like ripping MP3’s from CD’s you bought, I’ve transplanted intrinsic details from my prized possessions onto flea market finds. Resulting in new consumed products. The reference to Paul Smith has ...
By: yatzer
Matrix ping pong vs. Forrest Gump
2008-03-07 13:08:00
Matrix ping pong: show_cd7572fb5e5468(448, 386); Cum juca Forrest Gump? " Ochii pe minge! " My name's Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump.
Matrix ping pong vs. Forrest Gump
2008-03-07 13:08:00
Matrix ping pong: show_cd7572fb5e5468(448, 386); Cum juca Forrest Gump? " Ochii pe minge! " My name's Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump.
Ochoa replaces Sorenstam as "Tiger Woods" of LPGA, Ping G10 irons vs Mizuno
2008-03-04 00:39:00
Click here to listen. It was kind of comical (in a purely charming and farfetched way) watching Lorena Ochoa handily defeat her closest opponents wire-to-wire by eleven strokes at the HSBC. Annika Sorenstam could not muscle up the cojones to take ...
BlogPing, nuevo servicio para hacer ping
2008-03-03 04:15:00
Este es un nuevo servicio de pings para blogs, que tiene incluidos por defecto, ms de 30 sitios para hacer ping, y notificarles a los mismos que hay nuevo contenido en nuestro sitio, principalmente para que los motores de bsqueda sepan que hemos aadido nuevas cosas. Tan slo hay que escribir el ttulo de ...
By: Bitperbit
"Whatever I do, I love to win. I don't care if it's tennis or ping pong, I'
2008-02-29 14:32:00
This is a quote by a man that has been in a media whirlwind as of late. If you here this player's name, first thought that comes up is Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This player has admitted to the use of HGH and apologized to his fans, the Yankees' fans, and the fans of baseball. He could, and
To Ping or not to Ping, Automatically?
2008-02-26 14:09:00
Last week I was reading an article by Courtney Tuttle, How Setting your blog to ping could hurt your traffic in which he explains that using the timestamp feature actually pings the services ahead of time, sending all searchengines to your site looking for a post that does not yet exist in blogosphere and once ...
Skralt startfält i Linköping
2008-02-23 20:56:00
Jag tror:BWO, Ainbusk, Patrik Isaksson, Thérese och Caracola går vidare.Frida - sjunger "Hallå hallå det är världen som vill nå dig", men  tror inte det räcker.
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