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Police: Suspected Seattle gunman shoots self
2012-05-30 23:25:00
Police say a man matching the description of a suspect accused of shooting five people at a cafe in Seattle, has shot himself. "Police were searching an area in Southwest Seattle when a plainclothes detective saw what he believed to be the suspect," Seattle Police Assistant ...
Norwegian police refute existence of Knights Templar network
2012-05-30 11:53:00
Norwegian police officials have testified they are confident that mass killer Anders Behring Breivik acted on his own in terror attacks last year that killed 77 people.
Police look for witnesses of face-chewing attack
2012-05-29 15:35:00
Authorities in Miami are looking for more witnesses after a police officer fatally shot a naked man who refused to stop chewing on the face of another naked man ? even after being shot once by the officer ? on a busy downtown highway ramp.
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2012-05-27 09:00:00
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Zimmerman flip-flopped on view of police
2012-05-24 20:35:00
George Zimmerman's view of the Sanford, Fla., Police Department shifted during an eight-month period in 2011, CNN is reporting. Zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder in the death of teenager Trayvon Martin, called what he saw on ride-alongs with police "disgusting" at a public community forum in January 2011. However Zimmerman changed his tune ...
Zimmerman knew several Sanford police officers before shooting
2012-05-23 19:40:00
George Zimmerman was familiar with some Sanford, Fla., police officers, having gone on several "ride alongs" with the cops. But he was harsh in his criticism of the police, calling their on-the-job conduct "disgusting."
Berkeley police chief assigns 10 officers to find son?s missing iPhone
2012-05-22 22:24:00
How many people have called their local police station about a stolen cell phone or laptop, only to be told by the authorities that they have more pressing issues at hand? Well, Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan has opened himself up to a new round of controversy after it was reported that he dispatched 10 ...
Robo-Fish to 'Police' the Oceans
2012-05-22 15:00:00
From BBC News - Technology: In the shallow waters of Gijon harbour, in northern Spain, a large, yellow fish cuts through the waves. But this swimmer stands apart from the marine life that usually inhabits this port: there's no flesh and blood here, just carbon fibre and metal. This
Police say duo botches Las Vegas casino heist
2012-05-22 02:03:00
A hapless bandit lost his wig, sunglasses and $115,000 worth of casino chips when security wrestled him to the floor during a botched weekend heist at a posh Vegas Strip resort, authorities said Monday.
Clashes between police, protesters mar peaceful march
2012-05-20 23:41:00
Several thousand demonstrators marched through downtown Chicago to protest the start of the two-day NATO summit as planned, streaming into Chicago's Grant park on Sunday afternoon. And unlike Saturday--which featured "increasingly tense clashes" between police and protesters, resulting in 18 arrests--Sunday's march was mostly peaceful. Mostly. But there were some isolated, violent clashes between police ...
Hackers target police, City of Chicago websites at NATO Summit
2012-05-20 19:22:00
Cyberwarfare is used as another form of protest.
L.A. police arrest 2 in killings of Chinese students
2012-05-20 01:13:00
Anson Cheung says the shooting deaths of two international graduate students near the University of Southern California made headlines back home in Hong Kong, unnerving his parents.
Police nab airline pilot with loaded gun in luggage
2012-05-19 03:58:00
BUFFALO, New York (Reuters) - An airline pilot was arrested Friday morning at Buffalo Niagara International Airport after security screeners discovered a loaded revolver in his baggage. Brett Dieter, 52, of Barbersville, Virginia, arrived at the upstate New York airport Friday to pilot a flight to New York City's LaGuardia International Airport for Piedmont Airlines, a passenger airline that subcontracts under U.S. Airways. While at a security checkpoint, a scan of Dieter's bag revealed a .357 magnum revolver loaded with five rounds. ...
Japan's First Police Cat Rats Out Criminals
2012-05-13 22:00:00
Beware the long paw of the law! Potential lawbreakers in Kyoto, Japan had better think twice before engaging in criminal acts because Iemon, Japan's first police cat, is on patrol... when he's not curled up asleep at the station, that is.
Soldiers shot by Afghan police were British: London
2012-05-13 11:14:00
Two soldiers shot dead in southern Afghanistan by local police officers were British, the Ministry of Defence confirmed on Sunday a day after the killings.
New York police frisk more people despite criticism
2012-05-13 02:18:00
New York police conducted more than 200,000 frisk searches in the first three months of this year, a 10 percent increase from the same period last year, even as critics say the practice often is racial profiling. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly have long defended the program as one that saves lives and has helped bring violent crime down to historic lows, making New York one of the safest big cities in America. ...
Men in Afghan police uniforms kill 2 NATO troops
2012-05-12 23:36:00
Men wearing Afghan police uniforms shot dead two NATO service members Saturday in southern Afghanistan, authorities said, the latest in a string of attacks on international troops by Afghan security forces or militants disguised as police.
Obama honors nation's top police officers
2012-05-12 20:01:00
President Barack Obama honored the nation's top police officers on Saturday, paying tribute to their sacrifices and "quiet courage" in the line of duty.
Garbage In, Food Police Out
2012-05-10 22:45:00
A new projection that 42 percent of Americans will be obese by 2030 is making news just in time for the nation’s food police to gather in the nation’s capital and collaborate on their Social Engineer’s Manifesto. That sounds like awfully providential news. And now, thanks to an op-ed in Newsday, we know a little bit more about how, in spite of falling added-sugar consumption and a leveling off of obesity rates, this result was generated. The authors note: The assertion, however, is as reliable a predictor as a Magic Eight Ball. It’s based on projections like the number of fast-food restaurants likely to be built over the next two decades. Wall Street analysts can’t predict such things five years out. […] That’s about as nutty as predicting obesity based on Internet access. And sure enough, that’s what the researchers did. The researchers also assert that their “projections assume that […] parameters […] from past data will continue to hold in the fu...
2012-05-10 21:36:00
The Royal Barbados Police Force are making Barbadians aware how technical difficulties are currently being experienced with their phone system and also with emergency number 211. Callers may experience delays in their call being answered or a drop-out of calls. D. Welch | Insp. P.R.O of theRoyal Barbados Police Force
Thousands of British police join anti-austerity protest
2012-05-10 20:00:00
Thousands of off-duty police officers took to the streets in London on Thursday in a rare display of anger against government austerity, joining a protest by public sector workers including immigration officials, healthcare workers and prison officers.
Putin pledges unity while police round up protesters
2012-05-07 19:29:00
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Vladimir Putin took the oath as Russia's president on Monday with a ringing appeal for unity at the start of a six-year term in which he faces growing dissent, economic problems and bitter political rivalries.
Police say missing Tenn. mother and girls are in 'extreme danger'
2012-05-07 09:23:00
Authorities send out an urgent message after the discovery of two bodies in a Mississippi home where the main suspect in their disappearance was last seen.
Russian police use batons, battle anti-Putin protesters
2012-05-06 21:09:00
Russian riot police beat protesters about the head with batons and detained more than 400 on Sunday after clashes broke out at a Moscow rally by thousands of people against Vladimir Putin on the eve of his return to the presidency.
Russian police battle anti-Putin protesters
2012-05-06 19:37:00
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian riot police beat protesters about the head with batons and detained 250 on Sunday after clashes broke out at a Moscow rally by thousands of people against Vladimir Putin on the eve of his return to the presidency. Opposition leaders Alexei Navalny, Boris Nemtsov and Sergei Udaltsov were among those detained during violence that showed the depth of divisions and tensions in Russia as the former KGB spy starts his six-year third term on Monday. ...
Indy police: Girl, 14, charged in 4-year-old cousin's killing
2012-05-06 18:38:00
Indianapolis police say a 14-year-old girl found covered in blood faces a preliminary murder charge in her 4-year-old cousin's stabbing death.
Police investigate murder at Kentucky Derby
2012-05-06 17:17:00
Guatemalan man's body found in barn at Churchill Downs.
Police say body of Calif. man's girlfriend located
2012-05-06 08:39:00
Police said Saturday they located the body of the girlfriend of a Southern California man who led officers on a chase that shut down a busy freeway for an hour.
Bersih 3.0: Even sardines have more room
2012-05-04 06:16:00
What do you call it when tear gas is fired into a tightly packed crowd with little room to manoeuvre – and when people try and move away, more tear gas is fired, even in areas farther away from Dataran? According to rally participants, the crowd was so densely packed that it wasn’t easy to [Read more]
Oakland Police Hold Open House Friday, May 4th
2012-05-03 22:02:00
Another step in the Oakland Police Departments work to rebuild its relationship with the Oakland Community – and this is a good one. Read from Oakland Local: Meet Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan, his executive team, other members of the department and the different services they offer during OPD’s first-ever open house from 5 to (Read More...)
Oakland Police Hold Open House Friday, May 4th
2012-05-03 22:02:00
Another step in the Oakland Police Departments work to rebuild its relationship with the Oakland Community – and this is a good one. Read from Oakland Local: Meet Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan, his executive team, other members of the department and the different services they offer during OPD’s first-ever open house from 5 to (Read More...)
Police Believe Neo-Nazi Killed 4 and Then Himself in Arizona
2012-05-03 20:50:00
Police Believe Neo-Nazi Killed 4 and Then Himself in Arizona GILBERT, Ariz. (AP) ? Police said Thursday that they believe a former Marine with ties to neo-Nazi and Minutemen groups shot four people and then took his own life in … Continue reading →
Russian Unorthodox: Why Russia?s Police Love Poppy-Seed Rolls
2012-05-02 20:59:00
Ten years ago retired colonel Alexander Polukhin, a professor at the Aviation Engineering Institute in Voronezh, launched a family business with his wife, their daughter, and his wife’s sister. The four decided to open a small bakery with an adjoining …Read more »
Bersih 3.0 turnout, crackdown resets Malaysian politics
2012-05-02 14:06:00
This is an article I completed today for Asia Times Online. The BN finds itself on the political defensive after police personnel cracked down on a largely peaceful 28 April protest held in Kuala Lumpur calling for electoral reforms. The large popular turnout and government’s perceived mishandling of the rally will likely push back general [Read more]
Stray parakeet tells Japanese police where he lives
2012-05-02 13:30:00
A pet parakeet was returned to its owner Wednesday after the lost bird told police its home address near Tokyo.
Police blow Wash. mountain bunker, find man dead
2012-04-29 05:58:00
Peter Keller spent eight years carving his hole in the side of the mountain, camouflaging the rugged underground bunker with ferns and sticks and stocking it with a generator and ammunition boxes sealed in Ziploc bags. Suspected in the deaths of his wife, daughter and pets last weekend, he headed there prepared for the long haul with high-powered rifles, scope and body armor.
Photo captures bear falling safely from tree after tranquilized by police
2012-04-26 23:15:00
In a truly memorable photo, a bear can be seen falling from a tree after being tranquilized by police in Colorado. The young bear, estimated to weigh between 150 and 200 pounds, had wandered onto the University of Colorado at Boulder campus and climbed into a tree, according to the CU Independent, which captured the ...
UK police: Missing girl Madeleine McCann may be alive
2012-04-25 12:39:00
Missing girl Madeleine McCann, who vanished while on a family vacation in Portugal five years ago, may be alive, U.K. police said Wednesday as they announced new efforts to solve the case.
Tucson police winding down search for missing girl
2012-04-25 05:27:00
Police are scaling back search efforts for a 6-year-old girl who was last seen Friday night when she was getting ready for bed in her Tucson home.
Police Arrest 6 Year Old Girl Salecia Johnson
2012-04-25 04:20:00
Dear readers, Salecia Johnson is six years old. On April 13, her teachers say she had a temper tantrum in class — but instead of putting her in time-out, the school called the police. Salecia was handcuffed, charged with...
Sanford rejects resignation of police chief in Trayvon Martin case
2012-04-23 20:06:00
UPDATE 5:42 p.m. ET: Sanford, Fla., city commissioners voted 3-2 to reject the resignation of Police Chief Bill Lee on Monday. According to the Associated Press, the "majority blamed the uproar surrounding Martin's death on outsiders." Lee, who last month left his post temporarily amid criticism of his handling of the Trayvon Martin case, had ...
Police hope grainy photos catch banker's shooter
2012-04-23 01:36:00
The police released grainy photos on Monday of a man suspected of shooting a former Russian banker near London's Canary Wharf financial district in a case that has raised fears that Russian gangland violence could be spreading to Britain. Financier German Gorbuntsov, 45, was shot five times as he entered a block of flats where he lives near the River Thames in the east of the capital on March 20. He survived the attack, but was critically injured and is recovering in hospital where his condition was described as stable. ...
Police: 4 kids die in La. home fire, mom charged
2012-04-23 00:42:00
Four unattended children died in a mobile home fire in Louisiana and their mother was charged Sunday with four counts of negligent homicide for allegedly leaving them alone, authorities said.
Police: Dutch train crash injures almost 125 people
2012-04-21 22:05:00
Almost 125 people were injured, many seriously, when two Dutch commuter trains crashed head-on in Amsterdam on Saturday, police said. There were no immediate reports of fatalities, but of those injured, 13 suffered major injuries while 43 or 44 were badly injured, a spokesman said. About 70 suffered minor injuries. A trauma helicopter was used to bring the injured to hospital, a spokesman for railways group NS said. The trains did not serve Schiphol international airport, the NS spokesman added, but the accident disrupted airport train service. ...
Police arrest royal editor at Murdoch newspaper
2012-04-19 12:24:00
The police said on Thursday they had arrested three people at addresses in Kent and Lancashire in their investigation into allegations of payments by journalists to police and public officials.
Police say woman fakes kidnapping to see boyfriend
2012-04-18 07:55:00
Police say a 22-year-old suburban Phoenix woman has admitted she lied about being kidnapped in order to meet her boyfriend in Mexico.
6-year-old girl handcuffed by police over ?tantrum?
2012-04-18 02:12:00
A 6-year-old girl in Georgia was handcuffed by police and charged with assault after throwing a "tantrum" in her elementary school.
Police handcuff kindergartner for tantrum
2012-04-17 15:56:00
Police in Georgia handcuffed a kindergartner after the girl threw a tantrum, and the police chief is making no apologies.
Police bust online narcotics 'Farmers Market'
2012-04-17 03:35:00
US authorities announced the bust of an online narcotics "Farmers Market" where people around the globe could buy LSD, ecstasy and other illicit substances.
Garland police chase ends in crash that kills innocent bystander
2012-04-17 00:24:00
Garland police chase ends in crash that kills innocent bystander ROWLETT – A police chase that began early Monday morning in Garland ended in a fatal crash at Rowlett and Miller roads in Rowlett. The incident began when police in … Continue reading →
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