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Stay Away from this Popular Retail Stock
2012-05-24 17:30:00
Ah yes… it's 13-F season, the time when investors' fancies turn to what the investment gurus are buying.  Bill Ackman, the legendary value brain behind Pershing Square Capital Management, has been pretty busy these days. With a focused management style that typically involves … [visit site to read . . . → Read More: Stay Away from this Popular Retail Stock
Most Popular 1-Syllable Baby Names of 2011
2012-05-23 08:00:00
Below are the top ten 1-syllable baby boy names and baby girl names of 2011. In parentheses is current overall rank, and in brackets is movement on the 1-syllable list since last year. Top 1-Syllable Boy Names Top 1-Syllable Girl Names 1. James (ranked 17th overall) 2. John (27th) 3. Luke (39st) 4. Jack (45th) 5. Charles (62nd) 6. Chase (69th) 7. Blake (73rd) [up one] 8. Juan (89th) [down one] 9. Cole (94th) 10.?
20 Years Later, Jack Walsh’s Diner Is Very Popular With The Chicago Polic
2012-05-22 22:35:00
(Chicago, IL) 20 years ago former bounty hunter Jack Walsh was very unpopular with the Chicago police department. Today however Jack and his diner, Jack’s, are very popular with not only the Chicago police department but also the entire Windy City.
Popular Instant Messaging Company, Nimbuzz To Shift HQ To India
2012-05-22 11:08:00
With 24% market share & 1/5th of its 90 Million users in India, Nimbuzz has decided to shift its global Head Quarters (HQ) here in India. The mobile instant messaging and VoIP company feels an Indian HQ will help it better leverage its position & has already began the re-structuring process. Why such a decision? India offers a vast opportunity for mobile centric applications & companies. With such a huge mobile population, telecom companies are clamoring to offer new & innovative solutions to retain the customer base. Last week Nimbuzz had initiated an open API for its Messenger with Chat Buddy Developer Program. Nimbuzz is famous for offering automated chat bots that intelligently guide users to get information across various categories like cricket, astrology, shopping, games, and news. With an open API, Indian developers can easily access over 90 Million users across 220+ countries. Just last month Nimbuzz had also launched location based advertising through it...
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$7 for Popular Science
2012-05-20 09:00:00
The "what's new" magazine of science and technology. Covering the latest developments in cars, electronics, communications, tools, energy, aviation, science, space exploration and much more.Expires Jun 18, 2012
$9 for Popular Photography
2012-05-20 09:00:00
Ready to take better pictures? Want to buy smart, when it comes to digital and film cameras, lenses, printers, and other essential gear? Popular Photography & Imaging is packed with great photos, how-to tips, lab tests of the latest equipment, and expert advice on getting the most out of every shot.Expires Jun 18, 2012
Baby Names that Became Less Popular in 2011
2012-05-15 08:00:00
The SSA has re-ordered the top 500 (or so) most popular baby names by rank change. According to these lists, the boy and girl names that decreased the most in terms of rank from 2010 to 2011 were these: Girl names: Brisa, -343 (464th to 807th) Dana, -147 (463rd to 610th) Desiree, -121 (473rd to 594th) Denise, -114 (489th to 603rd) Kimora, -109 (498th to 607th) Brenda, -104 (426th to 530th) Erika, -103 (429th to?
Baby Names that Became More Popular in 2011
2012-05-14 21:00:00
The SSA has re-ordered the top 500 (or so) most popular baby names by rank change. According to these lists, the boy and girl names that increased the most in terms of rank from 2010 to 2011 were these: Girl names: Briella, +394 (891st to 497th) Angelique, +247 (627th to 380th) Aria, +196 (353rd to 157th) Mila, +190 (364th to 174th) Elsie, +165 (645th to 480th) Nylah, +149 (606th to 457th) Raelynn, +133 (629th to?
And the most popular baby names of 2011 are ...
2012-05-14 18:29:00
Sophia is the new most popular baby name for girls, while Jacob is the top name for boys for the 13th straight year in a new list of popular baby names heavily influenced by religion and reality TV.
Most Popular U.S. Baby Names of 2011
2012-05-14 15:59:00
Jacob and Sophia! (A new #1 for girls!) Here are the full top 20 lists: Boy Names Girl Names 1. Jacob 2. Mason 3. William 4. Jayden 5. Noah 6. Michael 7. Ethan 8. Alexander 9. Aiden 10. Daniel 11. Anthony 12. Matthew 13. Elijah 14. Joshua 15. Liam 16. Andrew 17. James 18. David 19. Benjamin 20. Logan 1. Sophia 2. Isabella 3. Emma 4. Olivia 5. Ava 6. Emily 7. Abigail 8. Madison?
Dems, GOP using popular bills to hurt other party
2012-05-14 09:55:00
Congress is producing little this election year that will become law, yet both parties are churning out bills designed to make the other side look bad.
Popular Baby Names in Wyoming, 2011
2012-05-12 08:00:00
While we bide our time waiting for the SSA to release the top names of 2011, let’s take a peek at Wyoming. A total of 7,336 babies were born in Wyoming last year. The most popular baby names were these: Girl Names Boy Names 1. Emma 2. Olivia 3. Sophia 4. Addison 5. Isabella 6. Madison 1. William 2. Jacob 3. Jackson 4. Parker 5. Mason 6. Liam The Wyoming Department of Health released these?
Gay marriage more popular than Obama
2012-05-10 20:20:00
Maybe Obama’s shift on gay marriage was about more than money. On our Facebook page, our reader Chadwondered if President Obama “decided to come out in favor of SSM now because he knows it?s more popular than he is.” He’s got a point. Today’s Gallup tracking point shows the president’s approval has edged up to ...
Our most popular free theme EvoLve is now available in version 2.2.0. New c
2012-05-10 20:11:00
Our most popular free theme EvoLve is now available in version 2.2.0. New control panel was implemented for even easier and faster control of your favorite theme. Download, test and enjoy! WordPress Theme - Free and Premium WordPress Templates - Theme4Presstheme4press.comEvoLv-e is a premium WordPress theme with advanced features including lots of options. It features a modern design with up to 14 color variants, fully
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Marrakech 'a popular location' for Moroccan property investment
2012-05-04 02:00:00
Many investors in the Moroccan real estate market have been focusing their attention on Marrakech. According to Nik Kapur, senior consultant at M2Morocco, the city's popularity as a tourist destination and its continued growth have made it a target for those with money to spend on overseas property. He highlighted improvements being made to transport links - including a new train station and airport terminal - noting there has been a "steady increase" in the number of travellers arriving in Marrakech. Approximately three million passengers pass through the city's airport every year, with airlines such as easyJet, British Airways and Iberia servicing the destination. Mr Kapur pointed out the holiday market is a lucrative one for real estate investors who have homes in Marrakech. "The lack of hotel rooms in the city centre means that there is strong demand for short-term rentals and our investors are achieving healthy yields, as well as expected future capital gr...
Jessica Gardlund: Heads up the top 10 most popular posts on Shreddelicious
2012-04-29 15:51:00
Popular Posts:; Jessica Gardlund: tribute to Yngwie Malmsteen - BlueCourtney Cox, Nita Strauss: Maidens touring Guatemala!Stephanie Pickard: On Band HappyIrene Ketikidi: Extended Pentatonic Licks - great new lessonJuliana Vieira: Back in Black - AC DCEva Vergilova: Amanda Marshall - Beautiful GoodbyeSarah Longfield: new custom guitar is completeNori Bucci: Gamalon complete showKarel Losenicky,Orianthi: Bloodstock, Live shows and Laney AmplifiersEilidh McKellar,Hayley Mclean: join brotherhood of Guitar
So, you want to marry rich?
2012-04-27 01:18:00
So, you want to marry rich? is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!Marrying for solely financial reasons has always been frowned upon in our moralistic culture. As much as we may idolize wealth (as seen through our love affair with spoiled reality television stars), we still frown upon the blending of money and marriage when it?s for pure financial gain. However, almost every woman who was once ...Get a free mortgage quote!
Spanish property 'remains popular among Brits'
2012-04-26 02:00:00
Spain and France are the most popular locations for Britons who are looking to buy property abroad, according to a survey by currency company HiFX. The study showed that, despite the current economic crisis in the eurozone, 35 per cent of people would be interested in owning a home in France, while 16 per cent opted for Spain, the Press Association reported. Nearly three quarters of those surveyed said lifestyle was one of the most appealing aspects of living abroad, followed by the weather. 25 per cent of Britons also believe it is cheaper to own a property overseas. Advisory firm R.R. de Acuna and Asociados recently predicted Spanish real estate values could fall by a further 12 to 14 per cent by the end of the year. HiFX director Mark Bodega said that Britons hope to take advantage of these depressed prices. He stated: "The average property price in the country [Spain] is down almost 30 per cent since the market peaked in 2007, yet while there are discounts to be had, bu...
Egypt's most popular comedian guilty of insulting Islam
2012-04-25 17:27:00
The verdict of a popular Egyptian comedian convicted of offending Islam has been upheld by a Cairo court.
Michelle Obama, Ann Romney more popular than their husbands
2012-04-25 06:01:00
Michelle Obama and Ann Romney outscore their husbands in personal popularity in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, while Hillary Clinton, for her part, has hit a new high in favorability.
Dangerous booby traps found on popular Utah trail
2012-04-24 02:40:00
A deadly booby trap rigged along a popular Utah trail could have killed someone if they had tripped a ground wire set up to send a 20-pound, spiked boulder swinging into an unsuspecting hiker.
Popular and Unique Baby Names in Idaho, 2010
2012-04-23 10:00:00
The state of Idaho recently released its 2010 annual report, and the report includes some baby names. First, here are Idaho’s most popular baby names of 2010. (More or less the same as what SSA has listed for Idaho that year.) Popular Boy Names Popular Girl Names 1. William (119) 2. Samuel (116) 3. Logan (115) 4. Ethan (101) 5. Jacob (95) 6. Aiden (92) 7. Mason (89) 8. Noah (82) 9. Alexander (81) 10.?
Spain 'popular due to being established investment destination'
2012-04-23 02:00:00
Buyers seeking out real estate in Spain are doing so because it is among the most established and therefore reliable markets, an expert has suggested. Liz Rowlinson, editor at A Place in the Sun Magazine, said a few years ago there was a tendency to look to invest in the next "hot, new emerging place" as buyers sought new frontiers. However, she noted, this caused problems for investors - who spent money where property bubbles existed and often lost out. Ms Rowlinson added: "They are steering very clear of those and are looking at the solid, established, well-tested markets like Spain, France and Italy." One reason many buyers could look to established European locations like Spain is because of the improving exchange rate between the pound and the euro. Managing director of Mallorca Sotheby's International Realty Stephen Dight noted this week that sterling is at a 19-month high against the multi-nation currency as it appears "attractively stable"...
Warning To Parents: ?Choking Game? is Popular, Dangerous
2012-04-16 19:24:00
A new study published in the medical journal Pediatrics reports on the prevalence of youth participation in a dangerous strangulation game, commonly referred to as the "Choking Game."
Popular painter Thomas Kinkade dies in Calif.
2012-04-07 11:40:00
Artist Thomas Kinkade once said that he had something in common with Walt Disney and Norman Rockwell: He wanted to make people happy.
Fixed Limit Hold?em, Less Popular But Still Worth It ?
2012-04-05 14:18:00
For many people their route into the world of poker is being introduced to fixed limit Texas Hold’em, a game that is still popular in many parts of the world and in online poker circles, but also a game that has lost some ground on its No Limit cousin due to the latter being seen ...
Popular Information About Forex Trading Plus The Actual Hazards Included Th
2012-04-04 21:15:00
With regard to handling foreign currency, there is often this necessity of investing in more time meant for calculations ahead of beginning employment. Just what are you going to be calculating? To start with you must compute your associated risk that is simple. Nevertheless, also you have to evaluate your own lot size which would depend upon the particular currency pair along with the currency to your account. Additionally there is a need for you to change this in the correct money. This is when binary trading options are great. It will make things a lot simpler given that you only have to assess your chance. You may even acquire free binary options trading system software program on the internet. Thanks to this kind of program, you don’t have to change or perhaps perform other varying calculations. Opening up employment from the forex trading arena could be completed quickly. Understand that as you are handling foreign currency, opening a position needs to be completed in di...
Berlin: 5 popular sights that can be tourist traps
2012-04-03 17:42:00
By Molly Hannon in Berlin— “A tourist trap is an establishment, or group of establishments, that has been created with the aim of attracting tourists and their money.” Wikipedia’s definition nails it on the head. Indeed, tourist traps aim to attract tourists—or to be exact, their wallets. Although Berlin is renowned for its diversity, creativity, and rich (if complicated) history, there are a few places that can be worth skipping. Here are five places that are among the city’s most popular (and none of which was created as a “tourist trap”). However, each of these can also devolve into a waste of time. Know before you go—and spend your time (and euros) wisely! Should you check out the Checkpoint? Photo: Poetwarrior2003 1. Alexanderplatz Alexanderplatz might as well be called, “Anarchy Central.” Located in the city center, it is a tamer version of New York’s Time Square—minus the naked cowboy, but with bratwurst vendors ...
50% off Popular Mechanics Magazine
2012-04-01 09:00:00
Just $.50 cents per issue for 12 issues of Popular Mechanics Magazine--a savings of 50% off regular price. Popular Mechanics is for people who have a passion to know how things work. It's about how the latest advances in science and technology will impact your home, your car, consumer electronics, computers, even your health. Popular Mechanics - answers for curious minds.Expires Apr 14, 2012
Spanish property 'still a popular investment'
2012-03-22 01:00:00
Buying real estate in Spain continues to be a popular option among Brits looking for property abroad. According to director of International Property Success Jon Ainge, this is because investors generally prefer to stick to something familiar. He commented potential buyers "prefer the well-trodden path rather than anything beyond their comfort zone, even though capital growth is likely to be much higher in some countries beyond Europe". Mr Ainge advised investors to carefully consider the quality of the resort in which they buy a property, as well as its accessibility and nearby facilities. He explained that taking this approach, even though such assets may be more expensive than others on the market, is more likely to result in returns in the long term. Earlier this month, editor of A Place in the Sun magazine Liz Rowlinson stated many people still consider holiday homes to be "a good investment", largely because property is outperforming other asset classes...
Television’s Most Popular Bo-mance, Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo and Kris Holde
2012-03-19 23:15:00
For the love of all things Fae, the Syfy series LOST GIRL has invited viewers into a fantastically fun universe were the supernatural live amongst us.  Walking the fine line between the Light and Dark Fae factions is Bo, a “chosen one” who has decided to align herself with humans – and making herself their appointed guardian, although usually for a price.  Aiding in Bo’s adventures is her trusty friend and ally, Kenzi, and her reluctant Light Fae friend and sometimes lover, Dyson.  Taking a few minutes to chat with press in a recent conference call, stars Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo and Kris Holden-Ried reflected on what makes the Fae stories so intoxicating and irresistible.   How do you think the show has changed since it started?  And why do you think it’s been so successful? KSENIA: Well I think that in Season One we were really finding our footing. We were discovering who we are as our characters and we were really discovering who we are as a show, what our voice rea...
Popular FlexSMART iPod/iPhone Car Adapter & FM Transmitter
2012-03-19 08:00:00
List Price: $34.99Deal Price: $34.99The FlexSMART i is your complete in-car solution for mounting, charging, and streaming your iPod and iPhone music to your car speakers. Utilizing an enhanced FM transmitter with AUTO-SEEK station locator, tuning into a clear signal is easy. Sound has been optimized to deliver crisp highs and clear mids with full bass. Includes a side-loaded 2A USB charging port for use with a 2nd device.Expires Mar 26, 2012
Our most popular free and premium theme - EvoLve and EvoLve Pro - got a new
2012-03-16 13:03:00
Our most popular free and premium theme - EvoLve and EvoLve Pro - got a new design. We tried to improve their design to meet todays bloggers needs so we hope you can enjoy them even more. Check them out ,
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Mauj Mobile Is All Set To Bring Out Popular Games Via Chocolate Digital Int
2012-03-14 13:00:00
Mauj Mobile,  one of the leading entrainment company in India which also specializes in Mobile Games have made an announcement that it has affiliated with Chocolate Digital  (cross platform for digital games). Mauj Mobile which once tied-up with Radio City to power up radio presence over mobile handsets is all set to bring out popular games via Chocolate Digital into Indian market. According to the press release, these games will be available in India and also on its app store Mobango. (Store has major presence in India, U.S, U.K and South Asia).  Not to forget in the year 2010, Mauj Mobile acquired the app store expecting a direct entry into the GLOBAL mobile app marketplace, access to Mobango’s global audience, etc. Not sure what are their expectation now rather than rolling out popular games. India is considered as market of apps and with its former growth the mobile gaming market in our country is estimated over US$ 100m (Rs. 500c crores). Moreover, Mauj Mobile serving to...
By: WATblog
France 'a popular destination for retirees'
2012-03-14 01:00:00
Brits are increasingly considering purchasing a property overseas when they retire due to the high living costs in the UK. Managing director of The Villages Group Danny Silver cited figures from the National Association of Pensions Funds, which revealed around one-third of retirees would prefer to move abroad to locations such as France. Mr Silver described the European nation as "the ultimate retirement destination" thanks to its culture, food and proximity to the UK. "As more and more people in their third age see their living costs rise and their standard of living drop, it is hardly surprising that they are looking for better deals overseas," he asserted. The Knight Frank Global House Price Index published earlier this month revealed that France's residential real estate market is holding up relatively well in comparison to its eurozone counterparts. French property values climbed by 4.3 per cent over the course of 2011, indicating the sector has greate...
Popular Jewelry Stores
2012-03-13 22:25:00
You could spend weeks browsing all the websites that sell jewelry. While the number of online jewelry sellers is vast, several popular jewelry stores stand out for their commitment to quality, style and customer service. Here’s the scoop on three top online jewelers: Apples of Gold ( Apples of Gold specializes in fine gold jewelry,
Popular and Unique Names in Alberta, 2011
2012-03-13 10:00:00
I saw a lot of news last week about baby names in Alberta, Canada. The news didn’t focus on the Alberta’s most popular names of 2011, which happen to be these: Boy Names Girl Names 1. Liam 2. Ethan 3. Mason 4. Lucas 5. Jacob 6. Benjamin 7. Alexander 8. Noah 9. William 10. Logan?
Popular Baby names right now
2012-03-07 16:22:00
Baby names trends are similar to any other trends; they come and go in waves, then repeat themselves years later. Trends also run alongside each other. At the moment, names which were popular during and around the World War Two are experiencing a huge comeback as well as old fashioned sounding names. This trend is ... Is The New Pinterest For India: But Will It Be Equally Popular?
2012-03-06 12:30:00
Pintile is India’s online pinboard for India. This is in tune with the most creative social networking platform known as Pinterest. Pintile has been conceptualized and developed by Fizzy Software founded in 2007 by Sudhanshu Aggarwal and Ashish Sharma. Just like Pinterest people can “PIN” as well as “Repin” their ideas, cultures and all that is very much Indian. So from food, styles, local cultures, languages till the number of states, Indian pinboard Pintile will win accolades galore. As social networking platforms gains its momentum in India, Pintile has just hit the score. With the launch of Pintile, some pinboards like Bollywood, cricket, politics, humour, entertainment are doing good rounds. Pintile is not the first initiative by Fizzy Software. They already have a basket full of creative web applications like DealKart and TextAdda and PlusRev (coming soon as a robust CRM platform). Based out of Gurgaon they have a built a rich portfolio with a pl...
By: WATblog
The word ?Hillbilly?: Linguistic Mystery and Popular Culture Fixture
2012-03-05 06:00:00
Please welcome guest author Julie Baxter. Baxter is a London based freelance writer with a passion for both history and language. She generally writes copy on behalf of a number of clients in the personal finance sector, including a credit card transfer service in the UK. Whether you embrace the word proudly or decry it ... You Might Also Like:Hillbilly stereotypes: picking up pine knots and going to war
$5 for 1-yr subscription of Popular Science Magazine
2012-03-02 09:00:00
Get a 1-year subscription for Popular Science Magazine, covering the latest developments in cars, electronics, communications, tools, energy, aviation, science, space exploration and much more.Expires Mar 12, 2012
Affle Media Incubates Popular News Satire Website,
2012-02-23 11:56:00
Mobile media company Affle has announced that it will be incubating the incredibly viral and popular Indian news satire website, and has taken on the website’s founder, Rahul Roushan as Affle’s Head of Content Services.  Anuj Kumar, Affle’s CEO has clarified that this is not an acquisition of the popular website. The Faking News team will now operate out of Affle’s office in Gurgaon and will primarily deal with producing quality content while all of the website’s marketing, advertising, outreach and scaling will be managed by Affle. Roushan will now handle Affle’s specialized content, building new initiatives and their advertising campaign solutions.  Ajit Kumar spoke about’s incubation by saying, “We are delighted to have a successful entrepreneur like Rahul Roushan on board, to strengthen Affle’s content offerings for consumers and brand solutions for advertisers. We see a market gap currently for original and engaging mobile cont...
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Save 40% on PocketMoney, popular application for Android
2012-02-20 09:00:00
Take control of your finances today with PocketMoney.Expires Feb 27, 2012
Save 67% on Kids Connect the Dots (Kindle Fire Edition), popular applicatio
2012-02-20 09:00:00
Keep your preschoolers occupied while they gain and improve their number and letter recognition skills with Kids Connect the Dots, the acclaimed digital version of the classic game.Expires Feb 27, 2012
Save 50% on Twilight:The Movie Game, popular application of Android
2012-02-20 09:00:00
Calling all Twi-hards! Show off your Twilight knowledge in this exciting game.Expires Feb 27, 2012
Save 50% on Go Go Kiddo, popular game for Android
2012-02-20 09:00:00
Play, create, and learn with Go Go Kiddo's unique blend of "Vitamin-Fortified" fun.Expires Feb 27, 2012
Save 50% on My First Puzzles: Snakes, popular application for Android
2012-02-20 09:00:00
Does your child love snakes? Kids ages two to six will have fun solving these colorful puzzles with this app for Android.Expires Feb 27, 2012
Save 67% on Wolfram Alpha LLC, popular application for Android
2012-02-20 09:00:00
Whoever you are and whatever you do, Wolfram|Alpha delivers insight and understanding into any facet of your life.Expires Feb 27, 2012
Save 60% on An Oscar Trivia Challenge, popular application for Android
2012-02-20 09:00:00
Now test your knowledge of the best movies ever made with The Oscars Trivia Challenge on your smartphone.Expires Feb 27, 2012
Popular Music Website, Songs.Pk To Be Banned In India
2012-02-20 06:53:00
It is quite common for Bollywood and Indian film music enthusiasts to log onto Pakistani music website to download all their favorite Bollywood songs and albums for free. Millions of songs have been downloaded illegally by Indians from over the years. For many years this was an open secret but not anymore. A collective of Industry organizations and one music company have formally lodged a case in the Calcutta High Court to block this website in India. Phonographic Performance Ltd, The Indian Music Industry and Sagarika Music Pvt. Ltd. are the complainants in this case are seeking a restraint on Internet access to download, stream and reproduce copyrighted music on this site. Well, since this is a Pakistani site, there is very less the Indian court can do with respect to jurisdiction. This will soon become a diplomatic affair if the case persists. As of now, they can only block all Indians from accessing the site. Thus, the complainants want Internet Service Providers to bl...
By: WATblog
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