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Republican National Committee Releases New Web Video Empty Promises: Debt &
2012-05-14 22:59:00
WASHINGTON - The Republican National Committee (RNC) released a new web video "Empty Promises: Debt and Deficits" demonstrating President Obama's repeated broken promises when it comes to spending. Barack Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term but has run trillion dollar deficits every year since. Now, as he's campaigning for a second term, he's making the same empty promises he made four years ago. FULL TEXT TRANSCRIPT: "President Obama has broken his promise over and over when it comes to reining in Washington's out of control spending," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. "During the campaign, he lambasted the growing debt and, once elected, he pledged to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. "Yet, President Obama's record has been to double-down on Washington's out of control spending by running trillion dollar deficits every year he's been in office. His serial disregard of the nation's finances is mortgaging our children...
RIM Launches Blackberry 10 Platform; Promises To Wow Everyone!
2012-05-04 05:30:00
Research In Motion pulled the wraps off Blackberry 10 at its Blackberry world event in Orlando. Blackberry 10 or as previously known as BBX is an operating system which is based on QNX platform has been under development for more than a year. This is the first time that RIM revealed enough details for one to realize what can be expected of the new Blackberry devices when they hit the shelf in the later part of the year. Thorsten Heins who took over the duties as CEO at RIM recently has been under a lot of pressure by critics and business analysts equally because of the falling market share and bottom-line of the handset manufacturer. One can say that display of BB 10 and providing the developers with a free full touch screen handset known as the BB 10 Dev Alpha, so they can create a host of new apps. While techies around the world believed that you cannot teach old dog new tricks, it is to note that after the showcase of the new OS and it’s abilities there was a hoard of positiv...
By: WATblog
Mitt Romney Web Video "Broken Promises: Spending"
2012-05-01 22:16:00
Mitt Romney Press | April 30, 2012 Location Boston, MA United States.  FULL TEXT TRANSCRIPT Today, Romney for President released a new web video describing President Obama?s failure to rein in spending and reduce the size of government, ?Broken Promises: Spending.? AD FACTS: Script For ?Broken Promises: Spending? VIDEO TEXT: ?August 28, 2008? VIDEO TEXT: ?What Barack Obama Promised?? SEN. BARACK OBAMA: ?But I will also go through the federal budget line by line, eliminating programs that no longer work and making the ones we do need work better and cost less, because we cannot meet 21st century challenges with a 20th century bureaucracy.? SEN. BARACK OBAMA: ?But I will also go through the federal budget line by line, eliminating programs that no longer work and making the ones we do need work better and cost less, because we cannot meet 21st century challenges with a 20th century bureaucracy.? (Sen. Barack Obama, ?Remarks,? Denver, CO 8/28/08) VIDEO TEXT: ?2009-2012? V...
Santorum wants promises from Romney before backing
2012-05-01 09:49:00
Rick Santorum wants to ensure the GOP's policy platform represents conservatives' interests. Newt Gingrich wants help retiring his campaign debt and repairing his reputation.
Cadillac Promises Self-Driving Cars by 2015
2012-04-23 22:24:00
From ExtremeTech: Self-driving cars this decade? Could be. Super Cruise, a suite of General Motors technologies that lets a car drive itself on some roads, could be ready by the middle of the decade, Cadillac says. It's now 2012, so that means as little as three or four years from now. T
Thor-Stand Ladder Leveler Promises to End Roof-Hanging Hijinx
2012-03-28 14:57:00
From Gizmodo: Ladders are like bears-they don't work on hills very well. A bear's shoulders aren't built to extend far enough forward to run downhill effectively and a ladder's legs are just as useless. The new clamp-on Thor-Stand, however, could help ladders tackle downhills with aplomb
Sound Of My Voice (Fox Searchlight) Promises To Be Sleeper Hit
2012-03-23 06:39:00
Sound Of My Voice , a movie distributed by Fox Searchlight for release April 27th, is a movie I’ve not yet seen in total, but consumed enough of to go out on a limb and say it’s going to be one of the sleeper hits of the year. It’s the first time movie of Britt (Read More...)
Gold Mining in West Africa Promises Growth: Mark Lackey
2012-03-19 21:00:00
The Gold Report: Mark, do you agree with Patricia Mohr, Scotiabank’s vice president of economics, that gold would need further reflation or another round of quantitative easing to rise above $2,000/ounce (oz) in the near term? Mark Lackey: Higher inflation in the Western world would certainly help push gold over $2,000/oz in the next 18 to 24 months. But inflation is not the only factor underlying the price of gold. On the demand side, you have growing demand among the middle class in India and China. On the supply side, we are seeing that companies are not always getting to production as quickly as they anticipate. Given all of these factors, gold could top $2,000/oz even without a significant . . . → Read More: Gold Mining in West Africa Promises Growth: Mark Lackey
At least one news outlet is reporting Obama?s broken promises
2012-02-14 07:07:00
Just caught this on Yahoo!
UV Bottle Cap Promises Dead Bacteria On The Go
2012-02-13 19:46:00
From DVICE: When you are planning to put in some serious time on the trail, the goal is to pack light. There is nothing more annoying than having a bunch of fiddly gadgets for everything. That's why integrating the purifier - in this case a UV bulb - into the lid of your water bottle is
Newt Promises Moonbase
2012-01-26 18:00:00
From Boing Boing: "By the end of my second term we will have the first permanent base on the moon." Read the whole article
Potash?s Current Calm Promises an Exciting Future: Corey Dias
2012-01-24 22:00:00
The Energy Report: Total potash demand in 2011 was estimated at 56 million tons (Mt), and the market has traditionally grown at a rate of about 3.5%/year. Do you believe we’ll see a similar increase in 2012? Corey Dias: I think 3.5% could be at the high end of growth for 2012. I would expect slightly lower growth this year given that India is delaying its potash purchases until the end of Q112. China is also determining its exact needs, and there are rumors that it may reduce its imports this year versus 2011. Everything tends to depend on price. Canpotex (the marketing company for Saskatchewan potash producers) and its Belarusian counterpart are holding out for higher prices than . . . → Read More: Potash’s Current Calm Promises an Exciting Future: Corey Dias
In nod to tea party, Dewhurst promises he?d only serve 2 terms in Senate
2012-01-23 22:04:00
In nod to tea party, Dewhurst promises he’d only serve 2 terms in Senate Republican Senate hopeful David Dewhurst, in a nod to tea party activists, promised Monday that if elected he’d only serve two six-year terms. Dewhurst, who would … Continue reading →
Samsung Promises 24-hour Battery Life on Newer Smartphones
2012-01-13 12:33:00
Have you ever experienced being in the middle of an important discussion on your cellphone and it suddenly signals ?battery low? and you scamper for the nearest power outlet to charge it. This is a common problem when you are out and armed with just a cellphone, no charger or no extra battery. Good news, ...
Republican National Committee (RNC) Ad Failed Promises: "New Hampshire" VID
2012-01-10 20:52:00
Republican National Committee (RNC) Ad Failed Promises: "New Hampshire" VIDEOUploaded by rnc on Jan 9, 2012: Four years later, a look back at Obama's rhetoric about "false hope" on the night of the 2008 New Hampshire primary ... and the failed promises that followed.Category:News & Politics. Tags: president, barack, barak obama, new hampshire, primary, caucus, fail, failed promises, promise, rnc, republican national committee, ad, advertisement, commercial, web ad, web video, obama supporter, unemployment, unemployed, line, voter, supporter, frustrated, change, next week, change we can believe in.License: Standard YouTube License VIDEO CREDIT: rnc
PROMISES, PROMISES: Securing US border impossible
2011-12-06 21:11:00
PROMISES, PROMISES: Securing US border impossible AUSTIN, Texas (AP) ? Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have promised to complete a nearly 1,950-mile fence. Michele Bachmann wants a double fence. Ron Paul pledges to secure the nation’s southern border by any … Continue reading →
October promises to be frightening month for Vols
2011-10-04 21:55:00
A noticeable crisp has arrived in the air. Pumpkins and scarecrows begin to dot the East Tennessee landscape. On Saturday, the Tennessee Volunteers put the finishing touches on a 41-10 victory over Buffalo. As Halloween arrives on the horizon, one thing is crystal-clear. The Vols are in store for a long month. Overall, the Buffalo ...
Manager Of World?s Biggest Factory Visits Britain And Promises To Buy More
2011-06-27 08:30:00
China?s Premier, Wen Jiabao, continued his British visit and promised that he would take measures to increase trade between Britain and China, in particular he offered to whip the Chinese into a frenzy to buy something, anything, British.?Oh yes, very much so, several shall be whipped until they are pleading with us to let them buy a British car, say a thousand,? said Mr Wen. ?That would be a thousand being whipped to buy one car, say the red one over there.?China, soon to become the leading economy in the world, is thought to be sitting on cash reserves of $3trillion that it wants to diversify and use as investment.?We have lots of dollars, lots, and Blue Jeans, we make them, like we make everything else,? said the Premier on a tour of Stratford-Upon-Avon. ?We don?t have a ?birthplace of Shakespeare? though - yet - how much is it??With workers in western economies increasingly under pressure from cheap off-shore labour, the Chinese are said to be very keen on encouraging a business...
Promises ,Patriotism and Power
2011-05-20 18:39:00
 Promises, Patriotism and Power While on the trail, candidate Barack Obama promised that he "would revisit the PATRIOT Act to ensure that there is real and robust oversight of tools like National Security Letters, sneak-and-peek searches, and the use of the material witness provision." As president, Obama can't be bound anything tricky like the Constitution let alone his word. The Obama Administration had sought to keep the most controversial provisions including law enforcement access to library and book store records without probable cause, expanding the definition of "agent of a foreign power" to include almost anyone and allows "roving wiretaps."  According to columnist Jason Ditz, "Congressional leadership from both houses and both parties today reached a deal on a long-term extension of the Patriot Act, exactly as worded and without any of the inconvenient civil rights provisions that the Obama Administration has been warning against."  Not that promises of ...
Paper promises
2011-01-13 21:30:00
Hideous housing numbers highlight paper promises versus tangible wealth. Two charts that ought to shut up the ?gold is a bubble crowd? (even though they won?t.) Another ?wealth quake? setting off early tremors... HIV vaccine successfully tested. USDA cuts world grain forecast, corn prices now nearly double what they were 6 months ago. Behold the world?s biggest gold nugget... found just last year and now up for auction! More overseas reaction to the Tucson shooting... and big gains for Mayer?s Special Situations readers, plus a cautionary note about ?stop losses?...
Simply Christmas-Trusting God?s Promises
2010-12-13 05:45:00
Christmas time is a reminder that God keeps His promises. Single Christians write to us all the time regarding trusting in God’s promises to provide for their needs.  Many are waiting on God for that special relationship. Likewise,  married folks write to us wondering when God will bless them with children. God Remembers His Promises In today’s ... Related posts:Contemporary Christian Church-Oasis Church NJ Looking for Contemporary Christian churches in NJ? is... No Perfect People Allowed-Week 2-Transformed Lives Many of us, whether single or married,   walk around with... No Perfect People Allowed-Week 5-Growing Healthy Relationships Growing healthy relationships with others takes time and intentionality.  Of... GLEE-Week 1-Hope for the Future Need hope for your life? Whether you are single,... GLEE Week 6-Living or Existing? Many people , single Christians or married, go through life...
Sick and Ailing Sathya Sai Baba 85. His Promises to Look Young Have Failed
2010-11-23 21:22:00
That age has its physical and mental ravages is not the point here. Who is not privy to these? .... To which Shakespeare's Hamlet refers in his famous soliloquy - ... "The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to." The only point here is that Sathya Sai Baba has made demonstrably unreal and false statements in regard to prophecies about his own physical state. At his 60th birthday, Sathya Sai Baba foretold that he would not physically age. But now look! And compare the various older photos with those only of the last days. The newspaper Eenadu is the largest circulated Telugu newspaper in Andhra Pradesh (the State where Sathya Sai Baba lives), and claims a daily readership of over 10 million. (See my article: Sathya Sai Baba?s Slurred Speech Due To Old Age. ?Eenadu? News Report). Eenadu reported:
Netanyahu Promises No Troop Withdrawal after Peace Deal
2010-10-27 21:05:00
By William ChurchDirectorPalestine Israel Media Analysis Group (PIMAG)A stealth, seismic shift occurred October 22 in Jerusalem at the Conference on the Future of the Jewish People.  Israel?s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the conference and suggested that there will be no troop withdrawal in the West Bank even after a peace deal.  He also re-enforced ...
Shane Mosley Promises to Win the Fight Against Mayweather
2010-04-20 15:10:00
watch mayweather Vs mosley onlinewatch mayweather vs mosleySugar Shane Mosley has promised that he will do whatever it takes to win against Floyd Mayweather on their upcoming fight on May 1, 2010 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The bout for WBA World welterweight title is topbilled Who R U Picking?. He held a press conference in April 12, 2010 for his Los Angeles Media Day. This makes it more exciting to watch Mayweather Vs Mosley online for those who does not have access to pay-per-view.Unlike other boxers that have fought against Mayweather, the 38-year old boxer said that he will not let his emotions get over him. He knows what a big mouth Mayweather has and is just being cocky, that is why he will just not let it get into his head. He said, "I think a lot of people who have fought Floyd have let his talking get to them and they go into the fight angry. They are fighting with their emotions when they are in the ring. I'm not going to do that. I know how I want to f...
Borislav Mitic: Promises
2010-04-06 02:24:00
Song from my new album "The Absolute" called "Promises" published by Lion Music (2009). Borislav Mitic - Promises.wmv
Mazda announces innovative Sky-G and Sky-D engines, promises 43 MPG diesel
2010-04-02 07:24:00
Mazda is finally getting ready to bring its new engine and transmission technologies, codenamed SKY, to the USA. The Japanese company announced during the 2010 New York Auto Show that, in order to further improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, the Sky-G (gasoline) and Sky-D (diesel) engines, together with the Sky-Drive (transmission) will appear across ...Post published on Rpmgo.comMazda announces innovative Sky-G and Sky-D engines, promises 43 MPG diesel Mazda6Related posts:Mazda unveils facelifted Atenza/Mazda6 for Japanese market, European version arriving in Geneva Mazda has just unveiled the newest facelift made to...European Mazda CX-7 gets new 2.2 liter Turbo Diesel engine The Mazda CX-7 is available for some time now...Leaked photos of the new Mazda6 We know that the new Mazda6 will be revealed...
BMW CEO clarifies 1 Series front-wheel drive statements, promises RWD next
2010-03-25 12:16:00
BMW fans were pretty shaken up in the last few days, after the CEO of the company, Norbert Reithofer, revealed that in a recent survey done internally, almost 80% of 1 Series owners believed their car was a front-wheel drive model. Now, the executive talked with Autocar and clarified the statement, going deeper into the 1 ...Post published on Rpmgo.comBMW CEO clarifies 1 Series front-wheel drive statements, promises RWD next genRelated posts:Facepalm: 80% of BMW 1 Series owners think the car is front-wheel drive In what is a rather shocking statistic, BMW CEO...Nein! BMW adding front-wheel drive on future small models Every time a debate between front-wheel drive and rear-wheel...BMW officially confirms front-wheel drive on future small cars The day that many hardcore BMW fans have feared...
Sarah Palin Signs TV Contract With Fox News, But Promises To Quit Halfway T
2010-01-14 02:55:00
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.(New York, NY) This week conservative megastar Sarah Palin signed a multi-year deal to appear on Fox News as a political consultant. Soon  after, the Joe and Jane Six-Packs of America were worried that being on cable TV might change their beloved hockey mom. Today Palin let them know that she will always be their little maverick.Reading from a partially prepared statement the former Alaska Governor said that even though she’s only been at Fox News for a few days, she loves it. She loves the people, the fair and balanced message and the 10% off she gets on Bill O’Reilly’s Factor Gear. “But one day, probably about two years and seven months from now, I will decide to not quite quit, but instead resign, from Fox News."
Sue Lowden Harry Reid's Broken Promises VIDEO
2009-12-14 01:09:00
Senator Reid has once again turned his back on Nevadans and is taking marching orders from his Washington allies like and Nancy Pelosi. Their plan is not reform, rather it is push for another massive expansion of government control over our lives.Senator Reid + Political Desperation = More Embarrassment?The most powerful senator in Nevada history? continues with pattern of insults on his own constituentsLOWDEN CALLS FOR AN APOLOGY FROM SENATOR REID(Las Vegas, NV) ? Today, upon learning that Senator Reid compared opponents of his $2.5 trillion health care experiment bill to those who supported slavery, Nevada businesswoman and former State Senator Sue Lowden issued the following statement:?Nevadans need jobs, not insults from our own Senator. It seems that with the more power and prestige that Senator Reid gains in Washington, the more insulting he gets towards those of us back home. Senator Reid has told us that tourists smell bad when they visit him in the Capitol. He...
China promises 'notable' reduction in growth of greenhouse gases
2009-09-22 20:04:00
China's president sought to demonstrate his commitment to fighting climate change on Tuesday, promising a 'notable' reduction in the growth of carbon dioxide emissions Chinese President Hu Jintao speaks during the Summit on Climate Change Photo: AFP/
By: Get rich
Fasten your seat belts, Breitbart promises MSM a bumpy week
2009-09-21 08:36:00
Those who read conservative (and libertarian) blogs know by now, Andrew Breitbart, who through his website released the videos which drew the corruption at ACORN to the attention of the nation, says we should preepare for a ?blockbuster? ?from left field? next week. Patterico thinks it will involve the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) ...
Hi-tech Electric Wheelchair of the Future Promises Greater Mobility
2009-08-28 02:00:00
Wheelchairs are about to make a great leap forward in form and function. The four-wheeled Rodem electric wheelchair prototype not only looks stylish and sporty, it's designed to make mobility much easier for the disabled and the elderly.
Lamborghini Confirms Hybrid Development?Promises to Carry-On Companies Heri
2009-08-12 18:25:00
Rumors about a Lamborghini built hybrid have been making their rounds for a while now, with very few words coming from Sant'Agata about it. Now, Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini CEO, has confirmed that a hybrid is in fact in the works.
Roadside Dope Tester Promises To Make You Even More Paranoid
2009-08-05 17:01:00
From Gizmodo: As if the stoners and dopers weren't paranoid enough, the police may soon be able to detect whether or not you partake in one the five most popular recreational drugs: cocaine, heroin, cannabis, amphetamine, and methamphetamine. The device is intended for roads
Embodi: Juice Brand Promises The Same Health Benefits Of Wine
2009-07-16 12:00:00
Recently I've been talking a lot about wine and wine related products, I'm not sure what that says other than the fact that perhaps it's been a while since my corkscrew has made in appearance. However, since not everyone likes to drink, let's focus on a company that gives the same benefits of wine, but without the alcohol.
2009-07-08 13:00:00
Cartoon script contributed by Notytony
Healthcare Recruitment Company Promises Large Salaries and Luxurious Lifest
2009-05-31 12:00:00
Since there is an overwhelming stigma that doctors are so devoted to their work to a degree that they forfeit all other aspects of life (whether true or not in every case), one medical recruitment company in New Zealand hopes to break the mould by placing doctors in high-paying jobs that still allow them to have active social and family lives. Sound too good to be true? Perhaps, but read on, because they claim that even when working in the healthcare industry, it's possible to have it all!
President Obama Tells C-Span We?re Out Of Money Then Promises To Expand The
2009-05-24 03:39:00
Amen To VA Expansion But How Are We Going To Pay For It? We’re out of money laments President Barack Hussein Obama during a C-Span interview(Drudge). Next day, he says America doesn’t always support her troops, especially once their military contracts expire and they become disabled... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
More Plutonium, Please: DoE Promises to Cook Up More Spaceship Fuel
2009-05-13 15:47:00
From Discover Magazine | RSS: To explore the dark reaches of the solar system, NASA is going to need a lot more plutonium-238, the space agency has told the Department of Energy. NASA's deep space probes are powered by pellets of the plutonium isotope: The electricity that powers o
Visual Studio 2010 & SharePoint tools, the promises and expectations
2009-04-17 20:52:00
Since the first release of Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for SharePoint which allowed us for developing custom SharePoint solutions, I?ve expected more support tools and templates for SharePoint in the next versions of Visual Studio, and I was always searching on what is new  regarding SharePoint development, Somasegar from Visual Studio team has listed some new features of the next release of Visual Studio which support SharePoint development, I believe that a wide range of these features are expected, however I guess we expect more, I will give you a brief about what I need from Microsoft in this release: 1- Creating lists & libraries and managing their properties and content2- Creating and extending publishing controls3- Creating content types and custom fields in easier way4- Easier way for handling SharePoint events 5- Built-in SharePoint AJAX controls6- Creating and managing workflows on site level as well as on list level7- More fac...
By: DevExpert
Pledge Hammer: Preventing Broken Promises With Fear Of Monetary Retribution
2009-03-19 12:00:00
Helping you keep your promises, for fear of retribution, is a new business Pledge Hammer. The premise of this online service is simple, you make a promise and if you don't honor your commitment, you donate a pre-determined amount to a charity of your choice.
Ex-Apple Engineers' Caustic Startup Promises 200x Faster Ray-Tracing G
2009-03-10 18:25:00
From Gizmodo: Caustic Graphics, a startup from ex-Apple engineers, thinks their approach to 3D graphics—ray-tracing&-amp;#8212;will result in way more realistic eye candy than you see today, with chips that are 200x faster than today's by 2010. In a nutshell, ray tracing works
President Obama Promises To Lift Bush?s Ban On Senseless Murdering Of Cute,
2009-03-07 04:23:00
President Obama, The Anarchist Antichrist, To Emphasize Scientific Exploration Over The Word Of God After a dozen years of G.O.P. rule, we now all know our Founding Fathers had CLEARLY declared a mandated separation of all other religions other than Christianity and state, hence, the... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Clothes Hanger Promises To Sort Out Your Clothes
2009-02-17 01:04:00
Each set of hangers comprises of 5 gentle satin and faux suede clothes hangers, plus a set of "planning" sheets.Get a set and get set to sort out your dresses...literally.
Obama Promises: "I Will Allow The Public To See Every Bill 5 Days Before I
2009-02-15 15:05:00
So much for this promise... Obama To Sign Stimulus Tuesday
Promises and Trust, Words and Linguistics
2009-02-13 21:34:00
Following my previous post, I very much appreciated metal sunflower's response:This is an open letter, and if I thought that it would be welcome, I?d have started it with the words ?Dear Incurable Hippy?. But if I?m angry with people, the last thing I want is for them to be civil without saying anything helpful. So I?m not going to do it here.What I would like to say is that the Sheffield Fems as a group have been wrong, and have done wrong, and that I, personally, have done wrong. And for all of that, I am sorry.I don?t want to try to offer any glib explanations.I have been wrong. I haven?t done enough. I saw your post last time you publicly showed how angry you were. I saw it and brought it up at a meeting and asked that something be done about it. I didn?t follow up on it. I should have done. I should have kept asking, and kept looking for different venues, and kept insisting that we did something about the pub, and I didn?t do any of those things. I don?t hold the Sheffield Fem...
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Dkpark commented on the blog post Empty Promises Oh packing is the worst no matter what. Happy almost 5th year anniversary!
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AndiMAC commented on the blog post Empty Promises Hahahaha, you are worse than me! I am sending you to shopaholics anonymous when you get home!
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