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Thursday Night Random Live Thread: It's Podcast Night Again Edition
2012-06-01 02:00:00
Thursday night has become our podcast night here on the Phinsider. Instead of having a specific subject for this evening we will use the live thread as a lead in to the evenings broadcast. Feel free to bring up any subjects that you would like to discuss here. Also we encourage everyone to call in and be a part of the show. As always this is an open thread meaning that any topic is on the table with the exception of politics and religion. Please limit the posting of picks to two or three per person. Also please no GIF's in any of the live thread. They slow down the load speeds for those on slower connections. Remember this is a front page post so please do your best to keep the conversation as close to PG as possible. So tell us what is on your mind and what would you like to hear discussed? During the actual podcast the comments for this thread will be disabled. Immediately following the podcast they will be re-enabled. --------------------------------------- We invite you t...
Digital Blackbook 34: Venetian (Photography)
2012-05-24 02:43:00
I went into the Venetian on the Las Vegas strip and and saw this when I went in. It looked very Renaissance-Ish…
I want to annoy you
2012-05-18 15:02:00
Is it odd that I get a kick out of aggravating people? I go through my day looking for ways to get under the skin of others. As much as I try to change this strange behavior, I find myself … Continue reading →
Friday Night Random Live Thread:Victory Of The Week Vol. 14
2012-05-12 02:00:00
Well with another work week in the books we have come full circle again and it is time for the victory of the week post. This is of course where you come and tell us what your victory/accomplishment/ect of the week is. It can be a small simple thing all the way to something huge and life changing. Remember this is open thread and as such any subject is on the table outside of religion and politics. Please keep picks to a minimum of 2 per person and no GIF's in any of the live threads. Also try your best to keep things as close to PG as possible as we are on the front page. So tell us what is your big victory and or accomplishment of the week? --------------------------------------- We invite you to follow The Phinsider on Twitter, like The Phinsider on Facebook, add The Phinsider to your Google+ Circles, and follow our podcast on BlogTalkRadio.
These Numbers Aren't Random Either
2012-04-30 15:56:00
Branching off from "Is Random Really Random", one might expect that a look through a list that included apparently random numbers, say the street addresses in the phone book^1,2, that the totals for each of the ten digits would be approximately equal. The expectation would be wrong because e
Mad cow case discoverd by regular testing, random chance
2012-04-25 17:22:00
The discovery of mad cow disease in a dairy cow in California is being described as a combination of the U.S.'s targeted surveillance of its beef supply and random chance.
Is Random Really Random?
2012-04-25 03:13:00
I was working on ma cpp...classes...and was unable to find an algorithm for random function...... how can we program a function without an algorithm...... do any one realy know an algorithm for random function...(i believe there is no algorithm for randomisation) thanks in advance
Excel Generate Random Number
2012-04-22 07:41:00
Hi All Need your help I Have number(1~16) in excel from A1 to O1, i need to generate 5 conbination number. Any help please. Regard
Free Subway Random Acts of Fitness Teachers Kit
2012-04-18 11:15:00 -school name required
Jake "modern day Robin Hood" Gyllenhaal helps random drivers in Los Angeles
2012-04-13 17:55:00
Jake Gyllenhaal in "Source Code" (2011) - The Girl Next Door (DVD Extra)Jake Gyllenhaal taking the subway in New York City, on April 6, 2012Jake Gyllenhaal has been touted as the modern day Robin Hood after doing a random act of kindness.The Hollywood actor was out and about in Los Angeles recently when he decided to help absent drivers not get citations for being over their allotted parking time. An eyewitness told Star magazine that Jake dug deep into his pockets and came up with some spare change to help out."Jake was shopping in Beverly Hills and noticed a few parking meters were about to expire," the source revealed."And he saw that the parking enforcers were standing right there, waiting to issue tickets when they ran out."But even though he was warned by the officers that it was illegal to top up the meters, Jake apparently did it anyway and filled up several meters so unwitting drivers wouldn't get back to their car to find the dreaded envelope on their windscreen. Source: ...
Tulsa police: Shooting victims chosen at random
2012-04-08 22:57:00
Tulsa police say there was no connection between the suspects and victims in a series of shootings that terrorized the city's black community.
Wednesday Night Random Live Open Thread:Favorite Sportscaster
2012-04-05 02:00:00
Well it's Wednesday night and that means it's TV night again. With that in mind tonight's question is who is your favorite sportscaster? It could be a live broadcast play by play guy/gal, a color guy/gal, sideline reporter, a studio guy/gal or even someone like Steve Sabol who is legendary for his work with NFL Films. Mine is Rich Eisen. He was the perfect choice by NFL network to be their full time main host. He manages to combine his in-depth knowledge and love of the game with just the right amount of humor to keep his commentary always interesting. He will also host a new show on TNT starting in June called "The Great Escape". Having him as a host is enough to make me at least give it a shot despite the fact that I hate most reality TV. so as always this is an open thread meaning that any subject outside of politics and religion are on the table for discussion. Please try your best to keep things as close to PG as possible as we are on the front page. Also please limit the...
A Random Walk Through the Data Minefields
2012-03-26 17:01:00
"I speak the truth not so much as I would, but as much as I dare: and I dare a little more as I grow older." - Michel de Montaigne (influential writer of the French Renaissance) This Friday finds me sleeping later than I planned … in the lounge at the airport in Stockholm, on my way to Paris. To the great applause of readers all over the world this may be the shortest letter in 12 years. I will write here and on the plane and quit when I land so I can be with friends this evening. No time for exhaustive research, so we will march through random topics that caught my attention this week until it . . . → Read More: A Random Walk Through the Data Minefields
Four Random Things Every Mobile User Should Know
2012-02-23 01:00:00
The world is slowly shifting to mobile. People use mobile phones for more reasons than you think: to call their loved ones, to send text messages, to access social networking sites, and maybe read and reply to a few emails or so from work.
random bits of pinterest?
2012-02-16 19:55:00
Pinterest is getting a lot of press lately, apparently it’s all the rage. I have continued to enjoy collecting some bits here and there, plus lately I am trying to spend more time reading and wanted to share some inspiration in all things book:                     And ...
Sunday Non-Random Song: Whitney Houston, "The Greatest Love of All"
2012-02-12 18:22:00
I was grieved to learn today that pop diva Whitney Houston died this weekend, at the young age of 48. Sadly, like many brilliant performers, she struggled with addictions and unhealthy relationships. Her hit song "The Greatest Love of All" was a favorite anthem of mine in the 1980s. The theology of this song may offend some Christians, as too redolent of the "cult of self-esteem", but personally I believe that you can't hate yourself and love God at the same time. He made you, didn't He? Was He wrong? Accepting yourself as lovable is a necessary part of believing that God loves you, not merely as an idea but as a lived psychological reality. Also, a certain amount of self-love protects you against making an idol of religious teachers, who can be a great help in proper perspective, but shouldn't substitute for your own knowledge of God inside. Sometimes the Spirit will "lead you to a lonely place" where you must "find your strength in love". Sending God's love to you, Whitney, ...
Thankful Thursday ~ Random
2012-02-09 01:34:00
I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds. I will be glad and exult in you; I will sing praise to your name, O Most High. (Psalm 9:1-2 ESV) Honestly I could not come up with just one thing to write about this week ...
The secret to PB
2012-01-20 02:02:00
Ever wonder how peanut butter is made?
2012-01-05 17:32:00
I am fairly certain that an alien spacecraft abducted me within the last month and carried me off to a distant planet. Being that I am not a fascinating specimen from the planet Earth, they decided to return me without … Continue reading →
An ode to toilet paper
2011-12-28 22:26:00
How can a person completely waste an entire day off from work thinking about toilet paper? I have asked myself that question today on several occasions. It is just the answer always comes back to … toilet paper. Toilet paper … Continue reading →
random bits of pinterest: holiday
2011-12-23 19:50:00
I have a weakness for snowman themed desserts and simple holiday delights, someday a bigger house will inspire more decor: the wreath possibilities are endless   i could almost do these   he’s so happy   rice crispies are always festive   shoot them fast before they melt   doughnutty goodness   Happy Holidays! And ...
Sunday Random Songs: Scrooge Edition
2011-12-18 21:44:00
All the forced good cheer and baby Jesus kitsch on the airwaves this time of year grates on my barren little heart. If you agree, you may enjoy these seasonal travesties that you're not likely to hear in Macy's anytime soon. John Denver, "Please Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas) This is not supposed to be funny. But I am a sinner.   South Park, "Christmas Time in Hell" String up the lights and light up the tree, we're damned for all eternity! Kinsey Sicks, "God Bless Ye Femmy Lesbians" From their hit album, "Oy Vey in a Manger Suggest your own favorites in the comments box!
Random, random, random
2011-12-08 02:37:00
And now for something completely wrong …
Random Question
2011-11-30 15:59:00
How hard is Harper Seven Beckham WERKING the invisible airport runway with her Mama Victoria? [To view more "Random Question"s (believe me, it's worth it), just click "Random Question" in the Labels list located on the right sidebar under the music videos. Enjoy!]
Do you ever eat the forbidden fruit?
2011-11-27 19:47:00
Have you ever found yourself eating a candy bar that you know is horrible for you? It is the candy bar with the most calories that really doesn’t taste that fantastic, but it is the only one within reach. So, … Continue reading →
Monday Random Song: Jason Bravo, "Isn't Love Reason Enough?"
2011-11-21 22:30:00
My good friend Jason Bravo wrote this beautiful song about being true to yourself. Maybe I'm biased, but I think it could be the next "Born This Way". No YouTube video yet, but you can stream the MP3 from his website. Purchase Jason's album Between Head and Heart at CD Baby or on iTunes. ISN?T LOVE REASON ENOUGH? (Words and music by Jason Bravo) Remember that summer when you and I walked on the sand? We talked about life in a heart to heart that was unplanned. We climbed on the rocks and we followed them along the shore. You talked in a way that I never heard you talk before. And I could hear your words unsaid. I could feel your pain. CHORUS: You?ve been looking for a reason not to hide it all away. But ISN?T LOVE REASON ENOUGH? You?ve been looking for a reason to be who you are someday. But ISN?T LOVE REASON ENOUGH? There are so many things that I wish you could learn from my past. So many decisions that I?d change if I could go back. I?d shake off my fear and my armor and l...
Solution for the zombie apocalypse
2011-11-13 17:52:00
Forget zombie combat training … We are going about this zombie apocalypse all wrong. Here is yet another solution to keep our zombies at bay …
Dimming 'Random' LED's
2011-11-06 23:10:00
Tis the season! Yay. OK. I need help. I want to design a small circuit that has 6 x 25mA white LED's. What I want the LED's to do is randomly go from bright to dim (about half intensity - never off). I don't know what other info would be required. Maybe - run off 12V car battery, no micro controlle
Simon Goldsmith: Random Jam
2011-10-29 14:19:00
Random Road Checks In Michigan
2011-10-21 17:08:00
This fits right in with yesterday’s post: Random Road Checks in Flint, Michigan Except that this is all illegal: The practice has legal experts on searches and seizures at two law schools in Michigan, a constitutional law expert in Lansing and the American Civil Liberties Union calling the practice out of bounds and out ...
2011-10-20 20:15:00
The TSA now believes Americans are the real terrorists, as trucks, buses and the nations highways fall to random vehicle checks. Because Americans have refused to stand up to these type of police-state tactics and put a stop to them, you can be absolutely certain that many more will be coming. Shopping malls, public gatherings, ...
Totally Random
2011-10-04 02:51:00
share. peace.
By: Zoe's Dad
Random blahs
2011-08-20 17:07:00
Last Tuesday, my brother came to my house to ?deliver? the pasalubong my other brother brought back from his recent holiday in the Philippines. As you can see, they?re mostly junk food.  My Aunt and my brother?s girlfriend (who was asking  me for advice about Online Universities in the Philippines for her sister) sent us a bagful of junk foods, much to our delight. Three of us divided the loot amongst ourselves, and these were my share :) I love the mini-bukayo (candied coconut), yema, barquiron (barquillos with polvoron) and instant pancit canton noodles the most. And, oh, the pack of otap, too. Otap is an oval-shaped kind of puff pastry with a ?crumpled? sugary, surface and is favourite of mine since I was younger. Anyways, so I was giving advice on online courses, especially on the online degree programs in communication in my old university. I was told that the gf?s sister was  interested in development communication but the father was very adamant that she en...
Random Question
2011-07-28 12:48:00
Is Dean McDermott really wearing silver nail polish in the picture below? I'm just surprised because he doesn't seem the type. [To view more "Random Question"s (believe me, it's worth it), just click "Random Question" in the Labels list located on the right sidebar under the music videos. Enjoy!]
A Miss TLC Random Observation
2011-07-26 13:36:00
Infants and toddlers?!?!?! Really? And this requires an actual safety hazard label on the bag? I swear, people should really be required to pass a test in order to have a child. [To view more of "A Miss TLC Random Observation" (believe me, it's worth it), just click "A Miss TLC Random Observation" in the Labels list located on the right sidebar under the music videos. Enjoy!]
Who Is The Random Chick With Mel Gibson?
2011-06-19 06:35:00
Stories are invading the web today that the troubled actor has found a new girl. But who is she, and why is she crazy enough to hang out with Mel Gibson? First off, let?s point out the obvious; the guy is totally rich, and some girls are so money hungry that they will even stoop low enough to hang out with him. So we shouldn’t be surprised that a fetish model named Stella Mouzi has been canoodling with him over the last few weeks. They partied it up until very late one night this week. Photos have been circulating the web showing an old, tired looking Mel trying to keep up with her. Their so-called ?relationship? goes back a little further than that. TMZ has pics of them having dinner a few weeks ago, and even says that a source can confirm she has been over to his place. If I were her I would disable my voice mail. Seriously. Anyway, people are actually saying they are a couple. So who is she? Well, she is actually in the United States on a visitor?s visa from Greece, and is ...
Some Random Helpful Hints
2011-06-11 05:34:00
I’ve been slowly collecting a few commands that are useful to me for various things while using Linux.  I figured that I would share some of these handy commands.  In no particular order, they are: To copy, preserving permissions AND structure AND recursively, from a remote system to your local system: Please note that the ... Related posts:GNU find – A Multidimensional Tool Beginners are mostly afraid of command prompt.  Whenever they see... Using ‘Alias’ in Linux There comes a time in every Linux users’ life when... Linux File Permissions, Groups, and Users Why Are Permissions Important? Permissions are important for keeping your... Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.
20 most dangerous drugs in UK
2011-05-23 16:50:00
Most of us have tried any type of drugs. There are drugs , which make you healthy when you are sick. There are drugs , which makes you calm , when you are nervous. There are drugs for party and there are drugs to make you sleep. BBC has interesting documentary about 20 most dangerous ...
Just a random picture
2011-04-18 19:30:00
When I was sorting out some pictures I found this one, taken last year's summer somewhere in July at the garden of friends of us. Technically it's not the best picture in the world, but just a simple sparrow can even look beautiful, don't you think? Click on pic to enlarge Soon the lay out of this weblog is about to change. It's going to be, more or less, like my other weblog BrownNoiseMusic, but of course with a different background.
DIY combining random displays into a single, large virtual display.
2011-04-12 16:42:00
The Junkyard Jumbotron lets you take a bunch of random displays and instantly stitch them together into a large, virtual display, simply by taking a photograph of them. It works with laptops, smartphones, tablets --- anything that runs a web browser. It also highlights a new way of connecting a large number of heterogenous devices to each other in the field, on an ad-hoc basis.The Junkyard Jumbotron is designed by Rick Borovoy, Ph.D. and Brian Knep at MIT's Center for Future Civic Media.VideoGet the code to install it on your displays, here.
Pete Tong Celebration 20 years in BBC1
2011-04-08 20:36:00
Today I will be spending 12 hours listening Radio BBC 1. It’s just because there is special show – Pete Tong 20-year celebration in BBC1. Pete Tong is radio presenter, DJ and music legend. There is lots of good stuff coming up. Top 20 dance tracks of the last 20 years Some guests are coming ...
Detailed semiotic analysis of one printed advert
2011-02-03 23:20:00
Turkish Airlines Ad feat Man UTD
Rob Chappers: random people at NAMM 2011
2011-01-17 22:38:00
Rob Chappers meets random people at NAMM 2011
Cameron Barton: Random Shred - set phasers to stun
2011-01-08 01:49:00
Random Shred (Cameron Barton)
Peta Lukács: Random pick madness... including a ladies shoe!!
2011-01-05 01:50:00
Guitar Picking Techniques (if you lost your pick)
Vidar Solli: Random Guitar Outtakes of quality!
2010-12-14 00:41:00
Random Guitar Outtakes viddelt
Used Shoes
2010-10-15 17:36:00
Many of you have heard me mention my friend Marc Tindall before. Marc is the missionary in Honduras that I work with and a very special person in my life. Marc has started regular blogging on is ministry in Hondruas. I am always touched by Marc’s posts, but the one this morning really got to ...
What I?m Thinking?
2010-10-06 16:57:00
Augment: Our “Extreme Home Makeover” here in Childress is coming along nicely. Read about it here and here. This week we’re hoping the new electricity, plumbing & heat/air will all be done. The house is totally gutted and we’re ready to do something other than demolition. Soon we’ll be starting windows, roof and floors. Everyday ...
Coret-coret random selama 2 hari belakangan ini
2010-10-06 16:38:00
Random pics. Sebenernya karena gw lagi bosen, dan di luar ujan. Dan gw lagi dengerin MP3. Owl City tepatnya. Maap kalo gambarnya jelek. Gw udah lama ga coret-coret di buku sketsa gw. Udah lamaaa banget gw anggurin :( Temanya semacem elf gitu deh. Peri hutan/peri pohon/elf hutan/elf pohon/ya seperti itu lah. Yang ini iseng-iseng coret-coret Kap & Mellow Cat vesi ‘bukan chibi’ :D Ada, errrrr, gw/Kap, si Mellow Cat, laptop gw – gw kasih nama ‘Sherlock Holmes’ tapi lama-lama gw ngerasa ni laptop pantesnya dikasih nama ‘Pak Tua’ – sama sendal Susuwatari/dust bunny gw :D Yang ini edisi ‘Kasih Makan’. Kepikiran aja sih. Tipikal manga Jepang gitu, kan suka ada side illustration-nya. Anatominya payah blas :| Padahal gw udah pake sketsa pensil, tapi tetep ngaco kemana-mana. Huhu, maapkan.
2010-10-01 20:08:00
I think I’ve finally found the perfect birthday gift for _____! Hopefully _____ likes it (if not I’ll be pissed very upset) but even if _____ hated it, at least _____’s friends will be envious. I think I’ll pick it up from the Apple store next week (provided they still have it), but if not ...
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