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Masculine versus Macho ? real men or culture?
2012-05-05 22:19:00
When I read ugly articles like the one Doug Wilson wrote about Effeminate Worship? I also tend to think about all their opinions on culture. We all know the speeches about how culture is bad, and church people are better. Funny how they use ?cultural? aspects to have people agree with their point of view. Culture and their definition of masculine Extremes don?t represent culture in the majority, but it sure does seem to get the attention. In my opinion, only using the extremes is a sign that your points can?t be all that valid. If you can?t use an example that most can truly relate to in their real lifes, and not some imaginary most extreme model that people can come up with? You lost me, and honestly you lose others as well. People just can?t relate. Eric M. Pazdziora has written an article called, ?The Truth about ?Effeminate Worship??. If we want to know the reason men are staying away from church, maybe we just found it. Maybe they see church people as bullies. When somebo...
Real Men (and Women) Dote
2011-10-28 17:25:00
“Dote” is not a word we use much anymore. In fact … I like the word pursue. But just so you’ll know … to ?Dote? means: “to be lavish or excessive in one?s attention, fondness, or affection for.” Doting is pretty much what you did to win your spouse before you were married. I?m not ...
Real Men Faces
2011-08-11 12:24:00
I have released this product for Renderosity with my husband Jordi (hiperia3d). Only through this Monday August 15, Real Men Faces, new on the marketplace, at 25% off. Get it here: Real Men Faces  Natural expressions for real faces, with... *** CLICK THE TITLE AND READ THE FULL STORY ***
?Real Men of Genius? Salutes Dierks Bentley
2008-05-06 17:31:00
Dierks Bentley joins “Mr. Push Up Bra Inventor” and “Mr. Tiny Thong Bikini Wearer” as one of the subjects immortalized in Anheuser Busch’s “Real Men of Genius” radio spots. In the ad, he’s saluted as “Mr. Sad Country Song Songwriter” (listen). “Getting a ‘real men of genius’ spot is pretty much the pinnacle for a dude ...
Real Men Wear Gowns
2008-05-03 00:00:00
Whether it's time for you to get a blood test or that test, you're not just doing it for yourself. You're doing it for your family and loved ones, because Real Men Know the Facts
Real men wear Air Jordan 23
2008-04-28 06:29:00
Have you your air Jordan XXIII This is the dream shoes. I want them and I know you want them too. Many people say air Jordan is too expensive or overrated. They probably right but watch them. Can you not want them? They are comfortable and mystical. Once you wear a Jordan, you feel ...
A Jesus for Real Men
2008-04-20 01:06:00
This great Christianity Today article (of the same name as this post) written by Brandon O'Brien is subtitled:What the new masculinity movement gets right and wrong.Here are a few excerpts that I liked: Besides offering an extremely narrow view of masculinity, this framework totally excludes women from real discipleship. To begin with, it blames them for neutering the gospel. Left in their hands, the church became nice and affirming and lost its vision to reach the world. Perhaps worse, if Christ is the model of masculinity, then women can't imitate him. They can pursue him as the lover of their souls. They can imitate his devotion to the Father in their relationships with their husbands. But they can't become like him in any essential way.Most importantly, Scripture gives no indication that Jesus came to earth to model masculinity. He is the "image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation" (Col. 1:15). As such, he is not simply the perfect male; he is the perfect hu...
Do real men where pineapple?
2008-03-15 00:43:00
Do real men where pineapple? I say they must ... there is a tuxedo vest out there for that special... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Real Men Wear Plaid
2008-03-11 00:16:00
The Bagpipes and Drums of the Chicago Police Department's Emerald Society - which participates annually at the South Side Irish Parade - stopped by TR's Pub in Mount Greenwood a few hours after the 30th annual parade concluded March 9. This is a clip of the group's moving performance for the hometown crowd.
Real Men Don?t Use Electric Smokers!
2008-01-16 00:00:00
In the backyard barbeque cooker’s Bible, it’s almost blasphemous to give an electric smoker even an honorable mention in the “Best Smoker Category”. To many of us, a smoker or grill that’s attached to an electric cord is an insult to all of us who’ve smelled of wood smoke for a week because we ...
Real Men Crochet
2007-12-12 10:21:00
YouTube - Boise State's Ian Johnson on ESPN GamedayI came across this video recently. What a refreshing look on crochet. I'm always excited when I see men who are able to do textile stuff- be it crochet, knitting or something else. It used to be that kitting was something all men knew how to do 200 years ago- how else were they susposed to get socks? I think it's unfortunate that now it's considered a 'girl thing.' When men do something like this to shake up the gender image, or just because they love it, they should get some kuddos.However, looking up on it more I found out something very disheartening.Boise State Broncos: The Familiar Story Of The Oppressed Crocheting Running Back With The Collapsed LungApparently Ian Johnson isn't allowed to sell his scarves, hats or other crocheted items, even if he gives them to charity.KTVB.COM | Boise, Idaho News, Weather, Sports, Video, Traffic & Events | IDAHO NEWSI suppose it makes sense, seeing at as his popularity increas...
By: Garnfiti
Why Real Men Cant Make Money in the Market
2007-12-03 20:55:00
Seth Jayson points out an interesting study that may just explain why the market is so manic. "I've always been interested to notice that a huge portion -- oh, 100% or so -- of this seemingly irrational, irate subgroup of poor financial decision-makers is, in my experience, male." According to a study found in "The Economist," the reason is too much testosterone. In the experiment, subjects played a simple game in which pairs of players divided and received money from a central pot. One player would propose how to split the pot -- and
Real Men and Fancy Cakes
2007-12-01 22:21:00
What can I say? I'm a man and I like Fancy Cakes. They are delicious! I realize that isn't a sentence that will typically roll off the tongue of an average American man. Of course, it isn't a giant secret that I don't consider myself a man's man, but I do consider myself a real man. I enjoy those Little Debbie snack 5 Zoom(s)
Real men drink Fernet Stock
2007-11-26 10:07:00
Kasteelbier vrouwonvriendelijk? Ha! Flutjesbier, vergeleken met deze Tsjechen: Via Fernet Stock, Sexist Advertising, Kasteelbier, Seksisme
Finally, Soap for Real Men!
2007-11-21 17:21:00
Does real man need to clean themselves? Yes, of course, we are human too. Real man deserves to have clean and healthy skin. We like being fresh for the ladies, but not smell like a flower, that?s for the girl so the real man can smell and enjoy. How does real man clean up? Of course ...
Real Men Read Romance
2007-11-21 13:52:00
Excerpt from today?s spotlight at The Long and the Short of It: ?? if anyone asks me whether I think men should read romance fiction, my answer is an unqualified, ?Yes.? How can any man in his right mind resist learning about feminine secrets -- what we love, what we hate, what turns us on, what turns us off, in short, what makes us tick?? read more
Real men fight..
2007-11-12 04:37:00
read more
Girl: Lucy Pinder 'The Rustlers Real Men Games'
2007-11-01 12:23:00
Can Lucy Pinder be sexy with... tools? Of course...
Home pub for real men
2007-10-01 06:39:00
The inventor of the HomePub, a fridge freezer with built-in draught beer system, is, it goes without saying, a genius. Designed with special people in mind, the kind who like to pour beer on their cornflakes or drink their coffee with beer and two sugars, there's designated space for two five-liter kegs.
By: Attuworld
A Fridge for Real Men
2007-09-29 00:00:00
The inventor of the HomePub, a fridge freezer with built-in draught beer system, is, it goes without saying, a genius. Designed with special people in mind, the kind who like to pour beer on their cornflakes or drink their coffee with beer and two sugars, there's designated space for two ...
Real men root for the Red Sox
2007-09-06 03:45:00
Its SOOOOO easy to root for the New York Yankees, real men root for the Red Sox. I mean half these people are stupid enough to say.."How many chamionships, how many?" havent been alive to see more than 1 of them, a bunch of bandwagon jumpers as far as I'm concerned. I mean cmon! Its so easy to cheer for the team with the most money and the most championships, why not root for an underdog? Oh yeah, cuz your self esteem is SO LOW that u have to root for a natural winner so that u dont kill yourself! We'll im sorry but we may have a few dead people coming real soon, haha or bandwagon sox fans, which we DO NOT NEED!
HeFinds Guy Friday: A Woodsy Scrub for ?Real? Men
2007-08-12 00:00:00
What: Lather Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub Why: Have you noticed that it’s all about ?MORE...
Rob of Op Ed News: Real Men talk to gays
2007-08-11 00:53:00
Today is Gay Day on Asymmetric, I guess. Here's Rob, the Comrade Chaddish left winger on me, I guess, since I'm a Republican. From here. Real Men Talk to Gays I was pleased to see that all but two of the Dem candidates participated in the debate sponsored by the GLBT community. The single strongest segment of the right wing's base consists of the group Michael Moore characterized in his book by the same name, "Stupid White Men." These "men" are the most homophobic in America and also, the least likely to vote left of Republican, which would include Libertarian (fiscal conservative social moderate) Democratic or Green. These are the Neanderthals who still don't get it that Bush is bad for America, bad for our troops, bad for the planet. It took guts for the Democratic presidential candidates to appear in the forum. My kudos to them for having the balls to do it-- Hillary too. => Read more!
Diaper Bags for Real Men
2007-06-27 10:49:00
I’m a new dad, again. We had our second just three weeks ago. So yeah, sleep is in short supply at our house. Luckily, with the second, you don’t really have to go out and buy a bunch of stuff. We’ve got all the stuff we had for the first ...
Real Men Eat Tartar Steak
2007-06-22 19:38:00
If there’s one food which is tightly associated with blood shed and war then that’s the Tartar Steak. First of all do not mistake this steak with the famous tartar sauce (white sauce which is often served with fried fish). This food is originated from the infamous Tartar tribe in the central Asia. This tribe ...
Falcon Northwest Fragbook DRX, Laptop for Real Men
2007-06-08 08:06:00
If you think those MacBooks the fanboys are incessantly fawning over are a bit too namby-pamby for you, join us in ogling the Falcon Northwest Fragbook DRX, a 17-incher that can legitimately lay claim to the term "desktop replacement." This one is crammed with serious componentry and comes in kick-ass colors and ...
Contemporary Insanity - Bud Light Real Men of Genius
2007-04-14 09:39:00
all the real men of geniuses you could ever want
By: webtourz
2007-03-07 11:36:00
BUFFALO: Never take a 54 mg time release Ritalin capsule at 3 in the afternoon, even if you ARE falling asleep at the wheel on I-94 driving to Detroit Metro Airport. You'd be better off to take the first exit, find a Starbuck's, and drink an entire pot of coffee so heavily caffeinated that it would bring Lazarus back to life. The caffeine will wear off in four or five hours but Ritalin is for-fooking-ever, sports fans. Nine hours and 21 minutes and I'm still totally stoked, and tempted to drive north all night to the bloody bridge just to see the sun rise behind the Grand Hotel on the off chance that Britney Spears might be there in a sheer negligee listening to variations on a theme by Paganini on a goddamned music box. What the HELL was I thinking?BIRD: And you say that was the last you heard of him, Sparky?SPARKY: That was the last telephone conversation we had, man.BIRD: And that was 11 hours ago, and he never made it to the airport?SPARKY: Exactamundo, man. That is way not...
Real men Wii standing up
2006-12-22 02:54:00
Someone made this very nice wii shirt. Its only a prototype as of the moment. A ladies version is also in the works.
Real Men and Their Oral Sex Confessions
1969-12-31 19:00:00
As an end to this series on oral sex on him (fellatio), I’d like to share with you some of the things that my other subscribers have shared when it comes to oral sex. Maybe you can relate to them, maybe you won’t. Either way, it’s a great means to start a conversation with your ...
Real Men Have Jewelry Boxes
1969-12-31 19:00:00
What do you get for the man that has everything? A tie is too boring, cologne is a cop-out, and a pair of socks may get you run out of town on a rail. The fact is that the modern day man about town may have already purchased for himself a lot of the toys ...
Real Men Don’t Use Electric Smokers!
0000-00-00 00:00:00
In the backyard barbeque cooker’s Bible, it’s almost blasphemous to give an electric smoker even an honorable mention in the “Best Smoker Category”. To many of us, a smoker or grill that’s attached to an electric cord is an insult to all of us who’ve smelled of wood smoke for a week because we ...
How To Meet Real Men
0000-00-00 00:00:00
Many women complain about how its next to impossible to meet real men these days Theyd tell you that real men simply dont exist anymore, and that only the boring ones are left
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