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Remi Galliard
2008-11-14 10:00:00
Ayer estuve comentando con un compañero del trabajo sobre unos vídeos de un francés que son bastante graciosos y que seguramente ya habréis visto. Así que me puse a mirar qué cosas hacía este tal Remi Galliard.Resulta que es algo parecido a nuestro Follonero pero que se mete donde parece imposible. La idea es colarse en sitios prohibidos, ridiculizarse en público, gastar bromas, etc. todo ello bajo la atenta mirada de una cámara para ser posteriormente publicado en la web o algún programa de televisión.Se dio a conocer mundialmente cuando se metió en la celebración del mundial conseguido por Francia en 2002. Se disfrazó de jugador en la final de aquel mundial y cuando Francia ganó, formó parte de toda la celebración, incluso cuando los jugadores saludaron al presidente por entonces Jacques Chirac.Quiero poner algunos vídeos de este genuino personaje para que os riáis un poco, y así despedir la semana como Dios manda.Ascensor reggaeAscensor discoGimnasta...El paso de peatones más con...
Remi...And Her Mystery Disease
2008-05-31 05:11:00
Dr. Pink would like to introduce his new patient Remy. The Pawhealer team has actually been working with Remy for awhile.She received herbs to help clear heat toxicity, and to clear heat from the stomach. Her problem is that she has a growth under her tongue. Not exactly cancer, but not normal.The biggest problem is that she is loosing facial muscle...The PawHealing team is currently mulling over her new formulas.We have been researching high and low....and we have found several formulas that we believe will help her face. We think the lump is gone now.From: BrigetteDate: 5/6/2008 4:15:36 PMTo: holly@pawhealer.comSubject: Vet's Report for Ill Rottweiler Hi Holly & Dr. Pink Pinkerton Herbalist Extraordinair,This is a follow up to the conversation we have a little over a week ago. My 7 year old Rottweiler has deteriorated rapidly over the past few weeks. The vet found a mass under her tongue, the biopsy returned some cancerous cells were present. These are the most notable cha...
Una Blogger alla settimana : Marina Remi (Remyna)
2008-05-21 20:30:00
Nome del blog: marina remi weblog indirizzo web Nick : remyna Nome reale marina remi Data creazione del blog: agosto 2007 (qualche mese prima ma di puro rodaggio su varie piattaforme) Una blogger alla settimana Marina è un’attrice. Ed è attrice qualunque cosa faccia, nel senso migliore , nel modo più puro e sensibile, lo fa con sincerità ...
Nas - “Your A Nigger Too” (Prod. by Salaam Remi & Big Jack)
2008-04-22 00:35:00
Well the tentative status of Nas’s upcoming “Nigger” album has now been done away with. ‘Your A Nigger Too’ has just dropped, and would be our initial impression of the soon to be heckled, and rampantly criticized album. Of course Nas tackles the willie lynch rooted issues still prominent in the african american community such as the constant turmoil between brothas, age segregation etc. But if one really analyses the lyrics, and transcends the “vulgarity” of the track, you’ll see its actually as socially unifying as Hip-Hop itself. Stay tuned for more info on Nas’ upcoming “Nigger”… On Tangent: Nas perform new anonymous track live, click here for part one, and click here for part two…
What do Barack Obama and David Kirton have in common? Time for Change (Remi
2008-04-03 01:32:00
Time for Change has become a Universal movement, a rally cry for people who desire a new direction for the world and their lives. David Kirton's album and song titled 'Time for Change' is in tune with the worlds pulse.This video remix of the 'Time for Change' music video features Barack Obama, his words and strength. For many, Barack Obama symbolises positive Change, not only for the United States but for the Caribbean and rest of the world. Kirton has a long history of protest songs starting with his debut albums title track 'Stranger', (Hiding in the bush)"Smiling faces can be so deceiving you never really know what the mind is thinking. Smiling faces show no traces of the deepest secrets that lie with in, with in the hearts of man."Modern Roots, Kirton's second album hit even harder with track 4, 'To Know Jah' - "Your speech sounds so good on the radio, you smile so brightly on my TV, but when its time to deliver on all those promises, all we get is a bag of excuses."K...
Recuperating Remi
2008-03-13 15:02:00
Remi's daily trips to the vet are paying off. She's feeling better. Some sort of throat infection. The vet said he's treating four or five other dogs for the same thing. How did they get sick? By doing this:
Dig Remi
2008-03-05 19:17:00
Remi went hunting for what must have been a lizard. It was 25 minutes of furious digging, but this small bit was shot at the end, when she had exhausted herself. Although she wasn't too tired to then enter a high speed chase trying to catch up with four jack rabbits. Anyhow, here's a Jack Russell following the call of the wild.
Shirtless model du jour french hunk REMI sexy naked pictures
2008-01-24 16:46:00
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Tre premi per il 2008 da sugli scudi, Audi R8 e ibrido G
2007-12-27 00:00:00
Vorrei la vostra opinione. La rivista ha conferito tre premi per il 2008. 1) Auto dell'anno: Audi R8. Foto su. Una feroce coupé a due posti. Costa 106.300 euro la 4.2 V8 quattro; 113.750 euro la R tronic. Elettronica a dismisura per tenere a bada i 420 cavalli. Sublime. 2) ...
Video Premiere: Omarion & Bow Wow - ?Hey Baby?
2007-12-26 22:39:00
Here’s the uh … “Part 2″ to the couple’s previous video, “Boyfriend” “Girlfriend.” Their flop of an album has sold just over 100,000 units since it’s December 11th release. Anyhow, in regards to the video … can you say “WACK” ?
Hindu Extremists? Attack Indian Churches on Christmas
2007-12-26 18:07:00
NEW DELHI ?  Hindu extremists attacked Christians celebrating Christmas in eastern India, ransacking and burning at least six village churches, officials said Wednesday. One person was killed in the violence. Authorities in the remote district where the churches were attacked have deployed 450 police to quell the violence, which had tapered off by Wednesday, said Bahugrahi Mahapatra, ...
Sorteo Navideño 2007 - 1er Premio entregado
2007-12-26 16:46:00
Luis Torres, el flamante ganador de la canasta navideña, ni corto ni perezoso se acercó el día de hoy a reclamar su premio, no sin antes pasar por la sesión de fotos respectiva. Aquí las palabras del ganador: Bueno querido maistro, un agradecimiento especial a todos los fieles lectores que han participado y un agradecimiento ...
Kate Beckinsale on Underworld Premiere
2007-12-26 14:49:00
Kate Beckinsale looks fantastic on Underworld Premiere. Visit site for more fresh celebrity photos, candids, photoshoots, gossip, rumors, paparazzi pictures, entertainment news
CoCo with her pimp Ice T at the ?I Am Legend? premiere last night in NYC.
2007-12-26 09:20:00
This is about as classy and covered up as CoCo gets.  Here’s CoCo with her pimp Ice T at the “I Am Legend” premiere last night in NYC. See CoCo in action on Video CLICK HERE!*Warning extremely NSFW! Your Ad Here Celebrity Gossip, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, Music Gossip, showbiz newsShare This
Ebix Acquires Sydney Based Premier Insurance Exchange Telstra …
2007-12-25 21:30:00
Forbes - Ebix's focus on quality has enabled it be awarded Level 5 status of the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model (CMM). For more information,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Youtube Adsense Video Units? Premium Content that you are paid to use.
2007-12-25 18:29:00
I just got this today when I logged into adsense.  Unfortunately, I got this error when I went to try to link the two. “AdSense error: The publisher must be associated with the developer account before the developer can invoke operations on the publisher’s account.” So what does that mean?   Anyway, here is a screenshot.  I’ll have ...
By: deCloned
Barclays Premier League Weekend Preview: Round 19
2007-12-25 17:22:00
With Liverpool beating Portsmouth 4-1, Manchester United sliding past Everton with a 2-1 win and Chelsea holding out for a 1-0 away win over Blackbur2 Vote(s)
By: JeQQ it
Comic Book Shipment Reminder and Christmas Update
2007-12-25 15:52:00
Just a quick reminder to everyone, no comics are shipping to purchase tomorrow, for the next two weeks Friday is comic book day.  And with that out of the way, GO SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY?  What are you doing on the internet??? Happy Christmas Everyone (Merry Christmas to all my American friends), I hope today brings ...
Video Premiere: Ciara - ?That?s Right?
2007-12-25 02:29:00
Christmas came about 3 hours early! Here’s the world premiere of Ciara’s brand new video featuring Lil’ Jon - “That’s Right!”
PAISA POWER: Grey Market Premiums
2007-12-25 02:18:00
Check these details...7 Vote(s)
Car Insurance - Family Cars Have Low Insurance Premiums In the UK
2007-12-25 00:21:00
Many things affect the insurance of your car. The model of your car influences the premiums it would attract. An expensive model can get you to shell out more on your car insurance policy premiums in the UK. Certain cars have a low premium by default.Certain cars fall under the category of what has come to be associated with "family cars" and these naturally attract less premiums because of the sparing and casual use that they are put to. The kind of vehicles that you may include here can be minivans and family sedans and other cars that fit herein this description. Such family cars are least involved in accidents. And they are usually used by average-salaried-class families. As family people tend to drive carefully and within speed limits. And so such families are naturally the favourites of these companies.When you are asked to fill in the details such as your age, your credit history, years of driving experience, the car you have and the use of your vehicle, it gives any car insu...
United 2-1 Everton - Premier League (Match Report)
2007-12-24 23:57:00
Manchester United 2-1 EvertonBarclays Premier LeagueMan Utd: Kuszczak, Simpson (O'Shea 46), Brown, Vidic, Evra, Ronaldo, Carrick (Saha 71), Anderson (Fletcher 86), Giggs, Rooney, Tevez.Subs Not Used: Heaton, Nani.Booked: Rooney, Evra, Anderson.Goals: Ronaldo 22, 88 pen.Everton: Howard, Hibbert, Yobo, Jagielka, Lescott, Carsley, Cahill (Anichebe 85), Neville, Pienaar, Yakubu (Gravesen 76), Johnson.Subs Not Used: Wessels, McFadden, Nuno Valente.Booked: Cahill, Hibbert, Pienaar.Goals: Cahill 27.Att: 75,749Ref: Howard Webb (S Yorkshire).Source: BBCiClick here to read full match report
Alpha Gangster- Jay-Z remix album movie trailer
2007-12-24 23:14:00
This is a trailer video from the Jay-Z American Gangster remix album called "Alpha Gangster". Remixed and produced by Alpha-bet (production credits include Eminem's group D-12, MTV, Speed Channel, E Network). Project available on 12.28.07.Myspace: Bang On The Table Productions // Website Related: American Gangster Remix Albums
A Little Reminder
2007-12-24 22:02:00
Hey Everyone, i just want to tell you all that the Christmas Scarf is back in the Ski Village, the tutaral in my “Christmas Party 2007” still works. Also check back our website at these times for a little present to all before everyone goes asleep: 7:00pm (Eastern Time) 6:00pm (Central Time) 5:00pm (Mountion Time) 4:00pm (Pacific Time) 3:00pm (Alaska Time) 2:00pm ...
Reminder: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
2007-12-24 09:00:00
So this is it for us. It's time to wrap things up for a while and take that well-deserved holiday break. Let's shut down computers, turn off CD players, iPods and turntables and spend some quality time with family and friends. Have a peaceful time filled with all the joys of the season and see you all in 2008! "A merry Christmas to everybody! A happy New Year to the world!" ?Charles Dickens Photo credit: Splat Worldwide, via Flickr.
By: Filter27
Elections en Thaïlande : Victoire éclatante du Parti de l?ancien Premier Mi
2007-12-24 07:35:00
Elections en Thaïlande : Victoire éclatante du Parti de l?ancien Premier Ministre Thaksin Shinawatra renversé par un coup d?état
Work at Home Magazine is a premiere Internet
2007-12-24 07:00:00
Work at Home Magazine is a premiere Internet resource for working at home. … and information and all the support and advice for work at home moms and dads. …Source: ...
Former Premiers Party Wins Thai Vote in Rebuke to Army
2007-12-24 03:00:00
The election result was a repudiation of the generals, who had worked hard to discredit Mr. Thaksin and neutralize his supporters. But the shape of the next government remained in question.
By: Get rich
2007-12-24 00:00:00
By: Resimler
2007-12-24 00:00:00
By: Resimler
Chocolate Rain REMIX
2007-12-23 19:52:00
Me and my bro killin it Author: Armicking Keywords: Tay Zonday Added: December 23, 2007
Texas Home Insurance Premiums are Highest in Nation
2007-12-23 18:51:00
AUSTIN (Dallas Morning News) ? A new study from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners shows that Texas homeowners pay far more for insurance than those in any other state. The average annual premium in Texas for the most common homeowner policy was $1,372, considerably more than the nationwide average of $764. Louisiana ranked second at $1,144, ...
User Generated Content… Remix
2007-12-23 17:42:00
ThirdPipe has advocated for some time now that UGC will become a major information-entertainment source in the new network infrastructure. But we have never given a good example of it. [content warning] So here is one example,’Band of Bloggers’. This has been done as a compendium by the History Channel. Regardless of your politics on the war, the content is provided in the first person. It chronicles the here and now. It is such that with the application of a good post production team a story could be woven that would be better than ‘Redacted’ ever expected. What could be improved? Obviously part and parcel would be what do you wish to convey. But if one just wanted to choreograph the events then what was the planning before the mission. The logistics. Post operation followup. A reportage intermix with voice over and actual footage. A ‘Victory of the Sea’ milieu. I would consider the History Channel ‘Band of Bloggers’ as a version 1.0 ...
Infected Mushroom - The Doors Remixed [LP]
2007-12-23 15:44:00
Artist: Infected MushroomTitle: Infected Mushroom Presents the DoorsGenre: Progressive House/TranceRelease Date: 2007Source: LPEncoder: Lame 3.97Quality: VBR^320 kbps / 44,1kHz / Joint StereoSize: 145 MbRiders on the Storm [Infected Mushroom Remix]People Are Strange [Infected Mushroom Remix]Break on Through [Infected Mushroom Swing Remix]Love Me 2 Times [Infected Mushroom Remix]L.A. Woman [Paul Oakenfold Remix]Roadhouse Blues [Crystal Method Remix]Hello I Love You [Adam Freeland Remix]Riders on the Storm [Deep Dish Remix]Break on Through [BT Remix]Light My Fire [Hot Rocks Club Mix]Strange Days [TC Remix]Riders on the Storm [Blondie Rapture Riders Remix]The End [Dave the Drummer Remix]Hello I Love You [Adam Freeland Fabric Remix]Riders on the Storm [Fredwreck feat. Snoop Dogg Remix]Break on Through [Infected Mushroom Guitar Remix]Rapidshare Download......part1../..part2..-....
Video Premiere: Ne-Yo - ?Go on Girl?
2007-12-23 10:41:00
I swear I love this guy! Keep breaking Ne-Yo’s heart ladies so he can keep makin’ them hits! (I know this makes me a cruel person, and I am ok with that.) BOY was amazing, if you don’t have the album yet … I will pray for you later on today. And of course, another ...
[Video] Piece of Me (remix)
2007-12-23 10:35:00
El video oficial de la versión remix de "Piece of Me", segundo sencillo del más reciente álbum de Britney Spears, Blackout, fue recientemnte lanzado y subido a Youtube. Este remix ha sido realizado por Mike Rizzo Rough.No sé que piensan ustedes pero nos gusta mas la versión remix que la original. Será porque es más movida y te invita a salir a una rave un sábado por la noche?En fin, aquí los dejamos con el video de la canción.
Un mago adivina el número premiado
2007-12-23 08:07:00
[…] […] Ver nota completa en 20Minutos Innet Tags: […]
How Metabolism Affects Weight Posted By : Zinn Jeremiah
2007-12-23 05:12:00
Considering the role of metabolism in weight loss. More: continued here
Just a Reminder - Its the Full Moon - Have a Happy Esbat
2007-12-23 05:01:00
December 23rd Full Moon Dates are based on Eastern Time and are taken from the Old Farmer’s Almanac Because of time zone differences, the full Moons may occur on different dates in your region My training was that the Esbat could be held up to 3 days before or 3 days after the full moon. Full Moon Rite #1 Full ...
Britney Spears Remix of Piece of Me! Sick remixes!
2007-12-23 02:38:00
The Britney Spears Piece of Me Remixes have made it online! And we’ve found them for you. We’ve just found for you Remixes for Britney Spears’ Piece of Me…. and they are SICK!
Un mago adivina el número premiado
2007-12-23 02:06:00
[…] […] Ver nota completa en 20Minutos Innet Tags: […]
Reminder: Reserve Your ?Gage Nick Name!
2007-12-23 00:00:00
Unfortunately N-Gage is delayed once again, first release is definitely prolonged after the holidays but it doesn't means that you shouldn't hurry up with registration your favourite nick name. The registration is opened for the past few months already and if you have an intention and a desire to ...
VA - Ennio Morricone Remixes Volume 1
2007-12-22 23:25:00
1. Moda [We Love Ennio Mix] - International Pony 2. Foto Proibite Di Una Signora Per Bene [Alex Attias Mustang Mix 1] - Alex Attias 3. Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo (The Good, The Bad and the Ugly) - Swell Session 4. Alla Serenità - Håkan Lidbo5. Beat N. 3 [Toy Destroy Mix] - Leroy Hanghofer6. Ninna Nanna in Blu 7. Amore Come Dolore8. I Crudeli 9. Dal Mare10. Rivoluzione [Con-Fusion Mix] - Butti 49 11. Indagine Su un Cittadino Al Di Sopra Di Ogni Sospetto - Kid Sundance 12. Addio a Cheyenne 13. Cugina - The Amalgamation of Soundz 14. Giù la Testa (Lullaby for James Coburn) [Sucker's Finale] Download Password:
By: Tuchinsky
Premier Contact : Thinkpad X61 Lenovo
2007-12-22 18:30:00
Dans la série ma vie mon ?uvre, le Tablet PC de chez Lenovo est enfin arrivé dans mes mains hier, à point pour un petit test video pour LePost dans quelques temps, en attendant je vous ai mis les deux premières photos que j’ai faites. Mes premières impressions sont : Robuste et compact (ça change ...
Just Dance - Dj Gaurav Remixes
2007-12-22 17:03:00
1. Aaja Nachle [Bebot Mix] -vdj Gaurav [3:47] 2. Dhol Bajake [Total Desi Mix] - vdj Gaurav [3:00] 3. Dus Kahaniyaan [House Story Mix] -vdj Ga1 Vote(s)
By: JeQQ it
Perfect Melody recibio primera nominacion a premios
2007-12-22 14:03:00
Cosechando los frutos de su álbum Perfect Melody, el reggaetonero boricua Zion encuentra muy halagadora y justa su recién nominación por Álbum del Año en la categoría Urbana en los próximos Premios Lo Nuestro, a celebrarse el 21 de febrero del 2008. Y para ese mismo año, el artista adelantó que lanzará una reedición de su ...
Noul model Hyundai Genesis in avanpremiera
2007-12-22 13:08:00
Anul viitor, Hyundai va scoate pe piata o noua berlina, de clasa medie superioara, care va purta numele de Genesis. Modelul va concura cu modelele: BMW Seria 5, Mercedes Clasa E, Audi A6 sau Lexus GS. Date tehnice: - motor V8 4.6l de peste 300CP - tractiunea pe puntea spate, - acceleratia de la 0-100km/h se realizeaza in mai ...
2007-12-22 11:50:00
Don’t forget to watch Kyle XY Season 2 Episode 14 : To C.I.R., With Love on January 14, 2008. Here is the short summary so far. Kyle returns to the Trager’s home and reveals the truth about Madacorp.
Praise The Lord!! Jeremiah Weed Has Re-Entered My Life!!
2007-12-22 08:14:00
Years ago… I used to drink a bourbon based liqueur called Jeremiah Weed… It tastes like a cross between Drambuie, Southern Comfort and Old Grand Dad… It is also 100 proof. Well… I lost track of the stuff for years. But yesterday, while I was doing my holiday booze buying… There it was! ...
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