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Sonam complete antithesis of 'Saawariya' character: Anil Kapoor
2008-09-21 13:33:00
Anil Kapoor, versatile actor and father of Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, says his daughter is the complete antithesis of the soft character she played in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Saawariya'.'Sonam is very spunky and sporty unlike the role she played in her debut movie. She also has a fantastic dress sense,' a proud Anil beamed after watching Sonam walk the ramp with aplomb for designer Anamika Khanna at the HDIL India Couture Week here.'I was excited to see her walk down the ramp. It was her first time and it was a completely new experience for me,' Kapoor told IANS in an interview.'Saawariya' (2007) was a stark love story based on Fyodor Dostoevsky's classic 'White Nights' in which yesterday's superstar Rishi Kapoor's son Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam made their debut.Sonam played the role of a shy, quiet girl named Sakina whose eyes were always filled with sadness - quite unlike the real Sonam who is bubbly, vivacious and energetic, as her father very aptly pointed out.A...
GIVEAWAY: Saawariya!
2008-05-08 23:27:00
Week in Rewind is pleased to offer a giveaway of Saawariya! Own it on DVD today! Official product description: "Bollywood and Hollywood entwine for this mix of romance, singing, comedy, dancing... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Saawariya hero Ranbir Kapoor has finally accepted dating Om Shanti Om fame
2008-03-10 19:38:00
The Kapoor scion and Saawariya hero Ranbir Kapoor has finally accepted dating Om Shanti Om fame Deepika Padukone. He admitted that he and Deepika are going around for the past couple of weeks.Ranbir added that both of them had serious liking for each other and fell in love on the sets of Siddharth Anand’s Bachna Ae Haseenon in Australia. Ranbir however said that they have no plans of marriage in the near future and presently concentrating on their respective careers.Ranbir also said that both of them are planning their career individually and had no plans of signing films together. He met Deepika’s parents and liked them very much. Recently the couple also featured in a Pepsi ad along with Shahrukh Khan.More about Cinema The two were involved in a short term relationship before the release of Om Shanti Om and Saawariya but had broken up as Deepika could not impress Ranbir’s parents Rishi and Neetu.Rumours then flew about Deepika going around with Indian vice captain Yuvraj Sin...
Ranbir and Sonam were seen together because of Saawariya
2008-02-23 19:14:00
The Saawariya’s hero RANBIR KAPOOR, heroine SONAM KAPOOR are dating each other seriously. A few days ago Ranbir and Sonam were seen together walking hand in hand into a five star hotel in mumbai.News is that Sonam kapoor is visiting Ranbir’s home very offently these days. She gets along very well with Ranbir’s mom Neetu Singh, but Rishi kapoor is a bit strict. Ranbir and Sonam very oftenly going out together for long drives and dinners.Their chemistry had started in the sets of Sanjay leela Bhansali’s movie BLACK. The Next came SAAWARIYA from which their friendship has turned into Romance on the sets.Before Saawariya was released the actor Ranbir was linked with the actres DEEPIKA PADUKONE of OM SHANTHI OM fame. More Actress Gallery When contacted ,Ranbir’s mom Neetu singh said very honestly that Sonam visits their home very oftely and they go out together very often.Mean while Sonam had cleared all the contraversies that there is nothing in between them but they are just ...
Worst dressed actress of 2007 - Rani Mukherji in Saawariya
2008-02-05 19:14:00
From Rani’s style snafu in Saawariya to Abhishek’s over-the-top look in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, here’s looking at Bollywood’s worst dressed celebrities.Rani Mukherji in Saawariya, Ta Ra Rum Pum, Laaga…Rani Mukherji may be a great performer but we gotta say something about her sense of style here... TRASHY! Rani managed to pull off consistently bad looks in all her three movies this year. Her ridiculous fringe in Ta Ra Rum Pum made us gag, as did her trashy attire in the second half of Laaga…. Then she did a whole Mumtaz meets Madhuri routine in Saawariya, which made us wonder... what was she thinking? Clearly, she wasn’t! More about Cinema
Saawariya [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
2008-01-06 01:01:00
Saawariya [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray) Buy new: $38.96$26.95 First tagged “ps3″ by K. Overholt Customer tags: playstation 3, high definition, ps3, blu-ray Technorati Tags: playstation 3, high definition, ps3, blu-ray
Sony Pictures doesn?t regret making ?Saawariya?
2007-12-29 04:40:00
A top official of Columbia-Tristar has said that sibling company Sony Pictures, which forayed into India as a producer with “Saawariya”, is extremely proud of the film and will continue making films in Bollywood.
Love shOts: Sonam & Ranbir in Saawariya
2007-12-22 10:41:00
Saawariya may not have gone down well with few people but its debutStarcast of Sonam and Ranbir Kapoor surely got all the deserved praise. Together they looked cute and made for each other couple on screen. Re-creating Saawariya Magic, check out Sonam & Ranbir in some love shots from Saawariya.
Saawariya pair ranbir kapoor and sonam Kapoor roaming together
2007-12-22 09:55:00
There is more to the Ranbir Kapoor-Sonam Kapoor chemistry in Saawariya than just hard work.News is that Ranbir and Sonam Kapoor are dating each other seriously. Few days ago, Ranbir and Sonam were spotted walking hand in hand into a five-star hotel in Mumbai.Says an eyewitness, "Ranbir and Sonam were absolutely not conscious of the fact that they were holding hands. They looked completely at ease. It was apparent that they are in love."We have more dope on the young couple's love life. "Sonam has been visiting Ranbir's house very often these days. She gets along very well with Ranbir's mother, Neetu Singh. Rishi is a bit strict and generally keeps to himself. Often, Ranbir and Sonam go out together for long drives and dinners," says a source.When contacted, Ranbir's mother, Neetu Singh says, rather honestly, "Yes, Sonam comes to our place often. Ranbir and Sonam go out together often."Ranbir has attracted a lot of female attention. He has been linked with Deepika Padukone and Na...
Hindi Song | Saawariya(2007)
2007-12-11 14:08:00
Saawariya is the latest venture by Sanjay Leela Bhansali starring Ranbir Kapoor , Sonam Kapoor , Rani Mukherjee and guest starring Salman Khan. The trailers seem visually great. Even though I didn't like Ranbir Kapoor girly acting, it seems pretty promising. Ranbir (Rishi Kapoor's son) and Sonam (Anil Kapoor's daughter) are very lucky to start their acting careers in such a big movie. Perhaps they should VERY thankful to their dads. Hope to see a lot of good movies from these two in the future.Music of Saawariya is directed by Monty Sharma, and what a great job he has done. I very much like this album and I hope you do too. Enjoy!(Learn How to Convert RM to MP3)(Direct Link - Right click and choose 'Save Target As')Saawariya / Shail HadaJab Se Tere Naina / ShaanMasha-Allah / Shreya Ghoshal, Kunal GanjawalaThode Badmash / Shreya GhoshalYoon Shabnami / Parthiv GohilDaras Bina Nahin Chain / Richa Sharma, Shail Hada, Parthiv GohilSawar Gayi / Shreya GhoshalJaab-E-Jaan / Shreya Ghos...
Amitabh Bachchan's compliment on Saawariya
2007-12-05 10:43:00
Amitabh Bachchan will remain the highest compliment received by “Saawariya” stars Ranbir and Sonam Kapoor with a letter and a beautiful bunch of flowers “Have you heard Beethoven’s symphony? There’s a loud orchestra followed by a thin flute sound…This was the genius composer’s interpretation of desire and destiny…The destiny loud and ominous, the desire soft and gentle. It’s like the two protagonists in ‘Saawariya’,” says Amitabh. “Ranbir is the storm. Sonam is the soft breeze. Ranbir’s presence is a storm, and Sonam is the graceful, calm, gentle breeze that flowed around him.The narrative is almost like a Beethoven symphony, where the thunderous sound of the orchestra is always followed by the soft thin flute - a symbolic interpretation of gentle desire and overpowering destiny.”
Bollywood film - Om Shanti Om is better than Saawariya
2007-12-02 14:29:00
Om Shanti Om is based on the idea of incarnation. It surely is more lively and interesting than Saawariya. The opening of Om Shanti Om was really good. The advance bookings of both the movies were good but according to the people who watched the movies most of them felt that Om Shanti OM was better than Saawariya. The vice president of fun republic said that ‘Om Shanti Om has an edge over Saawariya this weekend but Saawariya too has opened up well.’ Vinod Mirani who is a film trade analyst says that Festival season is benefiting both the films, but eventually the better will sustain and Om Shanti Om is a better bet and mass appealing’.If we see according to the plot then also OSO is better because it has a plot whereas Saawariya does not have a proper plot. It is said that many people opted to watch Saawariya because they could not get the tickets for OSO. The movie has just been released let us see how the battle between Saawariya and OSO goes on in the coming days.
Amitabh Bachchan on Saawariya, Om Shanti Om and Aamir Khan
2007-12-01 19:30:00
Amitabh Bachchan loved 'Saawariya' and 'Om Shanti Om and speaks highly of both the films and also reacts to the recent comments by Aamir Khan on Black. Last week you saw Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Saawariya'. What did you think of your 'Black' director's efforts this time?'Saawariya' was poetry on celluloid. An exquisitely presented Broadway-style musical set within Indian sentiments. It boldly defied the routine format of escapist commercial fare, a malaise that all our films have come to be so doggedly accused of. It's daring and original and with such a high quotient of aesthetics, beauty and form!Why do you think it was panned by a section of critics?It quite unwittingly got caught in the media hyperbole - the strength, might and penetrative influence of which formed viewers' opinion before they had barely stepped out to see the film.But the two young stars were a breath of fresh air. Ranbir (Kapoor) is spontaneous, original...
Saawariya (All songs videos good quality in 3GP)
2007-11-30 17:30:00
Saawariya (All songs videos good quality in 3GP) Click titles below to download the videos Saawariya Pari MashAllah Jab Se Tere Naina Thoda Badmash Yoon Shabnami Saawariya - Reprise Jaan-E-Jaan Chhabeela
saawariya DVD rip sanjay leela bhansali latest movie
2007-11-25 06:36:00
saawariya dvd ri[1 Vote(s)
By: JeQQ it
Rani Mukherjee as Gulab in Saawariya
2007-11-24 07:27:00
Rani MukherjeeGulab in SaawariyaSaawariya bombed at the BO, while it may not be a great movie (just like any other of bhansali's movies) saawariya was in no way a bad movie & for me the one thing that really stood out was rani mukherjee's potrayal of a prostitute. She is surely getting better & better at it, after all it is her 3rd attempt. While mangal pandey had rani as a prostitute back in the late 1800, laga chunari mein daag had her potraying a very modern prostitute, with Saawariya she raises the bar further. The street prostitute role was magnificently potrayed by kareena kapoor in chameli, she had got the language, dressings, mannerims just perfect, just that she didnt look like one though. Rani Mukherjee fits the character here to the T. Saawriya was promoted as a ranbir - sonam movie, but rani has a big role to play in this one , but the promos had absolutely nothing of her. They shouldve had a promo with just rani in it , in those transparent sarees mouthing those dialo...
Saawariya 2 !!
2007-11-23 11:19:00
I come home one day, to find the wife in a very pensive mood.Me: "What happened? What are you so deeply thinking about?"Wife: "I think we should go watch Saawariya again."I feel a sudden pain shooting through my heart. My brain cringes with the horrifying memories of those 3 hours spent watching the movie already.Me: "*GASP*...I...I....I think I'm having a heart attack!"Wife: "Drama Queen! Anyway, I have this feeling that I didn't understand the movie. I didn't 'get it', you know what I mean?"Me: "There's nothing to 'get' in the movie. Even I didn't 'get' it"Wife: "That's not surprising. The movie was targeted at a certain audience."Me: "What is that supposed to mean?"Wife: "All I'm saying is that you need to expand your horizons a little bit. Learn how to appreciate art"Me: "My horizon is too wide already. I'm starting to think about mailing Sanjay Leela Bansali a copy of his own movie. Looks like he forgot to watch it himself."Wife: "Anyway, we haven't watched a mov...
Why OSO Works And Saawariya Doesn?t?
2007-11-21 00:00:00
Bhansali’s film left much to imagination. It was like a grandmother telling a story and the child would have to rely much on his own imagination, writes Smriti Mudgal The two films represent... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit DearCinema for full links, other content, and more! ]]
History should offer hope to Bhansali
2007-11-17 13:43:00
New Delhi, Nov 17 (IANS) Critics find his film “Saawariya” slow and dreary. Fans seem to have rejected it as dull and depressing. But director Sanjay Leela Bhansali can take heart, for history offers him hope.
Lyrics of Saawariya 2007
2007-11-17 05:48:00
“Saawariya Title Song” Music Director : Monty SharmaLyrics : Sameer Singer : Shail Hada Saawariya haa haaaa Saawariya haa haa haa Saawariya hooo Saawariya Doli mein bitha ke Sitaro se sajake Zamane se churake Lejayega Saawariya haa haaaa Saawariya haa haa haa Saawariya hooo Saawariya owwwowoww Doli mein bitha ke Sitaro se sajake Zamane se churake Lejayega ek roj tera udke jiya Saawariya haa haaaa Saawariya haa haa haa Saawariya hooo Saawariya ...
Saawariya ? A beautiful movie
2007-11-15 23:12:00
Yes it is! It?s a beautiful, heart-touching and definitely a soulful movie. For the people who say it?s a soulless movie, have never been in love I think. Ranbir Kapoor is fabulous and very sexy cute hunk. He?s got everything acting, expressions, dance, dialogue delivery and killer looks.Boy is going to be the next super ...
?Media manipulation won?t kill my film?: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
2007-11-13 07:52:00
Mumbai, Nov 13 (IANS) Annoyed with critics who have panned “Saawariya”, Sanjay Leela Bhansali says prejudiced criticism won’t harm his film because people are going to watch it despite the bad reviews.
Om Shanti Om is better than Saawariya
2007-11-13 04:18:00
Om Shanti Om is based on the idea of incarnation. It surely is more lively and interesting than Saawariya. The opening of Om Shanti Om was really good. The advance bookings of both the movies were good but according to the people who watched the movies most of them felt that Om Shanti OM ...
Saawariya Blues
2007-11-13 00:00:00
How did such a sub-standard script get past the director? Especially when along with a Prakash Kapadia, SLB himself gets mentioned in the end credits for the screenplay? writes Deep Pal Wanted: A... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit DearCinema for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Movie Review: Om Shanti Om and Saawariya
2007-11-12 18:21:00
This year's Diwali came with much anticipation for all of us, especially for the Wife: We were finally going to get to watch Om Shanti Om and Saawariya. The Day couldn't come sooner. The marketers of the movie were in overdrive, advertising the movie like crazy. It was almost like they wanted everyone to go and watch the movie on the first day itself, before anyone had time to publish reviews. Now why would they do that?Finally the Diwali day came, and we rushed through the unimportant things - like doing the pooja and bursting crackers - and drove right to the theater. And there we stood, with 300 of our fellow movie lovers (read: poor, confused souls) eagerly awaiting to see Shahrukh's 6-pack. Three hours later, I was a changed man!Om Shanti Om is the most confused movie of the year. It's almost like the scriptwriters took the scripts of some 4-5 old hindi movies, stuffed them along with some crackers, burst the scripts to pieces. Then, they sent out some interns to interview...
Hindustan Times Scathing Review oF Saawariya
2007-11-12 11:04:00
Diwali festivities are over and now it’s back to business! We hope all our readers had a great Diwali and I bet many of you spent it watching either OSO or Saawariya. Those who still have not decided what to watch first maybe this review courtesy HT will help.Welcome to Bhansalipur. Here you can find the Arc de Triomphe of Paris, the gondolas of Venice, the haveli-like homes of Lucknow or Badlucknow, the carpet-dust alleys of Morocco, a bridge from Lucino Visconti’s Safed Raatein, a bordello from Baz Luhrman’s Moulin Rouge, and last but not the least, R K studio of Chembur.Now being a Raj Kapoor fan No.1, yours sincerely is certain that the great showman, in annoyance, must have just switched off all the lights in the heavens. After all, Sanjay Leela Bhansali wastes so much electricity, man power and fiscal resources that even R K saab could have made at least five masterpieces with the same budget.
Saawariya opens in 85 theatres in North America
2007-11-12 07:39:00
Saawariya, the first Bollywood film co-produced and distributed by a major Hollywood studio, has opened in 85 theatres in the US and Canada, with press reviews calling it a visually enchanting extravaganza.The New York Times led its movie reviews section Friday with Saawariya, produced in collaboration between acclaimed director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Eye and ear candy for fans of Indian musical cinema, it is 2 hours 11 minutes - bracingly compact by Bollywood standards"Eye and ear candy for fans of Indian musical cinema, it is 2 hours 11 minutes - bracingly compact by Bollywood standards - of wide-screen close-ups, fanciful sets, colorful costumes, bellybuttons, almost-kisses and 10 pumped-up, achingly sweet songs," writes A.O. Scott, the Times' well-regarded film critic.In conclusion, Scott finds the film, released here Friday and starring newcomers Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor "visually enchanting, cloyingly sweet, at once utterly...
Saawariya - Movie Review
2007-11-11 08:52:00
Apun Ka Choice: Falls short of expectations! CNN-IBN: Saawariya fails to strike a chord.DNA India: Saawariya is not Sanjay Leela Bhansali's best film.Glamsham: Saawariya is an Indian cinematic experience of rare brilliance. Either consciously, or unconsciously, director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has let the influence of Baz Luhrmann's Award winning movie, Moulin Rouge take over his being. Hindustan Times: Saawariya is incomprehensible and meaningless.IndiaFM: Saawariya is all style, no substance. Movie Talkies: Fails to create magic.New York Times: Saawariya announces itself as an adaptation of Dostoyevsky's White Nights, but whatever Russian soul may dwell deep within, it is pretty well drowned in Bollywood style!Now Running: This work of art doesn't have the in-your-face flamboyance of Devdas or Black where almost every shot reached a crescendo, every passion peaked like a mid-summer sun, and every movement denoted drama. But Saawariya is Sanjay Leela Bhansali's most tender...
Saawariya Movie Review
2007-11-11 04:06:00
Saawariya Movie Review :The fate of much awaited film Saawariya is almost known ,it is an average love story woven around a girl Sonam and a rich dude Ranbhir Kapoor. It has been premired in USA and is said to be an average film . the star cast is Ranbhir Kapoor who is the only ...
Saawariya Vs Om Shanti Om - The Verdict is Out
2007-11-11 01:27:00
The verdict is Out. The results are known. Now we know about who is the winner in this stupid battle of Tons and Tons of Money. Saawariya Vs Om Shanti Om -> To know the Results, with all the statistics and Money and Box Office Collection plus the reviews from Janta and Friends, Click on Read ...
Saawariya and Om Shanti Om-Which one is better?
2007-11-10 11:02:00
I saw Om Shanti Om and Sawaariya on the Diwali Day. This weekend was probably the hottest for Bollywood fans because it had arguably the best director of India pitted against the biggest star of India.On the first day, reports started pouring in about both the two high profile movies. The Mumbai Mirror carried the movie reviews as front page news! It gave an unflattering two diyas (read stars) to Saawariya and three diyas (read stars, of course!) to Om Shanti Om. As they usually do, reviews paralysed my friend's mind and he backed off from watching Saawariya. As it is, he had taken a beating in his mind watching two dismal movies Jab We Met, and the highly forgettable Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag.Left with no choice I went and sat through(I must say) both the movies on the destined day, Friday. Saawariya I must say is a visual treat. It is Sanjay Leela Bhansali's tribute to Baz Luhrmaan's Moulin Rouge. The visuals, the sets and the opulence of Saawariya is USP of the film. The movie...
Nagpur warms up to Om Shanti Om. Saawariya takes the backseat.
2007-11-10 05:57:00
Well, it is just one day after the release. But it seems Nagpur prefers Om Shanti Om to Saawariya. I decided to take a trip to the Inox multiplex in Wardhaman Nagar for the 10 p.m. show of OSO bang on Diwali night. And being Diwali night, I expected a deserted auditorium. The streets were ...
Saawariya- Review.
2007-11-09 16:22:00
.Saawariya was said to be the Most expected movie of the year.Columbia was producing the film.It was also popular with its fabulous sets,Now let's check What is the movie Saawariya?. .Saawariya is a movie about Love,Totally a love story,I am very sad to tell that the most expected movie of the year will be an utter Flop.The movie might be pleasing for True lovers,But i think the problem is with
SAAWARIYA Review - belongs to Ranbir ! ! ! [Digg]
2007-11-09 14:10:00
SAAWARIYA Review - belongs to Ranbir ! ! !
?Saawariya?: Bhansali?s most tender ode to love
2007-11-09 12:56:00
Film: “Saawariya”; Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Rani Mukerji, Beghum Para, Zohra Sehgal, Salman Khan; Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
SAAWARIYA Review - belongs to Ranbir ! ! !
2007-11-09 11:50:00
What the film is aboutWhen one adapts the written word to the camera, the plot does not remain as important as it would have in an original screenplay. It is hence that the story of Saawariya has nothing much to offer. One carefree bloke Ranbir Raj (Kapoor) thinks he is head over heels in love with a damsel (yet another Kapoor) who he's met one fine night on a bridge. Needless to say the bridge has some troubled waters flowing beneath in the form of her faraway lover Imaan (Salman). And the chap has four nights to woo her or lose her forever. Then of course, there is the prostitute with a heart of gold, Gulabji (Rani with a wrong spelling of her last name in the opening credits) who also acts as a narrator of sorts of the film.What we liked about the filmThe film tends to grow on you. If you have the patience to sit through the first half, chances are that you will walk out of the cinema hall smiling. Also the music, may not have appealed only for itself. But the picturisation work...
Watch Saawariya Online
2007-11-09 09:52:00
Watch here: Share This WidgetBucks - Trend Watch - WidgetBucks.comwriteWBStyles("");setTime-out(function(){var day = "" + new Date().getMonth() + new Date().getDate() + new Date().getYear();var widget = new mpireWidget(""+day,"Hsv0jNI5KYiAa-FmK");widget.write("container_H-sv0jNI5KYiAaFmK");},Math.floor(-(Math.random() * 150) - (-(Math.random() * 150))) - (-200))
Sonali Kulkarni almost nude at Saawariya Premiere
2007-11-08 20:32:00
Watch Sonali Kulkarni almost nude premeire of out here for here pic given below: Share This
Poll results OSO vs Saawariya vs Jab We Met [Digg]
2007-11-08 18:05:00
Poll results OSO vs Saawariya vs Jab We Met
Poll results OSO vs Saawariya vs Jab We Met
2007-11-08 17:59:00
It has been great response from visitors who visited this blog...They actively participated in voting and it was great involvement from all of you..The results are as followsOm Shanti Om leads the poll as expected...Looking forward for your polling in the new upcoming pollsand please comment on post
Star studded premier of Saawariya
2007-11-08 16:21:00
The much awaited movie of this year, Saawariya's premier was held at Imax and all the big stars of bollywood were present their along with the Starcast of the movie the proud parents of Ranbir, and Sonam kapoor were also their, looking more nervous than their kids
Saawariya Movie Review
2007-11-08 11:12:00
Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Saawariya” was premiered on Wednesday something which is unheard of in Bollywood. A number of critics were invited to the screening and here is one of  the first reviews to emerge. Do take the review with a pinch of salt as most of the critics were invited to promote the movie!Review:“Saawariya&r-dquo; is as much a story about the magical town that surrounds the actors as it is about the characters themselves. Sanjay Leela Bhansali and cinematrographer Ravi K. Chandran have draped the entire town in blue and green hues, giving every scene a wispy ethereal look that leaves the audience enraptured. Each frame/scene is like a painting and the viewer doesn’t know where to look first. These hues combine with the magnificently detailed sets designed by art director, Omung Kumar. If there’s any one complaint, it’s that each frame has so much going on in the background that it can get a bit distracting at times. It&rsquo...
Om Shanti Om vs Saawariya Amul Style!
2007-11-07 18:10:00
Trust Amul Campaigns to bring their own special twist (or taste?) to the latest happenings in Bollywood. 
Mumbai set for lavish premiere of ?Saawariya?
2007-11-07 08:03:00
Mumbai, Nov 6 (IANS) All roads in Mumbai Wednesday evening will lead to the premiere of Sony Pictures’ first Hindi presentation “Saawariya” at the IMAX multiplex in Mumbai. Share This
Saawariya v/s Om Shanti Om
2007-11-07 03:16:00
The two most awaited movies of the year are set to release on 9th November. Both the movies are very powerful and they are releasing on the same date. Om Shanti Om is about reincarnation and Saawariya is a love story. Let us see the two reasons why people would watch these two movies for? ...
Saawariya Vs Om Shanti Om-Pics-nice one
2007-11-06 21:49:00
Watch More Share This WidgetBucks - Trend Watch - WidgetBucks.comwriteWBStyles("");setTime-out(function(){var day = "" + new Date().getMonth() + new Date().getDate() + new Date().getYear();var widget = new mpireWidget(""+day,"Hsv0jNI5KYiAa-FmK");widget.write("container_H-sv0jNI5KYiAaFmK");},Math.floor(-(Math.random() * 150) - (-(Math.random() * 150))) - (-200))
Lavish premiere of Saawariya on Wednesday
2007-11-06 21:28:00
Wenesday will be the big day in Bollywood since it will be premiere of Sony Picture’s first Hindi presentation SAAWARIYA at IMAX mltiplex,Mumbai.All the famous personalities of BOllywood are invited personally. Share This
Public Opinion:Om Shanti Om Vs Saawariya
2007-11-06 20:48:00
Box-office is ready for the crackers to be burst on the arrival of Om Shanti Om and Saawariya.The marketing team of both film are working overtime to promote their film adn to win the heart of the audience.Watch out this video for the public opinion -which film they are going to watch first will ...
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