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Dog Food Recalled For Salmonella Can Hurt People, Too; Here?s What You Need
2012-05-07 18:33:00
Sushi isn't the only food that's spreading Salmonella this spring--several brands of dry dog food have recently been recalled due to fears of the disease. And it's not just canines who are at risk;dog food recalled for Salmonella can sicken humans, too. Here's what you need to know. More »Post from: Blisstree
Salmonella in dog food sickens 14 people in U.S.
2012-05-05 04:14:00
Fourteen people in at least nine states have been sickened by salmonella after handling tainted dog food from a South Carolina plant that a few years ago produced food contaminated by toxic mold that killed dozens of dogs, federal officials said Friday.
19 States Hit By Salmonella Outbreak: Do You Know The Symptoms?
2012-04-04 18:23:00
An outbreak of an unusual strain of Salmonella, which may have been caused by bad sushi,has sickened 90 people in 19 states. Which doesn't seem like a lot--except that that's just the number of confirmed cases so far. Most people who suffer from Salmonella symptomsdon't think it's that serious, don't see a doctor, and thus, aren't reported to the Centers for Disease Controlas part of the outbreak. Don't be a food safety slacker; if you know the signs of Salmonella poisoning, and help put an end to the outbreak. More »Post from: Blisstree
Salmonella in Peanut Butter
2011-11-22 19:23:00
I’m sure you have already heard or read about this in the news, but just in case you haven’t. Salmonella has been found in jars and cans of peanut butter which has caused food poisoning in 289 people to date. The FDA (food and drug administration) has made an advisory and voluntary manafacturer recall of the ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Great Value’ brands of peanut butter with product codes that begin with the numbers 2111 imprinted on the lid. Great Value brands are sold throughout the country by Wal-Mart. If you have an affected can or jar you have been advised to: * If you are currently ill with diarrhea, visit your doctor or other health-care provider for a diagnosis and treatment. Keep the peanut butter at room temperature in a plastic bag, and make sure to store it where no one will inadvertently eat it. * If you are diagnosed with Salmonella Tennessee, continue to save the peanut butter until a state or local health official contacts you to arrange to have it tested by the s...
If you don't eat your meat, you can't have salmonella!
2009-10-01 23:17:00
How can you have salmonella if you don't eat your meat?!?!
Aftermath of the Recalls: How Did Salmonella Get Into Peanut Butter?
2009-05-19 07:00:00
Product after product has been recalled to prevent further illness resulting from a massive salmonella contamination of peanuts this year. The outbreak left three people dead and hundreds sick in its wake. In the past fifteen years, only two outbreaks had been linked to peanut butter and none
The Dangers Of Salmonella Poisoning - And What To Do About It:
2009-03-18 12:00:00
We’ve all heard about the dangers of things such as under-cooked chicken, and contaminated cooking surfaces. But do you really know why these things are so dangerous, or are you just taking care because you’re being told to? Well - in this article, we will investigate the exact reason why this health and safety claim ...
How do I know if my dog or cat has Salmonella?
2009-02-10 16:38:00
How do I know if my dog or cat has Salmonella? Dogs and cats that become ill from Salmonella generally will have diarrhea that may contain blood or mucus and fever. Affected animals may seem more tired than usual, and may have vomiting. Some cats do not have diarrhea, but will have a decreased appetite, fever, and excess salivation. Some dogs or cats may have Salmonella but may not appear to be sick. If your dog or cat has these signs of illness or you are concerned that your pet may have Salmonella, please contact your veterinarian. Let your veterinarian know if your dog recently consumed a recalled product. Do not feed your pet anymore of the recalled product. Dispose of the product immediately. How are Salmonella infections diagnosed and treated in dogs, cats, and other animals? See your veterinarian. A veterinary examination and laboratory tests can be used to diagnose Salmonella in animals. Salmonella infections may require prompt treatment with supportive care and fluids. ...
Nationwide Salmonella Outbreak Kills At Least 6, Sickened Hundreds.
2009-01-18 16:34:00
Washington-On Saturday Federal health authorities warned consumers to avoid eating cakes,cookies,ice cream, and other foods containing peanut butter. They are advising people to abstain from eating those types of foods until authorities can learn more about the deadly outbreak of salmonella. Stephen Sundlof is the head of the FDA’s food and safety center said “We ...
Kellogg?s Peanut Butter Crackers Tainted With Salmonella!?
2009-01-15 22:19:00
Hold on to your crackers!! Do not eat any of your favorite peanut butter crackers, which include the Austin- and Keebler-branded crackers, because these products might be tainted with Salmonella and until the Kellogg?s Company can complete tests ? this is just a precautionary measure according to Kellogg?s. “Kellogg Company’s investigation has not indicated any concerns, ...
Peanut Butter May Be to Blame For Salmonella Outbreak
2009-01-12 14:56:00
From Scientific American: The source of the salmonella outbreak that has sickened 399 people in 42 states since September may be peanut butter, Minnesota health officials said Friday. The Washington Post reports that the officials found salmonella in a 5-pound container of King Nut
The 2008 US Salmonella Outbreak
2008-08-02 04:32:00
Most of my American readers have heard of this outbreak. For those who want to read up on the details of it, this Wikipedia article covers the main points. The outbreak has now been located in a farm growing Serrano and Jalapeo peppers in Mexico, where it was found in water used to irrigate the field and in the field itself.In discussion on Mexico-hostile web forums, it was stated over and over that the reason for the outbreak was that Mexico allows raw sewage to run into the fields of its farms. I sort of doubt that that is true, but it sent me off on a quest to find out what Salmonella is and how Salmonellosis is transmitted.Non-typhoidal Salmonella is a bacterium that when transmitted to humans, can cause Salmonellosis. This disease often manifests as a gastrointestinal illness. The disease is most common in raw eggs and raw milk. It is killed by pasteurization and irradiation.You can also get it from handling reptiles, something I like to do. I especially like to catch snakes a...
Salmonella Outbreak In Uncooked Tomatoes Affecting 9 States
2008-06-04 15:58:00
An outbreak of salmonella has now been reported in 9 US states. The strain of salmonella is the salmonella saintpaul variety, and it is the same one throughout the 9 states that is causing the illness. Officials are looking for the cause but none is found yet. In the meantime there have been no deaths reported. Salmonella sympt18 Zoom(s)
2008-04-15 10:30:00
Malt-O-Meal suspected in illnesses in 14 states At least 23 people in 14 states have been diagnosed with salmonellosis that was caused by the same strain of Salmonella that was found in the recently recalled unsweetened Puffed Rice and unsweetened Puffed Wheat Cereals produced by Malt-O-Meal, according to the Food and Drug Administration.The recalled products were distributed nationally under the Malt-O-Meal brand name as well as under private label brands including Acme, America's Choice, Food Club, Giant, Hannaford, Jewel, Laura Lynn, Pathmark, Shaw's, ShopRite, Tops and Weis Quality.The cereals have "Best If Used By" dates from April 8, 2008 (coded as "APR0808") through March 18, 2009 (coded as "MAR1809").Consumers should throw out any product in their homes from these recalled lots. Grocery stores and other retailers should promptly remove the cereals from their shelves.Salmonella is a type of bacteria that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, fr...
Recall Update: Salmonella in Malt O Meal cereal sickened at least 23 people
2008-04-14 19:28:00
This is an update on the voluntary recall of Malt O Meal cereal that we reported to you yesterday, we are now hearing that at least 23 people in 14 states have fell sick thanks to the cereal tainted with Salmonella. From the reported cases, three people have been treated in hospital and U.S. officials have ...
Salmonella Turns Dangerous In AIDS Patients
2008-03-25 11:50:00
Nearly half of all HIV-positive African adults who become infected with Salmonella die from what otherwise would be a seven-day bout of diarrhea. Now, UC Davis School of Medicine scientists have discovered how salmonella becomes lethal for AIDS patients. Their findings also implicate a mechanism by which HIV evades the powerful drugs used to treat ...
Meat Recall: Update to Unsafe Practices at the Westland/Hallmark Meat Pac
2008-02-19 04:48:00
The unsafe (and cruel) practices discovered by the Humane Society and described in this post have led to the recall of 143 million pounds of beef, much of it sent to school lunch programs. See this article from the Seattle Times.Apparently, the meat was not available to consumers at grocery stores. It was sold to schools through the federal school lunch program and was purchased by some fast food stores, including Jack in the Box and In-N-Out burger. Both of these restaurants said they stopped using the meat earlier this month when they heard of the problems at the meat packing plant. Unfortunately, many news outlets are reporting that much of the meat has already been eaten by children nationwide in the school lunch program, but thankfully there have been no reported illnesses from the consumption of this meat. The beef was recalled by the USDA as a precautionary measure due to the unsafe practices discovered at the plant. Here is an abc news report about the situation, and her...
Salmonella from pet turtles sickens 103 in '07
2008-02-02 14:59:00
Ok, so I've wanted a turtle for some time now. But Mrs. Pet Haven always cautioned me that you could get diseases from turtles. I never really knew if she was making that up, but as it turns out, she's right. According to a recent report, contact with small pet turtles was to blame for 103 Salmonella infections that occurred in 33 states between May and December 2007, according to federal health officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta.Salmonella infections can be severe, leading to hospitalization and, in some cases, death, the CDC notes.Turtles and other reptiles are well-known reservoirs for Salmonella and while the sale and distribution of small turtles — measuring less than 4 inches — was officially outlawed in the U.S. in 1975, cases of turtle-associated Salmonella infection continue to occur.Roughly half of the Salmonella infections documented in the 2007 outbreak occurred in young children, who are at greater risk for severe illness from ...
Sick, Twisted and Cruel, and Putting Your Kids at Risk--
2008-01-31 20:05:00
Meghan Goss over at the Humane Society of the United States shared with me a horrifying undercover video detailing the outrageously cruel treatment of sick and weak cattle in the Hallmark Meat Packing Plant in Chino, CA. These already sick and dying cattle were forced to stand, so they could be "processed" meaning, slaughtered, by torturing them in myriad ways. According to the video (which I could not bear to watch) and Goss, this included "shocking the cows with electric prods, jabbing them in the eyes, shackling and dragging the cattle, ramming them with blades of a forklift, and spraying high pressure water into the cows' mouth and nose" to simulate drowning. Now this is shocking, unethical, appalling and must be stopped. Read the full story from the Humane Society of the United States here. But it doesn't end there--It turns out that this plant is a major supplier of for the National School Lunch Program. That means the meat in your child's school, that is supplied by...
Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Pet Turtles
2008-01-25 19:38:00
The outbreak began in August and has so far been responsible for sickening over 100 people and hospitalizing 24 in 33 states across the country. This is the largest recorded outbreak of its kind (as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday). The average age of the infected person’s is 7 ...
Salmonella Dub - Outside The Dubplates
2008-01-10 21:07:00
Recorded in the Salmonella Dub's Kaikoura studio and co-produced by Paddy Free (Pitch Black), the album is a Remix album true to their singular style with mainstay dub rhythms combining with satisfying outings into funky jazzy drum and bass styles. Having been on the scene since 1993, Salmonella Dub have a lot of experience to draw upon and their maturity is apparent, as is a sound which they have successfully developed into something uniquely their own.This is a remix album in the true sense of the term each of Inside The Dubplates ten songs have had the remix treatment, reworked into deeper dub versions and hard-hitting drum and bass tunes designed for the dancefloor.Old friends like Adrian Sherwood and Mad Professor weave their heavily reverberated magic, new school dubsters Groove Corporation add some tasty toasting to their mix of 'Platetectonics', DJ Digital and Spirit transform 'The Bromley East Roller' into a massive breakbeat monster and local boy DLT holds his own aga...
By: Tuchinsky
Salmonella Dub - Calming Of The Drunken Monkey
2008-01-08 22:47:00
Salmonella Dub began in the summer of 1992/1993 when Andrew, Dave and Mark applied reggae rhythms and bowel stirring basstones to a handful of bad taste covers. Salmonella Dub's first show was a mixture of covers from Fred Dagg to Nancy and Lee plus some original material in the Westport Racetrack tearooms with EST on January 13th 1993. Over the course of 1993 the band with the aid of Ice Mac and his soundsystem worked the Dux de Lux and Steel Magnolia bars with percussionists Marcus Puentener and Craig Allen. Later in the year they hooked up Pete Wood on keys and trumpet and Conan Wilcox on sax and percussion. This line up remained constant for their first 3 independent recordings and releases. The band toured NZ regularly and teamed up to do shows with Mad Professor, African Headcharge, Alex Patterson and Infectious Grooves amongst others. Around the time of the THC Winter release Pete Wood left the band to move to Auckland and their current sound engineer David Wernham left to w...
By: Tuchinsky
New insurance policy to help producers with salmonella rules
2007-12-31 15:00:00
Powell Insurance has announced the addition of voluntary slaughter cover to its comprehensive range of insurance products developed for the poultry industry, believed to be the first cover of its type available.
Raw eggs linked to salmonella outbreak
2007-12-27 21:49:00
Wednesday Dec 26 12:39 AEDTImproper use of raw eggs has been blamed for 50 cases of food poisoning in NSW in the past three weeks.A group of 35 people fell ill, probably from salmonella, after eating homemade fried icecream with a coating made of raw egg batter at a party. There were also 11 cases from another gathering where raw egg was used in caesar salad dressing and chocolate mousse.Three children also became ill after drinking affected egg nog, the NSW Food Authority said.Authority director-general George Davey said egg shells can contain bacteria, which can easily transfer to the egg yolk and white when broken.The salmonella bacteria can then multiply when raw egg products are left at room temperature for prolonged periods, Mr Davey said."Cooking eggs properly kills bacteria, but bacteria will survive in foods that aren't cooked thoroughly," he said."This is why you should be very careful if using raw eggs in food that won't be cooked."To enjoy eggs safely, Mr Davey urged p...
By: energy
Oregano oil against salmonella
2007-11-29 17:05:00
A study done at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands shows that oregano oil is a very effective inhibitor of bacteria. Bacteria like salmonella and E.coli are killed by adding the oil to chicken fillets for example. Researcher Sara Burt discovered the active component carvacrol which has a detrimental effect on such bacteria which can cause ...
Güvercinlerde Salmonella (Tifo) Hastalığı
2007-11-26 15:00:00
Salmonella (Tifo) HastalığıBu hastalık güvercinler arasında ölümlerin en çok yaşandığı bulaşıcı bakteriyal hastalıklardan birisidir.PatojenBakteri 1 ya da daha fazla yıl çevrede bulaşıcı olma özelliğini korur.Salmonella Hastalığının Yayılımı-Hastalığın içerdiği güvercin tozu-Besin kirliliği (böcek, fare vb.)-Yemlik ve sulukların kirli olması-Çiftleşme ve gaga teması-Yumurtaya geçme-Hasta güvercinin yavru beslemesi-Kronik taşıyıcılar: Salmonella enfeksiyonundan kurtularak iyileşmiş görünen güvercinler düzensiz aralıklarla hastalığı saçarlar.Salmonella Hastalığının BelirtileriSalmonella Hastalığının Akut Hali:Genellikle genç kuşları etkiler.Yeşil, sümüksü, yumuşak dışkı; karaciğer, böbrek, dalak enfekte olduğunda büyüme geriliği olur. Aşırı zayıflama ve bazı vakalarda da ölüm gerçekleşir.Enfekte olan embriyonlar yumurta halindeyken ya da doğduktan birkaç gün sonra ölürler.Salmonella Has...
New salmonella rules will be a tough challenge
2007-10-30 13:32:00
As the new EU salmonella controls begin to bite, a specialist warned producers about the toughness and sheer adaptability of the bacterium.
Salmonella free
2007-10-26 22:11:00
I very much enjoyed my recent two days off of work. I didn’t get any housework done other than a bit of laundry, but I got to go shopping and exploring, something I may have enjoyed a bit too much because today I’m tired and cranky and really resent having to go back to work. Enough ...
?Ready-to-eat? food products may cause salmonella infection
2007-10-20 12:23:00
A leading British microbiologist has warned that “ready-to-eat” food products are not devoid of the risk of salmonella infection, and suggested that consumers wash the ...
By: B4U India
Disney, others settle salmonella lawsuit
2007-09-06 19:03:00
Walt Disney World and several produce and insurance companies have settled a lawsuit that emerged from a 2002 salmonella outbreak at the giant resort.
2007-08-31 11:51:00
No immediate reports of illness linked to tainted product from CaliforniaA California produce company recalled bagged fresh spinach Wednesday after it tested positive for salmonella.There were no immediate reports of illness linked to the tainted spinach, distributed by Metz Fresh LLC of King City, Calif. The recall comes nearly a year after an outbreak of another pathogen, E. coli, in fresh spinach killed three people and sickened another 200.The recalled spinach was distributed throughout the 48 states and Canada and sold in both retail and food service packages. It covers 8,118 cases of spinach, although the company said more than 90 percent of that was on hold and would not be released.Link to complete story: G.
Cadbury Fined $2M for Salmonella
2007-07-16 16:15:00
A UK court has fined Cadbury Schweppes, the world’s largest confectionery group, 1 million ($2 million) for selling unsafe chocolate in Britain and Ireland during 2006 in a salmonella health scare. Read more at R. Dows
Salmonella risk prompts food recalls
2007-07-05 17:52:00
The latest in what seems to be a growing number of food recalls involves a snack food called Super Veggie Tings Crunchy Corn Sticks. This follows on the heels of last week's recall of Veggie Booty Snack Food.These recalls are apparently due to an ingredient used in both products that is suspected of being contaminated. In 17 states, over 50 people have contacted salmonella from eating the affected snacks.Symptoms of salmonella poisoning include fever, diarrhea, stomach pain, nausea and vomitting. It can be especially problematic, even fatal, among people with poor immune function, the elderly or small children.The manufacturer, Robert's American Gourmet, is recommending that consumers who have either of these foods in their homes throw them out immediately. Reimbursement is available by calling 1-800-626-7557.
FDA Recall: Veggie Booty Salmonella Causing Bloody Diarrhea.
2007-06-29 16:54:00
A news release by the US Food & Drug Administration yesterday recalls Robert’s American Gourmet brand Veggie Booty snacks. The snacks, warns the FDA, may be contaminated with Salmonella Wandsworth bacteria which are known to cause gastrointestinal illnesses ranging from diarrhea (with or without blood), fever, and stomach cramps. Especially troubling about this recall is that the ...
More dog food recalls - acetaminophen and salmonella contamination
2007-06-07 05:43:00
According to API, the FDA is investigating a Texas laboratory’s finding of acetaminophen in dog and cat food. Horrifyingly, this is the fifth contaminant found in pet foods during the past 2 1/2 months. Acetaminophen can be toxic or lethal to pets. At least five dog and cat food samples submitted by ...
An oral salmonella vaccine promotes the down-regulation of cell surface tol
2007-04-21 07:04:00
FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology Volume 0, Issue 0, Page ???-???. (Source: FEMS Immunology and Medical Microbiology) More: continued here
T.W. Enterprises Issues Nationwide Recall of Dog Chews Due to Salmonella Co
2007-04-18 00:10:00
Recall — Firm Press Release FDA posts press releases and other notices of recalls and market withdrawals from the firms involved as a service to consumers, the media, and other interested parties. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company. This listserv covers mainly Class I (life-threatening) recalls. A complete listing of ...
Salmonella in peanut butter linked to leak
2007-04-06 20:55:00
OMAHA, April 6: ConAgra Foods said a leaky roof or faulty sprinkler at a production plant is the likely cause of Salmonella in recalled Peter Pan Peanut Butter.
Moisture Led to Salmonella Outbreak (AP)
2007-04-06 00:00:00
Moisture from a leaky roof and faulty sprinkler helped salmonella bacteria grow and contaminate peanut butter at its Georgia plant last year, sickening more than 400 people nationwide, ConAgra Foods said Thursday.
Salmonella bacteria
2007-03-31 01:16:00
HI Is it true to find Salmonella bacteria in Chocolate ? Thanks
Peanut Butter Recalled Due to Salmonella Outbreak
2007-02-19 16:16:03
Nearly 300 people in 39 states have fallen ill since August 2006, linked to a Salmonella outbreak from peanut butter. It is believed to be the first Salmonella outbreak in U.S. history associated with peanut butter. Just two or fewer cases have been reported each day since August, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials said, and it was only in the past few days that investigators were able to focus in on the particular food responsible. The highest number of Salmonella cases reported were in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee and Missouri. According to the CDC, about 20 percent of the 288 infected people were hospitalized but no one has died. ConAgra Foods is recalling certain jars of Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter, the house brand sold at Wal-Mart, after it was linked on Wednesday to the nationwide Salmonella outbreak. Both products are manufactured by ConAgra Foods at a single plant in Sylvester, Georgia. The only jars affected have a product...
Salmonella in Peanut Butter News
2007-02-17 09:56:02
I’m sure you have already heard or read about this in the news, but just in case you haven’t. Salmonella has been found in jars and cans of peanut butter which has caused food poisoning in 289 people to date. The FDA (food and drug administration) has made an advisory and voluntary manafacturer recall of the ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Great Value’ brands of peanut butter with product codes that begin with the numbers 2111 imprinted on the lid. Great Value brands are sold throughout the country by Wal-Mart. If you have an affected can or jar you have been advised to: * If you are currently ill with diarrhea, visit your doctor or other health-care provider for a diagnosis and treatment. Keep the peanut butter at room temperature in a plastic bag, and make sure to store it where no one will inadvertently eat it. * If you are diagnosed with Salmonella Tennessee, continue to save the peanut butter until a state or local health official contacts you to arrange to...
Peanut Butter Recalled Due to Salmonella Outbreak
2007-02-17 07:06:00
Nearly 300 people in 39 states have fallen ill since August 2006, linked to a Salmonella outbreak from peanut butter. It is believed to be the first Salmonella outbreak in U.S. history associated with peanut butter. Just two or fewer cases have been reported each day since August, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ...
FDA warn of salmonella in peanut butter
2007-02-16 12:47:01
It advised people to throw away any peanut butter with the 2111 product code. “ConAgra is recalling all Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter beginning with product code 2111 that already was distributed,” the FDA said. “The company will cease production until the exact cause of contamination can be identified and eliminated.” Dr. Timothy Jones, deputy state epidemiologist for the Tennessee Department of Health, said his state has had about 20 cases of salmonella that may be related to peanut butter. Salmonella are a family of bacteria that can cause diarrhea, fever and stomach pain in people. The CDC reports 40,000 cases a year in the United States, and 600 deaths. “Salmonella infections usually resolve in 5 to 7 days and often do not require treatment unless the patient becomes severely dehydrated or the infection spreads from the intestines,” the CDC says on its website, at The salmonella being investigated is a strain kno...
FDA Warns Consumers Not to Use Wild Kitty Cat Food Due to Salmonella Contam
2007-02-14 16:13:01
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers not to purchase, or use, Wild Kitty Cat Food due to the presence of Salmonella, a pathogen. During routine monitoring activities, FDA collected and analyzed a sample of frozen raw Wild Kitty Cat Food and detected Salmonella in the product. Cats and other pets consuming this food may become infected with Salmonella. People can also become infected with Salmonella if they handle or ingest this cat food, touch pets that consumed the food, or touch any surfaces that came into contact with the food or pets. The specific products covered by this warning are Wild Kitty Raw All Natural, Frozen Cat Food ? Chicken with Clam Recipe, Net Wt. 3.5 oz (100g) and 1 lb in plastic containers. Some of these containers may be uncoded. Salmonella can cause serious illnesses in small children, frail or elderly people, and people and pets with weakened immune systems. Other people and pets may suffer short-term symptoms, such as high fever, sever...
Salmonella Contaminated Peanut Butter
1969-12-31 19:00:00
Salmonella is the most common cause of food-borne illness and causes a condition known as salmonellosis. Salmonella is a gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria that pass from the feces of people or other animals to other people or animals. What Foods Are Likely to Harbor Salmonella? Any food that comes from an animal can contain salmonella. Meat, poultry, milk, dairy products, eggs, and seafood are can contain salmonella. Sometimes fruits and vegetables also can contain salmonella. Salmonella can cause sickness when animal products are not cooked to an adequate temperature or when produce is not adequately washed. What is Salmonellosis? Salmonellosis is the infection that is caused by exposure to salmonella. Salmonellosis results in more than 500 illnesses each year in the United States. What are the symptoms of salmonellosis? 1. stomach cramps 2. chills 3. headache 4. nausea 5. vomiting 6. fever 7. diarrhea How Does Salmonella Get Into Peanut Butter? The peanut butter-salmonella ou...
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